Charlie Sheen’s boss: “If he outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed”

I watched the last episode of Two and a Half Men online just out of curiosity to check out Charlie Sheen’s health. He really looked bad, thin with ashen skin and I could see that his teeth weren’t real. He looks like such an addict, but that’s the role he plays so I guess it works for him. The show was mildly funny and entertaining but there were plenty of cringe-worthy lines and stupid plot twists. It remains incredibly popular, though, and without Charlie Sheen the show won’t go on.

Creator Chuck Lorre made his feelings known about Charlie’s lifestyle. He has “vanity cards” that he flashes during the end credits for two seconds for each of his shows. The ones he put up this week for both Two and a Half Men, and his show that followed, Mike & Molly, seemed to reference Charlie:

After Two and a Half Men
I exercise regularly. I eat moderate amounts of healthy food. I make sure to get plenty of rest. I see my doctor once a year and my dentist twice a year. I floss every night. I’ve had chest x–rays, cardio stress tests, EKG’s and colonoscopies. I see a psychologist and have a variety of hobbies to reduce stress. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I don’t have crazy, reckless sex with strangers.

If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed. – CLP

After Mike & Molly
He felt dead inside.

No matter how hard he partied, he could never escape that simple fact – inside, dead.

And that was his life.

Running from a feeling.

At least until he could run no more.

Exhausted, spent and beaten, when the end finally came, he welcomed it.

With life ebbing from his wasted body, he was suddenly swept up in a transcendent state of joy that was pure and complete.

Moments later he felt dead inside.

[From Chuck Lorre Productions]

So Lorre is saying that Sheen is headed for a quick death, but that he may surprise everyone and outlive even the cleanest living among us. He’s concerned about the guy, but he also probably hates that Sheen is holding up production on one of his most popular shows.

According to TMZ, Sheen is ok with Lorre’s messages to him, and sees the one after Two and a Half men as “a nice gesture.” There’s a lot of contention on set over the fact that Lorre canceled a scheduled four out of the eight remaining episodes this season out of concern for Sheen’s health.

Meanwhile Nicole Richie was cohosting The View yesterday and when the topic of Charlie Sheen came up she hit the nail on the head. She said that in his recent radio interview, in which he said producers better start work on Two and a Half Men soon because “I unravel pretty quickly,” he wasn’t taking responsibility. Nicole said “I don’t think he should make it somebody else’s responsibility to keep him sober. If he wants [his sobriety] to last for a long time, it’s up to him. He’s an adult and he needs to take responsibility for his actions.” Nicole should know, she had multiple DUIs before she got sober and got her act together.



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  1. Rita says:

    I thought Lorre’s comment was hysterical. As I undertand it, Lorre has imbedded similar comments in the trailing credits at the end of the show.

  2. citysuede says:

    I like that someone had the courage to tell it like it is in a public forum. So, your employers are fed up too, Charlie. I doubt he will ever get clean.

  3. lucy2 says:

    That is funny, but I pity all the people forced to work with CS. He’s a raging disaster, and now is blaming others for him potentially “unraveling”? GMAFB.

  4. arock says:

    leave him alone, he likes his drugs and womens. he has the money to be able to spend without any real issue and the ability to do so in an almost consequence free way. im all for charlie doing blow off a strippers bum until the cows come home.
    that being said, im going to be really pissed if i get hit by a bus and spends the next 2 decades getting choked out with hookers panty hose.

  5. Ellen says:

    I’m surprised Aniston hasn’t jumped all over that Bad Boy.

  6. Quest says:

    Charlie is next in line when Hefner retires (if he is able to out-live the Hef)

  7. caramia says:

    Charlie will be the wittiest guy at Forest Lawn, too bad I will really miaa watching him

  8. Isabel says:

    I loved Nicole Richie on The View. She has come a long way and was quite eloquent in how she described her feelings about the Sheen situation.

  9. *-* says:

    wait.. Lorre is behind that Mike and Molly unwatchable disaster?? Same Lorre that created “Men”..OMG..
    anyway, hope poor Charlie gets better

  10. Jess says:

    I’m certain he has some sort of STD. I bet his twig & berries look like they were set on fire and then stomped on. That would lead me to drink too!

  11. Jacq says:

    At this rate, does he even see any of his kids? I’d be making sure he didn’t.

  12. guesty says:

    lol. have to admit that show was funny early on with berta, rose & evelyn.

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Nicole is right, its all up to Charlie.

    I recently heard an interview that Charlie did and he definately knows he has a problem but he jokes about it a lot which leads me to believe he is not serious at all.

    Any crackhead can give it up for a couple of weeks. He’ll be back on it and his bosses know it.

  14. TQB says:

    I have to admit, I found the statement to be in poor taste. Yes, I’m happy whenever anyone calls Sheen out on his shenanigans, but doing it at the end of the show, from which Lorre makes a ton of money, seems targeted more at getting attention than reaching out.

  15. Melanie says:

    What is the problem with what he is doing besides being a father? In my opinion he is spreading his money around better than any other Hollywood star. Think of all the dumb crap that those porn girls buy with that 30 thou that he lays down.

  16. original kate says:

    is his character on the show supposed to be a casanova or something, because he is always either in bed with some chick or half-dressed. memo to whatever networks pawned this piece of crap: charlie sheen is not now nor has he ever been sexy. please cover him up, preferably in a muu-muu with a big straw hat.

  17. k says:

    @ Melanie:

    The problems are:

    1. He is _heavily_ investing in an illegal substance (coca) that is directly linked to mass murders in Latin America.

    2. He is not being a good or even passable parent to his children

    3. He has threatened to murder his ex and/or has assaulted another one.

    4. He doesn’t care that his extracurricular activities and resulting incapacity to work negatively affects everyone else on payroll for 2/12 Men

    Shall I go on?

  18. Hautie says:

    I also watched the last two episodes. And Charlie looked like hell.

    I bet it was a challenge not to grind his teeth the whole time.

    But he has not sober up. At all.

    He is a functioning raging addict.

    Still trying to sell the fact, that he is fine.

    That he is just a social crack/coke/meth head.

    He doesn’t need it except for partying. He can walk away from it. No big deal.

    I bet they don’t go back to work at the end of the month either. He will have some type of drama before then. Cause he is not remotely clean.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    And still not one word of apology to all the people he’s costing livelihoods by being a raging drug addict.

  20. TQB says:

    @Original Kate, I would have agreed with you until I watched the original Wall Street recently. He actually was exceptionally hot back then. Just makes it more pathetic now, though!

  21. REALIST says:

    Many issues with Charlie, obviously.

    The main issue is he must be a horrible father, and now he has four kids from two different wives.

    I am still perplexed why Brooke what’s-her-name married him and had twins with him after Denise Richards made it known inside and outside of court that Denise would NOT allow Charlie to have unsupervised visitation with the girls.

    I remember her ripping a reporter a new one when the reporter was trying to ask about issues that were to be discussed at an upcoming court hearing. Denise was not screwing around. Fierce mother bear!
    Maybe Brooke was in Antarctica during the Sheen/Richards marriage.

  22. d says:

    I’m convinced that the current ridiculous storyline on the show is to punish Charlie. They’re going to make him suffer for being a pain, right until the bitter end. And yeah, he looks like CRAP. It’s really a joke how he’s portrayed and how he portrays himself. He think he’s the hot playboy but really he’s a creepy, ugly man with a lifestyle that’s laughable.

  23. Athena says:

    Never thought I’d say this but Amen for Nicole Richie! At least she is making sense.