Jennifer Lawrence: ‘It’s hilarious… I’m supposedly the overweight one?’

Jennifer Lawrence

Last Friday, we covered Jennifer Lawrence’s November Vogue UK cover and part of the shoot, and some of you didn’t see why I characterized the shoot as slightly trashy. So I’ll clarify and say the shoot was (to me) trashy not because it looked slutty or anything but because it seemed underdone (fashion-wise and the styling too) on the part of the magazine. Trashy in the sense that it was a lazy shoot especially for a Vogue cover feature and because the cover itself (which was lovely) stood in such sharp contrast to the social media-esque nature of the editorial. My opinion was only based upon a sliver of the shoot itself. Now the rest of the editorial has been revealed, and it is indeed a parade of bad sweaters, “that wallpaper,” and awful winged bangs.

Jennifer Lawrence

However, Jennifer’s full interview is much more promising than the tiny excerpt that we covered last week. Among other things, Jennifer talks about making fart jokes with Michael Fassbender on the set of X-Men: First Class, and she also discusses the criticism she has received for parading a healthy figure in Hollywood. That second issue goes back to those terrible remarks about how Jennifer was allegedly too “beefy” to play Katniss in The Hunger Games, and her response at the time was “they are criticizing me for looking normal.” That little kertuffle occurred back in early April, and JLaw hasn’t fallen into the trap of dieting her way into a size 2 just yet, so I’m pretty sure she meant what she said (unlike Lady Gaga, who claimed empowerment after she gained a bit of weight and then proceeded to lose it all within a few weeks) and won’t turn into a stick insect. The Vogue UK interviewer notes that Jennifer indulged in “five slices of deep crust [pizza] with ranch dressing on the side” for dinner, but it’s not like the girl has just lucked out with an impossibly quick metabolism. She goes to the gym within reason. Before I ramble on much longer, here are those excerpts:

On the pressure to lose weight in Hollywood: “Oh God, yes, I’m so tired of the lollipops. I mean, if I looked like that I wouldn’t be tired of it, obviously. But it’s hilarious, the way I’m supposedly the overweight one? Like, they got me at the movies yesterday and the caption read somethin glike ‘Curvy star cannot wait to dig into tub of popcorn.” I mean, c’mon! I’m just a normal girl who likes to eat. At least they got me using my hands.”

On being a role model: “[T]here’s a responsibility I’m aware of. In one sense, luckily, it comes naturally because I can’t stay out beyond midnight. I don’t really have an exciting life. But if you mean, am I a natural leader? No. It’s funny, my friends were joking about how I was so not the person who’s in charge of taking turns to go in the hot tub. I just appear that way.”

On reading material: As Donald Sutherland, one of her co-stars, recently put it, she’s a “wonder” — akin, in his eyes, to Laurence Olivier. Sutherland, by the way, was so astounded she had never read Anna Karenina, he gave her a copy on set. “And do you know what? I feel like a pretentious pr-ck for saying it, but it really is my favorite book,” says Lawrence. “Like that quote that goes, ‘Respect fills the empty place where love should be’? If I had a Myspace, I’d do that as my ad.”

Stanley Tucci on JLaw: “Jennifer is extraordinary. She’s one of the few people her age who has that sort of maturity without being cynical. She’s also got this amazing sense of technique without sacrificing any spontaneity. I mean that takes most of us 50 years to learn!”

Michael Fassbender on JLaw: “Whether one is working with Jennifer or watching her on-screen, one can’t take one’s eyes of her. Her performances are intelligent and logical through what seems to be a natural intuition — she’s both aloof and intelligent. Oh, and she’s got filthy mouth!”

JLaw on Fassy: “Oh God, Michael, now he really is an artist. Me, I’m just like this idiot girl who doesn’t even know what she’s doing. He doesn’t have any bullsh-t, you know. I can’t stand this bullsh-t — even if it’s real. Like it’s a job, right, and if you can’t say a ‘who farted?’ joke in an emotional scene… I mean, come on! Let’s all hang out together! Let’s relax! We all fart, right?”

James McAvoy on JLaw: “She’s a great role model because she doesn’t prostitute herself but at the same time she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She takes herself and her profession as seriously as she needs to, but she has a sense of perspective on her life. Yes, she’s young, but she’s a woman. You know how some actors are still girls or boys? Well, she’s very much a woman, and a strong woman at that.”

On fame: “Look, you watch these little freedoms being eroded away, like being able to pump gas in peace or whatever, but it’s here, and it comes and goes and leaves… My parents raised me to hold down a job, they instilled the work ethic in me. What this is is a job, and that’s what I’m doing, hopefully, my job. As far as jobs go, I’d say I was pretty lucky.”

[From Vogue UK, print edition, November 2012]

HA. I wonder if Jennifer truly made a fart joke in front of Fassbender. I bet she did. But he doesn’t really fart, right? Because he’s, you know, physically perfect in every way. I’m not even as crazy about Fassy as Kaiser is (although — little known fact — I was the one to introduce the wonder of Fassy to Kaiser), but the dude is impossible to cut up. And Jennifer probably managed to actually fart in front of him too … while wearing body paint. She really does lead a charmed life, you know?

Beyond the bodily functions issue, Jennifer really does give a candid interview. As Fassy notes, she does appear to curse like a sailor, but I don’t see the need in calling her out for it. She seems to drop dirty words into conversation much in the manner of Chris Evans; that is JLaw speaks “without much of a filter and naturally leans towards the profane.” Unlike Kristen Stewart, who seems to do it to sound like a rebel.

Here’s the rest of the Vogue UK shoot, which I guess I just don’t understand. Why did they do this to her? These sweaters are like a tribute to Burt Convy.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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  1. Mimi says:

    She is so… basic. She does nothing for me.

  2. brin says:

    I like her, hate the photo shoot. What’s it supposed to be, a tribute to ugly appliances (and sweaters)?

    • marie says:

      ha ha, I was going to go with a tribute to wood paneling.. I think my grandma had a bedspread that looked like that wallpaper.

      • brin says:

        Ugh, right? Where’s the gold frig and stove?!

      • Chatcat says:

        I’ll say what I said last week…Vogue did the layout with the homey, old fashioned, down to earth backdrops because that is exactly what/who Jennifer Lawrence is … compared to all the other messes out there right now. Hey Vogue editors, I got your message! 🙂

      • Roma says:

        @chatcat: there’s down home but this is vogue. I’m really surprised by the styling.

      • Becky1 says:

        They were going for a late 70’s/early 80’s retro girl next door vibe. I’m not crazy about it but I like that it’s a different kind of photo shoot for “Vogue.” Plus, I think Jennifer Lawrence has the look of an actress from that time period. I could totally see her on “CHIPS” or “Eight is Enough” (I’m not talking about her acting-I’m talking about her look).

    • Jennipurrr says:

      ITA. So unflattering. I can’t believe they were able to get so many ugly sweaters into one room without triggering the apocalypse.

      On another note, the wallpaper in that first photo looks just like the fabric of a shirt that my dad used to own. It was silky and had snaps and my mom threw it out behind his back. Ah, nostalgia.

  3. Amelia says:

    It’s as if Vogue were halfway through looking through their giant wardrobe and said “Meh. It’ll do. We’ve got a schedule to keep to, just throw her in any damn thing.”
    It’s a pretty half-arsed attempt at a photo shoot for Vogue, but Jennifer gives a good interview.

  4. Happy B'day Matt Damon says:

    Four photos and the same facial expression ( if you could call it an expression) in everyone. As usual. Zzzzzzzz.

  5. I don’t care what you say, I love this photo shoot! Her natural beauty really shines through. I can’t wait to buy this issue and read her full interview aswell.

    • Liberty says:

      I love it too. It reminds me of some past NYLON or TATLER shoots. And honestly, it echoes some of my Brit fashion stylist friends currently. And, oddly, a sweater my niece just brought back from Paris. So….

  6. T.C. says:

    JLaw speaks “without much of a filter and naturally leans towards the profane.” Unlike Kristen Stewart, who seems to do it to sound like a rebel.
    Exactly. We all curse naturally, Kstew does it to sound tough and rebellious. It comes across as false, trashy. Love the comments from McAvoy. Well put. Lol at farting and telling fart jokes to Fassy. She should have taped that.

  7. CN says:

    I don’t know what’s worse – Vogue pretending to be “high art” all the time, or magazines like Cosmo pretending they empower women. Either way I finish reading them and feel I need to lose weight, change career and buy 20 new products, in this case mostly sweaters.

  8. Shitler says:

    She’s so cool! Which other young hollywooder would dare give an interview this honest?

  9. Jennifer12 says:

    I like this mature, intelligent woman and think she’s beautiful. But the photo shoot sucks; it’s like they’re trying to make her look like something from the 70s. Why? Something more Greek goddess-ish would fit her. And Kristen Stewart should totally take notes on how to be a young actress without being a pretentious, nasty brat.

  10. Brown says:

    I love her, but whoever styled her for this shoot does NOT. Seriously awful.

    Her hair…. God, her hair…. WHHYYY

  11. lola says:

    I think she’s a pretty girl. I can’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of it that she’s not stick-thin. She has a great body. Not fat, not too skinny. I like it a lot. I can’t believe a skinny-average girl is considered ”curvy” which is just a nice term for overweight.

    • LAK says:

      She’s not slim-average. I met her this summer and was surprised at her size. She’s between 12UK and 14UK at 5ft 7inches. Bigger than a 12 but smaller than a 14. Meaning she’s normal BUT never slim. And by slim I mean 10UK.

    • zenb!tch says:

      Back in the 80s when I was a kid – this is what curvy meant. A woman who is not overweight but has hips and boobs. I don’t know why curvy because a euphemism for fat.

      • Micki says:

        I am getting always confused with body descriptions and usually keep out of such discussions.
        But to use LAK (uk) scales:when I met my husband I was size 8 going on 10 at 1.63. Now I am going on 14 and in my book that’s me being seriously overweight (15-17kg).
        I’m not going to body-shame her because some people look better with 10-20% more on and if she herself feel ok then keep on girl.
        I feel awfully irritable at times because of it and I have no pressure from outside to lose weight.

  12. shabbo says:

    these photos are good. Its better when she doesn’t smile.

  13. Annie says:

    So jealous that she kissed Fassy. He looked so good on X-men!

    The swearing… I think she swears privately. We all do. With kstew the annoying thing is that when she does it for print interviews it’s awful because she does try to sound badass but in reality she sounds uneducated and dumb, it’s like she uses these words to mask the fact that’s very inarticulate. She has no class. Jen has class. And everyone around her seems to like her.

  14. Boodiba says:

    OMG those sweaters are awful! Are they trying to promote her as some sort of cuddly thing? Like a stuffed animal?

    BAD stylists!! As far as the hair goes, Bedhead forgot to mention the three inches of split ends no one trimmed off.

    • bej says:

      Those split ends were killing me to look at. Plus it looks as if they’ve used hot curling tongs, the curl held too much, so they brushed it out & turned it to frizz. Stylist didn’t give a damn how shyte it looked, cos nobody would be able to look past the ugly sweaters anyhow.

  15. Mia 4S says:

    She’s going to have to deal with this weight crap for a long time. She is talented beyond belief and if the word on the Silver Linings Playbook holds she is heading for an Oscar. She’s also beautiful and likable…so all people have left to attack her on is not conforming to the “approved” bodytype. It’s the last way to try and “control” her. So insane.

  16. GrandPoobah says:

    The sweaters are awful-the whole styling of this shoot is weird and budget.

    Anyway, I don’t think people thought she was fat necessarily, when they were talking about her playing Katniss. They were saying that in the books, Katniss looks like she’s been starving and Jennifer Lawrence looks super healthy and fit. It wasn’t about ‘not being a size two’. It was about fitting who the character is and was and how skinny she was is somewhat integral to conveying the desperation and hopelessness of her situation in a starving district.

    By the way, people also complained about how short the other actor was and you didn’t hear him whining about it.

    • mel says:

      THIS! Plus, she said in an interview that she doesn’t believe in changing her appearence for a role so, basically, she said that what Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, Robert De Niro do is just bullshiit. And now the Academy is going to give her an Oscar for being an entitled startlet who craves fame and doesn’t care about acting AT ALL.

    • LAK says:


    • claire says:

      Yep. That’s how I remember it going down too.

    • TG says:

      I prefer Jennifer’s tough physique to Angelia Jolie’s starving frame. I read the books and I understand what you are saying but when the Jolie tries to play a tough gal I just laugh and can’t see any strength in her and I could believe JLaw was Katniss. I think few people could get super skinny and be physically tough. I know long-distance runners are but how many actors are going to be able to train 8 hours a day running. Show me a starving celeb who looks physically strong and capable of all that was required of Katniss. There aren’t any. Anorexia is not recommended for anyone and what Christian Bale did wasn’t healthy for him. I remember Matt Damon did an interview about how he lost a ton of weight for a role and how it harmed his health. Why directors support this is beyond me.

  17. LiaB says:

    I think Jennifer is a true natural beauty who needs minimal makeup and has a perfect slim, healthy body shape, and is very stunning on screen, this photo shoot is awful though. Lots of actresses who people claim to be nothing special actually look way better on film such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively.

  18. Franny says:

    It’s like they couldn’t be bothered to find not size clothes, so they just stuck her in a bunch of ugly sweaters

  19. Michele says:

    I like Jennifer but I don’t like this photoshoot at all. Vogue hasn’t been impressing me much lately. They get beautiful actresses for their covers but the inside photoshoots always seem to miss the mark.

  20. lw says:

    I own a vintage shop, and trust me. Many hipster girls her age are obsessed with these types of sweaters. She’s wearing the designer versions of vintage ones I sell every day. I like the styling except for her hair.

  21. Hakura says:

    It kind of reminds me of something out of the 70’s (Not in a good way). They could’ve done so much to accentuate how beautiful she is, but it looks like they couldn’t be bothered. Hell, I could do better than that on her photos.

  22. kudzuqueen says:

    THIS is your everyday 80s look. THAT is 80s wallpaper. Our hair was an underwhelming mess. I remember. I am permanently scarred by it. Even humiliated by it by my middle school children referring to it as the 70s.

    • zenb!tch says:

      That’s Farrah Fawcett hair from the late 70s. I may have only been 7 years old in the late 70s but I remember it because I wanted it (without the split ends). My 80s hair was a lot bigger than that.

  23. mel says:

    “Oh God, yes, I’m so tired of the lollipops. I mean, if I looked like that I wouldn’t be tired of it, obviously.
    Well, you’re speaking up because YOU ARE NOT LIKE THAT AND WISH TO! This girl needs to shut up. She said that real women have curves well, Jennifer, real women are thin too, you know? Just because you’re built a different way and receive shiit because of that doesn’t mean you can talk shiit about other women’s bodies.

    • Amelia says:

      I think she was referring to the size zero culture that’s plaguing Hollywood at the moment rather than those who are naturally built that way.
      Geez, take a valium. She’s not Goop, you know. If Goop had her way she’d lock up anyone over a size 2 in a dungeon until they’ve got down to whatever size Tracy Anderson says is acceptable.

      • mel says:

        Well, the thing is that GOOP sellss that image but Jennifer plays the “I’m just like you” card and she made derogatory comments more than once. Just because she is not built a certain way it doesn’t mean she can say things like that. Plus, if she’s trying to sell the “I’m a strong woman”, making derogatory comments about other women doesn’t work.

      • mst says:

        I think the Goopster would just execute all of us who wear a size 12 or over.

    • KC says:

      But she didn’t say anything about people who are naturally skinny, she specifically said lollipops, which is a reference to people who are so unnaturally thin that they have lost so much muscle mass that their head is no longer in proportion to their body.

      • mel says:

        We’re talking about old interviews or, basically, every interview she does because she’s always asked the same weight related questions and she always has a new derogatory expression to talk about skinny girls.

  24. bettyrose says:

    She’s so pretty and has a fabulous figure, but I don’t think it helps that she was cast in a role of a character who’s supposed to be underdeveloped from a starved childhood. The book says repeatedly that she’s smaller than the other tributes, and this goddess is tall and voluptuous – but she’s a great Katniss, so I’m willing to suspend disbelief.

    • KC says:

      I think part of the problem was that they didn’t properly cast the careers. They were supposed to be HUGE, the tallest kids in their district and really muscular from years of training, but they cast kids that ranged from medium-large to small, and the girls didn’t really have much muscle tone. If they had looked for super-athletic kids to play the careers, then JLaw would have looked small in comparison.

      • says:

        Great point about the casting -the careers should have looked like olympians. I thought Katniss was too resourceful to be starving but was ravenous for the amount & variety of food made available.

  25. la chica says:

    She is playing a character who has been HUNGRY for all of her life. She is not credible in the role from the perspective of her physical appearance. This is not a criticism however of her acting which is so splendid that you suspend disbelief and accept her as Katniss. That said, she is beginning to irritate me with this holier than thou attitude about her body. Get over yourself Jennifer. Hollyweird is chuck full of skinny actresses who are at least just as talented as you are, if not more so. And I hate it when ppl use quotes from co-stars as validation of an actor’s talent. They are ALL just trying to sell a movie. Don’t put so much stock in tneir praise of the fat-faced but talented girl.

    • bettyrose says:

      @La Chica – but isn’t it kind of sick that she’s criticized for not looking like a sickly hunger victim? I mean, the part calls for that, but any criticism should be about the choice of casting, not directed personally at the actress.

      • jilly says:

        She did a fantastic job in the role but I agree that she is much too fat in the face to be a hungry Katniss. The problem is not with the casting. The problem is her refusal to lose the 15-20 lbs that would have made her her more believable in the role. Most actors would have been willing to go method for the privilege of playing such an outstanding role. If she is unwilling to do that, then shut up about it. Don’t go around whining about people calling you out for being too fat for the role of a hungry teen. Understand that this has nothing to do with her day-to-day body. She looks perfectly normal and fine. It has to do with playing the part of a starving teenager.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      I’m 100% certain that the interviewers are bringing up the body image stuff, not her. Because they know it’s attention-grabbing of course. And yes, i suppose it can be annoying when an author fills up their interview with quotes from other actors.

  26. Olive says:

    It’s VERY hipster but her face still looks fantastic

  27. flan says:

    Read some critic whining about her rescuing the less robust male character in the Hunger Games.

    One other reason why I don’t respect most critics anymore. It’s basically a bunch of old men wanting to see the same story (damsel in distress saved by guy) over and over again. No intelligence in that at all.

    Glad Jennifer doesn’t let them influence her.

  28. Reece says:

    It looks 70’s-ish. I get it now. “Retro” Like suburban teenage 70’s. She’s not a kid. They could have done better. It fails to make it interesting when all you see are her face and these oddball sweaters. These are basically head shots.

    And Jennifer, dear, Hollywood people don’t matter. It’s a job as you say. HW people don’t buy the tickets that bring in money. We do. We know you aren’t fat. Therefore, next time you’re asked (and you will because reporters today are effing lazy), just politely say I’m sorry but I don’t want to answer that question anymore.

  29. thinkaboutit says:

    Of course she’s in sweaters because she can’t possibly fit into the sample sized, next season, pre-production clothes that fill Vogue’s closets. She’s a big girl. I think she wears it well and yes it’s refreshing blah blah blah…but there aren’t enough seams to be let out to get her into a size 2, even with help from photoshop/lighting/camera angles.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      If Vogue could find high-fashion clothing to fit Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and other curvy women then I’m sure they could find plenty of clothes to fit JLaw who is likely a size 4-6.

      There was no reason to subject her to this Bill Cosby styling.

      • Chatcat says:

        Hi Kit! See what I said upthread. I believe that is why Vogue did the spread the way they did. Of course they can find stunning clothes and backdrops for any size, shape, age woman…but I don’t believe that was the point of “this spread”. I love that Vogue went with a spread of who she is and not what they could create her to be. 🙂

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Chat-
        You might have a point but this is just a terrible pictorial, period.

        The composition is awful (why are they all torso/head shots?), it looks like these were full pics that were intentionally cropped to look odd. The old-school appliances and bad wallpaper are a distraction. You can’t even see the sweaters she’s wearing because they’re all cropped out of the pic. It just seems like a huge fashion marketing failure and a double failure for making a beautiful girl look like she’s lost, trapped in a 70s technicolor nightmare.

        I get the idea of making her look “down-to-earth and wholesome”, but this photo shoot just isn’t working on so many levels.

        I feel like someone at Vogue just ran out of ideas…

      • LAK says:

        Met her rather randomly this summer. She’s a 12/14UK sizing which is 8/10USA.height approx 5ft 7in-ish. She’s not skinny/slim/small boned etc. It rather made a sharp contrast to Nicholas Hoult who is super skinny and very tall approx 6ft 4in-ish. If he were a woman I would say he was size zero.

      • Chatcat says:

        Kit, I know it wasn’t a great pictorial at all … so NOT Vogue, and that is the brilliance and imagination I see in this campaign I like to think of as keeping it real! 🙂

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      She is NOT a “big girl.” She is a normal girl! That’s the point of the article.
      It’s also not why she is in sweaters. When Vogue booked her I’m sure they got her size info. They can call up designers and have the proper size sent over.

      • mst says:

        More women are her size than wear size 2 (no, there is nothing wrong with being naturally slim, so don’t start).

      • bobbie says:

        I wouldn’t even say she’s normal. She’s way skinnier than “normal.” She looks great, thin and athletic. I do agree that this shoot is beyond ugly though.

      • thinkaboutit says:

        There are no “proper sizes” in the clothes they show in magazines. Those clothes haven’t even made it to production yet, thus the sample sizes.

        I could be 100% wrong and that’s fine, but the idea that they can get next season’s clothes in the size they desire is wrong, too.

    • KC says:

      As it has already been pointed out, they could have just contacted the designers to get her size. But if Vouge was too lazy to do that (or they couldn’t do that because they wanted to do something with couture), they could have just added extenders in the back of dresses like JLo famously did when she wore Oscar de la Renta for Elle in 2008.

  30. Trishy says:

    Burt Convy? Bedhead, I love you.

  31. Luffy says:

    Wow look at those split ends. Someone needs a trim.

  32. Lisa says:

    lmao @ “at least they got me using my hands.”

  33. Kaboom says:

    That shoot would have better fit into Grandma’s Knitting Magazine.

  34. jilly says:

    She looks and interviews as bland and boring.

  35. A Fan says:

    Leave the modelling to the models.

  36. Team Kristen says:

    Love this girl! She’s here to stay and Hollywood is better for it. Get rid of the bimbos and replace them all with JLs.

  37. tru tru says:

    I like her she’s a naturally pretty girl.

  38. Anna00 says:

    I wish she’d stop talking about her weight. I know it’s not her fault, they keep asking her, but can’t she just not answer this kind of questions? It’s getting boring.

    • Ann Emmess says:

      Take a look at the comments to the Christina Hendricks post last week where she refused to talk about her body. As it turns out no, an actress is never allowed to refuse to talk about any part of her person. After all, she signed up for a role where people noticed her body when she used it to play the role, and therefore has committed to talk defensively about how fat she isn’t for the rest of time.

  39. SHump says:

    You meant “kerfuffle”, right?

  40. Brianne Emal says:

    Seeing as it is Vogue…who promotes vigorously that .05 pound model physique, I almost think that they put her in these ugly bulky sweaters in order to hide her “fat” i.e. normal persons body…thoughts?

    • zenb!tch says:

      I didn’t see your comment until I posted mine below. My thoughts exactly.

      Vogue knows she will sell magazines because most women love Katniss but they can’t figure out what to do with Katniss’ body. She’s not model size and she is not plus size. She doesn’t fit into their categories. Other magazines have done a better job with Melissa McCarthy (a better job than MMs horrid stylist does).

  41. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Adore her in general. She’s a great actress and I have a lot of hope for her. On a side note bedhead, most people take the word trashy to kinda mean slutty or derogatory in some way, not underdone.

  42. cara says:

    I actually like the idea of it, if not the execution. They seem to have been going for alll-American 1970’s effortlessness, and J. Law is perfect for that– I mean, look at her skin… I love that they didn’t cover up the freckles.

    I’ll give you that they could done more with that vibe though. The sweaters are kind of blah.

  43. dana says:

    she can’t skank it up in a mag shoot…she’s Katniss..our new superhero..KStew just started cutting herself..again

  44. Mira says:

    How many more Jennifer Lawrence interviews to go where she’s defending her size? Understand that lazy-ass journos bring it up in every interview but it’s not like she can’t decline answering that redundant question.

  45. keats says:

    This looks like a photo homage to the movie Fargo.

  46. natalina says:

    she is sooooooo hot

  47. zenb!tch says:

    I can see why you think this layout is “trashy”. It looks low end. The lighting is off and you can see the fried ends on her hair – um… where was photoshop?

    She’s a lovely young woman and I like the minimal make up but they are hiding her in bulky sweaters and distracting with hideous 70s set pieces.

    After reading the comments about her weight it makes me wonder if Vogue was trying to hide her (begin sarcasm) horrible overweight body . (end of sarcasm)

    If she thinks or has been told or has had it implied that she is too big for Hollywood that makes her HUGE by fashion standards.

    On a serious note I have noticed that movie actresses are the er… um… largest of the bunch at a size 2 to 6 range. TV actresses are more lollipoppy and the worst are models because they tend to not even be toned. Has anyone ever watched the skin flap on their arms when they walk down the Angels catwalk?

    The exception being the Brazilian girls who just seem to be born with impossibly perfect bodies – likely because they are triracial.

  48. shannon says:

    O … M … G! That wallpaper is seriously the EXACT wallpaper that was in the dining room of a house my parents were looking at while househunting 25 years ago. It was an okay house otherwise, but I will never forget my mom saying “I just can’t get past the wallpaper. All that fruit! I don’t want to have to replace it, let’s keep looking.”

  49. Kelly says:

    I love JLaw, hope the criticism of her weight does not start getting to her.

  50. slh says:

    Can someone name me these supposedly skinny Hollywood actresses? Outside of a few (Keira Knightley, Thandie Newton, etc) most actresses are NOT ridiculously skinny. I often hear from people [who romanticize the past] that old Hollywood actresses were so much ‘curvier’ but there’s honestly not that much of a difference between than and now.

  51. savedbykittylitter says:

    Fassy physically perfect in every way?? I like him but c’mon, lovely interview but tired of hearing her about defending her weight yeah Jen we get it you are not Vicky Beckham size it’s ok, sadly I think eventually she will lose weight and look like all the others it happens to everybody in hollywood they start with a healthy body and then while ageing they end up like skeletons like ALL OF THEM hope she will be the exception…

  52. mln89 says:

    this pictorial is atrocious by vogue standards. i do think she has a great body, and i find it hard to believe that anyone seriously thinks she’s overweight. she has body fat, muscle mass, and a healthy and attractive shape. it’s better then the eating- disordered, 12 year old boy look that so many hollywood starlets starve themselves down to.

  53. Miss Bennett says:

    Just think, some day people might be able to comment on her interviews without bringing up Kristen Stewart. We live in hope.

  54. Sara says:

    the hair is just awful

  55. Jules says:

    I think Jennifer looks beautiful and I really enjoyed the editorial, Lawrence is honest, unfiltered and very funny. I don’t detect any aires about her; it seems pretty much what you see is what you get. My daughter tells me that these sweaters are indeed very popular right now so, I suppose that figured into Vogue having Jennifer photographed wearing them (I’m a big fan of these kinds of sweaters myself so I get it). I like Jennifer, and the buzz around her performance for Silver Linings Playbook grows bigger everyday, I can’t wait to see the film.