Is Angelina getting in vitro fertilization?

We were all declaring Angelina Jolie pregnant after looked 5 centimeters fuller in the abdomen last month and then went out wearing a ponchp, but that maybe-bump doesn’t seem to have grown so the tabloids have conveniently forgotten about it and have moved on to speculating on the state of other female celebrities’ wombs. If Angelina isn’t pregnant, she must be trying though, right?

Star Magazine says she’s so desperate to have another biological baby that she’s turned to in vitro fertilization, but all they have is a bunch of insider quotes and no details to support their claims. It doesn’t sound true to me, but when they’re running cover stories about how “Celebrity Stylists Tell All” they may as well include a throwaway Brangelina fertility story in there for good measure.

Of course “the source” claims Angelina was told by doctors to gain some weight to increase her chances at conceiving.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are so desperate to have another biological child, they’ve turned to in vitro fertilization to make their dream come tru. “They agreed months ago that if they couldn’t do it the natural way, they would see a fertility specialist,” a source tells Star. Unfortunately, the couple hasn’t been able to conceive the natural way, so they’ve now started the in vitro process, says the source.

“Doctors have told her to gain at least 10 pounds,” says a source. They said she needs a certain percentage of body fat to help her chances of getting pregnant.”

They also say she’s overworked and has more films lined up, and that may decrease her chances at becoming pregnant. And of course she would rather adopt supposedly, but is trying for another biological child to make Brad happy.

The whole thing sounds so made up to me, especially since Brad and Angelina are followed constantly and could hardly make it to a doctors office without the paparazzi knowing about it. If they were indeed visiting a fertility clinic, there would be more details than just some “insider quotes.”

This is just a way to cover up the fact that she doesn’t seem to be pregnant again despite all our declarations that she was. If she is knocked up, she’s not showing yet.

Angelina Jolie is shown picking Maddox up from school on 10/10/07, thanks to WENN. He left the Lycee Francais school in NY after a month on Friday, and will return to L.A. where Angelina will be shooting The Changeling with Clint Eastwood.

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