Hugh Jackman & estranged wife Deborra had dinner together on his birthday

Hugh Jackman turned 55 on October 12. I really like Hugh and hope that the public persona we’ve seen over the years matches his real-life persona. Some celebrities you root for, and for me, Jackman is one of them. Hugh’s had a busy few months: He spent the pre-WGA strike filming Deadpool 3 with his friend Ryan Reynolds, he and Deborra-lee Furness announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage last month, and he joined Reynolds and Blake Lively on a Taylor Swift pap walk for a Jets/Chiefs game. He also announced last week that he’s working on a memoir with “big bombshells.” (Insert the “oh rly…” side eye emoji.)

Anyway, I think that it’s fair to say that a lot of people were surprised when Hugh and Deborra announced their split. PR statements keep insisting that the couple are on good terms and remain friendly. It looks like that may actually be the case because Deborra and their children joined him for a birthday meal at NYC restaurant Polo Bar.

There’s always an interesting crowd at Polo Bar. But last night there was a particularly fascinating table of revelers among the power crowd, we hear.

Page Six spies say that soon-to-be-exes Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness were at the chic Midtown hot spot, cheerfully celebrating the “Wolverine” star’s 55th birthday.

“Very happy time [had] by all,” said a source, “Think it was good birthday.”

Asked for comment on the former couple’s Thursday night out, a rep for Jackman told Page Six Friday morning: “Yes, it’s true. It was a lovely evening.”

Insiders confirmed that they were joined by their kids, Oscar, 23, and Ava, 18, and “a few close friends.”

Of course, the pair announced last month that they had decided to split after 27 years of marriage.

(It’s perhaps worth noting that if one were keen, say, to underscore that one’s breakup is an amicable affair, see-and-be-scene Polo Bar would certainly be the place to go to for a friendly dinner to prove it.)

[From Page Six]

If the Jackman family is happy to come together to celebrate Hugh’s birthday, then good for them! Seriously. By visiting Polo Bar, they’re clearly sending a signal for paparazzi to leave them and their family alone. It’s like, “We’ve heard the response to our separation and we want everyone to know that there’s no hard feelings here! Move along, now!” I respect that. Message received.

Meanwhile, Hugh also continues to have his friends around him. On the morning of his birthday, he went for a walk in NYC with Reynolds and Lively. It’s always nice to be able to count on friends and family when you’re in the middle of a big life change, and his friendship with Reynolds feels like the real deal. I’m sure Deborra and the kids also have a good support structure around them too. It looks like Hugh had a really nice birthday this year.

photos via Instagram and credit: Robert O’Neil/Backgrid

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  1. Southern Fried says:

    Sweet. It’s nice to see they aren’t seething enemies. Hope both live happily ever after.

  2. Rhea says:

    Turning 55, kids are 18 & 23, and a separation is a lot of change. I’m happy he has support!

  3. Twin Falls says:

    If they stayed together for the kids, it’s nice that they can still come together for their kids at family events.

  4. ambel says:

    there were whispers about 15(?) years ago that Hugh was gay – something to do with a business partner who lived in a small house on their property. What bigger bombshell could there be in a memoir than Hugh coming out? He’s launched his children, his career is firmly established, he’s entering into a new phase of life – it all kind of makes sense.

    • Diamond Rottweiler says:

      Yeah a friend of mine PAed for him for several years. Said Hugh was part of a thruple and they had all married one another in a v private commitment ceremony, but that it’s well known in the Hollywood community that they lived in a non traditional relationship. Don’t remember every detail, but at some point the male partner left and it was crushing for their family. The friend also said Hugh is a deeply decent human being. Didn’t have a single bad thing to say, fairly unusual for a PA. If that’s actually the case, and it’s right for him, I hope Hugh finds a greater sense of peace sharing his authentic self.

      • KC says:

        1-I could believe this. It wouldn’t change the nice, decent, guy impression he’s given off. It would just mean he’s chosen to stay private about his love affairs/private life. I kinda wish more people would do that in real time and be less messy then when their memoir comes out it’s actually intriguing (looking at you Jada and Will).

        2-There’s something endearing to me about him being flanked by Ryan and Blake on both sides. I don’t know maybe it makes me think he’s got a meaningful and healthy relationship with both of them (which also says a lot about them).

        3-I want to know whose jacket Ryan is holding! It just doesn’t seem his style. 🤔Were the kids on this outing?

  5. teecee says:

    Hugh is probably leaning on his dear friend Rupert Murdoch as well, he has so many supporters.

  6. She says:

    I know many people who’ve met and even hung out privately with Hugh. They universally say he is the real deal. Just the nicest human being. And that Deb is magnetic and charismatic.

    However, I’ve never quite forgiven Hugh for staying friends with reprehensible people like Ivanka and Jared. I’m sorry Hugh, I know they’ve been good friends to you and that you’re Mr Nice Guy; but at some point you have to stand on your morals when it comes to friendships. I’m sure Hitler had friends who only saw his good side too. If you’re truly a good person, you cannot, in good conscience, stay friends with people who inflict terrible damage on others.

    • Bonnie Anne says:

      This ^^^^ 100%. He attended some sort of exclusive, cult-like church with Javanka in NYC. When he was asked about TFG’s comments & behavior, he demurred with something like “Oh, we’re not really into politics.” Used to adore him but naaaaah. He can get bent.