Joaquin Phoenix is still crazy, raps in a dressing room & buys a cape

It’s been five months since there was any kind of news about Joaquin Phoenix. Once one of the most promising and talented actors in Hollywood, Joaquin sort of went crazy this past winter. He claimed he was giving up acting to focus on his music career. Not just music – Joaquin was going to be a rapper. There was some debate about whether Joaquin was truly crazy, or if this was all some sort of “meta” performance art about the nature of celebrity or whatever. Word was that Joaquin’s friend Casey Affleck was making a documentary about Joaquin’s crazy/art.

CB covered some of the last news we had of Joaquin, back in May. At the time, CB seemed worried about him, because he genuinely seemed to be going off the rails and we hadn’t heard from him in a while. But at the time, the story was still that Casey Affleck was making this damn documentary. I’m totally clueless at this point – I think it’s 50/50 chance on whether this is an act versus genuine insanity. This week’s National Enquirer has an interesting little story about Joaquin, and what he’s been up to recently. On Joaquin’s agenda this particular day was buying a mesh shirt and… a cape!

It’s no hoax, folks – Joaquin Phoenix is one nutty fruitcake! The looney-toony star, dressed like a homeless derelict and muttering to himself nonstop, was spotted pawing through racks of clothes at Red Balls on Melrose, where he finally grabbed a black velvet cape, black trousers and mesh top, ducked into a dressing room – and began belting rap songs.

Emerging in his new outfit, he told the salesgirl he’d be wearing it home. Nervous, she asked: “What form of payment will you be using today, sir?”… then nearly jumped out of her skin when Phoenix banged down a wad of cash and yelled: “MONEY!”

Said an eyewitness: “He mumbled madly while the girl counted out his change and offered him a bag for his own clothes. Joaquin never said a word, rushed out of the store wearing his velvet cape – and dumped his old clothes in the nearest trash can!”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker's column, August 17 2009]

Dude, a cape? I think the secret of people with genuine mental/emotional problems is that they think there’s nothing wrong with them. This explains someone like Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay obviously has mental and emotional (and drug abuse) problems all over the place, but she still believes she’s normal and dealing with it. She hasn’t gone out and bought a cape. She hasn’t thrown away her clothes in a public trash can. Thus, by trying to act sane, I’m convinced of her insanity.

When Joaquin goes into a store (on Melrose) and buys a cape, I grow weary. Are you for real, Joaquin? Was Casey Affleck furtively filming in the dressing room? Or am I totally reading this the wrong way? Should I feel sympathy for Joaquin? Is he mentally ill? If he is, then I apologize. But I’m still not sure.

You know who doesn’t think Joaquin has issues? Gwyneth Paltrow. A few months ago when she was asked about him, Gwyneth snotted: “I think that there might be some other explanation or something going on. I’m not quite sure what, but I can’t believe that he’s really going to quit [acting] forever to become a rapper… It seems odd… maybe [he needs] to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity, maybe.” Maybe Dame Goopy had a point – Joaquin was lacking some authenticity, and he’s been out on the mean streets (on Melrose) to find out what’s “authentic”.

Joaquin Phoenix is shown on 3/11/09 before a rap gig at the Fountainbleau, which I think was his last public appearance. Credit: Johnny Louis/


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  1. Bubulle says:

    I believe it is not a joke, I mean he has been a nut case for years, this poor guy needs help.

  2. Hannah says:

    Casey is his brother in law and I’m pretty sure they are making some kind of docu-movie! ” Har har everyone bought it” or something. Although I dont think anyone really believes them.

  3. Tina says:

    thats such a shame, his brother River was amazing and Joaquin was just as good an actor as him, maybe even better. that whole family has kinda always been weird but i think hes just finally gone crazy- its sucks, hes a great actor.

  4. princess pee says:

    I think it’s an act. I think that the reason he kind of disappeared for a few months was BECAUSE we weren’t buying it. So he waited a little and is trying again. I am not sure which reaction he is hoping for: a) Poor crazy fool needs our help, or b) Haha let’s all laugh at the mentally ill. I suspect he’s hoping for b, so he can be all morally superior on our asses about it after he “reveals himself”.

  5. Sudini says:

    That cape had to be planted. What are the chances of finding a cape these days?
    But I love his response to “what form of payment will you be using today?”. That was pretty funny, although the poor sales girl must have been ready to run screaming.

  6. Ron says:

    In LA I can name you a half dozen stores on Melrose that regularly sell capes. Goths need shopping options too!

  7. Sunnyjyl says:

    I hope it’s a put on, but he is acting a lot like people who have taken too much heroin.

  8. Kelly says:

    I read a book written by a guy who used to work for River and Joaquin Phoenix’s agent who was around them a lot he said he was worried about Joaquin and his erratic behavior. After reading that book I can believe this story and I believe his behavior the past year sadly is real, it’s not an act. I wish Joaquin would get professional help for his problems so that he doesn’t end up like his brother.

  9. Aussie says:

    This is what happens, when you grow up in a cult and are encouraged to have sex from the age of 4! River Phoenix actually said that in an interview and was killed not too long after. These cults can’t afford to have their members blabbing sorrid details of what goes on behind closed doors. The cult these guys grew up in, provided children for politicians and many high profile pedophiles. Read about them and understand, not judge, because you have no idea what these guys have gone through. I love Joaquin x

  10. Nebraska says:

    Joaquin Phoenix and Jessica Simpson would make a fascinating celeb couple; they could put out a country/rap album.

  11. SixxKitty says:

    Are we sure he isn’t in prep for the Grizzly Adams movie?

  12. viper says:

    His brother died which would be very much a blow then how many of his best friends have died from DUI’s ? The man strated getting nutts when Ledger died, so maybe that was the spark?

  13. Mary Ellen says:

    Looks to me like he has combined all the things he liked about different characters that he has played in some of his movies and has combined them into one and this is what he came up with. Well it is no working for most people, but is seems to be working for him and is living his life not worrying about how people judge him. I say let him go through this and leave him be he will be what he is going to be no matter what we think. I really loved him in his movies and now just because he is being different then others I am not going to be one to judge this great actor!

  14. tk says:

    Ignore him and this will all go away. It’s Andy Kaufman with the wrestling. He’s laughing at the fact that I’m writing this right now, so I’m going to stop, and will boycott all weird stories about him from now on.

  15. Nika says:

    I think this guy needs major help. He is a great actor. Just think if nobody does anything and we lose him. Then people would be like we just weren’t sure if he was for real. Who cares, the guy is not well.HE USED TO BE SO HANDSOME. When did he go grizzly adams style? Why did he? Dude get yourself some help. People really appreciate you.

  16. diana says:

    what do you expect, he watched his brother die right in front of him, its just effecting him all these years later. plus he is probably on drugs.

  17. Abraxus says:

    If he is putting this whole crazy thing on then he is the best actor ever and I’ll applaud him for an amazing performance. BUT, I have to say he seems to have been going downhill for a long time – I remember seeing him at an awards show when he was nominated for his Johnny Cash portrayal and he looks white as a sheet and terrified that he might WIN and then he did and he gave a deranged speech and then got the hell off the stage. People who have really lost it will do things that others think are nuts – like buying capes, throwing clothes away, thinking they can be a rapper – they don’t see how crazy these things seem to everyone else. I hope it is all an act because otherwise this guy needs some serious intervention!

  18. Angie says:

    Who cares. He’s an a-hole.

  19. carl says:

    Oh, Yeah, he is crazy for real, look at the hair and his face, he is stone cold crazy, and will probably never come back to reality, because everyone is saying its okay, and making him feel that he is being normal, if i seen him I would say get a grip man, you a NUT!

  20. margo says:

    Do you really think that Casey Affleck, Joaquin’s brother-in-law, who is married to Joaquin’s sister, would be filming a family member’s mental meltdown? No way. Casey is married to Summer Phoenix and do you think she would say, “Hey Casey, follow my mentally ill brother around with a camera and shoot him while he’s slowly going insane.” I don’t think so. Trust me, Joaquin is doing something like performance art and Casey is acting as director.

  21. Tj Wayne says:

    He has a serious mental illness, perhaps schizophrenia. His behavior fits this illness symptom by symptom. He needs help, now. His behavior will continue to get worse, even though that is hard to imagine. He is danger to himself and and to others. This is no act,it’s mental illness on display.

    Where is his family? Come on, there is no way this guy can even hold a conversation, more or less take care of himself. If someone does not step up to the plate here, he will either end up dead or hurt another person.

  22. boomchakaboom says:

    Does it really take serious acting skills to “act” crazy? I don’t think so. People do it all the time in court. If that’s what he’s doing, color me not impressed. If he’s really as nutty as he’s acting, then it’s a good thing he has plenty of money and family to look after his crazy ass. Otherwise, he’d be that dude on the street corner that you walk way around.

  23. A Fan says:

    Let’s face it, Acting draws some pretty wierd dudes, not really run-of-the-mill folks.
    I think Joaquin is on the edge, not acting. They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity and he seems to be walking that fine line.
    I hope someone cares enough about him to see that he gets help.

  24. jim says:

    Post traumatic stress disorder.

  25. Whatev says:

    At least Andy Kaufman was funny when he pretended to have lost his mind and wanted to become a pro-wrestler.

  26. Billie Anne Clevenger says:

    Shame on you for exploiting Joaquin Phoenix in this cruel manner. Mental illness is sad and deserves compassion as does any disorder. This could happen to you or a family member, so please do not ridicule this poor man.

  27. Zippertheslipper says:

    All I got to say is leave the dude be, he has money up the wazoo and can do what he wants. Cool beard he got. nuff said.

  28. Cathy says:

    If I am flipping through channels and “Walk The Line ” is on I have to watch it –He does such a fantastic job with that role that it is a shame !!! for him not to act — with his money he needs to see a great therepist and take time for himself and get his life together and get back out there and ACT ! I wish him the best of luck and hope he doesn’t let a lot of time pass–Times awaisting !!

  29. rokugirl says:

    boomcha – great post. That tickled me. i am not laughing at joaquin at all, but you are right. people act crazy all the time. i think one of the celebrity docs should consider helping him. i see a reality show in his future with dr. drew or dr. phil. this must be awful for his family and friends. if he is acting, his family must be embarrassed for him. if he is really suffering from illness, they have consider forcing him into a psych facility. i am hoping he is doing some form of method acting.

  30. Melanie says:

    I’m very concerned that the whole world is watching a human being drifting into schizophrenia and doing nothing. I would like Joaquin’s family and friends, people who are close to him, to intervene and get him some help. If I knew him, I’d insist he check into a hospital to be evaluated. It’s like standing around watching somebody drown.

  31. TheProdigalFrog says:

    Actually both brothers were accomplished musicians and if you bothered to actually read about them, you’d understand. Joaquin sang all the Johnny Cash songs for the movie “Walk the line”. He already has a rap album out and has been very successful in writing sound tracks and working behind the scenes in many movies. Check outg their bio’s.

  32. Valerie says:

    Wow, if you don’t have your mental health, you don’t have much.

  33. princess pee says:

    I will not buy the explanation that this is all related to River dying. Anyone else here ever lost a family member? Anyone else here lose someone they love in a tragic incident like drug overdose/car accident/suicide…? Oh you did… and are you crazy? No? Strange. Because apparently bad things happening to rich celebrities will make them crazy, even though normal people with less than half the access to their resources don’t go nuts. They just get sad. It’s all they can afford, I guess.

    No, I really think this is related to Britney’s breakdown. He was really pissed at how society handled that, mocking her endlessly as she was hospitalized, self-mutilating, etc. So he and Casey are setting us up. If we make fun of him, he will get all self-righteous and explain how we are morally useless as a group and don’t take care of our weak and helpless. It’s assholey. YOu want to make a statement about how we treat the mentally ill, do so. But don’t do it by fucking around with people. Not only will that lose you a lot of respect, it will hurt the cause you claim to be trying to champion.

  34. Fearless Freep says:

    Doesn’t anybody have a picture of the cape?

  35. Rodney W says:

    Joaquin just wanted to get his “freak on”,and get a little jiggy with it.He,s out there on something.

  36. DUDE says:

    actors are boring who give a rats azz

  37. whogivesafuck says:

    Are you people actually that dumb? Who gives a shit about all these self-righteous celbrities? Get on with your OWN lives, ALL of these people are nuts,they thrive on the attention that YOU give them, let them try to live a “normal” life, go out and get a real job like the rest of society, maybe they would be a little more thankful to those of you that provide their lavish lifestyles, these “celebrites” are oxygen bandits, and don’t deserve to breathe the same air as PRODUCTIVE members of society, (and they can take the politicians with them!). Get your noses into your childrens lives and out of the asses of these hollywood douchebags!

  38. Jude says:

    Count the days, he will be dead within a year. He is Hollywood and crazy.

  39. tww says:

    He is an actor. Affleck is his brother in law-he is an actor shooting a documentary. Its all some big act IMO.

  40. jerry says:

    he is another dr. hunter thompson and damnit u cant park here this is bat COUNTRY

  41. jeff says:

    Hey superman wore a cape.. But then again he also wore tights.

  42. Kyisha says:

    He is not crazy…You would have to know Joaquin,to know that there is no crazy about him.He is giving to the media what they give to him…You might say he is crazy like a fox,and fed up with the hype and lies that are the media >>> He is giving you all “something” to talk about.Get over it….

  43. Kelly says:

    What better documentary than to film your own candor “off the hip.”
    For all we know, there’s a part of Joanquin that needed to be released in order to get thru some difficult or enlighten moment in his personal life. We all are just people. Personally, I don’t think Joanquin is forever gone; he’s just away for now. It’s always a good thing to anticipate a “quantum growth”.

  44. OrigamiB says:

    Casey Affleck needs to stop filming this behaviour, regardless of the reason(s) for it. If he is, indeed, mentally ill–then filming it is the height of cruelty (unless they are documenting his behavior to show mental health professionals–and they have plenty enough to use now). If he is not ill and this is a hoax–it is in dreadfully bad taste and crosses a line of human decency. There are so many people suffering mental illness with so little help available to them. I don’t think this is meant to be a mental health crisis public awareness film, so it’s just wrong. Get the man some help.

  45. Walter says:

    He went nuts… just like the Roman emperor Commodus. A coincidence?

  46. I love this man since I saw him in the movie about Johnny Cash – genius and madness are always separated only by a thin line. Cut him a break – Beethoven was just as crazy and look what he did! Wrote the best symphony ever that revolutionized music (there would be no rock without him) and he did it when he was deaf. What did YOU do that was as good as that? We need crazy geniuses, or the world would be so boring – admit it, you know we’d ALL commit suicide before long. He’s hurting no-one. Get a sense of humour.

  47. Kimmy says:

    I love Kitten Phoenix. I can’t imagine the stress he is under. I do believe his mind has slipped a little. I think people fall into a “protective” mode. He has created this crazy in order not to flip 100%.

    Think about the wonderful body of work that he has created. When I think about the Gladiator, Village, Walk the Line, I have tears. The energy it takes to play those type of roles can burn a person out.

    Let Kitten be who he is. He will be okay. He is very intelligent, and will work it out in his time, not ours.

  48. dee dee says:

    I hope it is for study or publicity and not mental illness. He is a wonderful actor and I would be heartbroken to see another genuine person in this plastic town to break down and give in to the pressure of celebrity. There are so many important causes they could work for instead to help out society and not just be so self-focused. Sad really sad.

  49. C.Q. says:

    I think it’s a little of both

  50. terri says:

    … I’m thinking he is channeling Matisyahu… only Matisyahu can actually sing…

  51. CharleneWepner says:

    Unfortunately it is obvious he has developed schizaphrenia. He watched his brother die, his dear friend Heath Ledger too, & has been doing drugs for quite awhile. This is not an act…he is gone…mentally.

  52. Jack says:

    Perhaps when he was researching the role of Johnny Cash he tried the cocaine for real and finished off what brain cells he had left.

  53. princess pea says:

    Dear DUDE and whogivesafuc*

    As you feel that paying any attention at all to celebrity is a poor use of one’s time, I am compelled to ask why you are reading a website called “Celebitchy”. The first 5 letters of the name are meant to indicate that the topic of discussion here IS celebrities. I understand that you may feel that my time could be better used, but you don’t know me and it is presumptuous of you to determine how best I spend my day. I am sure you would not appreciate my instructions for your life. (wgaf – I don’t actually have kids to pay attention to. Sorry to disappoint.)

    If actors bore you, go to a politics, news, or sports website. Read about the things that are interesting to you. Seems that it is especially silly to voluntarily waste your day doing something you despise.

    That is all; have a lovely weekend.

    -princess pea

  54. tom arnold says:

    another looney celebrity,….why doesn’t he just donate all his $$$ to charity,…..let’s see him sleep on a park-bench for a week,……the more $$$$ these idiot-celebs have, the more wacked out they behave !!

  55. Paul Roscoe says:

    The dude needs medical treatment to confirm whether he has schizophrenia. There are a number of traits associated with this disease and you do not have to have all of them to be classified schizophrenic. If he does have this disease then he could be a danger to himself and others. That is why it is imperative that he be hospitalized right now.

  56. Ariel says:

    Well…something that shows some brains (and a heart) is he is Vegan. Most supposedly sane and intelligent people cannot say that about themselves!

  57. peesh says:

    i think if the man wants to go crazy, for heaven’s sake leave him be and let him do whatever the hell he wants! he was awesome on screen we all know but we also know that hollywood is hollywood and many a great actor has lost it at one point or another. i mean lets not overlook all the drug overdoses that kill celebrities all the time! rip to all of them but i think phoenix is just fine crazy and all…

  58. Duke says:

    Jaoquin is not wrapped to tight and is not a rapper either. It appears he is in his own little world and will do harm to someone and or himself eventually.

  59. DM says:

    Reminds me of the “crazy” antics of the late Andy Kaufman. Back then, everyone was also asking “is this for real?” and suggesting that he was mentally ill.
    It worked back then and seems to be working now. Not very original.

  60. if phoenix is trying to wreck his career he’s doing a great job at it. i liked some of his acting but this is just plain stupid stuff he’s doing if he’s nuts then he needs help and to film his escapeds that person needs a room next to his.. after what i’ve seen on t.v of phoenix i wouldn’t see another movie of his atttttt alllllll.. i don’t play to this dumb stuff..grow up

  61. Dane says:

    His behavior is textbook combination oxycontin and cocaine abuse. You can be pretty certain he’s over. Too bad, really. His was a bright star.

  62. Ramona says:

    Wow!!!! What a Stupid dumb idiotic way to commit career suicide….if he is crazy somebody please get this idiot off the streets before he pulls out a weapon and really hurts someone…and if he is not crazy then he is kidding himself if he thinks anyone is going to ever take him serious in the acting or entertainment business world again…Remember the little boy that cried wolf?? Well he is in for a real shock if he thinks people are just gonna forget this little stunt…if that is what it is ….I for one will NEVER watch anything that this insane psycho in EVER!!!

  63. Malik says:

    I liked his brother, River, too bad he’s still not with us any longer.

  64. Leddy says:

    He needs to meet a girl that really knocks his socks off, then he’ll stop all this stupid b*llsh*t.

  65. ukiddinme says:

    I would have believed that maybe he’s lost his mind had it not been for the fact that the story says “he slammed a big wad of cash on the counter and yelled MONEY!!” THAT ACT tells me that someone, somewhere…either outside with a high power lense or inside the store somewhere was filming his actions for some type of upcoming movie, film, documentary. That “scene” would make for a very telling situation in any kind of a documentary that involves schizophrenia. I had a customer once in my cafe’ that was a schizophrenic. He wore big headphones all day, everyday turned up loud. He had a full faced beard. He mummbled constantly to himself. He NEVER looked anyone in the face, always looked at the ground. He wore dirty clothes all the time. He never outright spoke to anyone. But sometimes he would have a slight outburst if the voices in his head got too loud and made him upset. It was a very hard thing to witness happening to someone who you could tell had at some point been a very kind man. This disease is the WORST disease a person can have because you cannot escape it even with medications. I would rather be DEAD than have schizophrenia after witnessing what it does to the mind. It is NOT something to make fun of. The people who suffer with it should be looked at as brave, and they should be taken care of with compassion.
    IF this isn’t a project that he is doing with the help of others in order to tell a story behind the life of someone with a mental disorder…..then he’s either making fun in some way, of those who deal with mental illneses OR….he really is in need of help. I find it difficult to believe that this man could be falling into the hell that IS mental illness and that his family and friends would all just be watching, doing NOTHING. I believe that IF his family thought for even a second that he truly was mentally ill they’de have already had him admitted quietly into a hospital. Since that hasn’t been done, I do believe this is something he’s doing to try and convince people that he’s insane. If that is the case then he’s doing it for a reason that HAD BETTER BE A DAMNED GOOD ONE…IF he intends to come away from it without everyone hating his guts for making fun of a disease that plagues millions of good people.

  66. Sicilienne says:

    Who are we to judge anyone? We are all unique people, and how is this any different than lady gaga, and some of her recent get ups on stage?? Maybe we are all this bored that we try to entertain ourselves with this type of trash talk. Just be yourself:-)

  67. DeeAnn says:

    Attn: Knuckeheads. Have we learned nothing? When will we leave these people alone? They spend their lives entertaining the masses and this is what they get for their trouble? Geez, they can’t even walk down the street like a normal human being. This obsession with celebrities is getting oh so old, passee and blah, blah, blassee. It’s really not the new “hip&cool”. God bless u, Joaquin.

  68. dan says:

    As long as the guy isn’t a threat to himself or anyone else, let the guy do his thing. I would love to lose my mind like this, he seems happy.

  69. Bev says:

    He definately needs help,it is so obvious he is mentally ill.What a waste of great talent.

  70. Scott Alden Stabler says:

    Is it possible that Joaquin is really
    just mocking the celebrity press? I think so, after not getting the best actor award for his Johnny Cash work,
    do you expect him to take Hollywood
    seriously? I think he is just having great time as he listens to all the crap…:) Go get’em physcho!

  71. Vanessa says:

    Something has been wrong with him ever since he portrayed Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk The Line”. Could he be possessed by Cash?

  72. Arnold says:

    Yeah, he’s been nuttier than Manson. Just not violent… at least not yet.

  73. Adam Killingsworth says:

    who really cares? none of you people reading this knows him. u people are lame. none of this matters in life. learn about something real. he’s probably just over the arrogance of having fans.

  74. Desi says:

    Im still not convinced. Call it being hopeful (he was one of my most favorite actors of all time)

    But I think its a big scheme. A Hoax. I keep waiting for the real Joaquin to come back any time now.

    Truly though. Nobody just “goes” that crazy. Just overnight.

  75. Scott says:

    Who the fuck cares about joaquin phoenix??? certainly not me.

  76. john says:

    Who the f-ck gives a shit about Joaquin Phoenix??? Certainly not me!

  77. reminds me of ken wahl…
    anybody remember HIM?
    [didn't think so...]

    joaquin is overrated… johnny depp is a better actor, and there are several others whose overall talents overshadow J.P.’s. if he didn’t do the ersatz mad genius thing in public he’d be just another actor with a funny name.


  78. TerrI says:

    He’s as nutty as squirrel poop!!!

  79. Autumn says:

    He used to be so estute…Clearly he’s either playing with us all or going through some sort of mental breakdown.

  80. TEJAS TERI says:


  81. evita says:

    I loved him in the movie SIGNS, especially with the tin foil hat scene! He’s handsome & a great actor, but if he’s acting now, I think it’s the role of having schizophrenia…

  82. Rosco says:

    He bought a cape. BIG DEAL! If you think that makes him crazy that makes you an idiot.

  83. Marilyn says:

    He is my favorite actor. He is so talented. Some close to him needs to get him the help he needs ,before it is too late. Don’t wait the time is help him now. Please

  84. Liz says:

    Helloo… this dude grew up in the Children of God cult, notorious for molesting kids and his deceased brother even admitted to having had sex at the age of four within the cult…His parents were a bunch of crazy hippies who drove cross country in a van pimping their kids on the street by having them sing for money..No wonder he’s nutso..

  85. peapers says:

    Andy Kaufman is laughing it up from his grave.

  86. Andrea says:

    I don’t know what is going on. Maybe he is losing it, maybe he is just having fun, maybe he is self medicating with something. I hope he is going to be ok if there is an issue that is more serious underlying his behavior. I am still a fan of his, because he is brilliant and very artistic. Although I do wish he would shave and cut his hair so that I could see that gorgeous face again.

  87. Dharma says:

    Casey, the act of doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of crazy. Now since we all seem to do that, u in this storyline, seems to mean you have a tendency to be what is that word, ah crazy.

    Oh no, your doing an art piece.
    Get the similarity in what this documentary is about or for???
    If an actor is acting crazy its to achieve a goal. And to someone making this is to achieve a goal. Ok so now i have covered both yourself and your subject.

    PS leave others out of this, because what they say, is…….. birds of a feather flock together. If you want someone to follow your work dont demean it just as us to.

  88. Jude says:

    I think it’s all fake because we’d be hearing of Mel Gibson rescuing him like he did Britney when she got crazy.
    Jaoquin and Mel did Signs together so they’re acquaintances. And Mel saves everyone.

  89. Amanda says:

    It think the Phoenix clan in general were/are a little strange. When River died, they creamated him and tossed his ashes in their back yard, never to speak openly in public about him.

    Guess they missed the money River was supporting everyone with, so Leaf/Joaquin, had to come out and take over for River. He had given up acting through his teen years, until River died.

    These people were bohemians. There is nothing classy in wandering haplessly around the country with five kids in tow!

  90. Brew says:

    Who cares! I am so sick of the poor millionaires drama coated life! America is falling apart, we are losing everything we have fought for 200+ years ago…taxed to death, and these bastards have it all and can’t keep their shit together??? Boohoo!

  91. Joseph says:

    This is hilarious!!! If Joaquin were truly nuts, he wouldn’t have had the insight to shop at one of the most eccentric, avante garde shops on Melrose (I’ve been there many many times), nor would he have had the presence of mind to pay for his new regalia (I must have this cape! lol)–these are all very public actions–true nutsos are shut-ins, patients, or mumbling unseen in dark alleys with shopping carts in tow–not shopping a cool shop on a cool, popular street, plunking down wads of cash for velvet capes! lmao

  92. Joseph says:

    Dude, the fact that there are even capes for sale in an eccentric but upscale shop, rather than being passed-out by goodwill to skid row homeless, indicates that the insane are not their chief customers–just the sartorially adventurous and mock-shock fashionistas.

  93. Chuck says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you people. What the fuck does buying a cape mean? He has a lot of money and can do whateva he wants. You guys are jealous. Dude is talented and not dealing on the mundane level that most of you are on. You don’t understand genius. Who are you people to judge him or anyone.

  94. Joseph says:

    not to mention the mesh top–it’s like a laundry list of the most hilariousy ridiculous things a guy can buy or wear…wayyyy too exact.

  95. Joseph says:

    Joaquin, if you’re reading this…sweet job. But you gotta do some more odd shit…go to the venice boardwalk and sell your memoribilia on a blanket with the vendors…do a stint as the crudest paparazzi ever asking starlets stuff like “would you let Joaquin Pheonix tap that azz?” or “Kim K! I’m a brotha! Why can’t a white brotha gets no play?!?”

  96. Heidi says:

    This seems to be a heartbreaking case of mental illness. Heartbreaking only because this talented actor is surrounded by celebrity, money, agents, managers, entourages, et cetera, and this is worth such hype that noone will intervene and get this guy medical attention. It’s like rubbernecking at a scene of an accident and noone calls 911. What’s unfortunate is that this could simply be an undiagnosed case of bipolar disorder which often masquerades as schizophrenia. In any event the correct drug and talk therapies could save this man’s life. But then, there would be no need for media coverage; print or picture. Alot of people missing out on alot of money and a victim missing out on years of his life and sentience. Why would people care about Joaquin’s ability to act. It hardly matters now that even established character actors can’t make a living due to reality TV. This is why his insanity is worth so much – even more to the media than his talent. Because your average Joe doensn’t want to see someone more talented than they. Our public is made up of idiots wanting to see their fellow nation of idiots make fools of themselves with a skanky background soundtrack. Phoenix is simply one of the victims of our feebleminded, talentless, undisciplined, illiterate society.
    This is absurdly sad.

  97. Kiernan Butz says:

    I whish it was all an elaborate joke, but Joaquin Phoenix exhibits classic signs of a dissociative disorder — something I’ve been trained to recognize. He’s mentally ill and in need of treatment. Shame on the popular media for putting the public spotlight on this once talented actor’s descent into madness.

  98. Yaya says:

    I agree- Awesome actor no question about that. I hope someone helps him- would hate to see such talent fade away or worse an overdose. I sooooooo loved him in “Signs”.

  99. veyron says:

    honestly, i think Joaquin is on to something, afterall what about hollywood is REAL anyway? he’s still the man and even if he has decided to take a mental vacation it’s well deserved…sometimes ya got to throw in the towel from going genuinely INSANE…life life and have fun with it. make people stare and get concerned, it’s their stress not his. keep it real J. ;)

  100. Marissa says:

    I see a lot of people are mentioning schizophrenia. Shizophrenia is not brought on by a traumatic event, it is inherited. In which case, it would not be showing as of recently if he truly did have that disease. The onset of it would have been when he was in his early 20′s. So, throw that outta the book. There are a number of other disorders that are similar to schizophrenia. So do your research. And since when does someone going into a store, buying a cape, and paying with money consistute as a mental disorder? It doesn’t matter if this is an act or not. Let him do his own thing. If this was any other person on the street, no one would care. Just because he has money doesn’t mean everyone has to care. Just for the record.

  101. kim wing says:

    I imagine after he’s done it all, screwed it all, he just chill for a while and let it all hang out. it’s called living fools. So what if he tastes aren’t yours-time to let it all hang out dudes:/

  102. Samantha says:

    You know, all that we can do is speculate as to what is really going on. However, if he was really sick, I’m wondering why his family hasn’t done anything to step in. I would think that if he is loved and cared about, those people would step in and insure that he received the help that he needs.

  103. Lisa F. says:

    Wow, I really dig most of the comments here, it proves to me that there are more caring people in this world than what I thought!
    Anyways, Joaquin Phoenix is definitely an enigma, and I pray to God that he is going to be all right-IF he is having a mental meltdown. Man, it’s so hard to say! Perhaps he is…wait, I think an epiphany is on the rise-Yes! I’ll bet he is doing this as an act, and that for one thing, he is a fabulous actor. So of course-he is so good at it that we all are stymied by it. His purpose? Well, maybe a few things, like for this “documentary”, which could be about how gullible society is:we are like sheep, and darn it’s scary! (there are many avenues this idea could lead to.)
    Then there is the hypothesis that, in going along with the latter, Joaquin is going against the grain of society, to show individuality and a disdain for social biases.
    Or perhaps he is Insane?

  104. cliff says:

    i think him and kate from 8 is enough would make a good pair. he would make kate look normal.

  105. Jonathon says:

    I have a hunch that Joaquin is swimming around Melrose on a bad trip. Once you take to much or abuse a substance, possibly during the making of Cash, then its hard to come back. He’s on a Melrose tread mill finding or looking for only things he knows that stimulate him. Their is nothing wrong with him. Leave Joaquin alone.

  106. Janice says:

    Just don’t give this guy a gun !!!

  107. Anna says:

    It sounds like the onset of schizophrenia, which he is the appropriate age for.

    Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys may be able to help him.

  108. Carol S says:

    Is it possible he has slipped into schizophrenia? The typical age of onset is in a person’s 20s (college years).

  109. John says:

    We all need to pray for this talented guy and pray tha someone will intervene,
    Pray he gets help before it is too late,

  110. John says:

    Mel if you are out thee, help this guy if possible.

  111. alicePhallusMorales says:

    Ok, you’re 15 minutes are up. Thanks for playing. Move along.

  112. Francesca says:

    He looks like an especially nasty pedophile rabbi. I can almost smell him through the screen.

  113. Ramsey says:

    This guy needs Jesus Christ!

  114. Ramsey says:

    Just to let you know people yes I am a Born Again Christian. He also had two films regarding the way of God and the Devil who is the enemy of God got to both Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix because they were NOT protected by the Holy Spirit. Catholic IS not a protection to the Devil not sure what Joaquin faith is…however both of them need to repent their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior…and they WILL have a New Heart!

  115. riptide says:

    Let’s face it…..actors are simply people who make a living pretending to be other people. While there’s always a possiblity someone’s lost it, chances are this is just a creativity outlet…

  116. Loves Joaquin xo says:

    I once bought a cape………….. for Halloween. Seriously, Joaquin needs help. I cannot guess if he is on drugs or something is up mentally. I hope someone rescues him. What shame though, such a great actor & all. I still remember the interview he had with David Letterman- it was as if Joaquin was “shy” and actually in disbelieve that everyone there at the studio was scrutinizing his every move– I was indeed sadden to see him this way. Someone help him please!!!!!!!!!!!
    xoxo Joaquin xoxo

  117. Kayte says:

    I think maybe there should be some sort of intervention – to be on the safe side. If this is an act, fine – it’s a pretty darn good act … but if it’s not an act – then it would be tragic if we are watching Joaquin in this condition and do nothing but speculate. Something terrible could happen to him – what would that say about us as a society if we allowed it to come to that? Maybe someone should start a SAVE JOAQUIN campaign.

  118. Loves Joaquin xo says:

    Does Joaquin have any family? Wonder if he lives alone? I am going to google him right now and see what other info I can gather of him – poor guy really.. so sad.

  119. Michelle says:

    I’ll tell you who’s crazy. The guy that followed Joaquin into the store and knew exactly what he purchased and watched his every move.

    That is the sign of one unstable person. It’s unbelievable to me that people don’t even question this behavior.

  120. bob says:

    It is is fake shame on him. There are alot of ppl who do really have issues lets not make fun of them. If its real some one help him before he ends up Homeless.

  121. bailoutsos says:

    Another Michael Jackson in the making and no one there to help him.

  122. Emma says:

    His hippie parents probably did so much LSD during their youth that it spilled over into their poor kids DNA. No wonder one killed himself by overdosing and the other one has turned into a nut job. How many siblings are there? Let’s see…River, Rain, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsanami…????

  123. Emma says:

    Note to Ramsey: Please shut up. Leave God, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, whoever…out of it.

  124. Andrea says:

    poor guy seems haunted by the demon mania. i hope his friends start acting like friends and get him to go to therapy or get on meds. he seems to need them. either that or he’s trying to copy andy kaufman’s former antics. either way i don’t think he’s doing his career any favors.

  125. Gi Gi says:

    Well whether he’s crazy or not he is still very talented. If this is a publicity stunt it worked because so many people are talking about it. I will still be and will always be his fan. People go through personal ordeals. People do make mistakes or follow there heart and everyone believes it’s wrong. If his dream is to be a rapper big deal. Aren’t we suppose to follow our dreams. So i tip my hat to him for following his dreams. The only problem everyone else has with it is they don’t understand and most of them are stuck in a miserable job. So they just need to take a page from his book and follow there dreams and shut up about it.

  126. ANJ says:

    This guy is far from nuts, just a good actor, though in this case, just not good enough to show an educated person that he is truly mentally ill, for real. He wouldn’t be aware of reality, wouldn’t be out shopping with wads of cash and he wouldnt be doing rap shows, also, he wouldnt have a brother in law filming his antics to boot, so I mean c’mon people, are you all that gullible?

  127. Craig says:

    My guess is he found the stash of drugs River left behind.

  128. Lannie says:

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS GUY, he’s just trying to be mysterious, like James Dean, Brando, Downey, Depp that type of eccentric actor. What’s really wrong with him, he wanted to win the ‘best actor’ Oscar for RING OF FIRE, and when Reese won and he didn’t, simply said, he freaked out, and is still acting out…of course, it could simply be drugs, too. Ask Downey, he is now considered to be one of the greatest method actors, but it took him GETTING ATTENTION to do so. And drugs, jail, rehab was the way he went. So far, this is Joaquin’s way!!!!!

  129. sherri says:

    If this is an act I am angry! its gone to far. Enough already.

  130. Paul says:

    I don’t understand the interest. To me JP seems to be a total bore.

  131. C.Q. says:

    If we could see his eyes..we’d have a better Idea…eyes never lie

  132. Lisa F. says:

    Note to Emma:
    If you read the “Leave A Reply” section, at the end of the blog, it says this is a “welcoming site, free of harassment, negativity, or bullying.” Where discussions are “lighthearted-and Different Opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome-hatred and bigotry are not.”
    Ramsey is simply expressing himself, and if he believes in the existence of God-(as do I) then let it alone. At least a belief in God is positive, and founded on morals, principles and ethics.
    I mean, let the guy have his say or rant or whatever. Maybe he’s just lonely or has no one else to talk to, who knows? Shoot, all of us here, on Friday night, obviously not much goin on.:)
    And Emma-please don’t take this wrong, just another way of looking at things?

  133. John says:

    You’re never alone with schizophrenia!
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I’m schizophrenic,
    and so am I.

    Go Joaquin!…Both of you!

  134. dandy27 says:

    (chuckle) schizophrenic, ‘roses are red’ and ‘so am i’ (more chuckles). seriously now,
    schizophrenia is NOT something to really
    laugh about, though. listen to this:

    i think joachin is way cool and way sexy artiste’…if he wants to grow a beard, wear a cape, and do rap…so be it. it’s his life. if no danger rangers? THEN ONWARD BRAVE SOLDIER!

  135. Jennifer says:

    Gosh, this guy is so talented. I hope some of his friends and family will intervene and stop this madness and get him some help immediately.

  136. dandy27 says:

    lisa…i applaud your comment. agree!
    let the man rant and rave if this is
    what he needs to do. honestly, we are
    all in Gods hands. we will all stand or
    fall before Him alone.

  137. Jay says:

    I personally think he need to be checked for drugs. For him to flip from movies to music??? Music I can understand to a point, but has he been checked for anti-depressant drugs, let alont cocaine?

  138. deborah austin says:

    So it seems that Americans are now posting hateful comments about someone who may or may not have mental issues.

  139. Fan says:

    After reading all the comments on here this is all i have to say:

    first i feel for the people that do have a mental disease for they dont usually have the money to take care of them for the state has to and family members go broke carrying for their loved ones. second: if a celb. has a meltdown they get treated differently not like non stars do (for instance tickets, car accidents, jail) and shame on their family (if true) if they dont take care of them. so following him around taking snap shots shouldnt be done. if you want crazy go to where crazy does and quit giving this guy attention cause if it is a documentry about him going crazy or mentally insane, he still wouldnt be treated like everyone else nor would he live like the norm anyway. for the norm wouldnt have all his money. and i dont know anyone who would watch the doc. if it was about him going nuts and hope there is no comparison to all the ones who do live on the street for it wouldnt be the same.

  140. Rockstar69 says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. So the guy wants to grow a beard and do some rap! So be it. God knows he has enough money to do whatever he wants so let him. He’s a big boy and can do whatever he wants to! Besides I think he looks cool. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to do some ZZtop cover songs? Oh well, rap it is. Well good luck ‘J Man’ with your new career!

  141. ranti says:

    he has a cleft lip!I am suspect that many people in his youth have hurt him ! he has not cried for his inner child!he must release the pain!he must connect with his child pain,it is locked inside.cry for the helpless little boy \ the child is still inside.the memory is still inside!cry for your inner child and he will be healed!

  142. Bonnie says:

    ya hes a nut case. but in two or 3 years . mark my words !! he will be the toast of the the town he will be up for the gold guy. and everyone will love him.

  143. Mcdanel says:

    Has everyone forgotten how long it took for Brit to get help? Can anyone “stop” Amy Winehouse? My point being, it is far more difficult than you realize to have a person committed. If the nature of the breakdown isn’t sufficient to involve the police, you might as well piss up a rope. That’s why you see obviously mentally ill people on the street. Now, if that obviously mentally ill person is also very wealthy, it’s about hopeless.

  144. Wanda says:

    It looks like an Andy Kaufmann act to me. However,if he really IS losing it his family needs to step up and get him the help he needs,not make a documentary.

  145. Cal Orey says:

    Being in the public eye creates mega pressure. Celebs are scrutinized like frogs on a slab in high school that we were supposed to take apart, bit by bit.
    I feel that often artsy people are very sensitive and sometimes go off on a their own trip, whether it be drugs to isolation in their own world. It’s called coping or escapism. And it’s sad because these people are so talented and give soul to the world. In the process, they lose themselves. Is it worth it?

  146. BulieBoo says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Casey Affleck is filming JP for a documentary. Well, if this is true, has anyone taken a pic of Affleck? If not, then why not? If the paparazzi are following JP around, then they should surely be able to spot Affleck filming him at some point. That would be the answer to 10 million people’s questions.

    If there is no documentary, then just accept the fact that he’s either gone off the deep end or this is the real JP and all that came before was an act. He is an actor, right?

    He’s probably a druggie like all the rest of them. Heath Ledger was good but he was a drug abuser. Robert Downey Jr. went through years of drug abuse, Michael Jackson was was a big-time drug abuser. The list goes on and on. So JP probably is too.

    Heck, even Christian Bale, who seemed like the perfect actor, momentarily went off the deep end last year and had to call into a radio show to apologize to the world. How embarrassing is that?

    Somehow I don’t think JP will apologize for any of his actions, and why should he? Unless he physically hurts someone, it’s nobody’s darn business. If he wants to make a fool of himself and ruin his cinematic career, that’s his business.

    And to all of you who are worried about him getting treatment, how do you know he isn’t getting treatment or hasn’t had it in the past if he needs it? How do you know his family hasn’t been involved with him? You don’t know.

    His best movie roles were nut cases–Gladiator, Signs, Johnny Cash–it takes a nut to play a nut. lol! At least we’re getting some laughs.

    Rock on, JP…or I guess I should say Rap on, JP. :)

  147. Templar says:

    this is his best role yet! and your falling for it? are you not entertained ? are you not entertained?

  148. Sam says:

    WHO CARES!! Can anyone say attention seeking behavior? and remember Elvis wore a cape.

  149. Bailey says:

    His mother is pretty useless as a parent and his father has never been around much. This is not an act, he has problems and I believe he is using drugs to escape his life and problems. Sad, sad, sad, I fear he will end up like his brother, heath ledger and michael jackson. Michael Jacksons family, tried an intervention on many occasions and he was even in rehab at one point, you can’t force someone into rehab or therapy they have to want to get better or it won’t work.

  150. Lannie says:

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS GUY, he’s just trying to be mysterious, like James Dean, Brando, Downey, Depp that type of eccentric actor. What’s really wrong with him, he wanted to win the ‘best actor’ Oscar for WALK THE LINE, and when Reese won and he didn’t, simply said, he freaked out, and is still acting out…of course, it could simply be drugs, too. Ask Downey, he is now considered to be one of the greatest method actors, but it took him GETTING ATTENTION to do so. And drugs, jail, rehab was the way he went. So far, this is Joaquin’s way!!!! Time will tell, I do hope he has friends and family that are checking in on him.

  151. kevinbgood621 says:

    How is it that one can buy a cape ? Is there cape shoppes’? Or a cape section in Pennys? Just Wondering ?

  152. northpdx says:

    It was only a couple years ago on the red carpet when he asked an interviewer if he had a frog coming out of his brain. The man is wacked, it is no joke!!

  153. kevinbgood621 says:

    JP is just like Michael Jackson ….Except for the talent , fans , money , drugs , exotic animlas ,hot ladies, and the like . Yep , just like Mike !

  154. lolita says:

    I seriously think something is wrong with him.He is suffering from some kind of mental disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia. Something is wrong with him and I wonder why his family is not trying to get him help.This should not be taken lightly He needs help.Why would he do this for publicity, He is already famous and was on his way to becoming more famous. He is a good actor. But something is wrong with him. HE IS MENTALLY ILL AND NEEDS HELP!!!!!!

  155. Stickyeyeballhead says:

    He played Johnny Cash, now he’s playing Rick Ruben. And also he’s possibly on drugs.

  156. Bruce Lee says:

    He needs medical help. He is bipolar. A friend of mind did the same stuff. Said when he plays his music Sea turtles come out of the water to listen. Or James Bond is going to do a movie with him in Hawaii. Just the other day he’s going to record a CD with Toby Keith. It happens fast, with him and out of the blue he went nuts. Sat in the middle of Karate class in a hippie shirt playing his guitar. This was not the same man I knew. His father was told by the Doctors he was Bipolar and needs meds.

  157. Marianne says:

    Although Joaquin was never the best model of sanity (he had a quite peculiar childhood and he watched his younger brother die of overdose), he’s always been very professional, without any kind of weird behaviour on set. In fact, he was getting quite a career for himself and I haven’t heard anything but good comments from all his co-stars. About his personal life, all we knew was about his past and his brother. He liked to keep his shit behind closed doors. So, why this sudden need of going insane? You don’t go “nuts” out of the blue. It’s a process. To be this crazy now, Joaquin would’ve given many signs of mental issues before his breakdown. The only bad thing I ever heard about Joaquin was alcohol addiction. He went to rehab and got out of it very quietly.
    Why would Summer and the Phoenix family let Casey Affleck film his brother in law disintegrate in front of cameras, especially after the way River died? Casey seems to be an intelligent and reasonable person. He wouldn’t film someone in the middle of a real mental crisis. That would be really unethical.
    This is an act to create buzz for the project. Actors love to test people, to see their reactions. Casey and Joaquin are emulating the same kind of public meltdown that Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and many others had, trying to show the way the modern world treats celebrities. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but considering how talented they both are, something nice may come out of this

  158. Don says:

    you write: “Once one of the most promising and talented actors in Hollywood…”

    “Once”? Hmmm. An Act, Sincere, whatever the circumstance, he may still be.

  159. Von says:

    As a family member of a loved one with Paranoid Schizophrenia, Joaquin Phoenix is displaying symptoms of a ‘psychotic break’ common with this debilitating disease. God Bless him and may his loved ones intervene as soon as possible.

  160. Guy says:

    Personally, I think he watched Jake and Elwoood one too many times!

  161. tee says:

    If it is an act, I find it pretty offensive. There are real people with real mental illnesses struggling to survive in this world. Going into a store and “acting” like one of them for hyped entertainment value seems pretty shallow and insensitive.

    not that i wish any ill will to mr. phoenix either…

    sigh. damned if ya do…

  162. Danny D says:

    I have to say some of these comments are disturbing. Has humanity lost compassion. Let me break it down for you idiots.
    Whatever the case may be with Phoenix is none of anyone’s business. He may or may not need help, but really what are you going to do about it but watch it all unfold. The man is truly talented and I adore him, but he is an artist. Artists are eccentric, sometimes they use stimulants even to enhance they’re creativity or repress their over emotional souls. So fing what.This story isn’t new to us. If he’s having a mental breakdown then let him pick himself back up again, he doesn’t need the whole world putting in they’re 2 cents or silly assumptions.
    Whatever the case may be he doesn’t strike me as a completely irrational individual and I think and hope he will be fine. Plus he’s to old to be coming down with schitzo. My guess some drugs big deal 75% of hollywood does that it’s just not spoken about.
    Also if the cult story is true then I really feel for that family, but it sounds absurd.
    by the way it’s a cape, people have bought stranger things. Get lives people and quit hating on this man.

  163. Joni Steed says:

    He’s got you all fooled! Good for him!!!!

  164. Bobbie says:


  165. michael123 says:

    I work with mentaly ill patients. This clearly looks to be a psychotic disorder. many patients with psychotic disorders do not realize they need help and become very angry when someone suggest they do. Every state has mental health law designed to protect people. You cannot involuntarily committ a patient to a treatment facility unless they are a danger to themselves, others or gravely disabled

  166. jim says:

    If he is acting, it proves how good an actor he is. What would Johnny Cash think?

  167. crawdad57 says:

    He’s an absolute fake.

  168. Newsboi says:

    He is reahearsing for a part.
    He is possibly preparing to play Howard Hughes after he became exsentric and detached from society.
    The beard is a metaphor for hiding behind a door -it beats being inside all the time for which he must of tried for 5 months and most likely
    that was making him stir crazy.
    By acting bonkers and declaring he was leaving acting his price per movie has gone up. Because everyone wants what they can’t have -especially in Hollywood
    He is no lunatic but a shewred businessman.
    The River runs deep

  169. lithium99 says:

    did someone REALLY compare this phoenix kid to hunter s. freakin’ thompson?!?! this kid has no idea about the kind of genius that consumed hunter s. thompson. why would it even cross your mind to compare the two?

  170. Oboiz says:

    I heard he is just trying to get into character for a new movie….

  171. Mercy says:

    Perhaps he’s still mourning his brother’s death. He is a cute guy, but the hair needs to go.

  172. Fula Balone says:

    Nothing like having a mental meltdown in public. Brings out the inner psychiatrist in people. If we had a penny for all the ‘I think” comments on here we could all get a cape and start all over again trying to figure out which one of us is the lunatic.

  173. mo says:

    ukiddinme: Schizophrenia can be treated by medication and in some cases if there have not been many “breaks” have miraculous results .I know someone just like that living a completely normal life now…with a wife and and stepkids who was on the streets at one time.I hope JP gets the help he needs and will pray for him and his family,To the author….the use of the word “crazy” in the byline is not cool!!

  174. Too much money,so little time.He has such a gift too. Role or soul searching but….life doesn’t stop. Time just ticks by why some people frivolously waste God given talents. Sinful. I don’t believe him for a minute. He sure knows how to draw in paparazzi though!

  175. Paris says:

    If this isn’t an act and I don’t believe it is, then why aren’t there reports of friends and/or family trying to help …. I loved him in Gladiator and Signs…..

  176. Alybaly says:

    Most Hollywoodababies are out in left field. They crave exposure, fame headlines and wealth, yet generally espouse communist beliefs but dont walk the walk. These are the same people that along with the newsmedia-which is all hollywood as well-that covers and gives them all the props. It looks good in the papers and when rich and famous but none would give up their good lives when it comes down to it.

  177. MikeDel says:

    When you start out in a family that thinks naming you Leaf is a good idea, being grounded could be a problem for you, e.g., River’s solution. But he is an actor, and it has gotten him attention, and as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. In any case I would rather he move to the forest and rap at trees than follow River’s lead.

  178. gobgotz says:

    Plenty of people in Hollywood are nuts. To me he is simply one more.

  179. annamay says:

    Joaquin grow the hell up..Why are you wasting people’s time. You have a gift that most people would kill for and you are squandering it. If you are tired of the industry that has provided you and your family with the plush life,stay home and be weird there. If there is seriously something wrong with you come out and let us know. Stop acting like a spoiled bratt and start acting like a responsible adult. I swear!!

  180. al fresco says:

    I think he is suffering from a flattened Affleck. . .Looks a hell of a lot like John Belushi, less stable though. . .

  181. Wendy says:

    Seems to me we all forget the best line in history.”We all go a little crazy sometimes.” Don’t we have a right to wear what we want, when we want? Don’t we have a choice to behave the way we want and say “Screw you.” I believe he’s tired of trying to be something he’s not and I can’t blame him. Who could stand up to the constant finger poking and hating he’s had to put up. Frankly, I give him a huge kudo’s. I loved him in 9 mm and continue to think he’s great!

  182. Robert says:

    Making disparaging comments about someone who obviously is troubled and could use a friend seems cruel. He is a truly talented actor and could use some help and encouragement (and maybe be left alone by those who really don’t give a d__n about him).

  183. Rockney Briskey says:

    Maybe this will be good for Joaquin Phoenix when he starts back up his acting …. He can play sane and looney having stepped past the lines that most would not.

  184. i think he’s fantastic. nothing is better than a crazy boyfriend. i’ll take him if no one else wants him. maybe we could have little crazy babies…joaquin jr. or we could call them tributaries in honor of his brother! really …the beard and hair is sexy. the cape AND a mesh shirt? omg to die for! joaquin, i’m here, ready to love you non-stop just like you are baby. COME TO MOMMA!!!

  185. David says:

    He’s got enough money to decide to be sane or crazy. Leave him alone. It’s his life. He can do what he wants to with it. Some of you are so up tight thinking your awful lives are “normal”.

  186. Who Cares says:

    Who cares about this self involved tool and the rest of his hollywood buddies. Hopefully he is really crazy and he decides to end it all taking Johnny Depp and a couple of others with him.

  187. frank says:

    he looks like a dirty, filthy, smelly bum. cut your hair and get rid of that afro lookin’ beard

  188. frank says:

    hes gotta be on some serious drugs.

  189. Michelle says:

    He should be an advertised on “What drugs and do to you” Like a human fried egg…

  190. RoxAnn says:

    I don’t know what to say about his behavior, so I’ll just wish him well and hope that he finds happiness.

  191. Janette says:

    We put these celeb’s in a fish bowl on a pedestal and watch them….and intrude upon every aspect of their life…they have NO LIFE except that of the roles they play….where they get to “pretend” to be anyone but themselves.
    And then when all of this gets to them, we make fun of the fact that they are breaking. Like somehow the dying of the fish is fun to watch.
    It’s sad, and demoralizing. I hope and pray He IS okay….and that he has someone around him who cares about him enough to find out.

  192. Len says:

    Yeah, people need to leave him alone and let him do what he wants. If someone was that crazy they wouldn’t still be in the limelight. I think they would just fade away. And why would Case Affleck film someone close to him if they had a real mental problem. And all this research theory crap, well … if someone wants to be a rapper, then they would already be doing just that and not trying to live it out. He is just going through a phase.

  193. Joyce says:

    I don’t know if he is acting or not…The issue here is…If he is not acting where are is friends to help him get medical help of some kind.
    I hope it is a act but I think not.
    Friends don’t let friends go when they need help…Help him.

  194. sandladyvb says:

    I think Joaquin’s erratic behavior sounds to exactly to me like it is drug or alcohol induced. It is a known fact that he has a history of substance abuse. His fear of being typecasted as Johnny Cash is so out of proportion in his mind. He’s the one who isn’t moving on and honing his craft as an actor by stopping acting. Other actors who have staying power continue to assume other roles to break the mold.

    If he wants to be a rapper, he most certainly should explore this until he is satisfied with himself. A lot of actors are multitalented. He could do both acting and rapping if he wanted to. RIght now he seems to want to do
    “erratic” as publicity for his rapping.

    Good luck, Joaquin. Just stay clean and sober and your talents will shine even more.

  195. Joaquin says:

    When i look it can have my many done in the end but money doesn’t if you red shoe, oh screw it, the voice just keep at me, I don’t want, I am writing this for i dont know i am down for it all, fo nutty, my buddies

  196. billybob says:

    he is like a kid who needs attention if he cant get good attention he will get bad if every one would just ignore him for a year or two he would be fine. the man makes millions a year and if wants to flush it let him its his life

  197. Steve T. says:

    Joaquin may have been crazy to buy a cape, BUT it’s just as crazy fpr a store to SELL capes ! Why the f**k
    is a store trying to sell CAPES, and to whom ?

  198. Shannan says:

    He is showing all the signs of Schizophrenia…..either brilliant acting or illness? I choose the later.

  199. Joyce says:

    I fell in love with him in “Walk the Line” I would go see anything that he plays in. He is a good actor. Maybe he just needs some time to himself.

  200. Bobbie says:

    I think Joaquin is brilliant with his portrayal of an alter-ego…very much reminscent of Andy Kaufman. Mental illness, no…publicity stunt, yes! He is a very eccentric man who needs the attention of the public, and has created this “alter-ego/character” in order to accomplish this task.

  201. paula says:

    I don’t believe the people who love him would allow this to go on if it was a case of true mental illness. They would surely get him help and support him through whatever treatment necessary. I’m certain that this is a hoax for some reason. God Bless Him. He is a fabulous actor. Superb work playing Johnny Cash!!

  202. ItsMyOwnOpinion says:

    I hope it’s an act, but I’m not sure. If it’s an act, he’s a better actor than I thought. I saw the February ’09 ‘interview’ he did as a guest on Letterman last night. Bizarre, to say the least. I missed it earlier because I watched Leno instead of Letterman back then.

  203. Wesley says:

    Very very sad. This guy needs help. I doubt anyone would put on an act this long. He’s apparently on drugs or needs some professional help. I would hope his family would try to get him help.

  204. Kenneth says:

    So growing out your beard and buying shit makes you crazy?

  205. Michele says:

    Yeah. They thought Andy Kuffman was putting it on too. Look what happened to him!

  206. Shengie says:

    This guy is NOT crazy enough to hide behind shades. I think he is not really crazy; probably in the category of people who tries to make other people crazy!! Not sure if they are good to have around…

  207. Margaret Hutchinson says:

    If Mr. Phoenix is suffering from mental illness, he needs help, not ridicule. Why does the American public feel the need to smear any famous person across the national news when they have real problems and suffer the same medical or mental problems that others have? I hope that Joaquin ia able to get the help that he needs. My heart goes out to him and his family. A fan.

  208. ed baggett says:

    We are all one smoke away from the “nuthouse”……

  209. Steve-a-rino says:

    And everything WE do makes sense, right? If we all had to examine (and justify) our own lives we’d probably end up wearing capes, too!

  210. Cherri says:

    I think if this was Jack Black noone would be wondering whats going on…its obvious… he is an actor.

  211. Patti says:

    Weren’t his parents hippie veggie people? Look what happened to River. Maybe they should have eaten more red meat and not inhaled so many pot fumes growing up.

  212. Suzy says:

    Since there are so many people out here,
    actually diagnosing Joaquin. That would be a difficult thing for me to do without actually talking, or giving him an exam – both physical and mental, as well. He not only needs rest, but he also needs privacy at this very tough time in his life. I’m sure the death of his brother, lives with him every day of
    his life and although he has grieved and
    seems to have moved on, somewhat, he also seems to be very vulnerable, especially to the expectations from his career, and always being in the spotlight can’t help things much! So what if he likes to wear a cape and sing
    rap music in the dressing room? Also. He
    could grow his hair down to his knees and I’d still think he is a great actor
    and artist. That’s what he is, does and,
    strives to be his very best. Like others
    said, this could be one big prank and we
    just happen to be the suckers!

  213. FAN says:

    I think if you are reading this you like him, or his acting or think he is cool or whatever. People that love him want him to be happy. Look at John Travolta. We want him to be OK. No it is none of our business. But losing a child is the worst. And if you care about him, you want him to be ok. Same with Joaquin. We lost River, we don’t want to lose you. We need your genius. We need your movies. To help us deal with our messed up lives. To help us escape our problems too big to deal with alone. Gosh. If caring for you in the process is wrong and goes into stalking or invading your space, forgive those nut jobs and deal. Don’t totally freak out and leave us. Come back. Bring John Travolta with you. PEACE OUT MAN.

  214. Amy says:

    Here’s a thought: why was this swanky shop on Melrose even selling capes?! And mesh shirts…

  215. First of all, he is an amazing actor. The man has the oscars to prove it…Whatever he is doing, whether for business or personal reasons, is his perogative. We know he is not “Homeless” and who gives a damn if and he wants to run around in a cape, to each his own… I have never heard him rap, so I can’t give my 2 cents there, but eminem ( sp?? ) managed to pull it off, along with Kid Rock…Who knows? It is not like they won’t welcome him back on the big screen if he reads a great script. Bottom line, he is good at whatever he does…

  216. Melissa says:

    I really believe Joaquin is a very intellectual person who deserves privacy just like EVERY human being~he’s been under a tremendous amount of stress; as well as other “stars” and needs his own private space & time! People just need to respect him & his work and leave him alone. I feel this is his way of escaping & most likely is a cover for a another GREAT production that WE’LL all enjoy! Hang in there, “My Man”…I Love You!

  217. Sheila says:

    Didn’t anyone see him last night on David Letterman? Whew. He was really out there. David had a very hard time trying to interview him. Don’t think he will be on there again any time soon.

  218. Cody Peppard says:

    What we do know is that Joaquin Phoenix and his family lived in a parallel universe. He is a consummate actor. I believe he has been acting all his life. “Channeling” is batted around acting schools but the scarring result is that actors deeply immersed in their roles have no way of escaping them. And they accumulate into a panoply of alter egos. Two things would help. Find another state to live in; LA is the real fruitcake. And Joaquin needs therapy to distinguish between what is real and what he creates in a role. He is one of our greatest actors.

  219. Ramona says:

    Wow!!!! What a Stupid dumb idiotic way to commit career suicide….if he is crazy somebody please get this idiot off the streets before he pulls out a weapon and really hurts someone…and if he is not crazy then he is kidding himself if he thinks anyone is going to ever take him serious in the acting or entertainment business world again…Remember the little boy that cried wolf?? Well he is in for a real shock if he thinks people are just gonna forget this little stunt…if that is what it is ….I for one will NEVER watch anything that this insane psycho in EVER!!! What he has done is proven that he can’t be trusted…Do you think anyone in the movie industry would ever hire him again? They would consider him a very high risk…and Hollywood powerhouses are not risk takers, there are to many other talented actors who really want to have a thriving career so I think he is pretty much washed up as an actor….Oh but wait a minute…he wants to be a rapper….yeah that is what he can do….sigh….

  220. Ann says:

    If the media will leave “stars” alone then maybe they won’t be under so much pressure-and we could avoid ruining their lives.

  221. Ramona says:

    Hey Ann, if the media left the’Stars’ alone then we wouldn’t know who the hell they were…I think your missing the point and thats why they are called ‘Stars’, Also if they are under so much pressure then they are in the wrong line of work, believe me they are paid well….Oh, and they tend to do a pretty good job of ruining their own lives ….they don’t need us nor the media…

  222. Steve says:

    I hope he never acts again.
    I never thought he could act.

  223. Jim says:

    Joaquin Phoenix is not crazy, or as others might say “three feet short of a yard” (If that makes no sense, read it again, you will get it eventually). The 2-time Academy Award Nominee decided to give up acting. He was on Letterman’s Show last night, and even that was so lame. What ever Mr. Phoenix decides to pursue as his next career, I wish him the best.

  224. Tim says:

    Sounds like a Brit Spears deal only with a beard. The guy is off and needs help, not some guy documenting his slow death.

  225. Lisa says:

    I think he takes himself a little too seriously, and whenever Gwyneth Paltrow speaks, I tune her out. She should have grown up in the 60′s and had Squeaky Fromme as a roommate. I saw JP in “Walk the Line”. I thought he was excellent, but it seems as though he brought the character home to him. The dark glasses, the black suits with the black tie. Johnny Cash sunk pretty low before he came back…I really think this guy probably doesn’t even know who or where he is, and there are always plenty of people who’ll live off his “nutsy” behavior. If he decides to really do rehab, I think he’d have to be strapped down on a stretcher to withstand the withdrawal. I think he’s one paranoid dude.

  226. Ken says:

    As long as we are commenting on his behavior and keep interested and watch this stuff, he will keep wearing capes and doing all the crazy things, either he needs medical care or he is playing everyone.

  227. Rozina. says:

    Why Don’t you people just leave him alone. He has lived his life in public, and he has decided to give up acting and concentrate on Music.

    Don’t you think that maybe he wants to just relax and be himself, so what if he has put on weight or grown a beard, he is aloud to just be himself is’nt he? Maybe he feels comfortable with himself, it has nothing to do with you horrible cruel people who don’t know him, so it is not fair for you to judge him.

  228. alex says:

    What’s crazy and who it crazy. When someone is different people assume there has to be a problem. Maybe everyone else is crazy as the pretend to be sane, doing what society expects. I think he’s a great actor and if being a rapper is one of his dreams and he has the courage to do what so many of us can only dream about – then I say he’s not crazy – he’s just not ordinary by the standards of this crazy society we live in.

  229. Renee says:

    It’s funny to me because people keep saying “he’s not really crazy or his family would do something about it”. My family has been trying with the help of lawyers to commit a member of my family who is seriously mentally ill and verbally abusive to my grandmother–and it absolutely cannot be done. 24-hr psych ward admission, sure, but you don’t get to take an adult and throw them in the looney bin as easily as some might think.

    Secondly, to say he can’t be crazy or he wouldn’t have the prescense of mind to pay for things is a little ridiculous. Just because you are mentally ill it does not mean you lose all sense of reality completely. The member of my family who is seriously, deeply mentally ill still knows that he needs money to pay for the things he buys, although he has paranoid, angry, delisuonal outbursts. If you’re telling me that knowing to pay for things means you’re sane–you’re going to have try harder to convince me.

    People who say he is obviously putting it on for attention and there is no way he could be fucked up–wake up. I wasn’t even old enough to know who River Pheonix was when he was alive, but I do know enough about their family through the grapevine to know that any child put through the things those kids went through would have to be actively trying to lead a good and productive life with a strong support syustem (and probably some professional help) to be sane. Putting oneself in the spotlight and doing an emotionally challenging job while doing drugs? Yeah, it’s quite likely the man isn’t coping.

  230. Joaquin is an exceptionally gifted and talented fellow; but something is really wrong with him. Didn’t he go into rehab for opiates right after “walk the line”? Is he clean and sober? His behavior could be PTSD finally catching up with him and from the effects of River’s death. Where are his real friends and family? It appears he may go the way of Heath Ledger; or worse yet, his brother, River. Then again, if this is all just an attention seeking act, he may very well be crazy…It doesn’t matter how we define crazy; the guy is really, disturbed or deeply troubled by something and needs some serious help. Hope he gets well, he’s a great actor. Is this his final act?

  231. Jammie says:

    If this turns out to be some sort of publicity stunt, it will be one of the most shameless acts any actor has done to date. To take an illness so misunderstood (such as mental illness) and turn it into some side show to gain publicity is flat out unreasonable. Even worse, if his family members are taking his seriously crazy rantings and turning them into cash, that is beyond reprehensible.

  232. richardo says:

    there;s several points to be looked at
    1. he’s acting out,trying to get out of the “role” of being a top name hollywood actor which requires to maintain that position a constant maintainence of that name in the game,which means at least 1-2 major roles a year just to maintain the “lifestyle” and position,for investors to want to invest in the stars name in the project,take any big name and put it in a project and bang you have investors lined up to bankroll that project….right?
    2. he is not only VEGAN,but a PETA spokeperson and ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST…
    3. he is acting out repressed feelings about not having been able to save his brother,whose death was tragic,he blames himself for that
    4. he’s a really “good” actor,and has all of america nad the world “concerned” about his well being…very “good” actor,really he is…
    5.he is cultivating a more dangerous image for some future film project

  233. Bon says:

    Who cares? When you get older and see celebrities acting out their nonsense, you know better than to take them seriously. It’s all ridiculous self-conscious crap!

  234. Debbe says:

    Well, if he “IS” crazy then shame on everyone sitting here talking about him and laughing at him etc without any concern at all.
    I don’t know if it is an act but my guess is that it is not, Losing two sisters has broken my own heart to the point of not feeling I am in my own reality many times, so I would think that because he is human, he has the same feelings I do over River being gone. It isn’t something that just “goes away” your siblings are your siblings for life.

  235. observant says:

    What is weird? The hair and beard? There are plenty of Orthadox Jewish who wear similar garb. Come to any Renaissance fair and see all the robes you want. He thinks hes normal and the rest of the world is wack. He may be right!

  236. ursiea says:

    I finally watched the infamous interview on a repeat of Letterman the other night. I think there is something going on but not sure what, I don’t think he was “acting,” and it could be a combination of things. These are my opinions: He was aware that DL was mocking him and stated it quietly a couple of times so he was lucid. He was passive and quiet, perhaps controlling his emotions as if he were mad or upset and didn’t want to errupt, thus the “stone-faced” look. Who knows, maybe DL talked to him beforehand and got him riled up. He was aware of the conversation but appeared to react in a delayed fashion as if in a daze, or maybe he was trying to ignore him. For the messed up childhood he grew up in, he is probably trying to make his way and find himself. It is not uncommon for people from bad families to grow up later in life to start falling apart in some fashion. It catches up with you in one way or another, either to a large degree or small. Nevertheless, people here mentioned he may have some kind of disability. First, schizophrenia typically develops in late teens-early 20s, but there are cases of getting it later in life. I’m leaning towards PTSD but I am NO expert. He could have been on illegal drugs. Or, maybe he is taking medication under a Doctor’s care in which many have side effects (feeling fuzzy, sluggish, etc.). We don’t know what he’s going through and from what I saw on DL, he didn’t seem to be psycotic but a bit sluggish. He’s just trying to find his way in “his own way.” He is going through something troubling and we should be encouraging him, NOT calling him crazy. Unfortunately, it’s when things fall apart we really learn who our true friends are. Many times, that turns out to be zero. I hope he is OK or gets to be OK…

  237. Jackie says:

    Give me a call Joaquin-I wanna party like a rock star also-seems like one h-ll ofa ride-Yeah

  238. Claudia says:

    Leave him alone. No matter what he does in his personal life, is really no business of anyone. I think he is an amazing actor! He’s extremely bright and what ever he is goning through, he’ll bounce back.

  239. SUSIE says:

    Joaquin was born in Puerto Rico, and I was too. I want Joaquin to know that if he comes to visit, our family will make sure he gets the best tender loving care he needs so badly. We will cook him rice and beans, and make him the best CAFE CON LECHE he has ever tasted. Come on Hermano Boricua let us know if you are interested. Joaquin, you are not crazy like some people say you are. You are in need of some caring and this family have a lot of love to offer. Que Dios te bendiga hermano.

  240. sherry Owings says:

    See what drugs and acohol do to the brain cells? He really did not have that much talent anyway…poor soul, I feel sorry for his crazy butt. All themoney in the world can’t buy happy and you can’t kill stupid.

  241. KOTES says:

    Sadly, I have to agree tha this is schizophrenia. Most likely late onset. Brilliant, beautiful, talented people can lose their minds. It is chemical and hereditary. Being a celebrity does not insulate you from mental illness. He is sick and needs help. This is not a joke. If it were, it would be a cruel one indeed.


  243. blogoff says:

    Just because people act outside of your norm doesnt mean they are crazy. He is doing something right you guys are on here providing free marketing for him, so who’s really crazy. Some people didnt even know who he was before reading this page and now they are interested in him , renting his movies, and will buy his music when released. And he reaps all the benefits and you get absolutely nothing, but he is crazy? Good job guys. LOL.

  244. He’s making a mockery of Hollywood and I love it.

  245. Tinker says:

    I own two black capes as well & they are both velvet. No, I don’t normally wear them out in public unless it’s halloween. I’ve got a family member that lives with me who has schizophrenia, & it’s hard to deal with at times. To say that schizophrenia is only an inherited disease is bull. My family member’s disease is actually from drug use. Years of using heroin & meth has f*cked up his mind big time. I certainly hope that Joaqin get’s the help he needs, or if this is some kind of sick act, he needs to be drug out into the street and shot. It’s not funny or cool to impersonate or make fun of someone who has a serious mental condition.

  246. chalkoutline says:

    Andy Kaufman was NEVER funny.

  247. Valeri says:

    I agree with Tina,River was a really good actor and we lost him to soon.I have always liked Joaquin who is also a good actor and I hope we don’t lose him within a year like Jude said.

  248. Sheila says:

    I can only say he is a stunning actor. He is at the very top. I pray he returns to good mental health soon, safely and without harm. I agree, he has all the classic signs of schizophrenia. Very painful. May the Lord walk with him.

  249. dontknow says:

    If you believe any of this.. you’re dumb. It’s obviously an act………….

  250. Chili Palmer says:

    The guy is an acting genius. When you think about it– the sheer numbers of people who try to make it in acting everyday– and a guy who is one of the best ever, well, it’s because he is a genius at what he does.

    Maybe the genius part is the part we don’t understand, because it might be the same genius part of him that makes him appear constantly searching, always reappearing chamelion-like.

    Maybe the dude is just searching for that peaceful way to co-exist with all the scrutiny that came with the job. I am going to trust that the guy is under a caring eye, and know that his art has enriched millions.

  251. Chili Palmer says:

    Or, then again, maybe it’s like Ben Folds would say: “The [expletive] went nuts!” But anyway you look at it, Joaquin Phoenix rocks.

  252. Rik says:

    I always figured he got burnt out and Heath Ledger’s tragic death hit him hard and reminded him of the death of his brother River. Ledger wasn’t a drug addict like River but the loss was just the same to many obv.
    It probably is a joke but he might jsut have had a psychotic break it happens nowdays and is normal.
    And btw whomever didn’t think Andy Kaufman wasn’t funny never got the joke.

  253. caroline says:

    i think that theyve been waiting for the dust to clear o this whole thing, waiiting for everyone to forget about it and stop making jokes about it to finally jump out and yell “gotcha!”. it is just impossible for ANYONE to act that way in real life. if he was legitimately crazy, the interview would have gone a lot worse (with dave). as it waas, it just seemed like a totally sane guy desperately trying to come off as insane. at least to me . . .

  254. Christy says:

    Noone calls the shopkeeper crazy for selling capes.
    Just the guy who buys it with MONEY!!! and then wears it as well.
    So you can sell them, buy them, but you are way out of line in wearing them. Right?

  255. kilty mcbagpipes says:

    or he just made some money and thinks you are a bunch of assholes. I think that’s funny.

  256. kilty mcbagpipes says:

    or he just made some money and thinks you are a bunch of assholes. I think that’s funny.

  257. Jay Yock says:

    Does Joaquin have any close family or friends? Why doesn’t someone step in and find out what is going on with him. It’s really too bad, people are looking at him, and possibly he is sick and needs some help. He is a brilliant actor.

  258. JR BIG says:

    Finally, someone understands the genious of the velvet cape! Rock on, MC JP.

  259. Barbara says:

    Joaquin is one of the most superb actors for this day and time and will be around for a long, long time and he will continue to give us outstanding movies! That’s the bottom line. We should be more worried about the kooks in Washington who wear capes on a daily basis while pretending to run our country. “Joaquin”, You’re the Man!!!!

  260. Bluidshay says:

    God, I hope someone close to him gets him help if he is going crazy or into drugs or drinking or something. I was devastated when Heath Ledger died and Joaquin has always been on the same short list for me. He has a lot of talent and it would be an absolute shame if he were never to act again, let alone if the reason were that he died just as tragically as his brother years ago.

  261. Laura says:

    Sounds schizophrenic to me or bipolar both of which can happen pretty much any time, and if he uses drugs that would not help obviously. He needs an psych evaluation pronto. He is/was such a great actor, much better than River. If this is for real, and I am sure it is, I really hope one of his friends wise up and get him some help, I would hope someone he knows in his family or friends would care for him enough to get him the help he needs before he ends up dead on the street like his brother.

  262. Mindy says:

    well first of all who in Hollywood isnt a bit whacky? Hes a good actor blessed with getting some great roles that transcended him to star status. yea…a bit of luck, but he did the most with it. His brother was better though. I dont know where he got the brainstorm he could sing though. He sure as hell didnt impress me in Walk the Line. Personaly i think the boy snapped with the pressure of stardom…it happens

  263. Joaquin Phoenix is genius regardless of his mental state. I can’t believe that none of his peers have attempted an intervention to get him mental health treatment. I wish I was in his circle of friends because I certainly would get him help before it is too late if it isn’t already. I dread reading his obituary. Please…someone, anyone…help him.

  264. MIB says:

    Everybody is a little crazy…. leave the poor man alone…u losers

  265. brent ward says:

    Brother died of a drug overdose…..he has millions and is loaded on drugs….He is a drug addict….nothing more nothing less and addict

  266. mike says:

    FUGM… If I see him in the street, I will dot his eye!

  267. jim says:

    He bought a cape BFD! He paid for it right? Must have been a slow news day.

  268. mike says:

    We can’t have people running around in capes… It will look like a comic book convention!

  269. Darth says:

    He’s Commodus.
    Maximus (Russell Crow) needs to come back and kick his Roman butt again.

  270. Lisa says:

    How ironic that there’s an ad about helping a person suffering from a bi-polar problem on this page….

  271. carol ann reynolds says:

    STOP ALL OF YOU! Jaoquin and his brother River Phoenix were part of the infamous “FAMILY” cult?? They had no choice ….This cult would have incestuous sex with their children and have sex with each other as part of the religion….MANY CHILDREN HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE OR TURNED TO DRUGS…..BECAUSE OF THIEIR FORCED INVOLVEMENT !!!

  272. Jamie P says:

    Can we please stop talking about this? It came out a while ago that this was all an act. Remember the David Letterman appearance? The next week Bill Scheft, one of Letterman’s main writers, was interviewed on a radio talk show and said it was made up for a future film. Phoenix is trying to do what Andy Kaufman and Sasha Baron Cohen but he got caught because he took it to the extreme. So please, Celebitchy and every other useless gossip site, please drop this…

  273. astro says:

    Maybe he likes capes? So what?

  274. Maricia says:

    It is one thing to see Actor’s perform in strange roles when they are working and it is expected and admired. It is entirely a different thing when they act weird when not making a movie or paid performance. I think J. Phoenix had a great acting career and attained much success so to switch to “rap music” and look like a freak only puts him on the bottom of the list of celebrities that I admire. I have lost interest in his career or any movies he might do in the future.

  275. DAVE says:


  276. Yeranui says:

    I think he’s really have a mental disease. But being raised in a cult, has nothing to do with it. My husband is a christian, and also has mental disease.
    By the way it is not funny having a mental disorder.
    To you people that give a negative comment on mental disorder, you don’t know what is having a love with this kind of disease.You have to be more sensible to make this comments.
    If Joaquin does have a mental disease, he needs family support and medical attention.
    I agree on the comment made by Billie Anne Clevenger.

  277. lisa says:

    I saw him on David Letterman the other night and I would be very surprised to find out that this is all an act. If it is not then the people closest to him, friends, family, would know and if they had any compassion or concern for this man they would get him some help. Shame on them!! He is a wonderful actor and obviously needs some help, people shouldn’t be poking fun at him we should all be praying for him. To his family and friends…. GET HIM SOME HELP BEFORE HE’S GONE.

  278. Queen Jade says:

    His symptoms reek of schizophrenia. He’s the right age for onset.

  279. Shar says:

    What Cult? He grew up in a Cult? I must have missed that part of his life. Anyway…yes I think he’s jumped the tracks. I saw him on Letterman and he was more than nuts. Letterman got a few good laughs out of it…but really it’s not nice to make fun of crazy people. Unfortunately someone needs to get him some help! Nothing more dangerous than a crazy person with money.

  280. Nnenna says:

    Maybe it’s all an act to broaden and increase his amount of speculators. Think about it, how likely are you to pay attention to an actor doing normal activities as opposed to an actor doing crazy activities? By pulling these psychotic stunts, he’s attracting more viewers. More viewers whom will be much more attentive of him, and try to keep up with what he’s doing. More viewers who will watch his movies (if he continues to act). More viewers that will listen to his music… To tell the truth I never heard of him until I read this blog archive. Why did I choose to read about an actor I have no clue about? Because in the main headline it said “Joaquin Phoenix is still crazy, raps in a dressing rooms & buys a cape.” That caught my eyes and attracted me to wanting to learn more about the guy, now that I know about his crazy ways, I’ll definitely be looking into his music or movies. I really just think it’s an act… after all he is an “act”or! But then again maybe it’s because of the fact that I’m only sixteen that causes me to analyze the situation this way… Who knows?!

  281. Janet says:

    I think Joaquin is such a great actor that this may all be an act. This is what I’m hoping for. However, I do hope that a close friend of his would go and check him out. Make sure it is an act or that maybe he really does need help. We don’t want to wake up one day to find out he has died like Michael Jackson. Please if you are his friend check out the situation before its too late. Thank you!

  282. Fame is burning thing
    And it makes fiery ring
    Bound by wild desire
    He fell into a ring of fame

    Joaquin fell into a burning ring fame
    He went down, down and the publicity went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns, the ring fame
    The ring of fame

    Capes and mesh are sweet
    When polyester and nylon meet
    He paid cash and went wild
    Yelled like baby child

    Joaquin fell into a burning ring fame
    He went down, down and the publicity went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns, the ring fame
    The ring of fame

    Joaquin fell into a burning ring fame
    He went down, down and the publicity went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns, the ring fame
    The ring of fame

    Is he nuts or is he sane? The ring of fame
    The ring of fame
    The ring of fame
    The rings fame

  283. sav7 says:

    I really wish that this was all an act but I don’t think it is. He was such a great actor; I love all his films. But over the years I have heard that he might have Multiple Personalty Disorder (now called DID-Dissociative Identity Disorder) and, like the famous Eve Black, it almost seems like one of the personalties finally took over. If this is true, how sad. I miss the old Joaquin.
    It almost seems like he didn’t have a clue what David Letterman was talking about half the time when addressing his most recent movie. Unfortunately, he took his brother’s death uncommonly hard never really getting over it. Perhaps this was due to his age or closeness to his brother. He always refused to talk about it in interviews.
    It’s like he closed himself up allowing alot of negative emotions to bottle up inside of him. This lead to his dissociation in order to forget his painful past that he refuses to confront. What a sad story.

  284. Ramona says:

    To Sav7….

    your absolutely right …that must be why he gave such a shitty performance in “Signs” and ‘The Village”…..

  285. Lambert says:

    He’s just trying to find himself and is getting away from the judgemental slave world we now live in.

  286. Suzanne says:

    If he wants to get more acting work he should stop acting like a freak no one will hire him…. it’s a dam shame cause he has talent

  287. Jan.... says:

    Maybe he is preparing to play “Manson”… Manson’s 40th anniversary… sure hope not as that was a terrible, terrible crime and mad man, and most of us would like to forget. He should have been put to death instead of getting notoriety ever so often….
    Joaquin, if you aren’t preparing for a roll… please, please get to a good hospital… maybe in Palm Springs??
    Please, please reach out!!!!

  288. Laura says:

    Leave the poor guy alone.. Can’t you see he is really hurting,,? He did his drug thing and it didn’t help..what has he got a dead brother..and people who only care for the part of him that is not real?? Well he is handsome as all get out when clean shaven and hair cut.. God yes, I love those blue eyes.. and he can come see me anytime..Don’t be sad no more. Let me be yo mama..!! Rap on sweetheart..!

  289. Concerned Human Being says:

    To parphrase John Rawl’s from A Theory of Justice: All human beings have a capacity to rationally determine for themselves what is a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ and what is a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ in their own lives. However, Noblesse oblige shall preclude in this instance for those whose mentality is prohibitive. Here the determination is made for the disadvantaged other. You would choose for them the way they would choose for themselves if they were cognizant of all their rights and of all the principles of justice as fairness.
    In other words, we are morally obligated to help another person especially when that individual cannot help himself … not judge them, not ridicule them.

  290. Karyn says:

    This man does not seem like the type of person to pull a “prank” ~ Of course, I don’t know him, but I can tell a lot about people by just watching them. He certainly appears to be a serious type, a worrier, overly concerned with the mess we’ve made of the world. Not a loony jokester like Kaufman. If he was joking around, he wouldn’t be living such a charade for as long as he has.

  291. jenny says:

    lolz is this sh** is a joke. ok i <3 him. <3 his movies he is a great actor i dont want him 2 singer cum on ppl? is he better a singer or actor? tell me

  292. Lindsay says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s demented. Given the family history, he’d have to be Superman to escape the madness. What’s sad about it is that when private people get nuts, the whole world is not in on it…..

  293. bob says:

    if he is crazy and needing help he’s probably in worst environment in country for getting it..hollywood has a long track record of allowing its celebs to self-destruct and then pandering the movie of it all. If he has
    any real friends in this world they should be looking out for him and get him some real help.

  294. GeezusJoose says:

    “Unfortunately, it’s when things fall apart we really learn who our true friends are. Many times, that turns out to be zero. I hope he is OK or gets to be OK…”

    post No. 9 about him being in a cult was interesting

    Andy Kaufman was neither funny nor genius.

    The guy is in bad shape. I don’t know about his drug use or upbringing but he does strike me as someone that needs a real friend right now and not some lunatic following him around with a camera.

    If he is really about to surprise the sh!t out of everyone and tell us at some point that this was all a stunt to show us his abilities as an actor and to say something about what theatre is or something like that, may god have mercy on his soul.

  295. He was a total idiot on David Letterman’s show last Friday evening! I thought at first it was part of an act between him and Dave! But he was simply crazy and appeared psychotic and David was dumbfounded for a minute – never had I witnessed such long silence on TV – made a good routine though!

  296. Grant says:

    If the guy were genuinely that nutty, his manager/ handler would not allow him to be out in public. Look at how snappily he dresses despite his scraggly hair and beard. No way that that adds up if he is crazy.

  297. jhamilton says:

    Maybe he is sick.

    Maybe he has a brain tumor?

    Maybe you should find a way to help him instead of laughing at him.

  298. carolyndavis says:

    He ain’t crazy,,, we are… !!!!! He is just a great actor… We ought to just enjoy his talents and not try to analyze him. I like the heck outta him.

  299. Mandy says:

    Get a life. Joaquin’s contribution to the film industry already far outweighs that of many other actors. He is brilliant, and often with brilliance comes some eccentricity. It could be that he liked acting but not the media attention that comes with it. Could be he’s sensitive due to his brother dying in his arms when he was just a teenager. I don’t know. All I know is that it’s none of our business and people should stop being nasty and intrusive.

  300. Gary says:

    He is probably OK!!! I think we all go through our crazy years. Your Ok Joaquin, see ya when ya come out and do some more Movies or music. Be cool!!

  301. Edward says:

    Joaquin is suffering from apathy and sudden mood change caused by lack of sleep and chemical imbalance in his system.

  302. he’s really making a spoof and it’s for alexandria holzer in the end ladies he’s not single he’s really dating a women with four children from a previous marriage and alexandria is the the duaghter of the person who documented the amitiville horror, watch amitiville and the way they documented up to the movie in the 70, the lettermen interview is a direct mimicing of what the next family claimed to have been spooked by in a house where a man who is still alive has killed his family 40 years ago, look for alexandria holzer on facebook and twitter and my space, this is where it is a spoof and he’s going to say what and why he was doing it was special for her daughter

  303. C-DOG says:

    As long as he is not hurting himself or anyone else, who cares? Leave the guy alone. All of this voyeuristic gossip is just silly.

  304. Steve says:

    Who cares about this nut anyway….its all an act…..if he was truly wacko he would be home and not in the public eye….. loser

  305. dee says:

    Obviously he is screaming out for help – even if he’s unaware that he really needs it. I’d like to see the story where someone close to him, family member or how about Casey? consults mental health experts, does an intervention, gets him the help he needs [meds, whatever] so he can go on with his successful career – which I bet after treatment will be acting.

  306. Robert says:

    Not crazy at all. He pays for a purchase with money and people call him crazy. Other way around.

  307. Gerald Smith says:

    man must be some good drugs….what an idiot !!

  308. Velvet Browne says:

    All actors are self absorbed and ego maniacs, they have to be to become actors..the world is about them. They are NOT “normal” people, which is a relative term. They crave and seek attention..who in the world wants to remain private and then becomes an actor? No one.. it’s a whole world of “Thomas, look at my butt”. Nothing is wrong with him, other than the same thing that’s wrong with many celebs…too much booze and drugs… not enough reality…lala land

  309. nan says:

    The man can’t be a genuine nut case…’cause he’s still cashing-in on publicity.

  310. Jimmy Choo says:

    Yes…It is true, Joaquin is mentally ill. Just like his brother River who tragically overdosed many years ago. Hopefully he will get help soon before taking the same path as River, but sometimes it is very difficult for the Schizophrenic to get help. Here’s to wishing him the best of luck.

  311. redpurple says:

    signs jp is crazy: 1.he wants to be a rap musician-white guys can’t rap! 2. he buys a cape-but no mask! 3.he’s wearing a coat and tie in the picture, and the colors of his suit and shirt match!

  312. Jill says:

    I think he is interesting and very talented. He just needs to be loved in the right kind of way-like truly and completely. He is an artist and he is complicated-comes with the territory. We have all seen his work and lets never forget it. Also, he comes from the most talented, beautiful family, lets not forget that or hold it against him. I hold a place in my heart for him and if I saw him on the street I woudld destroy him, as in give him love! Beard and all, he makes it look good actually….haha. Muah Jaoq…

  313. Jackie says:


  314. pauly paul says:

    Please give us all a break. Your a fair actor at best. GLADIATOR was your best. Performance art? It sucks. You and the younger Boston-BOY should pack up the horse and pony show and do something productive. Maybe………….Make a film that doesn’t suck. Oh yeah, take a shower and shave fruitcake. “oooh he’s so deep”. No he’s not, he’s stoned.

  315. Tom says:

    I think this dude is the F-ing uglyest. The only performance I cared for was “Gladiator” as the demented Ceasar. This guy has really gone down the wrong road. He should take a bath and clean up already, he is butt ass ugly…..

  316. FullMoonie says:

    There’s no way to know what’s going on in his head. I say…..walk a mile in his shoes before you judge him.

  317. joe walsh says:

    Amazing how people turn on something they dont have a clue about.Mob mentality as it were.

  318. amy says:

    Joaquin, do what you gotta do and come back to us when your’e ready!! Has anyone thought of praying for him, or does this make ME crazy, too??

  319. jefferson erck says:

    I heard a very unsubstantiated rumor that he is going to portray acid casualty / rock legend Roky Erickson

    so a lot of stuff he is doing would make sense……

    …….. but it’s just a rumor. has anyone else heard this one ??

  320. Yo Joaq,

    And everyone else out there…Let it be, because it’s fine. No doubt his brother was a tragedy and now he is under this microscope after his genius acting. Give the homie a break. He is a person that would probably like to live like a normal person and not have a camera up his *ss at all times. Leave him be. He is great and what he does should be respected. I would love to have a drink with the guy… Let him be…Let him be…Respect his work and privacy. Nuff said yall…

  321. Cindy says:

    Joequin,You can crash on my couch anytime!!!!!!!!!You gotta take me opening of your life story!Dont worry it is going to be great!!Come relax with me!!

  322. Magsy says:

    Does he ever get mistaken for a rabbi? Or a Hasidic scholar?

  323. Lily says:

    He has to be sick, whether this is an act or not, the point is he is doing this for what purpose? To get attention, there are other ways of doing this but acting crazy comes natural to him.

  324. zing says:

    There are two options and both of them are horrible.

    The first is he is really mentally ill and his brother in law is filming it as entertainment and his family are not helping him.

    The second option is that he is pretending to be mentally ill and he and Casey are filming it as entertainment, thereby making a cruel joke of people who really are mentally ill.

    Like I said, either way is sick and either way Casey Affleck ought to be ashamed of himself.

  325. Marina says:

    I have been a fan of Joaquin’s for many years, ever since his incredible performance in Gladiator. He is an utterly brilliant, gifted actor and quite possibly the best of our generation (Generation X that is). I also really respect and admire him as a person – his animal rights activism, and he seems to have a very down-to-earth, yet quirky personality. Not to mention he is absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m disturbed to see such an amazing person who contributes so much deteriorate like this. Maybe he’s playing us all for fools and he’ll have the last laugh, but my gut tells me that what he is displaying is very real – a combination of psychological problems, drugs, and alcohol. Watching the David Letterman interview I was so angry at the insensitive mockery taking place. Even if the guy was hopeless in the interview, there’s obviously some serious reasons…shame on Letterman and his audience for the tone they took with him. My heart really goes out to Joaquin…I know what it’s like to go through a horrible spell in life where you turn into someone unrecognizable from your “normal” self.

    The fact that he has literally dropped out of the public eye for the last five months kinda quashes the “hoax theory.” If there truly were some “mockumentary” in production we would have seen a hell of a lot more publicity stunts going on. I hope to God that he voluntarily seeks out the treatment that he obviously needs or that someone close to him gets it for him.

    Meanwhile, the guy needs support, not criticism, so “if you can’t say anything nice then…”

    I don’t normally give a rat’s ass about any celebrity…I abhor the whole cult of it (hey, I’m Canadian, and we’re not into it as much), but Joaquin Phoenix is a major exception. He’s in a class of his own and I really wish him many more healthy, happy years…he needs to get out of this black hole!

  326. I just wanted to remind those of you who believe Joquin needs to be hospitalized immediately – run don’t walk to the nearest phone! I’m sure THEY won’t think You’re crazy at all! OR pointless! What are you waiting for ya TOOLZ? The fate of the universe is in your hands! SAVE US from Joquin quick! We’re so scared! Hurry, I’m peeing myself as i speak!

  327. yeah ok, I don’t know how to spell it. That should be evidence that I’m un-biased :) … ooo gotta run now!

  328. Kim says:

    This is all because Reese didn’t choose him and instead chose Jake Gyllenhaal.

  329. Stinkypoo says:

    “What form of payment will you be using today, sir?”… “MONEY!”
    ha ha ha best reply ever!!! He’s still got humor that’s for sure XD

  330. Whitey Fisk says:

    As another poster mentioned, there was an interview with Bill Scheft in an Indy magazine, “Nuvo”:

    Nuvo: Tell me what it was like backstage after the Joaquin Phoenix appearance.

    Scheft: First of all, that was all an act.

    Nuvo: Even Dave’s part of it?

    Scheft: Yeah. Think Andy Kaufman without shaving. That’s what he was doing. And Dave knew about it and Dave loved it because he could play along. He could do whatever he wanted with it. And he did, and it was great television. But I will take credit for the line, “I think I owe Farrah Fawcett an apology.” That line was mine. I gave that to him during the break.

    Dave loves that. He had a ball. He likes anything that’s good television, and he knew that’s good television.

    I’ve told people that (everyone was in on the joke), and not only don’t people believe me, they tell me that I’m wrong and that (Phoenix) is a schizophrenic and he needs help and he’s going to end up like his brother. I said no. I saw the segment notes. It’s an act. I saw Ben Affleck’s brother taping the whole thing from offstage.

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