Don Trump Jr. never colluded with Russians, or if he did, he doesn’t remember

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The Art of War says that one should never underestimate one’s enemies. Prepare for your enemy to be smarter, better organized, stronger and more capable. Knowing your enemy’s strengths will help you plan the perfect offense and defense. I believe that. But I also believe that some people are dumb as a box of hair, and that their stupidity makes it difficult to plan a cohesive strategy to take them down. I also think that Washington reporters (in particular) are used to dealing with political people who have a sense of shame, who worry about their public image, who have two brain cells to rub together. They’re not used to the Trump family because the Trumps are A) really stupid and B) not well-organized, not stronger, and not more capable. The other shoe has dropped: Donald Trump and his children are evil idiots, not Machiavellian manipulators.

That’s my preface to this story about Donald Trump Jr. Back in July, Don Jr. released his own emails with a shady middle-man who organized a meeting in Trump Tower between Don Jr, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and shady Russians. Don Jr. basically proved his own attempt at collusion, and there was email evidence (an electronic paper trail, if you will). Don Jr. was hauled in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday to answer questions in a closed session about the meeting. The story around the meeting keeps changing, because Don Jr. is like a child caught in lie, thinking he can just switch stories mid-stream.

Donald Trump Jr. took questions Thursday from Senate investigators about his meeting with a Russian lawyer and other topics central to inquiries into Russian influence in the 2016 election, but he frequently said he could not provide important details, according to people who attended the hearing. President Trump’s eldest son appeared for five hours before Senate Judiciary Committee members and staffers, a sign of the wide-ranging interest on Capitol Hill in Trump campaign and business interactions with Russians.

Trump Jr. was grilled about issues including Russian influence on campaign-related social media communications and Trump Organization plans to build a luxury skyscraper in Moscow. But for the most part the closed-door session focused on his June 9, 2016, meeting with a Russian lawyer who reportedly promised negative information about Hillary Clinton, his father’s Democratic opponent. That conversation has become central to inquiries into possible collusion between the campaign and Russia. Trump Jr. said he was not aware of what role, if any, his father might have played in drafting an early explanation of the meeting that was widely criticized as misleading. Instead, observers said, he promoted his view that the 2016 meeting was inconsequential.

“The meeting provided no meaningful information and turned out not to be about what had been represented,” Trump Jr. said in a prepared statement that was first reported by the New York Times. At the end of the session, the president’s son tweeted out a statement saying: “I answered every question posed by the Committee . . . until both sides had exhausted their lines of questioning. I trust this interview fully satisfied their inquiry.” That is not likely.

“He’s supposed to come back and testify under oath at a public hearing — that is my expectation,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). “There certainly are a lot of areas that have been opened for future witnesses and questioning.” Another Democrat in attendance, Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.), did not respond to a request for comment after the hearing, but his office later distributed a memorandum of federal statutes prohibiting lying to Congress, suggesting them as something “to keep in mind regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony today.”

Trump Jr. told the congressional investigators he was skeptical of the June 2016 meeting before attending but “to the extent they had information concerning the fitness, character, or qualifications of the presidential candidate I believed I should at least hear them out,” according to his prepared statement. Trump Jr. told the panel he would have consulted with lawyers if any useful information had been provided about Clinton by the visiting Russian. He said that nothing remotely interesting emerged. Overall, Trump Jr. described the meeting as an innocent one, set up on a chaotic day in the heat of the campaign. And he took the opportunity to reject suggestions of collusion with the Russians.

“I did not collude with any foreign government and do not know of anyone who did,” he said in his statement. “I am grateful for the opportunity to help resolve any lingering concerns that may exist.”

[From WaPo]

What he’s really saying is this: “I did not collude with any foreign government… except for that meeting I took with Russian foreign agents to get information about Hillary Clinton, which of course would be the textbook definition of collusion with a foreign government. Whatever, I do not recall.” These people are so dumb and so evil. The Democratic senators are pushing for Don Jr. to next appear before their committee in open session and under oath. Sure. Let’s do it.

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  1. Nicole says:

    lol ignorance is not a defense in this country. Good luck with that idiot.
    Tick tock times running out.

  2. Idky says:

    There was also something in the news last night where Jr. stated Biggly was not aware of the meeting and it was never discussed with him. If it comes down to it, Jr. will be the fall guy for Biggly.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Exactly, he was just following daddy’s orders to find stuff on HRC. Junior just wanted to show his father just how smart he was, and now he will be the one to go to jail instead of his horrible father.

    • RBC says:

      Wasn’t Don Jr the son that would not speak to Don Sr for a year after his divorce from Ivana? Also the same child donald slapped for not wearing a jacket and tie when he visited him at college? I’m thinking trump may still hold resentment at junior and like you said would throw him under the bus to save his own skin. But, I also think junior may also hold some resentment and could turn on his father to punish him. This pit of vipers are going to start turning on each other.

  3. milla says:

    I did not have sexual … yeah right

  4. Mermaid says:

    It really is stupid Watergate. And karma is here with three hurricanes, wildfires, and a huge earthquake for the climate change deniers. It’s just too bad the rest of us have to suffer along with them.

  5. Beth says:

    Does this mean Junior was lying about Russian adoptions?! Who would have thought that a Trump could be a filthy liar? I can’t believe when I see supporters still believing and defending this family

    • lightpurple says:

      Even if telling the truth about Russian adoptions, it is still very problematic. The whole adoption ban is tied into sanctions for human rights violations. If they were talking about ending the adoption ban, they were talking about lifting the sanctions.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      DT supporters do not care if the Trumps colluded with Russia because it helped Trump win the election. Supporters are faithful to DT no matter what.

      • Mermaid says:

        The only and I mean only fun thing about any of this is to watch the supporters squirm and twist after Bigly rolled for Chuck and Nancy the other day. I enjoyed that. But then there was another hurricane, so it kind of stopped the moment.

      • milla says:

        I cannot understand worshiping freaking politicians. I can admire artists, they can touch my soul. I can like someone as an inspiration, but in politics, there have been like 10 people worth talking about in the past century.

        Why would you worship a person but not care about your coutry? How does that work? People are not getting better education or health care or bigger checks. So why support that president? Ok, this is time of crisis in Texas and Florida, but what about past 9 monts did anything good to USA? I am trying really hard to understand it.

      • Betsy says:

        @milla – I didn’t worship him, but I would have done just about whatever Paul and Sheila Wellstone said was necessary for the betterment of our country. Paul and Sheila were good people, true Americans and I miss them.

  6. Justine says:

    It doesn’t matter anyway, Mueller has his smoking gun with the original Comey letter Bigly drafted. It’s more than enough to prove obstruction. I just wonder how much longer we’ll have to deal with these fools.

  7. lightpurple says:

    Poor little Vincent Crabbe. Playing with fiendfyre can get you burned or even killed and Orange Voldy still won’t care.

    Donnie Jr is so stupid, it is a miracle he can figure out how to breathe.

  8. Christin says:

    Well, the Dem deal and all the ‘GOP fuming’ headlines helped detract from Junior’s five-hour committee appearance.

    The thing they do best is throw out enough distracting tweets, photos, etc., to skew the news coverage from ‘Russher’ (as Bigly pronounced it to L. Holt) and the money trail.

  9. sunnydaze says:

    OH MY GOD! I just can’t with the frustration I’m feeling over this…I wish I could stream the hearing if only for a glimmer of hope someone would look him square in the eye and yell “Don’t you get it???? It’s not what CAME from the meeting, it’s that you TOOK IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!”

    Imagine it this way:
    “I only set up the meeting with the known drug dealer to see if he was selling cocaine, but it turned out they only wanted to see if I had been saved by Jesus Christ, so I left.”

    Plus, you know he’s really, REALLY stupid when he openly discusses adoption, which, if he had “two brain cells to rub together”, he would know is basically referencing the Magnitsky Act and dropping sanctions.

    Lets try it again:
    “I only set up the meeting with the known drug dealer to see if he was selling cocaine, but it turned out they only wanted to see if I had been saved by Jesus Christ and then went on to talk about snow and candy for my nose after hugging me really hard and turning up the radio.”

    • Lightpurple says:

      He’s using a tactic he seems to have employed throughout his life. It isn’t that his family is unethical. it is the ethics laws that are too strict. It isn’t that “locker room” talk in a workplace is bad, it is the women who don’t like it who need to toughen up. What he did when he took a meeting with Russia to undermine our election wasn’t wrong because he didn’t get the info he wanted even though it really was wrong to hold the meeting and what he admits was discussed was a plot to undermine the election in exchange for a pass on human rights violations.

      This idiot has never worked for anyone but daddy. He has no ethics and no sense. We’re all just supposed to believe him. Well, we don’t.

  10. Eric says:

    Thanks for capturing the “small-mouth syndrome” in the first pic. Yuck!

    WH lawyer and Jr are trying to weave a tale about when collusion started. They say 2015. It’s actually the summer of 2013 and really got going at the Miss Universe Pageant when Emperor Zero and Aras, not Emin, sealed the deal per Putin’s request.

    Now we will wait for the pee pee tape!
    Kompromant Kompromant O KomproKompromant (sung to the tune of Lollipop).

  11. adastraperaspera says:

    It’s like rich men are born with a pack of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards. Hmmm.

    We have got to get our legal system cleaned up. It isn’t functional. I’m reminded of the way we’ve seen the situation with Conrad Hilton play out over the last few years. A man from a rich family (heir to the Hilton fortune), committing crimes and misdemeanors openly, and yet still not in prison. In May, in lieu of prosecution, he was going to be sent to a psychiatric clinic for evaluation (again). Anyhow, here we have Donald Trump, Jr., also from a rich family, committing (even more serious) crimes pretty much in the open, and yet not even forced to testify publicly. And not in an actual court at all. It’s tragic to watch our justice system bend over backwards to accommodate these criminals. Rich men getting special treatment is putting our entire republic at risk. Don Jr. is not worried at all about lying, because he knows any federal charges will be pardoned by his father.

  12. Daisyfly says:

    It’s more like he didn’t collude but he almost did, but sorta did but not really, but if he had it was to vet Clinton, so it would’ve been a good idea with good intentions, which anyone would’ve done, but only if it was legal, which it wasn’t, but it was, because it was about adoptions.

    Kinda like that.

  13. teehee says:

    Its what every guilty guy says “I don’t recall”. None of these bastards ever “recall” all their wrongdoings.

    And so like in the same statement he said THAT MEETING.—- as in, that meeting which in fact took place, and it can just be discredited because it wasn’t giving him the details HE WAS SEEKING UPON AGREEING TO MEET. If he knew it would be about something else, in other words, he wouldn’t have attended. How freakin stupid can you be!?!?

  14. Avery says:

    Why does it seem he always has a lot of spit in his mouth when he talks. What an idiot.

  15. holly hobby says:

    Then we have that stupid FBI Director Wray who gave mixed messages “no proof WH obstructed justice” and “Mueller will run a clean investigation.” Seriously, stop talking until Mueller wraps up his report. Now the Trumpanzes are crying all over the Net that it’s a set up because Wray said he didn’t see any obstruction of justice.

    These people make me sick and if Congress won’t nail Jr Mueller will.

  16. Erica_V says:

    I only tried to collude you see, I didn’t actually do it because they didn’t have good enough stuff.

  17. Lori says:

    How can he keep saying the meeting wasnt about what he thought/wanted it to be about, completely not acknowledge the fact that he thought/wanted it to be about collusion? He wanted to collude, I cant believe he pretends that isnt a fact!

  18. Annetommy says:

    So if I break into someone’s house with the intention of stealing and there’s nothing in there worth taking, that makes it OK? What a ghastly family.

  19. why? says:

    Donald Jr’s hypocrisy. He met with the Russians to determine Hillary’s fitness, but whenever someone questions the fitness of his father( who lies every time he opens his mouth and has an inappropriate fixation with his daughter), Donald Jr gets extremely upset.

    In other news,

    Devos rescinded Title IX guidelines. She is taking a “both sides” approach to sexual assault.

    Good news for the Muslim Ban, which the press doesn’t talk about anymore as if they were instructed to stop talking about it or else. Whatever happened to all those cases that the ACLU filed against the Muslim Ban and WH? The US Appeals Court ruled against The King of Lies and Fake News in regards to the definition of “bona fide relationships”. They said that grandparents, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, and cousin are bona fide relationships. They also amended something for refuges. The WH says that they plan to appeal and take it to the Supreme Court because the King of Lies and Fake News has a friend in Neil Gorsch, who will do whatever is necessary to help the King of Lies and Fake News.

    It’s being reported that Mueller wants to interview 6 WH aides, including Spicer, Priebus, and Hicks about Sally Yates and Flynn incident and Donald Jr’s statement.

    The King of Lies and Fake News let the funding for the Obamacare outreach program lapse.

    The press is no longer reporting on Devin Nunes, Gowdy, Grassley, and Graham’s attempts to hijack the Trump Russian investigation and discredit Comey and the dossier.

    Kris Kobach, the WS who leads the Voter Suppression Commission, pushed for the end of DACA, and works for Bannon and BB wrote an article on BB claiming that The King of Lies and Fake News lost NH because thousands and thousands out of state people voted.

    Mueller also needs to investigate Wray because he is compromised and complicit, after being threatened by Devin Nunes if he didn’t turn over information about the dossier, Wray claimed that there was no evidence that the King of Lies and Fake News is obstructing justice.

    We all needs to be worried about what Schumer and Pelosi offered The King of Lies and Fake News for his cooperation. Did they promise to stop the Trump Russian investigation? The King of Lies and Fake News has criticized both Pelosi and Schumer for their strong opinions about the Trump Russian investigation, but now the 3 are BFFs as if none of that ever happened.

    • why? says:

      The King of Lies and Fake News met with a Russian(who is currently under sanctions) today. This meeting was kept a secret, none of the US press were allowed into this meeting, and the press only found out about it because the Russians covered it.

      There are documents detailing the Trump Tower deal in Moscow, which includes a spa being named after Ivanka.