Tom Cruise was blocks away from Suri in NYC, still hasn’t seen her for 2 years

Tom Cruise

Going Clear didn’t hurt the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol box office, so Scientology wins this battle. Most critics who watched the documentary in disgust still raved about Tom’s amazing stunts. He’s such a great guy, that Tom! After one week, this movie has earned $75 million in the US and $139 million worldwide. Now I’m even more disgusted than I already was with Scientology. Well played, David Miscavige.

In Touch has a new report that says Tom hasn’t seen Suri in two years. Their last pinpointed daddy-daughter visit is fall 2013, which is better than I thought. The last time we saw photos of them together was when Suri flew to London in November 2012, and Tom spent the weekend filming Edge of Tomorrow. Because stunts. Anyway, we recently heard that Tom wasn’t planning on seeing Suri even though Star made up their periodic story about him quitting the cult after gaining a conscience.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (which already happens with this story), I don’t think Tom will see Suri ever again. He’s still angry about getting called out for inviting a reporter to talk-up his daddy-daughter time and his showy pap walks. To Tom, suing a tabloid into oblivion makes him the correct party. Here’s the latest from In Touch:

Tom Cruise has not visited his daughter Suri in two years, In Touch magazine is reporting exclusively in its new issue. Tom recently spent three days in NYC and was blocks away from his daughter, yet still did not see her.

Tom “was just blocks away from Suri [in New York City] and he didn’t spend a moment of time with her,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch magazine. Adds one of his friends: “That’s the cold, harsh reality.”

Now, multiple sources tell In Touch magazine that it has been nearly two years since Tom has seen Suri in person.

In the early afternoon of July 27, both Katie and Suri were photographed out and about in NYC as Tom – just blocks away – taped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rockefeller Center. “There was no connection with Suri that day,” says an insider. And during his three-day visit, he also made time to attend a special screening of Mission: Impossible at the Directors Guild of America, hit the red carpet for his film’s NYC premiere and tape The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, but nowhere in between was there a reunion with his 9-year-old daughter.

Tom has missed a lot of milestone moments, including Suri’s first day of school and her big move to California. “These are important moments in Suri’s life, and Tom wasn’t there for them,” his friend tells In Touch.

And Tom doesn’t want to talk about it. Multiple reports say his camp banned reporters on his M:I 5 promotional blitz from asking about his personal life. “Tom will never address the Suri situation,” says a second insider. “It’s not going to happen because it’s a no-win situation for him.”

[From In Touch]

That last paragraph rings true. Even if Tom was to ever see Suri again (which he won’t), he’d never do it publicly because he knows the counter will start ticking again. I am finally to the point where I’ve accepted that Suri is much better off without insincere Tom in her life. Aside from the Scientology (which I believe Katie insulated Suri from in the divorce/custody papers), Tom is just full of crap. Suri needs no crap in her life. She already spent the first years of her life in an unreal situation. Katie Holmes can raise her in a relatively “normal” way, and Suri will be the most well-adjusted of Tom’s three kids.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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  1. Jenni says:

    He looks like a junke. Not kidding.

    • Christo says:

      And he is DISGUSTING. Any man who would knowingly avoid his daughter for 2 years deserves total and utter disdain.

      • Annie says:

        ITA. He’s an appalling human being. The damage this abandonment is going to cause Suri is incalculable. Even if he’s a douche and she’s better off without him (he is and she is), that child is going to feel as if her father just couldn’t be bothered with her (which is true). This is going to destroy her self esteem and her sense of self worth. I hope she gets the support she needs as she grows up. I’ve seen this lead to a lot of unwise choices in later life as the child becomes a woman and seeks to recreate and heal that initial rejection with unsuitable partners. It’s heartbreaking. Shame on you Tom.

      • Tiny Martian says:

        And yet another sad thing is that if Suri has problems later in life due to his abandonment of her, he will say that Scientology would have saved her and will put the blame on Katie.

      • Birdix says:

        It’s a tough one. I had a father who disappeared and then called out of the blue 20 years later. I think you have to be a certain level of unhinged to leave a kid completely in the dust like that, and with that level of unhinged, no contact is often better. It’s a tough call and obviously varies widely from case to case, but I’m not sure that she’s not better off. She may have abandonment issues sure (I did) but I later also realized that these were minor compared to the crazy I would have been dealing with…

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        Completely agree with both of you! How anyone could put a “religion” over their own child is beyond me. Nothing is more important to me than my childrens’ wellbeing. She will have a very deep hurt inside over this abandonment and hopefully Katie will make sure she has a good therapist to help her, especially when she hits her teens (often girls abandoned by their fathers will seek out male attention). Hopefully Kate’s Dad has played a big part in her life as well which will help. It’s tough but with a good and loving support system and family she should be okay. I think Katie is doing a good job with her, trying to give her a normal life with friends and fun.

      • SENSIBLE says:

        Its his loss, I have a 9 year old girl who loves her Daddy very much, in fact I think he is more important to her than I am at this juncture and her love is pretty much the best thing ever. It actually makes me feel some compassion for the mental jail he has built for himself with this ego serving cult.

        The fact he cannot fathom what he is missing is very sad indeed. I hope Suri has a fabulous Grandad who she thinks of as that father figure. Grandads are a pretty great substitute!

      • RhoSue says:

        Maybe she’s not his daughter.

    • JudyK says:

      What the hell is wrong with his face…it’s been bothering me for a while. He looks like he’s so filled up with injectable fillers that his face is about to burst.

      Ugh to everything about him.

    • cujokay says:

      Why is his skin so oily? It looks disgusting!

  2. QQ says:

    question: Did he get new work done?? he looks so shiny and Cheeksy?

    • lisa says:

      those fillers are giving me the creeps

      the dirty unkempt hair isnt helping

      • QQ says:

        Oh yeah That hair is also super wiggy I don’t know why but he looks Unsettling

      • mimif says:

        Pffft it’s just the biotin and coconut oil, QQ.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        One-front-tooth-Tom will do just about anything to look younger. He looks like a chipmunk.

      • Bridget says:

        @mimif: don’t forget the vitamins. Lots and lots of vitamins.

        Can’t someone tell Tom that we all know he’s in his 50s, it’s okay for him to have some gray in his hair?

      • qwerty says:

        It cracks me up that neither him, nor Brad or Johnny have gone grey. They also have not hairloss whatsoever, their hair is the same as 20 years ago. What luck 😀

      • Bridget says:

        What luck, right?

    • Lucy2 says:

      I thought the same thing. Usually whenever he drops off the radar for a while, he returns with bangs, and a refreshed luck. He’s definitely getting work done.

    • Shambles says:

      He looks like he’s on meth (shininess= sweatiness caused by amphetamines), with a side of Brandi Glanville’s cheeks.

      Scientology might have won this battle, but Suri will win the war, since she’s free from this clown.

    • Christin says:

      Noticed the cheeks, too. Also the messy long bangs hairstyle. Trying to distract from some new maintenance work, maybe?

    • Pinky says:

      Plus he filled in the line between his eyes, which was quite distinguished. Now he neither looks like himself nor good. There’s a debate as to who is the actual worst. I nominate Tom Ctuise.

    • BooBooLaRue says:


    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think that cheeksy look is due to regular peels? Or cosmetics that peel the crap off your face but this is kinda obvious so I’d say a professional is going at him with a sandblaster.

    • Jackson says:

      I came here to say just that. He looks different. And strange. And off. And not just crazy CO$ off. Like, off-off.
      Side note: the juxtaposition of crazy Tom with that smoking hot pic of Katie in the Featured Links makes me chuckle. Go Katie!

    • Stella says:

      He’s verging on Kennedy territory with those cheeks and teeth.

    • He drinks lots of water and does yoga.

      It is DEFINITELY time to lay off the botox and fillers. He doesn’t have any rugged contour in his face…that’s a mistake for a guy. We women can get away with more with injectables, but men REALLY have to be careful because going overboard tends to have a very feminizing effect.

  3. Carmen says:

    So he’s pissed about being called out by the tabloids and he takes it out on his little girl? What a waste of space this jerk is.

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Sadly not having him in her life is the best outcome for this little girl. TC is a jackass and his films won’t be getting any of my money.

    • Annie says:

      Me either! I’ve always despised him. I hated him more since Going Clear but for the way he’s treated Suri, I think he’s beneath contempt.

      • Amelie says:

        It was the Brooke Shields/Psychology that did it for me.

      • Sabrine says:

        The child bores him. That sounds brutal but it’s likely one of the reasons he doesn’t see her. He doesn’t know how to do the single parent thing and keep her amused. He’d rather be off doing something else more exciting than spending time with a 9 year old, playing in the pool or going to amusement parks surrounded by paps. They may re-connect someday but by then she may not want to have anything to do with him.

    • Carol says:

      yep, I have to agree, Suri is probably better off without him. Too bad he is soooo nice and available to his “friends” and co-workers but when it comes to his family, whether its his children, wife, nieces etc, he’s a total a**hole. His father was a jerk and Tom is too even though he thinks he is nothing like his father. I bet he would be a jerk to his family even if he wasn’t in Scientology. Scientology just makes it easier for him to act like a king in his home.

      • anne says:

        maybe Katie doesn’t want Suri to be around him while he is involved with Scientology. Their separation was very contentious, it could be. . . .

  5. Lurker says:

    I think Suri is now an SP to him, the way Nicole Kidman is an SP to Isabella and Connor. His whack-job religion made it so, and he’s so far in that there’s no turning back.

    • mia25 says:

      What’s an SP please? I really thought he adored that little girl.

      • H says:

        Suppressive Person. People excommunicated from The “Church.”

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        A Suppresive Person. A person who is deemed an enemy and a threat to scientology and has to be cut out of cult-members’ lives. A description from wikipedia: “those whose “disastrous” and “suppressive” acts are said to impede the progress of individual Scientologists or the Scientology movement.” Nicole Kidman became an SP after the divorce with Tom and her children were brainwashed to hate her. They adored her before, now they won’t even talk to her. I agree with Lurker, that the same must have happened with Suri. She lives, learns from and is heavily influenced by Katie, who is an SP herself, which makes Suri a potential danger too. Scientologists believe that the children are adults in little bodies, so it doesn’t matter that she is only 9. Psychos.

    • FLORC says:

      I thought the terms of the divorce meant Suri would not be labled SP. And Katie would not be treated as such either. That may have been just to save themselves in the press though.

      It sort of comes down to this. For Tom to keep feeling like royalty and to move things around with his mind by the power of aliens he must avoid his young daughter who is 100% innocent in all of this. OK Tom. That sounds rational.

    • Aplus says:

      Exactly. He saw her a few times post-divorce for the media (disneyland or water world pap set-up, remember? Shirtless Tom?) but she’s an SP to him and he’s forbidden from seeing her again.

  6. Jan Harf says:

    He looks like a robot in a wig.

  7. FlipFlop says:

    His face looks super puffy…?

  8. ladyg says:

    His behavior makes me think that those rumors about Suri not really being his kid seem true.

    • weirswalker says:

      Exactly !

    • Christin says:

      I considered those rumors unbelievable until seeing photos of the ‘other Tommy’. May be sheer coincidence, but the resemblance is uncanny.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        You’re right. It’s Tommy Davis’ daughter. The rumor was always there but now that she’s older, all we have to do is compare faces.

      • Christin says:

        It’s not just looks, but expressions that are showing up now.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        whoa, I see it now!

      • PennyLane says:

        Hmmm…I just googled images of Tommy Davis and the resemblance is remarkable. Hard to say if he’s the genetic donor, but the shape of Suri’s face is very distinctive and this guy has the same sort of heart-shaped yet trapezoidal face. Not many people have a face like that. He also has the same coloring as Tom Cruise and is a high-level Scientologist. This sounds bizarre but could there have been some sort of swap made unbeknownst to KH? Maybe they told her it was a fertility treatment, but in reality it was just this other guy’s sperm.

        Anyways, Tom Cruise signed the birth certificate so he is the real father, and Suri is a cutie pie either way!

    • Carmen says:

      I hadn’t thought about that at all, but now that you mention it, I think you could be right.

    • Pinky says:

      Not only does Tom not see his daughter, but neither do her half brother and sister. They are Suri’s family too, lest we forget.

      • Beezers says:

        They didn’t even see their mother Nicole for most of their lives because she was branded an SP. F-d up people!

    • Liberty says:

      I’m wondering this too, even beyond his bizarro-world SP cult rules

    • EN says:

      She looks a lot like him, I believe she is his. I think he is not seeing her because of the religion. She doesn’t exist for him anymore. This is how it is with cults.

    • Beezers says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I remember those rumors when she was born, and how they altered Suri’s official birthdate so that it seemed like she was conceived after they got together.

      Or he’s just a total a-ho being bossed around by CO$, because they have a lot of blackmail worthy dirt on him that they recorded during his audit sessions.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I tend to think she’s not his child and her father is actually one of Katie’s ex’s. The deal was that he got an instant family to parade around, and she got a huge, huge publicity boost. I completely believe the rumours that he’s sterile, so a ‘mail order’ girlfriend who was already knocked up was perfect for him.

      The actual birth-date was always super sketchy, lot’s of drama surrounded the filing of the documents and all the secrecy around the first pictures. Those photo’s of Katie looking a month or so post-partum one day and then having a giant round belly the next don’t help their case.

      It’s a shitty situation all round, but if he’s not the dad and it was all just a contract between him and Katie, then it would actually be quite weird for him to keep playing the doting dad after Katie bolted. It’s a terrible situation for Suri, but I believe Katie was just as complicit in creating it.

  9. lkdelta says:

    Something is seriously up with his face…

    And good for Katie and Suri. That little girl needs a positive environment not some cra cra dad and the bunch of nut jobs he surrounds himself with.

  10. xxx says:

    Looks like he got facial fillers. I wonder if he is really the father of that baby or if it’s scientology that caused him to no longer see her.

    • weirswalker says:

      I think it’s both…I think she was pregnant by her old BF when she married him..he wanted to look virile so he agreed to the ruse….

  11. Arock says:

    but all i can see is that one tooth….

  12. Lucy2 says:

    He chose the cult over his child, which is sad but not surprising. Given the recent story about his niece, it’s pretty clear that all those thinking she’s better off without him in her life are correct.

    • anne_000 says:

      I agree.

      If those stories about what he did to his niece and sister are true, then it shows he doesn’t put much weight into parent-child relationships.

  13. Ang says:

    I’m sure Suri will survive he sends$$$ and pays the bills so she is better off with out this Nut Job in her life. He’s a fool and I can’t watch any of his movies🎭.

  14. Judd says:

    So sad! Karma will take care of him….

  15. weirswalker says:

    I don’t believe she’s his biological child anyway, that plus she is being raised by a SP, is all it takes to keep him away..I wonder what he can be using for an excuse to give her ? It’s sad..I hope Katie gets married again and Suri gets a real dad….

    • Annie says:

      Does it matter? To that little girl, he’s her Daddy. That’s what she’s been told and it’s all she knows.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Actually, we don’t know what Suri’s been told or how her Mom or family have framed her life. Maybe Grandpa is the dad figure. Who knows?

  16. chaine says:

    Are we sure these are pix of Tom Cruise and not of Jerry O’Connell parodying Tom Cruise in a Funny or Die sketch?

    At some point, Suri is going to get old enough to get on the internet and read all about this. So sad.

  17. bondbabe says:

    Wow, Scientology…the religion of isolation and tearing relationships apart. I just don’t understand how those who are practitioners of Scientology can’t see this.

    • Anname says:

      I cannot imagine believing in anything so strongly that it would prevent me from having a relationship with my own child. How does that not feel so wrong on an instinctive level?

  18. Roller74 says:

    Wow! Tom has filler in his cheeks. That first picture with his hair blown back, no mistaking the mini baseball cheeks. He’s also had some work done again. Looking a little bit too feminine if you ask me.

  19. b says:

    What a turd,

  20. Jayna says:

    Sometimes I wonder if he sees her periodically on the downlow but doesn’t want it to be publicized because Scientologists who have been disconnected from their family because they are now deemed suppressive persons after leaving the cult would be furious and questioning why he can see his child, who is now clearly considered an SP, but they can’t see their family who left the cult.

    • someone says:

      I’d love to know if he does see her on the down low. It would shock me that Tom has the self control to keep it secret though. He knows people are talking about him not seeing Suri and judging him for it and it is unusual that he’s not trying to correct that misinformation if it’s not true. I don’t buy that Scientology has enough pull over him not to see Suri if he wanted to. He didn’t stop seeing his two kids with Nicole when they first divorced and Nicole had custody.

  21. meow says:

    I love Tom. I am not hiding in the bushes checking on his personal life. It’s none of my biz. I love his movies. He is handsome, killer smile and sexy.

    • leidub311 says:

      The CO$ has infiltrated! Lol.

    • H says:

      What kind of drugs are you on? I want some. TC was good looking 20 years ago (Top Gun era), but now to me he’s a short, crazy cultist who loves his “religion” more than his own kid. That’s not sexy, that’s sad.

      • Annie says:

        WUT??!!?? He’s a garden gnome who drank the CO$ Koolaid. I wouldn’t do him for practice.

    • anon33 says:

      PLEASE. go back to the sciento center, bot.

    • Izzy says:

      Oh hi, Misscabbage…

    • speshul says:

      GAWD! the CO$ bots arent even trying anymore!

    • Sue Engel says:

      It’s my biz when people are getting ripped off, defrauded and psychologically abused for the only reason that buttwipes like Cruise finance their legal department.

      P.S.: Watching HBO isn’t “hiding in the bushes.” If anybody’s hiding in the bushes, it’s David Miscavige and the PIs he pays big money to hoping his dad dies before his tell-all book comes out.

    • You’ve got to be kidding. Cruise lost what little handsomeness he once possessed and now looks a complete hot mess. You’re obviously a Cruise groupie or a Scientologist, or both.

      Maybe you have cataracts.

  22. Krista says:

    It’s sad to realize that all of his kids have a f-ed up relationship with at least one of their parents. The older two were forced to disown themselves from Nicole and now Suri has been disowned by Tom.

    • someone says:

      I’m not convinced that the older two alienated themselves from Nicole purely due to Scientology. I think Tom taught them to dislike their mother for his own personal reasons (he wanted to take down Nicole since she was moving on with her life and didn’t crush when he left her). It’s good cover to call it scientology’s fault but I think it was all Tom’s choice.

      • anne_000 says:

        If Nicole is SP, then CO$ won’t allow the kids to have much of or any relationship with her or else they would be punished.

      • Krista says:

        Even so, to be manipulated by a parent to the same end is just as bad.

  23. Sam says:

    I can believe this. Katie fought tooth and nail to keep Suri with her when they divorced, and there was a reason for that. I think Suri is probably considered a lost cause. Is it true that Katie enrolled her in Catholic school? I did hear that. But I just think that Suri is viewed as lost and that he’s cut his losses with her. The very few pictures of her that come out do show her being pretty happy, so I guess she’s no worse for wear.

    I don’t get why Tom insists on having children with Christian women (Nicole and Katie are both Catholic). Why not just date Scientologists if he feels so strongly about it? Plenty of people date within their faiths; nothing wrong with it. Tom likes a challenge, I guess. But they’ve both backfired on him.

    • Sue Engel says:

      He did date a Scientologist, but cult leader Miscavige called it off because he thought the woman had looked at him “funny.”

  24. LAK says:

    Perhaps i’ve read too much about C0$ and their shenanigans, but I didn’t think GOING CLEAR was hard hitting at all. Given the calibre of talking heads, I felt that it softballed C0$.

    Maybe if one didn’t know anything about it would they be shocked.

    Each segment felt like they dropped a major point, but then pulled back which softened the point.

    Perhaps someone else will be able to put together a proper hard hitting doc now that the door has been opened.

    • COSquared says:

      I think CO$ would suppress another doccie before it even gets going. GC brought bad press. Unfortunately, the TC-loonies still seem to be oblivious to CO$. The anti-CO$ crowd seems very small outside blogs. F*** damn, when will people wake up?

    • Jessica says:

      I thought I was the only one. Everyone was talking about how shocking it was and how much it exposed, but I felt like it focused too much on the weirdness of Scientology and not nearly enough on how terrifying and criminal the organisation is. It was sort of hinted at, but then as you say pulled back from. Like here’s a guy talking about being kept hostage and tortured for a minor indiscretion, but let’s not delve into that too much. Instead here’s 10 minutes of people describing working with John Travolta.

      If you hadn’t already done your background research most of it would have just come off as crazy and stupid, but not nearly as sinister as it actually is.

  25. Matador says:

    He looks ridiculous.

  26. Stef Leppard says:

    It’s not Ghost Protocol — that was the last one. This one is called Rogue Nation … right?

  27. MAC says:

    None of them should have to discuss anything about their private lives. Some do sell a fake image (JEN/BEN).
    The ones who do not tell a lot about their private lives and are not in photos every time they go shopping are the interesting ones. Not interested in cults

    • Sue Engel says:

      They’re answerable for what they do with our ticket money, especially when they’re financing the legal defense of a criminal organization.

  28. leidub311 says:

    I’m so disappointed this movie is doing well & no one is calling Tom on his crap in the mainstream media. I still won’t spend my dollars on this movie at least.

    • someone says:

      I don’t understand how is this movie doing well. I don’t know anyone who has seen it and no one talks about it on Facebook etc like they did Jurassic Park.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        THE CO$ bused all their followers to the theaters for opening weekend. (speculation lol)

  29. Betti says:

    Wow I can’t believe she’s 9 now. Katie is doing a good job of raising her in a normal way i.e. allowing her to be a little girl.

    PS i still think the Suri isn’t his as if she was he would have fought tooth and nail for his only biological child. Didn’t his first wife say he couldn’t have any?

    • Jayna says:

      Nicole had two or three miscarriages with Tom.

      He wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail if Katy had so much Scientology dirt on him. He got privileges to see her and spend time with her. The question is, is he using his visitation, or is he not because she’s a suppressive person now, and no matter what he says, that COS does shun those who are nonbelievers related to you?

      • Katija says:

        Two or three miscarriages could be the result of embryos (with donor sperm) that didn’t take.

        Miscarriages with implanted embryos are EXTREMELY common. A miscarriage with a child conceived naturally is a tragedy – with an implanted embryo it’s something you’re half-preparing for. Nicole seemed to get pregnant with Keith Urban quite easily.

  30. icy says:

    So since there isn’t a pap photo of them together thats suppose to means he hasn’t seen her?? No, not buying that.

    • Neah23 says:

      So you think he see her? He said was it last year that he hasn’t see her but talks to her on the phone, so why do believe he sees her now.

    • Colette says:

      He already admitted he doesn’t see her but that doesn’t constitute he abandoned her ,when he sued the tabloid ,because he talked to her.

    • anon33 says:

      How about his own words? Do you “buy” them? He admitted that he doesn’t see her!!!!

  31. minx says:

    He’s a shiny little chipmunk.

  32. Nicole says:

    A little moment of dental geek: Tom needs to replace that front crown. Its old and doesn’t match.

  33. teatimeiscoming says:

    so much for the rumor he was leaving the church of $cientology so that he could be a part of suris life…

    • kai says:

      I would pay to see all of his future movies ten times in a row if he abandoned ship and became a scientology-critic. It would be the best thing ever. I know it’s probably not going to happen. This cult ruined his life, among so many others.

  34. Amy M. says:

    I pretty much saw this coming. After the divorce was announced, I was relieved Katie had managed to extricate herself and Suri from Tom and the Scientology crazy train. However I suspected Tom would choose to disconnect from his daughter due to his undying devotion to his cult. He was blind sided and was not able to gain the upper hand like he did with his divorce from Nicole alienating the kids against her. Like Nicole in the beginning following the split being seen with Isabella and Connor, he was spotted with Suri a few times and then nothing. Maybe someday he’ll realize his daughter is more important and leave Scientology. It could happen–so many prominent Scientologists have left the cult in recent years. But until that happens Suri is better off without her dad.

    • You said just what I was thinking. I recall that Cruise would make up stories to read to her over the phone and believe that he’s very good at that. He sued Star magazine when they ran a cover saying that Cruise had abandoned his daughter, but during the the course of the lawsuit, he shot himself in the foot when it was divulged that Tom chose to go to a Scientology event (he said that “It was an important event. I thought it was important.”) rather than use that time to visit Suri. That speaks volumes. The lawsuit was dropped after that.

      It’s obvious that he loves his cult more than his own flesh and blood. That’s one of the many reasons I find Cruise cruel and selfish and a deadbeat dad.

  35. anne_000 says:

    In response to all those saying she must not be his biological kid or else he would have fought to see her…. refer back to the CB story about what he (allegedly) did to his blood-niece and her mother/his blood-sister.

  36. Heat says:

    At this point, Suri would be considered a Suppressive Person, by now. So, unless Tom wants to leave the CO$, he can not/will not have anything to do with her.
    I have a question, though…and I am asking this honestly: Are all non-“church” members considered to be SP’s? If so, how can they function out in society? If that’s not the case, does that mean that Tom could, in fact, visit with Suri??? I just don’t understand the logic of it all. I guess that would suggest that there IS, in fact, logic behind it…

    • Colette says:

      I thought a SP was someone who was at some point affiliated with COS but is no longer.A SP is not non COS member,ninety nine percent of the world are non COS members.I watch Leah Remini’s show,some of her friends left COS years ago,they didn’t become SPs until they maintained their friendship with her after she publicly left COS.They became SPs as a result of being friends with a SP not as a result of leaving COS.

    • kai says:

      I think until they become critical or belong to certain demographics that are considered “enemies” (psychologists for instance), non-Scientologists are considered potential converts. I think they have a word for this, too, but I can’t remember it. Something like ‘fresh meat’, I swear. And in Tom Cruise’s life, they also probably make a lot of exception and tolerate people if they have enough influence, money or whatever. It’s insane and there’s no logic to it, to why someone would consider a nine-year old, nevermind their own child as a potential trouble source/SP. As someone further above already wrote, Scientologists basically consider children adults in small bodies. Or something. Again, don’t go looking for logic or sense or reason here. You won’t find any. LRH was insane and so is Miscavige.

    • Katija says:

      I’ve read Suri’s Burn Book. DEFINITELY a bonafide SP. 😀

      (Also someone needs to make “Suppressive Person” t-shirts. I would SO wear one.)

  37. DEB says:

    InTouch magazine is credible??? Please …

  38. Jayna says:

    Hes in a cult. There’s tons of info out there now and people still stay or choose to stay. I think he’s brainwashed at this point and believes what he wants to believe and refuses to acknowledge the corrupt and evil nature of the COS.

    I’m still going to Mission Impossible. I love the Mission Impossible franchise. I loved Ghost Protocol. Our friends saw Rogue Nation and said it was fantastic, even better than Ghost Protocol. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 93 and the audience gave it a 92 percent. His other movies suffer because of his association with COS, but Mission Impossible never does and he always delivers in that franchise.

    Don’t hate me because I can’t wait to see this movie.

    • I actually want to see it too. I probably won’t, because I don’t go to the movies all that often and I pretty much stick to Netflix/Hulu…..but I think the movie looks really good. I HATED Ghost Protocol……

      But yea–this is what I mean. Stuff like knowing too much about celebrities DOES NOT make me hate/enjoy a movie. At all.

    • Nobody hates you. But keep in mind that all the money moviegoers shell out for tickets goes directly into Scientology and into David Miscavige’s greedy little hands. They have a multi-billion dollar business already. That’s why I never pay to see any of Cruise’s generic films.

      Just personal choice. People have a right to choose what they like. I just offered my opinion.

  39. frivolity says:

    Dead-eyed psychopath.

    Suri is better off without him.

  40. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    I hope Katie Holmes finds a great guy who can also serve as father-figure to Suri. To think that Tom ruined both of their lives is too much to handle. Escaping his creepy, controlling wrath was for basic survival but IMO, she needs love again. Nicole found her true happy ending and I’d like to think Katie’s is around the corner.

  41. sara says:

    I still believe that Suri is not his biological child, not that that makes any difference. I just think he has no feelings for her.

    • Katija says:

      Just posted the same thing. The morality of it is still grey, however. If you have a child with a woman via a sperm donor, if your name is on the birth certificate, you’re still that child’s father. I know PLENTY of adopted people with divorced parents whose fathers didn’t go “NOT MY KID!” after the divorce.

  42. MSat says:

    Maybe he’s just seeing her privately now? It was obvious for a long time that the pap walks were distressing to Suri. Perhaps Tom and Katie’s divorce/custody agreement requires him to see her in private. Suri’s profile has gone way down since the divorce, which is probably a good thing for her well being. Just because we haven’t seen them together doesn’t mean they haven’t seen each other.

    • Neah23 says:

      I don’t think so he said in his own words that he hasn’t see her just talks to her on the phone. The media was right last time that Tom hadn’t seen her in 72 days I believe their right this time too.

  43. Renae Says says:

    Didn’t he win a big lawsuit a few years back when a mag was saying he hadn’t seen his daughter and he actually had been seeing her? Quite possible he sees her without the paps getting wind of it. I never believe a story when it uses the word source for its info. If he really doesn’t see her, it could be his doing or it could be Katie’s doing. Nobody really knows. He looks the same to me as he has for the last 20 years. Everybody loved his looks til they found out his brain was demented from scientologyl. What an evil group of people.

    • Neah23 says:

      No he didn’t when he was on witness stand he said that it was true that he hadn’t seen Suri in 72 days but he did not adandon her because he talks to her on the phone.

      The only thing that Tom won was a “I sorry you didn’t abandon your daughter, you just haven’t physically seen her in 72 days” in the end it hurt his image more then anything.

  44. Katija says:

    Or, Tom’s shooting blanks, that’s the reason his first two kids were adopted, and when he divorced Katie, he was kinda like, “well that’s not my kid anyways, screw it.”

    I typically hate conspiracy approaches, but that kinda makes sense. The morality of it is still icky – if you begin a child’s life as its father, your still its parent, bloodline be damned.

    • tracking says:

      yeah, I wonder about this too, all those rumors from back in the day. Even with all the scientology nonsense, he doesn’t seem like the type who’d just ditch a bio child. But then again I’ve had no dealings with cult members.

  45. lisa2 says:

    The whole Tom not seeing Suri is just so sad to me. She knows her father; remembers him. And talking on the phone or skyping is not the same. She knows and no matter what anyone says.. she knows her father doesn’t want to see her.

    I said when MI was releasing that the general public is not on gossip sites reading about Tom and Scientology. They may know about it but don’t hold that against Tom. People that like his films do so because they like the product he gives them. They are not going to NOT see a film because of it. And Sadly too many think that what is said on gossip site flows into the outside world. It doesn’t. Which is why what people are saying on gossip sites doesn’t really matter a whole lot in the world of celebrity.. especially to those that don’t read or post on gossip sites.

  46. prissa says:

    Did he get new teeth? Those chompers are HUGE.

    As outsiders looking in, I think it’s unfair to say what Suri does or doesn’t need in her life (especially as it relates to her father). Who’s to say they didn’t have a private visitation? That’s what I would do if I knew the tabloids had a counter clock ticking every time I was seen out & about with my child. It’s really nobodies business but Tom, Katie and Suri.

  47. Snappyfish says:

    First, I respect everyone’s opinion. With that said I have tremendous difficulty with Scientology as a religion. It is a cult. Most, if not all, religions has a deity at is base. Many have several. Scientology has none. It was a business decision by a megalomaniacal science fiction writer who wanted to make money. He was successful. Those who follow this cult seem to be weak-minded brainwashed loons.

    I am hoping as Suri grows older her mother, who saved her from said cult, explains that her father was weak-minded & brainwashed & that he might be a little mentally disturbed. I don’t believe that Tom Cruise has ever cared about anyone but Tom Cruise. Kudos to Katie Holmes for being a warrior for her daughter.

  48. iheartgossip says:

    Too many hair plugs Tommy. Should have cut back by about 1/3. The chemical peel makes his face look like wet playdough. And as a father? May be worse then that Jenner fool

  49. db says:

    Unless he quits Scientology no way will Tom ever have contact with Suri again. Both her mom and she would be considered suppressive persons (or some cockamamie crap) by Scientology, no?

  50. karen says:

    Hopefully she will grow up to understand her dad is a sick person, and never feel like she is to blame for his absence. I think he’s a lost cause.
    It won’t happen until she’s able to comprehend just how diabolical the cult is. I applaud her mom for getting the hell out of that situation. That took some awfully big balls.

  51. Eru says:

    Seriously. We havents seen him with Suri for few years. And we totally forgot about it.

    He was cutting his adopted kids from Nicole Kidmans life. And now same happens to him and his own daughter is cut from his life. And he allowed his stupid cult to do that.

    Is Suri even his? Remember how no one believed Suri was his daughter? Maybe she wasnt after all and thats why is was easy for him.

  52. nicole says:

    This man is obsessed with his career, he is only interested in making film after film. If this is true, he should be ashamed of himself, children should always come first no matter what.

  53. Sean says:

    Not like it is really his kid anyway. Katie was hired and paid well for having a pretend Cruse child.

  54. The “Suri Situation” ? Seriously?! Deadbeat dads clearly cross economic lines.

  55. CF98 says:

    I don’t think she’s his kid either the older she gets the less she looks like him and well it would explain why he doesn’t care to get her back. I’m starting to think he only tolerated her because of Katie who strangely I think he cared/obsessed over.

    That was her trump card in the divorce IMO.

  56. mmh says:

    My husband died when our kids were 10, 8, and 3. I hate Tom Cruise. That girl needs a real dad.

  57. racer says:

    I like Tom and I think he looks good considering he could look worse. I have no comment on him not seeing Suri but I will say if she has issues as an adult because of her father, she should throw her mom in the same boat. Katie made a choice to date Tom, marry Tom and have a child with Tom. In my book the blame of any failed child rearing is equally shared. No parent gets a pass for a messed up child.

    • E.M. MAXX says:

      Very well said !!!

    • CF98 says:

      Really? So if one parent is abusive/incompetent the other parent who didn’t abuse or was incompetent and try to get them out of a terrible situation is just as much to blame?

      I don’t see it that way not to say that Katie hasn’t made her share of her mistakes because she has but nobody ever says this about Nicole when she was ousted from Connor/Isabella’s lives.

  58. Fluff says:


  59. Sparkly says:

    I’m not surprised. Most $ci folk don’t do any raising of their children and barely ever see them.

  60. Aplus says:

    He’s the biggest kook in HW hiding in plain sight. He has a topless shot in EVERY SINGLE one of his films. He has them written into his films, I’m sure of it. He probably thinks it helps with his heartthrob status. I find him gross and creepy unless he’s doing a pure action shot. The latest MI was ridiculous, ridiculous, and ridiculous.

    • karen2 says:

      …have to agree with you…hes 53 & looks it so why…ps time for him to get oscar for lifetime achievement not least giving all that work to the huge crew everytime…I just love good movies…

  61. I love Tom Cruise. I think the little girl is his and I think Katie Holmes won’t allow Tom to visit. Maybe Katie’s attorney father threatens Tom with a campaign of untruths.

    • Jaded says:

      Tom Cruise could see Suri if he wanted to – Katie’s father is not some scurrilous attorney who would threaten Tom with untruths or any manner of nonsensical slander – he’d be disbarred if he did.

      Katie has something on Tom and that something may very well be that he is not Suri’s real father. Tom may have a genetic disorder which, as well as creating his misaligned teeth, can result in miscarriage if an unborn fetus is also carrying the gene. Nicole Kidman had 2 miscarriages when she was married to him. I think he had Katie undergo a “turkey baster” impregnation with what she thought was Tom’s ‘seed’ due to some trumped up fertility issue but it was someone else’s. I think it was Tommy Davis’s, he and Suri look so much alike it’s eerie. Katie found out and that was the final nail in the coffin of her insufferable marriage.

      Furthermore, look at how Tom and the Co$ manipulated Connor and Isabella away from Nicole when Tom suddenly divorced her. She had drifted away from Co$ and Tom chose ‘church’ over marriage. She became an ‘SP’ (suppressive person) and was likely told by Co$ that embarrassing details of her audits would be released if she so much as said one word to the press against Scientology or how they were brain-washing her kids into shunning her.

      Tom Cruise is an evil man, a manipulative megalomaniac who lives in a fantasy world of constant “hero of the world” film-making. We’ll never know what his real personality is like because all we see is his film persona. I think the real Tom Cruise would shock and disgust us all.

  62. Maria says:

    Tom never had a child before and adopted with Nicole who is we know now is indeed child bearing. So why no biologicial children with NK in their 10 yrs together plus.

    A man of Toms ego is not going to let his wife and child take off like they did. No way. And make him look the fool. It is Tommy Davis child in my opinion. That explains everything – take one look at that child´s face and it is Tommy Davis, who looks enough like Tom C. for it to have fooled people. This is why Tom has walked away from the whole thing as he has and let it go.

    Anyhow Suri is in good hands it seems with Katie. Katie is smart and very tough with her family behind her and maybe a little money so Suri is ok I think.

  63. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    If he really hasn’t seen Suri in a long time, then he effing sucks even worse than I thought.

  64. profitendieu says:

    his gum disease is getting worse … fillers, dyed hair and visible gum disease = nasty!!

  65. Juniper says:

    That’s very sad if it’s true. And I place the blame on both parties. Katie chose the nutter to marry and have a kid with. Perhaps she should have waited a bit longer before she brought a child into the world that has been forced into this position. Maybe overall it will be better for Suri not to see him – but I seriously doubt that it wouldn’t have affected her that suddenly her father went away.

  66. Sue says:

    I have never believed Suri was his child.

  67. lile says:

    What a dbag! Sure is better off without this egotistical ahole in her life. On the bright side for Scientologists……Cruise is looking more and more like an alien every day!

  68. Timbuktu says:

    I know I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but the more I read about Tom Cruise, the more I feel sorry for him. He must lead such a bizarre, suffocating, and, ultimately, lonely life. I mean, to be such an icon, yet need women groomed to his specifications and brainwashed to love him? How is that any fun, how can you ever find satisfaction in such a relationship?
    And if the rumor of Suri not being his baby is true, trying to imagine the behind-the-scenes that resulted in all that is just making me sick. The level of screwed up there is just so high, I think if one day someone came out with a tell-all book, I’d refuse to believe it just because it’d be so far fetched.

  69. meanusdevilo says:

    Tom hates Katie’s guts for humiliating him. And of course outwitting him and the CO$ by escaping. Tom skypes with Suri supposedly regularly, but he never wants to see Katie again. Yeah Katie! Tom is an over surgeried sad man who pretend stunts his movies. No insurance company would fund a shoot if he was really doing anything dangerous that would cost them 100’s of millions. It’s a pathetic lie to bolster Tom’s fragile ego.

  70. Sissy Stevens says:

    O.K. so Cruise has not seen his daughter. You know, that happens often when the mother sues for SOLE custody and WINS! DUH?