Prince Harry was asked if he & Meghan are considering a permanent move to Africa

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Africa

Harry & Meghan: An African Journey airs tonight in the UK. ITV is still dropping exclusive clips from the documentary, which is interesting because it feels like everyone is already going to tune in. The two previous clips garnered so many headlines – Harry talking about the trauma he feels whenever he hears cameras clicking away, and how the press intrusions bring up the worst memories of his mother. The second clip of Meghan fighting back tears as she discussed how difficult the past year has been was something else though – her pain was palpable, and like all things involving Meghan, people had crazy-strong feelings about her words and her pain.

Part of the smear campaign against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been the not-so-subtle move to “exile” them somewhere. Those stories popped up in the final month of Meghan’s pregnancy. At first the stories were framed as “the Sussexes WANT to move to Africa for years.” But we soon learned that Project Exile-The-Sussexes was a plot being hatched by Prince William and the Kensington Palace team, something about how William is “preparing to be king” and he’s tired of the Sussexes being so… popular and work-ethic-y. While the Sussexes were on their 10-day tour in Africa, Harry was asked on-camera about a potential move to the continent:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are happy to be out in Africa — and plan to devote themselves to improving the continent. Harry told a British broadcaster that he feels “more like myself” in Africa, adding that Cape Town would be an “amazing place for us to be able to base ourselves,” the Sunday Times of London reported Saturday.

“The rest of our lives, especially our life’s work, will be predominantly focused on Africa, on conservation,” said the prince. “There’s a lot of things to be done. There’s a lot of problems here, but there’s huge potential for solutions.”

[From Page Six]

ITV actually released the full clip because, obviously, the half-quotes weren’t doing justice to Harry’s real answer. You can see the clip below – Harry wonders aloud where they would even base themselves if they were to move (however temporarily) to Africa, and he seems to shut down the idea of a permanent move, all while reiterating his love for the continent and his dream of devoting more time and energy to conservation work there. Again, if the Sussexes move to Africa, it will not be their f–king choice. It will be because they were forced into exile by Bratty Fake King William.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet with archbishop Desmond Tutu

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Jade says:

    The optics of sending Meghan to Africa is awful optics and won’t help them deny racism. I’m mixed race like Meghan and her whole relationship with Harry has been a painful reminder of how people like me are considered in the world. I wish her and her family all the happiness in the world.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Jade:

      I have a story that might cheer you up! 😀

      It’s a sweet, lovely bed time story for MAGA types to tell their kids at night, to ensure seamless sleep and beautiful dreams:

      In a traumatized little island, far, far away, there lived a Future, Future King, named William.

      William the Conquerer (of rose bushes and convenient budget flights), completely lacked any charm, imagination or interest in work. In fact, he was rather proud and quite comfortable with his personal blandness until a shiny-new, dark Duchess came along and showed the world there was a better way.

      Alas! This angered the “King To Be” greatly and he vowed to banish the usurping pair away from the spotlight and into the darkness, far, far away. Soon after, he launched a series of guerilla warfare attacks against the pair.

      Stories via disgruntled relatives, harsh and aggressive insults via complicit journalists, lying royal reporters, never ending leaks of stories (fabricated and otherwise), well paid Russian troll farms deployed…..the list was endless.

      After waging his covert media war against this threatening new couple, he was found secretly encouraging his wife (Future, Future Queen, Kate), to adopt the tactics of the maligned, inferior Duchess. Riveting new speeches, bold ethnic wear, manic smiles and lots of incredibly exciting new garden launches.

      This was all far too much for the inferior Duke and Duchess to bear. After shamelessly breaking down in public, the exhausted pair finally accepted their places in the land. As forever second-rate to the Future King and Queen of England.

      They then slunk off (via cheap, public air flight) to the dark continent, to live the rest of their lives, subdued, in quiet shame and obscurity. As it should always have been.

      Then the Future, Future King and Queen reigned peacefully and whitely, for all eternity.

      The end.

      • Laura says:

        That was… something…

      • Elle says:

        I love this tongue in cheek story!

      • spooky says:

        @ Laura, that is one way of putting it.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Thanks Elle!

        @ Laura and Spooky: 😉

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Actually, CB and Kaiser don’t hesitate to delete my more rubbish posts, so I’m rather chuffed this one go to stay! 😁

      • Nancito says:

        Hahaha @ via cheap, public air flight.

      • deede says:

        I totally agree with you on your story telling.
        I to believe that William is the one that has leaked one negative story after another on the Sussexs. William with the Royal. News Reps is the ones that have reported lies about Harry and Meghan. He is angry that Harry and Meghan is more popular than them. Listen Sussexs, you two need to start fighting back. Don’t move anywhere. Fight fire with fire.

      • deede says:

        Please, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan don’t fly anymore cheap flights. You can not make everyone happy. Don’t give your power away to other people. It doesn’t work. Look at your Brother, I think most of your problems are coming from within your family. Jealousy is a ugly thing. Ask yourself why all the negativity now and so frequent. William is angry because you and your wife are so popular and loved. Don’t change stay who you all are. The truth will reveal itself and you will be shocked. #WeloveMeghan

    • GreenTurtle says:

      There are so many things that are cringey here.
      A. The optics of “send the half-black duchess back to her homeland.”
      B. The constant reference to “Africa” as a monolith, instead of 54 independent countries, though this is constant.
      C. The “Africa is chicken soup for the sad, Western soul” trope. Eat, Pray, Love for stressed out, former colonizers?
      D. The fact that if they did move to Africa, it would be to Cape Town, RSA, one of the whitest, most privileged places on the continent.
      It’s just ALL bad.

      • Lulu2 says:

        Thank you Greenturtle! As much as I want to like.the Sussex family, this all just looks very very bad. From the narcissism and tone deaf response to their lifestyle to her whining about being OK while flying private and hanging with Elton John. They need to STOP. So her rich pals Jessica Priyanka Amal et all never ask how she’s doing? So he has PTSD at the sound of cameras shuttering yet courts attention and always has..?
        And dont give Will that much credit. He wishes he could exile them all on his own.

      • Deedee says:

        @lulu. Agreed.

      • Sharon says:

        Sorry @greenturtle – do you live in Cape Town?
        Ethnic breakdown of the CPT population
        42.4% “mixed race”
        38.6% “Black African”
        15.7% “White”
        1.4% “Asian or Indian”
        1.9% other.
        Please check (a) facts and (b) facts before posting. Cape Town also has one of the highest murder rates in the world.
        Your entire statement lacks credence.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        @Sharon, I do not live in Cape Town, though I did live in central Africa for a time. Compared to the rest of **the continent** as I said above, Cape Town is one of the most white and privileged places in Africa. RSA has more whites than any other country in subSaharan Africa. And I’ve been to Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, etc. I’m aware that Gauteng has more whites, which is why I accurately said “one of.” Don’t come at me with “only 15.7% white” and tell me I don’t have my facts straight when you misread and misconstrued my argument.

    • minx says:

      I just don’t think it would ever happen.

    • fishface says:

      I feel so, so sorry for Harry and Meghan. Harry is no more than a slave – he was born into a position from which he cannot escape . It may look fab from the outside to the haters who whine about their globe trotting on the public purse, but consider for a minute that from the day you were born, you never had a second of privacy, and then see if you’d be of the same opinion. He seems so vulnerable to me.
      Meghan’s had to cope with intense scrutiny, racism, classism, xenophobia, her in-laws, AND having a baby as well as supporting a husband who seems to be quite fragile.
      I, for one, hope they do move to Cape Town. They’d be welcomed with open arms in South Africa – not many people want to move there these days, and Harry clearly loves the place. Without knowing them at all, all I can say is that I hope that Harry and Meghan find some peace and happiness – and GTFO of the RF.

  2. Duchess of Hazard says:

    Again, not to be this person but… If they are going to move there, please not on tax payers’ money. I hope it would be under their own steam. And coin.

    • bonobochick says:

      Nah you are that person if the article is about the bullying, racism, & pettiness towards the Sussexes and your only take away is about [your] money. Seriously lacking in empathy.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        £10 a year of money, no less. 🙄

      • duchess of hazard says:

        @bonobochick and @Bella DuPont – It’s still money!

      • But the article is specifically written to address the question of a potential move.

        We have all seen the clip and it is gut wrenching and a clear expression of everything we have been discussing for months which is, as you pointed out, a consistent campaign of bullying , racism and pettiness .

        That does not mean that anyone voicing an opinion should be vilified, accused of not paying taxes etc.

      • snflwr says:

        @Bella DuPont That’s such a shortsighted argument used by royalists as a way to feign ignorance. £10 a year from millions of people is 10 times millions of pounds, so while our personal cost might be small the cost to society of the royals is quite big. If that figure is even correct because the queen has never been too transparent with her finances.

        And I mean this for all royals, not these 2 specifically.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ snwflw

        As long as you mean it for *all* royals, I have no issue with your argument (aka, I don’t have a strong enough memory of your long term position on this issue to poke holes in your argument).

        @ duchess of hazard

        Well, they do bring in a lot more than they take out, but it *is* still your money, so fair enough.

      • Cali says:

        @Bella Point THAT’S IT?????😂😂😂😂 These wankers sure like to put on an act🤣

    • Kittycat says:

      Well you are that person.

    • VS says:

      I wonder if you really pay those taxes you keep bragging about!!!

      • kerwood says:

        I think we know the answer to that question.

      • duchess of hazard says:

        Erm…. yes, I do pay tax. Why wouldn’t I pay tax? I don’t have offshore accounts like Brexiteers or David Cameron. I… really don’t understand what you’re insuniating? Are you saying that I’m a tax cheat? Really?

      • kerwood says:

        @duchess of hazard It’s harder to believe people who claim to care about taxpayers when they’re so SELECTIVE with their complaints. Maybe they’re not REALLY British taxpayers.

      • spooky says:

        @ duchess of hazard – given that a considerable number of Brexiteers were from northern poorer counties, I doubt very much if many of them have offshore accounts. Certainly no more of them than remainers. I think you have got your thinking a bit muddled there. But I agree VS’s comment was equally odd.

      • spooky says:

        @ VS if you are an ordinary working person in the UK it is very difficult not to pay your taxes at they are deducted from your salary.

    • kerwood says:

      Ah, here we go! I was wondering where the ‘champions of the British taxpayers’ were. They were so quiet during the Cambridge trip to Pakistan.

      Why am I NOT surprised.

      • spooky says:

        Kerwood, and others, there have been enough moans about taxpayers money on all the royal threads. Do you have a selective memory?

        Same with all those people who criticise the criticism of Meghan whilst making similar criticism of the Cambridges. (Apart from the racism – and criticism of Meghan is not necessarily all about race).

      • Ela says:

        To anyone taking issue with the criticism of the Cambridges on this site,do you take equal issue with the criticism that Meghan receives on other sites including the racist BS on the Daily Fail. If you do, I apologize but the few hundred or so comments here criticising the Cambridges is absolutely nothing compared to sheer vitirol Meghan receives. And there as been multiple woman here who haven spoken about their own experiences with racism and how seeing Meghan being treated has affected them. I can never understand how after reading some of the stories here, instead of expressing some compassion and being outraged at the racism at the center of all of this, there is a need to cape for the Cambridges instead. And to everyone saying, the Sussex need to do this or that to appease the media,no they need to do nothing. The media needs to be called on their racist BS.

      • Nahema says:

        @Ela, while I totally understand your point, I don’t think everyone on here is reading the DM and other such sites. I know I don’t myself because I feel like they’re melting my brain with complete and utter stupidity. If your only source of these stories is Celebitchy (as it is for me personally), then you will get the feeling that the Sussex’s are on a pedestal compared to the Cambridges. Again, I understand why but I don’t understand why people continue to read these stupid stories if they’re so upset by them. Stop buying what they’re selling!

        I much prefer when the criticism in balanced. Neither side is perfect but I feel like we are breeding some extremism on both sides of the fence.

      • MeghanStan says:

        You all are really nuts!! I found you cause they were making fun of your unthinking worship of the mentally ill Harry and the workshy and greedy Meghan!! You are as crazy as I was told!!

      • Jadedone says:

        @nahema you said it perfectly

      • Becks1 says:

        @MeghanStan – if there is one corner of this internet where Meghan can be reliably defended, then I’m glad to be a part of it.

        Also how gross to use the term “mentally ill” as an insult. Clearly the Cambridge’s work for mental health and bullying is falling incredibly flat.

    • B says:

      Not sure why there’s so many negative responses to this comment. Total agree, there are too many hard working people on the bread line in the UK right now.

      And if Harry is getting side lined it’s because theres a long term plan to stream line the royal family and they want more Zaras then Princesses.

      • kerwood says:

        So they get rid of the Sussexes who WORK? If they ‘streamline’ the Sussexes out of the royal family, they’ll never get a decent day’s work out of Normal Bill and Keen Katie. It’s only the competition that gets them out of bed in the morning.

        And the hard working people of the UK are going to find themselves working a lot HARDER once the Brexit that the MAJORITY voted for kicks in.

    • A says:

      I love the Sussexs, but this is a huge sticking point for me as well. This is what aggravates me deeply about the whole, “pack them off to Africa/Canada/[insert place here]” discussion.

      Ffs, what do people genuinely think? Do you all honestly believe that countries like Canada and South Africa are colonies where royals can just show up and have a good time before heading back? More than the British taxpayer, it will inevitably be the tax payers of the country they choose to go off to who will foot the bill for the security. And even if it isn’t, why on earth should the British tax payers pay to send one of their RF members away from Britain? Why should they pay to have them go work in a different country?

      I’m firmly opposed to this, and it irks me that Harry even brought this up. Come on. I get that the idea might sound appealing to him at the moment, since everything is a sh-tshow and your own family doesn’t have your back. If there was ever a moment of, “I just wish I could dump everything and get away from it all,” this would be it. But still. The logistics of this are simply not feasible. If they go through with it, I’d be pissed.

      • blue36 says:

        I agree, and I think he is well aware that he can’t just pack off to another country and call it a day. I think this is just him sharing his feelings, he wishes he could leave, but knows he can’t. However, if Charles plan is to streamline the monarchy , then it would make sense to me if they are considering leaving the RF once the queen passes away. I don’t think they can work with William once he becomes Prince of Wales, he likes things done his way and I get the feeling that Harry & Meghan, and Harry especially don’t want to be controlled by him.

      • A says:

        People seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what Charles means when it intends to streamline the monarchy. But considering Harry is one of Charles’ two children, and Charles’ siblings will likely not be in any position to assume any prominent roles in the RF after William becomes king, it would surprise me HUGELY if Harry stepped back. I can’t stress this enough when I say that it’s simply not an option for him at this point. Harry is looking at a future where he will likely be one out of two senior royals in the family by way of direct descent from a monarch. There is no one left who can step into his position if he chooses to leave, and I highly doubt he’ll do it.

        Fwiw, I think Harry and William will choose to bury the hatchet by the time the Queen passes and Charles becomes king. At that point, the sole focus will become the survival of the monarchy. If Harry left then, there is a very likely chance that the royals won’t survive and they will take a huge hit to their popularity. They need him, whether William cares to admit it or not.

        ETA: Also, I do think that Harry takes the idea of his duty to the RF quite seriously. If he genuinely had plans to leave, as William was rumoured to have, we would have heard about it now. I think he speaks from an emotional place sometimes when he says certain things about the RF, and that is unfortunately to his detriment, but he’s never openly shirked his duty in spite of it all, and that say says a great deal about what his intentions are.

  3. OzJennifer says:

    Almost-almost-King William has no power to force anybody into exile. It’s not the Middle Ages!

    • Kittycat says:

      The only power prince William has is the power to smear and procreate.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Won’t he also have “the power of the purse” as POW and king, as to what and how much of a “stipend” H&M get, much as Charles does now for William and Harry?

        Harry has his inheritance from TQM, and will have plenty from TQ, PP, and Charles (when the time(s) come, won’t he? Not the Duchies’ (Lancaster/Cornwall) money, but from them personally.

        I think he and Meghan will be able to live *more* than comfortably where and how they want, albeit not in the same luxury as he would as a working prince. But will they feel they can do the same work on the same level? Again, personally, I think they can.

    • Olenna says:

      Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Only the British media and its bigoted followers would latch onto such a humiliating and archaic concept and try to make it news.

  4. Maddie23 says:

    I wish the queen would pull a Sweden move and get these two off the payroll. All of this “woe is me” is pretty annoying coming from millionaires living off the government payroll.

    • Kittycat says:

      @Maddie so glad you wandered in.

      You can see yourself out as well.

      And take your woe me attitude with you.

      Death threats and media attacks while pregnant are nor jokes.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s eye opening to see the lack of compassion from people – just bc someone is rich and privileged doesn’t mean they are immune to pain.

    • bonobochick says:

      It is always interesting to see people be so open is supporting racism & bullying as we well as against mental health wellness.

      One thing Meghan’s clip has been good in spotlighting are people who are simply just callous. Reminds me of how racist folks started feeling comfortable being open with their hate and othering due to Trump. The reactions of those who think because she has money that it ok to bully & dehumanize her are telling.

      • Gingerbee says:

        @Bonobochick. You are 💯 correct. The racists are out in force on these Meghan’s threads.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        I am constantly amazed at just how thin the veneer of “civility” is. I really thought we, as a society, were moving toward a better, more accepting place of each other.

        I can’t believe how wrong I was in that assumption.

        The hatred and meaness that Dump and his ilk have unleashed worldwide sickens me to my core. And it leaves me with such shame, as well, as to what is happening now. I truly don’t understand this need to hurt someone in this way, to make yourself feel “more than”. Just sick!

      • bonobochick says:

        *as well as

    • Snappyfish says:

      Agreed. They aren’t going anywhere. The English perks are too appealing. I’m also a little tired of the whole “white savior of Africa” angle. Both William & Harry are guilty of this

      • bonobochick says:

        “both sides” while also being dismissive about the racist bullying of Duchess Meghan is not a strong deflection.

      • VS says:

        Trying to gaslight people right? Looks like traditional tabloid commentators really do share the inability to critically think for themselves
        You and the @Maddie23 lost your way to the tabloid trashy pages

      • Joanna says:

        It does smack of white saviorism. He’s going to make all these changes, help the poor black people. His heart is in the right place but it does seem like white saviorism.

      • Snappyfish says:

        My comment was strictly directed toward this “white savior of Africa” aspect of his comments & he & his brother are extremely guilty of this. Way before either was ever married. I have quite openly stated I like both women & have defended them both. The Duchess of Sussex has been the target of vile & vicious attacks & sadly a huge percentage has come from her own family. Which is, quite frankly, horrifying.

        She is attacked because she is bi-racial & American which in the eyes of the British press makes her an outsider. That will NEVER change (Wallis, anyone?) She is a polished accomplished woman who knew what she was getting into. I am sure it is massive pressure & tiring & hurtful and I wish her only the best. I’m sure everyone would have hoped people wouldn’t have been such dicks but this is an extremely tight circle in the most rare of air. Hold your head up, be brilliant & don’t let them see they have gotten to you. Certainly that is easier said than done but she is a trained actress & should be better at it than most.

        They do, the Entire British Royal Family, need to lose the white savior bit as it is tiresome bordering on offensive.


      • A says:

        Don’t fcking compare Wallis to Meghan. First of all, there is nearly 90+ years of difference in attitudes between the two. Second of all, Wallis was not a biracial woman. American yes, divorced yes, but not biracial. And a great deal of the harassment Meghan is dealing with is specifically on the grounds of her race, not her nationality. Talk to any black British woman, or biracial British woman about the racism they cope with on a daily basis from their peers, and they will be the first to tell you that it’s not based on their nationality, but their skin colour.

      • Snappyfish says:

        @A The Wallis comparison was purely as an outsider. She was always an outsider. The point was even decades later an outsider is always an outsider with this group. It was not a comparison of the 2 women. Seriously people seem to seriously look very hard to see something to be offended by. At no time is my post (or any I have ever made) been disrespectful of anyone.

        I do believe much of the Sussex BS is about her race, but also because she is an American & a celebrity. It’s easy to call out race but much of the former is true as well. (i.e. All the kerfuffle about her American baby shower. That was about her celebrity status) She isn’t from “his set” thus she will never be “one of them”. I say good for her. Be herself & out shine them all. They knew this was coming. Harry most of all.

      • A says:

        @Snappyfish, if Meghan had been a white American celebrity, her baby shower would have been covered differently. It would not have come at the heels of so much prior negative coverage for one. The tone would have been entirely different, for another. These things are not so easily split into categories like you suggest. Meghan’s race informs how she is treated by the press, as an American, and as an outsider. If she were white and an American and an outsider, the press treatment would be much, MUCH different, overall. She is an outsider, but that is where the comparison ends. Not all outsiders in Britain are treated in the same way, and when it comes to Meghan, race has a huge part to do with it.

        Second of all, I don’t think Harry, or Meghan herself, saw this coming. They perhaps knew it would be bad, but not at this level. I find that a lot of people insist, “they knew it was coming,” as a way to discount the very real hurt and surprise someone in their positions might feel about everything that has happened over the last year, which has been bad by all metrics.

        Lastly, no, I’m not offended, least of all by your comment. Frustrated perhaps, by the way these conversations tend to go, and maybe sensitive as a WOC about the innocuous ways people minimize the pain of what WOC experience by saying, “It’s not that bad.” But not offended.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      The DM comments section is missing you.

    • Sofia says:

      Deary me, someone got lost on their way to the daily mail comment section

      Take a u turn and turn right instead of left and you’ll be there. Can’t miss it, it’s right next to the statue of Boris and Donald kissing

    • kerwood says:

      Looks like the ‘taxpayers’ have found their voices again. They were so quiet during the Pakistan trip. It was nice.

      • Gingerbee says:

        Yes, the silence of the taxpayers were deafening on the Cambridge’s thread. While we are at that, did the RR reported on £ amounts of Katie’s new outfits.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Gingerbee: yeah, they did. After the tour. And they carefully left out the accessories. Apparently she ‘only’ spent 12k GBP. Uh huh. They managed to make it sound like she was soooo thrifty in comparison to Meghan’s recent tour & pretty much everything else Meghan has ever done or worn. It was awful & obvious.

    • Olenna says:

      Y’all, Maddie23 (just like most trolls) is not here for conversation.

      • greenmonster says:

        Thank you. I don’t know why so many commentators fall for these obvious trolls. Just like you said, Maddie23 and a couple of others are not here for conversation. They drop a comment to stir the pot and then leave. Nothing to see here, nothing to discuss – just ignore it people.

      • bonobochick says:

        IIRC, the IP addresses are visible to those who run the site, so I am sure they know who the trolls and sockpuppets are who post in these Sussex threads to stir it up.

    • Guest says:

      I wish they move too. Walk away from the racism that good old jolly england obviously has issues with.

      Once they moved all the work that willy and kate dont do can be highlighted again. Then prince Andrew can move back up the line. Its what the royal family deserves. 👍

    • L4frimaire says:

      Geez Maddie, , so well informed 🙄. The insight and wisdom of gobshites. No other member of the Royal family has ever said how they are frustrated with the press or feel pressured or maligned, except for all the others. Oh how will the kingdom survive this crises of a few tabloid jerks being called out and getting sued ( like that’s never happened before).

    • Maria says:

      @maddie23 maybe the Queen should take her pedo son off the payroll.

  5. Roserose says:

    My goodness, the trolls are out early already, and on a Sunday no less! It’s really sad to me how the comment sections on Harry and Meghan posts here have become Troll Central.

    I don’t think H and M would move to Africa of their own volition though they’ll continue their good works there I’m sure. I guess no good deed goes unpunished!

    • Kittycat says:

      Well trolls have nothing else to do.

      The sad thing is there are mental health professionals who are also trolls.

      Trolls are everyday people using the internet as an outlet for the negativity they cant express in their lives.

    • GusFan says:

      The ugly racist trolls here have really gotten out of hand lately.

  6. Trish-a says:

    I hope they do. I wish them happiness!

    • bonobochick says:

      Another troll.

      • Trish-a says:

        Are you calling me a troll? I want them to be happy. I am American and think this is all BS. Seeing her cry, get bullied is too much. I would say move to America where we would embrace them. ETA. In Ireland-so not up early.

    • Olenna says:

      Sadly, I get where you’re coming from. I wasn’t onboard with her marrying into that family in the first place.

    • Elena says:

      She has said she is not living but existing.
      He has said he gets so stressed he can’t get out of bed in the morning.
      These are on the record statements, not rumor.
      They sound very very unhappy.
      They should move if it will improve things for them.

      • bonobochick says:

        If they were ever to leave. I vote for them to go scorched earth on the family who hung them out to dry

      • Mego says:

        It must be very shocking to begin life together with every intention to work hard doing good and have the world turn on you like that. Bullying to an extent that you fear for your life causes a severe form of ptsd. I hope they have good therapists 😔

  7. Aurora says:

    Harry is very astute in recognizing that the optics of the Sussexes moving to any place where there is poverty and instability would bring about criticism. The tax payer cost associated with their security and the use of any local resources would come under scrutiny and possibly overshadow whatever it is they wanted to.

    I hate to bring the Cambridges up but Harry and Meghan actually demonstrate more qualities that I would expect in leaders. I don’t sense the Cambridges are passionate about anything or want to truly make a difference. Will & Kate’s initiatives are a series of PR moments with no lasting impact.

    If the British press succeed in driving the Sussexes out of the UK then the Cambridges are exactly what the press deserves.

  8. bonobochick says:

    I look forward to watching this special on ABC Wednesday night. Good Morning America has been showing clips and all the morning shows have talking about it. Also, there’s a clip on Twitter of an Aussie segment about this documentary featuring an awesome smackdown by a woman named Gretel (her last name escapes me currently) against mendacious buffoonery.

    Also, I see the trolls are already bothered by this documentary if they’re this devoted to being here do early to show their ugliness and racism.

    I continue to hope that after the Sussexes take on the Daily Heil and The Dim, that they look into social media trolls who not only have made death threats against Duchess Meghan & Archie as well as spread libelous stories.

    Racism is a helluva drug.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      People have made death threats against Meghan and her baby? That is just so utterly horrific!!!!!

    • Elle says:

      Thanks for the Aussie segment reference, I looked it up, it can be seen here:

      This quote is everything:

      “Some people give themselves the illusion of movement & progress in their lives by pulling other people back”. -Gretel Killeen

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        I just watched the clip. Gretel Killeén is AWESOME! Her remarks are everything we’ve been saying on here. Thank you for the link @Elle, and thank you, @bonobochick for calling our attention to it!

      • BeanieBean says:

        That was great. Gretel is absolutely spot on. And notice how hard it was for those two men to accept what she said. We’ve got a long way to go. Still.

      • kerwood says:

        That was a great clip. Ms. Killeen was very impressive. I especially liked that she called out the other interviewee for his lies. And he didn’t even have the grace to admit that he had misspoken even when it was clear that he had. These people lie so often and easily that they don’t even know they’re lying.

      • MerryGirl says:

        This clip is everything we’ve been saying here time and time again….the blatant lying and twisting of the Sussexes words from these broadcasters/reporters to create a negative narrative. the constant comparison of good duchess vs. bad duchess compounded by the hypocrisy of praising one and maligning one FOR VIRTUALLY THE SAME THING…see off the shoulder dresses, see expensive clothes, see belly cupping, see flying private jets (one even flies private helicopters) and on and on….so painful and exhausting.

  9. Guest2.0 says:

    My prayers go out to Meghan & Harry and I wish them all the best.

    The lack of sympathy exhibited by so many commenters helps underscore how/why people like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson came into power and why the world is such a damn mess. The inability “to walk in someone else’s shoes”, to feel empathy for others is heartbreaking. People support monsters like Trump cause they don’t care a damn about others and could care less about people who don’t look like them. M&H, who are actually doing their Royal jobs very well, get vilified and hated. But the Drab Duo get praised for just existing.

    • Sunshine says:

      @guest2.0. Can we stop focusing on the haters and troll? Harry and Meghan are getting tremendous love and support from people who matter. Racists and bigots are not important and their opinions are irrelevant. Let’s continue to show support for the Duke and Duchess against these people who believe that black women do not deserve love and support.

    • Lady D says:

      Very much afraid we are going to add Andrew Scheer to the Trump/Johnson greedy, racist leader list tomorrow night. Trepidation is the word of the day, folks.

  10. RedRoyal says:

    Do you think Meghan wants to live in Africa? I don’t think so. She gave up everything to move to the U.K. to be with Harry. Do you expect she would give up everything Again to move to Africa?

  11. CommentingBunny says:

    Harry and Meghan undermine the basics of having a monarchy. They prove “royal blood” and birth order have no bearing on someone’s suitability to rule or represent the country or whatever. No wonder the firm hangs them out to dry. When they are doing well, it’s impossible to pretend that first born royalty is more special than anyone else, and if that’s not the case, why even have a monarchy? Letting the press drag them down makes it easier for them to pretend that a monarchy makes sense.

    • Toot says:

      Agree. William is the first born, supposedly more important because of that, but Harry is just more dynamic and interesting.

      If William had something he actually created and to show for, I think he wouldn’t feel so threatened. Charles has “The Prince’s Trust” Harry has “Invictus” and “Sentebale”, what does William have to show?

    • Mego says:

      Margaret, was much more dynamic than Elizabeth and garnered a great deal of press. The difference? Elizabeth loved her and focused on duty rather than competing with her. It comes down to character. If William had any sense of service to the people and sense of duty he would have people’s respect and Harry’s popularity would be of no consequence. Instead he’s been lazy, entitled and petulant and put no effort into carving out a role for himself. His brother is simply the better person and deep down William knows it. Meghan has done more and made more of an impact than Kate in a very short time and William knows that too. If it weren’t for Meghan I’m certain Kate wouldn’t be giving speeches or interviews on the recent tour.

      • PrincessK says:

        Very well said Mego. I am sure at times the Queen as a human being must have felt a bit sad when Margaret was always being referred to as the prettier and more vivacious one, but she didn’t try to destroy her. William is jealous of Harry and probably wishes that he had a wife who was more confident and out going…

        By the way the first anniversary of the Broken Britain campaign has come up….any updates anyone?

  12. Dizzy says:

    It would not look good if they moved to Cape Town. Even though progress is being made, the small white population is still so much better off than the African population. They would look very privileged and be a reminder of the destructive force of colonialism. I’m speaking as the daughter of someone who left Cape Town during apartheid to make a better life on the other side of the world.

  13. Brooke says:

    I don’t think they’re being exiled. Can anyone these days really be exiled? It’s not like the day ages where they would be sent to some far away land where they would lose all contact with the outside world and we would
    forget they exist. No matter where they choose to live, Harry and Meghan will be noticed. They will be popular whether they are in London, Canada or Africa. Further more, I don’t see Harry as the type to just let William or the royal family bully his family out of London. We have seen that he has no problem standing up for his wife and son. So I think this is just a silly story that sells magazines and makes people like me click on links.

  14. kerwood says:

    If the Sussex family were to grant the racists their fondest wish and leave Great Britain, the racists would be very unhappy. The Sussexes would take ALL the attention with them. The only reason anyone pays attention to Normal Bill and Keen Katie is BECAUSE of Harry and Meghan. They’re the ‘great White hopes’. If Harry and Meghan aren’t around, the Cambridges will sink back into the quagmire of blandness and mediocrity Meghan rescued them from, simply by being Black.

    The Duchess of Sussex is the best thing that’s happened to the royal family since the end of WWII. What a shame they’re too stupid and craven to realize. They’d rather back a man accused of sex crimes than a woman who actually wants to make the world a better place. Says a lot about them.

    • Gingerbee says:

      Kerwood, you nailed it. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • L4frimaire says:

      @Kerwood, so true. I read some old 2016 article in Chatelaine by LaineyGossip, when Harry just started dating Meghan and it wasn’t quite confirmed yet, and she mentioned how boring and lazy the Cambridge’s were. It’s not like they’re going to become interesting and dynamic if Harry and Meghan leave. Look at their Pakistan tour they’re so upset was overshadowed by the ITV clips. 80% of the coverage was about what Kate wore, the rest about where they went, with a few mentions
      of the organizations or dignitaries. Hope the Sussexes go totally off the grid during their holidays so the a Cambridge’s can bask in the glory they think they so deserve and get all the participation trophies stacked up. This whole media frenzy and cycle is all about Will being salty. Maybe if he’d held back on his insecurities , some of this Sussex prominence would have faded naturally but he couldn’t stand them getting any positive press whatsoever. Everyone goes on about Harry still being affected by Diana’s death, but William is so messed up in his own petty way. Harpy’s just more expressive and articulate about it. Will is so terrified of being overshadowed, although he already is by his own meek Duchess .

      • kerwood says:

        The Cambridge tour was eclipsed by the Sussex clips because the Cambridges did next to nothing while in Pakistan. The Cambridges will always be overlooked by someone because they are dull, lazy people who want all the benefits without doing a lick of work. Even the vile Trumps expressed the desire to meet the Duchess of Sussex when they grifted their way to England recently.

    • BlackBritish says:

      Please God make this happen..

  15. MaryContrary says:

    And of course they can’t publicly discuss how horrible both of their families have been which clearly is a huge piece of their stress and unhappiness.

    • Tourmaline says:

      This totally.
      Rhiannon Mills had an article up about the Pakistan tour and how Will and Kate on the flight there came back to chat with the press on the plane multiple times and how wonderful they are. Then she said something like pity that Harry and Meghan aren’t like them.

      The Cambridges are trying to rise by making the most of the crazed press rage against the

      Also all the headlines today about the Sussexes taking a 6 week ‘sabbatical’ are strange. How often have the Cambridges simply disappeared from public events for that long? Pretty often and without a big deal being made.

      • spooky says:

        The Cambridges have perhaps realised that if you start a battle with the press you don’t win the war. Unfortunately Diana tried to use the press in her battles with the RFand it came back to bite her.

        Just because they talked to the press on the way back doesn’t mean it was to get at Harry and Meghan. The conspiracy theories expanded on here, without evidence, are mind boggling at times.

      • Guest2.0 says:

        @spooky. The press were the ones that started the battle with the Sussexes cause they wanted access to their private lives. Why do people have a problem with the Sussexes defending themselves against a bullying, racist press.?

      • Tourmaline says:

        I don’t believe every Cambridge conspiracy theory, but suddenly buttering up the royal reporters after years of not? Yep I believe that is a strategy not a coincidence.

      • notasugarhere says:

        W&K did plenty that upset the RRs for years. They’ve only stopped this year because of Rose. The access to the kids in public with no complaints filed? In exchange for silencing talk about Hanbury.

      • Nic919 says:

        The Cambridges disappeared just this spring during the height of the rose affair and there was no reason for it. They tried saying It was for school break but that didn’t last two months and even Sophie and Edward were not gone from engagements as long as those two. And on top of that they were in Mustique in July while the rest of the senior royals were still doing engagements.

        The fact the UK Royal reporters were silent on the Rose story tells you there was a deal of some sort. There is no way a legitimate royal reporter would stay quiet on a story about an affair but gleefully report about personal issues of that subject’s sibling.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There must have been a deal struck. Remember the reporter who tweeted about the newsroom having proof, but they were legally ordered to shut down the info. Wonder how William’s threats using EU human rights laws will fly post-Brexit?

      • PrincessK says:

        All the Royals, Queen, Charles, and the Cambridges will take a break during December through to mid January, approximately six weeks…so why are the Sussexes being singled out as though this is something extraordinary. More vicious click bait journalism.

    • spooky says:

      @ Nic919 – perhaps the RR were silent because they knew it wasn’t true. We are always told here not to believe anything we read in the DF, but unfortunately some will believe it if it suits their narrative.

      We actually have no idea.

      • Nic919 says:

        There are hundreds of stories that they publish that we know aren’t true but they do it for the clicks, so that excuse doesn’t fly at all. Besides the American reporters covered how William silenced the UK reporters with threatening letters about privacy so we know there was something there.

        When the entire purpose of tabloid reporters is to cover gossip and scandal, there is no way they avoid talking about a potential affair and while the American tabloids covered it, the UK ones did not. FYI they could have sued the American tabloids who talked about the affair but they did not.

  16. Guest says:

    Doubt harry would admit anything to the press about moving. They would do better to live in north america though. Eventually something has to give.

    • kerwood says:

      Because North America is such a bastion of tolerance.

      Great Britain is their HOME. Harry Windsor is a Blood Prince of England. Why should a bunch of people, sitting in their basements swigging Diet Coke, drive them from their HOME?

      • windyriver says:

        Harry is also a Counsellor of State, which requires his permanent legal residence be in Britain. And, since George is under age 18, the (remote) possibility exists that a situation could arise where Harry would be called upon to act as Regent. In lieu of Harry, Andrew is next in line. Can’t see Charles tolerating even the possibility of Andrew being in that position, so don’t see Harry and Meghan going anywhere permanently, at least for a long time.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I somehow think if Harry thinks it is in the best interest of his wife and child that they move, he’s not going to be stopped by this Counselor of State business. Why should he sacrifice his own family for some formality involving George? It’s not like without Harry there, George will be thrown to the wolves or put in the custody of Prince Andrew. Plus Regents, even Monarchs, it’s all ceremonial crap for the BRF at this point in history.

      • A says:

        I think Charles’ intention has always been to restrict the RF to himself, his siblings and his children, and perhaps cut out all of the rest of William and Harry’s cousins. Peter and Zara are private citizens. Bea and Eugenie are likely not going to have prominent roles in the RF going forward. It’ll be at whatever level they’re at right now. And I don’t think Edward’s children are being groomed for a prominent royal position either, considering his position and proximity to the throne. If anything, Charles becoming King is going to increase his responsibilities, not give him a chance to leave. They’ll need him more than ever after that.

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought a home their and went on to make it a private retreat – like Balmoral and Amner Hall are.

    There was an article in the Fail with an interesting quote about future King William of Bratville taken from the recent biography of Charles – apparently William is VERY competitive with family members over press attention. We all know how competitive Duchess Katie of Keeness is so its safe to say that they stepping things up as they are not happy with all the good press the Sussex’s get. How many ass kissing articles did we get over Kate’s garden – a garden that seemed to appear at almost every flower show! And now with the jumping on the womens rights and education bandwagon, something that neither has showed ANY interest until the Pakistan tour – wonder if it will continue beyond this week?

    • Gingerbee says:

      Digital Unicorn, yes, where was Katie Keen during the past 8 years, before Meghan became part of that family. All of a sudden, she is interested in causes, yeah right. We know who lit a fire under her do nothing butt.

  18. Catherine says:

    PW does not have the power to makes these calls. Period. The Queen and Prince Charles run the BRF, as we very clearly saw during the Trump state visit. PW and KM were not entertaining heads of state, doing the photo ops. It was The Queen and Prince Charles. They are the head of the family and the source of all the money and power. PH and MM just announced they are taking 6 weeks off for “much needed family time” that came from BP and was approved by The Queen. PH loves Africa and he will always have a big media following wherever he goes, lives, etc. Before all of the media spin and gossip, I thought it was a great idea: PH and MM could bring a huge spotlight to the CW countries and they have the work ethic for it. Whatever they decide to do, it will be approved by the Queen and Prince Charles.

    • Chica71 says:

      Six weeks off . That means the Cambridges have to work! Let’s see if they are smart enough to to take advantage. On another note, I think the Sussex are struggling. They could have done one event per week and nobody realize they were taking a break aka Kate

      • PrincessK says:

        But this is not the truth, it is manipulation of facts! All the Royals, Queen, Charles, and the Cambridges will take a break during December through to mid January, approximately six weeks. The Sussexes are being singled out for vilification yet again!

    • If everything is approved by BP then I would wonder why the Big Guns of the BRF have allowed this to continue. I don’t know why TQ and Charles get such a huge pass.

      • Other Renee says:

        Allkindsofsugar, I have been wondering the same thing. Why have they allowed this to continue?

      • Elisa says:

        +1, I’m baffled about this too, TQ and PC run the show and have the power to intervene, but they have done 0 so far.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        Agreed!! All it would take is a statement, orally or in print, and or restrict access to those “RRs” that continue to publish/print the hate. Whatever void their “absences” create, I’m SURE there are many more reporters that would jump at the chance to take that place and NOT publish the hate-filled pieces.

        Right now, those RRs are sucking up the air. Deny them the oxygen, by denying them access to ALL royals, and they have nothing to print of consequence, other than their own rants.

      • @Other Renee. I get that it’s the thing to blame Willy for all things evil, but I really don’t get the radio silence from THE players. We have all asked why they don’t do a joint event, why Kate doesn’t wear a capsule piece etc…which I believe would have helped, but WK also operate under the exact same Firm that haven’t lifted a finger. Queen has her head in the sand ( or up her…) but Charles damn sure could have put a stop to this long ago. So why?

      • Maria says:

        The Queen and Prince Charles have a habit of throwing people under the bus when they don’t suit them. Now it’s Harry and Meghan, in the 90s it was Diana and Fergie.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Link to the press release? I see lots of speculation from the usual anti-Sussex types and “royal source said”, but no official announcement.

      The British royals never work much the last two months of the year. They go to ground and re-surface in January or early February

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        On the contrary, usually they are out more till early-mid Dec. to pump up the numbers for the end of the year tally.

      • Tourmaline says:

        There is no press release. It is attributed to a royal source by the Sunday Times.

      • Elisa says:

        nah, W+K have been mocked a lot for their hustle towards the end of the year, and they are not the only ones trying to improve their numbers.

      • spooky says:

        Do you believe all the anti-Cambridge talk without proof?

      • notasugarhere says:

        We see W&K’s annual hustle in Oct and early November, but they drop off after Remembrance Day. Most members of this family all but disappear for two months. They show back up end of January, start of February.

      • Nic919 says:

        The Cambridge hustle to boost their engagement numbers at year end isn’t speculation but something we have seen every year. There is nothing to believe, we only need to look at things like the court circular and compare them to the mid year tallies done by a variety of people.

    • Lady D says:

      Did the Queen approve because she cares, or does she just want them to shut up? I’m not really buying the caring granny routine anymore.

      • Senator Fan says:

        LOL! Me neither!

      • PrincessK says:

        The Queen is fixated on not rocking the Royal boat.

        Charles is fixated on becoming King, if only for a few years so also doesn’t want to rock the boat or drop the ball.

        William is fixated on the fact that he is being overshadowed by his much more charismatic brother and his wife who has proved that she is intelligent, confident and hardworking and can set goals and make a measurable impact.

  19. Fanny says:

    Since when has Africa become the equivalent to the principal’s office?
    Seriously, I am just asking for a friend.
    Moreover, Africa is so big and diverse that I am always a little confused when people just mention it without being more precise.

    The undertone in those who want the Sussexes to go to Africa is appaling.
    Now on another level the idea that a man -and his wife-whose privilege comes from centuries of exploitation of black and brown people is even more appaling to me

    • Bookworm says:

      Harry said it himself. No one is using it on them as a punishment. And he refers to “Africa” because he said there are 19 commonwealth countries there for them to work with.

      • Tourmaline says:

        This, the references to Africa as a continent that are apparently irritating some are what Harry refers to. Also this documentary the couple participated in is called Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Fanny, totally agree and spot on. It’s a complex continent, not a gulag. Very insulting.

  20. TheOriginalMia says:

    So…they are basically taking the holidays off. 2 weeks in November and all of December. How is this any different than the rest of the BRF? Oh, that’s right…the double standard these two forced to live under. Whatever. Enjoy the holidays with Doria. With people that love and respect you. For their mental well-being, they need an oasis from the unrelenting bullshit of the British media and the trolls within and outside of the BRF.

    As far as moving to Africa, it’s ridiculous how many people are taking what he said and twisting it around. He knows they can’t move there permanently. He knows their work will be centered around those Commonwealth nations. They don’t have to move to Africa (which country will it be, racists?) to do what they are tasked to do.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I imagine they’ll turn up for the Remembrance events in November (all the RF turn out for them) and the annual Boxing Day church pap stroll but like most of the BRF they will wind down their engagement calendar from mid Nov till early Feb making occasional appearances (Chuck and Anne do this).

  21. L4frimaire says:

    In some ways, Harry’s yearning to move to South Africa, or whatever, is in the same vein of stressed out people saying they’ll quit their jobs, sell everything and see the world. It’s possible but highly unlikely. Glad they’re suing the tabloids, and opening up about some of the pressure, but hope everyone takes a breath and realize that this is a moment in a very fraught time. They’ll be working for the next few weeks so curious to see how that goes. These two are no where near the throne, but they get more scrutiny, backlash and attention than the actual monarchs, heirs, second only to the PM in news cycle. Why do they dominate the headlines so much? They fill a vacuum at the top of the Royal family, and why is that? This is why things are where they are. Maybe they need to take time during the holidays to assess what their future direction will be and how they’ll navigate their roles and the press going forward. Everyone is making a big deal about this 6 weeks off, which aligns with Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so it’s not like they had a lot on their schedule during that time anyway. So much hyperbole.

    • blue36 says:

      It’s kind of annoying to see how some of the tv presenters are spinning this, they are contrasting this story with tidbits from the “Pakistan tour” and are saying W&K are showing how they are of service unlike H&M who need 6 weeks off, probably also the time when we most likely won’t see other royals out there. The propaganda is real something.

    • A says:

      I agree with this. He’s expressing a sentiment of wanting to get away from it in all in a particular way, not actually stating that he’ll go through with it or whatever. I don’t think they’ll just jet off into the sunset, but the possibility of doing that looks appealing to someone in their position, considering they feel incredibly besieged by the press and unsupported by their family.

    • Senator Fan says:

      I agree and think Harry & Meghan are thinking in the future they’d like to spend more time in Africa doing conservation work. They are under such immense pressure and scrutiny and it’s clearly taken a toll. I think they’ve had a such a busy year with so many changes that they seriously need time with their baby, and as a new family. I hope they take all the time they need and have access to a therapist to support them as well. I think they will rise above the criticism and focus on their work and their family. As they’ve been doing but they certainly need some private down time. And if the reports are true and they decide to go to the US for Thanksgiving with her Mom would be a nice for them.

  22. Guest2.0 says:

    The bullying and racist attacks from the British media and RRs were to be expected and I tend to believe they could have weathered things better if it was just that. But I think the deep cut and what has hurt the most is the betrayal by family members. Thomas Markle colluding with the media to hurt Meghan had to cause her severe distress. Imagine a parent treating you that way on the world stage. And we can speculate about the lack of support from the Royal Family because we don’t know what goes on in private. But I think it’s fair to say that it doesn’t appear H&M have received the support they needed from the Royal Family. It’s the family drama that has pushed them close to the edge…the other bullshit they could have handled.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Exactly. If her father hadn’t sold her out, and her half sister hadn’t been in the news constantly with insane, made up crap, and Harry’s family had actually been supportive, I think they would have been able to deal with the negativity from the press so much better. I think for Harry too he’s always felt that his family was there for him-the reality that his father isn’t doing anything to support them, and that his brother not only wasn’t receptive to his new wife, but undercuts them for his own purposes, has to be incredibly painful.

      • BlackBritish says:

        I think Harry and Meghan, they have successfully done to her what they wished to do to President Obama and she has given the sadistic press and public what they craved.

        Leaving the royal family and presuing their philanthropy work in Africa successfully will demonstrate to the world how to deal with bullies.

        This public display of “weakness” will be exploited by her enemies and is painful to watch.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I tend to agree. The betrayal of a parent is such an intimate and hurtful thing – and if Harry’s family doesn’t support them through such a trying time, then that’s just added heartbreak.

    • Tourmaline says:

      The family stuff must be awful. After the story of the Sussexes suing the Mail on Sunday I read a quote that they feel that Thomas Markle was groomed by the tabloid press. He was weaponized by them. The lead up to the wedding with the constant will he, won’t he attend was unprecedented and gross. Not even mentioning the dumpster fire of the other Markle relatives.

      Then the Windsors, Richard Palmer of the Express tweeted recently that William has dumped Harry like a ton of hot bricks. That the other royals think what the Sussexes are doing is toxic. Just a few months back the Mail on Sunday detailed a confrontation in Will and Kate’s KP apartment after the wedding, Harry accusing them of being unsupportive, including Meghan’s stony facial expression and Kate bringing her flowers the next day. So who leaked that?

      This has gotten so sour, it’s crazy to think it was less than 2 years ago that Harry and Meghan announced their engagement .

      • spooky says:

        Richard Palmer of the Express? the Mail on Sunday? Right, so it must be true.

      • Guest2.0 says:

        I wouldn’t buy into the fan fiction that Richard Palmer, or any of the tabloids and RRs write about H&M. It’s utter garbage. They have no way of knowing what goes on in H&M’s private life. That’s part of the reason for all the hate and bullying.

    • Islandgirl says:

      This!!!…I believe that you can weather any storm if you have the support from those you love.
      I think the lack of support and even the betrayal by the leaks from Kensington Palace must hurt Harry more than anything. I do hope that he can forgive his brother and repair their relationship.

      • kerwood says:

        @Islandgirl, I don’t think William and Harry will ever REALLY make up. Harry went out of his way to support Kate when William couldn’t be bothered. A lot of people interpreted it as Harry and Kate being soft on each other but I think Harry knew how hard it was to be a royal and was helping Kate find her way. It must hurt Harry so much to see that his older brother doesn’t give a damn that Harry’s wife is being treated this way.

        Remember when Harry said that his family was going to be the first ‘real’ family Meghan has known. He REALLY believed he had a loving, supportive family that would welcome his wife with open arms. Harry must be heartbroken to realize that they’ll go out of their way to protect a man accused of sex crimes and leave his wife to the mob.

  23. Molly says:

    The pain in Meghan eyes was enough for me. I’m with whatever it takes to see her the way we did on her wedding day. I think the interview is a cry of help to the RF. It seems like their only concern are those in direct line to the throne and Andrew. Harry and Meghan were left to defend for themselves under intense media scrutiny. Meghan needs to take the 6 weeks. We all know that she hasn’t taken a break since her engagement. Michelle Obama gave her some good advice….go slow, you’re in it for the long haul. As far as the racist British media what will you do without Meghan/Harry? Because we all know if Meghan/Harry take 6 weeks off the Cambridges will take 8!

  24. A says:

    As someone else pointed out, I don’t think Harry is actually planning on dropping everything and moving. I think he’s just sort of expressing a wishful thought, because their lives are a veritable sh-tshow at the moment, and he very much wants to get away from it all. I don’t doubt that he feels more “himself” in South Africa. We’ve all felt that way whenever we’ve had the chance to get away from the whirlwind of our lives and wind down for a couple of weeks.

    But, what I find concerning is that they do seem really burned out by everything. I really really hope this lawsuit goes well for them, because it’s obvious to me that they started this all as a last straw. I can’t believe they let things get this bad for them, mentally, before starting to put the brakes on it. Would William have ever let it escalate to this? He’d have been on the phone calling up the tabloids left right and center, threatening them with every lawsuit under the sun to get them to shut up. Imagine, for one second, if Harry had had William in his corner at any point during all of this. It would have made such a huge difference. I definitely think William is the brother who is more willing to assert himself and his boundaries, while Harry is more willing to be nice and go along with things if it’ll keep the peace. My sister and I have the same dynamic, and the one thing she always does is fight for me when I don’t feel like I can reasonably stand up for myself. Sometimes you’ve got to have your big sister/brother to beat back the bullies, and it’s such a fcking shame that all William cares to do is take advantage of it all to serve his own purposes.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      And we don’t know what kind of pressure may have been put on H&M by the Royal Family “to keep a stiff upper lip.” They could have been told to not do anything, it will all blow over. Who knows. But at some point, enough was enough and they decided to fight. I agree with you that it shouldn’t have gotten to this and they put up with this crap for too long.

      I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said something like, “no one can take advantage of you, unless you give them permission.” I think H&M finally said F—it…we’re not taking this crap anymore.

      • Coffee says:

        I mean, they have been denying the narrative the press has been pushing from the start, no? They have their sources release information and they also had that article in people magazine from Meghans friends. They have been fighting back in their own way.

        Also, i never knew DailyMail was such a rag until i visited this site. I do not visit that site and i dont understand why the members here do?

      • A says:

        I’ve always maintained that the royal family was, and remains, unprepared to tackle something like racism. They have never had to deal with this before, and I would not be surprised at all if they simply thought that it’s the same as the regular press scrutiny that everyone went through. It’s clearly not. I imagine it must have been a nasty shock for someone like the Queen or Charles, if they cared enough to look into it that is. But simply put, this is just not something that they can remain silent about and stiff upper lip through.

      • spooky says:

        @ Guest2.O I think it was “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

  25. Coffee says:

    meg and harry are going to take 6 weeks off for family time. I dont understand why they didnt just do that from the start? No one is/was pressuring them to ‘hit the ground running’. It was their choice. She shouldve taken it easy and Harry is to blame for this. Hes an old timer at this game and shouldve helped her ease into it. Nothing in her past profession couldve helped her for this role. Nothing. her family Only made it worse, unfortunately.

    And i don’t understand why people blame william and kate for their plight? William is 3rd in line… he doesnt have that much power and he as the third in line cant really alienate the press – if thats what people want. From the start Meghan and Harry have wanted to do things their own way and i think various family members have just kind of stepped back to let them? And theres nothing wrong with their approach btw. And it looks like they have Buckingham palace approval.

    So i guess my point is that h&m need a reset. They need to do things the way it shouldve been done from the start. Take time off to nurture the new family theyve created because they really Shouldve done that from the start.

    • A says:

      If they had eased into it as you suggest, the tabloids would have simply called Meghan lazy, a freeloader, a social climber who is only in it for the money and the title and nothing else, who is alienating herself from the British public, who doesn’t understand her duty to the public as a member of the RF, what have you. I don’t think the fact that she’s excited to make a difference with her new position is to blame here. It almost seems to me like you’re saying that she’s to blame for putting herself out there too much, but that’s not it. The fact that she exists would have been enough for the British tabloids to make her suffer.

      • Coffee says:

        No, im not saying her excitement is to blame here. Their desire to do too much at once WHILE their relation is so new is PART of the reason why shes struggling. And on top of that, a new baby. Everything happened really fast and then she was thrust in front of the media. Anyone would break down. And she admits at much in the clip. It is too much. Nurturing ur relationship is not lazy and im glad theyre taking time off to do just that. I think they should take more, in all honesty.

        Sure, the narrative wouldve been that shes lazy, but at least she wouldve had a strong foundation to weather the criticism. Right now she is all over the place.

        I would also like to point out that Meghan does have it worse cuz of the racism but last i remember every one of Harrys Girlfriends had it hard. Chelsey was studying to be a lawyer and she was dragged for being a party girl. No one wanted that scrutiny and hence none agreed to marry him. Even his 23 year old girlfriend couldnt be convinced lol Every new person who enters the BRF is the medias chosen person to make miserable. Therefore, Harry should know better. I blame him.

      • notasugarhere says:

        You’re right, A, she would have been lambasted if she hadn’t worked straight away. This is her job, the job married-ins take on from the start. Kate and her laziness are the exception.

      • blue36 says:

        I agree A, I remember when just a month or two into her marriage, people were already criticizing her for not working. Keep in mind, this was also when the tabs were giving her toxic father a platform to degrade Meghan on national television. Even when she was out of sight, the media went after her – hard. I’m glad Meghan decided to work from the get go – especially since she wanted to. There is a reason people want them to disappear from public view and that’s because there are times where they outshine the heirs, they want her to diminish herself so others look and feel better about themselves. Didn’t Sophie start working as soon as she got married as well? Why can’t Meghan be allowed to do the same? The reason they are taking time off now is because the press has been vicious to them, criticizing them for things other royals have done to fever pitch levels, the anger from these RRs is really something else. The ones who actually need mental health help are the people who write for these papers. It’s crazy.

    • spooky says:

      W & K are to blame for everything to some folks.

      A lot of people call her Waitie Katie without stopping to think that she and William, after they got back together again, might have thought it would be sensible to live together for a good while to make sure that worked their relationship worked without the added pressure of actually being engaged/married. Particularly after what happened to Diana.

      • Coffee says:


        Given how Meghan is struggling it does seem like Kates been making the right choices with how she should conduct her public life to keep her sanity.

      • A says:

        Yes, but do you genuinely think Kate and Meghan would have been treated equally in this respect? Again, you’re minimizing the extent of the racism that Meghan faces in the press with your insistence that she did too much too fast. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe she felt as though she had to do so much, so quickly, in a way that Kate might have never felt in her life? And that the fact that Meghan felt this need to overachieve could have had something to do with, again, racism?

        Not to mention, Kate does not receive this level of scrutiny, period. Neither did any of the rest of Harry’s girlfriends. Chelsea had it bad, sure, but not this bad, and it’s doubtful if it would have ever gotten this bad if she’d married him. I do agree that slowing down is best for them, but to argue that they did too much too fast without any proper examination of why they might have felt the desire to do so (which is important to look at) falls too close to the category of blaming the victim here for me. Sorry.

      • spooky says:

        “Not to mention, Kate does not receive this level of scrutiny, period.”

        She does here. :lol:

      • kerwood says:

        You really think Kate was the one who wanted to wait?

      • A says:

        @spooky, by all means, please compare the comments section of this website to the British tabloid machine, something which generates billions of dollars of revenue from constantly chewing people up and spitting them out. Yes, I’m sure that our criticisms of Kate is comparable to the racist vitriol that Meghan receives from pretty much 80% of the remainder of the internet. Either you’re purposefully being obtuse, or you’re committed to not caring, and neither of those are a good look for you.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Ah, spooky, they did do that. They did live together before they got engaged.

      • MrsBump says:


        My sentiments exactly. The “hit the ground running” approach was a disaster. In some ways i felt that it was very much an American sensibility and it must have ruffled feathers. It made me realise that the go slow approach was really the best, because then the main criticism she would have got was to be lazy, instead of fielding new accusations for every little thing.
        When Michelle Obama advised she should slow down as she was in it for the long haul, many here dismissed it saying the situations were different but MO was right. I think a lot of WOC are living vicariously through her and want to see her out there winning against Kate as a way of getting back against white women who have pushed us down over the centuries. This cannot be healthy for Meghan, both her haters and her fans are feeding the tabloids.
        I too blame Harry, he should have better prepared her, but i think both of them overestimated how well Meghan would acclimatize to the intense criticism of this newfound celebrity, add to that the racism and it’s a toxic combination.
        The 6 weeks away is a good start, but it will take more than that for the British press to leave them alone. They need to find the right balance with them so as to create a professional relationship. It is really the only way.
        I know they have an American PR team, which explains, according to me, the confessional and teary aspect of the documentary but i hope they get a British one too. The tone is a little bit off, and i understand Meghan is finding it hard to adjust to the British stiff upper lip, but i’m afraid that the British culture isn’t going to change because of that, she’ll have to adapt, not the other way round.

      • undergalaxy says:

        Eh? The Waitying refers to when she refused to get a proper job and sat around waiting for William to come back to her after the split. Even the queen was concerned that she didn’t “do” anything.

    • Bookworm says:

      I think Harry is not as mentally healthy as he may have seemed during their courtship.

      He is probably very difficult to live with due to his possible depression, and Meghan is losing her joy in everything by being his sole support.

      • notasugarhere says:

        You’re parroting a popular Fail and tumblr theme.

        Harry defending his wife and child does not equal mental health problems, nor does him showing emotion in his WellChild speech.

      • Bookworm says:

        I don’t know what Fail and tumblr themes are and I’m not referring to him defending his wife and child.

        A man who speaks of being traumatized when he hears a camera click and that he has trouble getting out of bed in the morning is not mentally healthy. He’s not enjoying his beautiful new wife and son and he is making it harder for her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yep, parroting tumblr and Fail tropes.

    • s says:

      100% agree with this

    • Mego says:

      Ah so it’s their own fault because they were too eager to work. That is completely daft. It’s the fault of the abusive Unscrupulous press who want clicks period.

  26. Xo says:

    I feel for her. Here (& I don’t mean this as shade, though some may take it that way): I see Meghan as someone who is very aware of & concerned with how she is perceived & being LIKED. In a good girl, kind heart way, not a conniving way. IF that’s true, this negative coverage would be especially hurtful for her to live with.

    Guys, I don’t think they would have sued if it wasn’t important for their own mental/emotional well-being.

    Personally I wonder how she’ll cope if the press doesn’t let up.
    I know she can act the part, but can she be genuinely happy when she is villified this way in global press?

  27. Molly says:

    The fact that William hasn’t taken one moment to defend his brother or acknowledge the struggle the media has put on Harry and his new family speaks volumes about William. How can he be taken seriously on topics like bullying and mental health when he refuses to provide support within his own family…his brother. Whomever is advising him should take note because at some point the press will turn on him again once the Sussex’s are no longer there for them to bully. Mark my words it will happen

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      This! William’s silence on the tabloid’s bullying of Meghan speaks volumes. You’re concerned about others, but not the person married to your only brother. People can’t speculate about Kate’s hair without some edict from the British media or KP about it.

    • A says:

      How much effort would it have taken William to pick up the phone and call the Sun and tell them to knock it off? He could have called up literally any of the reporters, told them that what they were doing was not okay, and it would have been enough to just know that William was in Harry’s corner, that they had his support. Instead, he capitalized on their tensions with the press for his own benefit.

      I cannot imagine treating my own siblings like that. I understand a certain amount of jealousy, but this is beyond the pale. I come down hard on William here because I truly feel like some form of family support would have gone a huge way. If the Queen or Charles were unwilling to do it, then it should have been Wiliam, who is theoretically the closest to Harry. Even he didn’t step up. No wonder the press felt entitled to behaving this way. The Queen and the Firm will protect Andrew, but not Harry? REALLY? Where is this level of vitriol for Andrew, who has actually very likely committed crimes?

      • R2Blast says:

        I’m sorry, I’m at a loss. In what scenario does a brother-in-law speak out for his sister-in-law when the husband hasn’t even stood up until recently?

        I flat out don’t get where all of this “because of Will/Kate” comes from.

        Harry and Meghan are adults in a very public family. It’s their responsibility to work together to change things, as they are currently doing. They don’t need, nor would it help, to have others take the pulpit.

      • Mego says:

        @R2blast, on the contrary people who have experienced mobbing are hurt deeply by the silence of bystanders. Those who witness the abuse and do nothing within their power to fight it. I’m guessing that William didn’t speak out because he is benefiting from their negative press and he has secrets he doesn’t want to see the light of day ie. Affair with Rose Hanbury.

    • Senator Fan says:

      Why has William not spoken up, I don’t know why but also wish he would. Why hasn’t anyone else in that family? If you’re holding William to a certain standard why not expect the same of others? Both the Queen and Charles who are the most senior royals and who run the firm have stayed silent.
      I often wonder why they don’t speak up about the racist attacks against Meghan they’d have to answer all of those questions dodging Andrew. Just read the investigator into Jeffrey Epstein found his little black book and they had 12 numbers to reach Andrew including numbers to Buckingham Palace.
      But Charles should speak up seeing as it’s his son. I wonder if Harry has asked for anyone in the family to come out publicly to support him and Meghan? And if so they’ve refused? Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.
      Both Harry and William have expressed they’ve struggled with mental health issues regarding the tragic death of their mother at a young age. And they both have said they are still dealing with it. Hence why both have Mental Health Initiatives. One brother doesn’t own the corner of mental health when they both experienced the same loss. Mental Health issues is a global crisis and needs all the spotlight it can get. Unfortunately Harry has added stress as his wife is dealing with vapid dehumanizing racism and criticism constantly over the past year. And it’s disgusting and needs to stop. Will it, I don’t know but hope it does. Harry and Meghan suing is certainly a start along with speaking up and making the world aware and asking for the abuse to stop.

      • CairinaCat says:

        R2Blast.. what do you mean Harry hasn’t stood up for Meghan until recently?? He lambasted the press about the treatment of her before they were married

  28. Mary says:

    I cannot but hope that Meghan’s distress in the video is to be used as evidence of the damages caused to the Sussexes by the onslaught of negativity in the press and its reverberations seen in social media trolls’ accounts. I.e., intentionally or not, it will only help the Sussexes in Meghan’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail. Otherwise, they may have been hard pressed to show that Meghan was negatively affected by the DM’s actions. The DM must be quaking in their boots because we can all now see the harm they have caused to Meghan.

  29. cluces says:

    I hope they leave cesspool England. Their to good for England. I can’t stand the cognitive dissonance these racist and sexist pricks display.

    Prior to the Cambridge tour, there was a secret meeting at KP. These fools met with Bill the “depopulation/sun blocker” Gates! Very little coverage. Slime ball Gates is in Epsteins black book. He’s been on his plane. William n Gates have complained about Africa’s high birth rate. Gates big on inoculating women and children with tainted vaccines. is so done. They discussed Africans poor nutrition. England is going down. I hope the commonwealth countries and British
    corporation America shuns the crap out of this fossil of a monarchy when on tour. That trash British media is disgusting always putting a negative narrative on this couple.

    It’s a shame that the brits public swallows everything the racist RR vomits out. I would get they hell out of dodge! England has so much blood on its hands. No one been charged with Diana’s death. I don’t buy the DUI. Just like I don’t buy Meghan announcing her pregnancy at Eugenia’s wedding. Andrew can’t stand Meghan.

    • Lurkmode says:

      I don’t believe Meghan announced her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding either. I believe the family knew and they congratulated Meghan there. Eugenie probably congratulated Meghan herself and at any rate, if Eugenie had a problem with Meghan, Harry wouldn’t be hanging out at Eugenie’s house with Ed Sheeran. That was all Andrew & Fergie getting butt hurt.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I’ll only comment on one thing: those vaccines are not tainted. Let’s not perpetuate that vile rumor.

  30. spooky says:

    Wow, quite a bit of libel in there. And have you looked at your country’s record lately?

  31. Vava says:

    They can come to the USA. We could use all the help we can get!

  32. Lurkmode says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan decided NOT to become a British citizen. For what? Why become a citizen of a country that hates* you?

    I personally do not think Meghan should give up her American citizenship ever, and let Archie decide what his citizenship will be when he becomes of age (I don’t think Archie should give up his American citizenship either…he’s unlikely to ever become King).

    If Meghan decides not to go through with becoming a British citizen, she could live anywhere with Harry and Archie.

    I actually think a King of Sweden move need to be pulled now, and strip Harry & Meghan of royal duties NOW**, ASAP, TODAY. Not because they’re not doing a wonderful job; they are! They are wonderful ambassadors and that’s the problem. They are wonderful ambassadors and William & Kate are not, in the same way. If William & Kate and George are the future, and they are going to operate in Fashion A, and Harry & Meghan operate in Fashion B, that’s incompatible goals and can’t be. So anyone who decides to operate in Fashion B has to be cut and it’s best they be shut out, cut out NOW.

    Since the courtiers, the press, palace etc. want William & Kate to be the way, Harry & Meghan need to be shut down NOW (as far as royal life is concerned). Harry & Meghan’s patronages should be revoked and given to William and Kate. Since William & Kate want to be the stars so badly and the Palace, courtiers and press want them to be the stars, fire Harry & Meghan from the show and let William and Kate be the stars they want to be. The British Press needs to stop reporting ANYTHING regarding Harry, Meghan or Archie. Erase the Sussexes and focus solely on the Cambridges since they are the future.

    Harry & Meghan will be alright; Meghan knows how to make money. Come back to the United States or Canada. They’ll be safer there than in the UK.

    Let the Cambridges be the stars and the focus. If they don’t do any work and the British taxpayers decide to dump the monarchy, oh well.

    *I don’t think the general British public hates the Sussexes or even Meghan, but the British Press is going to do their best to make sure enough of the British and American public does.

    • PrincessK says:

      Britain doesn’t really hate Meghan, the British public is being groomed by the right wing press to hate her, aided and abetted by the ‘dark forces’ Harry alluded to. Brexit has a lot to do with it too.

  33. Soupie says:

    The fact that the vile Daily Fail uses systemic racism to get clicks in order to make tons of money off of Meghan makes me ill. I can’t stand seeing Meghan be used in that manner. I just pray for the best for their growing family. Screw the rest of the “Royals.”

  34. blunt talker says:

    The optics of them living in Africa would not be good. There special precautions that would be required to live there. The security alone is a huge factor. Then living on a continent with tons of proverty would make their living there subject to criticism the world over. They would not be living in a small shack with no conviences and everybody knows this. Just keep it real they cannot live there because of the optics and security.

  35. Paramita says:

    Sadly, this is what happens when a professional woman enters an outdated institution. Meg is an achiever, she knows she can do good and jumped right in. Possibly that was the wrong approach no matter how unjust it is.

    If you see Sophie Wessex, she too was a professional woman who made her mark and is now beloved both in the family and the media. Maybe Meg should ask her for her insights. And they are making the same mistakes that Diana did. If you put yourself out there, you’re going to get eaten.

    Go underground, continue your good work without the press coverage. The important thing is the good deeds themselves without the headlines. Keep your head down for a bit. Regroup and come up with a new strategy. Cos this one obviously isn’t working. Time to be a realist. Idealism has no place in this world.

    • Mignionette says:

      Sadly I don’t think that would have worked. The interest in Meghan is on another level. Not even what Kate experienced. It’s international, un-relenting and cruel often because of Meg’s heritage.

      The RF are just further proving what an outdated institution they are and given that they depend on public support for survival this can only go one of two ways.

      Destroy the person who could potentially eclipse them – that was their fear with Diana or continue as things currently are with Meg and Harry attracting more international interest that W&K.

      Even Robert Jobson who despises Meghan has made this point and Harry himself hinted at it when he said his wife was being comoditized.

  36. Senator Fan says:

    I think the documentary of their SA tour should have been a separate entity from their personal interview. The interview of their personal lives and struggles shouldn’t have been grouped with the struggles they were highlighting of SA people on their tour. I wonder if it would have a more effective message on it’s own. I support H&M and hope for and wish them the best.

    • Sophie says:

      I agree. As it is, the personal bits shifted the spotlight completely away from the people they were trying to help, and onto themselves.

  37. blunt talker says:

    Warning—-Piers Morgan is on vacation for 2 weeks and is vacationing in Los Angeles. I think he out to do devilment and evil against Meghan and Harry. Probably meeting with Meg’s dad to get in some sort of angle against her. Keep an eye for that buzzard of a man.

  38. Mignionette says:

    This whole idea is just horrible;

    1. sending the bi-racial family ‘back to Africa’
    2. sending the only bi-racial member who married into the family and her son back to Africa is horrible
    3. Exiling the whole family
    4. Putting so much pressure on Harry so that he is FORCED to choose a side i.e. remain in the family and allow Meg / Archie to be used as punching bags (bc let’s face it that is what is on offer here and Harry referred to when he said ‘I refuse to play the games with the media that got my mother killed’ and ‘being on a separate path to his brother) OR symbolically abdicating his position.

    The RF really need to think about the message they convey if they succeed in chasing Meghan off by proxy (i.e. via their complicit silence with the press). The risks here are huge i.e.
    - Harry really cutting them off
    - Meghan and Archie being harmed

    If any of the above happened Harry and Meghan have already made their case and the RF will be ripped to shreds.

    Kate should also take heed. William through this whole affair strikes me as incredibly coldblooded. No one is asking him to take on the tabs, what would have been nice is a public show of support, instead he and Kate have actively capitalized on Meg and Harry’s pain at a time he should be supporting them into their role as new parents.

    The whole thing has made me view William horribly.

    I hope black and minority celebrities refuse to work with the Cambridges going forward .

  39. undergalaxy says:

    Imagine being the sort of person who would actually bow to big baby William? He doesn’t deserve ANY respect.

    I wouldn’t bow to any of them but still.

  40. Bread and Circuses says:

    I wonder how Chelsea Davy feels about the suggestion of him moving to South Africa with Meghan? Wasn’t one of her issues with being with him that she hated the rain of England and wanted to be home?