US: Jennifer Garner is ‘getting serious’ with ‘soulmate’ John Miller

A couple of months ago, there was an ultra rare sighting of Jennifer Garner and her on-again boyfriend, fast food technology entrepreneur John Miller, out together in New York City. Those photos came out in mid August. That was almost a month before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s amazing red carpet debut, so I don’t think the timing was too suspect. It does seem like Garner wants us to know that she’s with John though. There’s an article in US Magazine about how serious they are and how things are moving to the next level. These two first started dating in 2018, broke up in the summer of 2020 and got back together again sometime in the spring, after everyone got vaccinated I’m assuming. US has a new article saying they’re going to take it to the next level. I’m quoting the print edition here because there are more insider quotes than in the online article.

Jennifer Garner couldn’t be happier with the way her love life is currently going. [Garner and] John Miller are so in sync that an engagement is definitely on the horizon. “They are totally set on a long-term future together,” the source tells US… “It took a while for them to be this committed… but [it's now clear that] being with someone as down-to-earth and calm as John is exactly what Jen needs in a partner. Plus, she finds him incredibly sexy.” While Garner and Miller prefer to stay under the radar, they have enjoyed plenty of romantic vacations together and often go on date nights.” “He’s rapidly turning into her soulmate… it’s hard to remember Jen being this happy.”

[From US Magazine, print edition, October 25, 2021]

I would love it if these two got engaged, and we’ve heard rumors about that before. We heard in January, 2020 that John was the one pushing for an engagement but that Jennifer wasn’t ready. I’m glad that she’s happy and hope this works out for her. As I always say, I don’t think John is comfortable with her level of fame but we’ll see. Wouldn’t it be amazing if both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got engaged to their partners around the holidays? You know they would be trying to one up each other in the press and I would be here for that.


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  1. Tinnie says:

    I like Jennifer Garner but, as you say, she wants us to know this. I’m a little suspicious about how serious this is or if she wants to counter somewhat all the crazy Affleck-Lopez hoopla (personally finding J. Lo a bit exhausting with the overzealous display but apparently that’s how she lives her life). I’m sure Jennifer Garner is ‘over’ Ben but she felt something really intense for him. Here, the use of the word ‘soulmate’ seems suspicious. The guy looks a little dweeby to me too, but he could be perfectly wonderful. I’m just not entirely buying this but we’ll see!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t think Garner wants us to know this, because they’d be doing more pap strolls if that was the case. I think it’s just an easy gossip guess. A couple has been together for a bit? Easy to assume they’re getting serious and closer to marriage. I do think the Bennifer situation makes stories about JenG a tiny more valuable to the tabloid.

      • nana says:

        Tiffany, come on. You are naive now. A US Weekly anonymous sourced piece is hardly gossip guess, even if it is not People.
        I agree with Tinnie. The timing is suspicious. If my guess is right, I think this one is intended for Ben, and telling him this is the last chance of reconciliation. The language is written all over the article. She’s hinting that once she leaves, then it truly is left, and she won’t be the one looking out for him, should he fall off the wagon again in future. Remember, it took her for 8 years to get a divorce he wanted (2010-2018), and 2 more years for her to move on.
        I know gossip readers look down OK magazine/National Enquirer, but I find it actually quite legitimate, especially when a celebrity wants to play deniability whilst also wanting to send some message. When Ben went on that interview with Diane Sawye on Good Morning America and that New York Times profile, he said getting divorced was the greatest regret of his life (note when he was using present tense when he said it). Garner’s source went to one of those to say she would give him even a hundred chance. Yet it took Ben until December 2020 to dismiss the report on Gossip Cop. Considering Ben’s character, I think Ben was spreading the bet in case JLo wouldn’t want to reconcile with him. And when he started to make contact with JLo again in late 2020 (JLo’s single In The Morning was intended for him), Ben closed his possibility with Garner. Then when Ben and Ana broke up in January 2021, Garner’s source again went on to OK to play the possibility of reconciliation. She really loved/loves some Ben.

  2. minx says:

    Haven’t we heard this periodically? Garner’s people keep trying to make this story happen. JG and a burger magnate, not exactly Bennifer.

  3. Twin falls says:

    How does someone start “rapidly turning into your soulmate”? That’s the dumbest statement ever.

    Bennifer is magic and otherworldly, most relationships pale in comparison.

    I want JG to keep doing what she’s doing, living her best life and doing great things for children. If this guy makes her happy, go for it.

    • MrsBump says:

      honestly to me, the magic is all one sided and that side is Jennifer Lopez. i don’t doubt that their relationship is genuine, and she makes him look like a passable human being and that says a lot about her star power that she can rehabilitate his loser, adultering, sad excuse for a father image.

    • mindy_dopple says:

      They rapidly turn into your soulmate when you’re suddenly feeling very insecure in the level of passion in your life. This reminds me of that episode of Friends when Ross meets Emily for the first time and Rachel keeps trying to make “Joshua” happen. 😂

      I agree! I really want her to just keep doing it what she’s doing and not feel the IMMENSE pressure of JLO.

      • minx says:

        That’s exactly it. This guy may be wonderful, for JG’s sake I hope he is, but her PR people need to stop this goopy romantic stuff. And it pre-dates Bennifer 2.0, so it can’t be totally blamed on them.

    • Coco says:

      ( Bennifer is magic and otherworldly, most relationships pale in comparison. )


  4. MrsBump says:

    Why, oh why does this incredibly beautiful woman dress so badly?!
    Is this a way of trolling the paps ? Is there a reason behind this madness? Why Jen, why?

    • Tanguerita says:

      because she is comfortable dressing like this and doesn’t give a damn about what you think about it?

      • tempest prognosticator says:

        I do appreciate that she dresses for comfort and doesn’t care about fashion. It’s just not her thing.

  5. Size Does Matter says:

    She’s always snapped looking so awkward.

  6. Genevieve says:

    Hey, there. The first link in the article links to a story about Britney Spears. Thought I’d drop a line here to let you guys know.

    And I’ll always think Vartan was much better than any other guy she dated. Also, must she always wear the most ill-fitting clothes? I know she exercises quite a bit so her body is incredible, so I can’t help but think that she wears the worst clothes on purpose. At least I hope so. 😆

    • MF1 says:

      I so agree about her clothes. She looks fit and she’s got oodles of money, but somehow she always looks so drab.

  7. WithTheAmerican says:

    Well I’ll be the only comment in Jen’s corner I guess hahaha. I really admire how she dealt with Ben’s crappy behavior and how she manages to be such a good parent. Also watched Alias during lockdown and she is good.

    Jen is the Jennifer Aniston to J Lo’s Angie. Im sure it’s hard to be the girl left behind, much less glamorous. I don’t think she’s trying to plant this stuff, if she were she’d be dressed better for the paps. But then I don’t buy Bennifer for one minute and I’m so over their attention gluttony.

    • Coco says:

      Jen announced that she and John got back together pictures and all only weeks after Ben and JLo did their first photo op. So ya she definitely not above planting stuff. Jen has been doing daily photo ops for over 10 years how she dresses is part of her look.

      The only thing I think Jen is hurt by is how willing Ben has been tto do pop strolls with every other woman since their split. When she got the I’m miserable face on the rare occasion she got him to be seen with her and the kids.

      I agree with you about Bennifer PR relationship .

  8. JustMe says:

    Is it just me or does he resemble Michael Vartan??

  9. Bobbie says:

    Didn’t she proclaim Ben Affleck her soulmate? Is her soulmate whoever she’s with? :)

  10. Chick_b says:

    Garner looked ridiculously loved up with Vartan.

    I think she’s very beautiful and I remember when Rachel Zoe used to style her. If she’s comfortable that’s fine but Garner’s clothing choices make me sad bc it seems like she is hardcore about everything looking ike she shopped at the Jones New York outlet in 1991.

  11. iconoclast59 says:

    I find it difficult to get a read on this relationship because Miller is so very, very private. Until he warms up to the idea of being in the spotlight with her every once in a while, I don’t see how this will work. I’m not talking Bennifer-level exposure, just red carpet appearances and the occasional pap stroll. Somehow I’m getting more of a FWB vibe; they both get sex, and Garner avoids the “poor Jen” trap that Aniston found herself in for years.

  12. Anners says:

    This is super late in the day, but does anyone have an ID on her glasses? I’m really digging the dark heavy frames. She is such a pretty woman. I’m not usually inspired by her style, but the glasses are great.

  13. elle says:

    He looks like a combination of Michael Vartan and that promise-keeper-type vlogger guy who got caught in that Ashley Madison scandal a few years ago.

    It was bugging me, so I had to look up his name – Sam Rader.

  14. jferber says:

    I’d be so damn embarrassed if I were her. She’s saved Affleck’s ass countless times, had three children with him, does the bulk of the parenting, sacrificed every bit of herself for him and he seems not to have an ounce of gratitude to her, nor one drop of respect either. And now he’s in the second blossom of his life with JLo? I’d marry a new guy stat or kill Affleck. Please just marry this guy.

  15. Joey says:

    Jennifer Garner is a pretty woman but good lord would it kill her to wear a cute outfit every once in a while. She doesn’t have to be over the top just get rid of all the ill fitting clothing and hideous shoes. I know her brand is quirky wholesome but she is bordering on school marm territory.