Did Jennifer Garner read Ben Affleck the riot act about his pap walks with Ana?

Ben Affleck exits Jennifer Garner's home after 4 hour visit
On this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast, Kaiser and I talk about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ PDA pap strolls. That’s at 22 minutes in if you just want to skip to that part. Kaiser wonders why Jennifer felt the need to step out with her children and pets so soon after Ben had been doing his near-daily walks with Ana. I think we know the answer to that, although I tend to give her more of a break. She’s working with the situation she’s been handed, which is Ben deciding to roll out a new girlfriend while she’s in isolation with their kids. They have to get out of the house.

Here’s a timeline of Ben and Ana and Jenn and the kids’ walks over the last couple of weeks. I’m just going on the photos our agency, Backgrid, has. (It should be accurate because Backgrid often has exclusive photos of the Garner-Afflecks, including Ben and Ana in Costa Rica. I’m sure they have a photographer on them more than the other agencies.)

3/21: Ben and Ana are photographed out for a walk outside his house with her little white dog. They kiss, embrace, and stroke each other’s face’s lovingly.
3/23: Ben and Ana step out again to walk her dog. They kiss and stare at each other. (These photos, we didn’t publish them separately.)
3/24, 3/25, 3/27: Jen and her kids photographed out walking. (We didn’t publish those photos.)
3/28: Ben and Ana do the PDA dog walk again with her dog only. US Magazine has insider quotes about how nurturing Ana is and how Ben is already thinking of having kids with her.
3/29: Jen and her kids seen out walking.
3/30: Ben and Ana do another PDA walk, this time with his beautiful dog too, a German Shepard we’d never seen before.
3/31: Jen, her kids and nanny went out walking with their dog and their cat in a stroller
4/1: Ben and Ana walked both their dogs again. Jen, the kids and nanny stepped out with the cat in a stroller. We got quotes in US Weekly about how Jen didn’t want Ana to meet their kids yet.

[I made this but it's long so I put it in a quote]

After that we didn’t see Ben and Ana again, but Jen has been out a few times in a mask with her kids. On April first, the LA mayor told everyone to wear masks. The CDC recommended cloth masks for everyone on Friday the third. So maybe they decided to be more careful about family walks. It’s also possible that even the photographers are staying home, but the agency has photos of Jen out with the kids on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. As I alluded to in the title, Ben went to Jen’s house Saturday for four hours, according to the photo agency. (That’s the first photo above.) We haven’t seen him out walking with Ana since, although I expect that to change. Make of that what you will. As for whether they’re all just going for walks during this difficult stay-at-home time or if they’re competing for eyeballs, I think the answer is a little of column A, a little of column B. At least they’re giving us content. Also, does anyone else wonder if Jen is still seeing her boyfriend? Are they not seeing each other (wisely) at this time?

Jennifer Garner goes for a walk wearing a mask amid the recommendations that Americans cover their faces

BGUS_1909310_003 (1)


photos credit: Backgrid

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  1. Polyanna says:

    I don’t care about any of these adults anymore, they can have all their silly drama for all I care. Year after year of this, they need to get a life already.

    What I DO care about is that cat in a stroller hahahah, steal all the headlines away from these ridiculous attention seekers, Stroller Cat!

    • Esmom says:

      I know, right? I can’t believe I missed the stroller cat the first time she posted about it. I want more…and I also want a stroller for my cat!

      • crowhood says:

        Tyne Daly (my rescue) would eat my face clean off if I tried to put her in that even though she would LOVE it once outside. Cats!

      • osito says:

        Oh, I love her name! Tyne Daly is such a great actress! I also suspect that if you stuffed her in a stroller, she’d eat your face off too!

    • lucy2 says:

      Yes! Stroller Cat is clearly the highlight in all this.

      • Erinn says:

        Stroller cat is everthing! She looks a lot like my youngest kitty who would probably love a stroller ride around the neighborhood😂

    • Liz version 700 says:

      The cat in a stroller is absolutely giving me life. My cats would dismember me if I tried this. I am pretty sure that the cat is giving everyone involved in this saga a side-eye

  2. BUBS says:

    All I can say is that being a celebrity is a LOT of work! Phew! I wish all parties well.

  3. SJR says:

    Stroller cat is fun!
    Do not give a hoot about Ben or his whoever of the week. Grow up.
    Anna is on the up right now career wise but why she is wasting her time with Ben..anything for attention I guess.
    Jen gets my vote for raising those kids. She has her hands full, having to still deal with Ben and his constant BS.

    I bet those kids could write a book about growing up with that hot mess of a Father.

    None of these millionaires “problems” mean jack sh*t to me anymore.
    I can’t even distract myself by laughing at their me, me, me all the time.

  4. BaronSamedi says:

    I don’t feel the pap-walking is on the same level here. I mean the paps know where Jen lives and she has three chilldren. What is she going to do, NOT take them for a walk when the sun is out and they are probably climbing the walls? (In an admittedly huge house with a huge garden, but still. Kids are kids.).

    Ben and Anna on the other hand could absolutely have their coffee and dogwalking trips elsewhere and then leave off the PDA.

    Also, there are A LOT of celebrities “outside strolling” pictures right now so it’s not like they are the only ones.

  5. a says:

    I do think paparazzi sit outside their homes but it’s a conscious choice to go out walking rather than using well-stocked home gyms. Ben was photographed by x17 at Jennifer’s house on Sunday and they called the cops on the paparazzi.

    Ben’s been photographed with his German Shepard as far back as 2012 btw.

    • Barb says:

      She called the cops “on the paps” on Sunday but was out pap strolling with the oldest daughter on Monday. Perhaps they were called for some other reason.

    • Erinn says:

      I could have sworn we had an article on this site talking about him getting the shepherd? I could be mixing it up with some other famous family, but it sounds SUPER familiar.

  6. Christy says:

    Those gazing photos look so staged and cringeworthy.

  7. Beatriz says:

    Jennifer is jealous ben looks in love and happy. Her instagram videos screams out for attention it’s a competition and understand why he’s the father !!! but fame lingers more around ben, he’s got the golden ticket of fame even if it’s not warranted

    • a says:

      It sounds like Jennifer is supportive of this relationship for Ben. Us Weekly says she and Ana have met a few times through Ben and are “friendly”. They’re also reporting that Ben and Jennifer are preparing the children to meet her so it’s not like she outright refused to include Ana.

  8. Snazzy says:

    It’s so weird I really liked Ana in Knives Out but all this nonsense really makes me like her less

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. But she is young and Ben’s actually pretty famous, so she’s probably getting swept up in that.

    • Redgrl says:

      I think I must be the only person who absolutely hated Knives Out. Ha!

      • Kitty says:

        I didn’t like Knives Out either. I really wanted to but her character was really annoying. And the whole plot was just eye rolling. I don’t know… her face just bugs . Ben Affleck really bugs! Barf. I’m crabby this morning : )

    • Chris says:

      I liked Ana’s performance too but she was way too overhyped, she didn’t do anything that other trained actresses can’t do but a lot of people were acting like it was something extraordinary. Pretty privilege at work I guess.

      • Snazzy says:

        true. I liked Ana in the movie but didn’t find her acting ability extraordinary. It was just a cool character. My main pet peeve about that movie was that Jamie Lee Curtis was way under-utilised – she stole every scene she was in!

        For some illogical reason I’m disappointed she’s just another one famewh****g, especially now.

      • WriterMarie says:

        @snazzy Yes! I totally agree, Jamie Lee Curtis was awesome in the movie! Ana was alright, but she definitely didn’t stand out to me as the one who stole the scenes.

        On a side note, in the movie, I noticed that she has very pretty eyes. My step mom is 50% spanish and has green eyes, also very pretty. I googled and Ana has heterochromia, green on the outskirts of her eyes with a brown center.

        And yes she is a total famewh*** which is just sad, I wanted to really like her. She loves the camera just a little too much.

    • lucy2 says:

      Unfortunately I feel the same way. I liked her in the film and was excited to see her career taking off, but this has soured me on all that. It’s just so attention starved, and with Ben Affleck of all people.

  9. Natalee says:

    For everyone yelling about celebrities calling paps at this time, a paparazzo was interviewed in the LA Times and says that since all his usual beats are over (film sets, premieres, parties) literally the only way he can make money is to drive around neighborhoods where he knows celebs live and wait outside their homes for them to do something.

  10. Caty Page says:

    Jen’s comments about how “when he looks at you, the sun is shining on you” make me think he love-bombs. It’s so easy to be “taken” by that type of personality that I wonder if she isn’t exaggerating her emotions for the camera.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I believe that he’s sweeping Ana off her feet right now. That’s definitely the vibe I’ve gotten from him in the past. But he has yet to show that he has it in him to stick with a committed relationship. Unfortunately I don’t see that changing with Ana, either.

    • clairej says:

      Yes. When I think back to Jennifer Lopez and how she used to look at him. Then Jennifer through the happy part of the marriage. Both had the look like they could not believe their luck in scoring this amazing man.

  11. Christina says:


  12. Barb says:

    You never saw Jen walk the dogs before, let alone push a cat around in a stroller. She’s being just as ridiculous as Ben and Ana and her thirst is evident. Her IG is so cringeworthy. Clearly that boyfriend of hers is long gone, and who would blame him when she plays these games?

    • Anna says:

      Why is Jen playing games but not Ben? He’s out in front of paps posing with his new girlfriend. If Jen’s playing games, so is Ben. Yet you seem to only focus on her.

      • Barb says:

        The angle of the entire post is whether or not Jen is upset with Ben over his walks with Ana. My point is, how can she be when she is doing it herself and being just as bad? Thank you so much for your response.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m going to say it’s a combo shot. She might very well be unimpressed with Ben. But I also think the fact that a lot of people are stuck in their houses and kids aren’t going to school or anything means a lot more people going out for walks just to burn off some nervous energy.

  13. Jules says:

    The best part of all of this is Stroller Cat.

  14. hannah says:

    Ugh. For years, nothing but this BS. Both Affleck and Garner are minimally-talented, middle-aged famewh*res who are clinging to any last shred of fame and relevancy they can. Ben desperately pap strolling with his much younger, hotter girlfriend to show the world how he can still pull someone like her. Jen tries to counter by dragging the kids and every pet that she has out the door in some pitifully vain attempt to remind the world what a Martyr For Mommyhood she is. Ana doesn’t need to be associated with these two circus freaks and I want her to dump Ben ASAP. She has more talent and is better-looking than the two of them put together in their prime. RUN.

    • Natalee says:

      Ana would never be able to pull off Alias. That role puts every one she’s done to shame.

      Ana herself used to be in a relationship with a high-powered agent. She’s just as thirsty as them all.

      • B says:

        Bless your heart! Ana could do Alias in her sleep. Jen is a lousy actress and her lackluster work over the last 10 years reflects that. It’s the reason she’s on IG promoting herself and her kids. She can’t do any of the awards-worthy roles and has to make racist, bigoted garbage like Peppermint.

        Ana dating an agent no one ever heard of is not a big deal. Reese Witherspoon is married to one. Jen climbing the Hollywood ladder by using and dumping and marrying up is much worse.

      • Chris says:


        Yep. Ana has always been a calculated player. She knows what she’s doing.

        Dating agent no one has ever heard of? LOL look up Franklin Latt and his powerful client list and then get back to me.

      • WriterMarie says:

        @B His Clients include: Zoey Deutch, Zendaya, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Annette Bening, Kit Harrington, Peter Dinklage, Viola Davis, and soooo many more. Dude is pretty powerful. He’s the Co-head of Motion Picture Talent for CAA the Number 3 company on IMDBpro.

        So, I’d say Ana has used who she’s with as a stepping stone and she’s doing the same with Ben. And Ben is going to be the one in the end with a broken heart.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Jennifer has Stroller Cat. Your arguments are moot.

  15. Ang says:

    I thought Ben looked silly with a kid/ girl with all the PDA . He looks desperate and old

  16. Guest with Cat says:

    I think Jennifer is just taking the piss out of Benana. “I see your ridiculous PDA and dogs and raise you Stroller Cat!”

    Really, how are Benana supposed to top that? It’s not just a cat sitting in a stroller looking alarmed and confused with a wtf? expression, either. That cat has charisma, probably more than all of them put together, and really rocked that stroller photo op like he or she has been courting the paparazzi all of their fuzzy life. That cat has grace, dignity and style. Sort of like the Queen, but better: you know Stroller Cat would never ride to church with that loser Prince Andrew.

    Stroller Cat and Violet were snapped perfectly with the best expressions in one magical moment of wonder. It is almost as glorious as Meghan and Harry sparkling in the rain. Kind of brings tears to my eyes and a song to my heart.

    Ben and Ana were stopped cold not by Jennifer reading anyone the riot act, but by the fabulousness of Stroller Cat. Cats rule the internet. This is the way.

    • Theo says:

      Hahaha. Cat is the winner here! Clever

    • nancy says:

      Sad that a woman with 3 kids has time for that. I guess that’s what the army of nannies is for. She’s too busy pap strolling, trying to compete with Ben and plan her next instagram post to parent. If she put as much effort into her acting career as she does trying to one-up him, she might still HAVE an acting career.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Thank you for this Guest with Cat. It gave me one of the best laughs I have had in weeks.

    • Lily says:

      Benana! LOL

  17. Texas says:

    These Nanny’s. How much can you be struggling, when you have that much help. Geez.

  18. Awkward symphony says:

    I’m now convinced that this is a contract relationship!! This is NOT NORMAL! No sane person would be posing for paparazzi at this time

  19. nancy says:

    Both Affleck and garner have stooped to new lows during this pandemic. He’s pitiful and she’s pathetic. Shoo… go raise your kids in a gated community like the other actual private actors. STOP CALLING THE PAPS. No comment on de Armas other than she needs to quit slumming it with him and concentrate on her flourishing career. Affleck is not worth it. Let Mommy jen have him back, you know she still wants him.

  20. Kristen says:

    How are the paps still able to be out doing this with the shutdown? There is no world in which taking pictures of celebrities is a job that’s deemed essential infrastructure.

  21. Lily says:

    You say the royals are petty? Hollywood celebrities are a real clown number even without the ruffles. I can’t believe with the mansions they must have and all that space they need to get out of the house that often and put more risk for themselves and their kids etc for a little attention and curve the opinions on their sides. That IS SO petty. Meanwhile i’m out once every 8 days or more because I need food, and I have 2 dogs. They will survive their walks in the backyard.

    • Jules says:

      So true, the inequalities are staggering. Maybe this will be the end of celebrity worship? They are certainly proving themselves tone deaf and useless. They ALL should be donating money to help those in need, and support all the medical professionals. And they shouldn’t expect a nice little pat on the back for it. People are dying FFS.

  22. Sakura says:

    Stroller Cat is everything.

    Also, who wears black leather pants when walking? Oh, Ana. I feel like I’m getting swamp a** just looking at those pictures

  23. Pamela says:

    I am not so sure. Ben has been through a tough time and totally lost himself for years. He lost the love of his life, almost his family and could not handle his emotions – thus drinking. I think we all do something to make our sadness bearable, whether its even as small as exercising. Ben was lost. I don’t think he is a bad person. Neither is Jen. That does not mean she will not get jealous when he meets a beautiful new woman. That’s so normal.
    In the end, he seems to be doing great with his kids which is the most important, great with their mother, and he does indeed seem happy to me with Ana. Let them be. If we were them we would also probably look like that and like snaps taken. Does not mean he isn’t happy or it won;t last.