Lili Reinhart works with a channeler whom she calls a ‘psychic life coach’

Riverdale has been on the CW for six seasons and was recently renewed for a seventh. The show and its stars enjoyed a lot of buzz in its early years, which has since tapered off. The premise of the show started out as “Archie comics, but make it sexy.” I think the Netflix description used to actually read “Betty’s got a dark side, Archie’s got an edge…” I think the original premise worked, but they lost me with the supernatural stuff.

Lili Reinhart plays the ~edgy~ Betty Cooper character on the show. This is definitely her breakout role and she was also in Hustlers. She’s very pretty and has used her teen idol status to be very vocal about body image and mental health issues. Lili recently spoke to People for their Beautiful Issue about changing her eating habits to feel better and working on her spiritual health with a channeler.

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has decided to put her health first: physical, mental and spiritual.

“I’m trying to take care of myself more than I was before,” the Cover Girl spokesperson, 25, tells PEOPLE in this year’s Beautiful Issue. “I’m a fast food addict and junk food addict. So trying to change my diet actually. And I’m actually working with a new holistic doctor to kind of find out the cause of my chronic fatigue. It’s a struggle.”

Reinhart admits change can be a struggle. “I just bought a lot of vitamins and lot of supplements to try and help with my energy. So I’m a vitamin girl now. Less Five Guys, more vitamins! But we can cheat sometimes.”

She’s also putting her mental, and even spiritual health, at the the forefront of her lifestyle.

“I like to set aside the time at night, if I can, to meditate. It helps me fall asleep. But I also work with a channeler. I meet with her weekly, and she’s helped me in a very spiritual, beautiful way.”

Reinhart explains that the channeler acts as a conduit. “She is someone who can contact the ether — spirits and angels and guides and stuff like that. So, in a way, a psychic. She’s my psychic life coach. I went through a big spiritual awakening the last two years, and I guess it’s still going on. I’ve been following that and really exploring my connection to spirituality. And it’s been a gamechanger.”

Reinhart says her spiritual guide is also helping her establish boundaries. “She has really helped me find [those] and what I truly want — and how to connect to that. I’ve learned how to shift my perspective, which is a huge part of the change that I’ve had for my inner wellness as well. Because I’m prone to be quite pessimistic. I’ve shifted my view.”

Reinhart says she feels — and looks — different today. “I’m taking care of my body more because I know how hard I’ve worked to take care of my mind. So I’m trying to nurture my body with a better diet and a healthy workout routine — but not overdoing it. I’m not pushing myself past my limits.”

[From People]

The way Lili talks about taking care of her body is consistent with her previous statements on body image. She’s not aiming to lose weight, but trying to eat more healthfully to improve her energy levels and stop the chronic fatigue. I was running a lot last week and used that as an excuse to indulge my fast food cravings, so I’ve felt sluggish and crappy the past couple of days. Reducing junk and fast food goes a long way to having more energy and then in turn affects how you look. I’ve noticed that processed stuff definitely dulls the skin! So what she says about improving her diet and having a workout routine making her look and feel better, without pushing herself too hard, is a healthy outlook. Also, she’s 25, which is right around the age where we begin to more acutely feel the effects of junk food, alcohol, poor sleep, etc. That stuff really starts to hit different as we get older.

The spiritual stuff she talks about is interesting. Meditation is pretty standard, but the channeler is one that I haven’t heard before. Just from the name, I would assume that a channeler like, helps you channel the energy in your life to attaining your goals or something similar. And it does sound like that in terms of how Lili says the channeler helped her to establish boundaries and shift her perspective. Which sounds like pretty standard self-help stuff. But then she says the channeler is also a psychic who can connect to spirits and angels and guide her. And much like the later seasons of Riverdale, that’s where she lost me. I’m generally a skeptic about that sort of thing, but if it helps other people feel spiritually awakened and connected then who am I to judge?

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  1. Eurydice says:

    I had a 6-hour session with a channeler (or channel) when I was doing research for a project. She channels information through one of her previous incarnations. That incarnation has access to the client’s prior lives and can pretty much tell the client’s prior life stories as if reading a book. The session I had wasn’t about channeling energy or anything like that – it was about finding patterns in prior lives that explain why the current life is the way it is, and pointing to a running thread of identity and purpose throughout the lives. Through most of the session, the channel was in a trance state, but once she awoke she was able to maintain contact for about an hour so that I could ask specific questions.

    She was definitely not a life coach – rather the opposite. It was a one-time thing, like a massive information dump that you analyze and use how you want. It was like having someone read you an epic novel while you’re eating your bag lunch, and actually many of the things she said had some insight. The creepy part was at the end when she said I had a message from my father (who had passed the year before) – the message was just a little thing he used to say to me every day, and there’s no way she could have known that. Anyway, it was an interesting experience.

    • dawnchild says:

      This is so interesting…thanks for sharing!
      Would love to hear any similar experiences that you or other folks have. It gives a fascinating dimension to our existence

  2. Normades says:

    I watched seasons 1-3 but it was just so bat shit crazy it lost me. Came back to watch a few episodes after the time shift and will watch the musical episodes.

    Lili is a really great actress and she kills it in the episode where she plays a young Mädchen Amick (her tv mom). The kids all play young versions of the parents and that episode is great.

    I think she’s very talented and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders so hopefully she’s not going too kooky with this.

  3. ANON says:

    Not to detract from anything positive Lili takes from these relationships, however, many people who identify as psychics are skilled manipulators and scammers. They don’t stay in business by offering $5 first readings. They stay in business by telling you you have a deep problem that only they can solve. Same with *some* holistic practitioners who do a big vitamin business. Neither is well regulated, depending on where you live, and they’re not necessarily based in science.

    • Meh says:

      For sure. If you think you need a channeler, a life coach or a psychic to make any decisions in your life, that’s the problem.

      • inka says:

        I agree. For me it crossed boundaries. Also with supplements they can put everything.. Not procedures at least in my country.