Prince William had a bad case of coronavirus in April & didn’t tell anyone

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus crisis!

Prince William had coronavirus in April and he did NOT tell anyone about it until now. It’s absolutely bonkers. I’m using some of the photos from William’s last public appearance in March before he tested positive – this was his trip with Kate to the emergency call center, around March 18th, where no one wore masks and they were literally around emergency service workers. If you remember correctly, there was a two-week flurry of huge public (superspreader) events in London in mid-March, including Commonwealth Day. After that flurry of non-social-distanced events, Prince Charles tested positive on March 25th. Boris Johnson tested positive on March 27th. And now sources say William tested positive days later, in what must have been early April. William apparently had a pretty bad case too.

Prince William “struggled to breathe” after being struck down by Covid-19, The Sun can reveal. The Duke of Cambridge kept his diagnosis a secret because he didn’t want to alarm the nation. The heir to the throne, 38, caught the virus in April days after dad, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, were struck down.

William told one observer at an engagement: “There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone.”

The Duke was treated by palace doctors, and followed government guidelines by isolating at the family home Anmer Hall, in Norfolk. Remarkably, he carried out 14 telephone and video call engagements during April.

A source said: “William was hit pretty hard by the virus – it really knocked him for six. At one stage he was struggling to breathe, so obviously everyone around him was pretty panicked. After seeing medics and testing positive – which was obviously quite a shock given how fit and healthy he is – William was determined it should be business as usual though. He was determined to fulfil his engagements.”

After news of Boris and Charles’s illnesses broke – and Boris had been rushed to hospital – William was concerned that informing the country about his own plight would send everyone into panic mode.

“The Queen delivered her ‘We Will Meet Again’ address, and he just didn’t want to worry people. He felt there were more important things going on in the country. But as a result of his own experiences, he realises absolutely anyone can catch this awful disease – and knows how imperative it is that we all take this second lockdown seriously.”

[From The Sun]

He just didn’t want to worry people? No. First of all, no. He doesn’t get to claim that as a public figure, a “future king” and second in line to the throne. In the middle of a pandemic, the best option was to do what Charles and Boris Johnson did – full disclosure in a timely manner. Second of all, he wasn’t concerned about “worrying” people. He had just successfully bullied his brother and sister-in-law out of the country and he was using his father’s illness as an excuse to float “King Bill” stories to embiggen himself. He didn’t announce it because he wanted to grab power and make his grandmother and father look weak.

And after all of that – an apparently bad case of the virus – he still wanders around maskless during public events, almost as if he doesn’t really believe that he could catch it again, or infect other people if he’s currently carrying it.

Just weeks before he tested positive, William was on tour in Ireland, and he joked about the virus.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus crisis!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus crisis!

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  1. Snazzy says:

    Just when I think I couldn’t like him any less …

    • VS says:

      There is worse:
      1) apparently W is entitled to privacy in his personal life; while H is not
      2) apparently he did not reveal it because he had to do his duties given his brother stopped being a working royal

      So overall, it is H&M fault ………the hypocrisy of royalists would be laughable if not pathetic!

    • Myra says:

      He was either lying then or he is lying now, which makes him a liar in any case. What kind of person uses the pandemic as some form of PR to make himself look good?

      • Gina says:

        You’re so right!
        And I recall he together with his kids delivered food packages to elderly people in April. Looks suspicious, right? Liar!

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      William is a total piece of sh-t. Remember when people wanted the throne to by-pass Charles and go directly to William? Even at the time, I thought people were nuts. What did they base that on? Probably the same thing people like about Kate (how they look, and nothing else).

    • PrincessK says:

      Did he actually test positive? Or, like many people did he think he may have symptoms?

      Why is this being revealed now? William is very careful and strategic about information he lets out. Telling people he didn’t want people to worry. Clearly he feels the need to continue to drum up support for himself and attract further media stories comparing brave low key William to his brother who left duty behind to laze in the Californian sun. It won’t work William, you will never have the popularity you and your image makers are seeking.

  2. Cee says:

    And he still wanders about without a mask!

    • Seraphina says:

      Exactly this. So he had the virus and he knows full well the symptoms and how harsh they can be for people with it, yet no mask after the fact. This is the FFK. Wow. Just wow.

      • Seraphina says:

        @LadyD, thank you for those kind words. We need all the prayers and hope we can can get. It’s been a nightmare these past few weeks worrying about a pandemic that is growing, people at each other’s throats and a POTUS who has not been able to lead us. Anxiety on every level.

    • Chica1971 says:

      His irregular mask wearing tells me he hasn’t learned anything. Didn’t the BRF get the memo that folks can get re-infected? Sorry not buying this, probably a bad case of bronchitis. What dirt is about to come out about him?

      • VS says:

        Why should he learn something? he is the FF king; who cares if others get sick? I am not British so I couldn’t care less about his health; the fact that he didn’t want to worry the nation means the guy has a huge ego…..good for the UK I guess

        Anyway, we have an election to worry about in the US…..

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t know if it helps, but it’s not only the US worrying about that election. The whole world and the ISS will have eyes on your country tomorrow. I hope you guys can feel our hopes and prayers for you. More importantly, I hope they work.

      • Babz says:

        @Lady D Says, thank you for your support for us. We have been trapped in a rolling nightmare for four years, and these next days will be horribly stressful. I am so sorry that just 77,000 voters foisted this abomination on the world, but we are trying mightily to oust him. I voted blue down the ballot here in Virginia, and millions of my fellow citizens have been standing in hours-long lines to exercise their rights as citizens. Please continue to pray for us, as these next days – and possibly weeks – promise to be very dangerous for us and for the world. Bless you, and you and yours please stay safe and well.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        @ Chica1971, I agree with you and everyone else who suspects that Wilileaks did NOT have the corona virus. I think that this is just a one of the long list of lies that he likes to spew to support his precious ego and to instill in Brit’s and everyone else that he is a strong leader and will be the best FFK that all of Britain will see. Sounds so much like our current POS president, aka Agent Orange who loves to spew lies and must consistently lie about his non existent best ever POTUS in the history of the world. Wilileaks did NOT have it, though he may have been sick with something else. All BS!!

    • Nic919 says:

      Wearing the mask is to protect others from any germs you may have and clearly billy didn’t care about spreading it in March and April. Who was exposed to him when he was infectious? That’s a public health issue irrelevant of rank because everyone who tests positive has to provide that information. I mean in Canada anyway. Maybe Britons are ok with getting infected by their royals.

      • Gina says:

        @Nic919 The last sentence is funny. Though it seems that Britons don’t want to be infected by Royals. I’ve read the comments on DF article (Wills devoted fanbase). Most of the peeps mocked him, some were even enraged. Strange that DF haven’t deleted these negative comments as they usually do.

  3. Wildwaffles says:

    What about Kate and the kids? Did he give it to any of them?

    • Sofia says:

      I saw somewhere on Twitter that KP confirmed that Kate and the kids didn’t get it.

      Edit: link to Chris Ship’s tweet about it (though he doesn’t say KP confirms)

      • Als Em says:

        There were pictures in April of him, kate and the kids supposedly delivering food to the elderly. So it doesn’t seem as if he isolated. But it could be a lie that he caught covid.

      • Erni says:

        My husband tested positive but the kids and I didn’t get it even though we’re isolating at home during pandemic and hub&i were sexually active too.

    • Millennial says:

      They supposedly did not. Which is highly, highly unlikely if he was actually living with any of them at the time. So either he had recently travelled away and quarantined before coming home, or he wasn’t living with any of them at all. But where would he have travelled to in the midst of a global pandemic???


      • Mac says:

        They live in a 10 bedroom house. It would have been easy for him to isolate as soon as he tested positive.

      • Eleonor says:

        My best friend 40 y.o had it, but neither his son or his husband.

      • equality says:

        But he doesn’t seem to have quarantined. There were video chats where he and Kate were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on April 8, 9, 18 and 19. On April 23rd, he stood with the family to clap for carers. So when was he supposed to have had these terrible symptoms? The Queen’s address was on April 5th so if it was around that time as the article implies, why would he have been around Kate on the 8th and 9th? The whole timeline makes no sense and makes it seem like a lie to embiggen himself as so brave to carry on.
        It also annoys me that the reporters who thought they should know every time Meghan had a uterine contraction give Will a pass on his secrecy.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        equality i believe it’s a lie.

      • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

        My friend works in a hospital and caught it very bad as well. She lives in a house with her husband and two kids and was nursed by the husband and her mother, but all were tested and none of them caught it

      • Amy Too says:

        Did he and Kate do any joint zoom calls at the time he was sick? It says he did 14. And he never wore a mask in any of his videos with Kate. Isn’t the protocol that you’re supposed to wear a mask when you’re around your family if you’re positive for the virus and sick?

        Also, what’s with this bit about him being shocked and surprised that he caught it because he’s so you g and healthy? I have not heard anything that says young and healthy people are less likely to catch it. Maybe less likely to have symptoms, or need to be hospitalized, but they’re just as likely as anyone else to test positive. You would think the future future king would be well read on stuff like that and have up to date information about the virus. Does Will only get his news from Trump’s twitter feed?

      • Lemons says:

        Someone check on the rose bushes and little roses!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lemons – honestly, that’s kind of why I think it was kept quiet. Not because he caught it from Rose, but because however he got it is sort of sketchy. Like he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing during the lockdown (staying at other houses, traveling back and forth, something like that.) Charles getting it made sense because he was diagnosed at the very beginning of the lockdown. But if William caught it in April, then it does beg the question of where he caught it. Was it from a member of their staff, or one of their RPOs? That would make sense, but what if it was from someone else and KP doesn’t want the press asking about it?

    • Noki says:

      How would they get it,he only spends time with them for photo ops(in and out)he must have his own wing. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mumbles says:

      This is mystifying to me. On one hand all we hear is how contagious it is. It seems odd that this didn’t happen. Apparently didn’t happen with Camilla either, or Boris’s gf. Glad it didn’t, wouldn’t wish this on the kids or even Kate. The benefits of big huge houses?

    • Ginger says:

      I find it very odd that Kate and the kids didn’t catch it. Further proof that they don’t live together.

      • Millennial says:

        That’s what I’m trying to say, too. I’m sure there’s people who live together that don’t catch it, but kids are up in your business all day, every day. If he spent any significant amount of time with any of them – which, let’s remember, the man does not have a full time job to report to – I can’t imagine he didn’t shed some virus on his wife or kids if he’d been around them. You can shed the virus for days before you have symptoms.

        I just find it suspicious! I’m going to be very interested to read about these kids childhoods in 15-20 years (you know those books are coming). Just over here curious if Normal Bill is the family man he claims to be.

      • Shelley says:

        Also proof they don’t kiss and f**k until its time to make a baby! LOL.

    • Chrissy says:

      Or the staff working at Amner!

      • Nic919 says:

        And Amner staff is in contact with staff from Sandringham and so at one point the queen could have been exposed. This is the problem with being an idiotic anti science person.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The article doesn’t say one way or the other. Courtiers lied about William when asked, who knows if RRs even asked about Kate?

  4. Talie says:

    There are definitely a lot of questions – like how many people knew and were able to keep this quiet. Presumably lots of palace staff members, plus any contact tracing that had to be done – did he tell his brother? The MIddletons must’ve known too.

    They kept this locked down well, but I agree, he’s too high up in rank to have kept this quiet and it also makes no sense. Seems to be more about projecting strength, but he could’ve done a lot of good being honest and encouraging people to wear a mask.

    • Sofia says:

      I definitely hope his staff were told at the time so they don’t infect their families because their boss said not to tell.

    • Mac says:

      In early April we weren’t wearing masks yet, but he should certainly be driving home the need for masks having experienced the virus.

    • AmelieB says:

      When you say “projecting strength” you mean the toxic masculinity, unconscionable, Trump style (If other people die around me it makes me look stronger) strength, right?

  5. Sofia says:

    I think he only hid it because it wasn’t to not worry people but because he didn’t want to get dragged for mocking the virus a few weeks ago.

    But yeah this has not gone down the way William probably wanted it to. You’ve got Richard Palmer (who might I add is particularly pissed at KP for lying to him when he asked) and Chris Ship of all people disagreeing and saying that hiding it was not a good idea.

    • Belli says:

      Robert Jobson too. He’s also saying that the palace straight up lied multiple times because they actually asked whether William had had covid and were told no.

      He is pissed.

      • Sofia says:

        Palmer is saying the same thing too. Seems like a lot of them are pissed at KP for lying to them when they don’t expect them too (anymore).

    • Becks1 says:

      The reaction on twitter from the RRs is interesting. There’s almost a sense of betrayal from them. These people – Palmer, Jobson, Ship – are usually the first to tear down the Sussexes and raise up the Cambridges. They are not happy with this.

      • Sofia says:

        And some are being particularly quiet. English and Nikkah just tweeted out the links to article and left it at that. Some players like Wootton (who might be busy with his win against Depp), both the Arbiters (Victoria and Dickie), Tominey etc etc are being very quiet (haven’t even tweeted anything)

      • Snuffles says:

        As much as these RRs rip on the Sussex’s, they still feel like they are entitled to know everything about ALL of the royals. This would have been a juicy story they could have milked for weeks and maybe even months. The tabloids have been losing money and suffering during this pandemic (and not just because they lost access to the Sussex’s).

        To them this is just another example of them being shut out and losing potential income.

      • Harper says:

        Even that Cambridge stan Penny Junor is quoted as saying Will broke precedent by keeping this quiet.

      • Nic919 says:

        And more interestingly they are tossing out that if he had lied about this then what else has he lied about. Very interesting.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        That’s why the cover-up was such a bad idea – because it erodes trust. I can actually think that KP and the other palaces thought it might have been a good idea to cover up his diagnosis because of circumstances (these people aren’t that smart and they probably truly thought that the entire UK would panic if Will also had Covid, Will has a big ego after all and the palaces exist in a bubble of utter privilege that has led them to misjudge the public again and again and again).

        Funnily enough it seems that it actually was a successful over-up UNTIL Will himself inadvertently blew the lid of the case. This is Windsor idiocy at its finest because this is basically Wills sabotaging himself. It really is shades of Andrew (and his interview) all over again. It would be more entertaining if it wasn’t for the fact that William definitely exposed a lot of unsuspecting people, maybe even infected some – and I very much doubt that KP made sure that all of the unsuspecting people he exposed were tested.

      • Nic919 says:

        @art historian: that’s the main issue… billy exposing others to the virus. Covid is a highly infectious virus and since it can be spread for weeks before any symptoms show, there need to be answers clarifying when he tested positive and whether or not any members of the public were exposed. What he did was irresponsible. We don’t need to know every health ailment he gets, but the highly infectious ones matter and in fact any one who tests positive normally has to provide a list of people they were in contact with to help contain the spread of the virus. Once again billy acts like he is above the law and his selfishness may have unnecessarily spread this disease.

  6. Noki says:

    All these public figures whi are now saying they have already caught it are ones who probably didnt sit still and were still acting invincible,they didnt want all eyes on their movements.

  7. Harper says:

    I did a scroll through the KP Instagram and on April 17/18 they posted that Zoom call where Kate looked absolutely barfy. We all thought she was pregnant, but now I suspect those faces she was making was her trying not to inhale Will’s corona-breath as she sat two inches from him. Or she had it, too, but was hauled out to do her duty anyway. Guess old Willileaks is the only one in the family that is allowed privacy.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Am sure he did and is only releasing it now to get positive PR considering how he and Unable have been getting dragged recently.

    WHY HASN’T HE BEEN WEARING A MASK AT ALL TIMES – he can get reinfected easily.

    • Harper says:

      But did Will purposely release it now or did the Sun force the issue? The Sun report says he was telling someone at an engagement about his corona but the news only broke yesterday. So Will was talking freely about it without publicly releasing the news. I’d like to know how the Sun got the info and who its source is that they are quoting. It’s obvious the Sun needs some royal clicks of interest so if they outed Will without his consent my response is laughter.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Sun was paying the partner of William’s press sec for stories – so my guess this was ‘leaked’ with approval from Willileaks to get himself some good PR.

      • Ginger says:

        If William thought this was going to give him good PR he is delusional. He is getting ripped apart. The only ones defending him are Meghan haters. He is looking more like a joke everyday.

      • Ginger says:

        If William thought this was going to give him good PR he is delusional. He is getting ripped apart. The only ones defending him are Meghan haters. He is looking more like a joke everyday.

      • Ginger says:

        If William thought this was going to give him good PR he is delusional. He is getting ripped apart. The only ones defending him are Meghan haters. He is looking more like a joke everyday.

      • Nic919 says:

        Check Clarence House. I suspect they tipped them off.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If Charles had known and wanted to use the info against Woilliam? He wouldn’t have waited until now. He would have released the info back when William was doing his faux concern, Charles it too old to be king BS in the spring.

  9. Lemons says:

    Is it okay to have doubts that he had a bad case of anything?
    Isn’t it the UK’s right to know when an heir to the throne has contracted the virus?

    If he had a bad case, why isn’t he practicing proper distancing and wearing a more protective mask now?

    Why isn’t any of this coherent?

  10. Aidevee says:

    It’s such weird timing. Why tell everyone now? I don’t like the whole ‘i didn’t want to worry anyone’ vibe – he is the one who has been supposedly encouraging young men like him to be open and transparent about their mental health and seek out help, be it mental, emotional or physical. You cant preach that message and then not apply it in your real life. It makes him sound like a really lame martyr, like we are to feel really sorry for him because he has been so ‘brave’. He’s such a knob.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Because he’s been getting dragged in the media over Sussexit and his half assed ‘work’ – this is a pathetic attempt to get some sympathy and good PR.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It tells you who was the real mental health advocate in the trio. He could have used his diagnosis to encourage the youth especially young men to take covid more seriously and to talk about mental health and covid.

    • Babz says:

      His “I didn’t want to worry anyone” sounds a lot like “I didn’t want to panic anyone” from a tape recording done here in the States. Both are lame excuses from people who care more about their image than the people around them or the people entrusted to their care.

  11. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Has anyone checked on the fragrant Rose, is she corona free?

  12. Oh says:

    Can anyone explain to me how he alone had Corona, but his wife and children had not infected??!!

    • Aidevee says:

      My husband is just recovering now and neither myself nor my two kids have had it. I less we have been asymptomatic until now. I can assure you we all love in the same house, so it is possible that Kate and the children are the same as us!

    • mrsBump says:

      not trying to defend William here but i know personally 3 households now where only 1 person tested positive.
      I cant explain how, but it is possible.

    • lanne says:

      Because they probably live in different places and hardly ever see each other. He had a duty to tell the truth. Had he been hospitalized, would he have lied about that? He’s a public figure and needs to act like one.

      • Oh says:

        how his wife had not infected, he doesn’t kiss her or sleep with her?? and how his children had not infected ??? He doesn’t play with them?? I thought he was the best father lool

  13. Lizzie says:

    William continues to prove he is not to be trusted.

  14. Snuffles says:

    First of all, that’s what the MFer gets for downplaying it.

    Second of all, shame on him for hiding it because he could have shown the younger people of the UK that they were just as susceptible and set an example by encouraging everyone to take this virus seriously, wear masks and social distance to be safe.

    Thirdly, he’s a HYPOCRITE because he’s was complaining that Harry and Meghan kept Archie’s birth and godparents secret because he believed the public had a right to know. But when it comes to him and a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS, it’s suddenly necessary to keep a future monarch’s health secret.

    He’s hiding something because he probably exposed a number of staff, press and members of the public (like those HHS workers) and they would have benefited from contact tracing and being notified they they were exposed. How many people got sick because of his selfishness? How many died?

  15. ABritGuest says:

    Something about this doesn’t add up because he did lots of zooms right next to Kate in April where he appeared fine considering they are saying he struggled with breathing. Wonder how Kate & the kids avoidEd catching this highly contagious disease if with him the whole time especially with Kate sat right next to him on those April zooms.

    They also claimed they delivered food packages to the elderly in April -remember Charlotte’s birthday pictures where they were pictured without masks. Was this after he had isolated? Why was he doing interviews about how his dad struggled with mental health because of covid knowing he had it himself. If he was clear at that point- wouldn’t it have been good to talk about his own experience?

    His inconsistent mask use is even odder now. It sounds like he told an onlooker he had it and that’s how Sun got story. Has the govt used him now to ensure that Britain’s second lockdown is taken seriously?

    It’s interesting that Lacey claims he was angry about privacy over Archie’s birth & godparents yet some royal reporters claim they asked KP about covid after Charles diagnosis and they lied and said William didn’t have it. Two heirs having covid and travelling to their homes (and in Williams case maybe meeting the public either before or after his transmission) is actually a public health issue but he claims he kept it quiet as didn’t want to alarm anyone. And suddenly royalists defending him are aware of the lines where royals deserve privacy & apparently he’s only second in line so not really that important that he had to disclose his diagnosis. The hypocrisy stinks.

    • Nic919 says:

      Yes someone needs to check on the people they delivered food to. No masks, gloves and in April, when he would have been contagious.

      They need to confirm the day of diagnosis so that anyone in contact with him who got the virus knows it came from him. Keeping this quiet is the opposite of what anyone should do when contact tracing is needed to contain this virus.

      • Becks1 says:

        His last public event was March 20. So the fudged timeline is suspicious – we saw him on Zooms in April when he seemed fine, and was clearly not quarantining from Kate, even if they have separate bedrooms. And we saw them clapping for the NHS, delivering food etc later in April – so wasn’t quarantining at that point from the kids or Kate, and presumably not from any of the live-in staff. So he may have had it in late March, in which case it definitely should have been announced because he could have spread it at that last engagement in March.

  16. Bisi says:

    This made me sniff in disbelief “Remarkably, he carried out 14 telephone and video call engagements during April.”

    That’s the whole purpose of all this jumbo jumbo. The strong king to be who was so Ill but loved his country so much that he did 14 engagements while being sick. Lmao.

    The story would have been believable if he was asymptomatic because then he would have the strenght to do 14 engagements.

    I have mild covid symtoms and cannot even walk 5 minutes without fatigue. My heart rate was very fast and I had rapid breathing. I cant imagine doing one engagement in the state I am in. It’s a week after and I cant even talk for long. See me breathing like I ran ten miles.

    Not to talk of someone who at a point couldnt breathe properly? Wtf? Yet miraculously he could do 14 engagements. And his breathing was stable….ok. ok.
    I call balderdash.

  17. Becks1 says:

    The line about how surprising it was that he caught it because he’s so fit and healthy is gross, IMO. This virus attacks anyone. Yes, people with lung issues or other underlying health issues may have a more severe case, but its not like someone who is otherwise healthy has a smaller chance of catching it, they just have a smaller chance of having significant complications from it.

    • Jay says:

      YES! This is infuriating for a number of reasons, not the least is that we just don’t know what, if any, long term effects there may be, but what we certainly do know is that it is deadly for some, and knowingly exposing his staff and members of the public? Inexcusable.

      There’s also some element of privilege or classism in being shocked by this diagnosis – what, me? But my blood is SPECIAL!

      It’s so William to think that news of the future future king being ill would somehow throw the world off it’s axis. Instead, it could have been a turning point – when our PM’s wife got COVID in March, and I saw the measures they were taking, it was how we started to really take the virus seriously. What a lost opportunity for some much needed leadership.

    • S808 says:

      That line was so gross especially since he reportedly had a worse time with it than his father. He had breathing issues while Charles didn’t seem to have any symptoms at all.

    • Nic919 says:

      There have been otherwise healthy people who have died from this so that was especially stupid to write.

    • lucy2 says:

      That infuriate me too! The virus DOES NOT CARE. Was that thrown in just to be complimentary to him, because ew.

      Also, would people REALLY have panicked? The PM and Charles both had it. No one panicked.

    • A says:

      This was in April though—that was the general idea that people had at the time. Young people can’t/won’t get it, and if they do, it’s not fatal & just “a mild case of the flu.”

      We know differently now, but I can’t fault anyone for believing that 6 months ago.

      • Becks1 says:

        I know Trump pushed that, but I feel like it was known that younger people could get sick and could transmit it, which was actually the bigger concern – that someone like William could be positive and not realize it and pass it on to someone else. That was part of the rationale for the lockdown. I always feel like the experts were actually emphasizing that anyone could get it. The big unknown was how children transmitted it, but William is 38, not a child. I feel like it was always known that people our age could get the virus. Chances of surviving it or not having a bad case of it were significantly better, but we could still get it.

      • A says:

        @Becks1, at the time though, in Britain anyway, the whole idea was that the govt would keep things going as they were, everyone would establish herd immunity, and a few pensioners would die in the name of the greater good. Ofc, that got put to rest after people realized just how high the death toll could be in that scenario. But even though people know that young people could get it, and could spread it, that was not taken to be a concern. The covert underlying belief of the govt was that that was a good thing actually.

        The experts were certainly pushing everyone to be cautious–but somehow I doubt that William cares much for what experts on a subject have to say about it, especially when it comes to dictating his own behaviour. But certainly not many people knew about the long term issues–we’d all hear about it, we’d hear the stories, but nothing concretely established.

      • Becks1 says:

        @A – well, I’ll certainly give you that William doesn’t care much for what the experts have to say about it, given his comments about it being overhyped or asking the EMTs if they were able to watch lots of Netflix or whatever. I feel like even if an expert had sat him down and said “all people are at risk of getting this” he still would have not believed it.

      • A says:

        @Becks1, turns out William was the millenial that everyone was warning everyone else about during this pandemic–the one going around spreading the infection asymptomatically bc they’re too selfish to quarantine for the benefit of everyone else in society, LMAO.

    • Babz says:

      Some of the biggest outbreaks here in the States came after Memorial Day and July 4th, and some states reopening bars and indoor dining in restaurants. The biggest spreaders? Young people. This wretched disease doesn’t give a blessed damn about your age or your overall health. Case in point? Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who contracted the virus at age 41, with no known co-morbidities. He was hospitalized in late March and died in July. He spent 70-some days in the ICU, became septic, and had to have his right leg amputated. He died a hideous death, leaving behind his wife of only a few years, and a one year old son. Get with the program, William, and educate yourself about this disease you supposedly had. If you did have it, and infected others through your carelessness, that’s on you. I am as furious about his behavior as I am about trump’s. They lied to those around them for selfish reasons, and still are. Karma’s a bit busy right now, but she always finds you in the end. They both have much to answer for.

      • Lady D says:

        I didn’t know Nick Cordero but I watched his fight against covid. He has to be one of the toughest men who ever graced the earth. Amputation, heart attack, clots, sepsis, burning fevers and God knows what else. He fought, holy cow did that man fight to stay alive. My heart goes out to his wife who witnessed his struggle to stay with her and their baby. She must be so proud of him for a thousand different reasons. RIP Nick. What an inspiration you were.

      • Kkat says:

        @LadyD I cry every time I watch or hear Finneas’s song about Nick. What they’ll say about us

  18. Dee says:

    How do you trust someone who hides information like this? Why hide it? No, I don’t believe it wasn’t about worrying anyone. Someone else come down with it at the same time? Someone he wasn’t supposed to spend time with? William is super shady.

  19. I pet goat 2 says:

    He’s just the worst.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    Does this revelation mean that KP’s arrangements with newspaper editors is over? Why would the sun, which to this point was in the tank for William, report this story? Why was his covid diagnosis revealed now? Is there a bigger story that William wants covered up? Is this a warning shot from the press that KP needs to uphold their end of the bargain regarding Harry and Meghan? When and where did William contract the virus and how come kate didn’t get it? Did he really get in April? Did William inform thosebhe may have come into contact with following his positive test? Did clarence house leak this information to the sun? Is this a delayed reaction from the press against KP for losing Harry and Meghan. Is this a backlash by the press because they won’t be unable to report on Harry and Meghan during Christmas and January as they anticipated. The palace leaked to the press that frogmore cottage was allegedly being prepared for Harry’s arrival in December. Another thing I notice that the royal rota for the most part are not attacking William for this. Doesn’t this deserve public scrutiny? So many questions?

  21. S808 says:

    If he doesn’t feel accountable enough to the public to disclose being infected with a potentially deadly disease, a disease that’s shit down the country more than once, it makes you wonder what else he isn’t going to bother disclosing with the public now and as the monarch.

    Its interesting that the Sun leaked this. The RRs are pissed cause they don’t seem to have been briefed about this. Either KP gave the story to the sun or someone hasn’t fixed that leaky faucet.

    • A says:

      He doesn’t feel accountable, because he doesn’t respect the public enough to feel accountable. That’s what it comes down to–what it’s always come down to.

      It’s not about privacy–you don’t owe the public details of your private life, but you owe them the truth in issues that can potentially affect matters of state. Which this could. Because that’s what you owe the people who bankroll your position. You serve at their pleasure, and at their discretion.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I don’ think that the Windsors think that they serve at the people’s pleasure. After all the monarch is invested in an ancient religious ritual that signifies that he/she is ruler by divine grace, which is a big reason why this ritual has no place in a constitutional monarchy. I don’t think that they feel accountable to the public at all.

  22. yokoohno says:

    The British Royal family:

    from William the Conqueror to William the Covidiot

    It was a long run.

  23. S808 says:


  24. yokoohno says:

    The British Royal family:

    from William the Conqueror to William the Covidiot

    It was a long run.

  25. S808 says:


  26. Dalloway says:

    Watching W&K supporters on Twitter tie themselves in knots trying to argue that this is ok is just hilarious. “William didn’t need to report this. He’s ONLY the FFK, not the heir!” Gosh, so Wills isn’t important anymore? *eye roll*

    If his symptoms were severe it is a big deal. The monarch is 94, the direct heir, 71 was ill, the second in line at 38 was severely ill, the Prime Minister was in the ICU! Honestly, worst cast scenario would have been a 7 year old monarch and an interim Prime Minister during a pandemic. It was absolutely important to reveal this news. Thankfully they are all healthy now, but anything could have happened.

    • Nic919 says:

      Richard Palmer was correct in saying you either have to say he’s an important public figure and had to make this public, or he’s unimportant and if so then why listen to him on any issue, like the environment. You can’t have it both ways. This was not getting an appendix removed. It was a highly infectious disease where others were put at risk. Just because he’s not head of state, they certainly treat him like he matters, and at the very least he should have disclosed as Sophie Trudeau did, who is herself an unelected person.

      Also they advised the media that Sophie Wessex was isolating due to potential contact with someone with covid. She’s even lower rank and that was a potential contact.

      Billy and his PR expertise is blowing up on him because it looks bad. Charles was smart in confirming it right away and while the trip to Scotland was not smart, he looks way better now for not hiding it at all.

      • S808 says:

        Never thought I’d ever agree with Palmer but I did in that instance. If he’s so very important, the public has a right to know the condition of his health especially since they’ll be paying if he’s sick. The hypocrisy when he thought Meghan and Harry should’ve released a play-by-play of Meghan’s birth is disgusting. He wanted them out of the spotlight but was happily feeding the tabloids to take the attention off of himself.

      • Dalloway says:

        I agree with you (and Richard Palmer) 100%. This was such a bad call by KP and has England moves into Lockdown 2.0 this looks even worse. I wonder how long the Sun has been sitting on this info.

      • Becks1 says:

        Palmer is correct and its obviously very interesting that he is coming out so strongly against William in this matter. The people twisting themselves into knots to insist that this isn’t a big deal and it wasn’t a “cover up” look ridiculous. Either William is an important public figure, or he isn’t.

      • A says:

        Right, because imagine for a moment the absolute worst case scenario here. Imagine if things had deteriorated for William, and everything HAD gone to shit–what would have resulted from him having kept this shit a secret!? Everything worked out fine, because he recovered, even though there was every chance he might not have–in which case, keeping things like this secret would have had much much worse consequences.

        And the whole thing actually just screams of contempt to me, rather than consideration. “Oh you don’t need to know about any of this stuff, this doesn’t concern you.” I’m struggling to explain how condescending it seems to me, to treat your people like that. It’s about respecting people enough to believe they’re *worth* informing about these things, y’know?

    • Babz says:

      Brilliant summation, @Dalloway! The hypocrisy of their treatment of the Sussexes for wanting to keep events in their lives private, is one thing. But if William had a potentially life-threatening disease, as did his father and the PM at the same time, then there are issues of state involved. The carelessness and thoughtlessness and arrogance with with he bumbles through his life is truly astounding.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    The cambridge stans and the meghan haters have now become privacy advocates. It’s another example that their issue with meghan was all about her race and the fact that she outshined Kate.

    • Nic919 says:

      The hypocrisy is astounding. Also some fake baby nuts are creeping in the comments under the RR comments.

  28. Bluj1515 says:

    The timeline is all wrong. He wouldn’t have gotten it at Anmer. They are smudging the time line to focus on April so as to avoid speculation over that spectacularly irresponsible March 18 trip. He was basically recovered by April 7th. But also, you can’t have serious breathing problems and also have been asymptomatic. He clearly was symptomatic

    • Becks1 says:

      You’re right, the timeline doesn’t add up. I bet he had it at the same time as Charles. And if that was the case, then the thinking may have been they didn’t want to cause a panic about the line of succession so they didn’t share the info, but why are they still fudging the timeline about it now?

      • Bluj1515 says:

        Yep and unless he hid it all this time from his father and grandmother, too, they’ve also been lying – and directly, because I would bet the RR have asks their press houses, and also by omission.

      • A says:

        Is it possible that he infected Charles, because he didn’t inform anyone that he had the virus? When was Charles sick? That could be the story William is trying to get ahead of too–“I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to worry anyone!”

        Here’s what I think–if he got sick, then what probably happened was that he didn’t think it was a big fucking deal, that’s what happened. He brushed it off as hoo-ha, probably thought it would be like a bad case of the flu, and tried to carry on as usual, without telling anyone–not because he didn’t want to worry them, but rather because he didn’t want to inconvenience himself.

        This was around the same time as the govt’s disastrous plan to deal with the pandemic through herd immunity–because, in the immortal words of Dominic Cumrag, “If a few old pensioners die, fuck ’em.” Except wait, uh oh, it’s Charles who’s the pensioner, and the Queen who’s also a pensioner, and well, suddenly, “Fuck ’em, let ’em die,” isn’t a good strategy, is it.

    • C-Shell says:

      Someone on Twitter observed that Willileaks went dark in late June/early July and Kant did solo events and Zooms during that period … I wouldn’t be surprised at ALL if he’s lying about when he had it. IF he had it.

      • SofiasSideEye says:

        I think he’s lying about when he had it. His whole excuse for why it was kept secret is that Charles and BJ had it at that time. If he didn’t have it in April then there was no reason for his infection to not be disclosed to the public. He was way too visible in April for that to be when he had it, especially if it was a bad case.

      • Becks1 says:

        So I’m looking at KP’s Instagram now. He did an event june 16, June 19, June 24, July 3. Then nothing until July 18. So maybe he had it in that two week period? Then that makes not announcing even more irresponsible, considering he was meeting people and doing in-person events.

        KP needs to be clear about when he had it, because the speculation is not doing William any favors.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        If he’s lying about when he had it, then he’s being spectacularly bad at it since he was quite visible in the period that he supposedly had it, clearly not isolating from his wife and children. If he had it during the period he claims, then why the hell didn’t he isolate from his wife and children?

        It is bad enough that him contracting a highly contagious new illness during a pandemic – especially since I sincerely doubt that the authorities did contact tracing. Lying was such a bad call because it erodes trust. Now people wonder whether they did contact tracing, whether he actually self-isolated to protect family and staff and even whether he was sick at the time stated. Further info can not be trusted from KP on this since they lied in the first place.

      • Becks1 says:

        @ArtHistorian – yeah, I doubt he isolated to protect staff. Besides the whole “going to Scotland” thing, Charles’ camp handled his diagnosis well – they announced that he had it, that he was isolating and that Camilla was as well even though she tested negative, I think they even said that he wasn’t having any contact with staff, they were leaving his trays of food at the door, etc. It seems like whenever William had it, he continued to expose his family and the live-in staff.

      • Sofia says:

        @Becks: as I’ve said before, I hope William told his staff at least so that they could take the appropriate measures and not infect anyone unwillingly because they can’t say their boss has got the virus

      • Nic919 says:

        I suspect Billy got tested around the same time as Charles as a precaution and that’s when he tested positive.

        But none of the timelines line up to show he did any sort of quarantine from his kids and spouse.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Putting some dates out there. Charles and Prince Albert were both at WaterAid in London 10 March, but were not in close contact. Albert tested positive 19 March. Charles tested positive and went into quarantine 22/23 March, quarantined until 30 March. Charles saw Queen on 12 March, then not again until after his diagnosis and quarantine.

      • Mignionette says:

        It’s possible that he contracted it in April/ May and didn’t take it seriously so he never really shook it off so his viral load went up instead of down. Then he would have got worse in June and then taken the time off to properly recover.

        I’ve seen this happen in people who had it, especially young people who don’t take it seriously. It’;s been kept quiet bc that suggests that he was knowingly doing engagements whilst COVID positive.

  29. Beach Dreams says:

    What an oddly timed story. Nothing adds up either. He was supposedly suffering a serious case and struggled to breathe, yet:
    -he did plenty of Zoom calls throughout April and looked/sounded perfectly fine
    -Kate was next to him for many of those calls but she and the kids didn’t catch it…?
    -he went out in public sans mask for that pasta PR stunt

    Personally I believe this was “leaked” with his approval. This begs the question of what’s being hidden or distracted from with this story. I doubt this is purely about distracting from the government’s ongoing disastrous handling of the pandemic; it’s something about *him*.

    • Nic919 says:

      Jobson and Palmer literally state that question and ask what else he is lying about and can he be trusted. Very interesting to see the worm turn.

  30. Melissa says:

    This seems like a poorly conceived PR move that’s blowing up in Kensington Palace’s face, just like the Tatler article. The intent was to embiggen the FFK by portraying him as someone who is so devoted to Queen and country that he “keeps calm and carries on” even when he’s sick with Corona and struggling to breathe (unlike those dastardly Sussexes, who ran away to California and don’t care about anyone but themselves.)

    Now, instead of admiration and a favorable comparison, KP has people asking “Why was this d-bag still on top of his wife and children when he knew he was positive? Why is this d-bag still refusing to mask up?” and remembering “Hey, this is the same d-bag who joked about Covid and exposed emergency workers just days before he would have tested positive.”

    Another epic fail from KP’s PR office.

  31. minny says:

    “There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone.”

    How Trumpian of him. Trump didn’t alert American citizens- CAUSE he didn’t want to SCARE the public when he learned about the deadly virus. Will someone get word to the British public that the Patriarchy is crumbling and Willy has his foot on the accelerator pedal.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      @Minny He sounded just like Trump with that bs about not panicking the nation. William’s statement is having the same effect as Trump’s. It’s pissing people off and making them question everything that’s been said and done since the pandemic started. It’s not the behavior of a leader.

    • Babz says:

      They’re both being totally hypocritical and it’s dangerous. William/KP fudging dates, trump refusing to disclose his last negative test date – which almost certainly means he went to the first debate infected – they played with the lives of a lot of people that may have become infected because of them. Irresponsible in anyone, but in “leaders,” completely reprehensible. Real lives are at stake, and worrying about your image in that scenario is criminal, as far as I’m concerned.

  32. Sarah says:

    So let me get this right, Megan and Harry wanted a bit of privacy about the birth of a child who is quite far down the list of succession but the second in line to the throne can have a potentially life-threatening illness and we don’t get to hear about it. Sure.

    • Nic919 says:

      The godparents are apparently more important knowledge than whether or not Billy has a highly infectious respiratory disease and still meeting the public.

  33. 2cents says:

    Did Prince Charles and the Queen know about William’s illness? If not, he embarrassed them aswell. How can the monarchy hide or reveal covid cases at will? This is so dysfunctional!

  34. Betsy says:

    I agree with all those who feel like something isn’t adding up about this. I know that there are lots of examples of only one person in a family getting coronavirus but not anyone else, so that’s not weird, but if he was having trouble breathing, how was he doing those zoom calls? Was he not actually that sick? Was he actually not sick with covid at all? *Was* it bronchitis? Was he not living with his family? Where did he catch it? Did he infect anyone else? Have none of the little grey men taken this boob to task for not masking up diligently?

    So many questions.

  35. Who ARE These People? says:

    What an irresponsible son of a bitch.

    Additionally: He could have been such an important voice speaking to younger adults about the risk of contracting the virus and its impact on “otherwise healthy” people.

    • A says:

      I wonder if he at least spoke to the relevant health care bodies that collect data on this stuff? Was he forthcoming to them about what happened, where he was, and where he might have gotten it? The fact that he was treated “by palace doctors” is just weird. Why include that? Something about it seems off.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Do you really think he did that? Because I as sure hell don’t.

      • A says:

        I don’t either. I think he just got himself tested, quietly, through the palace doctors somehow, and then just didn’t tell anyone. And he didn’t have to, because he lives on his own and separate from his wife. I honestly wonder if he even told Kate. If he did, then she decided to do all those Zoom calls with him by her side anyway, even though she was putting her staff and her children at risk with the secrecy–which is a bigger problem. If he didn’t….what the actual fuck @ William. Like, the only way he could have spent time with Kate, unless they were all quarantining together (and she didn’t get it), was if the timeline is off and he’s fudging that. But regardless of what it is, they’re lying about SOMETHING. And that’s not good, because each lie is just worse than the next.

        I think what the issue here is that he didn’t tell anyone, and people found out, found out they got exposed unwittingly, and were about to go public with that information, and he’s trying to get ahead of that shit by PR blitzing the tabs with the whole, “Oh I just didn’t want to WORRY anyone, I’m so charming and caring,” thing.

      • Lady D says:

        I think your last paragraph is right on the money, A.

  36. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Where was Rose in April? Did PWT contract Covid while gardening?

  37. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    KP is probably lying that Kate and the children didn’t have it. They mostly likely did but were asymptomatic. So no symptoms = no COVID.

    I can’t believe this. He’s still going around maskless: he could still be shedding the virus. Because KP lied so brazenly, who knows if he is a long hauler? Testing negative but still experiencing symptoms. This is disgusting. Wills lied for a power grab and because he’s “royal” can’t deign you wear a mask like us plebeians. Eff these people.

    • A says:

      Or, what’s more likely is that they’re not living in close quarters that infection was a risk at all. Which is probably why Kate and the kids didn’t get it. Because she and William probably don’t live together.

      • Becks1 says:

        You know, I go back and forth on that one. I always did think that during the lockdown he WAS at Anmer with the rest of the cambridges (even if he and Kate were in separate bedrooms) but maybe he wasn’t. Like, even if KP says “Prince William had a zoom meeting today from Anmer Hall” – people wouldn’t know if the room is at Sandringham or KP/London or Anmer or Houghton Hall. so it is actually possible that he was somewhere else and just popped in for zoom calls with Kate once a week.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        You’re probably right, they don’t live together. I read a comment on Twitter (which is probably being echoed down thread) that the reason why Wills kept quiet was that he didn’t want them to do contact tracing and lead to his latest rose.

      • A says:

        I agree, I think the same. He shows up for the engagements/Zoom calls, then zips off to do whatever it is he does. But he’s certainly not spending oodles of time at Anmer Hall.

        Then again, if he was sick in that time, then how was Kate okay with spending time in such close quarters with him? Even if it were just for an hour or so? Unless, maybe, he didn’t tell *her* either? In which case, my guy….wtf r u doing.

      • Jay says:

        Is it possible that he kept it from Kate and his family, too? It seems unbelievable that anybody could or would do that, but I can’t explain any other way Kate would do a zoom call with him while he was infectious.

        Hilariously, Will’s incompetence kinda drops the whole family in it – they’re all going to have to get the stories straight, cuz you know somebody will ask at the next appearance: When did you find out? Why did you keep this information secret? Did you inform your staff? Did you take precautions to protect the children (just the heirs, obviously)?

  38. RedWeatherTiger says:

    But but but DUTY! The Royals MUST be absolutely forthcoming at all times about when they go into labor, the exact moment their babies are born, hell, they need to show the placenta on the stairs of the Lindo Wing! There are no secrets allowed from the PEEPUL!

  39. Likeyoucare says:

    The reason they were lying was because if charles, the queen and willie got it at the same time.
    They need Harry back to cover the throne as george is still little.
    All of willie hard work to kick his brother out will fell flat.
    All this cover up make me thing those three stooges got it in the same month.

    • Becks1 says:

      Honestly, the more I think about this, the more I’m convinced its one of two things:

      A) as I said farther up, he caught the virus in a way that the palace doesn’t want known. Like he was breaking the lockdown, he was with someone he shouldn’t have been, etc, and they didn’t want the press asking too many questions about how he caught it. There were no such questions about Charles because he caught it at the beginning of the lockdown, and he was doing public events right up until the lockdown. But if William caught it in April or whenever, then it raises questions if no one else in their household had it.

      B) The Queen DID have it at the same time so they didn’t want to announce that the line of succession was sick at the same time the Queen was sick.

      • notasugarhere says:

        C) William withheld the information from the Queen and Charles

        D) All of the above

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think the Queen caught it because she is at an age where death is extremely likely and they did not have the treatments available that dump had early in the spring. I am sure they isolated her the second the knew this was spreading.

        I am more inclined to believe that billy caught covid when he was somewhere he wasn’t officially supposed to be and thus announcing the diagnosis would have raised questions.

      • A says:

        Yeah, I agree, I think that this was likely just William doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. Fucking idiot.

      • Becks1 says:

        oooh Nota imagine if he didn’t tell the Queen or Charles, they would be, dare I say, “incandescent with rage.”

  40. L4frimaire says:

    The amount of excuses and hypocrisy revealed by this is extraordinary. There is no excuse for this and is outright deceptive. Noticing how all the H&M haters, the usual suspects, are now saying royals are entitled to privacy, William isn’t even the King or a leader,etc. They must be dizzy from all the spin. I hope Meghan’s lawyers are following this argument because if he, the 2nd in line to the throne, fully funded by taxpayers, is entitled to privacy in a grave health matter that potentially affects the succession, then shouldn’t the wife of the 6th in line, who has no constitutional role, expect privacy when writing a private letter to her toxic non-royal dad, who isn’t a UK resident, about his BS?

  41. Bets says:

    I certainly have no place in life as William but I got it in late March in NYC…it was mild but bad…so many friends and relatives from other places outside nyc called but I was so sick I couldn’t talk but in reality I found they really wanted me to manage their anxieties/fears about COVID since we were getting hit in NYC much worse than anyone else. I only shared things with my boyfriend and brother and told others I would be back to them. I had it for about 6 weeks and when I got back to folks they seemed a bit angry that I hadn’t shared everything from the beginning. When you are sick and scared and many others were dying in the city it was not the time I was going to try and take care of their fears as well as my own. I am sure William was scared and chose to be private and maybe was wrong due to his position in the RF. In my case I still think others should have been more understanding. And I don’t feel I owe any outsiders an explanation when I am really sick.

    • Sofia says:

      Yes but you’re not the future future king, nor are you funded by the taxpayers, nor is your story not adding up, nor have you exposed your staff to the virus if you didn’t tell them, nor are you a public figure who’s health if serious in a situation like this is told to people and nor have you continuously lied to people (who also fund you) when they asked if you had the virus

      • notasugarhere says:

        He not only exposed staff. He potentially exposed health care workers, vulnerable elders, all kinds of people. And he did it deliberately because, as usual, William 1) doesn’t care about anyone but himself and 2) he does whatever he wants.

      • Mignionette says:

        You literally have zero rights to withhold this sort of information in the middle of a pandemic. Especially as a public figure in line to the throne who is doing tours around the elderly and vulnerable.

        If anyone around him caught it from him, that’s technically an assault.

    • Nic919 says:

      I am glad you have recovered and I understand why you wouldn’t announce it to everyone, although I am sure you told people you were in contact with just before that you had it so they could get a test themselves. The problem here is that William made public appearances and so a much larger amount of people could have been exposed, not to mention staff and RPOs.

      I don’t think people needed a day by day breakdown of his symptoms, but hiding it this way seems very off for someone who is considered a public figure.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Other royals were far more forthcoming. King and Queen of Norway self-quarantined for two weeks after returning from a state visit to Jordan, just to be safe. Charles and Camilla’s test results and plans were released. Prince Albert announced he tested positive, self-isolated, has talked about his recovery.

      Queen Letizia of Spain was exposed, both she and the King were tested, the results announced, and plans released. ‘The results of the tests of the COVID-19 carried out yesterday to Their Majesties are negative. Following the recommendations of the health authorities, Her Majesty the Queen will remain without activities and will carry out the periodic temperature taking controls required in these situations.’

      William’s test results should have been released immediately, along with details on how he was self-isolating, the exact dates, and what the test results for Kate and kids were. AND we should be told if he spread the infection to staff in his carelessness.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Even during that maskless event he did with the Queen, where everyone was tested, did they say if he’d been tested as well? Not sure if they did but don’t remember. Think there was no comment from KP.

  42. Bets says:

    Sofia…you are right on all counts! I was looking at it from a privacy issue. Thanks for the dose of reality I needed.

  43. The Duchess says:

    All this just proves to me Baldy & Keen don’t even live together.

    That’s all 🙂

  44. A says:

    So a couple observations here, right off the bat:

    1) My first reaction, hearing that Kate + kids did not get the virus, is that this just adds to the speculation that her and William don’t live together that much. Which probably made isolating much easier. I imagine she stayed at Anmer and he was back at KP?

    1.5) Is it Anmer or Amner Hall? I’ve seen it spelled both ways.

    2) I wonder what narrative he’s trying to get ahead of here? There’s been some speculation that people were covering something up for him in the press. All of this just feels like it’s come out of nowhere, and the whole attempted spin on it, this idea that he was just a sheepish lad trying to keep it all under the wraps is particularly weird. My worst case speculation is that he did something akin to what Dominic Cummings did. Cummings, iirc, was driving around in late March, wasn’t he? And William is supposed to have been infected/become ill in early April? Yeah. Hmmmmmmm.

    3) Who leaked this, and why? I wonder if maybe William himself told someone, and then didn’t realize the reaction he’d get. He probably thought he’d get applauded, but like…dude, no. Wtf.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s Anmer. People write Amner here frequently but its Anmer.

      I agree with your second point and said something similar above – I think the issue is how he caught it, and they are trying to cover that up, hence the lack of information – but it could also be that even after getting the diagnosis he did something he shouldn’t have, and again, they are trying to cover that up.

  45. 2cents says:

    Prince Charles and the Queen should be worried about the autonomous status of Kensington palace within the monarchy. William’s covid secret and KP’s lying about it have embarrassed Clarence house and Buckingham palace, the higher palace courts. Who’s really in charge within the monarchy?

  46. Duch says:

    interesting the timing of this reveal – right before US election, which will be a tsunami of stories that will wash this “little” story out to sea. We see you!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yep 👆👆

    • Babz says:

      I think you’re on to something here. This is a debacle of spectacular proportions. KP simply has no idea how to release and spin a story. They were hoping for cover from the election news here, but it came out in the relative quiet before the storm and backfired on them. It makes him look arrogant and deceitful and furtive, not to mention incredibly stupid. Not the look they were going for, I’m thinking.

  47. Mignionette says:

    Three words explaining the real reasons for ‘confidentiality’;

    – Contact Tracing
    – Rose

    At this stage it is safe to say that Bill and Katie are in a sham marriage. Korona has exposed a lot of those. Two divorces this year in my friends group and one on the way from what I can see,

    • A says:

      Ooooo, can you imagine if people caught wind of the affair because they had to do contact tracing for this douche, and he had to admit that he was with Rose at some point? Or someone else?

      • Mignionette says:

        If you read the reports carefully, the emphasis is on privacy. His father disclosed his diagnosis around the same time so what was Bill so concerned about ?

        Having someone in a prominent position would have been a noteworthy moment.

        There was clearly a reason he hid news of the diagnosis. Also the fact that Kate and the kid didn’t have it is highly suspicious. 3 kids, a wife and countless staff ?

      • A says:

        @Mignionette, there is also the fact that keeping things like this secret, covering things like this up–that has implications for public trust in their institutions, which William doesn’t seem to grasp, and might never understand. Govt bodies and institutions are accountable to their people. Cover ups, even for shit like this, erodes the public trust. This has consequences for people aside from William–people who have earned their jobs from the mandate of the people.

        He doesn’t seem to see his place in a larger society, which is the issue. He sees himself as apart from it, in the same way that Dominic Cummings thought he was on some parallel universe populated by no one else except himself and his family when he went on his fucking jaunt, all while people agonized about staying home and missing funerals and opportunities to see their dying loved ones for the last time. He thinks he doesn’t have to make the sacrifices everyone else in society does–everyone has to work in service of his desires, but reciprocation is for common peasants, clearly.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I very much doubt that the Windsors see themselves as being accountable to the people.

    • The Duchess says:

      I’m starting to believe that this is the real reason why they won’t release more details surrounding his infection and isolation period. None of the dates add up and the story is sinking with holes all over. This isn’t washing with anybody and this isn’t the reaction Baldy was probably hoping for.

      Contact tracing, if revealed, would expose where he was, who he was with and for how long. The endless possibilities! My bet is that he was pruning the rosebush all throughout lockdown. This is their karma.

      • Mignionette says:

        If the RR’s get even a shred of evidence that this is the case, Bill will have essentially opened the door thus allowing them to report the affair. His Article 8 rights will disappear faster than quick sand if he (future head of state) broke the lock-down rules to visit his mistress.

        I am rubbing my hands together in hope and glee, Karma is an unforgiving bitch.

    • bamaborn says:

      Yes!! The most likely scenario.

  48. Intheknow says:

    The ego of this man. “He didn’t want to worry the nation with his diagnosis”…ugh. People were and are losing jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, losing loved ones..and HE THINKS they are going to care about him so much so it would burden them???

    I wonder what it takes to be that much of egomaniac and to be so disconnected from reality. Also, pushing this story out is in line with recent stories to prove how much of a better man than Harry he is…the ‘please LOVE and ADORE’ push. It’s pathetic.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Some of their stalker fans were justifying it because if William told the public, they believe Harry would try to make a power grab to be king, I kid you not. These whack jobs seriously think H& M left because they can’t be monarch. Also, some of the twisted crew were snapping at the Royal reporters that they can’t criticize William or call him out for lying because they haven’t told the “ truth” on Meghan’s “ fake pregnancy “. So of course it’s all Meghan and Harry’s fault once again. I swear, whatever ones feelings about them being from the UK, if the Sussexes were residing in the UK right now, the public would still be screaming for them to get out, be stripped, stealing from taxpayers, hogging the spotlight, etc, etc. At least they wear their masks every time they were seen in public and interacting with others, and don’t make a big deal about it. Zero sympathy for William and all his hypocritical apologists.

      • Nic919 says:

        FFS they have George, Charlotte and Louis to take over if the top three died tomorrow. Harry is not going to usurp his nephews and niece. It’s not the frickin’ Middle Ages.

  49. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    My friends, this is only the beginning of what will be coming out about William. The chickens are coming home at last.

    The revolt by the British media will be epic.

    • Mignionette says:


    • February-Pisces says:

      I hope so. When are the RRs going to realise they are flogging a dead horse? The Keens aren’t enough to keep people interested and they can no longer pay the press off with Sussex leaks. What incentive do the press actually have to embiggen them? Nice stories about how Kate’s a top CEO don’t generate income. They are holding on to the rose card for a rainy day, and when it rains, it pours.

    • Nyro says:

      Is this just a gut feeling or do you have the tea?

  50. Amelie says:

    I just had a thought… what if HARRY was the one to leak this to the press? He and Meghan were in the UK and left just days before the lockdown to go back to the US/Canada. They were in close proximity to Kate and William for Commonwealth Day. You would hope that William would have reached out to his brother to let him know he had tested positive so that Harry and Meghan could manage their own exposure just in case.

    Yeah I know it’s most likely not Harry who spilled the beans on this. It’s possible he had no idea that William had it in the first place and is finding out like the rest of us. But it would be a rather karmic turn of events given how much stuff William has leaked to the press about Harry and Meghan over the years. But seriously imagine if it were Harry. This would be the ultimate revenge.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Harry doesn’t play those BS games, and regardless of his private feelings, wouldn’t throw Will under the bus publicity like that because he is held to very different standards and can’t get away with these stupid games the way the other royals do. Also, it would just put too much pressure on him to return to the UK when he wasn’t ready to. I don’t think he knew about this and he certainly isn’t leaking it to the Scum, especially since he’s suing them and said in formal legalese that he does not f*ck with these tabloids. Try again cause this ain’t it.

      • bamaborn says:

        L4FriMaire…Thank you! Prince Harry is living his best life and would have no need to stoop to such pettiness.

  51. February-Pisces says:

    I don’t know what to believe. Just like trump something seems very off about it. Why announce it now I wonder? It’s it to deflect from another news story? Get sympathy? Is he trying to promote that they virus is no big deal, like trump?

    If he thought that people would sympathise with him, he got it so wrong, I’ve not seen anyone actually care. If he didn’t want to announce it at the time, why didn’t he just tell people after 2 weeks? Why 7 months later? Is it another way to take a shot at harry, like “you abandoned you family when they could have died!” Is he trying to play the wounded hero, that even though he was “sick” he still “lead the county” during its hour of need?

    Plus the actual timeline seems off. If he’s making it up when people are actually dying he’s one sick m*ther f*cker.

    • A says:

      I don’t think he’s faking. I think what happened was that he was sick, and he didn’t tell anyone, and he exposed several people to the disease as a result. People who didn’t know they were exposed, who then potentially went on to expose others in that time. Someone in William’s circle who didn’t previously know this information just found out about it, and that’s why it’s come out now.

      Bc when he says he didn’t tell anyone–who did he not tell exactly? Who knew his positive results, and who didn’t? His palace doctors might have. But aside from then? What was he doing in that time? Where was he quarantining? Who was he with? Did his staffers know? Something is fucking fishy af here.

  52. Alibeebee says:

    I personally don’t believe he had covid for a second … this is all a ploy to pull focus from
    Something . But if he did have it .. he was blatantly careless and ignorant with the people he pretends to work with, his wife he is supposed to love and care for and his children. He’s repeatedly been seen not wearing a mask … in April he was sitting side by side Kate with. I mask in close quarters so either he is lying or he didn’t care one bit .

    I dislike him more and more each day .. this is England’s future future king … how shameful

    • RoyalBlue says:

      possible it’s because the vacation news was about to leak, so they decided to drop this fake story for sympathy and justification of the getaway.

  53. RoyalBlue says:

    I am wondering if Bill was a super-spreader and kept it quiet while he infected a flurry of people. time will tell.

    • Babz says:

      That could very well be, and he’s worried about who was involved in that event. Not worried about the innocent people who work for him, or the innocent people he came into contact with on engagements. Worried about him possibly being exposed (no pun intended) about where and when and from whom he actually contracted it. He’s covering up something.

  54. ABritGuest says:

    Was looking again at the BBC interview that the Cambridges did in mid April where he discussed his father’s diagnosis. And they discussed importance of being open with kids over the pandemic in age appropriate ways as they pick up on things. Yet William apparently didn’t think nation could handle his news. Make it make sense

  55. Well-Wisher says:

    I am confused why it is necessary to disseminate this information in this instance, and not when it actually happened. What are the obvious advantages/disadvantages and who are the beneficiaries ?
    Despite being opaque, it is evident in the way media sees itself ,William & Harry’s role in its reason’detre. They ‘own’ William by making him win in the one sided competition.

    Further befuddled by some of the RR responses, but some wise one on social media noted that iterated that William is winning the uncontested PR war. I decided to look back at and be reminded of the apparent hypocrisy and double standards.

    It is about William winning? The jury is out.

    On a side note, a relative is battling COVID 19 in ICU. Whilst it was never envisioned as theoretical, the urgency is more intensified with a known familiar face attached to it.

  56. Sarah I says:

    My first thought was that this was “leaked” to garner sympathy for Will, and to put off people that say he is lazy, so an excuse for not doing much. It is so poorly thought out that it boggles my mind. With all the supposed wealth of that family, and power, I thought that they would have the world’s best advisors, and the power to fire people that weren’t doing a good job. Yet it looks like they are managed by baffoons (I usually save that word for Will), and they are at the mercy of their staff. It looks to me that they don’t manage the staff, the staff manage them. And poorly.

    • Nyro says:

      I think he sees coronavirus as his WW2. His granny is beloved in part because she served as a mechanic in the war. “Did her bit” and all of that. Although they carry on like she’s a war hero, but I digress. Anyway, William needed something like that. So they put out the corona thing to make it seem like he’s one of the people and that he’s in the thick of it too. The future king who battled and survived coronavirus right alongside his people. It’s totally backfired though.

  57. Sarah I says:

    I went to the Sun site like someone suggested, and the comments are hysterical. Someone asked if anyone else thought Will looked like a cuddlefish. Even funnier to think the comments are predominately from Brits. Please go read those comments. It made my day. Oh, and I had never heard of the Sussex’s referred to as the Harkles. Their humor is priceless. Am I bad that I love it even more when they are snide about Will and the Royals?

  58. 2cents says:

    I’m still intrigued by the sudden leak of William’s covid secret…….The press says “unidentified palace sources” are to blame for the leak, but could the source have come from outside of the palace?

    A possible culprit could be Simon Case, William’s former private secretary, who left his post this May 2020 (after 2 years) to work for Boris Johnson on the coronavirus response in No 10 as a permanent secretary. He must have known about William’s covid illness in April.

    Some said Simon was the mastermind behind KP’s smear campaign against the Sussexes. He came just after the wedding in July 2018 and left after the Sussexes were bullied out of the country. He knows the royal reporters. So he could have leaked.

    Why? I said earlier that Simon could have been a Tory spy to spot William’s weaknesses. As private secretary he will know many of Will’s secrets.
    I still think Boris Johnson’s post Brexit agenda is to get rid of the monarchy after QEII, at least no more head of state, and possibly declare a republic. Boris could have bought Simon’s services to share Will’s secrets.

    William thinks they are his friends but they may instead be his hidden enemies. If so, more stories will be leaked.

  59. starryfish29 says:

    Everything about this stinks, the only part that makes sense is William being a selfish *sshole, that part definitely checks out.

  60. blunt talker says:

    I do not know if William is lying or telling the truth-ONe thing for sure if he had back in April during the first lockdown-he should have disc;losed it because the British had so much trouble with the younger Brits following protocol-If he is not telling the truth-then I think my opinion-the British government going into lockdown this Thursday made him say this to get people to observe covid protocols-If this is a privacy issue-then he should have respected Harry and Meghan’s privacy during her childbirthing session-they did not want to be surrounded and hounded by reporters while she was in the hospital and after returning home.-Double standard indeed it is.

  61. Le4Frimaire says:

    No one wants William to die. He’s just long overdue for a well deserved ass whooping . He’ll have a long, unremarkable life of petty jealousies, resentments and immense privilege with very little accountability from his throne.