The Queen was ‘overjoyed’ at the Cambridges’ wedding, ‘people wanted it to work’

Camp Middleton has always done a lot of complaining and explaining, especially to sympathetic and sycophantic biographers like Katie Nicholl, Robert Lacey and Tina Brown. Even those biographers, all of whom seem to have a vested interest in keen image-making, couldn’t hide the fact that Kate and Carole Middleton stalked Prince William like posh prey, and once they sunk their claws in him, they were never letting him go. Those biographers also couldn’t hide the f–ked dynamics which have always existed between Kate and William, and how Kate spent years doing anything to get the prize (Big Blue). I bring this up because we’re in the middle of yet another attempt to throw keen sugar on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage. This week’s People Magazine cover story is all about how Kate is perfect and queenly and Queen Elizabeth approves of Kate and always has.

The Cambridges’ wedding: Queen Elizabeth had every reason to be happy as she watched Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot in 2011. But she was even more emotional than expected. Courtiers have told PEOPLE that the monarch was uncharacteristically overjoyed on the couple’s wedding day, content in the knowledge that the line of succession — so fraught in the years following the checkered marriages of three of her own children — was secure.

They’re really laying it on thick: “Hearing from the Queen that you’re doing a really good job, along with getting support from your husband you grow in confidence,” a close royal insider tells PEOPLE. There was undoubtedly much that the Queen saw in Kate that day — and in the years that have followed — that remind her of herself. Although they are separated in age by 56 years—the Queen, 96, and Kate, 40, share key qualifications for the job: quiet stoicism, unerring discretion and firm loyalty. Their opinions on contentious political issues are never heard; their commitment to the throne is unwavering, and their public images are tightly controlled.

Kate’s princess lessons: Before she wed, Kate “had tea with ladies-in-waiting and briefings from private secretaries. People wanted it to work,” a royal insider tells PEOPLE. “And everyone has been rewarded with [the couple’s] efforts.” Alongside her husband, second-in-line Prince William, Kate is poised to enjoy a long reign in which she and William will carve their own path while honoring the traditions of the past.

[From People]

So not only is Camp Middleton constantly trying to whitewash William and Kate’s chaotic courtship – where William was constantly cheating on Kate and dumping her – but they’re also trying to make it sound like the Windsors were all so pleased that William married Kate. That was also not the case. Prince Charles hoped that William would go for someone more aristocratic. The Queen thought Kate was lazy. Everyone in William’s posh circle thought the Middletons were desperate social climbers. Even after William and Kate got married, the Queen didn’t think much of Kate.

Incidentally, my guess is that Camp Middleton is feeling a bit prickly these days, which is why they’re trying to get out ahead of the growing evidence that William and Kate are completely separated.

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  1. Kokiri says:

    Strange wording there “ people wanted it to work”.
    You’d think, if it was actually working, they’d follow up with “and it’s going great!”
    You know what I mean.
    Wanted is past tense, and it indicates that now, it’s not working.
    Which it isn’t.
    No matter how it spins, these 2 dislike each other.
    I have a theory:
    After Louis, Kate made Meghan cry. To save her ass, she lied to W, who rushed to defend her because, racist.
    But he found out Kate lied, & that’s when it all started to fall apart. He can’t forget she made him a bigger fool than he already is, & their marriage collapsed shortly after.
    It’s not ever been great, but K lying to everyone & the press reporting her lies as fact, that was the beginning of the end. He would have affairs & she’s look away, but actually moving to live apart?
    I think it’s because she lied & it all came out.

    • Cairidh says:

      I think they broke up romantically as a couple years ago, but William still wanted to play happy families with the Middletons and mother carole. So they still shared houses, and holidays. It was when he fell out with Carole that things changed and he wanted separate houses.

      It may have been during lockdown, being forced to spend more time with Carol, she wasn’t able to keep her dark side hidden from him. She’s a textbook narcissist and people with NPD are usually nice as can be in public. In private they’re a nightmare. Maybe William finally got to see what she’s like in private.

      • Jez says:

        Where in the People article does it say “people wanted it to work”?

      • Jais says:

        Third paragraph in the excerpt above from People. Scroll up.

      • Duchcheese says:

        @Jez, my question is a little different than yours but both lines in same paragraph.
        So………, what? Kate is “going to enjoy a long reign”? LOL, I am sorry but…., what? Kate is NOT going to be the monarch, what are these psychophants smoking that’s making them so delusional? Kate will not enjoy any reigns, long or short. Kate MIGHT be a queen consort but still her husband William will be the monarch and HE will reign, Kate will not reign over England in any way shape or form. I’m saying England because I honestly believe by the time William becomes king, he will be only king of England, Scotland and northern Ireland will be long gone and Wales will be on her way out that mess too.

      • Green girl says:

        Agreed on lockdown timeline. A few commenters here have speculated that the lockdown may have opened Will’s eyes to her involvement with … everything. He may not have been aware of how much managing Carole actually did at that time.

    • Snuffles says:

      I noticed the past tense as well.

      As to your theory, I agree with some of it. I do think Kate lied to William, but he would have come after Meghan anyways. Especially after the Australian tour. Everyone was jealous. The whole clan was trying to pull them apart from day 1.

      Now that won’t stop William from throwing Kate under the bus over this incident if it comes to it. It will be part of his Kate and the Middletons manipulated me into marrying her and ruined my relationship with Harry spin if he ever wants to get divorced.

    • Lucylee says:

      Interesting theory. Did not think about K lying to W.

      • Kokiri says:

        I think she has to have lied directly to him.
        She was so jealous, she dropped here facade in front of witnesses, made M cry, & had to rush to do damage control.
        Lied to W, gave flowers to M (the apology: I’m sorry you were sad. Like that). So she could report back she tried to make amends but the mean Black woman just wouldn’t be nice to the English Rose.
        She didn’t count on M telling Harry & Harry telling what truly happened.
        I can only imagine that conversation, between W & H, when W learns Kate actually really lied about it all.

        All the rest, his behaviour & her mom, it’s all a part of it too.
        But the catalyst, was the blatant lie.

    • Mrs. Smith says:

      And all of W’s cheating and rose bush activities — don’t forget that part!

      • KFG says:

        @THEHENCH I agree! I’ll add another layer though. I think 🥚 seeing how good Meghan was at the job and how well she connected and how she raised Harry’s profile, and wasn’t intimidated, made egg feel even more embarrassed of Kkkhate. Bones is hyper competitive with other women, but extremely insecure with the aristo set and tries too hard to make them like her. Meghan didn’t try and a lot of Harry’s aristo friends liked her and were impressed. That made Kkkhate look even more pathetic and there’s nothing baldimort hates than being made to look inept because kkkate was all he could get. Kkkate learning that even her titles couldn’t get her any respect made her more vapid. I think if 🥚 new mistress ever said let’s get married, he’d dump kkkate immediately. He would have dropped her for Rose if Rose had agreed.

    • Harper says:

      Kate’s visible flinching away from William’s touch on the Mary Berry Christmas Spectacular was way before the Oprah interview. They’ve been low-key sick of each other for a long time. Word was that Kate needed SPACE from William after the Rose Hanbury gossip cracked the public facade they had both agreed to create. All that incessant smiling Kate did and that’s how he rewarded her? She was pissed. Even the Queen had to step in and bribe Kate with that Royal Victorian Order for sticking around. The perfect private lives of the Cambridges is fiction, just like it was during most of Chuck and Di’s union.

      • Kokiri says:

        Not the interview, that’s just when we found out about it.
        W must have known way longer. Harry definitely knew, Meg of course told him right away.
        You tell your partner that stuff immediately. He would have tried to deal with it, & W has to face his wife flat out lied.
        And thus began the complete need to take Meg out of the picture, the concerted efforts to break her.

        JMO. Not the only reason, just the breaking point, the catalyst.

      • The Hench says:

        No, I think there was fallout from the Tightsgate lie propagated by Kate but I very much doubt that was the whole reason things started to fall apart.

        There are lots of little, odd details in the various stories around William and Kate which start to build a picture about what might have gone down – for example, within the Prince of Pegging email to Deuxmoi, people were assuming that the mistress happy to oblige William was Rose. what the email actually said was that he had a current mistress happy to oblige and Kate was happy to turn a blind eye – as long as it didn’t get emotional – like it did with the last one.

        IMO ‘the last one’ is Rose. And Rose had Kate properly shook. I know – and have posted on here – from my own contacts that the affair with Rose lasted three years. Not only was it happening whilst Kate was pregnant with Louis, an awful thing to discover but Rose is all the aristocratic and stylish things Kate is not, hence Kate taking action over her and the whole Rural Rivals shenanigans.

        So my theory is that roughly what went down between Will and Kate has been this:
        The deal was that Will could cheat and Kate would turn a blind eye. Something Kate herself was reported to have told Chelsy Davy she had to accept if she wanted to be a royal wife. That was all fine whilst Will just fooled about.
        2016 Harry found Meghan – and William saw his little brother genuinely in love with a woman who was streets ahead of Kate in pretty much everything. He resented Harry’s happiness, he probably fancied Meghan, Kate’s gaping vacuousness was laid bare by comparison.
        2017 – we get Wills messing about with blondes on a boys’ ski trip. Kate gets her third baby. Whilst she’s pregnant there’s a weird and intimate detail in the press about her being advised not to have sex. Will takes up with Rose.
        2018 – tightsgate caused when an overwrought Kate has just given birth and found out about the affair still happening with Rose. As Meghan said “Kate was going through some things”. False stories thrown out by KP to cover up what those ‘things’ are.
        2019. Affair is still going. Worried, Kate tries to move on Rose. The weird Rural Rival story breaks and the affair is out. Kate gets shut down by the toffs and Rose schools her in how these things really work.
        The relationship between Kate and William really starts to break down with Will dissatisfied with his marriage, emotionally involved with Rose and jealous of Harry. It really falls apart during lockdown and, when they emerge in public again, willian gives all the appearance that he cannot stand Kate.
        By now the Rose affair is over – probably at her instigation. Rose has a wonderful life as chatelaine of houghton Hall and no wish to enter the Royal goldfish bowl with all its restrictions.
        Will takes up with his current (apparently happy to peg) mistress – the Russian lawyer?
        Will and Kate agree to a separation – cue all the stuff we have seen in the last year. Whether it stays unofficial or not remains to be seen.

      • L84Tea says:

        @The Hench, I know it’s all speculation, but I think your assessment is spot on and sounds very likely to how it went down. The timeline definitely fits with what we’ve all seen with our own eyes.

      • lilione says:

        @the hench I agree with your theory. I also think that during Louis’s pregnancy William definitely cheated and this leads to kate breaking down on dressing fitting. This leads to William getting ahead of this affair and kate kept quiet because she thought William has finally come around. That’s why she went along and we get how Sussex’s departure brought William and kate together. She really thought her marriage works and William and she can bond over their jealousy toward Meghan. But after Sussex leaves and William goes back to his ghosting of kate.

        These two are not living together and you can see this from the kids’ eyes. Even with much clownery of Diana and Charles, William and Harry look very happy. These kids on the other hand always look sad and miserable. They don’t look like kids from happy marriages.

        I also think kate wears a suit a lot maybe because of will new girlfriend. Kate has a habit of being the model after William’s girlfriend. From the start of marriage up to recent years, kate hair is always dyed dark brown which matches jecca and rose. But recently for the past few years, her blonde shade makes me think his new chick is blonde and might dress professionaly. When do we think she dresses after Meghan, what if she actually dresses after a lawyer chick because Meghan mostly dresses like her suit character which is a lawyer? We think kate might be threatened by Meghan but I think she feels way more threatened by a blonde with blue eyes like Isabelle. kate enjoys getting praise for those coats and I don’t think she wants to change that. Yes, I know she copies Meghan in some cases but I think she wants to dress professionally like William’s new chick. Meghan is the only person she knows to wear professionally because either royals or her family works in a regular corporate job.

      • Lizzie says:

        You guys nailed it. Have we seen an official royal separation? Keen’s popularity has been propped up by the rr’s recently but I wonder how the public would feel about public funding and any future titles for her if they were officially separated.

      • WHAT says:

        You also need to remember that in 2016, Harry started to fall away from the firm and truly put his emotions into Meg. So the stories of Harry no longer around the Cambridge kids was due to Kate, Harry no longer telling his brother that he should’ve been nicer to Kate, Harry no longer being the 🥉 wheel and Kate having Harry as the excuse to still have attention if not from will but thru Harry. The fact that Harry wasn’t there anymore and the only thing in common with the Cambridges is the jealousy of California. I’ll keep saying this William has never been fancied for Meg. There’s to much out there about how he’s treated and spoke about people of color. He’s a racist. He wants in a wife what Meg represents someone intelligent 🤓, gorgeous, a great speaker all the things Kate isn’t and will never be. Meghan clearly is ambitious and will keep you interested and be at the top of the headlines. Even for simple stuff as closing a door or giving water to someone who’s coughing. She commands attention which is why Kate copies her down to her mannerisms and STILL can’t keep the rota or William attention. The only problem is Will is like Charles and hates to be overshadowed and won’t want Diana number two hence the silencing of his mother. But uses her when it’s convenient for him. That’s why I said one of his ex girlfriend is now divorced and now Kate is close to her mom and he wants to be in the same category as California which he’ll never be with Kate at his side.

      • MakeEverydayCount says:

        @Hench: SPOT ON. Additionally, I don’t think William cared about Harry/Meghan at first. He was so far up Rose’s bushes he couldn’t think of nothing else. Meanwhile Kate and Carole saw Meghan as a threat. With the Media’s help they planted all of the false stories about Meghan. After the popularity of the Oceanic Tour William realized that Harry was not only more popular than him but was beginning to stand on his own as a husband, leader and soon to be father. This must have rocked William’s boat not to mention having Kate/Carole manipulative asses in his ears. Now fast forward today William wants to be happy. I think he gave it a try with Kate, but she is boring as F. What attracted him first to her (mattress) couldn’t sustain a marriage. William wants what Harry has…. a beautiful wife that makes him want to hold her hand in public, a partner that is a lover/friend and someone that makes him want to “up his game”……….all of those things he can’t find in Kate….Having said all of that what William doen’t understand is that NO woman of substance would marry the man he is today. He needs to change and apologize to Harr/Meghan

      • MakeEverydayCount says:

        I want to say something about Kate. I don’t think she knows who she is and what she wants. Imagine spending 17 years chasing a man and morphing into what you think he wants and needs. Imagine having your own mother provide you direction on how to demean yourself in order to get the ring. Imagine having your mother teach you how to lie and fight everything in your path to get to that one man. Imagine that 17 years later that man has cheated on you repeatedly and now can’t stand to be near you. I’m not saying “poor Kate” but what I am saying is that sometimes you get exactly what you’re fighting for and realize it wasn’t worth the fight meanwhile you gave up 17 prime years fighting for a NOTHING.

      • CourtneyB says:

        @lizzie Yes, we have. Charles and Diana. It didn’t go well to say the least. So the queen said it was time for an official divorce.

      • Deering24 says:

        MakeEverydayCount—that’s the tragedy of living solely for your parents’ expectations. Kate probably never had a chance, for her family is run like a mini-Firm. Even then, she’s not a curious or someone whose interests go beyond being a mannequin.

      • Anance says:

        The Cambridge marriage split predates Meghan. By the time she was pregnant with Louis in 2017-18, she already knew about Rose.

        The best date I’ve heard for the beginning of the Rose affair is after the birth of Charlotte at the latest, so that’s about 2015.

        If the affair lasted until 2018, that’s 3 years, in Kate’s own home. We have no evidence it ended, though it may be an open arrangement with Rose.

        BTW, I think the leaker, regarding the affair and the sordid details, is Rose herself. She wants to make it as uncomfortable for Kate to stay as possible.

        William contributed by verbally abusing her constantly until she had no choice but to leave. God knows, verbal abuse is his go-to when he wants to rid himself of someone – just ask Harry and Meghan. Even Charles and Camilla tip-toe around him as does their staff.

      • SugarHere says:

        @Hench: Your minute account is so accurate that I believe that’s how history must remember facts. Some self-proclaimed journalists ought to look into it as an example of how to spare us their biased claptrap.

        It was always my understanding that Bullyiam was deep down attracted to Meghan and tried to deter his brother from engaging the type of woman royal protocol bars him from marrying as the next next reigning heir. Additionally, the Australia / Fidji tour revealed Henry’s choice to have been the perfect one: the naturally charismatic and biracial power couple he formed with Meghan was so relatable for the non-white Commonwealth populations that it shed an appalling light on the lazy monochrome clowns.

        The latter started resenting H&M for outperforming them. Every pettiness that unfolded was therefore part of a Bullyiam-Carol-Katren-Knauf larger campaign of racist establishment intoxication of the public opinion aimed to tarnish the image of Henry and Meghan, as they were on the verge of becoming prince and princess of hearts.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I don’t know if she lied to William about the crying but I do think she used his animosity towards Meghan to her advantage. I’ve no doubt that she went to William with tales about how awful Meghan is to keep him on her side.

    • Nic919 says:

      I support this. Now we all know there were issues before the Oprah interview but after the March 2021 interview is when we see the change in zoom rooms, and we have recently learned that William was loaned the blue helicopter in April 2021. We already speculated that William was living in Sandringham or wood farm once Philip was known to not return there but it also matches with when William would have been publicly exposed to have a wife who lied about Meghan and the whole globe learned of it.

      Let’s keep in mind that in fall 2018 William was jealous of Meghan and Harry being popular and so when the crying story came out to attack Meghan he likely believed it based on what Knauf was already saying about her. But Camilla Tominey works with the Middletons and not William. He uses Richard Kay for his stories. So all this William and Kate working together was likely based on their mutual jealousy of Harry and Meghan. That said, once the Oprah interview happened, William looked foolish and was likely very mad that kate and Carole put out this lie. And when Meghan mentioned the flowers and apology note, I bet he knew exactly that kate and let a lie go out there.

      And ever since the Oprah interview their appearances together have been very awkward and the kids have been used as buffers way more. And that also when we have heard more stories about William distancing himself from the Middletons. Their lack of visibility at the jubilee events this year was very obvious compared to 2012.

    • Bunny says:

      I think so, too. William could tolerate all sorts of BS and shenanigans because in the end, while they were awful, they didn’t directly affect him.

      When Kate went after Meghan and caused Harry to leave, though, that was it. There was nothing in Kate worth anything compared to Harry.

      This doesn’t the fact that William knew about it and participated in some of it.

      W&K deserve each other and neither deserves Harry.

    • Kathleen says:

      I have always believed this. Kate’s lie cost him his relationship with his brother, such as it was, and he has not forgiven her for that.

  2. Cerys says:

    I’m sure that despite their misgivings about Kate and her family, the royals wanted to Cambridge marriage to work out. Maybe they thought that Kate would apply herself to royal duties with the same energy that she used for stalking. That worked out well…….😂😂

  3. Woke says:

    I think these two renegotiated the terms of the contract and are both OK with it. Kate got to move closer to her parents. William can continue whatever he’s been doing. These two only common goals beside their kids is to one up H&M and get t the throne that’s it. Kate long for William to be a husband a la Harry but I think she finally got the memo because I noticed she doesn’t even try to engage with him anymore.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think they have negotiated a separation that will be made public eventually. Like everyone has said, after Granny kicks it. Kate got a divorce house close to her parents, got to choose her kids school and an allowance.

      • Woke says:

        I don’t think they will ever separate publicly but in private yeah it’s a done deal.

      • ShazBot says:

        I think it will only ever be public if William meets someone else he wants to be with and that actually wants to be with him.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Woke – I disagree, whether they like it or not it will come out eventually. The press know it and they are itching to actually report on the truth when it comes to these 2 and I think that will happen when TQ passes. They are not popular with the press and the public and there will come a time where the it will be in the press’s interests to report on them, regardless of how many super injunctions will has (which are only able to silence the English based press, they don’t cover the rest of the media based in other parts of the UK such as Scotland).

        They need to be very careful as the hounds of hell (aka the UK press) will turn on them – they are itching to.

      • Harper says:

        Will might also get burned by a spurned sidepiece who talks. Not everyone he dallies with will be as invested as Kate was in being a silent stoic or not getting cash for their story.

      • lilione says:

        I think being separate makes things worse because they can be finally free and they discover what they want in life. I think William will come to the realization that instead of his sham marriage divorce will get a lot of pr and boost for him and he can be finally happy. He doesn’t want to be miserable in his life up to the end. William finally comes to sense that you live once and being miserable in this day and age is not worth it. I think they might wait for the queen to die or kids up to 18 like the gates.

        Does anyone notice that will is not seen with peter that much? I think he is jealous of peter because granny accepts peter’s divorce and welcomes his new girlfriend but he cant do this.

      • Jais says:

        I think the separation will become public. As the kids get older, it seems really messed up if they have to keep pretending to play happy family for their parents. Not that their parents wouldn’t try and make them. Am also wondering, based on what commenters have been saying, if Kate wants the separation to go public. She could get sympathy and maybe publicly shame William into staying? Not saying it’ll work but she could try. Either way, William will do what he wants when the queen passes, regardless of kate.

      • Anance says:

        The separation + divorce will only occur if William wants it. He runs with a libertine crowd, completely comfortable with an official marriage and the true love being the Maîtresse-en-titre. Notice this allows for additional girls (boys) on the side.

        IMO, Camilla just aspired to be Maîtresse-en-titre. Charles cycled through other women during the relationship. Moreover, there was a messy situation about 20 years ago, where an investigation proved funds from the Duchy of Cornwall were going to Camilla’s support. This was the impetus for the marriage.

        Bisexual rumors have swirled around Charles since Diana’s time.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As long as they’re adults, I don’t care how often William cheats or with whom. Not going to judge his sexuality, that’s juvenile and offensive. If they agreed to an open marriage as part of their business arrangment, that’s the deal Kate accepted. She accepted the cheating for 10 years, she knew he wouldn’t be faithful after the wedding either.

        Kate slept her way through his friend group to get on the list of possible bedmates for William at Uni. She chose to do that. She chose to sleep with several of his friends during their multiple breakups, so news would get back to him about her bedroom skills. Her own uncle publicly boasted about her skills in bed. Kate is ‘friends’ with an open racist who runs orgies for a living, was publicly caught buying s e x toys, and attended a party for her fav bedroom toy wearing bunny ears. You can find the pics online. Me thinks Kate isn’t as small minded as you when it comes to sexuality. But she has always been a bully with an enormous ego herself, known for screaming matches with William and ‘giving as good as she gets’, and for using her weight deliberately since she was 15. Her feelings weren’t hurt when William’s cheating with Rose became public, it was her ego being hurt when the Toffs sided with Rose that was the issue. Kate is no victim, never has been.

        My issue is the press being forced to cover up his behavior, everything from him driving Meghan out to being a lazy lout.

      • Anance says:

        @notasugarhere I know Kate is no blushing flower. I don’t believe she would care about pegging. I mean she’s been rumored to attend Killing Kittens parties (just to watch🙂).

        I’m just saying William holds the cards in the relationship, things will happen when and if he decides. Nor is a divorce a given if he found someone else. That crowd doesn’t care whether one is married. “The woman sleeping with the husband is more important than the wife.”

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yet you’ve insisted repeatedly that Kate is a poor victim, helpless in the relationship she chose. My point remains. Kate is as much a bully and racist as William. She’s no victim.

    • Christine says:

      There is zero chance the Cambridge kids won’t out this to their peers and teachers.

      • Cairidh says:

        The press won’t report it though, even if the parents/teachers tell them. I’m sure the media already know, but they’re covering for them. As they did with the queen and prince Philip who broke up in the 1950s.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    Methinks they doth protest too much… my money is still on a separation announcement as soon as Colonizer QueenE pops it

    • Green girl says:

      I think they might wait about a year after she passes, but yeah, I agree an announcement could happen.

      What I want is a 10-part miniseries on how the Middletons decided to pursue Will. I want dramatic re-enactments of conversations about Kate’s boarding school and university prospects, all the times that Carole coached Kate on next steps and Kate trying to be available at all hours after graduation while “working.”

    • Both Sides Now says:

      This has CarolEs fingerprints ALL over it……

      CarolE and her criminal brother tried this with Charles, as Uncle Gary was cashing in his chips and wanted his “reward” for the financial support, which didn’t work out how they had hoped. It actually caused them great harm within The Firm, but most importantly, Charles.

      Now that CarolE sees the writing on the wall, she is trying to get ahead of their pending divorce, hence this latest spread in People. But this will fail spectacularly as they are propping KKHate up as IF she will be the head of the Monarchy which will certainly further alienate TOB. CarolE is a disaster at PR, as she is securing her own daughters eventual divorce. TOB will not take kindly to be pushed aside by his birth right. KKKHate has now become a threat to his reign, not his fathers.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There are several (newer) posters on here who clearly have Carole’s fingerprints all over them too.

  5. M says:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    “Queen Elizabeth had every reason to be happy as she watched Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot in 2011. But she was even more emotional than expected.”

    The Queen was more emotional than expected huh? This re-writing of history fan fiction is embarrassing. So much chatter is happening all at once leads me to believe that their marriage is in COMPLETE shambles and the Middletons and Kate are holding on for dear life.

    • BeanieBean says:

      How about the part where Kate reminds the Queen of herself? Yeah, sure she does. And the part where we don’t know what either woman thinks of important political issues, they consider that a good thing? Pure fan fiction.

    • Harper says:

      LOL at the Queen being emotional at the Cambridge wedding; she must have started early with her gin that morning, cuz that was one cold-fish wedding. Burger King keeping his back to Kate the whole time she came down the aisle, saying nah to wearing a wedding ring, sitting there like a lump while Kate struggled to get into the carriage in full wedding regalia. Not to mention skipping out on one of his own wedding rehearsals and making Harry stand in for him. This was one robot groom going through the motions. Burger King was giving “I’m doing my duty now leave me alone after this” body language for a long time.

      • Cairidh says:

        He got cold feet at the altar, before the wedding, and Harry rushed him into a side room and talked him into going through with it. A witness said William looked terrified as he was being ushered out by Harry.

      • Nic919 says:

        I still recall Harry telling William when kate was first visible down the aisle that she looked great and William didn’t turn around at all.

        Meanwhile Jack and Harry couldn’t wait to see their respective brides walk down the aisle.

        And the queen was pretty stoned faced for that wedding. It was her usual look but she shows more emotions at horse races than she does weddings anyway.

        Besides how are courtiers reporting things from 11 years ago that weren’t ever said at the time? It’s not even the same courtiers who worked with her. Unless they mean Angela Kelly. She’s about the only one still from that time.

      • Surly Gale says:

        Hang on, my nephew in law did not turn around to view my niece as she came up the aisle. He said, one he wasn’t sure he was supposed to and two, he didn’t want in any way to disrespect the uniform he was wearing – & Will was wearing a uniform – deserved or not. So maybe it’s armed services kind of thing? I’m speculating, but I’m not convinced there was a nefarious reason for him not turning to watch her walk down the aisle.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry served in the Army for 10+ years, was wearing his uniform, and watched Meghan walk down the aisle towards him. Next excuse for William’s reluctance to actively participate in his own wedding?

      • Nic919 says:

        William also didn’t attend one of the rehearsals and Harry went in his stead. Is that also because of military service even though Harry was the only one who actually went in a combat zone?

        Also I believe Charles turns around to look at Diana at their wedding.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The Middletons trying to convince TOBPOP not to divorce the #DuchessofTightAss.

  8. C-Shell says:

    Whoa. People put a (heavily photoshopped) pic from the colonialist cosplay event on their cover. Of all the Khate poses they could choose from, they picked one where she was copykeening the Queen at a disastrous performance. 👀 Re: the content of this article — puhlease.

    • Jais says:

      Right, why put her colonialist cosplay on the cover for this? I guess to say Kate is a colonizer too, just like the queen.

  9. Joan says:

    As if that woman has human emotions.

  10. equality says:

    I wonder if TQ really does agonize over whose children are first in line. That’s a stupid comment when you consider that her own father was the spare. There are 24 in line on the royal website, any of whom would be TQ’s own children, grands or great-grands. The “line” has always been secure, it just takes unexpected turns sometimes. Is she really that bothered that PW’s line takes over?

    • The Hench says:

      She’s more likely to be agonising over the fact that William is the first in line. There seems to be very little warmth between them.

      • Truthiness says:

        Yes, exactly, there is little warmth between those two and she is sometimes seen upbraiding him. Like at the Trooping of the Color when she loudly commanded he stand, not crouch to George. Will recalled her tearing into him as an adolescent, and that trip to Irn Bru when she was trying to show him him how to smile and appreciate their subjects and he was NOT complying. Irn Bru was a royal lesson to Will. He was acting self important and yammering, because he simply can’t care for ordinary citizens like she does.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      That whole section about the line of succession being fraught because of divorces is just stupid and makes no sense. The line of succession was secure after Chuck divorced Diana because they had two children, and it would have been secure had he divorced Camilla and remarried 10 times. And several of her grandkids had children before William married and had his heir, so it was going to stay in her family. It’s just such a stupid statement. But I don’t expect intelligence from the palace courtiers or the rota rats.

      • Tara says:

        Before I knew celebitchy I sometimes read a blog that was called “diva or duchess”, I think. It was taken down at some point. They theorized that they used surrogates for the birth of the children (wild, I know). But when rumors popped up that Meghan used a surrogate I thought it to be interesting, as there was also projection in the “Meghan made Kate cry” story. So if it would be true, this article could then be read as a threat to open up about it if a divorce happens. Because then the line of succession would not be secured, right?

      • Nic919 says:

        If Charles didn’t have kids then it would go to Andrew and his children, and if not him then Edward and his kids and if not him then Anne and her children. The line of succession is more than secure.

      • Cairidh says:

        They project all the rumours about Kate onto Meghan. Surrogacy babies, born intersex, 3 years older than claimed. All rumours said about Kate before Meghan arrived, and now they’re being said about Meghan.

  11. Miranda says:

    Nothing says “quiet stoicism” like losing your shit over tights, or “unerring discretion” like fostering an environment in which a pregnant woman is bullied to the brink of suicide.

    • C-Shell says:

      And if the Keens didn’t constantly stir that sh!t, defaulting to the Streisand Effect in every case, the “quiet” and “discretion” parts might actually be a spin they could try. But they do, so they can’t.

    • equality says:

      I’m going to guess that TQ has never seen any of the pictures where Kate is flashing her bum either.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sarcasm, right? QEII was handed the newspapers with Fergie’s topless, toesucking photos the morning they were published. She keeps track of what the tabloids print and say about the family, or at least she used to. She would have seen all the tabloid pics of Kate drunk, falling out of cabs, the roller derby ones for a decade. And have seen the majority of pics of Kate’s flashing incidents on the royal job for 10 years.

      • equality says:

        Well, as many times as it happened, it would be hard to believe she missed the whole deal.

      • Christine says:

        Yeah, the queen clearly doesn’t care. She’s praying to die before the entire shitstorm hits, thus clearing her in the pages of history.

    • Tessa says:

      Her glares and angry looks at harry and Meghan at those services did not show stoicism

      • Nic919 says:

        Her bitchface at the commonwealth service was a disgrace. It’s a church service and this twit thought that being bitter about walking a procession was more important than being respectful. The queen may not express joy at weddings but she would never have been that disrespectful during church service.

        Kate is nothing like the queen outside of not openly complaining about a cheating husband. That’s it.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Kate has complained about her cheating husband. She just does it indirectly. Alerting Tanna to William’s locations with other women.
        Staging a stunt with same photographer to run a story and lure William back from a boys hunting trip with female company.
        Speaking to reporters of how William isn’t around much as he has a private residence away from her and infant George while she was at her mothers.

        It’s all there and is not covered anymore because it’s not flattering.

  12. North of Boston says:

    The People cover folks did that thing where they forgot about the neck.

    Photoshopping the face – erasing wrinkles and spots, smoothing lines and contours, adjusting and balancing skin tone, but then not touching the neck doesn’t make someone look better, it makes them look odd.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ha! I noticed the same thing! I’ve been worrying about the back of my neck (short hair), and here I see Kate with freckles & darker skin & think, ah, ok, we all have our problems.

  13. Msthang says:

    I think the marriage was over 3 years in, Chutney has a been grasping at straws ever since.

    • Cairidh says:

      I think it was over by the India tour when he refused to touch her, or put his arm around her at the Taj Mahal when he knew everyone was expecting/wanting a loving happy couple photo to counteract Diana’s lonely one.

      • Nic919 says:

        He wanted to stop after two kids and it was the dad dancing in Verbier that gave kate the leverage to have a third child. Even then there were issues they couldn’t hide because one of her men face photos in Poland suggested a serious fight prior to the engagement that she wasn’t able to conceal.

        He checked out once she was pregnant with Louis. That is also when the interactions with Rose got more serious. And kate got her household order and Victorian order all around that time too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        IMO he checked out before the Louis pregnancy. In fact, he never checked in. He was never fully ‘in’ on a real marriage, just the arrangement. He gets a wife (with awful extended family) who allow him to live as a free man, along with the ‘required’ two kids. She gets the official job as wife and his agreement to keep the cheating out of the tabloids. Louis wasn’t a reconciliation, he was in exchange for William getting caught cheating on the skiing trip.

  14. Mooney says:

    ” Their opinions on contentious political issues are never heard; their commitment to the throne is unwavering, and their public images are tightly controlled.”

    Imagine saying that with a straight face and proudly that being never heard is a good thing.

    I think this is a really desperate situation and maybe we’re getting an announcement some days after and won’t be before the queen goes, that’s why “everyone wanted it to work” but…

    But we saw both of them happy few days ago so…

    • equality says:

      Not heard but maybe exposed when you meet with certain people in Scotland? And doesn’t PC get jabbed at and called political for environmental stances? So why doesn’t PW?

  15. Scorpion says:

    Ah the Annual Keening Article!

    How positively predictable.

    • Aidevee says:

      Och, isn’t it just utter, utter bilge.

      It’s always the same bloody meaningless statements too. I’m going to have a go at writing the 2023 keen statement (feel free to copy and paste, Carole- you can post me my fee):

      Sailing into 2023 with keen yet vague intentions to smile gratingly at poor people while strapping herself into tighter, whiter, bebuttoned clothes, Catherine is growing in confidence and preparing to be the future queen (as soon as both the actual Queen and the husband of the first future queen die!).
      PoP’n’Shop, as the couple are lovingly known up and down Britain, will continue never to put a single foot wrong; particularly if they are airborne in their big, golden and totally relatable helicopter. We can expect lots of stolid, constipated gurning from Will as he makes it patently clear that he’d rather be anywhere but the opening of the new cafe at Dagenham Leisure Centre. And Kate will smile beatifically while going in and out of buildings waving, sometimes with a child. The population, frozen and half starved, will be crying with joy and gratitude.
      2023 will be a super year! Everyone in the Royal family is delighted and clapping and wailing with joy every day.

  16. Dee says:

    “Wanted it to work”??????

    What are they not saying? I’m betting secret baby.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I saw that headline & did a quick scroll thinking, they split? There’s on article on a split? Did it finally happen? But no announcement yet, I guess.

  17. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Always so much effort supporting Jeggings and Peggings in the media, why not simply show us rather than telling us what they say they are.

    • L84Tea says:

      Jeggings and Peggings! LOL 😀

    • SueBarbri says:

      Yes! We beat this drum every day on CB, but I’m going to chime in to agree with you. It’s always tell, tell, tell with these two. Their publicity never shows us anything. They come out for these events looking angry, doped up, and old-fashioned, they never look at each other, their children are clearly miserable, and then we get paragraphs of praise telling us the exact opposite. It’s the strangest royal PR I’ve ever seen.

  18. JD says:

    “People wanted it to work” = “Please, Lord, not another disastrous marriage like Charles and Di that will decimate this BRF.” Had nothing to do with them liking Kate. The Queen only gave her that honor to shush her after Baldy’s cheating.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yeah, that is an odd thing to say. ‘People wanted it to work’ sounds like despite everyone’s doubts. William didn’t really want to marry Kate and they knew it.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate waited years to get any type of order and only got the first one after Meghan was a fiancée. They lied and pretended it was given the year prior to that but zero photos of it exist at the diplomatic reception. And then she got another one in spring 2019 once the rose story came out and she disappeared from public view for weeks in April and May 2019. Now that there are no more orders to give, she gets a separate home for her and the kids.

      • Anance says:

        ” Now that there are no more orders to give, she gets a separate home for her and the kids.”

        That’s because he’s unbearable to her, verbally and emotionally abusive. One only has to look at her weight when her portraits came out to now to see she’s finally eating again.

      • Nic919 says:

        Divorce is always an option if he’s that bad. She’s playing the game because she wants the title. And she has not gained weight, it’s fillers in her face. She still looks extremely thin and it shows in her neck and hands. She spent most of the commonwealth games day not looking in his direction and visibly leaning away. The hyena grins and manic hand movements were still happening. That’s not healthy or happy. She just deals with him less often.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think the ribbon was for agreeing to put up with William’s cheating for life. Kate agreed to that from day one, but QEII was pleased to see she kept to that bargain when the cheating became more public than usual. It wasn’t a prize to keep Kate from leaving; the Limpet will have to be torn from her royal wife position kicking and screaming.

  19. Tessa says:

    Several sources said the princess lessons were bogus Kate did not meet the queen until Peter and Autumn wedding

    • Nic919 says:

      Even if she did get them there is no evidence they worked. She has awful posture and still can’t walk properly in her stilettos. And with the lack of hem weights for years, she’s been exposed far more than any other royal spouse in modern history.

  20. JMoney says:

    Kate pulled a Melania Trump and renegotiated her informal separation deal which included moving closer to Berkshire via Windsor and where the children will go to school. Kate is cleared to raise her children in the Middleton fashion. That was the reason for the abrupt pegging rumours that I believe came from Camp Middleton. It shows just how unpopular W is on his own. If W were to ever divorce make no mistake, he would be eviscerated for being the cheat since Kate has zero rumours of cheating and I seriously doubt she’s cheated on him not b/c she’s chaste I don’t think she trusts anyone outside her fam. W doesn’t have the charisma or looks to be a “bachelor prince” anymore and I don’t think he trusts many ppl (I don’t think he has found anyone he loves willing to live the life in the RF) and yes, he does trust the Middletons more so than most ppl hence he will never formally divorce. This arrangement works fine for both parties b/c both are willing to go through it.

    Also this whole whitewashing of history shows this is exactly why Pippa named her daughter Rose. A) its very aristo of her to name her daughter after the FFK former mistress but B) moving forward, we will hear more articles about Kate’s and Pippa’s fam so that when you google in 5 years time, the “Rose” that will pop up first on the search bar is the one associated with the Middletons/Matthews. Currently if you google Rose and RF or William is associated with Hanbury but mark my words that will change. They’re playing the long game just as Carole did via using Kate all those years ago and say what anyone else will but it worked. W helped the Middletons pay for their home and in turn he puts his needs above their own daughter’s always.

    • SURE says:

      Provided K gets everything she wants (apart from the QC title) a divorce could be spun as two friends who grew apart. This would mean less turmoil for the children which I imagine they’d both want given the inevitable media scrutiny.

    • KFG says:

      No he wouldn’t be eviscerated for cheating. He would play the I married my stalker and only stayed married for the kids but realized it was worse for them. The Midds are not popular and are viewed as social climbing and manipulative. 🥚 will say keens jealousy destroyed his relationship with his brother. He will say she and her mother extorted his inheritance. Lol she will be made to be an even more evil lady Macbeth. She has no friends. No one other than mommy and uncle will defend her. I think Pippa moved to be away from the media fall out.

      • JMoney says:

        @SURE but there’s no need for an actual divorce when both parties are fine with the arrangement they have. This isn’t unique to the RF there are many politician and celebs who are married in name only b/c as a couple you are more powerful than single.

        @KFG – Yes he would just as Charles was before him. You think the Middletons won’t spin it as Diana 2.0 and say there were 3 ppl in this marriage and will use her upbringing as to what Kate aspired to have? The RF know this hence why they allowed Kate to stay with her parents after she had George and why she can raise the kids close to her fam and in posh schools (not boarding schools). They let Kate get away with the long term things b/c she will allow W to do what he wants with himself. W can say that the Middletons exploited him but he’s 40 now that story line won’t work as well considering he dated Kate on and off for 10 years prior.

      • Cairidh says:

        Charles was eviscerated because Diana was super popular. Kates never been popular in Britain, and the public would never side with her against William, who used to be super popular, and still has some sympathy.

      • Truthiness says:

        LOL at playing the “I married my stalker” card.

    • Nic919 says:

      Charles was definitely not popular by the time he split from Diana but the UK media establishment still managed to make Diana look like a cheater herself and it was only her death where she was raised to sainthood by most except the most diehard royalist. Diana was extremely popular with the public at this time as well.

      William is Diana’s son, something Charles could not benefit from, and kate was not the bright eyed 19 year old virgin who walked into a mess. She pursued this for years and so she won’t get the same beneficial coverage that Diana did from some circles. Plus Kate’s racist behaviour toward Meghan lost her the casual observer crowd too. There won’t be much pity if confirmed that William has cheated because it’s clear kate has kept silent for years tolerating it. Diana did not keep quiet about it, which is what the royals did not like.

      And the Middletons are not a sympathetic family, especially Carole so the media will have a field day once the hounds can be released.

      • JMoney says:

        Kate is no Diana but neither is William. What ppl fail to grasp is both parties are fine with this arrangement. Do you think W would’ve allowed Kate to recover and raise prince George in the few mos he was born in Middleton manor if he wasn’t? Or would he have helped pay for the Middleton Manor itself? Or the fact his children are now being raised in Windsor close to the Middletons and at schools similar to the ones Kate went to? Granted he might not care but the fact he’s allowed this to happen shows he’s fine with the arrangement. However awkward he might be around Kate and vice versa, they are content with this arrangement. Charles and Diana didn’t work b/c Diana wasn’t aware of such arrangement and did not agree to it. W isn’t doing anything unique; there are plenty of politicians and celebs who are married in name only b/c they are more powerful as a couple. This is no different.

        Ppl keep fantasizing that W is about to leave Kate any minute and why would he when he can literally do as he pleases with this arrangement. If he would divorce her, the papers would keep tabs on how often he is or isn’t with the kids, he would need to find a spouse who would tolerate his shenanigans and also be a respectable Queen consort. All of that takes effort and Billy is notoriously lazy hence why this arrangement is the way it is and will be for quite some time.

      • Nic919 says:

        Where does my comment say William will leave her? My point was that kate is not Diana and so she won’t have the public goodwill Diana did once the separation was made public because it’s obvious that kate consented to William doing what he wants, which is the opposite of what Diana did, as she publicly named Camilla as the mistress.

        A divorce only happens if William wants it, and I have been consistent about this. Kate will never leave him unless she is forced to because she and her mother dedicated their lives to getting the ring.
        But William won’t get the same level of scorn if he does divorce her and is known to have cheated on Kate because of the fact that kate didn’t marry into the family as a naive 19 year old. Kate sticking around after the rose story comes out to get a ribbon doesn’t play the same as doing a scorcher of a panorama interview that decades later people are still talking about and trying to expunge.

        Kate is living in Adelaide cottage because that’s what William wants. He can’t conceal his disdain for her and that’s why he took the helicopter with Charlotte and without kate. And kate is too greedy to put her own self respect over access to titles and money to remove herself from this situation.

  21. Theresa says:

    I don’t see Kate ever agreeing to a divorce. Her whole life has been committed to getting the crown and she will do whatever is necessary and let Wills do whatever he wants in order to stay put. To do otherwise would be complete failure and Momma Middleton will NOT allow that.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate may not have a choice will has the upper hand and if he wants to marry someone else he will divorce kate

    • Feeshalori says:

      It’s what William wants, not what Kate agrees to.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Carole got what she wanted, her grandchild in line to the throne. If William throws Kate out, Carole won’t be happy but she’ll be satisfied with the end result.

      • Denise says:

        I think King George is too far off to be satisfying so her goal has always been Kate on the throne as QC. If she can’t get QC she’ll settle for Kate as Princess of Wales because that puts her on Diana’s playing field title-wise.

  22. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I wonder how William feels when hearing statements like “Kate is poised to enjoy a long reign” when the “reign” is not Kate’s and never will be Kate’s, it’s William’s. Also the way that the press constantly infantilize this couple, who are now 40, is so embarrassing. Frankly, I believe that William’s reign will be a disaster and will be the last that the House of Windsor has.

    • Tarte au Citron says:

      I find that annoying as well: can’t they do a basic fact-check on things like that? :-/

  23. Amy Bee says:

    So is this the Palace admitting that they didn’t give Meghan support because they didn’t want her and Harry’s marriage to work? That’s what I’m getting from the last comment in the piece.

  24. Tessa says:

    Kate can never reign she is consort comparable to prince philip

  25. Julia K says:

    I am also of the opinion that Kate lied to W over the crying episode, but the bigger question is how did he find out? Kate wouldn’t have fessed up. No. Meghan said there were others there who knew what really went down. No one went to the media to set the record straight, so it had to be someone deep inside the royal circle who knows to keep their mouths shut, but whispered the truth into Williams’ ear. That he had believed her lie and had the nerve to continue the lie knowing that others knew the truth while humiliating him in the eyes of his peers was too much for a narcissist to handle. But why did Kate lie in the first place? To diminish Meghan in William’s eyes because she feared he around her attractive.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Meghan said the entire institution knew the truth about the rehearsal tears story. So I don’t think William didn’t know. I also think back in Nov 2018 when the story came out if William had genuinely thought Meghan had made Kate cry I think he would have played the protective husband angle more as reason why there was a rift with Harry as opposed to there was a rift because William thought Harry rushed into marriage which was the reporting back then.

      I think the story was released with the reverse of what happened in order to bring Meghan down to earth following the successful Oceana tour where Meghan was being called the new queen of hearts in the press etc. the story came out like a week/2 weeks after H&M returned to the UK.

      I think the firm are determined that William’s marriage works for its image & after the chaos of the divorces of the queen’s children. so I can believe the support for the marriage in that sense.

      And yeah the report saying Kate never complains must have missed the denials over hair extensions or getting Tatler edited. It’s also funny how they talk about Kate’s reign as if she’s the actual monarch. It’s funny how much royal fans & hierarchy sticklers don’t even care about the actual heirs

      • Julia K says:

        I went back in Google to read her exact words and she does say “institution” . My recollection was “others” so thanks for the correction.

  26. HeatherC says:

    The succession was always secure, even if it had to go sideways. You know, like how she came to the throne herself, the succession went sideways from her uncle to her father.

    Also, qualification to be queen? Elizabeth’s only qualification was being the oldest child with no brothers of her father. The only qualification that Kate has to meet is to stay married to the heir’s heir. That’s it. There is no “qualification” but I am continually amused that the RR thinks there are. Never mind Kate will be in Phillips role, not Elizabeth’s when both Elizabeth and Charles shuffle off the mortal coil.

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, agreed. This argument that the “monarchy is secure” is laughable, considering the amount of time the rr spends fluffing up Charles’ “slimmed down monarchy”. Hi, you can’t tell us there is a grateful sigh of relief that the monarchy is secure AND too many family members to support. It makes no sense, tell me that you see you are making no sense!

  27. MsIam says:

    “Their public images are tightly controlled” well except on the Caribbean tour of Doom, lol. This article sounds so try hard and desperate. And People is just shameful for trying to prop up this bunch of boring stiffs. I imagine it will get worse in preparation for the Earthsh*t visit.

    • Lorelei says:

      And they used a photo from the Flop Tour for this cover?! You’d think they would go out of their way to never remind anyone of that whole disaster ever again.

  28. Linney says:

    It is odd that so much of this keening PR actually raises more questions than it answers. Of course the Queen wanted the marriage to work. Despite her doubts, there is no way she hoped the marriage would fail. (Saying “The Queen prayed it would work” might have been more accurate!) The obvious follow up to that “wanting it to work” would be, “And thank God it did!” But I’m not getting that vibe. I am sure the entire family (and their circle) know William married Kate because no one else would have him, he cheats and she is useless. I absolutely think this bizarre move to Berkshire (secrecy, double talk, etc.) is because they are separated. And I do agree that once the Queen passes away, the truth will come out publicly.

    • Nic919 says:

      The queen was so happy about their marriage we saw her blow them off after the Covid choo choo tour. And she hasn’t interacted with Kate in any real way since then.

  29. Pishposh says:

    Isn’t all of this push forward distraction for the twitter trend of “prince of pegging?”

    • SueBarbri says:

      That’s definitely the way I’m reading it. We got “Prince of Pegging” last week, and the tone of this article says to met that either BP or William want to remind Kate of the importance of discretion. As if the RF is afraid someone from the Middleton camp will finally start talking about William’s secrets. Very strange.

  30. Slippers4life says:

    I agree they are trying to cover up an obvious separation. I said to myself after the separate train ride account from the random reporter whose son chated with her while he took a crap, that soon that private jet reporting account will report they take separate flights for tours and “how are they going to cover that up?” They’ll cover it with George because there’s some rule future monarchs can’t fly together so “Kate’s just minding George”. Oh man, can’t imagine being stuck on an airplane with that douche of lambridge! Overall, hey man, I think an amicable separation is cool. It’s the lengths they’ve gone to make all their BS believed, including being willing to have Meghan die by suicide that’s the problem.

    • Julie says:

      The stories about the Queen being upset about traveling together in helicopters may have been planted by KP to justify showing up separately.

      • Jackie says:

        But William was travelling with Charlotte. There’s no need for Kate to travel separately, she’s not an heir.

      • Anance says:

        My theory is that Charlotte was only supposed to be in the video, not show up. But for some unknown reason, that was not enough. Charlotte needed to attend some preliminary heats of the Commonwealth games. Will and Char arrived from their location, Kate from hers.

        BTW, the whole story of Kate on the train was both shady and unrealistic. A nasty swipe from POP for needing her presence. She in turn left the engagement ring at home.

        Who knows where she was? But the whole thing appeared hastily put together.

    • C says:

      “I said to myself after the separate train ride account from the random reporter whose son chated with her while he took a crap”

      I’m DONE, LOL!

  31. MattyLove says:

    I get the Kate is no innocent player here, but many of the comments seem to imply that Kate is so awful Will was driven to have affairs, that he was tricked into marrying her, and that she is the reason he is miserable.

    Will is miserable and awful on his own accord. He gets no pass. He’s worse than she is.

    • The Hench says:

      I don’t think most of us blame Kate for Will’s indiscretions at all. He cheated with her before they officially dated, he cheated on her when we knew nothing about her and nobody thinks that he steps out because she’s really lazy at royal duties or obsessed by buttons. Furthermore the general line on this site is that he married Kate not because she tricked him but because nobody else would have him. We are all on board with Will being awful all on his own – hence many of his nicknames here – Billy Idle, Baldemort, Bulliam, Mr Incandescent.

      No – this particular push is about why we think they are separating. IMO that does have something to do with William thinking he can get a wife who’s better at royal stuff. Whether he’s right about that will remain to be seen.

      • Tessa says:

        William settled for Kate after many years of looking around for an aristo (the ones he approached turned him down). I find it really sickening when the Kate stans go on about his having “chose well” when he married Kate. I think Kate enabled William, she even did not have any sort of full time work so “deadlines” would not get in the way when William called. Will is not a ball of fire in the work department either and he has no wife to encourage him to do more. I am not sure if Kate will get to be Queen Consort if they are “officially separated” prior to that.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate and her family publicly bullied a pregnant woman to the edge of suicide. They have pushed the crying lie for four years now, encouraging racists to foam at the mouth and try to defame Meghan’s character. William is a cheater. No, William is not worse than Kate. As The Hench has written, W&K’s relationship has always been about cheating, along with the buckets of emotional manipulation from Mummy Carole. Kate willingly became his secret bedmate when his girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with him. She stood by for 10 years while he repeatedly cheated on her and dumped her. She agreed to a business arrangement where he gets to cheat whenever in exchange for her getting the official position of wife. No sympathy for Kate from me, she’s not victim.

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      Baldy is equally to blame for the failure of their marriage. William has treated Kate horribly, but I believe that Kate set herself up for that treatment.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate really wants to be Queen and from the get go, if she did not want to, no matter what her mother could not “force her.” This is what Kate worked for and wanted. She voluntarily staged a few weeks of “winning back William photo ops” wearing shorter skirts and seen with other men. And somehow the media knew the exact time she would be out posing for pictures. LOL. She went into this of her own volition. She knew he cheated and even told Chelsy to “expect cheating” from Harry.

    • Jaded says:

      Hardly any of us other than an occasional deranger, who gets immediately shot down, are defenders of William. He’s equally awful and the two of them deserve all of the sh*t that gets thrown at them. They both seem to be lacking the ability to have a respectful, adult relationship. They’re like a couple of spoiled brats scheming and manipulating behind each other’s backs. I really hope the tide is starting to turn and all their sleazy machinations get revealed by the tabloids, who must be sitting on a mountain of dangerous information.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is no one on this site who thinks William is better than kate. He’s awful and people have said so for years. The problem with kate is that she’s been pretty horrible toward Meghan and so it’s hard to be sympathetic to a woman who does something so awful to her own sister in law. A cheating husband, that she’s tolerated for decades, is not a justification for setting up your own sister in law in a racist smear campaign and then cooperating with a tabloid in an unrelated copyright lawsuit.

        What people are saying is that kate will easily be turned into the at fault party if they do divorce because the UK media always supports the royal and the misogyny that is always there and used against Meghan will turn against her. That’s not saying William is a better person, just that he is more protected. As was Charles.

    • Gabby says:

      W & K are equally shitty, no argument there.

      • Truthiness says:

        Will’s shittiness has so much more power. The invisable contract alone guarantees that, added to his royal powers.

  32. Julie says:

    I think the Cambridge model was an open marriage for William as long as he stayed away from anyone who had contact with Kate or the kids. Rose didn’t fit that, Kate’s anger made the press -unforgivable for William.

    William didn’t like Meghan anyway so he threw her to the wolves, Kate and Carole were openly happy to help -Telegraph interview. Harry left to protect his marriage. Now William does not have control of his personal life or his brother. Becky English pointed out after the Caribbean tour that William blames others, not himself, when things go wrong. She tried to say he’d changed but that’s clearly not true.

    William’s racism won’t let him even try to make peace with Meghan. And Harry will never accept being that controlled again. The Cambridge dysfunction caused a new Diana situation charismatic, globally famous royals not controlled by the Palace. William’s nightmare. He’s still trying to disappear the Panorama interview and clearly hasn’t worked through his trauma.

    How can the Cambridge marriage survive all that? As it is, they may have worked out a cordial co-parenting situation. Rose went scorched earth on Kate so she left Norfolk to be closer to her family and enroll the kids in a non-aristo school there.

    All of this is William’s fault but who thinks he’ll learn anything from this and change?

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      Something has changed. I’m not sure if it’s the new woman or the moves that William has made recently. But something has changed that has Kate/Carole on the defense…Big Time!

      • Harper says:

        I suspect that sometime in the past two years, William gained a new (not Rose) serious sidepiece who demands some kind of loyalty from him in public, and William has responded by totally icing out Kate during their joint engagements. To me, our speculating on the dead state of their marriage was not due to any inherent desire to see their marriage crumble, but from observing the cold shoulder that Will was giving Kate in plain view of the camera (and Kate contributing her own shrug on camera as well).

        With this person by his side, Burger King went about making the moves to start changing his life. Kate and CarolE are either going nuts, hoping they can outlast this latest infatuation on his part, or have seen the writing on the wall and are ready to move on with the booby prizes of Adelaide Cottage, a likely financial settlement, shared custody of the kids on major holidays, and a guarantee that Kate will keep some kind of title.

      • Anance says:

        @Harper – if it isn’t Rose and I would not rule her out b/c from an aristocratic marriage perspective, she is the right one. (All the credentials, right age, sophisticated, can run a high culturally significant mansion, educated on the arts and other stuff a Queen is expected to do. )

        If it is that Russian woman he was photographed with during the homeless paperboy stunt, then do not rule out kompromat. The sordidness of this detail reeks of it. As does answer the question of whether there are pictures available. Also, note how the BI can be any royal, but the chattering classes knew immediately it was William. That indicates deep background info, to me.

        The truth is there is a lot we don’t know. But something is creating moves – in an ossified institution that moves at a snail’s pace.

      • Nic919 says:

        There was a 2015 tumbler post about William liking that activity in college and so that tidbit has been out there for a while. Who would know best about what William did in university? Well we know at least one person who was monitoring him closely.

        And a while back a commenter had posted that William had done things that made him a security risk. Kompormat is exactly the kind of thing that would be why he was a security risk. Let’s not forget he’s associated with the new House of Lords ledbedev whose father was a kgb agent and who was considered inappropriate for the appointment but Boris did not care to listen to his security team. The chances that William partied too much and it was documented is very likely.

    • Tessa says:

      If HM and Charles had reined in William and not given him “control” over Harry and his fate. William even pouted and refused to go to a lunch during the early 2020 negotiations yet Charles did nothing to rein him in. william was out to control Harry and was trying desperately to break up Harry and Meghan and became “incandescent’ when Harry told him to back off.

  33. candy says:

    I’ve been a pretty ardent follower of W&K and CB/Kaiser from the early days. Their “reunion” trip to the Seychelles back in 2007-2008 was absolutely William’s last chance with Kate. He promised her on that trip that he was serious about her, that he would stop cheating, and that they would marry.

    Unlike the pegging rumors, I don’t think Kate is actually ok with his cheating. She has never been. The affair with Rose was the last straw and Kate is done. Even though she wanted the ring (or at least her mother did), she still gave up a lot to be with him. I’m sure it felt like the ultimate betrayal, especially if it’s true that it occurred during her third pregnancy and that Rose bore his child. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • C says:

      I remember those days and while I wasn’t on CB, I followed it too. There were rumors of a 2009 breakup and affairs then as well. Let’s be real, the whole “last chance” thing was Middleton spin. He beckoned and she came running, dropping out of the boat race to go on holiday with him.

      I don’t think she’s okay with it necessarily but there’s not a lot she can do about it and that’s what she seems to have accepted.
      I don’t really know what she gave up to be with him, other than what would likely have been a better education at Edinburgh (my experience applying to St. Andrews and choosing to go elsewhere in the 2010’s taught me that). She got a flat in London right after graduation and didn’t have to do anything except shop and party. She got deals left and right like the cut-price Audi. It’s not like she ever had any career visions or made any stabs at doing anything for herself. Maybe that pampered idle life that other rich non-titled women lead, but she could have found someone else at any time.

      I think all of these puff pieces coming out right now about her being the future of the monarchy shows she’s not done at all.

      • candy says:

        Her IDENTITY, for starters. Yes, she did so willingly at the behest of her mother, but it’s still a lot to give up.

        I didn’t say she was done with the crown, just the marriage. Do I think they’ll divorce? No. Stranger things have happened though.

        I never heard of cheating rumors back in 2009. I’m fairly certain he was faithful from 2008-2010 up to the marriage and a few years in.

      • C says:

        You begin as you mean to go on generally and I don’t think he was ever faithful 100 percent.
        I don’t think she gave up her identity. This is who she is. Where is the evidence she was anything other than this? Her friends and even her cousin have corroborated that this is her personality. And she had ample freedom to be herself, whatever that was, since she didn’t have to worry about paying bills or any of the things we worry about when leaving university. She’s allowed to spend whatever she wants, work very little. At the moment, there are no repercussions for anything she does. Her marriage may not be satisfying, but even those close to her admit all she ever wanted to do was shop, ski, exercise, tan, have a big house. Granted, her position is going to require more than that, and she should be doing more given how much money is spent on her, but that’s basically what she’s allowed to do.

        There were indeed 2009 rumors, strengthened for me by articles around that time claiming that Carole was “concerned” he hadn’t yet proposed. And also ones of his behavior in Wales after the marriage, where they claimed she shared a farmhouse with him but was photographed in London several times a week and also refused to join any of the groups for Anglesey RAF search-and-rescue wives.

      • Anance says:

        @C – I remember those rumors, too. In fact, he was supposed to marry around 2009-10, the BRF even brought a person to assist her in the transition. However, he suddenly extended his tour in the RAF and postponed the wedding.

        At the time, it appeared to be postponed to 2013, but suddenly it was set for 2011.

        Again, another black area, we don’t know what happened.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t know if this article has been purged but at once point there was an article in one of the British papers that confirmed how William had given the queen and Charles very little notice that he was announcing the engagement. They were told a few hours before that the announcement was being made.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        If the article was purged the info lives on buried in other articles. There were so many at the time stating this information. While the length of time varied it was never by much (30 minutes to a few hours) because the RR was pissed they didn’t get better notice and briefings.

        You want to get deeper there were rumors William brought another woman to their honeymoon cottage/mansion. Kate found her and moved her stuff out with her mother. There were pics from a drone, but those were scrubbed. The cover story was the mansion had rats. The host family was not pleased by that.

    • Jaded says:

      Rose’s daughter was born in March 2016, the alleged affair with William started some time during Kate’s pregnancy 3 years later. There’s no way her daughter is William’s. That’s just conspiracy theory nonsense.

      • candy says:

        None of us know these timelines for sure. I can believe he fathered a child with her. That is what makes this affair worse than the others (for Kate) and triggered the separation, imo.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think Rose would let herself get pregnant by anyone but her spouse. She’s sophisticated enough to take care of any mistakes because she has social risks if she did not.

        However, a non aristo who sees a child of William as a meal ticket could easily happen. And I suspect the super injunction relates to a child from a woman we are unaware of.

      • Jaded says:

        @Candy — The timelines are quite clear. Rumours of an affair and Rose’s icing out by Kate started swirling in the spring of 2019 towards the end of Kate’s pregnancy. If William and Rose became accidentally pregnant, it would have been “taken care of”. Rose, and especially her husband as Lord Great Chamberlain of the United Kingdom, have a long and respected working relationship with the Queen. Neither Rose nor William would have welcomed a secret child and it’s not like she disappeared off the face of the map for months at a stretch to hide a pregnancy. She’s in the UK news all the time, has a very busy life managing Houghton Hall and actively working with a variety of charities. What has triggered the alleged separation was years of William’s philandering, tantrums, and very obvious antipathy towards his wife. He can barely be civil to her.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Agree with C here, there’s no such thing as a ‘last chance’ with Kate. She was always going to sit back, put up with the cheating, and cling like a limpet until he finally gave up. He couldn’t take the public pressure from tabloids about ‘wasting Kate’s life’ and the emotional pressure/manipulation from Ma Midds threatning to withhold cheese on toast. The business arrangement has been a business arrangement from the start. He’s always cheated and always will, that’s the deal Kate agreed to for 20 years. As Wiglet Watcher detailed above, it is only when the cheating goes public that the Midds respond by acting out in the press.

    • Blah blah blah says:

      Candy: wait, WHAT??? She bore his Child? Rose had William’s baby?!? Are you serious? No way. I have to say though……did Philip leave some $ to the grandkid and maybe that’s why the will won’t be disclosed for 99 yrs,

      Also, anyone remember the articles that got quickly shut down saying Will and Kate separated? Around May 2022 – I think that’s when they officially separated.

      • Anance says:

        PepperidgeAnance remembers. It first appeared in MSN, sourced to a servant in KP, and then pulled from circulation.

      • Nic919 says:

        I suspect that is when the Adelaide cottage papers were signed, hence the announcement of separation.

  34. Tessa says:

    Kate could have backed out at any time but did not they got back together soon after her campaign to win him back I recall there was a sighting of her at a barracks party with william I do not think Kate missed having a career or even full time work waiting for the proposal

  35. Deanne from Canada says:

    @Harper – I agree 100%. Will appears a lot more content and relaxed as I suspect he has a serious side piece now and may have a taste of a genuine relationship. He doesn’t want to risk losing this. As a result, I expect to see more “hit pieces” against Will in the coming months and more Kate is perfect Queen Consort material.

    As much as we have witnessed Charles-Camilla-Diana love triangle unfold, Charles and Camilla are very compatible (unlike Charles and Diana). As are Meghan and Harry.

    Maybe just maybe Will found this same companionship /affection with someone else currently and he is content. Maybe like Peter he met someone during the pandemic (or prior) and they quarantined close by hence his move to Sandringham.

    If any of this is remotely true…. Will strategized and won a separation situation that leaves Kate somewhat amenable and gifts him his desired freedom. Unlike post George birth… where he was living the single life… maybe he always has.. who knows.

    Just my two cents…

    • Tessa says:

      With harry and Meghan it was all or Nothing Charles was wishy washy he did not even want to marry Camilla when he met her and was with other women Including Dale Tryon and he called her the only woman who understood him and married Diana so he could get legitimate heirs William kept Kate waiting 10 years until he settled for her i see Harry and Meghan who did not settle they wanted to be together

  36. M says:

    Anyone else notice how Kate-centric the coverage on People has been this week, despite it being Meghan’s birthday? Even the one headline about MM’s birthday mentioned Kate.

    • Just Me says:

      I thought the same thing. No coincidence with the timing. People has become the go to mag to” family polish the fool’s gold” of the British royal duo of William and Catherine to the USA.
      So many other People worthy of coverage the past two weeks alone were ignored and so we have this pr push for acceptance of such an unaccomplished personage who has done what exactly? for the benefit of the world? Humanitarian? NO! Publicity seeker? Yes! Look at me! Pick me! Yes!
      Wanting what Duchess Meghan has accomplished overlooked? Yes! There is nothing behind the curtain that William and Catherine hide behind that has any worldwide accomplishment achieved to be highlighted!
      We do not need or want what they represent. They have openly displayed by their actions and inactions what they truly think of us in the USA! All of it is well documented! They want our adulation and our money while standing on the backs of Harry and Meghan! Sorry folks – no sale!

  37. Well Wisher says:

    It reads like a requeim of a marriage, with its reconstruction. Replacable Kate has had enough.
    The sad fact is that William cares only about the 4 (S).
    With the latest pattern of events, first the release of video of William outing; his quarrelling with a pap; the court circular that shows he worked 5 days a month (including telephone and video calls)until May the recent but old unmentionable item.
    The enrollment of the children in another school.
    It all seemed inevitable?
    Now in the retelling of the courtship and subsequent marriage, it sounds awfully recent and familiar.
    It was what Kate realized that she wanted in comparison of what she had schemed, planned and subsequently acquired.
    She got what she prayed for. All, but more attention and the eventual prize of future QC.
    Does it mean she intends her husband’s eventual reign to be one as a co-reign?

    I hope there is healing for all involved.

  38. Tessa says:

    Kate cannot co reign impossible

    • Well Wisher says:

      It impossible does not negate her desire to do so.

      • Nic919 says:

        There are written constitutions in other countries to consider. It will never happen. Only one monarch is permitted in these constitutions and if they want anything to accelerate more republics from the remaining ones that still have QEII as head of state, this is it.

  39. Tessa says:

    She will be frustrated then Camilla the next queen consort spoke of her role model philip who of course was consort not monarch

  40. Megfan says:

    Of course they wanted it to work, that’s a normal reaction to a member of your family get married. So they put in the time, helped her prepare, sat her down with the right people, told her she was doing well to boost her confidence.

    What this highlights is how not normally they treated Meghan. They didn’t want it to work, so they put in no time, didn’t help her prepare and constantly criticised her to destroy her confidence.

    It’s not that they weren’t capable of helping a new member join the royal family, they clearly were, it’s just they chose not to with Megan.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Megfan, but I don’t think they ever helped Diana, either. She was just thrown in at the deep end like Meghan was.

      If William wants to divorce KHate and is not allowed to, does anyone else think that someday he will simply leave and go become a beach bum (with lots of money, of course) somewhere?

  41. HeyKay says:

    OK, I think everyone “wants this to work” at every weddings start, no?
    Life is full of twists and turns, maybe W&K will stay officially married and attend joint BRF functions together but, have separated private lives.

    Personally, I would not marry into that fishbowl life. No.

    Give Prince George another few years and the paps and tabloids will hound him and his friends like prey. Constantly offering money to “get behind the scenes info”

  42. The Recluse says:


  43. SuzieQ says:

    What I find tragic is their treatment of their children as props and buffers. I couldn’t give a flying fig about William’s newfound contentment, or Kate’s future as queen consort. They are both selfish monsters.
    But as a human being, I feel sorry for their kids. I don’t care how privileged a child is, it still must suck to know your parents loathe one another and only are together for the sake of appearances. Just save your kids from the misery, W&K: Either repair your marriage or call it a day. I don’t care which. Just end the farce for your kids’ sake.
    As Jackie Kennedy reportedly said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

  44. Dollycoa says:

    Maybe by saying she is ‘similar to The Queen’ they mean she will put up and shut up in the same way The Queen did over Phils affairs. There were rumours that they had actually separated in the mid 70’s and it was fairly obvious that he had been living with Penny Knatchbull for a long time. Maybe the Queen expects Kate to do the same with William- put duty first and fake it for as long as she did. Kate would probably try it too. Although If HM and Phil separated in the mid 70’s their kids were grown up and they had done 30 years already. Will and Kate have been married 11 years and have a 4 year old. How long could you keep that secret for?

    • Anance says:

      The kids will find out all the gory details in school anyway. No matter how far away from toff world they are. The gossips will seek them out, from pure malice.

  45. Jackie says:

    I don’t know, I love the gossip about them being essentially separated as well but I’m not convinced. Remember the video of William getting angry at the paparazzi when they were all cycling last month – you could hear Kate in the background then. And there was the photo of them arm in arm after the polo. You never had instances like that once Diana and Charles split. I’m not saying W&K are madly in love but I am not convinced they’re on the brink of separation either.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      That came out last month, but it did not happen last month.

      Also, Charles and Diana were already at the same level of trouble. The separation announcement was on its way during their polo event. It’s suspicious will and Kate suddenly started showing physical contact at a polo event of all places since their marriage has been notorious for avoiding PDA. They even released a statement about how they don’t hold hands early in their marriage. It was KP approved.

      Now it seems the polo event was a true copykeen of Meghan and Harry. Only it got more attention as the polo with Charles and Diana before their split.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        They probably should have tried a different PDA than showing everyone they were greeting each other in a European way–not as husband and wife.

    • notasugarhere says:

      As Wiglet Watcher wrote, that happened last summer but was only released this year. It also doesn’t negate them being separated at the time. Taking a co-parenting holiday with the kids and all the nannies as buffers.

    • Nic919 says:

      Putting hands on each other’s backs at polo knowing they are being watched isn’t a sign of much other than they know people are discussing their separation. It didn’t even look casual.

  46. EveV says:

    I absolutely agree that these stories are coming from the Middletons in an attempt to pressure TOB to stay. I think they’re betting on getting public sentiment on their side with all these stories (especially this one about the QUEEN being so happy about this marriage- which we all know is complete bullsh*t). Kate/Carole just need to figure out how to make the best of the separation situation because I don’t think TOB is going to be swayed this time, he’s been done for years.
    Also, the fact that it is stated in past tense “wanted it to work” says everything right there. They are done and no amount of scheming is going to make their relationship “right” this time.

  47. Lizzie says:

    How much do we think Camila hates this and will get back at Kate when Charles is king and she is qc?

    • Tessa says:

      It’s going to happen. Camilla and Charles are not liking this IMO , even after Charles went to the Queen and officially got the announcement Camilla would be QUeen Consort and the next Queen Consort, not Kate.

  48. MattyLove says:

    Total aside but…WHO in their right mind wants to “be” with Will??? He has the charisma and sex appeal of a toad.

  49. Anance says:

    Who knows why he looks more content and relaxed, she has gained weight and her appearance has improved. Maybe the stress of a deteriorating relationship with 3 children in the mix, was taking its toll.

    They are probably happier away from each other. We don’t have enough evidence to posit a long-term, compatible relationship for either of them.

    Besides, I don’t him as the type to settle down. Been there, done that. Kate is as good as the next.

  50. Katie Beanstalk says:

    They need to get a publisicist to tell them how to get popular again.

  51. Paulkid says:

    I don’t know when their marriage problems began, but it seems to me that Will’s obvious disgust toward his wife showed near the Sussex interview with Oprah. He may have been well aware of Kate’s lie, but I bet he was flabbergasted that she wrote a note of apology to Meghan. “We never explain, we have PR teams and you gave the Duchess a receipt?” He knew then he could lose the “popular, noble Windsor” game because Kate gave evidence of the truth to “that woman”.

  52. Agreatreckoning says:

    This People article is something else. Since Will & Charles are trying to erase Diana’s history, I’m guessing Kate comparisons to Diana will probably slow down. I’ll fix one of the sentences.

    “There was undoubtedly much that the Queen saw in Kate that day-and in the years that followed(and previous ones)-that it ONLY took nearly eight years for the Queen to work up the mental energy to agree to a solo engagement with Kate.”.

    The timing of that first solo engagement is not a coincidence following the announcement from a few days before of the Sussexes split from KP to BP. The negotiations for that engagement must have been interesting.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      And the Queen made moves to have a solo even with Meghan right away. Yea with Meghan right away. TQ preferred Meghan over Kate and there’s so many instances that support this.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Less than a month after the Sussexes wedding was Meghan’s overnight trip on the Royal Train with the Queen. Yea…some peeps & a mom were not happy-Kate & William hadn’t done the train yet. (Harry either- sure he wasn’t feeling salty though)

  53. Andi says:

    Omg, I’ve never seen “Billy Idle” before – instant new fave!

  54. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “quiet stoicism, unerring discretion and firm loyalty. Their opinions on contentious political issues are never heard; their commitment to the throne is unwavering, and their public images are tightly controlled.”

    Let me translate: they are just as racist as the older generations, and they are “fine” with that. They have no intention of joining the modern world and ending colonialism, racism, and misogyny. They won’t speak out against a rapist in the family. They won’t speak out against grifting by the family, and probably support it. They are in cahoots with the press to cover up their misdeeds.

  55. wordle game says:

    The Queen is a selfless and kind-hearted person. Wishing you and your family good health always.