Tom Cruise on David Miscavige: “He worships him like a god,” says CO$ defector

Tom Cruise David Miscavige

Over the weekend, Katie Holmes stepped out with a “male friend” who seemed to be just that, and you can see the photos at the Mail. Although Katie has officially cancelled her first scheduled red-carpet appearance since filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, she’s still leading her own life in New York City. She and her friend (honestly, the dude seems like a gay boyfriend, and I can attest from personal experience that every girl could use several of them) kissed each other on the cheek (Katie is described as “radiant” in the aftermath), and the tabloids are going wild. Meanwhile, poor little (lift-wearing) Tom is merely trying to do the best “dad” job he can do by inviting the tabloids to witness his Suri reunion in the face of such adversity. Now the Mail has provided us details of an “anguished” Tom in the days after Katie filed for divorce:

Tom Cruise refused to leave his hotel in the English countryside to return to New York last week as he continued to struggle with the aftermath of his marriage break-up.

The Hollywood star, 50, extended his stay at five-star The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, telling aides he couldn’t face going back to the States after Katie Holmes filed for divorce.

Everything was packed and ready to go,” said a source close to the actor. “The jet had been refuelled and the flight scheduled but a call came in from his assistant saying he was refusing to leave. He was talking about not being ready to go back to America.”

Hotel sources say Cruise, who had been meeting executives at Pinewood Studios, eventually left early on Thursday. “He spent all his time in his room,” added the source. “It was the first time he had off work to just clear his head.”

[From Daily Mail]

Tom was so, so clueless within his marriage, and he remains so willfully blind to everything in his path. Like, we’re supposed to feel bad for Tom for wondering, “What’s happening?” Because you know, mean old Katie filed for divorce and felt compelled to use burner phones to hide her legal maneuverings from her soon-to-be ex-husband. Yet Tom is the one who yelled for four straight days when Katie dared to question the rules of the CO$, which leads me to believe that Tom wants what he wants, and the CO$ provides it. Anything else is unorthodox in Tom’s world. Also, the Mail has also provided a few strategically-placed photos of Tom with greying stubble because, you know, even the best plastic surgeon in the entire world can’t hide everything, right?

Poor Tom. Moving right along…

Last month, CB reported that Scientology head David Miscavige was literally obsessed” with Tom Cruise, and indeed, that sentiment is what we have heard up until now — that the CO$ spied on Tom for years to bring him back from a decade-long (thanks to Nicole Kidman) defection and that Miscavige would do anything to get his prize Gollum back. Now there’s a new interview of a former Tom Cruise lackey, however, which comes courtesy of Tony Ortega of the Village Voice. I absolutely love reading accounts like this from people who previously worked quote closely with Cruise. Here are some excerpts:

Tom Cruise David Miscavige

Until now, I’ve never told [John] Brousseau’s entire story as a 32-year member of Scientology and the last person to escape from the International Base who is talking publicly about it. Brousseau’s tale is one of the most remarkable to come out of the secretive organization, and one that parallels so much of Scientology’s own development and controversies.

He and Miscavige were brothers in law. They were both young cameramen working for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard during his movie-making phase. Brousseau was Hubbard’s personal chauffeur and helped maintain the cloak of secrecy when Hubbard vanished for good. He watched Miscavige transform Scientology and turn its base into a prison camp. He worked for Tom Cruise, which included serving in the household with Cruise and Katie Holmes. And having worked closely with both Cruise and Miscavige, he has choice things to say about the nature of their relationship.

For Christmas 2006, Tom Cruise took his family to a house that had been upgraded and transformed. It was his place in Telluride, Colorado, and he was there with his wife Katie Holmes, their eight-month-old daughter Suri, his mother, and his older children, Isabella and Connor. There was also a full set of people working to make sure that everything went smoothly, as well as the man wrangling them, who had also overseen the house’s upgrade. He was John Brousseau.

“I was making sure everything was beautiful and clean. I made sure the servants knew what they were doing. They had to learn how to make things go right without being visible — I learned that from Miscavige. I would show the staff that it’s not your job to bump into Tom in the hallway. It’s your job to make sure everything’s right, but be invisible. Anticipate his every move. You had to be there with a salt shaker before he even realized he needed it,” he says. “I was sitting there having meals with Tom and Katie and the family. It was like we were guests.”

I asked how the couple appeared to him. “They looked really terrific at that time. They were a hit, it was very evident to me. They were still gaga. At the end of the day, Suri was put to bed, Connor and Bella were in bed. Most of the help had gone home. I’d still be around. And Tom and Katie would go off on their own to chat. They seemed really genuinely happy.”

I asked Brousseau for his impressions of Katie Holmes. “Tom Cruise was the dream of her life since she was a little girl. The Church of Scientology wasn’t. That was just glued on to the package. They put Jessica Rodriguez on her and she must have thought, what the f#*k is happening? I didn’t marry a person, I married an entourage.”

Rodriguez — born Jessica Feshbach — was from a legendary family in Scientology. She became Katie’s “handler,” and was seen at every public appearance during those early years in the relationship. (We hear that Jessica is now gravely ill, and I’ve wondered if Jessica’s absence was a factor in Katie’s ability to secretly plan such a slick getaway from Cruise and the church.)

Brousseau left Scientology in 2010, but I asked him why he thought Katie acted the way she did when she surprised Cruise with her divorce filing. “The maternal instinct kicked in. And Katie’s parents pointed things out. And Katie had read sh-t. And Suri is six,” Brousseau conjectures. “You don’t f#*k with a mother’s child. She just figured the best thing was to yank her little girl out of there, and good for her.”

When Miscavige took Cruise to the base’s shooting range, Brousseau helped out. “I was the gun guy. I’d shoot the first couple of shells to make sure the gun wasn’t going to blow up. Then I’d hand it to Tom.” Brousseau says this was also when he first got to work for Tom, the first of many jobs making or repairing things for the actor. “I got to customize a Bluebird motor home for him. It had custom hard surfaces and upholstery,” he says. Another Sea Org member who was an audiophile made sure the vehicle had the latest hi fi equipment.

“Tom paid for everything. The church never bought stuff. When it came down to paying for stuff, Tom paid for it. But he didn’t pay us,” Brousseau says. As Sea Org members, Brousseau and the others who worked on Tom’s vehicles and properties were paid only about $50 a week by the church, even though their hours could reach 100 a week.

After that initial encounter with Cruise at the Int Base in 1991, the actor made himself scarce, Brousseau says. “He was with Nicole Kidman at the time. But then, he sort of fell away after that. He was gone from Scientology for like ten years. That’s where Marty came in, to get him back in.” During that period, Brousseau also began to work more closely with Cruise. “In 2002, Marty was auditing him and getting him through his OT levels. And I went to his house on Alpine Drive in Beverly Hills. I was put in charge of a complete overhaul of his house,” Brousseau says. David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, was overseeing the project, and was pushing everyone to hurry.

Brousseau says Cruise had been impressed with the way Miscavige lived at his rooms in the “Upper Villa” on the base, and his apartment in Hollywood. When Cruise complained that he couldn’t get his own place and staff the way he wanted it, Miscavige reassured him that he’d take care of it. “The result was people like me going and working for Tom, making his house perfect. We even landscaped the grounds, everything was transformed. I was the technical guy, directing people, getting the irrigation fixed, the windows, doors, gutters, even the light bulbs.”

After doing many projects not only on Cruise’s house, but also with his vehicles and his airport hangar in Burbank, Brousseau says he got to know the man pretty well. “He’s got more energy than the local grid. But he’s not very smart. He has so much energy, and he always has to be doing something with somebody.” That’s backed up by something a person who worked closely with Cruise for many years told me recently about watching him during his marriage to Kidman: “Tom can’t be alone. He goes nuts if there’s not someone else around him, someone he can bug about stuff. He’d walk around the house, saying ‘Where’s Nick? Where’s Nick?’ He was like a kid that way.”

Hearing Brousseau talk about all the work he was doing around Cruise’s Beverly Hills house in 2002, I had to ask: had Tom Cruise really been living in squalor before the Int Base crew arrived? “It was bullsh-t,” he says. Yes, they improved the place, but Cruise hadn’t been living in a dump to begin with. “Why did it need to be done? It was Miscavige.” Brousseau says he had ample opportunity to examine the two men up close. And it taught him that theirs was a very uneven relationship. “It isn’t the same both ways. Miscavige would throw Tom Cruise under a bus in a minute. But Tom thinks Miscavige is the greatest person in the world. He worships him like a god. Miscavige would pretend that Tom was his best friend, but you could see it was horsesh-t. Tom couldn’t see it.”

After his Christmas with Tom and Katie and baby Suri in 2006, Brousseau saw them only occasionally. Brousseau says he had bigger things to worry about. It had become, he says, the period of “Miscavige unplugged” as Int Base increasingly became a prison camp and more and more top executives were being “disappeared” — at the same time that Tom Cruise was being hailed by Miscavige as the church’s epitome of dedication. “The only thing I have against Tom is that he accepted this sh-t.”

Since he left Scientology, Brousseau has released photographs of the work he did for Tom Cruise — work that was unpaid, and that some have used to argue that Cruise and Miscavige benefited from inurement — enriching that violates Scientology’s tax-exempt status. “The reason I’ve released those photos is because I want Tom to wake up. I remember at the time, I was being told I was doing a good job on these things for him. But I was thinking, what the f%*k am I doing? How the hell is this helping humanity? Why am I being flown to Telluride to be the babysitter for Connor and Bella? What the f#*k was I doing?”

[From Village Voice]

This excerpt, which leaves out a lot of the COS-related discussion, only details Part One of the interview. Personally, I cannot wait to read Part Two, but I am delighted to see that Brousseau has already confirmed that Katie’s “maternal instinct kicked in,” which lends credence to the claim that Katie had snapped over CO$ demands over Suri. I mean really, they were actually telling her that she couldn’t discipline her own child. Nobody goes there.

In conclusion, past reports have confirmed to us that Tom has abused CO$ partitioners and gleefully accepted their free labor to plant wheat fields for he and Kidman to (also gleefully) run through. Tom probably believes that slave labor is romantic, but I think that he’s merely obsessed with Miscavige for what he can provide with little demand. This new account from Brousseau is quite interesting though — will Miscavige ever truly throw Tom under the bus for a new “face of Scientology” (John Travolta, perhaps)? At this point, I don’t think Miscavige even has that option. Nope. David famously accompanied Tom on his honeymoon with Katie, and so it follows that Tom and David will forever be thick as thieves together. Happily ever after.

Tom Cruise David Miscavige

Tom Cruise David Miscavige

Photos courtesy of Freedom Magazine and Village Voice

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  1. Agnes says:

    cruise and the cult just keep hitting new rock bottoms of “pathetic”, don’t they?

    • erika says:

      Of course TC adores his man, HE is the ADONIS! The (Handsome) Greek God of DESIRE and MANLY looks…has a very high ‘squeeeeel’ factor. Doesn’t the look in their eyes just make you SQUEEL (in my nightmares)..

  2. e.non says:

    miscavige is inches shorter than cruise… i wonder if he breaks 5ft.

    those photos are so creepy.

  3. PHD in Gossip says:

    the male friend that Katie was dining with was her divorce lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Yea, and he was with his wife and Katie. I’m sure it was a “thank-you-for-getting-me-away-from-my-liftwearing-controlling-ex….dinner.

      • Liza Jane says:

        And “what can I do now to counteract all Tom’s efforts to subvert my parenting role with Suri! ” By throwing all the toys and ‘treats’ at a 6 year old, that her mother is now giving a normal life too….he is trying to buy Suri’s love and it speaks of desperation! I am sure that the evening was spent in deep conversation.

  4. sdshelt says:

    I just don’t plain understand how there is no investigation into the story of the higher ups being held in a virtual prison, basically held hostage. There are enough people talking about it to substantiate it so why aren’t authorities doing anything about it? Why isn’t there a surprise raid or something? Or has the cult tainted law enforcement that much? Wouldn’t kidnapping and stuff like that be FBI territory or no?

    I just don’t understand why nobody is doing anything!

    • Tiffin says:

      See, the thing is that these poor people have been so brainwashed that if the police did ask them if they were there of their own free will, they would say ‘yes, I want to be here’. So no case of kidnapping.
      Also, the base is heavily fortified and it is known that the cult has a large stash of guns and maybe other weapons. The Government doesn’t want another Waco on their hands.

    • diana says:

      This is what bugs me too. Why is nt an investigation being done?

      But one more question. If all the allegations made are false, why is n’t cos suing them?

      I m a justice person, and dont usually believe the rumours, but Cos appears in a very bad light.

      However I still feel TC is a victim, but not the perpetrator of all cis evils as portrayed.

    • barb says:

      i don’t get it either. I heard or read somewhere that the FBI is investigating them, but i’m sure its an ongoing thing. Probably like the Hell’s Angels, where you need really big and compelling evidence to get the main dudes behind bars. I also don’t understand why all the lawsuits against them were thrown out. Lack of evidence I suppose. I sure hope they are held accountable at some point in the near future…maybe all this press is the beginning of the end for this brutal cult.

      • erika says:

        well, that would take for years, to get someone from FBI or feds, but..

        next time one of these higher ups is thinking of leaving the church, they should secretly go to the police and let them know, they’ll send him in with hidden mikes, or ask to gt copies of this or that…and when they defect they can send all that goo srap to the feds!

    • Beck says:

      Preach it! I don’t understand it either. It makes me wonder if the police, FBI, government are all afraid of Xenu.

      If the stories about the prison at the base camp are true, they are violating the civil rights of these people at the very least. If did raid it, some of the nuts will probably say they want to be there. One or two may have been there so long that they be ready to be free of COS. Who knows? If some of the disappeared people’s families press it, maybe something would happen.

      I don’t understand how they got tax exempt status in the first place. I’ve read articles about the strategy the COS used to get it but still… Anybody with half a brain can see it’s just one money making scheme.

      Tom Cruise must be a complete and total dumb tool.

    • gg says:

      I think the authorities are gathering evidence. The cult is underhanded and sneaky but justice will be done eventually, never fear.

    • erika says:

      ummm they’re breaking a few FEDERAL laws here..

      - working up to 100 hours a week and getting paid only $50? that’s illegal. fair employment act says that minimum wage is…well, it’s around $6-7 i don’t know

      -and brousseau not getting paid for the amount of work he did. well, that’s illegal too- but what can he do? take him to court?

      we say it again and again…shady, shady..

      WHEN is somebody going to step fwd and blow this circus apart?

  5. says:

    It’s disgusting that this little man can afford a private plane but won’t pay the people who work for him.

  6. Aussie girl says:

    I believe this. Tom is just thick & miscavige would throw Tom under a bus if needed.

  7. Mia 4S says:

    That picture! Brain bleach please. No wonder Tom worships him, he’s actually shorter! Seriously though if Tom is benefitting from church labor there is no excuse, he’s even more of a creep than we thought. I hope the government and the IRS grow some balls and come down on them hard!

  8. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    $50 a week for working 100 hours? How can one survive on $2,600 a year? Especially when you’re expected to pay the “church” for enlightenment.

    • carlino altoviti says:

      If a man is part of an organization that takes care of everything for him he don’t need money.
      COS is the most advanced form of communism.

      • Gin says:

        That theory suggest a limited working knowledge of both CO$ and communism.

        Under CO$ a small group of followers join an “elite” group that the church alleges is akin to a seminary. Those people are provided with lodgings & food and that’s it. They do not receive healthcare, education or a host of other human needs. Those people are no different to slaves, who also had lodging & food provided for them but similarly did not have the ability to leave nor any free will or agency. The non “elite” followers do not receive anything from the church and instead pay them up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for “spiritual” enlightenment.

        Colour me confused but what part of The Communist Manifesto covers the communism = slavery theory?

      • Jackie O says:

        communism? hardly.

      • Kelly F says:

        I understand your comment! People in CO$ and Communist dictatorships work for no personal profit, are lied to, are not allowed to read what they want, are not allowed to protest, and are not allowed to leave. Also, the elite of both groups get/got priviledges that the “lower” folks did not.

  9. mar says:

    This is why Co$ panders to the “not so bright”celebrities with big egos and lots of cash.

    • DEB says:

      Exactly. Especially the ones stupid enough or not deep-thinking enough to realize that LRH was so full of shit that his eyes were brown. Infested with aliens, eh ? LOL :D

    • Liza Jane says:

      They obviously have huge egos but very low self esteem and were targeted for that reason..stroke them continuously and they will be hooked for life! They join to get a better idea of self -enlightenment …which suggests they are deeply unbelieving of their success and happiness. As long as CoS keeps stroking the they will shut their ears to all nay-sayers….Miscavage seems a deeply manipulative,cynical man who probably( likely) doesn’t believe a word he spouts but relishes the hold he has over people,especially his ‘Celebrities’ .Tom is his shining star ( unless he messes up) and as such must be pandered to and kept on board to keep CoS looking valid! It’s a house of cards which is very close to folding it seems!

  10. Tiffin says:

    Bedhead, that article was fascinating and I was glad that our gut instinct about Katie and Suri was correct.

    I must admit I was surprised to learn that Miscavige doesn’t feel the same way about Tom Cruise as Cruise feels about him. But at the same time it fits the picture we’re building up of him. Miscavige is a despicable, hateful little bully and when he gets his come-uppance, it will be the sweetest day ever.

    Woo hoo!! Part 2 just posted on Village Voice…heading over there now…

    • Zimmer says:

      Isn’t it awful that “short man’s complex” can cause so many problems?

    • olcranky says:

      just finished reading part 2 and wow. just. wow.

    • Holly Hobby says:

      The book Inside Scientology wrote that Miss. Cabbage used to play Tommy’s audit sessions at parties and laugh about it behind Tommy’s back. So it’s not a surprise that Miss Cabbage would throw Tommy under the bus if need be.

      • Gin says:

        The word sociopath is thrown around a little loosely these days but on the face of it there would seem a reasonable chance that Miscavige is one. If so it makes perfect sense that he presents an uber friendly facade to Cruise while actually finding him chuckle fodder and not really giving a crap about him. Sociopaths lack the empathy required to make real human connections but they’re very good at faking it to manipulate people for their own needs. If Miscavige is a sociopath then Cruise better hopes he never outlives his usefulness because he will absolutely be thrown under a bus and the guy chucking him has decades of Cruises own words to damn him with.

  11. mia girl says:

    I’ve seen that motorcycle pic at least a dozen times, and am still not tired of it! It is the best example of “little men acting like big men, bro-induced cheesiness” around. So awesome.

  12. Lizzie K says:

    It’s always amusing to me when people who would wail for help if they broke a fingernail pose like bad@sses on motorcycles. A Ducati, a 5 o’clock shadow and a mini-me sidekick don’t make you a biker, Tom.

  13. Theresa says:

    Tom Cruise is the way Tom Cruise is with or without Scientology. It makes total sense, that Tom is such a lump of clay yet born with such amazing work ethic and determination. He is prototype A for recruitment, and that Sci “found” Tom Cruise and has been able to exploit and manipulate such a person to their own devious and diabolical ends is extremely sad but not unbelievable.

    I hope that their hubris and ego will now drive them from their comfortable perch, that in this age of oversharing their secretive existence cannot be sustained. I hope that soon we will see the implosion and decimation of this fake religion. Unfortunately there will be collateral damage, all the lost souls that probably believe now and will to the end. The world is full of vulnerable people empty inside and ripe for exploitation. I am sure Sci trades on Cruise’s success and offers it as an example of Scientology’s success!

    Wouldn’t it be delicious irony if Cruise inadvertently brings about the downfall of this crazy cult?

  14. gab says:

    Why do these cos people celebrate Christmas? Do they celebrate Passover too? WTF. Don’t they have any high holy UFO holidays?

  15. Zorbitor says:

    zorbitor also wants followers to do chores for free!

    • IzzyB says:

      Hey kids, the monster under the bed says if you don’t clean your floor he won’t have any place to sleep. You want him awake in the dark?

  16. Jackie O says:

    tom was born in the wrong decade and country. he would have been a great fit for 1930′s germany.

  17. Jaded says:

    My dislike for Tom Cruise has escalated hugely since the break-up with Katie as it has really put Co$ under a microscope and revealed alot of ugly stuff as a result.

    That in itself is a good thing. But for Tom to utilize the Co$ slave labour, knowingly, to make his perfect existence even more perfect, is disgusting. Sure he’s the big man at the top with Mini-Miscavige and has the hero worship of the entire organization, but scratch the surface of that organization and it is nothing more than a sleazy pyramid scheme that is making a few at the top very very rich on the backs of thousands of brainwashed dupes.

    That Tom would continue to be part of such a fraudulent scam only proves that he’s as much of a power-hungry megalomaniac as Miscavige, and that their partnership is based on nothing more than greed and self-worship.

    • valleymiss says:

      Can’t *believe* I’m defending Cruise here, but it doesn’t sound to me like he is/was *aware* that it was slave labor. The article states that Tom paid for everything that was done, but the distinction is, he gave the $ to the church, not directly to the workers. Then Miscavige skimmed most of the payment off the top in the name of $cientology and threw some pocket change at the workers.

      Tom Cruise is a lot of things, but I’ve never heard the man to be cheap. Gene Simmons? Yes. Marky Wahlberg? Apparently. But I’ve never heard of TC being a cheapskate. Come on – the guy is worth a bajillion dollars. Like he would NEED slave labor? That is the only aspect of the article I take issue with.

      • Izzy says:

        Though your post uses intelligent reasoning, do you think perhaps you’re being a little naive about that particular issue? After all these years, with all the information that has come out in public, Tommy Girl DOESN’T KNOW?! More like he doesn’t WANT to know. He deliberately ignores the truth, and that makes him equally guilty. He’s a criminal and should be in prison along with the rest of his nutball Co$ pals. I’m sure at some point he was a “victim” of this cult; now, he’s just an active enabler of it.

        I get that you want to give people the benefit of the doubt. But there comes a point, with such overwhelming evidence of human rights abuses, and so public, that TC’s complicity is inexcusable.

      • Jackie O says:

        of course he knows! he is at the top of the organization, and while he may be dumb, he is not blind.

      • Kate says:

        It sounded to me like he paid only for materials and actual purchases. Nobody is so stupid they don’t know labour should cost money.

        It’s common knowledge that people working for CoS are unpaid, and even get hit with “FreeLoader Debts” if they dare to leave. But Tom may well be thick enough to believe that they’re getting all this free auditing and phony healthcare, which would be far more than their salaries (shockingly it probably would be) plus meals and accommodation, so hey, they’re doing great!

      • olcranky says:

        Brosseu is clear thatTC paid for materials out of his own pocket but did not pay for any labor. He also stood by as people had to deflect compliments for their work to DM

        TC needs to feel uber-important, not in his stardom, which he seems to feel is something he postulated by being a good scilon, but the importance that comes with saying/feeling he personally knows God himself and God thinks he’s the bees knees. That’s what he gets out of idolizing DM. If only he knew that DM was basically laughing at him behind his back for being so easily manipulated and that the only thing that makes DM a god is TCs worship of him.

  18. Kate says:

    Part 2 of the article was frightening! Damn, that guy is lucky he got to escape. I think KH must’ve started pondering her escape fairly early into their marriage.

    • abbizmal says:

      KH had probably been miserable for years and scared, too, to even have to file for divorce this way, to feel the need to “plot” to divorce someone. She looks a lot happier now and I wish her all the best, but have a feeling that awful TC is going to try to suck Suri into that mess somehow. She probably had to gather evidence to use in a divorce, just in case. Yikes.

  19. DenG says:

    Wicked, wicked little men. No such thing as Non Profit. No such thing as Public Service. Self Service, amen.

  20. Roma says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a field of wildflowers, not wheat. I also suspect that Tom doesn’t actually think about the people doing his work for him – he probably believes he is influencing them with his mind

    • Gin says:

      Most very rich people don’t pay much thought to those who work for them. They are also pretty clueless as to what things cost especially if they’ve been rich for a long time. I can easily believe that Cruise assumed that the money he forked over coved parts AND labour. HOWEVER to ignore the reams of evidence about the CO$ use of slave labour requires WILLFUL ignorance.

  21. Cathy says:

    Tom Cruise may be useless snake in my book, but this Miscavige guy seems even worse. They are both manipulative b@st@rds, who are both out for only themselves and that useless cult.

  22. MrsBPitt says:

    The description of Tom as not very bright and a needy ball of energy, is exactly what I thought he would be like…

    • Jane says:

      I assumed he was a dim in the intelligence department because of his involvement with the cult and the cult’s leader, but I am glad to see it confirmed by someone who was there.

      His neediness is probably just what Miscavige depends on to keep him under control. It is ironic that control freak Cruise is being played and controlled by Miscavige and he doesn’t even realize it.

  23. Izzy says:

    Holy shizz! I just read Parts one and two of the VV articles. Unbelievable.

  24. dorothy says:

    Tom is apparently a very stupid and naive little man. Everything that come out points to someone that is very gullible and insecure. He’s a perfect target for that church. He has money and he was, for a while their best “little commercial”.

  25. soapyme says:

    Slightly off topic, but I think all Tom has to do to turn Suri against Katie is get her a puppy. None of that fun “your mother is a sociopath” stuff.

    • Emily says:

      Doubt it.

      Suri was there when Tom was screaming for days about the Co$. Suri was there when Tom went off on Katie for not getting “his” child to the airport on time. Suri will be there, growing up, while Tom is a needy control freak to everyone around him.

      Stuff doesn’t buy kids. Sure, they’ll happily accept it, but they can see right through it. No amount of things can compensate for being the kind of person Tom Cruise is.

  26. DEB says:

    I’m curently reading Tom Cruise’s unauthorized biography by David Morton. Excellent reading!! I recommend it :)

  27. Metry says:

    Mission Impossible 3 or 4 or 11, I don’t know which, was on tv the other night. I decided to watch it to see if I could separate Tom Cruise Crazy Scientologist from Tom Cruise The Actor. Well, I couldn’t. Every time he said, “I can save her,” or “I can help her,” or “I can do it,” it reminded me of the infamous black turtleneck CoS video on YouTube. To me, he REALLY believed what he was saying, that HE was the ONE who could do all the saving. I guess since he believes he can fly and has other super powers, it makes sense. It was like the MI movie was really: “Tom Cruise: Scientologist: The Movie.” Maybe it’s just my own inability to separate him from CoS, but I really think he sees himself as the Ducati-riding, leather jacket wearing, kickass, CoS superhero who will save the world, one high-heeled step at a time (ok that last part was me!).

  28. Miss S Ippi says:

    So now we know Tommy is a passive-bottom.

  29. Dee says:

    I think Tom Cruise is the best actor in industry but after all the latest re his divorce I am thinking he has a very bad mean streak that is hidden well in public. Scientology has destroyed his image and it amazes me that he is a Scientologist and associates with that horrible David M. He seems to thrive on power but the public is not stupid and can see through his public relation tactics like he is moving to NY for Suri. I always thought that was a tactic he was using to tell Katie he can do whatever it takes because he has all the money. He may be able to fool California people but New Yorkers are very different and he is not popular here with his image. I think Katie Holmes won the hearts of New Yorkers and the bull about him buying a home here is just that and to intimidate Katie and her family. He can’t get away with any crap here because New York is watching out for Katie Holmes and Suri. Also Katie lives much closer to her parents in who live in Ohio and her father is one top lawyer who probably has a lot of connections in New York. So Tom Cruise has lost his hold on Katie Holmes and all he will probably end up doing in having his close relationship with Suri is having video chats.

  30. chloe says:

    I seriously doubt Tom is upset about the divorce, he’s upset that Katie beat him to it with the upperhand on separating Suri from CO$, I’m betting Miscavige is infuriated with Cruise right now and making his life hell.
    It’s disgusting about all of the free labor Cruise gets with Co$ members working for him.

  31. Tansey says:

    “But he’s not very smart.” This is my favorite part. I remember some interview with Tom Cruise that was on TV once where he was spouting off about the Co$ and psychology and all that, like he was trying to make himself out to be this super genius who knew everything. But I always knew, and now have confirmation, that he’s just another stupid Hollyweird actor.

  32. Bess says:

    I have to say that it amazes me that so many people get taken in to this cult. Tom Cruise may not be an intelligent man, but I thought that Will Smith had some smarts.

    Also, I have serious doubt that any of Cruise’s three failed marriages were “real”. I think they were business partnerships because Tom has to be seen as the all American guy.

    • Aud says:

      This is not about intelligence. It’s about being a part of an influential group.
      For such non-talents like Kirstie Alley to still be on TV in some way or form, they must be influential.

    • olcranky says:

      Hollywood/celebrity is just suspended adolescence and, if you take your press to heart and buy into the skewed priorities of celebrity, its easy to fall prey to a group that blows enough smoke up your arse and tells you that you deserve everything you want, you have the right to expect whatever you desire & that anyone who disagrees with you has a problem blahblahblah. It’s just like Madonna and the bastardization of kabbalah to use it as an excuse for her bad/ignorant/patronizing behavior while thinking the world should idolize her and treat her like a god.

    • Mira says:


      Cruise is not smart because John Brousseau says so? That’s his opinion of him and it can be as wrong as it can be right. Cruise has not been the global box-office star for 30 years for nothing. He’s a smart businessman who has made a choice to embrace Scientology. It hasn’t worked for him because of his rabid ways. If he had shut his mouth and practiced his faith in private, he wouldn’t have been as big a joke as he is. He has issues that anyone can have irrespective of the faith they follow – he’s insecure, highly energetic and has to keep doing something according to Brousseau, is a control freak and a narcissist.

      • olcranky says:

        one can be a successful actor without being particularly intelligent, Cruise’s box office bank doesn’t make him smart

      • Mira says:

        There’s successful and there’s maintaining that success for three decades. I’m no Cruise fan but that’s a lot of injustice to his kind of success to say he’s achieved all of this without being particularly smart or intelligent. It’s as bad as saying Brad Pitt’s success is largely because of his good looks denying these people agency. People can make smart choices in some aspects of life and not in others. For Cruise, it seems like he’s not been very smart in recognizing DM’s manipulation. It has cost him his reputation but I still feel if he hadn’t taken up the personal responsibility of promoting Scientology and held on to Pat Kingsley as his publicist, he wouldn’t have been as big a joke as he is. Ah well, faith makes people do things they don’t do for love. Too bad he was turned, but I see why he became rabid once turned.

      • Beck says:

        No, it doesn’t take smarts to be successful in Hollywood or in the entertainment industry. Most actors and singers are dumb as a box of rocks. He probably has/had a great manager, agent, business manager, and the best lawyers. He had a great PR firm and rep before he put his sister in charge. (How smart was his couch jumping antics that made everyone question his sanity and sincerity? That was all Tom.)
        If you have a great team, the looks, a lot of luck, a somewhat decent work ethic, and mediocre talent, you can make it big and make tons of money.
        Exhibit A – Tom Cruise
        Exhibit B – Britney Spears

        The End.

  33. Snappyfish says:

    If this “church” & it’s membership are excepting inurement it is a violation of the 501 C 3 status(non-profit) that would place them under the RICO status & CO$ could be charged with racketeering.

    All it would take is that action & poof all their cards will come tumbling down

  34. d says:

    Those VV articles are really interesting. CoS is truly a cult. Just from the accounts of the mind-f***ery alone speaks to how much of a cult it is. All of those rules and regulations and standards and questioning and on and on and on. THAT IS WHAT CULTS DO.
    The description of Tom’s and David M’s relationship makes much more sense in that it’s an ego-trip power thing as opposed to a gay thing. I don’t think Tom’s gay. But I do think his ego and desire for the power that he think DM has makes him blind to reality. I also think deep down, he’s a terribly insecure man and DM knows it and therefore easily manipulates Tom. Tom is also not very bright. THAT is pretty clear to see. He feels powerless, felt powerless, he’s linked iwth a man and an org that has power, all the material trappings of wealth that make Tom feel good and he’s still an empty empty person.
    I think part of Katie’s wake up call was seeing how much of a blind fool he is.
    And Tom’s rich. He can easily pay for things because he wants always to be the good guy. He never wants to be the bad guy. but as long as he’s part of this cult, he is, like it or not. Because he allows himself to be manipulated so that he hears what he wants to hear, people suffer. So he pretends not to know. I guarantee you, if things fall apart, he will release a statement that he HAD NO IDEA about all the bad stuff.
    Anyway, again fascinating articles. It’s laughably sad how people are duped into things. I don’t dispute that people were searching for something, but Hubbard, Mascividge and the like are so clearly con men, and M in particular, bullies, that you just shake your head…

  35. Aud says:

    I’m waiting for the day they are outed as a couple.

  36. Kim says:

    I bet not many people know that Charles Manson is a former Scientologist…he studied in prison and incorporated their doctrines into his teachings (per Wikipedia).

    • Mac says:

      Charlie eventually gave up on Scientology because it was “too crazy”.

      He somehow aquired an e-meter to conduct his own audits out at Spahn Ranch.

      • skuddles says:

        Good lord… I didn’t know that about Manson and CO$! And he rejected the cult because it was TOO CRAZY for him?? CO$ was too crazy for crazy Charlie… wow.

  37. Persnickety says:

    So at what age will Suri have to declared a Supressive Person? How can Tom continue to have a relationship with her if she’s not a Co$ member? As I understand it, that’s one one of the central tenets of this fake religion. I think the disparity between what Tom is allowed to do (see Suri as she grows up) and everyone else being cut off from loved ones who leave the “church” will cause a great many defections and may unravel the organization.

    I too am frustrated that law enforcement hasn’t intervened but I believe a great deal of preparation will be necessary for the case to “stick.” Also, seriously, it will take cult deprogramming experts to save these poor trapped victims.

  38. Kosmos says:

    Poor sad Tom. Without Scientology and without Miscavige and others to worship him, he would sadly be nothing, except an actor. He is clinging to Scientology because he has made a name for himself in that world, yet cannot think for himself without Scientology as his role model. He was a very young, uneducated man who had huge issues when Scientology began to control his life. Now I see him as a very sad & dependent individual. So glad for Katie getting out and free of the cult. What took her so long?

  39. DB says:

    I just don’t understand the hate on Tom Cruise.

    Is it almost all based on Scientology?

    Or do you just hate him in general?

    • Annie says:

      Can’t speak for everyone but the reason I started disliking him isn’t really Scientology per se it’s more the fact that he comes over as an insecure, controlling, selfish, micromanaging tool. I felt this way about him even 15 years ago before Scientology had such a bad rep. If Tom wants to believe we’re all reincarnated aliens it’s his personal business however I do think it’s disgusting the way he does not speak out against the horrible human rights abuses going on in scientology but continues to suck up to David Miscavige.

    • holly hobby says:

      I dislike him because he is a narrow minded judgmental prick. He also feels like he has to dominate a relationship and that the woman isn’t good enough for him until he changes her (name, looks, style, how they even smile! etc).

      Crap like the Today show interview where he accused Matt Lauer of not knowing psychology or whatever like he does (really?). How he corrected the media into calling Katie “Kate” because she’s a “child-bearing woman now!”

      General caveman mentality. Honey, until you can bust a kid out of your nether regions, you don’t deserve an opinion about postpartum depression etc.

  40. RHONYC says:

    man, oh, man, oh. 8O

  41. Sonia says:

    Tom and Miscavige slam every and all psychologists as evil under the same umbrella. Just like finding a good lawyer, a good teacher, a good spouse, or even a good fellow actor – not all are the same, and some are bad while others are exceptionally good at their craft.

  42. Its wonderful as your other posts : D, thankyou for putting up. “A great flame follows a little spark.” by Dante Alighieri.