Johnny Depp’s camp: Amber Heard is ‘not needy,’ unlike his exes

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp already married Amber Heard in an intimate home ceremony last week, but that didn’t stop this weekend’s island party. Johnny invited many of his rock ‘n’ roll buddies to a second wedding celebration at his Bahamas getaway. All is well right now in Scarfland. Amber’s willing to put up with Johnny’s career slump and midlife crisis, which is fine. She has her work cut out for her, and I don’t envy her fate in the press.

Something is amiss in all the press coverage of the marriage. A Depp source keeps phoning up People to spill details. This source might be the same one who called Amber a “free spirit because now she’s described as a “free thinker.” What does that even mean? I don’t know. Whether or not Johnny has give his blessing to this source, a lot of shade’s being tossed in the direction of Vanessa Paradis:

“[Amber] is a free thinker,” a longtime friend of Depp’s tells People. “Her presence has changed his life.”

Depp, 51, and Heard, 28, got engaged in 2012 after heating up the screen as on-screen lovers in the Hunter S. Thompson adaptation a year earlier.

The key to their lasting romance, an entertainment source says, is that being with Heard is so different from Depp’s past relationships.

“Amber is a woman who can survive just fine without him,” the source tells People. “She is not needy. He likes that.”

[From People]

I can buy the part about how Amber “can survive just fine” without Johnny, mostly because he seems like the insecure one in this relationship. I still don’t know what she sees in him beyond the obvious (status and money) that he has to offer.

What I don’t accept is the shade being thrown towards Vanessa, who is a successful singer and actress without Johnny’s influence. I don’t think Johnny’s even the one behind this smear campaign. Scarfy can barely form a complete sentence onstage. He doesn’t have the energy to trash anyone, especially the mother of his children. People’s source is consistent and likely a member of Johnny’s entourage, but it’s not Johnny himself.

The media keeps trying to say Vanessa’s really upset about Johnny’s romances and boozy behavior, and I doubt she cares at all. Vanessa put up with Scarfmonster for over a decade, and she’s over it. There’s also the possibility that someone’s implicity trashing Wino Forever, but that’s a stretch.

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

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  1. jinni says:

    I think this is less about Vanessa and more an attack on the idea that Amber is a golddigger that needs him image that everyone believes. She probably doesn’t like that everyone thinks she just wants to be a kept woman and live off his fame and riches. Because there is nothing directly from the alleged Depp source that bring up his other relationships or that actually points to a dig about Vanessa. The part that bring up his past relationship is all on the staff writer for People which could simply be their interpretation of this quote but not what the allege JD source meant. But I’m sure people will still blame JD for it.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      Same idea .In more Depp’s some ex-girlfriends ( Winona,Moss,Paradis) were famous before they date.
      I’m pretty sure Paradis and Depp had some troubles when they stop to go together at official events

    • Holly says:

      I half agree. I think this is either someone from camp Depp trying to make Amber look good and stop some of the talk about her being a gold digger and so much younger or it is someone from Ambers side feeling insecure and trying to make it look like she is the love of his life. Either way it is coming across as shady and not really working. Vanessa seems perfectly happy though which is good.

      • FLORC says:

        Could be.
        My gut reaction was It’s likely a source that hears the casual praise and trashing of Depp’s new love and old loves.
        That there’s still shade or raising Amber up, but tearing the others down is a red flag.
        If I was in Amber’s position I would certainly get insecure over time if I was to stay with him. He cheats/finds jumpoffs, abuses substances/boozehound, and is indulging in his midlifecrisis without consequence.

        And Amber is already needy. She needed a better position in Hollywood so she got a few mag covers and awards. And she needed a bigger trailer than Gary Oldman.
        Would she still have married Depp if he was a man of lesser wealth, but still wealthy and with far less hollywood pull? I greatly doubt it.

        Amber appears to have all the depth of a pot smoking, hipster, college student with that “free spirit/thinking” vibe. And this has been the case long before Depp was ever even in the picture.

    • Jane says:


    • MCraw says:

      She’s not needy because she’s gay. Being straight for pay is common for these people.

      • sticker shock says:

        ‘ Being straight for pay is common for these people. ‘
        I’m offended by this. Not least because she’s bisexual, or at least claims to be so, and I hate hate hate that people pretend that that’s a made up orientation, or forget that it exists at all. And ‘these people” as if stooping for pay or status was more natural for one group of people vs another is just sh*t, period.

        Having said all THAT, I don’t think this chick has any genuine love or attraction to Depp, and that has nothing to do with her being, gay, straight or bi.

      • Holly says:

        I agree with sticker shock. It’s really frustrating that people have such an issue with bisexuality and just can’t seem to get their heads around it. I also agree though that this relationship is most likely not what they want you to believe it is and these ‘sources’ just support that.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Congratulations to them.
      They wanted marriage ,good luck to them.

      I wish them the best and hope Amber and Johnny have a wonderful marriage.

  2. Luca76 says:

    Oh please Amber really does need at least his name and his fame.

  3. Ann says:

    She is money hungry and wants him to make her a star. That’s something his exes never needed since they had successful careers of their own.

  4. ClaireB says:

    The thing is..define needy . People have very different takes on this word.

  5. Ivy says:

    Sounds about right, Vanessa is soooo needy she never even looked back lol
    Johnny needs to do Pirates 25 for the love of REAL ART and shut the f*ck up about the mother of his kids.

    • Willa says:

      Lol! Pirate’s 25!!! Can you imagine?!

    • Sarah says:

      ITA. Vanessa is fine, thank you very much. She has two kids, a new guy (I hear) and her career that has been going on since before she met Depp.

    • CharlieXX says:

      Did you actually read the story? Because nobody said anything about Vanessa.. Depp said nothing but nice things about her post-breakup so don’t talk as if he trashed her publicly. He also never said that he is doing Pirates sequel for the love of REAL ART.

      • Holly says:

        The story is throwing shade towards no ex in particular but given that Vanessa is his most recent and most long term love, people will jump to conclusions. Also nobody said that the story came from Johnny. It would seem more likely that it came from a jealous Amber or someone from her side. It’s a load of trash talk anyway. Vanessa is clearly loved up and her new man is hot. Much hotter than Depp in his current state.

      • CharlieXX says:

        @Holly Much hotter than Depp? Really? He is not hotter than Depp at his worst state. Not with that face

        Come on now..

  6. NewWester says:

    Why some celebrities (side eye to Sean Penn) insist on throwing shade at ex’s I will never understand. You have all moved on to new relationships, just let it go. In particular if you have children together, like it or not you will be in each other’s lives for the rest of your days. Graduations, marriages, grandchildren, etc will have ex’s thrown together at some point. Throwing shade at a ex in my view really hurts the children
    If you can’t do that then just use that old saying” if you have nothing good to say, just say nothing”

    • Jegede says:

      It seems Depp’s family have been adding fuel to the fire

      And if this story is to be believed then Vanessa and Johnny were going to end with or without Amber.
      I personally have never bought the idea that they had a great love between them.I do think the bond was primarily the one they both had for their children.

      • Ginger says:

        I vividly recall Johnny saying something once about chewing his own arm off to get back to Vanessa and his kids while away from them. I always though it was sweet how he seemed so devoted to them. How things change!

      • Leona says:

        Thank you Jegede. I think Vanessas supporters are either very ignorant of that woman or have some obsession with her that erases all her sketchiness. This is the woman who fell woopsies pregnant in under 3 months of them meeting. Now we know accidents do happen but I side eye the woman whos livelihood is based around her looks and her sexiness who claims not to be on birth control. Please! And then lets just say that she was on something and it failed….how convinient that it happened to be with the worlds most eligible bachelor of the day and not one of her useless exes.

        Vanessa snagged him at his most vulnerable. Wasnt he just out of rehab too? Anyway, the pregnancy gave him an anchor with which to fight for his sobriety and she was smart enough to know that once he was in, he would stick it out as long as he could. He was clearly miserable those last few years, he went back to binge drinking and who knows what. And shes back at it with an addict/ex addict in her recent relationship. This is not a good woman.

      • Jane says:

        @Can’t believe this… In fact, they are and that’s why they all attended the engagement party and this wedding. Everyone loves Amber and what does her being a bisexual has to do with anything? She isn’t “making” advantage on anything. She’s rich and accomplished herself.

      • FLORC says:

        Rich and accomplished herself…
        Please explain.
        Sure, she had a career, but by large Amber was a cute blonde and marketed herself as a hot bi tomboy. She made the biggest deal out of her sexuality and has done so for years relentlessly. She wouldn’t have stodd out from the crowd without reminding us. Not shaming her. Just stating she isn’t simply bi. She’s bi and needs the world to remember.
        She had a few movies that were not great and her acting was nothing special. Had she not met Depp she would still be struggling imo for work. Even now what she’s in are not great movies and her acting is not seen as talent.

        Yes she could get by without Depp and continue to act, but she wouldn’t get the jobs she’s getting now or the mag covers or the awards.

      • kat says:

        There’s another part on this interview where the actual partner (which i don’t think Johnny would like) of Billy Rassel (Johnny’s nephew) talk about Amber and yeah! they seems heads over heels in love with her too. According to her, Amber has a great relationship with the family and especially with Johnny’s children, that she’s all about those kids and love them and they are really sweet together because they looked as a family since the beginning so the family only can hope Johnny and Amber to start having babies soon.
        Also that woman claims she was present (and all the family) when Johnny proposed to Amber and it was on Christmas in 2013, and it was very beautiful and sweet, etc.
        Now, in my opinion it makes sense they like her, because his family seems very present in every stage of this couple. And even more present that in all the time he was with Vanessa, because even his mother was living in Kentucky and now she lives in Los Angeles because Johnny brough to have her near

      • Ashley says:

        you are aware that it takes 2 to make a child, right? Vanessa didn’t get pregnant by herself. She never relied on looks and sexiness to get her career ahead like this Heard chick. Creativity and talent is what made Vanessa Paradis a success.

        Yeah, the presence of Amber Heard has definitely changed his life. Since his split from Paradis, he’s been a drunken and bloated hot mess in front of the whole world. There are even reports that he is using heroin.

        Amber is far from rich and accomplished. She makes a few hundred thousand for her straight-to-DVD films. What else has she done? She’s playing some stripper in the upcoming Magic Mike film.
        I put nothing past Amber. She herself probably is the source who spoke to People. This is the same woman who played the bisexual card nonstop a few years ago.

    • funcakes says:

      I forgot about Penn. He’s a piece of work all by himself. He think everyone stop existing until he walks into the room. He makes john look fun loving.

    • JK says:

      @Leona – I’ve read this being said before, that Vanessa got pregnant supposedly deliberately to trap him! I doubt this story though as part of his reason for leaving Kate Moss he said was because he wanted children and she didn’t feel ready to settle down like that. It would then add up that he and Vanessa fall head over heels for each other and decide to have a baby pretty early on.

    • Can't believe this... says:

      @Jane: “She’s rich and accomplished herself.” So was his ex. She didn’t even have to marry him. And when it comes to sexuality, being bisexual is nothing in this century, absolutly nothing (even when it’s used as a marketing trick to wanna-be-movie-stars). But what seems a little bit vulgar and double-faced, is the way Depp-clan is acting towards Depp’s ex. Decent people don’t insult the mother of their grandchildren (or relatives, whatever) a) because it’s rude and b) especially because it’s harming the kids. And when have you read anything disrespectful Depp’s ex or her family has said about her former mother-in-law and relatives, probably alcoholic ex-husband and all this s**t she’s been through since their split and before? I guess the big reason for people hating mr. Depp and his fiancee at the moment is the fact, that they are acting absolutly nasty with their pr-team. Justice is a big value for many people.

      And why on earth are they hanging on Depp’s ex that hard anyway, when she has already moved on and lives very quiet life, it seems? Why do they have to prove anything or defame her? It’s kind of absurd.

      I also need to say, I’m not a fan of Depp, although I think he has been good actor sometimes. There’s also nothing romantic in my point of view, I’m more into sportive guys, like my husband. But seeing these headlines time and time again makes me kind of angry. Can’t kind of believe this is going. It’s too bizarre. Perhaps not in Hollywood standards though, but in real life.

  7. LAK says:

    Well, he may have a point about Kate Moss. She checked herself into the rehab after they broke up. At the time, speculation was that it was primarily the heart break that drove her there.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      But it’s Moss who didn’t want to marry him ( she thought she was too young )

  8. Maum says:

    Well Vanessa is happily dating Benjamin Biolay (and has been for a while) so I don’t think she’s that bothered.

  9. Artemis says:

    ‘lasting romance’ – what lasting romance? His previous relationships were usually 3-4 years.

    “She is not needy. He likes that.” He’s the needy one.
    This is exactly the same pattern he always follows. Younger skinny blonde – always together – engagement. This time, he finally got married.

  10. patricia says:

    Vanessa is a parasite, johnny got a House for her in los angeles.and she accepted, because she’s a gold digger, I didn’t know whether to keep alone.

    • Luca76 says:

      He got a house for her AND THEIR CHILDREN sounds like a decent thing to do.

    • Charlotte_ says:

      Wow, vanessa is what? She is succsessful on her own. Shes a sucsessfull actres in france and did commercials for chanel. A house in LA? Wow, depp is very very rich, i think this is not a big deal for him. And they have 2 children. Shes been with him for 14 years. We’ll see how long this marriage with amber will last. And vanessa was popular before depp, who knew about amber before depp? Actors are overpaid anyway so its not a big deal to share this undeserved money for his kids and their mother. What else did she got? They wasnt married. If vanessa was greedy, she would have forced depp to marry her but she didnt, she didnt wanted, he did. Shes french, they are different!

      • Tracy says:

        I honestly never heard of Amber before she got with Depp. She is with him for a reason. That much is obvious.

      • Ginger says:

        Isn’t Vanessa also a singer? And it’s not like she didn’t date high profile men prior to Depp. How long was she with Lenny Kravitz?

    • Ivy says:

      A house? Oh dear, how extravagant!
      Does she use this house to raise his children in his country, in the city where he get paid handsomely to do bad movies under layers of pathetic make-up? Shameful of HER, indeed. Bad, bad, bad Vanessa.

      • FLORC says:

        Right. If VP wanted an island now i’d throw shade.
        That commentor is reaching by accusing VP of golding digging because she got a house in LA from Depp for her and their mutual children.
        And It sounds like he gave them a home there so they can visit and have a home base in the states.
        How scandalous!

    • vauvert says:

      Ummm… When two partners with children separate after a long relationship, there is usually child support and spousal support involved. The wealthier partner ends up transferring part of that wealth in cash or real estate or investments. How exactly does that make Vanessa a gold digger?? Every divorce follows this pattern, whether the wealth is in millions or tens of millions. Not only that, but unless you happened to negotiate their financial settlement, or they jointly had a press release detailing those arrangements… How do you even know this!

    • Artemis says:

      Poor Johnny, he’s probably crying over this loss with his new young wife on their ISLAND.

      And if you’re upset about that then I pray for your veins when he gets a divorce. Heard can get much more than Paradis. I haven’t heard anything about a pre-nup and he certainly behaves like an old fool who would get married without one lol.

      • Jane says:

        Yeah, no. He’s got a lot of advisers around him, he is not a fool to not have a prenup and of course we wouldn’t hear about it. A divorce is not happening anytime soon so don’t worry!

      • FLORC says:

        Not soon, but in a few years? It wouldn’t be unlikely.

        Right now Johnny needs Amber. He’s going through some things. He’s aging, his movies are not doing well, and he’s again indulging in things not so healthy. That party hard lifestyle is still happening for him and it shows on his face.
        Amber brings youth to the table. She’s fun and free and along for the ride wtih him. And when Amber’s career struggles because of Depp or soars outside of Depp will he be upset or clingy? Will their passionate love hold strong?
        I think there are lots of red flags here. To ignore them is to replace their history with a rose tinted version.

      • Artemis says:


        They should advise him not to honor a friend in public while drunk. And to choose better films.

        Remember, this is a guy that likes to consider himself like ’12th-graders, the guys with more experience than the ninth-graders, the ones that the girls want to fuck.’ as his dear friend Manson postulates. Like are prenups suitable for 12th graders? Sounds to much like a thing for old uncool folks, all that responsibility and maturity. Johnny rather rocks out with hot chick on his arm, fuck yeah, rock ‘n roll.

    • JaneFr says:

      yeah, a parasite that started to earn her own money when she was a teenager, still earn it (60-75 millions in the last years) and whose personal fortune is estimated around 275 millions euros.

  11. Tracy says:

    What a crappy thing to say.

    And scarfmonster is the best!! I will never be able to call Depp anything but Scarfmonster now!!

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:


    • FLORC says:

      Are you “Bleak”ing to the marriage? Or the shade casted on his ex’s?
      I hope it’s the latter. Because many strong loves have bloomed out of a caretaker and their charge. I think it’s sweet 🙂

  13. Elly says:

    she truly is different from his exes. I know we have to hate him just because he has a younger wife now and that means midlife crises blabla, but the truth is his exes all were stick thin drug users (like he was!). Amber looks super healthy in comparison.

    • Ivy says:

      Thin women= drug users?

    • FLORC says:

      Drugs aside I bet Johnny still indulges. I would draw more that his exs were enablers. That’s the factor that would be most harmful to the relationship and his health. Think about it. The exs that used. Was that bad because they used or because they created an environment where using was more acceptable/accessible? And Amber appears to be enabling Depp to indulge without consequence. His last few appearances he’s been filthy, sloppy, and appeared to be extremely under the influence. And for his actions he gets a lovely young bride.

      I don’t think Depp can be alone with himself. And that’s not healthy. Relationships, based finances, status, and need are terrible foundations for relatioships. Also starting 1 while still in another.

  14. InvaderTak says:

    She doesn’t need help swinging that shovel? Good to know.

  15. funcakes says:

    Why do they have to put outany press at all? His career must be inthe toilet because when he was with the mother of his children you would barely know anything about him. Now we know to much.

    John seems to be some text book example of how to dress like a bohemian douche actor. For god sake just put on a t shirt and jeans and call it a day.

    If amber was smart she would just keep a secret apartment where she could just to escape the doucery when it’s all over. Which will be soon.

    • FLORC says:

      Why the press? When it’s real you just see it. You don’t need to put out statements claiming what should be obvious. And even if you do it’s regarding your personal life and you shouldn’t care that much. If this was Star or another I wouldn’t give it a 2nd thought. Instead it’s People. So, we know there’s someone being desperate.

      I always side eye “sources” claiming couples are so in love or rumors swirling are not true. If it’s not true there’s no smoke/no fire. Why becomeso defensive and give the rumors credibility by acknowledging them.

      • Jane says:

        Johnny Depp is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and there’s so much interest in his personal life, there has to be press about his relationship because nobody really knows what’s going on with him as he’s a private person who rarely makes appearances. And if he was desperate, there would have been photos of the engagement party and the wedding. Clooney is desperate for publicity, Depp is not.

      • Ashley says:

        Jane, there is not much interest in Johnny or his personal life these days. Since hi hooked up with Amber, there have been way too many stories given to tabloids by sources, way too many public outings for him and Amber. He and his team are clearly trying to make her a star. They go to almost every event and pose for the cameras. Even back in the 90’s during the Winona and Kate years, he was never this much in the news/gossip rounds. It has to be Amber leaking stories. There were pics of the engagement party and soon you’ll be seeing pics of the wedding leaked by Amber and her friends on social media.
        I think it’s time you realize Depp is just another attention whore in Hollywood, like the rest of them are.

  16. athena says:

    Call me insane but I actually like them as a couple.If you leave the crazy tabloids and rumours aside they appear to be a very low key happy couple.And they also seem to have a lot in common.I’m gonna make the difference and wish them good luck and happiness now that they are married!As for Vanessa..I don’t know I’ve read some not so good stuff about her over the years and I think she is not the saint that gossip sites picture her to be.There was a report some days ago that she and Johnny split cause she didn’t have a good relationship with his mother.I like her but I just don’t think she is THAT good.Anyway I hope they are both happy in their lives and and it’s going to be interesting to see how Johnny will be like as a married man and Amber as his wife!

    • Ginger says:

      They certainly look happy. And contrary to what some may think I see a cute couple too. BUT the age difference is strange to me. I just don’t know how people can make that work. Not just in Hollywood but any couple with a large age gap.

      • athena says:

        You know,I think that it depends.I don’t know if I could be in a relationship with that age gap but some people(not only celebrities)have no problem with it.I have met a couple with 20 years age gap and they have been married for more than 40 years.I think that sometimes people just ”click” no matter their age.I think that when you really love someone age is just a number.I really do wish that people will leave them alone at last after their wedding.They don’t owe anyone anything it’s their life.

      • FLORC says:

        It can work and does work, but it is a huge hurdle.
        And when it works there’s a strong foundation. I don’t think 1. Depp and heard have been together long enough to just enjoy eachothers company. They’re still getting to know and learn about eachother.
        2. Depp isn’t honest with himself. He can’t be alone. So, he can’t address why he’s with Amber. He can give reasons, but none that really address why he can’t be without someone. I bet this guys has some serious inner demonds.
        Just my opinion.

  17. snowflake says:

    of course, she’s not needy. she’s with him for his money only, wtf does she care what he does? less time with her equals more time to spend as she wishes

    • PennyLane says:

      Bingo…she isn’t needy because she doesn’t care.

      Now that they’re married, she’ll never have to work again. What’s there to care about? Which scarf to wear??

    • Melanie says:

      Perfectly stated. “free thinker” = I don’t have kids with you so no real obligation. Do whatever you want.

      That’s definitely shade towards Vanessa. I imagine she may have had some opinions about Johnny’s life choices given they had a longterm relationship AND children.

  18. nan says:

    Good for him that he’s found an independent partner even if he’s old enough to be her (cough*father*cough). But maybe he needs her help finding some clothes that fit. We keep seeing his skinny neck swimming in those giant suits!

  19. MrsBPitt says:

    “Her presence has changed his life”….yeah, but not for the better! His movies are all failing, he is a drunken mess, always looks hung over….it’s a mid-life crisis…he looks like a fool!

    • Jane says:

      Actually, she changed it for the better. His personal life has nothing to do with his career and not all of his recent movies failed, Into the Woods was a huge hit (his role is small but they used him largely for the promotional campaign). Just because he was drunk at an award show 3+ months ago it doesn’t mean that he is always drunk. He is happy and obviously much happier than he was with Vanessa during their last miserable years. It’s far from a mid-life crisis and he doesn’t look like a fool at all. It’s sad that some people think it’s a mid-life crisis just because of his age.

      • FLORC says:

        He’s still drinking, appearing sloppy and unhealthy in public so just imagine how bad it could be in private. And compared to his body of work Depp’s career is tanking. And Into The Woods was a large cast and he was supporting. His character was used minimally when compared to others used for promotion and trailers.
        And he’s only appeared to look worse and act worse in public. That’s a fair platform to assume he’s not being healthy in his private life. Otherwise he wouldn’t come off as such a mess. And not 3+ months ago mess. Mort release mess. That was a week or so ago.

        He might be happier than he was in the tail end of his last 14 year relationship, but wouldn’t anyone be? When relationships go sour anything is better. Depp had already moved on with Amber while with VP too. And he only appears physically worse off.
        I’m making assumptions. You’re stating he’s happy like you have an inside line. Maybe you do. I’m just paying attention.

      • Ashley says:

        Jane, have you seen any photos of Johnny and Amber together? He honestly looks MISERABLE. Where is the “happy”? They have as much chemistry as Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. I do not think I’ve seen even one photo where they genuinely look happy and in sync. It’s always awkward. Body language between them is always off.

  20. Cindy says:

    Good grief those kissing photos are awkward.

  21. Vic says:

    they are beautiful, they combine. Are different from other celebrity couples, which sell for life magazine.

  22. wow says:

    OMG I just saw some paps pics from the island where the ceremony will be held today.It’s so beautiful and romantic.This is gonna be one iddylic wedding and that’s for sure.I hope we get to see photos but I doutb they will let it happen

  23. SilkyP says:

    Whether Heard has changed Depp’s life for the better I don’t know. But I do know that ever since she has been with him, more ‘sources’ than ever have leaked information about his private life to the press. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Heard and her people are the ones leaking these rumors to the press.

    Heard has told W-Magazine before that she feeds false information to her friends to see who she can and cannot trust. And she was known for calling the paparazzi before she got with Depp. This makes me believe that she certainly feels a need to manipulate/control the image the audience has of her.

    • Luca76 says:

      To be fair I think half of the reason Depp is in the tabs now is that he’s based in LA now and not France. I also think he’s back on the radar after the spectacular implosion of his back to back to back box office failures.

      • SilkyP says:

        @Luca76 Sure, moving to LA and the implosion of his career are probably also big reasons for all the attention he is getting these days. Still the vibe I’m getting from Heard is fame hunger. I think she is in love with Johnny, but also very much with his cool, artsy image and his enormous fame and she has hoped all along that some of that would rub off on her. Because so far it hasn’t really worked out, she needs to influence the image the audience has of her and hence all the leaks to the press…

  24. kat says:

    According to an interview with the ex-wife of Johnny’s nephew (they are in a nasty divorce battle too) Vanessa’s a B I T C H with two faces, that had a very bad relationship with the Depp’s family and with Johnny’s mom. And she didn’t like her at all and everybody on his family think she and her family (which i’ve read too in the past) took advantage of Johnny.
    So no an angel at all either. Stop glorifying that woman that nobody knows and in the french media always has been said she’s really hard to get around.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      Nonsense. Which of the French media, exactly? Tell me, I happen to read it regularly. And since when is not loving the in-laws a major flaw? I happen to be guilty too then. No one can tell me who to like or spend time with and not all in-laws are people I’d like in my company. Of course, for someone who is clinging to Johnny with all claws, it’s necessary to be loved by mama. It’s pathetic really.

    • JoJo says:

      Vanessa and Johnny’s sister Christi, who also runs a lot of his business dealings, used to be best friends. They hung out all the time and Christi has even been photographed on the red carpet wearing some of Vanessa’s clothes. She is also still really close to the children’s godparents, and Johnny’s best friend, Bill Carter. This story seems really random if you pay attention to all the facts.

  25. kat says:

    By the way, People was the same magazine claiming they have put the wedding on hold just over a month ago, they aren’t doing his “camp”. They aren’t his PR. That’s “US weekly”

  26. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Must be me, but I get the vibe that he is the desperate and foolish one in this union. Someone told me he has no pre-nup, if this is true, that only proves why I get that “vibe.”

  27. Duo the relationship was rumoured to get on the rocks last year, but they are now together with each other.

  28. scout says:

    Midlife crisis at it’s best, let’s see if this alchemy works and how long. Meanwhile best of luck to Depp, she will be fine either way.

  29. BB17 says:

    It does seem like quite a coincidence that shade gets thrown towards VP on his wedding weekend… I think it’s due in part to her possibly saying to JD” what the hell are doing , snap out of it?” Plus, the kids allegedly weren’t there / aren’t happy with the wedding. If things are truly good and solid, PR doesn’t usually go into overdrive to spin an illusion of something that they want you to perceive… and PR on JDs end has been in overdrive since he got together w/ AH like never before and it’s not just because he lives in Los Angeles… there are. red flags every where

  30. Freudian Slip says:

    I had to re-read this headline lol. Amber Heard is actually VERY needy, unlike Vanessa, who is tres independent and secure in herself. Vanessa has stated many times she never wanted to get married to JD. Ever wonder why? Like she knows something we don’t?? I think Vanessa is quite happy that JD is getting a young caregiver to keep him in line. It’s win-win for Johnny and Vanessa. And Amber gets just what she needs.