Selena Gomez ‘knows she’s better off’ without Justin Bieber now that he’s married

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were on and off for years. They were each other’s first love, and that can have a hold on you, especially when you run in the same circles and have to read about them constantly in the press. Selena and Justin were last together around March of 2018, the last time we heard they split. (Before that Selena was with The Weeknd, who got back with his ex Bella Hadid right when he and Selena split.) About a month after Justin and Selena split, Justin got with Hailey Bieber (whom he had dated before) and got engaged to her weeks later. Selena may have had a quiet fling with Justin Theroux in the interim, but she’s single now. We know because someone talked to US about how great she is doing, how she’s focusing on herself and how she knows she’s better off without Bieber.

“Selena has an amazing support system and couldn’t be more grateful,” the insider shared. “All of these things have helped drastically reduce her anxiety and have been huge proponents in her healing process.”

As for if she’s ready to start dating again, the source notes that the Wizards of Waverly Place alum is “open” to the idea, but it’s not her priority.

“Selena knows she’s better off without Justin, and that it’s the healthiest decision for her,” the insider said. “She is open to dating, but right now she is solely focused on herself and enjoying life to the best of her ability, and getting back to being the Selena that she and all of her close ones knew prior to dating Justin.”

[From US Magazine]

Selena has gone through a lot this past year and I hope this is true and that she’s doing well. However she issued a similar sourced statement when Bieber got engaged. If she ignored him it would be easier to believe. Now we’re writing about how she feels about Justin having a big wedding after he’s been married for a year. Saying you’re fine with it and are better off without him is not the same as not giving a sh-t, you know? Be unbothered, do your thing, and realize he’s not the one for you. Even if you’re thinking about him don’t talk about it unless you’re asked or your thoughts will get stuck there. Just focus on how awesome your life is. I should say however that maybe her people are thinking of her fans, who want to know how she’s doing.




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  1. Hope says:

    Selena only got famous because of dating Justin and being BFFs with Taylor. This wedding is just an excuse for her to have the spotlight on her again.

    • Gingerbread says:

      I don’t think that’s fair. She was pretty popular before both Taylor and Justin blew up. I think she’s more relevant to gossip than say Hailey Baldwin, and honestly Justin isn’t even doing much as this point.

    • Julie says:

      Oh dang someone woke up with their revisionist history hat on. Might want to add some honey to your cup, you’re clearly sipping on something very bitter

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      Those relationships most likely increased her staying power, but she had a career before her relationship with Bieber and before Taylor Swift’s squad days.
      Her reason for putting out this statement is probably to get ahead of predictable storylines that will be made up. She doesn’t want to be part of a perpetual love triangle. It’s good that she and Justin didn’t end up together.

    • lucy2 says:

      She’s only been acting since she was like 10 years old or something, but OK.

    • Cash says:

      Agreed. I get the impression that Selena tries hard to downplay how obsessed and crazy she was over Justin. I guess its the relationship that made her famous, so it’s hard to let go, but she should move on.

  2. Daisy says:

    She’s surely is better off without him. However, I got the feeling she unfortunately still cares and this wedding is bothering her.

    • jenner says:

      Lol, yes. They were pretty messy together, but this seems like a feeble attempt to get in the last word.

  3. TheHeat says:

    Yeesh, he’s gross.
    I hope Selena realizes what bullet she dodged, there.

  4. Meija says:

    She is much better off without him but your first love is so intense. He’s just such a mess and I can’t help feeling Haley made a desperate grab for him while he was such a big mess and it will blow up in their face. I hope he gets the mental health care he needs.

    • Jenna says:

      I always felt sorry for Hailey, the comments on her Instagram are so toxic. Looks like everyone here judges her too.

  5. ShazBot says:

    Justin has got issues and I sincerely hope he is getting the help he needs to cope with them and address them. Selena also has her own issues, her physical health obviously, but also her anxiety, and I think the two of them together just weren’t able to give the other what they needed because they’re so self-consumed.
    Maybe Hailey being famous-adjacent, and seemingly pretty steady, gives her the right mindset to give Justin the support he needs (hopefully she’s not just using him), though I hope for her sake she isn’t just a glorified wife-mother.

    I hope Selena can find someone steady for herself as well.

    • ME says:

      Or perhaps Selena will be completely happy not having a partner? It’s not everyone’s goal in life to be in a relationship.

    • Mtec says:

      I don’t think Selena’s issues are only her anxiety. Rumours are she and her former best friend Francia Raisa (the friend who gave her a kidney) are not longer on speaking terms because Selena kept abusing substances after the transplant, and got all defensive about it. Say what you will about Bieber (and i’m srsly concerned about him bc of those leechy “churchy” ppl that have him under their control) but at least he’s trying to get better himself. Selena seems like she still has a long way to mature, seeing as how almost dying didn’t seem to be a big enough of a wake up call to change her habits.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        No! Abusing substances? After going through chemo and an organ transplant and surviving Bieber? Where’d you read that?
        I am a Selena Gomez fan, I root for her and I was happy for US update.

  6. Kate says:

    Do we really think Selena issued that statement or that it’s benign filler fiction that the magazine knows she will never go through the effort to deny? It seems kind of “Jen’s thoughts on Brad’s divorce on page 11!” because the mag knows people want to know how the ex feels.

  7. Senator Fan says:

    Selena is likely getting ahead of the of the inevitable questions on how she feels about ex Justin getting married. Maybe she is over him or maybe she isn’t. I hope she is for her own good.
    I’d read too that she has substance abuse issues and has been hospitalized for it. Both before and after her kidney transplant. Which is a shame if true considering her health issues. I do hope she has a good support system and is able to move past any issues she may have. I wish her the best and hope she is healthy and happy.

  8. JanetFerber says:

    I was just thinking of the Selena/Justin on-off dating. He cheated on her. It was very canny of Hailey to marry without a prenup (and wasn’t there a possible pregnancy rumor?) Sorry, but girl played her hand well. Of course, it depends what she really wants. I think Selena genuinely loved Justin (she had a hit, post-breakup, about wanting to get back together with him). She’s a child star and I saw her on Barney many years ago (same with Demi Lovato). She did a lot of Disney stuff (series/movies). She knows how to hustle. I wish her the very best. There is a much better guy out there for her and I hope she meets him soon.

  9. Anna says:

    I’m so tired of all this manipulative crap… do these immature kids really think anyone believes what they are leaking to the press? Please.

  10. Nightsky says:

    I have a soft spot for Selena. She seems like a pretty sweet person, kind and genuine. But….she should not be talking about how she’s better off without Biebs, an entire year after he got married. And who just celebrated a second wedding ceremony. The window on that kind of public commentary closed once he married someone else. It’s tacky and disrespectful to talk about her history with another woman’s husband. It tells me she is not okay with his marriage and that she is seeking attention and trying to interject herself into Justin and Hailey’s celebratory news. I’d be a bit pissed if I were Hailey.

    I too have heard the stories about how extreme substance abuse lead to her kidney’s failing. Awful to hear that she may still be abusing drugs after undergoing a transplant. And compromised her friendship with the donor as a result. If this is true she has far bigger problems than her ex having dumped her and moved on with his life. Although it is heavily rumored that Bieber was the one who got her into the drugs so understandable that she has some serious shit to work out in her head as far as that relationship went.

  11. No Doubt says:

    She dodged a bullet and should be grateful. His wife is pretty much a parental figure to him and she doesn’t need that nonsense.