Amy Winehouse’s friends say she wants butt implants


These are photos from last week, as Amy Winehouse was leaving a doctor’s office. Many sites theorized that Amy had gone in for lip injections, and I could see it. Her lips are usually pretty full, but they look a lot bigger in these photos. Add to that her recent breast implants (which her dad confirmed, and which she drunkenly “showed off” at the Q Awards a few weekends ago). Add to that the consideration of some of our eagle-eyed commenters who think that Amy might have also had a nose job. Now, tell me: would it beyond the realm of possibility that Amy would go in for butt implants? That’s what her friends are telling The Sun. Apparently, Amy wants a classic “pin-up” look. Oh… Amy. Girl. Get it together.

AMY WINEHOUSE may have beaten her drug addiction but it’s left her wide open for another obsession – surgery.

The troubled star is so pleased with her new £35,000 boobs, enhanced from a 32B to a 32D just last month, she is thinking of having them enlarged again.

And Wino has told pals she is also considering BUM implants.

A source said: “Amy loves her boobs. She can’t stop touching them and showing them off to friends. She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another op and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look.”

Isn’t that how she used to look before she hit the drugs?

Even her dad MITCH has said how good her new pair are. But I bet he won’t support her going under the knife again.

[From The Sun]

Of course, people are now saying that Amy might be addicted to plastic surgery. I don’t know about that. Maybe she just likes her new boobs. And the lip injection thing isn’t so strange – especially if it was just one of those temporary things that deflates after a week or so. I’ve always been curious about those injections, honestly. If they were cheap and I had the money laying around, I might try them. I do worry that Amy might actually get the butt implants, though. And if she does, it’s going to be terrible. You know what will happen? We’ll get twenty bajillion reports out of Britian about Amy’s ass problems. The headlines will read “Wino drunkenly takes broken beer bottle to ass implant, chaos ensues”. Oh, Lord. It’s happening, isn’t it?

Here’s Amy leaving the doctor’s office in London on November 5, 2009. I tried to include one profile picture where you can see how flat Amy’s ass is. Girl doesn’t have much of a booty. Credit: Luke Mills/

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  1. Prissa says:

    I think implants are so dumb. I knew a guy who had cheek implants (he was a cross dresser) and when it was cold the implants were colder than the rest of his face. Really WEIRD.

    Also, those freckles can’t be real. I’ve never seen such a neat, perfectly ordered sprinkling of nose freckles. They are cute, but I don’t think they are real…

  2. Firestarter says:

    I hate lip injections. They look crappy on everyone, IMO. Naturally pretty bee-stung lips are lovely, but the fake ones never go with the person’s face who gets them.

    I honestly have no problem with people wanting to improve their looks, but lately people have gone mad and don’t even look human anymore.

  3. Alarmjaguar says:

    Her lips look pretty wack — I wouldn’t pay money for that.

  4. pinxX0ry says:

    Butt implants? Really? She could save herself some money and just eat a damn sandwich already. :(

  5. gg says:

    The idea of sticking needles into my lips makes me cringe. I wouldn’t put it past her to get the butt implants unfortunately though. She probably likes the drugs too because those surgeries are quite painful I’m told.

  6. Sumodo says:

    Speechless. Shecky agrees it’s like putting whipped cream on shit. The pup knows from shit.

  7. Disco says:

    Maybe if she would put the crack pipe down and eat something her curves would come back….nevermind. That’s just me talking crazy again.

  8. LolaBella says:

    Oh Amy, can you get back to singing great music, please?


    Okay, I’ve been biting my tongue all day, but I have to get this out:

    That pic of a bloated Penelope Cruz in the featured links section above the comments is FREAKING ME OUT!*Shudder*

  9. says:

    did she draw on those freckles? i mean, i know she has freckles under all that makeup, but, right?

  10. california angel says:

    For real how do people recover from butt implants? Lay on their stomachs to sleep and then stand all day? Wouldn’t that make them sag? What if they shift or one leaks? lmfao…most ridiculous surgery ever IMO, unless it’s needed because of an accident of course.

  11. Emily says:

    Those freckles are really gross! Like she’s trying to be Pippi Longstocking, only it’s not Halloween anymore. She needs to change her makeup and just EAT something, that’ll give her butt implants.

  12. snowball says:

    I didn’t know Amy had “beaten her drug addiction.” Why does she still look like crap then?

    She needs to find someone to teach her how to apply makeup before she starts worrying about her butt to boobs ratio. Gah, those drawn-on freckles, lol.

  13. TwinkleToes says:

    Hee. Pippi Lonstocking. Thinking same thing. Thank God she is alive. She needs to do butt pilates, 1 min a day while she washes her hands (does she?). Search my name on here for the instructions from a former Coco post. I can’t explain it again but it is in CB archives not more than 2 months ago. Or just look up Ice-T’s gal, Coco, here not anywhere else.

  14. Kerri says:

    Does this mean we are now going to be subject to watching pictures of her ass everywhere because she will have the need to show everyone her new ASSet?

    I’m really cringing at the thought.

  15. No Sensi says:

    Yeah I’ve never seen good ‘lip work’ – she seems to be heading the Lindsay/Courtney/Pam route to fugly…