CBS President: We’re worried about Charlie Sheen, but he’s a professional

Rihanna and Matt Kemp
Charlie Sheen was the very first celebrity that host Ricky Gervais roasted at last night’s Golden Globe ceremony, and he was a natural choice since his antics are so outrageous and well documented. Gervais didn’t even mention Charlie’s latest orgy in Vegas with a bunch of hookers at a porn convention, and focused on his hotel room freakout. I loved the way Gervais explained it: “It’s going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking, or as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast. Let’s get this straight, he picked up a porn star, paid her to have dinner with him, introduced her to his ex wife, as you do, went to a hotel, got drunk, got naked, trashed the place while she was locked in a cupboard. That was a Monday. What did he do on New Year’s eve?

Well we know that Charlie topped that incident with a Vegas blowout that had him missing work afterwards due to an “ear infection” that his people swore was legitimate. The President of CBS was asked in a press conference about Charlie’s latest antics, and she spoke candidly about how concerned they were, but seemed to suggest that the popularity of Sheen’s hit show Two and A Half Men trumps the fact that he’s an abusive, womanizing creep. At least that’s what I took away from it:

CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler told the nation’s TV critics this morning that “we have a high level of concern” about Charlie Sheen and the reported personal problems that he may or may not be wrestling with off-camera, but expressed confidence in his professionalism on the network’s hit show, Two and a Half Men. “I personally thought a lot about this,” said Tassler, choosing her words carefully. “We have a high level of concern. How can we not? Let me speak personally first. On a very basic human level, I am concerned of course. This man is a father, he has children, he has a family.”

“You can’t look at it simplistically,” she continued. “Charlie is a professional. He comes to work, he does his job extremely well. We are taping tonight. It’s very complicated, but we have a very good relationship with Warner Bros. TV. We have tremendous trust and respect with the way they are managing the situation. On a personal level, we obviously have concern. On a professional level, he does his job and he does it well. This show is a hit. That’s all I have to say.”


Maybe if CBS lost advertisers they’d feel differently about Charlie Sheen. As it is, he only abuses hookers and whichever women are naive enough to marry him, so he’s getting a pass.

Charlie sheen is shown on 1/16/10 at a Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Clippers game. Credit: PRPhotos

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

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  1. renee says:

    I am disturbed by Ms. Tassler’s statement. On the one hand, Diddy was right – it is all about the Benjamins. It’s business, and they seemingly only care about their bottom line. On the other hand, this sort of reminds me of Mel Gibson. MG made sexist and homophobic (and apparently anti-semetic) remarks for years and no one seemed to care until the last few years. Sheen clearly is misogynist but it doesn’t seem to trouble many in Hollywood which I find highly problematic.

  2. Maud says:

    I wonder if he will eventually, in the not too distant future, kill one of these women? He seems on course to hit rock bottom; I hope it doesn’t involve death.

  3. brin says:

    Yeah…a professional douche.

  4. louise says:

    The statement doesn’t make sense. People are fired all of the time for personal behavior. Unless ratings drop nothing is going to happen to Charlie.

  5. OriginalGracie says:

    A professional what? Whoremonger? Drunk? Embarrasment? Wife beater? Terrible actor? Lousy father? Low rent human being?

  6. Nanea says:

    “… missing work afterwards due to an “ear infection” that his people swore was legitimate”

    Sometimes I wonder how Stan Rosenfield manages to sleep at night, the way he lies for clients like Sheen, Kelsey Grammer, George Clooney, among others.

    … and as Original Gracie already summed up so nicely, CS is a professional despicable human being.

  7. mln76 says:

    Translation : they’ll keep him until he dies or goes on trial for murder.

  8. Anti-icon says:

    Yeah, I read this on a news blog. CBS making excuses for their almost dead cash-cow Sheen. Meanwhile, across America, when people get arrested, violate probation, they are typically “let go” from their jobs. Even those who don’t regularly have to undergo drug testing. CBS/Time Warner should be ashamed. Very ashamed.

  9. luiz fernando fernandes says:

    esse caraa é nota 1000 , oaieuioeau muito loko neh ?

  10. tapioca says:

    What this guy gets up to in his spare time is irrelevant, as long as he does his job properly. We’ve all got our personal foibles and prejudices; some of us haven’t behaved too well with regards to relationships – but we have the luxury of keeping those matters private so people we deal with professionally don’t get to judge us negatively based on our personal lives, so yeah, he’s a douche, but 2&½ Men isn’t any better or worse because of it!
    Oh, and if you’re a woman who wants a man to respect you don’t: a). Marry him for money & b). Have sex with him for money. Sheesh!!

  11. Liana says:

    Nina Tassler can bite me. She’s responsible for the shakeup on “Criminal Minds.” Sure, you can let good solid people like AJ Cook and Paget Brewster go, but you keep douches like Charlie Sheen and pay him millions.

  12. Feebee says:

    A professional fuck up is what he is.

    There are other ‘public’ professions that have clauses in their contracts regarding personal conduct, and it would not be out of bounds for CBS to tell Mr Sheen to pull his bloody head in. They choose not to thereby condoning his frightful behaviour despite what they say.

  13. Someone Else says:

    @Maud –

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” CS will kill someone, it’s “when”.

    He’s tried 3x (that we know of) already…

    Sickening, but just a matter of time.

    Martin Sheen must be so proud.

  14. Faye says:

    Maud, I was thinking the same thing. Pretty much exactly the same thing.

    I really hope not. Not for him nor the women he “socializes” with.

  15. Eileen says:

    mln-I wouldn’t be surprised if they just filmed a ton of episodes to last a few years while Sheen went up for his murder trial.
    What happened to people being held responsible for their actions and having consequences? How am I suppose to tell my son not to beat up hookers and don’t do drugs when celebs do it? lol seriously though-its getting out of hand.

  16. toosexy says:

    Really. I understand what’s she’s saying..Just like in the real world..supervisors or managers have no idea what their employees do on their alone long as it doesn’t affect their job..I mean if he’s not going into work high or harming himself at work or others or missin days..there’s really nothing they can say…. i mean he’s a superstar so his life is no private, but it’s no different then some people who have private lives and work amongst us..let’s be for real.

  17. Az says:

    Stronzilla: A professional whoremonger is what.

  18. KJ says:

    I’m not pissed that he’s a functioning addict that can do his job. Half of hollywood is like that. I’m pissed because he is a documented abusive piece of shit who is constantly caught in violent or precarious situations with women. He held a knife to the throat of the mother of his twins. He beat Denise Richards. Capri Andrerson (a porn star and escort who I guarantee has seen her share of violent creeps) felt so afraid of him that she barricaded herself inside their hotel room closet. He can rape all the coke he wants, but the fact that they’re letting his misogyny and abuse slide is disgusting. That woman should be ashamed of herself.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    A professional train-wreck, with psychotic tendencies and an unquenchable thirst for whores, drugs, and alcohol.

  20. phlyfiremama says:

    I still say it was an ear In-Fuck-tion!

  21. kas says:

    The difference in response/reaction, or lack thereof by Hollywood concerning Gibson and Sheen is simply that Gibson has been, literally “caught on tape” with his vile behavior, while Sheen has always been able to maintain a degree of distance from his own crimes. Eventually, as others have said, he will kill somebody. That’s what it’s gonna take.

    I love that there is always a “Nina Tassler”, willing to pipe up about what a total professional Sheen always is on set. 70% of the show is him sitting on a damn couch. What he “does” so well, he damn well should be doing well.

  22. Aries_Mira says:

    Charlie is a human being who has a lot of troubles. He has addictions, he has hurt people. He needs help. If his producers, co-stars, friends, and family don’t see this or choose not to do anything about it, they are enablers. If someone ends up dying at his hands, they’re just as guilty.

  23. December says:

    He’s not aging well. He’s starting to get coke bloat among other things. Why ANY woman would want to be seen with him, much less have sex with him is beyond me.

    Though it seems the only way for him to have sex is if he pays for it.

  24. REALIST says:

    Hmmm…Isn’t it strange how most of Tiger Wood’s sponsors disappeared while Charlie goes on and on with his silly show and its sponsors? No personal endorsement for Tiger, but there were no drugs involved and I doubt he paid anyone to have sex with him.
    Do women watch this show? If so, stop!

  25. Lemuria says:

    I agree 100% with Anti-Icon. What absolutely SHAMEFUL hypocrisy! While the slave working class are subjected to mandatory pee-testing and a set of standards that mean FIRED from the job if they pull even an iota of the crap Charlie pulls. His VIOLENCE against women is publicly excused time and time and time again. It makes me sad to read some women on here defending him..since the money excuses it, right?

    All that said, I love this board. Your comments are the best anywhere online, ladies, and CB is the funniest along with D List.

    PS Nothing to do with this post but since it’s my very first comment, I feel the need to celebrate by saying: Leanne Rimes is the most DISGUSTING PSYCHO B**CH I’ve EVER had the displeasure of hearing about! TEAM BRANDY – who WILL come out like a rose (don’t you sweat that trash, honey, you’re the QUEEN and LR will always be a dirty dairymaid). That creature (whatever she is god only knows – have U SEEN her face??) has it coming. Karma is gonna hit back HARD!

  26. jayem says:

    I gotta say, I agree with those who say it’s no one’s business as far as the show is concerned. It’s his money and his time and if he wants to swim in coke and bang hookers, I don’t see why he can’t (except for the illegal parts). Now as far as the violence, I’m thinking at this point, if you’re hanging out with Charlie Sheen, you should know what to expect. These women need to take some responsibility for their actions too. No one forced them to go with him; they were more-than-willing participants. There would be no skanks to smack around and lock in bathrooms if they would just stop going up to his room with him.

    However, I do see the obvious juxtaposition in how he and Blohan are treated, and how say, Tiger Woods or TI are treated for the same offenses. I’m not saying it’s a race thing, I’m just saying it bears speculation…

  27. Hakura says:

    @Renee (#2)- “MG made sexist and homophobic (and apparently anti-semetic) remarks for years and no one seemed to care until the last few years.”

    I’m with you there. It brings Roman Polanski to mind, immediately. Even celebrities I thought were half decent people defended him, even though he admitted what he’d done & never paid the price for it. I couldn’t even *believe* so many people knew about Mel G this long without it getting out.

    @Tapoica (#12)- “What this guy gets up to in his spare time is irrelevant, as long as he does his job properly.”

    With all due respect, Bull. That may fly when a celebrity has a drinking problem, does coke & frequents prostitutes. But when they’re a misogynist creep with a rap sheet full of violence against women (or against anyone)?

    Sorry, but I just can’t ignore that. I’m not the sort of person who can enjoy someone’s work (talented or not) when I know what a fucktard they are in real life. (Re: Leann Rimes or Kanye West).

  28. Sarah S says:

    hi everyone!, I’m new on here and glad to be a part of the threaded!