California will lift most pandemic restrictions by June 15, but keep mask mandate

Good news for the Golden State, we may be back in business full-time by summer. Governor Gavin Newsom said yesterday that with vaccines happening at the rate they are, most businesses and arena/convention halls would be able to open with restrictions by June 15th. However, Gov Newsom learned his lesson about opening too soon from our last reopening and has cautioned Californians that the mask mandate will remain in place and all virus precautions will be promoted to reduce a risk of another surge.

California has set a date to roll back the majority of its COVID-19 restrictions.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that the state aims to lift most pandemic restrictions by June 15 — including capacity limits and other specific reopening requirements for businesses — with the exception of the statewide mask mandate.

“With more than 20 million vaccines administered across the state, it is time to turn the page on our tier system and begin looking to fully reopen California’s economy,” Newsom said in a statement. “We can now begin planning for our lives post-pandemic. We will need to remain vigilant, and continue the practices that got us here – wearing masks and getting vaccinated – but the light at the end of this tunnel has never been brighter.”

The state’s current reopening guidelines are tied to each county’s metrics for COVID-19 vaccinations, hospitalizations, and daily case counts. As vaccinations increase and cases get lower, counties are able to individually loosen restrictions on businesses.

But Newsom said Tuesday that, come June 15, the entire state will to move into the more expansive reopening phase as a whole.

Schools will be expected to resume in-person instruction, and non-essential workplaces can welcome employees back as long as they “promote policies that reduce risk.”

Larger-scale events will also be permitted, though the state says that conventions will be capped at 5,000 attendees through Oct. 1, unless testing or vaccination is verified for all.

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Kaiser mentioned the California recall to get rid of Newsom. Although there is a foundation of good old fashion partisan politics to it, the loudest talking point for the recallers is about reopening the state. Remember that when the outbreak started, California and Newsom were heralded for the swift response and our numbers were so good, we were the first to bend the curve. But when we reopened, the resulting surge was devastating. Some of that had to do with an overly ambitious reopening, but a lot had to do with people not adhering to the guidelines put out with the reopening. So when Newsom reclosed the state, he kept it closed. A lot of people think this announcement and the vaccine push are in response to the recall. It’s not. Newsom would love to throw every door open, especially the schools. But he has hard numbers showing that the state couldn’t handle a soft opening. We were in perilous conditions in December and January. The state’s strict tier system saved lives, and that’s been documented.

Vaccines have become much more available, thank goodness. I didn’t think I would get mine until June, but I have my first appointment at the end of this month. One of my kids is eligible next week and the other may be eligible for the new Pfizer before she returns to school in the fall. I knew we would get vaccinated here, but I had no idea when. The state being locked down for as long as it was was hard on everyone, absolutely. But honestly, a lot of Californians owe their lives or the lives of their loved ones to the measures Newsom took. The fact that were reopening in June is great news because it means we are safe to do so.

Vaccines are great and they work, but we don’t know everything about them yet. Despite what loon balls running through Target are chanting, we know masks work, so it’s just plain common sense to keep mask mandates until we know for sure we are safe out there. Despite every study that confirms this, 10 states have lifted their mandates. You can see who did and did not keep their mandate in place here. Remember, just because your state government doesn’t care about your health doesn’t mean you don’t have to – keep your mask on, socially distance, wash your hands and stay safe out there.


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  1. Becks1 says:

    I think its good that hes giving a timeline for reopening – that’s 2 months away, imagine how many more people will be vaccinated by then. Originally I didnt think I would get my vaccine until May, then late April, and this week our governor opened up vaccines for everyone (I ended up qualifying for an earlier category based on my work, so I have had my first dose, but its nice to know that even without that, I would have been due this week). I think people can buckle down and handle a few more months if they know there’s an end date.

    Our governor has lifted a lot of restrictions in the past few months but has also given a lot of power to the counties – so there are no longer indoor dining capacity restrictions (but you do still have to social distance with the tables, so for most it works out that there is a capacity restriction if that makes sense) and things like that, but a lot of counties are still imposing their own restrictions based on their own numbers, which makes sense. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with how he has handled this, it hasn’t been perfect, there have been some times I’ve been upset with him, but I think the difference is between my governor (Hogan, a Republican) and other R governors is that I really do think he tried to follow the science and make the best choices he could, even when he was wrong.

    Anyway last year on Facebook I did daily posts about what we were doing etc (I know I was annoying, but it helped me to track the time and stay active so whatever lol), and its so weird now to look back bc we definitely thought it would be 2 weeks of shutdown, then another 4 weeks, then oh schools arent going back, etc. It’s just weird to think of the past year.

    • Case says:

      Isn’t it so weird to look back on that time? I was looking at my Instagram Story archive from last year and it’s so sad how in March 2020 I was like “I’ll just be here watching TV for the next two weeks!” My first “stock up” at Target was a joke. We really had no concept of what we were in for. Even when the pandemic continued through April, I was still like “oh yeah, I think things will be better by June!” Based on what, I don’t know lol.

    • lucy2 says:

      I left my office towards the end of March 2020, thinking we’d be out for 2-3 weeks, and I would get SOOOO much done at home, I even made a big list. Ha! Almost none of it happened. Work from home has turned into work all the time.
      Having a target date is great though, it was really hard in the midst of this to have no end in sight.
      My governor has taken a lot of crap for it too, but my state (NJ) was very hard hit in the beginning, and I think we’ve ended up with about 10% of our population testing positive so far – probably higher as a lot of people were sick early on before testing was widely available. Those restrictions have been necessary here.

  2. Case says:

    I know there have been criticisms of how Newsom has handled things at times, but from where I’m sitting in NJ — where cases are CLIMBING and it seems like we’ve totally given up on doing anything to stop it — I admire how carefully California has handled the pandemic. I’d rather be overly cautious than reopening prematurely. Even though I have my vaccine, I feel like I STILL can’t really do anything outside of seeing vaccinated family and friends because the community spread is still a very big problem here.

    • Georgie says:

      I’m neighboring Jersey and my son is high risk so he was allowed the Pfizer vaccine for his age bracket. I’m waiting for my turn as my mother is Ill. I need to keep her safe. I’ve heard the 2nd vaccine may have more side effects but I’ve been keeping cautious and distancing. Honestly, I really am wary of the first wave of vaccinations before more research is done unless you’re a hero front line worker.
      The thing is, the very people who refuse a vaccine are the very people who refuse to wear masks and behave responsibly which, ostensibly, is why this virus keeps mutating.
      To those people who won’t get out of their own way, at least get out of ours.

  3. Nicole says:

    I fully support the Governor. He was dealt a sh*tty hand and did the best he could. I agree with what everyone above has written. I get my second shot on Saturday. I can’t wait to fully hug my parents. I am concerned about the Inland Empire and Central CA. That’s a lot of Trump country. People in LA are driving to Bakersfield to get shots due to vaccine hesitancy. I will not be voting for recall and I will vote for him again if he runs again.

    • Meredith says:

      I think Orange County can also take a big chunk of blame for what’s has happened in CA.

      • Kkat says:

        The OC can take a huge f*ing chunk of the blame, bunch of entitled morons.
        And all the maskholes in the Long beach area would go to the OC to shop and eat and bring it back to our area.

    • Monica says:

      Riverside County, where I am, has been a sh*tshow of whiny entitled wingnuts. I got my first shot yesterday and can’t wait for the second. I don’t think the recall effort will be successful.

  4. Bettyrose says:

    I get my second jab this week but I’m not emotionally ready for the reopening. My semi-introverted self has gone full introvert. If not for my dogs requiring multiple daily ventures outdoors I’d be bordering on agoraphobic at this point. But I do support reopening the economy when it’s safe to do so. And CA has done an impressive job with the vaccine rollout. Overall, Newsom gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me in the handling of this. Remember, he was battling with 45 at the start and did an amazing job making CA the one to watch for pandemic protocols.

    • Case says:

      I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this way about reopening. I feel more anxiety about “getting back to normal” and needing to put up boundaries due to increasing social expectations this summer than I did early in the pandemic! I’m happy at home. And I feel safe. And I know that’s not necessarily healthy, but I’d rather be an introvert than in the hospital. I don’t know.

    • ab says:

      I feel you! I’m a serious introvert as well and also deal with social anxiety so this whole let’s stay inside and avoid people for a year situation has been a-ok with me. I am a SAHM and being out and about everyday doing stuff with/for my kids was always mildly torturous for me, I’m def not ready to go back to that life. 😩 But things are going well in Ohio infection- and vaccine-wise, we’re open for all adults and I get my 2nd shot in a couple weeks. I would not be surprised if we drop most restrictions pretty soon. I hope Dewine at least keeps our mask mandate but he has caved on it before.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m better about it now, because my kids have been back in sports and school 4 days a week so I’ve kind of had to adjust, but a few months ago I was really dreading reopening, because then it means I have to leave the house and….see people. My husband says that to me all the time – “you may have to leave the house!” I’m pretty introverted anyway and I like staying home, so this past year has just made that so much stronger (I dont want to say “worse” lol.) I’m dreading going back into the office (even though pre-covid I only went twice a week.)

      but in general I think if you are someone who listened to the guidelines and took this whole thing seriously, reopening IS going to be stressful and a little scary because you sort of have to deprogram yourself a bit, you know?

    • lucy2 says:

      I am still very uncomfortable around strangers, and haven’t gotten together with friends yet. I’ve been in one restaurant so far, and even spaced out, I’m wary when people take off their masks. And I’m fully vaccinated now!

  5. BusyLizzy says:

    Remixing that Missy Elliott song “Get Ur freak On” to “Get Ur mask On” in my head

  6. Emm says:

    Our state and my county which is deep red, was doing well and our republican governor really impressed me with his mask mandate and our restrictions because he was one of the first and the only Republicans to mandate it for the entire state for a long time. After spring break though our numbers have consistently gone up and I was definitely prepared since I heard from numerous people that everyone was going down to Florida. We are also down to 16 and over being eligible for the vaccine for last couple of weeks and there have been mass vaccinations at arenas because no one is getting them! So on top of our new increase in cases and no one wanting the vaccine the mandate was lifted this week and now I see so many people out without masks, the chiro I go to who I know is maga (slim pickins around here) took his mask sign down that day, he never wore one anyway but he informed me this week that he had covid in feb. 2020 but I think it was self diagnosis because of the way he said it and there really was no testing back then around here. Anyway, It’s just so disheartening, we are so close, we are on our way but repealing the mandate is going to eff us once again!

  7. MaryContrary says:

    I’m in SoCal and am getting my 2nd shot next week. I am glad things will be re-opening, but get nervous about people not following the mask mandates. I cannot wait until the vaccinations are open to adolescents-I know they’re saying by fall-but I hope that means early summer so my youngest can get it too. I would love to feel like summer is more “normal.”

  8. Boogaloo Shrimp says:

    This fully vaccinated Californian went inside the local grocery store today for the first time in well over a year. A little bit of careful freedom goes a long way!

    • Bettyrose says:

      Was it an emotional experience or just completely surreal that it’s been over a year?

  9. Jennifer M says:

    I am so glad he (mostly🙄) modeled sensible pandemic behavior and listened to Dr. Fauci. I felt safe here in CA. The only person I know who got COVID flew out of state at Christmas.

    He sure was dumb for that French Laundry mistake. I also think he was a hypocrite for sending his kids to in person private school all year. So, he is not perfect. Who is.

  10. Kkat says:

    I’m in Southern California, Long beach area.
    I am very concerned with everything opening back up.
    So many are refusing to get the vaccine here.
    And the people who have aren’t wearing masks. So of course the people that haven’t gotten it are lying and saying they have to not wear a mask.

    So the other thing I’m seeing is the numbers are going up at Long Beach Memorial, and we chat with the other IR teams at the other hospitals and they also have climbing numbers.
    We have the Brazil /South Africa varient starting to run in big numbers here.
    With opening everything up, spring break, easter sunday… I will be very interested to see our hospital admits and icu numbers in about 3-4 weeks.
    We had that big surge last year in July

    The 4th wave is happening in Europe and starting in the US right now.
    I just don’t think we will have enough coverage yet to mitigate all that.

    I’m getting my second shot Friday and my kids and husband are getting their first on Saturday.
    But I have a HUGE extended family and 4 people are getting it, the others and we’re talking over 100 family members I’m connected to on facebook are saying they won’t get it, because fake news and muh freedumbs
    Most live in orange county 🤡