Third Jesse James mistress comes forward; he settled three sex harassment suits

Sandra Bullock Blindsided From Husband Jesse James Alleged Affair With Tattoo Model Michelle McGee
As Kaiser reported earlier this morning, the details in the Jesse James Sandra Bullock cheating saga are epic and they’re only getting worse. Now we have news of a third mistress coming forward, and she claims that she has nearly two hundred text messages to prove that she had a brief sexual relationship with Jesse “Vanilla Gorilla” James. To recap this rapidly worsening story, first there was news of heavily tattooed stripper racist Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, then we heard yesterday that James cheated for two years with another skeezy stripper, a bleached blonde named Melissa “Smith,” and now there’s an LA-based photographer who says that although she only had sex with James four times in 2008 that she’s the one who broke it off. James and Bullock have been married since 2005.

She claims to be Jesse James’ third mistress — but says her relationship with Jesse was much more of a flash in the pan than the other two.

Brigitte Daguerre — a Los Angeles photographer — claims Jesse hired her in 2008 to do styling work for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex 4 times before she cut it off.

Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse (the cell phone numbers sync up) … many of them extremely graphic — Among the milder …Jesse says, “I’ll be your monkey.”

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre complained that Jesse wasn’t letting loose …he explains, “I’m texting you in secret.”

[From TMZ]

You know these three are just the tip of the tattooed stripper mistress iceberg. I found one passage on from the upcoming issue of US Weekly on James’ M.O. particularly telling. Kaiser already included this in her story earlier today, but it’s worth repeating “Jesse James would regularly post internet ads looking for ‘biker models.’ He would check out the photos and invite ladies to the office, and a source says he had a type: hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs.” Apparently James would regularly troll MySpace and Facebook looking for hookups and then bring him to his office for sex on the couch.

There are also details of at least three different sexual harassment suits filed by female employees of West Coast Choppers against James, one in 2000, one in 2005, and another in 2007. Radar Online has quotes from the first victim, who claimed that James forced her to give him oral sex in a car in October, 1999, among other things. James settled a separate 2005 sexual harassment lawsuit for $70,000, according to Star Magazine, and in 2007 he paid a whopping $725,000 to another woman who used to work for him. This is going to get worse than the Tiger Woods scandal.

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  1. Lway says:

    Gross. Another Tiger Woods. I hope Sandra is doing okay. I doubt she’s dumb enough to stay.

    I cannot imagine how a man could be sleeping with other women and still be “normal’ around his family. I don’t understand how Sandy didn’t notice anything strange in all that time.

  2. ~M. says:

    I’m sorry to say…but I told you so! More will come up!

    Somewhere Tiger Woods is smiling.

  3. nAynAy says:

    What a major douchebag. She is so out of his league. I hope she goes for an AIDS test, because with the trashy whores he’s been with, she needs to get herself checked.

  4. N.D. says:

    This is just awfull. Don’t know if I would be able to deal with such situation in any sensible and sane manner.

    Then again – how could she not know about lawsuits? Or did she believe that these women are lying to get money? She must have been madly, head-over-heels in love with this bastard.

  5. frenchie says:

    You’ll see that soon it’s going to be Sandy’s fault she didn’t get tatooed…

  6. Dorothy says:

    I think it will be worse only because people actually feel like they know and LOVE Sandra Bullock and the public doesn’t know Elin in the same way.

    What a gross douche bag. I never got the appeal she had for him. As I said yesterday my husband loves him so I have sat through Monster Garage and his other sh*tty shows and ALWAYS thought he was gross. I HOPE HE ROTS!

  7. may says:

    sorry, what was she doing with him? she had to have known his reputation? she’s an idiot

  8. bite me says:

    damn Sandy..did she do a background check on this dude

  9. bellaluna says:

    *shaking head*
    Yuck. It’s Tiger-Gate all over again. And stop blaming Sandra. She didn’t cheat, she just loved the man she married.

  10. Ursaline says:

    I wonder what JJ’s clients thought about sitting on that nasty STD-covered couch. I feel dirty just thinking about it.

  11. Len says:

    I just get so tired of having to look at all these new skanky women. After all Tiger’s dirty hook-ups, now we have to look at a whole new batch of Jesse’s whores. My eyes hurt, my soul aches! Whore-overload!

  12. snowball says:

    Oh, man.

    I don’t think it matters much whether Sandra wants to work on things with him or not. Unlike Elin, as cold as it sounds, she’s got a career to think about, if she wants to keep it. Her fans love her, but she’s going to come with a whole lot of baggage if she keeps her nazi-whore-banging, slut, sexual-harassing pig of a husband.

    He’s not going to be doing his chances of keeping visitation with his two older kids or full custody of Sunny any good either. What a eff-head.

    I couldn’t agree more, Len. My soul hurts. It’s bad enough when one whore comes out and you get to hear a douchebag ruined his marriage to a nice person, but then you get a slut avalanche of STDs and sticky, bodily fluid soaked text messages. Ugh, I’ve had an overload.

  13. lilred says:

    I’t's so easy to blame/accuse Sandra and say she had to know what was going on, if she was away working how could she know. Her only mistake was trusting and loving this fool.

  14. K-MAC says:

    looks like a background check would have been a good idea (that goes for everyone who is dating or married). This is getting shockingly worse. The only thing I am wondering is why has she not filed for divorce yet? She got snowed big time. I bet she had “gut” feelings, but it sounds like he was a master at manipulation and hiding things. I hope she did not catch anything for this gross individual.

  15. coconut says:

    Curious what the attraction was for each other: why would she be attracted to the kind of guy who appears to have generated multiple sexual harassment suits and trolled for women as he did (she likes self-important, cocky (mentally and otherwise) men more than we realized?), and why would he go for her (even though his MO is busty biker chicks, he wants a “good girl” as his wife, knowing he can get the biker chicks on the side all he wants)?

  16. Lin95 says:

    Tiger was a “straight arrow” and he is still way ahead of James in the slimy mistress race!!

    It sucks that Sandra gave him a chance and he appeared to be misunderstood….but he is just a scumbag….he would still be a scumbag even if he had model good looks and zero tattoos :o (

    Poor Sandra and his kids, because I’m sure the 15 yearold is hearing all sorts of bad things about her father

  17. Rianna says:

    I vote another 2 – 5 women will be whoring their story out to some gossip rag by Easter.
    This is DEFINATELY the year of the cheater.

  18. Rianna says:

    Oh and I have a question for everyone… who do you think will be next to be busted for cheating this year?
    I vote Robin Williams or Steven Spielberg.

  19. N.D. says:

    >>I’t’s so easy to blame/accuse Sandra and say she had to know what was going on

    I’m not blaming her, I’m just honestly curious if it’s possible for an actual spouse to be unaware and/or uninvolved in sexual harrasement lawsuit proceedings.

  20. Maddie says:

    All I can say is I hope Jesse never jaywalks, because he will be taking his chances if he does.

    What a freaky freak, why do people like him, get married and have kids, if you can not keep your vows and can’t keep your zipper in the upright position, don’t get married.

  21. bite me says:

    robin williams is single i believe…so am going with Spielberg

  22. Celebitchy says:

    @Rianna – This is horrible, but I randomly thought of Heidi Klum and Seal today. I know they’re this super loving couple and renew their vows every year and she’s a knockout, but I’m thinking it will be someone we least expect.

  23. Roma says:

    Notice how everyone assumed that Elin knew but that Sandra didn’t. These guys are manipulative cheaters, they learn how to hide.

    I say Elin & Sandra become bff’s.

  24. vic says:

    Wonder if she knew about one of the earlier ones and had already forgiven him in private, making forgiveness now unlikely. How could he keep the sexual harassment payoff away from her and the public?

  25. jomokenyatta says:

    so if he settled this $700k lawsuit in 2007 and they were married in 2005, she had to know about the allegations, right?

  26. Einsteiness says:

    So another woman came out. As James Carville once said about Paula Jones, this is what happens when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park.


    The more important question is WTF was SB thinking when she married a man with not 1 but 3 — 3!! — sexual harrassment charges? And 2 of them he settled!

    Most men get through life without even one, and this DB has 3? Unleash the flaming: Ms. Bullock was an idiot for getting involved with him. Play with fire, get burned.

    I hear she always went for the bad boys, but for cryin’ out loud, you don’t *marry* them.

  27. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Scum, pure and simple.

  28. annie says:

    He hid everything in his business – the payouts, the sex – everything. Too bad she trusted him.

  29. Trustiva says:

    “This is going to get worse than the Tiger Woods scandal.”

    Yes. At least Tiger banged the chicks while they were *willing* to do so. THREE sexual harassment suits already? That means there is much more abuse that got never reported. Wow. I knew he was slimy – but a sexual predator/criminal? Wowzers.

  30. Stephie says:

    This just keeps getting worse and worse. It makes me sick that these whores (and the whore-monger) might/will profit from any of this. Disgusting.

    @Rianan I think after this, and the Tim Robbins/Susan Sarandon breakup nothing will shock me.

  31. I think this is worse than Tiger Woods actually. Three sexual harassment suits! Wow! Really lucky for him that Sandra gave him another chance!

  32. GatsbyGal says:

    I bet Tiger wishes this had come to light like 3 months ago.

  33. Maritza says:

    The faster Sandra gets a quickie divorce the better! It must be horrible for her to find out that the man she loved and thought so highly of is now nothing but a lying, cheating pervert.

  34. operaghost says:

    Wow. What a guy, huh? I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going on. The Two Faces of Jesse James.

    And, it has to be said. “I’ll be your monkey…”??????? WHO SAYS THAT?!????????

  35. ElizabethM says:

    In Sandra’s defense… is entirely possible that she honestly believed him when he (presumedly) told her he did not harass those women. I have personally known women who lied through their teeth about that sort of thing (one even lied about being raped!) and the men who were accused were completely innocent. Sandra is a woman’s woman and like the rest of The Sisterhood, she knows there are a lot of predatory woman out there. She probably thought these women were just trying to use Jesse.

    Secondly, I’ve also known men who lied through their teeth so well that every relevant person in their life had no idea of the horrible amount of cheating they did. Looks like Jesse is one of those guys.

    I truly believe Sandra is/was *completely* in love with Jesse and that Jesse used that to his advantage and completely manipulated Sandra into believing he was innocent. And as disgusted as I am about this whole sitch, I also believe that Jesse truly loved Sandra but that he either didn’t know how to handle being loved so purely or he has horribly low self esteem that caused him to sabotage the relationship. (Not that he gets a free pass because of those reasons, mind you!)

    As for Elin, I know nothing about her but I want to believe the same rationale applies to her. I just hate the idea of someone putting up with this awful kind of behavior so I really hope both of them were simply too trusting in their slimebag husbands.

  36. lucy2 says:

    Wow. Let this be a lesson, if you are famous and/or a multi-millionaire, a background check before marriage is always a good idea.
    I’m not saying that to blame Sandra though, not at all. I do believe she loved him and he was really good at hiding all this, lying about it, and probably talking his way out of his problems, until it all blew up.

  37. J9 says:

    Cliches: Play with fire you gonna get burned. Bad boys are bad for a reason, etc. etc. She must have liked the darkness but the problem is that it is dark in there. Poor kid.

  38. Madelyn Rose says:

    Tiger Woods has probably sent a huge fruit basket to the Vanilla Gorilla!

  39. Samantha says:

    Ugh…so freaking sad. I don’t even want to know what damage this has done to her self esteem…Even after winning all of these awards, nothing stings worse than having to question why you weren’t good enough for the one person you chose to give your heart to…especially when the rest of the world thinks you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. =( What an ass clown.

  40. Fiona says:

    The man is beyhond any expectation.A hopeless and helpeless poor sick man who should be on sex detox!!!

  41. Lin95 says:

    My father was a police officer for 27 years and he always told me that “truly innocent people NEVER settle”
    I’ve always found this to be true, I’m not saying I believe that JJ forced himself on these woman….but he would not have settled out of court if he was not guilty of some sort of impropriety

    If my husband was willing to pay out 3/4 of a million dollars to a woman he called a “liar” I would be highly suspicious of his true actions
    The one woman claimed to have his DNA on a shirt ala Monica Lewinsky…there is no explaining around that

  42. Jackson says:

    How shocking that his type is “hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs.”

    I’m guessing that Sandra knew about some of what went on in the past and this last tramp was the final straw. I’m also guessing there’s no working this thing out which is why she left the home.

  43. anon says:

    If he is settling sexual harassment lawsuits, then Bullock must have known he was less than perfect. She chose to paint her marriage as perfect in the media and now she looks stupid. Also, the racist stuff is really, really bad. She must have had some idea.

  44. Pat says:

    ugh – when this first broke out I thought he was being used by McGross, now it seems she was just another peel on his banana. The more women that come forward, the less intersting she will be – and that’s a good thing (as to not give her so much celebrity – now it’s shared, she is no longer that important).
    I agree with the other posts – SANDY, SEE A DOCTOR ASAP!!!

  45. Lin95 says:


    Mistress #3 is very pretty and tattoo free…

    JJ’s “type” seems to be any woman who will get down on that nasty couch of his

    Oh and she calls him a “dud” in bed and is auctioning off their text messages!!

    This gets better and better

  46. buellblaster says:

    Give this idiot a dickectomy.

  47. Maritimer says:

    I think what is most disturbing about this story (and Tiger’s too, I guess, if I really cared) is that for every 1 hooker/wannabe that crawls out from what ever hole they came from, there are probably 5 keeping their trap shut.
    He is one sick monster.

    And, no, I do not feel badly referring to these women like that – all of the these tattooed crazies knew who he was, who he was married too, and screwed him anyway…and, apparently, saved hundreds of text messages from years ago (who the fuck has a text from last week for god sake!). All for this exact purpose – to get famous and make some quick cash. Who can blame them, I guess, someone has got to pay for the W on the right leg and the P on the left one.

  48. TaylorB says:

    I agree with others I just hope that he didn’t give her some STD.

  49. ElizabethM says:

    @Lin95 “My father was a police officer for 27 years and he always told me that “truly innocent people NEVER settle” ”

    - That’s exactly what my mom has always said. Another bit of wisdom from her “Never believe what a man says, believe what he does. Plenty of men say I love you to the woman they’re cheating on. If he truly loves you, he won’t cheat. If a man really loves you, he doesn’t just say it, he *shows* it.”

  50. Wow says:

    Oh man, who freaking called this yesterday on the previous countdown to more mistresses post? M- I guess that was you, so come claim your prize: a full sleeve tattoo accompanied by a full spread (no pun intended) photo shoot.

    Seriously though, this reeks of ick. I’m no longer surprised but I do wish people would have honorable character and put it into practice instead of being sneaky.

    @ m – yeah I bet Tiger is somewhere smiling because the focus is off of him. I bet for his next press conference he’ll manage to work in the phrase “See, I’m not the only one with this addiction.”

  51. sharylmj says:

    #38 Madelyn Rose… HAHAHAHA LOL!!

  52. Slymm27 says:

    OMG! Men, men, men! Cant we women just pretend they dnt exist, have fun with them, never fall in love, or marry them. They are all polygamous in nature, and there is not a single man living that can ever be faithfull to any woman.

  53. gg says:

    I agree with the dickectomy – cut off his nuts too, he’s a trashbag.

    And burn that disgusting couch.

    Slymm27, there are good men out there, don’t paint them all with the same brush, it’s unfair and untrue.

  54. omondieu says:

    Heh, a photographer named Daguerre.

    Men like this make a great case for lesbianism.

  55. Taya says:

    How could Sandra have not known that he was a dirtbag? One sexual harrassment suit can be explained away and maybe forgiven, but three? Come’on. And JJ settled them too. How could a woman still be with a man that sexually harrasses other women? Sandra cannot be that blind. Love conquers all, but not abuse towards women. There is more to this story than we know. I think maybe that Sandra knew JJ was cheating, but kept it private and only now she moves out because the public knows.
    Either way it sucks for her, but more for his kids.

  56. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    AMEN to background checks!

  57. Ali says:


    I LOL’d at that too!

  58. ElizabethM says:

    @Taya…. I see the point you’re making and believe the same way, generally speaking. However, since Sandra and Jesse didn’t start dating until 2004 she may not have known about the 2000 case. And for all we know he didn’t tell her about the 2005 or 2007 cases. Seriously. He could have not told her. After all, it’s not like he told her about the skanks he was banging.

    Sandra is hardly the type to troll the Internets looking for info about her husband and the people who knew about these things may have not told her because like most of us, they didn’t want to be the one to break the news to her.

    So yeah, it’s *possible* she had no idea about the lawsuits. I realize it’s not that *probable* but technically, it’s possible.

    Also, I hate to beat a dead horse but it could be there was enough evidence to convince her to believe the man she loved so fiercely.

    @Fluffy Kitten Tail…. right on! Between Tiger and Jesse I’m now a firm believer in background checks. After all, if people who are world famous (or married to someone who is world famous) can get away with this crap for so long, it would be ridiculously easy for a non-celebrity to do it for even longer.

  59. Einsteiness says:

    All this speculation is starting to sound like its coming from a world too colored by romance novels.

    No, Bullock didn’t have to troll the internet. She has enough money to do it the Hollywood way: hire a private detective.

    And it’s possible that she knew all along, but her recent disappearance gives the appearance that she didn’t know and is genuinely shocked — shocked!! — by all these revelations. Trust me, you don’t last as long as she has in that business without developing a savvy or even jaded nature.

    But people can’t get past the girl-next-door-finally-finds-true-love-with-a-reformed-bad-boy fairy tale.

  60. snowball says:

    Just speculating – is it possible that she wouldn’t have known about the harassment suits if he settled because their prenup specifically stated that the two of them were to keep their business affairs and money completely separate from each other.

    If these settlements – and all the legal stuff, and all the discussions, etc. – happened while she was off filming, and the money was from his business accounts, and it was obviously not made public, would she know? Because if he knew the lawsuits were coming, he damn sure would have killed them right away, before the press got wind of them or before Sandra did, I imagine. She may not even have to have been gone, the vermin may have been able to do it under her nose, he seems to have been good at doing stuff like that. Pig.

    I’m sure there was a non-disclosure clause in there too, which makes me wonder why they’re being made public now.

    Just musing..

  61. naye in VA says:

    @ Ling95 and ElizabethM

    I agree with that, but only in the sense of lawsuits.

    if only you knew how many innocent people are in jail because they we’re coerced into telling lies on themselves. and where i am in VA if you plead guilty you cant ever take it back. Even if someone else comes forward and says they did it, youre still guilty, you dont get your life back. many innocent people have been scared into bad situations by police

    aside from that, in the case that there are 3 sexual harrasment claims that you settle, it makes it hard for anyone to believe you didnt really do it. extenuating circumstances light not having it in the public or somehting like that may make you settle but there is a point where you have to fight back for yourself. whats up Big Ben?

  62. stollie says:

    Sandra thought being Sandra would be enough to keep her man happy. Apparently not. She was too busy with her type A personality taking care of all the little details of her career and business to pay attention to her man and his goings on. With that being said, he is scum underneath the drain of my sink.

  63. MsTriste says:

    Reality show idea: Put Tiger’s and Jesse’s mistresses on an island, and have them play ‘Survivor’ to see who wins.

  64. ElizabethM says:

    @Einsteiness – looks like I didn’t do a very good job of getting my point across. :)

    When I said Sandra probably doesn’t go trolling the Internets looking for dirt on Jesse I presumed people would understand I meant she doesn’t go looking for dirt on Jesse at all. If he’s giving plausible and believeable rebuttals to accusations it’s reasonable for her to trust her husband (especially considering how effing awful some women can be) and to not go the private detective route.

    That isn’t being romance novely, it’s simply being human and trusting your spouse. After all, we’re supposed to be able to trust our husbands/wives and we’re supposed to want to protect them when we think they are being attacked. If this is what happened to Sandra then yeah, that blind faith has backfired on her. But that doesn’t mean she did anything wrong or that she should have known there was a problem. It’s entirely possible Jesse was a really, really, really good liar.

    Or Sandra could have known about all of it and we’re in for a major shock to find out she’s not really our BFF and is, in fact, The Devil. :)

    As for Hollywood people becoming saavy and jaded, well, yes, that is a pretty true statement. But I have friends in the biz who have been there a very long time and they still get burned because they are also eternal optimists and because they don’t *want* to be jaded and cynical. That doesn’t automatically make them culpable in being manipulated when someone is brilliant at covering their tracks.

    And while I can’t speak for anyone else, I can say that as a girl-next-door who avoids “bad boys” like the plague, I can assure you I definitely don’t believe in fairy tales. :)

  65. Lee says:

    @60, agreed. He could easily have hid the most recent lawsuit, and even if it came up, he could have blamed it on HER fame: “Honey, they only come after me cause you’re Sandra, I’m with you, and they figure it will pay off…”. And assuming she is in love and fully trusting, she buys it. End of story, at least until now.

  66. Jackson says:

    @Lin95 – I was quoting the UsWeekly story re: JJ type. I do agree, however, that his type appears to be whatever sits still long enough for him to pounce on.

  67. N.D. says:

    Oh, my
    Here comes another one

    allred: “I represent a beautiful model and businesswoman. She had a three year intimate relationship with Jesse James. He pursued her and had strong feeling for her. She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward. She has proof of their relationship including hundreds of text messages, emails and photos. The relationship JUST RECENTLY ENDED after the scandal broke.”

  68. nnn says:

    TMZ was saying that there are some nazi, swatzika stuff in their home.

    I don’t blame Sandra but Iam SURE any woman knows that her husband has a nazi penchant and if there are lawsuit, she HAD to know it.

    He may have lied to her, saying that those women were lying but Sandra KNEW those law suits.

    I think she feels doubly betrayed because of his betrayal and because of his character who somewhat taints her as she chose him nevertheless and chose to stay with him knowing stuff that are brought today, stuff that are shamefull.

  69. Anons says:

    he’s gross. she should scrape her shoe off and move on.

  70. Confuzzle says:

    I’d really like to see a large black jewish man kick the living daylights out of this arsehole.

  71. Jackie says:

    He should have a tat inked “Loser” on his forehead..freak

  72. ~M. says:

    Elin and Sandra should join forces and become the vag1na vigilantes.

  73. Meekohh says:

    I think one thing that we haven’t considered in regards to these lawsuits is the fact that both of them are celebrities and are used to extortion. I think Jess is the epitome of dogsheet but it is also highly likely that he played these off as “Sandy, you know these people just want a payday.” Look at John Travolta for example, people have no depravity when they see dollar signs. So it could be possible that she knew about the lawsuits but just dismissed them as another stalker/paparazzi/gold digger suit.

  74. trey dononvan says:

    jesse james has always been a low life piece of s..t! just take a look at his behavior before he was famous. he thought he was the s..t then, spoke about his f..ked up relationships, about knocking people around that owed him money. he’s always been scum, has dealt with scum, has f..ked scum, will always f..k scum, and doesn’t deserve sandra. sandra is a moron to have fallen for the scum of the earth. who in their right mind other than tattooed porn star model trash would hook up with this scumbag? what was she thinking? then, she gave all this credit to him at the academy awards? what a stupid moron of an actress! and everyone is feeling sorry for her? she gets what she deserves, and i’m sure there a lots of her friends telling her, “i told you so!”. PENDEJA

  75. Sarah says:

    I just. Don’t. Get it. These famous d-bags only have to do ONE thing to avoid this — stop lying!! Sleep with whomever you wish, just DON’T make a commitment to someone else first! I mean, really — this is why you have to love celebrities that are honest about being manwhores — they’re not afraid to be themselves, and they don’t destroy families while they’re doing it!