‘Endgame’: The Lord Chamberlain threatened Prince Harry in early 2020

It’s amazing to see, in retrospect, how much of Byline Times’ reporting was completely accurate. In October, Byline dropped their exclusive cover story on exactly what was going on behind-the-scenes in the first half of 2020, when Prince Harry and Meghan were exiting the UK and the monarchy. Byline reported that then-Prince Charles withdrew £700K in funding at some point, and it was all because Harry would not drop his pursuit against the Sun and against Christian Jones, who was Prince William’s press secretary at the time. Omid Scobie’s Endgame and Byline Times’s October story both laid out Jones’s relationship with Dan Wootton, and Jones was the one who leaked the entire Sussexit story to Wootton. Byline reported that, as Harry pursued legal action against the Sun in early 2020, the palace ordered him to stop because they didn’t want to see the entire rotten clownshow between the Windsors and the media exposed.

Byline gave another motive for the royals: they believed that by cutting the Sussexes loose financially, they would bring Harry and Meghan “to heel,” broke and humbled back in the UK. Byline spelled it out: the monarchy chose Christian Jones over Prince Harry. Omid Scobie spelled it out the same way, and he had even more details on how it went down, including an interesting timeline.

Harry was ready to pursue action against the Sun in early 2020:The Duke of Sussex wasn’t relying on his brother’s cooperation anymore because, by this point, he had all the evidence he needed: relevant documents, intel from Scotland Yard, and information from other journalists (including sources at the paper itself) who had passed details along to his team. Armed with a dossier, Harry went to the very top of the institution with a formal complaint and a suggestion that they take appropriate action against The Sun. The response Harry received, however, was far from what he expected.

The Lord Chamberlain overstepped: There, on Buckingham Palace–headed paper, was a reply from the Lord Chamberlain at the time, Earl William Peel, who had a particularly close relationship with Charles. The letter, a source said, included “some of the most strong” language seen on official household stationery, aimed at Harry, not Jones. “It was a threat,” said a source close to the situation, who added that the Queen wasn’t consulted before the Palace issued it. “[The Lord Chamberlain] said either drop the charges or face severe consequences in twenty-four hours.” A message from a lawyer for Jones, arranged by the Palace, soon followed. The decree: stand down from legal action against Prince William’s aide.

The palace in ass-covering mode: An exasperated Harry pointed out to Palace aides that he was not suing the aide or anyone on this matter—he simply had a desire for the situation, a public official with deep connections to private information about a senior royal being shared with a national newspaper, to be properly dealt with. For the duke, enough was enough. The Sun had a long and controversial history of inappopriate relationships with public officials, and the Palace, at one point, was also keen to put an end to these practices. “The Palace basically accused Harry of wanting to sue his brother’s [private secretary] and causing great distress to Christian,” the source continued. When they asked him to provide more evidence, Harry refused. “At this point he already had plenty and, given how defensive they were being of Christian, it was clearly going to be used to help him and not Harry.”

When the Sussexes were cut off: Within weeks, it was clear to all involved that the Lord Chamberlain’s threat of “severe consequences” was no bluff. Harry received two further letters in July 2020, one from Charles’s private secretary Clive Alderton and the other from the Queen’s, Edward Young, both stating the same thing: he was to be officially and immediately cut off from all financial support, including official security, which Charles had been privately covering with his Duchy of Cornwall income.

The palace sanctioned everything Christian Jones did: “I have never seen the Palace circle the wagons like they did with Christian,” a source later reflected. “In my experience, anyone who puts a risk to the survival of the monarchy is out.” It seems, however, that the actions of Christian Jones, who continued to work for Prince William until April 2021, were seen as a help, not a hindrance. As it turns out, William knew about Jones’s friendship with Dan Wootton since day one. Multiple sources confirm that during an early 2018 interview with Simon Case for his job at the Kensington Palace press office, Jones, in the interest of transparency, shared that he has a “working relationship” with Wootton.

[From Omid Scobie’s Endgame]

While I’ll never wrap my head around how the British media operates and how the British legal system is built to protect the media, it’s just sort of mind-blowing to think about how Harry really tried to operate in good faith throughout this entire ordeal. Even as late as January 2020, he still seemingly believed in William and believed that William could be reasoned with, or that William would take his side once he saw all of the evidence. Harry also seemingly believed that the institution would share his outrage that William and Christian Jones were both so compromised by Wootton, to the point where the Kensington Palace clownshow bungled every part of a sensitive royal story. Instead, the institution went into ass-covering mode and Charles withdrew funding and security, all because Harry could have exposed the whole rotten system.

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  1. equality says:

    Good for H&M for not backing down and sacrificing their own morals and dignity to keep the money.

    • jemmy says:

      Having watched some you tube videos on how families from “old money ” operate, it is clearly that William and Charles as well as the whole RF did not want Meghan as a member of the royal family – pure and simple . Either their pre marriage or post marriage days.

      Everything since then has been done to inflict as much damage to them.

      Families from Old money like to maintain the status quo and yes while modernity may have allowed for the shelving of a lot of these antiquated norms, the last barrier to overcome is that of race hence the viciousness of the attacks and basically doing everything to destroy the marriage – Since that doesn’t seem to have worked, it seems there is an all out “war” to un alive them

      • Jules says:

        Agree they are racist.

        But I think the *other* real reason they tried to drive Meghan away from Harry, or shut them both down by whatever means necessary, is because she had built a career and knew how to live independently. The BRF knew Meghan had the potential to show Harry a path to freedom, and that he loved her enough to take that path. And a free Harry is a man who could expose everything they wanted to keep hidden.

        What’s funny is this – if the BRF had been able to treat Meghan with a modicum of respect and affection, and made even token efforts to defend her from the BRM, it’s possible both she and Harry would have stayed. They are both loyal, idealistic, and service-oriented… as it was, they tried very hard to make it work, so even a bit of help from the BRF might have tipped the scales. Which in the long run would have been a corrosive, toxic life for both H & M and their kids.

        I’m not saying it’s good that the BRF/BRM behave in such incredibly evil and toxic ways. It would be better if they were a force for good. But since they are bad, I am a teensy bit glad they were bad enough that H & M got themselves out.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ For sure @Jules! Exactly! I hard agree 💯 🎯

    • Campbell says:

      Knowing that Charles chose William and the British Media 1000% over his younger son and did everything he could to put fear into Harry and Meghan including removing their security with a newborn baby, I cannot fathom Harry ever even speaking to any of them. They are like cannibals eating their own. They would rather throw their family out the window for life than lose out on a tabloid story that will come and go within days.

  2. Jais says:

    Harry was one sweet summer child. Not even saying that to be patronizing but that he was really brought up in a cult-like situation. Appreciate how he first acted in good-faith. Shows his true character. Imagine how he was feeling as all of these pieces started falling. The betrayal of his brother and father. Sending the lord chamberlain to threaten him for exposing Jones. It’s unbelievable.

    • ML says:

      UK laws (like the injunctions) are in place to protect the bullies. This is crazy: “Byline reported that, as Harry pursued legal action against the Sun in early 2020, the palace ordered him to stop because they didn’t want to see the entire rotten clownshow between the Windsors and the media exposed.”
      We’re probably seeing this now with Endgame—the Dutch version contaIns 2 names that the English one does not. So to protect the unnamed royal racists, the Dutch book is wrong and the publisher is at fault. Not the racists or the people who know who they are.
      That Harry wound up sacrificed for someone deemed better protection for his own family is just par for the course. Unbelievable.

      • CatMum says:

        they were not protecting Jones. they were attempting to keep the “invisible contract” under wraps.

    • Mel says:

      He made the common mistake that a lot of people from messed up families make, they think their messed up family loves them and won’t come for them. It’s all fun and games until…….

      • Deering24 says:

        Heh–what’s that great dialogue from The Crown–said to young Charles, ironically enough…

        “Never turn your back on your family.”

        “They mean well.”

        “No, they don’t.”

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    What is amazing is that everything they tried to cover up is finally coming out on the leaks and horse trading for positive coverage, but it is way more scandalous than it would have been if they did not punish H&M and force them out. The cover up has made it a worldwide issue and not some local tempest in a teapot on how the British tabloids work.

    These people are so deeply incompetent.

    • Em says:

      Shows the extent of how dumbed down the British public is that the Monarchy with all its incompetence is still in existence

      • Kingston says:


        This. I so agree wth u. Throughout this whole saga my contempt for the avg brit has ony grown.

        Avg people are the ones, throughout time immemorial, who hv held bk progress in every society.

        There are above-avg people who are the ones wth progressive ideas to move society forward and there are below-avg people who are the crazies that keep us all back……like the MAGAts in the US.

        But because of pervadive ignorance, lack of foresight and apathy, avg folks always end up giving succor to the crazies, (like 3rd-party-supporting idjits) thereby giving the crazies the edge over the ones that move society forward.

        So yeah…..I hate apathetic brits who keep the anachronisms in their society, like the monarchy, on life support.

      • Megan says:

        @Kingston the average Brit doesn’t give a fig about the BRF. They are busy dealing with a cost of living crisis and a meltdown of the NHS.

      • Kingston says:

        But this is exactly my point.

        It is the “average citizen” in every Democracy that, thru their apathy, is putting the way of life for all of us in the West in jeopardy. In every country, less and less of the electorate is turning out to vote in crucial elections, thereby emboldening the crazies amongst us, resulting in the rise of fascism.

        In britain, if the ordinary people (i:e the average citizen) dont show, by their numbers/their activism, that they want to get rid of the monarchy, then the royals will be there to suck from the teat of these said ordinary taxpayers for another 1000 years.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kingston, see the Netherlands as the most recent example of a Western democracy falling to the fascists.

      • Megan says:

        @Kingston I assume you are already going door to door for the 2024 elections and are well versed on the real issues affecting people’s daily lives. Especially people who work two jobs to keep their kids fed and a roof over their head. Or the 57% of Americans with less than $1,000 in savings who are one illness away from becoming unhoused.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Kingston – If the people aren’t told about true excesses of the RF, if the media protects the RF from the people and only reports gossip about H&M, then the average person is just going to shrug it off. For them, the H&M might be entertaining gossip, but has nothing to do with their personal lives.

      • Taytanish says:

        Dear Brits, “the average Brit doesn’t give a fig about the royals” has reaeeaally gotten really old. Y’all need to hit your brakes on using this very tired excuse for leaving the royals in power. If any Brit thinks that continuously singing the “no brit cares about the royals” is endearing them to us outside plebs, they are sadly so very mistaken. The Americans AND many other democracies in the world do care about who is their rulers and accordingly vote them into or out of office. Brits continuing to leave these foolish people in power and continuously funding them and all their extended families while everyone else is starving, can’t afford their morgage, hospitals have no basic equipment to function, no electricity to keep homes warm, etc, nobody has any basic needs while the royals get fatter and wealthier, while you ignore your oppressors all because “regular people don’t give a fig about the royals” is not really speaking to how smart you are. Wake up,, smell the coffee and do what you need to do to get these leaches off of you. If you feel you can’t do that, please stop telling us how “regular Brits don’t give a flying fig about the royals” whenever we say something about how the regular Brits are the main royals’ enbablers.

      • Taytanish says:

        @Megan, how is American’s knocking door to door for the 2024 elections really of any relevance to this discussion? The pivoting and whataboutism is just mind numbing.

      • Megan says:

        @Taytanish I was responding to Kensington’s demand that Americans be less apathetic. Presumably someone that concerned would be doing everything possible to turn out the vote and would understand the underlying issues driving apathy. But it’s clear they don’t have basically resorted to writing people off as stupid.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Taytanish – when it comes down to it, it’s not the place of Americans (AND many other democracies) to tell the British how to run their country and their lives. They’ve had a monarchy for 1,000 years and it’s part of their culture and history. And you seem to forget that they have an elected government that is directly in charge of all issues and ills you’ve listed – the people will vote however they wish and it won’t be any of our business then, either.

        As for “not giving a flying fig…,” considering how revered the Queen and the monarchy used to be, for the people to be now apathetic seems like a pretty big change to me. the British posters are trying to tell you something when they say this. This change in attitude is why the royals are panicking and floundering – they’re becoming extinct.

    • anotherlily says:

      This is all relevant to the court case in January. I’m sure there will be more revelations. It feels like a door has been opened and it can’t be closed again.

    • Anna says:

      It is obvious now that thing were much, much serious and dark behind the curtain and H&M went very light on BRF so far. From what they said so far it seemed it was internal family matter but now we see that they were really attacked from every side.

      And it seems more and more probable that Diana’s accident was not an accident.

      • Michael P Cowtan says:

        i agree Anna. Any pretense that Diana had an accident is gone, it seems it was murder.

      • Sarah says:

        Diana being killed on purpose is the one conspiracy theory I believe. I never used to but seeing all of this makes it likely.

    • Weaving Cat says:

      Yes, exactly @Pinkasaurus! They escalated and dug their own graves. They tried sooooo hard, they threw everything they could think of on H&M to hide the evil, racist, underhanded, psychopathic things they’d already been doing and only guaranteed that everything would come into the light anyway.

    • acha says:

      My favorite part of this is that the palace reaction will be “how dare you point out the fact that we are all raging a-holes.” They don’t see it at all, do they. That they should really be apologizing to everyone for BEING a-holes.

    • bisynaptic says:

      I think there’s more that we don’t know. There has to be something really ugly, for them to scramble like this, for cover.

  4. Anna says:

    If they’d approached H&M departure with even an iota of integrity, the cover-up wouldn’t have been worse than what caused them to leave in the first place. Alas, that requires more than one brain cell to rub together, and the corgi has it.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Their main problem is they haven’t figured out that all those titles they keep throwing around. No one cares about them anymore. Including the title of King. The Royal family doesn’t have any political power anymore. And even British citizens aren’t required to bow to them anymore. So what do they have. All they have is money. Which guess what. A lot of other people also have money. People who don’t have titles. And with Brexit. The rest of the world has even moved on from England. So they lost all of that power also. I honestly do not think William will ever wear the crown. Mainly because the public is getting more and more fed up with having to support their extravagant lifestyle. While normal people can’t even afford food.

    • Christine says:

      It really is funny. They were so proud of themselves for denying Harry and Meghan part-time royal status, and then they gleefully tried to strip them of all of their humanity.

      What goes around, comes around, and I am so glad Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lili are Americans.

  5. Em says:

    A monarchy where the real royals are actually the courtiers lol. William has to have been having an affair with Christian or something because why would the palace defend him like this?

    Thankful Harry and Meghan got out while their kids are still young, it would have been terrible for them growing up under that umbrella

    • @BelizeEmpower says:

      My conclusions exactly. What is the “real” relationship between William and Christian that Wooton knows about??? We know Wooton loves kompromat on his subjects, right? William surrounded himself and was in cahoots with Knauff, Wooton, Jones and hell knows how many others. The gay mafia operating at Kensington Palace is my humble opinion.

      • Lucy says:

        Honestly that’s one of the better explanations of what has happened. I hope Omid mentions in interviews about Wootons scandal, so that people can start making connections.

        I know ppl have said Will being gay or bi can’t be the big secret about him that would make your eyes bleed, but I think it could be in part.

        For anyone paying surface level attention, he’s a bland lazy guy married to a bland lazy woman who have cute kids that are somehow interested in everything. Maybe an idea that he’s got a temper and is a snob. That’s pretty different from a bi man with side pieces working in the palace that he used to destroy his brother in the press, plus a violent streak.

      • anotherlily says:

        I’m sure Byline Times knows a lot about William’s connections with Wooton et al.

      • LadyE says:

        I think it may be much more complicated. The ByLines investigation is not about Wooten’s kompromat on gay or bi men, but that he was targeting straight men by first catfishing and posing as a woman and then once captured escalating by trying to force straight men into gay experiences in exchange for his silence (though they didn’t even know who he was). He really targeted straight men. I have no idea what happened here, but I wouldn’t be so sure that William was doing something that Wooten got wind of, instead of rather that William may have been catfished and scared into doing something (more) compromising. And, tbc I don’t think any of this bc of Williams character, but Wooten’s. The ByLine articles were beyond horrifying and the idea of that guy being anywhere near anyone would make me very concerned for the person, no matter who they were. He seemed to gain nothing from any of it except really sadistic pleasure in mentally torturing his victims. Total predator. I don’t care for William, but just knowing Wooten was near him makes me concerned he may have been a victim of his.

      • Patricia says:

        The gay mafia is what I have long believed to be the real explanation for Pegs and the “boys.” I referred to it in another post but didn’t get a lot of feedback. It is truly the only logical explanation that makes sense. He has all the characteristics of the lifestyle. It’s a life style that I don’t judge because it is often a choice or caused by a genetic cause, one only needs to look at the RF history to confirm this. I always found the fact that there is a great deal homosexul exploration that goes on in the male dominated upper schooling of the very rich and it has been the subject of a great many novels. I was loath to jump right into this because I am American and probably would be ridiculed for my beliefs.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      This was my first thought as well Em, because no way are they doing this for CJ himself. So either he and Pegs were having an affair – and Dirty Dog Wooton has it on tape – or else maybe it’s some kind of tape of Pegs having an orgy or otherwise kinky sex that would be unacceptable to the public. Maybe similar (or worse) than the Orange Menace’s pee tapes? Whips, chains, poop? It has to be something bad for the ‘behavior that would make our eyes bleed’ comment to also be true.

    • macduffer says:

      I am not usually conspiracy minded, but as I read this post, my takeaway was exactly as yours — that William has a deeper involvement with Christian and that’s the reason the palace decided to play hardball with Harry. It does sound like there’s a gay mafia operating at KP and William’s at the center of it. This thought had never crossed my mind before, but now I think there’s something to it

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        This was my takeaway too. The threat to the monarchy was Wooton’s kompromat on William who, at the time, was second in line. It was a direct threat to the monarchy and had to be stamped out. Harry was in the way. All this firepower directed at him was not just to hide the “invisible contract” which everyone knows about anyway.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes, there has to be some reason the palace protected Christian Jones to this extreme extent. An affair with William makes sense. Honestly, it may make the most sense.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        I agree, Becks.

        Also, Harry is brave as hell.

      • Anastasia says:

        It also really checks out why he’s not pushing Kate away as much as he could be, and why she’s okay playing the dutiful wife, it’s not like she really could be what he wants?

    • JanetDR says:

      It makes more sense than anything else I can come up with.
      The cover up is always worse…
      Unless his kink is far worse than we suspect.

      • Jaded says:

        Yes, the “it would make your eyes bleed” comment gives it all away in six words doesn’t it. I too think William’s kink is at the centre of this mess. I really hope all this comes out into the open at some point, that the floodgates of kompromat on the deviant BRF gets revealed by the tabloids.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “William has to have been having an affair with Christian”

      This makes total sense. I always questioned my own belief that Peggington was in an affair with David Rocksavage Cholomondely as William did not seem to me to be Rocksavage’s type. Also, Rocksavage could do much better than Peggington.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Exactly. The palace wasn’t protecting Christian Jones, it was protecting William. All roads lead to William.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        This @BlueNailsBetty. Protecting Christian Jones was protecting William(and Kate) and his/their machiavellianism(sp?) in regards to Harry – Harry & Meghan.

        It’s maybe laid out in a subliminal way in SPARE.imo Harry talked about the Bee & the Wasp acting all like ‘we don’t know anything about anything’ (paraphrasing when Harry never heard from them again). William did the same thing to Harry. I’ll look into it, I have my own suspicions, blahblah..

        Who knows if it was an affair with Christian Jones? HIs partner Callum Stephens was the one receiving the payments, technically a good work around. Pillow talk my arse. The idea that these f*cking people thought throwing a military veteran, who served 2 tours, under the bus for an aide(not really-Workshy Will). Disgraceful.

    • acha says:

      You know. I hadn’t thought about this before you brought it up, but so many things become clear IF this rumor is true.
      * KFC must have told William that we can’t have a bisexual prince, despite the fact that he’s been this way clearly forever.
      * William’s ambivalence toward Harry becomes so much more comprehensible — Harry seems to be pretty normative about his sexuality, and William seems desperate to hide who he truly is.
      * The pegging rumor is to hide the real situation.
      * William married a person willing to compromise about that part of the relationship. Full props to Kate about it for being flexible, then.
      * William is ready to throw literally everyone and everything under the bus to protect himself from the fallout, and Christian Jones too apparently.
      * Rose and Kate’s happy music fest reunion this past summer must have had its root in the fact that they were no longer willing to take the fall for William together.
      * William was so worried about what Harry would reveal that he couldn’t eat or sleep for several weeks before Spare was published — but Harry didn’t out him.

  6. Sunshine says:

    In summary, Jones was working on behalf of his principal, William.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Right?! I wish they’d take it to the next natural conclusion and state the obvious! This was all done to protect his boss, Pegs.

      Or at least pose a question that makes it clear. Like, one has to wonder why the palace machinery would go to such lengths to protect Prince Pegs’ assistant? Why would protecting an assistant take priority over a member of the royal family (Harry)?

      Or something! Let’s get to the bottom of this mess.

  7. Eurydice says:

    Well, this explains the deep shock Harry was exhibiting in the Oprah interview when he said Charles had cut him off. The BM reaction was “Oh, boo hoo, Daddy’s not paying for me anymore,” but this was his father and brother using the whole weight of the institution against him.

    • MsIam says:

      It also explains why Harry said his relationship with his brother is “space”. William is one evil f*cker.

  8. Susu says:

    How does Charles allow this? The Lord Chamberlain threatening his son, choosing to protect an employee over family, protecting news sources over family? Incredible

    • MsIam says:

      The courtiers know where the bodies are buried, probably literally.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The Lord Chamberlain wasn’t acting on his own. He was doing this on Charles’ behalf. Charles would have given him instructions to do whatever it takes bring Harry to heel.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      It sounds like Chuckles authorized the sending of the letter, and/or the queen since it was on Buckingham Palace letterhead! And seeing as how Chuckles then followed through on the threat – pulling money and security – he has to have approved the original threatening letter. Honestly, the whole group was so stupid to put all of this in writing because now Harry and Meghan have written proof of their perfidy. I can’t wait for the entire institution to come crumbling down on that shit-dad and his shit heir.

    • Pumpkin says:

      He absolutely did it with Charles’ blessing, unofficially or officially.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @SussexWatcher, if you read carefully, the report states that the Lord Chamberlain’s letter to Harry was NOT cleared with QE-II. So we can leave her out of this one.

    • zinjazin says:

      It is horrible.
      And it certainly raises suspicion as to what is it they are really hiding, that they would go to such lengths.

  9. Chloe says:

    This is actually far more damaging than all the hoopla about a supposed second royal racist. No wonder they are trying to deflect

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Palace protected Jones because he was William’s press/private secretary. William gave Jones permission to leak stories about Harry and Meghan and the Palace didn’t want that exposed to the public. Even now William and KP deny that that they briefed against Harry and Meghan.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I think it has to be worse than just the leaking of stories. That could easily be explained away with some sort of ‘I was sad that I was losing my brother and jealous of the attention he and Meghan were getting.’ I know Pegs would never admit to being jealous, but if it were just a matter of the leaking they could find some way to explain it away.

      There has to be something much bigger that Pegs has done that they are protecting.

    • Ace says:

      Yes, I think it’s as simple as this.

      I’m not saying there isn’t something awful being covered about William, but in this case the fact that he was happily feeding fake stories on his sister-in-law to the tabloids to protect himself is enough to want to protect the person who could incriminate him if he ever were forced to testify in a court case.

  11. Zut Alors says:

    I thought Charles stopped funding Harry in early 2020 or was that just security that was abruptly withdrawn? By July 2020, they had bought the Montecito house, right? Were they getting money from Charles when they left Canada to move to LA? I’m so confused by this time-line.

    • Veda says:

      Same here. Harry said he was abruptly cut off in the first quarter of 2020. In their Netflix series also he mentioned they had to get out of Canada end of March because their security was cut off. Where is Omid getting this timeline from? Also, if Harry planned to sue Woottoon early 2020, then why did this chamberlain guy wait till 2020 July to issue the threat? Something is not adding up.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They had to get out of Canada because COVID lockdown announced 16 March 2020. Borders were closed. Neither Harry nor Meghan were Canadian citizens, they had to either return to the UK or go to the US. They also had to leave the place they were in anyway, because William’s henchmen revealed their physical location/address via Wooten.

        Someone on here went through a financial report from the Duchy. iirc it showed that the funding was removed very early in the first quarter of 2020. That’s when Tyler Perry stepped in and frankly saved Sussex Family.

        Between March and July 2020, were there discussions between Harry and Charles about Sussex family returning during lockdown, including getting security? Harry refusing unless changes were made and staff punished?

        That might be why the Chamberlain was making the threats at that time. Harry and Meghan didn’t want to rely on Perry forever, esp during a global catastrophe.

      • Becks1 says:

        We’ve heard the July 2020 thing before – maybe from Byline? I wonder if technically on paper Harry was still entitled to security (even if he didn’t have any besides Tyler Perry’s and what he paid for himself), and it was in July 2020 that it was removed “on paper”?

      • Jaded says:

        They also had to get out of Canada because *someone* (either Charles or William) leaked their location on Vancouver Island and the gutter press were all over the place. I live not far from where they were staying and the locals were furious that their privacy was being invaded by the tabloid scum. Someone also leaked their location six weeks after they moved into Tyler Perry’s home. Clearly they were deliberately being chased and harassed on the instructions of one or more senior royal.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Veda, when Harry said first quarter he was referencing the UK’s first quarter, which is April 1 – June 30 (not Jan. 1 – March 31).

        Their security was pulled on March 31, 2020 (they were already at Tyler Perry’s a little more than a week and Tyler provided security for them).

        In Spare, Harry mentions that shortly after the leak of them being at Tyler Perry’s (this happened around May 7, 2020), he found out the funding was being pulled too. The July 2020 letters were (like said above) just making things officially official and probably to employ more manipulative messages.

        Wow..the BRF really is an abusive institution (which we knew).

      • notasugarhere says:

        William revealed their location via Christian Jones, his partner, and Dan W. It wasn’t Charles, it was William. That leak immediately endangering their lives always came from KP.

  12. Concern Fae says:

    I honestly thing they’ve done this kind of thing before and it always worked. They’d never had a royal with the kind of real world life that Harry had in the Army. Or who had a wife who knew how to make the actual money needed to live a wealthy, international lifestyle. Charles’s being so super stingy with Harry also backfired. Harry didn’t have an actual luxurious life to give up. The woman he married lived in a nicer home and had better clothes than he did!

    Charles really effed this whole thing up. And yes, this is how the super wealthy operate.

    • sevenblue says:

      “Charles’s being so super stingy with Harry also backfired. Harry didn’t have an actual luxurious life to give up.”

      I wholeheartedly believe, they thought the expense of the security will make them stay. That’s why they let tabloids hound them for a year. They increased the threats they were already facing, knowing that Harry didn’t have the money to protect himself and his family.

      • Michael P Cowtan says:

        Harry had an inheritance from his mother, and Meghan had the money she had accumulated from Suits. Also, I cannot believe they have not monetised their fame.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Michael P Cowtan, their threat levels were equal to the monarch at the time. Do you really believe that inheritance from his mother and Meghan’s Suits money could afford them 5 million a year security and also a house that security could keep safe? They said that Netflix & Spotify money helped them to finance all these. Otherwise, they would go broke in a few years, then what?

    • Chantal1 says:

      @ConcernFae +1
      @SevenBlue I was going to say +1 except why would they think that Harry didn’t have money when they knew he had his inheritance from Diana and then I realized – its bc they don’t spend their own money and they would assume that Harry wouldn’t either. Good thing stupidity runs so rampant in that clown factory or they might have devised a way to block Harry from getting it.

      • sevenblue says:

        I see a lot of people refer to the inheritance for the security issue, but the type of security they need and also housing that kind of security would empty their bank accounts in a few years. Then, they would be in more danger. There are a lot of rich people with millions of inheritance who go broke. I am happy, Harry was smart with his money and made his deals before spending all of his money.

    • LivingDesert says:

      Case in point: Princess Margaret & Townsend. Exactly the same procedure, just that Margaret did not have the means and the pluck to say “keep your titles and money” and left.

      Once she did get her later divorce it was from somebody who was not “one of us” and nobody in the RF regretted that she got rid of that undesirable person.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Townsend was married, 16 years older than Margaret, and an employee of her parents. He used that paid position to get near, groom, and bed her staring when she was only 16.

        He eventually married a woman 25 years his junior who was only 20 at the time. Do you see a pattern here?

        WTF does anyone continue to support the idea that Margaret would have been better off married to that pr1ck?

      • LivingDesert says:

        @notasugarhere: I was not referring to any pattern in behavior, but simply to the fact that rescinding titles, status and money seems to have worked in the past. And it did not work this time, because circumstances were different.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The. Crown. Is. Fiction.

        They weren’t rescinding anything from Margaret.

        She was keeping her HRH, her title, her massive home at 1A, her royal stipend, and her royal duties. The only change was, her children would not be in the line of succession because she would be marrying a divorced man. They would be considered illegitimate by the Church therefore not in the line.

        That’s it. The Church wasn’t going to make an exception for her. Margaret all of a sudden ‘got religion’ and decided God didn’t want her to marry Townsend – because she wanted her kids in the line of succession.

      • LivingDesert says:

        Not everybody relies on “The Crown” for historic facts. But I don’t like the tone of this “discussion”, so over and out.

      • aftershocks says:

        Here we go again. Margaret was told she would lose everything if she married Townsend. No holds barred. Everything else is an attempt to rewrite history. Read contemporary accounts. The government and the firm were against the marriage. Elizabeth tried to broker a deal for her sister, but it fell through. Margaret had even been told at the age of 20 thst she could marry Townsend after five years passed. It was felt they would fall out of love. They did not.

        Yes, Margaret was spoiled and self-centered, but that’s the fault of how she was raised. As much as her father overly indulged her, both parents left her uneducated and unprotected in terms of monetary well-being, which meant total dependence on the cult. She had smarts and artistic interests that went largely unfulfilled.

        Honestly, Margaret’s, Diana’s, and Prince William of Gloucester’s fates are all tragic examples of the cruelty of the Windsor cult. H&M were nearly tragic victims as well, but fortunately and epically, they escaped. Think on the details of what happened to them and the enormous courage it took for them to get out! Endgame brings many of these details together in a compelling way. Along with what Harry felt able to tell us in Spare, let us recognize the enormity of it all!

      • notasugarhere says:

        No, aftershocks, she wasn’t. Letters in the Royal Archive prove it. Fact not fiction. She was keeping her title, her HRH, her funding, her home, her work. Only thing was her kids wouldn’t be in the Line because the Church wasn’t going to budge. Margaret made her choice because she loved her royal position and perks more than she loved her groomer Townsend.

  13. Ok so now we know how the media is protected and all the bullying they do but again I come to the same question and that is why couldn’t Harry leave? Why was it so necessary to have him stay in England? Why? It leads me to believe like I have always believed that Harry knows something and they are afraid he will say it? Could the only reason be that he married a biracial woman? Is this just that? I mean my god we know that they are a racist lot but is there something more?

    • sevenblue says:

      @Susan Collins, in UK the royal family has control on media, police, probably in some way on courts. Harry needed to stay in UK, because he couldn’t create problems for them there while his family is controlling his security. They could punish him in any way they want. When he left to USA, they panicked more because American media has an enormous influence in the world. The royal family can’t fully control the narrative now.

      • @Sevenblue. I understand they want to control him but my question is why? Why does he have to stay in England and be part of an institution he wants nothing to do with? What is so damn important that he must be there? Does he know something that they are afraid he will spill? ( they are doing a good job of spilling on themselves). He didn’t reveal who the who asked about his sons skin and he didn’t reveal if there was an affair that Peg was having so why are they still so hell bent that he should be in England alone. There must be more than he married a biracial woman.

      • sevenblue says:

        I think, it is the same as Andrew. Both Harry and Andrew know behind the scenes, there are a lot of dirty works, buried secrets of the palace. Spare’s non-published pages include some of them, I am sure. Also, some people looove control. Even if there is no dirty laundry to air, Willy looks like someone who enjoys controlling, punishing people. Killing a rebellious relative is nothing new to that family.

      • Jaded says:

        Harry was William and Kate’s scapegoat, dogsbody and work horse, because he was the Spare. He was meant to do all the heavy lifting while the Cambridges took all the credit. He was literally groomed from the beginning to kowtow to the more senior ranking royals and keep his mouth shut. That’s why he loved being in the military and seeing action in Afghanistan, it gave him a real purpose in his life, and when Meghan came along she sussed out almost immediately that Harry was in an untenable situation with his family and suffering as a result. She insisted that he get therapy otherwise the relationship would be over almost as soon as it started. In a sense she was the catalyst for Harry to get himself mentally healthy and stand up for himself, which was unacceptable for the senior royals and they turned, en masse, against him and especially Meghan because *black uppity woman something something”.

    • Chantal1 says:

      @SusanCollins. I think there is something so profoundly wrong with Willy Nilly that they need Harry for him to hide behind. We’ve always heard about how Harry needs to help W when he becomes king and I don’t think Harry being the scapegoat is the only reason for the constant panic at the palaces. They are desperately trying to hide something(s) about him. Good luck Chuck bc it seems W is power hungry and getting even more out of control.

    • Kingston says:

      @Susan Collins
      They were desperate for H to remain in the royal ghetto (and, even now, wd welcome him bk in a Cali minute, wth or wthout his family, just so long as he agrees to play by the palace goons’ rules) and that is & remains their nasty wet dream.

      But bk to ur question:
      the monumental hit on the hd by a golf ball tht Bully received as a kid, which clearly wasn’t taken care of properly, in addition to doing irreparable damage to a part of his brain resulting in impaired cognition; PLUS the way he was pampered by palace goons – led by the queen mother – and treated as if his shidt dont stink; AND the way he was never made be accountable for his actions, which resulted in him becoming an entitled, psychopathic narcicssist, means that he is thoroughly incompetent, socially awkward (which is intolerable for a HoS in a modern world) and completely incapable of satisfactorily carrying out the duties of “king.”

      Both the palace, the govt and worse, the britshidtmedia, all know these things to be true. They also know that H is the complete opposite of Bully, with a proven track record of success on all fronts.

      They know they had done a gd job of making H believe himself to be a Spare so they were planning on him being the one to manage Bully, much as a ventriloquist dummy.

      But all these plans went to h3ll after H met M and decided to “up my game” and throw off all shackles.

      That’s why they hate and want to unalive her.

      That’s why they still want him back.

      • WaterDragon says:

        I think Incandescent got hit in the head with a golf club, not ball, if I remember correctly. Dianna rushed to the hospital to be with him, but Charles delayed getting there for some reason: either polo game or Horsilla.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @WaterDragon – KFCIII had an official engagement to attend some opera then host an official opera fundraiser after the performance.

  14. Bettyrose says:

    Was Endgame’s working title “Scorched Earth”? Scobie is not playing.

  15. Eliora says:

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.”

    Truer words have never been spoken. How Harry and Meghan became the villians in this sad and troubling tale, I will never know. Apparently plenty of people knew they had Charles and William’s support to treat Harry any kind of way. This guy may have threatened Harry but it was Harry’s own father that followed through on the threat. Think about it. It’s mind-blowing.

    • MsIam says:

      What’s equally amazing that these same media shills want Harry to jump in and defend his father and denounce Omid and his book. The same father who evidently didn’t care that Harry was getting death threats and his wife was suicidal.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “How Harry and Meghan became the villians in this sad and troubling tale, I will never know”


      Love them or hate them, the Sussexes generate clicks for revenues and sell magazines-newspapers worldwide. The Brit Tabloids propel (notice the present tense) the Sussexes to the front page and all the rest of the magazines-newspapers just fall in behind with their lazy and cutrate so-called journalisms. Scobie explained this in detail in Endgame.

      If Wigs & Pegs divorce, the Brit Tabloids will turn on Wigs IF Wigs generates clicks for revenues and can sell magazines-newspapers.

      • Eliora says:

        You are absolutely right. The Sussexes are extremely bankable and as that former Fox News exec said, hate sells so much better than love or even truth.

        Just hate it for Harry and Meghan. Nobody should have to live as a commodity, high valued or not.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    The power behind the throne isn’t camzilla, it’s the media! The contract is in play 24/7, camzilla is just the current conduit to Charlie.
    My conviction hasn’t changed since the day it happened, that Diana was murdered, and Megan and or Harry were marked to go the same way. Think about it, the media control the throne, the throne controls the courts, Diana no longer had a royal protection detail, yes I know she refused it, because she thought they were reporting back to Charles (and it’s been proved they were) but it was being cut on Charlie’s instruction as, as he said, she was no longer H. R. H! That’s all that mattered to him, he was now free to have his tart and Diana was expendable. So the moment Harry showed his independence and sence of what’s right and wrong, HE AND MEGAN were both expendable. They weren’t prepared to allow Williams bodyguard to leave, and they weren’t willing to risk him blowing the Palace out of the water with his court action. See the Royals are not just Borgias they are cowards and kill everything that threatened their power. And IF your lurking on here paps, and want to take issue with anything I’ve put in print, BRING IT ON. Because we know you lurk here every day, to see what honest reporting and opinions are.

    • Jaded says:

      I think many of us knew that the tabloids and BM would turn on the BRF eventually. They are sitting on a literal GOLD MINE of scandal and outright criminal behaviour and that’s how they’ve controlled the BRF, by twisting their figurative short and curlies in turn for access and briefings that, for the most part, are just a sham but generate clicks and revenue. However the Sussexes knew exactly what to do — go absolutely radio silence so that the BRF and BM had no more agency over them and now they’re getting the bare minimum of cooperation from the BRF. The tide is turning @Mary Pester and Omid Scobie is one brave man to open the floodgates.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @JADED, I agree he is, but I hope that he, along with Harry and Megan are very, very careful over the next 12 months, because things won’t happen right away. The Royals are to devious for that, but give it 12 months for Omid, and let’s see what happens around Christmas as regards an invite for Harry and Megan, because if it does happen they need to tell Charlie to Foxtrot Oscar. It’s not safe

  17. Is that so? says:

    I am loving these excerpts. From what I’m reading this seems like a wonderful companion piece to SPARE. Prince Harry told a story OF the machinations from the family side of it and Omid Scobie is telling the story from the press side of it. And they corroborate each other so well. I know there are people who are upset with the Scobie’s book because they think it’s another exploitation of the Sussexes, but these excerpts just makes it seems like they are a second layer information bolstering in the story that Prince Harry told in SPARE.

    • WaterDragon says:

      1000@ agree on all points. Scobie totally corroborates Spare, with more inside the Palace details. Very clarifying.

  18. Ace says:

    So these dumbnuts actually sent H a letter with Buckingham Palace–headed paper from the Lord Chamberlain, threatening him so he would drop his suit. There’s no doubt that everybody in that institution is completely stupid.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing that letter submitted as evidence. Do you think any of those valued professionals in the Firm will realise they fucked up by then or nah?

  19. L4Frimaire says:

    I remember in the docuseries when Tyler Perry recounted how afraid Meghan was and how he listed how they were cut off financially, from security, location exposed, to bring them to heel, this must have been the scenario he was referring to. It wasn’t just an anecdote to describe their situation but based on real threats they were getting from the palace. I remember Rebecca English writing how she got back from a palace briefing and afterwards their location was revealed. This was deliberate and part of this scenario.

  20. QuiteContrary says:

    “The Palace basically accused Harry of wanting to sue his brother’s [private secretary] and causing great distress to Christian.”

    Since when has the palace ever cared about their employees facing great distress??? Man, Christian must have really been holding the goods on William. Again, I agree with the commenters who think he either must have been having an affair with Willy, or he had kompromat on Willy.

  21. J.Ferber says:

    Royals are ruthless–always have been, always will be. This reminds me of a fairly recent book written about Cleopatra (by a woman whose name I can’t recall at the moment) which revealed that Cleopatra basically killed her entire nuclear family for the throne (including the brother she married and had a child with–yuck). Apart from marrying your brother, I don’t think the blood, cruelty or ruthlessness have changed one iota. Harry is truly an anomaly in that family. He is human.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Read up on the Ptolemies – the basically did two things, they married each other and murdered each other (often in very inventive ways). They actually ran out of legitimate heirs because of this, Cleopatra VII’s father was illegitimate (she was THE Cleopatra). They were also all called Ptolemy and Cleopatra (with an occasional Berenike). The Ptolemies were basically the Targaryens on steroids (and thankfully without dragons).

      The famous Cleopatra didn’t have children with her brother-husband. Other Cleopatras did. One of the Ptolemies married his niece (and her mother). He killed their son and she responded by hanging her child’s dismembered body n the palace walls of Alexandria to incite a riot. Eventually, the reconciled. The history of the House of Ptolemy is just bonkers.

  22. VilleRose says:

    The BRF didn’t want it getting out that William sanctioned Christian Jones to share with Dan Wootton the Sussexes were leaving the BRF. Anything to protect the heir. Harry may have believed that Christian Jones leaked it without William’s permission but we all know he didn’t.

  23. Macky says:

    1. I assume William saw how much success Camilla had with the press and wanted his own guy. So in that regard it was the right thing to protect Jones. Technically he isn’t a snitch. William hired him because he was in the dirt.

    2. Harry was a true believer. He went to them first. In hindsight Andrew leaking stories doesn’t seem so sneaky. The queen liked Fergie but I now wonder if someone didn’t tell the press that Fergie was fairgame.

    3. Pulling security was always a “drive them back” move. It worked with almost everyone else. 24 hour security is expensive. Especially with the british media rile people up.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It has been my experience that 1 side is not all/100% good and truthful and the other side is not all100% bad and liars. It generally falls in the middle for both sides .

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Anonymous, what makes this even handed is that we have both sides: From inside the brf and from outside with the press. People can reach their own conclusions, but I think I’ve reached the only conclusion available.

      I admire Omid for writing this book. I suspect he knows he’s more on the outside than ever, but I hope he makes LOTS & LOTS of money.

      Harry has made it clear that he has 400 more pages that weren’t published with information that is worse. I hope Omid has done the same. It might keep both of them alive.

    • equality says:

      So spousal abuse, war between Ukraine and Russia, rapists and victims, human trafficking….? No, everything doesn’t fall in the MIDDLE. One side can be infinitely more terrible than the other. Sounds like victim-blaming here.

  25. Myeh says:

    I’m glad Harry isn’t part of that a*hole cult anymore. I can’t imagine the amount of effort to get somewhat past that type of conditioning. I feel so badly for Megan and their kids being subjected unnecessarily to danger getting their security pulled all to appease a bunch of petty racist disloyal to their own blood and family for what? Shady backroom betrayals to make each other look bad. Gross… Just UGH! I feel so sad for Harry still trying to maintain contact with his dad who cares more about his title and his prize horse of a mistress. I feel terrible for Meghan as a woc having to comfort her husband and do all this extra labor to suffer these people. Eff their dumb systemic racism, doubling down and shitty patriarchal white supremacy.