Paris Hilton’s dog is missing and she’s hired a pet psychic and pet detective

Paris Hilton is famous for her purse-sized dogs. She pays a ridiculous amount of money for them and carries them around like an accessory. A few years back, she was collecting miniature Pomeranians for tens of thousands of dollars. Following that spending spree, she got a teacup Chihuahua she named Diamond Baby. D-Baby pops up on Paris’ IG frequently and stars in a few of her Hilton commercials. Unfortunately, Diamond Baby is missing. Paris told the world on Tuesday that she must have gotten out last week while Paris was moving, and she’s devastated. She posted the Instagram above offering “a big reward” for her return with no questions asked. She’s also hired a pet detective, a pet psychic, a dog whisperer and is currently investigating dog finding drones.

Paris Hilton is on the hunt for her furry companion.

In a heartfelt plea on Instagram, the DJ announced Monday that she’s searching for her four-legged friend Diamond Baby, who went missing last week.

“This is so incredibly hard for me to post because I’ve been at a loss of words,” Hilton captioned an Instagram post. “I was at a photoshoot and we’re moving houses and one of the movers must have left a door open. My family and friends have been helping me search high and low throughout my entire neighborhood and have gone door to door, but we still haven’t found her.”

The “This Is Paris” podcast host said she’s doing “everything in my power” to recover Diamond Baby, including hiring a “pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic,” and even researching “dog-finding drones” that could help locate the dog.

She told fans she’s “been in tears” and “so sad and depressed” without her treasured pet.

“Anyone who has ever loved a pet and lost a pet will understand this pain that I’m feeling,” Hilton wrote. “My heart is broken I have been in tears, so sad and depressed. I feel like part of me is missing and nothing is the same without her here. Diamond Baby is my everything, truly like a daughter to me. We were inseparable, she was my best friend and always by my side.”

She added that she was reluctant at first to make it public that the dog was missing “because people can be cruel and I worry about her safety.”

“But I’m desperate and the more time that passes, the farther away I feel from the chances are of me getting her back,” she continued.

Hilton included an email address where people can submit tips about the whereabouts of her pet. She also declared she’s offering a “NO questions asked” reward for the dog’s safe return.

Hilton is known to be an animal lover, and boasts a collection of furry companions that she affectionately calls the “Hilton Pets.”

[From Huffington Post]

Just to get it out of the way, young Paris had a bad history as a pet owner. I mean, criminal. But Diamond Baby and Prince Hilton have been with her for several years and they seem to be in good health. As do the rest of the pets featured on Hilton Pets IG. Let’s hope Paris is a reformed pet owner. I don’t expect she did her homework on the dogs’ breeder, as miniature breeds are usually overbred to the point of health issues, but Paris seems like she treats them well once they come to live with her. I do feel for her here because losing a pet like this is devastating. Moves are hell on pets. I lost a cat the same way Paris lost Diamond Baby. I let it out of the carrier in a closed off room, which was my error, and a mover opened the door thinking it was another room. The issue, for those who’ve never had pets, is the animal hasn’t familiarized itself with the sights, sounds and smells of their new home and can’t find their way back. Sometimes, a determined pet ends up at their old home. I don’t blame Paris for hiring anyone she thinks might help. She has the money to do it and it’s better than not being able to do anything, which is a horrible feeling. I really don’t want to think that someone would hurt a dog because of the way they feel about Paris. I very much hope I get to report back to you with a happy ending to this story. But I’ll warn you, in Southern California, a dog that size, missing for as long as Diamond Baby has been, it rarely is a happy ending. Remember Orlando Bloom went through this heartbreak as well.

Just a PSA for anyone with pets coming up on a move, if you have family/friends they can stay with or if you can afford to board them or put them in day care for the day it’s better for them. The whole event is stressful, and they don’t understand. I also got the tip for dogs that when you pick them up from wherever they’ve spent their move day, walk them through your former empty house so they can see all the stuff is gone before you take them to the new house. I have no idea if that last part actually helps. I did it with my dogs. They looked confused and were overall just happy to see all their family again when we got to the new house.

Photo credit: Instagram, Avalon Red and Backgrid

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19 Responses to “Paris Hilton’s dog is missing and she’s hired a pet psychic and pet detective”

  1. Stef says:

    Perhaps Diamond Baby saw the chance to get away from her and took it, I know I would.

    • SugarHere says:

      Losing an animal hurts tremendously –Paris Sluton aside. Mine are my one true friends, so I would go into a depression.

      • Stef says:

        Losing a pet is tough, agreed. I feel more for the dog than her though, given her history of animal abuse and how she uses her dogs as accessories. Maybe the dog ran away looking for a better life…

  2. Lolo86lf says:

    Diamond Baby should have been microchipped. If Paris’ dog was dognapped I hope they catch the perp and throw him or her in jail.

    • Same says:

      they don’t work like GPS — if a stray dog is found they can wand it for the chip and then track down the contact information — I WISH they worked like find my iPhone.

      • DiegoInSF says:

        A lot of people ( me included until a few years ago) think it works like GPS.
        Speaking of Find My iPhone, you can put AirTags on them, they’ sell third party holders for their collar as apple doesn’t really advertise them for pets. It’s super cheap, I have my 3 pups with AirTags plus the youngest and most active has a fi collar with the gps plan.

  3. K says:

    Poor pup. I hope he is found and is ok. The next mystery to solve will be who injected that idiot’s face.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I am sorry my coffee has not kicked in yet, who injected whose face with what?

      • Dutch says:

        Look at the first and last pics of Paris in the post. Based on those pics alone, I am guessing she’d had Vienna sausages injected into her lips.

  4. SomeChick says:

    moving is hard on pets. it makes no sense to them. I do think a walkabout in the empty former home actually helps. I’ve always had cats and really only been able to do that once, but they adapted to the new place the fastest I’ve ever seen. we were moving next door to a bigger apartment in the same building, so we hand carried almost everything, left the litter box for last, and then after we’d moved it, just let the cats walk down the hall to the new place with all of their stuff. I wish all moves could be that easy!

  5. Noki says:

    I swear LA is willldddd. Pet detective,pet psychic !???Lol

  6. Same says:

    What was the line about missing in SoCal this long? Do they get eaten? Traffic?

    I live in the Rockies, my two Yorkies are under 4 pounds and we put bicycle flashers on their vests when outside to keep birds from taking off with them, especially while camping, flashing lights and bells.

  7. olliesmom says:

    GMA just featured a story on dog napping this morning.

  8. Luna17 says:

    No “animal lover” is buying dogs from breeders. At this point we all know how horrible it is and we all should be rescuing dogs and putting all breeders out of business. I hope she gets her dog back but she doesn’t love animals if they have to be these tiny, genetically messed up creatures. She loves her animal accessories, not animals. Adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue group is literally the least you can do to prove that you’re not a person supporting animal cruelty. It’s such a low bar yet she can’t even clear it.

  9. Sammiches says:

    10 bucks says lisa rinna’s got the dog

  10. Lucky Charm says:

    It’s devastating losing a pet that way. I once lost a cat in a move. She was stressed so I locked her in the back bathroom, so she’d be away from all the noisy activity of moving. Someone forgot the cat was in there and used that bathroom. She ran out, and out the open front door. We never could find her. I was upset about it but my daughter was heartbroken that her cat was gone. I always hoped that she found a good home with someone else. That was almost 30 years ago and still makes me sad!

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