In Touch: Suri Cruise is a lonely, unhappy child with no friends


It’s really no secret that Suri Cruise never hangs out with friends that are her age, for she appears to exclusively enjoy the company of grown ups (sometimes in some very adult-oriented venues). So that hasn’t changed, but while Papa Tom has been butching it up for the Rock of Ages shoot in Miami, Katie and Suri have followed along to the city and largely spent their time together poolside and eating ice cream. Now, In Touch claims that this very ice cream cone was a “guilt gift” from Katie because she feels so bad for her daughter’s friendless plight, and some Miami insiders have expressed their belief that poor Suri is a truly miserable child.

Suri’s Lonely Summer!

As her family moves to Miami while her dad, Tom Cruise, shoots a movie, little Suri trudges through her days — with no friends.

Building sand castles, eating ice cream and playing by the pool, Suri Cruise should be having the summer of her life. But what good is all the fun in the sun when Suri, 5, has no one to play with?

While living in Miami with mom Katie Holmes — as dad Tom Cruise films Rock of Ages there — Suri has been stuck entertaining herself every single day. And despite her parents’ best efforts, it’s obvious she’s unhappy.

“I’ve never seen Suri with any other kids around her,” a Miami local tells In Touch. “She never hanges out with other children her age, ever.” While learning to swim at the posh Continuum condominium complex pool on June 18, Suri was surrounded by stone-faced bodyguards instead of giggling pals.

The next day, she and her parents took a daylong boat trip and she was so exhausted by the grown-up activity that she had to be carried off the ship. “She was completely passed out,” explains an onlooker.

She misses Tom, too.

But besides that outing, Suri hasn’t been able to spend much quality time with her beloved dad, making matters worse. As he throws himself into his role in the musical movie, “Tom is working very long hours,” an insider reveals. “He hardly ever gets breaks, so Suri and Katie have never come to visit the set, as far as anyone knows.”

And though it’s true that Suri is used to the solitary life, one can’t help but wonder if she wishes she had more friends her own age.

“She has the perfect life, but it’s the perfect life for an adult, not a child,” explains a family friend. “She gets everything she wants except the one thing she probably needs — a normal childhood.”

[From In Touch, print edition, July 11,2011]

You know what? Under relatively normal circumstances, I’d probably assume that Suri and her mommy are merely best friends; and it isn’t an uncommon circumstance for a very young only child and her mother to develop an extraordinarily close bond, particularly if the child is an “old soul.” However, this is not an ordinary family by any means, and even if it wasn’t a Hollywood family, Scientology virtually guarantees that Suri will never live a normal life. In fact, the CO$ believes that children are merely smaller adults because they really do have old souls. Like, literally, that’s one of the main tenets of the “religion,” and Katie herself has spoken of what “a very strong woman” that she believed Suri to be even before she was two years old. Still, do I think Suri is a “lonely” child? Probably not at this stage of the game when mini-Louboutins and a $100,000 treehouse are there to fill the void. Give Suri a few years, and she might change her mind. Or maybe not.






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  1. mln76 says:

    OK let’s throw the Scientology out the window for a second. Suri is a kid surrounded by adults. All of her siblings are 15 years older, and she’s her mother’s only child. Add the fact that her parents marraige is shall we say conventional and mom always looks lonely. OF COURSE Suri doesn’t have any friends and her best friend is mommy.
    Now we can factor Scientology and we get a religion that encourages that kind of dynamic. I am gonna keep my fingers crossed that the kid will somehow be OK.

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    she’s not so young that she hasn’t noticed the lack of age-appropriate friends, I’m betting.

    I always remember that pic from a year or so ago where she’s “interacting” with another young girl and she looks scared to death, like she had never seen anyone her own age before. it reminded me of the reaction my niece had when she saw a dog for the first time.

    here it is!

  3. RocketMerry says:

    Katie should come to her senses. She is ruining that poor little child. Many kids grow up mainly amongst adults; sometimes there’s no other choice. But at least they are treated like the children they are.
    I’m truly afraid that Suri will never fully understand life or the simple pleasures of friendship and love if somebody does not stop this NOW.
    Ps. I totally see the demonic roots of the Cos in this idea, too: children are grown-ups who already lived and don’t have innocence, nor they need to have an appropriate upbringing. Horrible monsters.

  4. fable says:

    I hope suri will be able to maintain some sanity as she grows older with batsh!t crazy parents.

  5. Phoenix says:

    I feel bad for Suri. Whilst I guess it might have been quite cool to spend my early years dressed in designer clothes and being lavished with ridiculously expensive gifts, I think I’d definitely prefer to socialise with people my own age. At the end of the day her parents can spend all the money in the world on her but it won’t mean a thing. She’s always been surrounded by expensive goods so it’s probably just normal to her. I doubt she realises right now that she missing out on having friends because all she has ever known is hanging out with Katie. But I feel sorry for her when she gets older.

  6. RHONYC says:


    such a sad post title.

    such a sad sitch for a little one.

    well, OK-AY!


  7. Quest says:

    Poor child will become an emotional mess very soon if this continues .

    Who makes a kid wear a dress to the beach, then again who wears heels to the beach.

  8. Missy says:

    I really like this site,but one thing I hate is the constant stories about kids. I also think it’s interesting that the people who scream and cry whenever anything is said about the Jolie-Pitt kids are the same ones who automatically believe everything that is said about suri. For the record, suri has not been in Miami the whole summer. Katie and suri have been flying back and forth between la and Miami. Maybe she has friends back home that she plays with. My point is that I wish people would stop speculating about the lives of children when we truly don’t what goes on in their lives.

  9. katnip says:

    the tabloids seriously need to leave this child alone.

    Who are Violet’s friends, or Nalah’s.. Who are the friends of the Smith children, or Hugh Jackman.. what about all the Klum children or Kingston and Zuma.. I dont’ see them with other kids. OH wait maybe these parents are able to keep their private lives private and their children do have friends that are not being splashed in the media.

    I love looking at pictures of celebrity kids, but the tabloid stories about children this young are sick and perverse. Nasty and I note that it is only with Suri or the Jolie-Pitt kids. Then we get adults spouting off the most vile comments about children just because they have issues with their parents. That is sick especially coming from grown ass women..because that is the group that is doing this and buying those magazine. Women attacking children.. Sick.

    @missy that is NOT TRUE. Why you are claiming the JP fans are into attacking Suri is just wrong. I think that is another way of trying to make some backhand negative to the JP fans. I don’t see that at all. Trying to claim that the JP fans are spouting off negative comments about this baby is off base. That being said ITAW your last sentence. People act as if seeing a few pictures of these children means you know everything about them and that is not true at all.

  10. mel says:

    @katnip, I have seen photos of Nahla playing with other children. Michael Jackson’s kids are now attending school and have seen photos of them with their friends. I dont trust anything the tabloids have to say cause we dont know what goes on behind close doors.

  11. twin265 says:

    Who lets their child swim in a dress? As a young child I spent several summers at the beach/lake/pool and I mostly ran around in a bathing suit w/no care in the world. I think there is some kind of weirdness surrounding the parenting of Suri. Too much “adult stuff”, too soon. It’s just messed up. Suri is deff. missing out on her childhood.

  12. tapioca says:

    @katnip: Whilst I agree with your sentiment, the other examples you list have siblings and/or go to school, so they have daily interactions with other kids.

    And it’s obviously more about attacking the Church of Scientology and their loopy ideas about child-raising!

  13. katnip says:

    @mel.. that is my point too. I have seen all these children with other children, but we don’t see them at their homes. We have no idea if they go to their friends’ homes or if they have friends over. MJ kids are older. If I was a celeb parent I would be very cautious about where my children went and with whom. These kids go to the doctor, dentist, have classes parties.. and for many of them we don’t see those activities but they happen out of public view.

    I don’t believe any of the tabloid stories positive or negative. I don’t buy them or read them. I do read legit interviews. But anyone with a brain has to know that we don’t know everything about these people and especially their children.

  14. sbuttrflyy says:

    Has anyone noticed that Suri is five years old..shouldn’t she be in some sort of school? It is no fault of Scientology that Suri has no interactions with children, it is lonely Katy’s fault. She could easily socialize her if whe wanted, like at the playground or the beach they were visiting, but she keeps her by her side because of her own issues. Selfish.

  15. You don't say says:

    Tabloid editors are creepy. Children, even if you don’t like their parents, should not be featured in stories. We don’t know what goes in any celebrity life, not even big stars. One photo taken between blinks becomes drug addiction. No one smiles all the time, so a non smiling child becomes an unhappy child.

    Maybe Suri plays, but the photos always show her doing adult activities like shopping for designer clothing or having late dinners, but never kiddie activities like other celebrity children, such as the Jolie-Pitts or Stefanni’s who are active and are usually photograhed at play,like most other children their ages. But that is Suri’s parents doing, not hers.

    Bottom line, though is leave this kid alone. Actually, leave them all alone.

  16. Missy says:

    @katnip, sorry I wasn’t trying to imply that all Jolie-Pitt fans are like that. I’ve just noticed that some are.
    I’d also like to point out that I HAVE seen some adorable photos of Suri playing with other kids. Don’t have time now, but I’ll see if I can find them later.

  17. Riana says:

    I suspect in a few short years Suri Cruise will be making headlines for the booze and alcohol fiend she becomes in an effort to self-medicate her issues. It really is sad sometimes how a child can be born into uncontrollable circumstances and be powerless to help or stop it.

  18. Marie says:

    So, y’all, do you think tabloids should make stories about children off limits? I agree. But, here is the thing…don’t you think CB and all the other ‘click for the story’ sites all know just which stories people read?? Stop clicking on the headlines, leave the stories unread and believe me, they will go away. I intend to do just that now.
    By the way, did anyone read Pink’s open letter about why she sold pictures of her newborn.. she wanted to in some way get the paps out of the way. There was such a circus around her life with paps everywhere trying to get that first picture. Go to her website, its a thoughtful and well-written plea to leave her baby alone.

  19. Maja says:

    But she does go to school, right? So she meets her friends there. I think there are other kids in the Scientology circle, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    What I find disgusting is that she can’t even spend some time with her mom without some greedy hotel worker (or somebody like that) making assumptions that she’s “sad” & selling stories about her!

  20. Jana says:

    This is so silly. I never saw any stars’ children on their playdates and out in their back yard playing with their friends or in the house playing with friends. A story that means nothing. If we saw her out with friends, the headline would be fake outing with friends for Suri. I feel for Suri, all these paps taking her photo all the time. She’s just a little girl.

  21. Eva_baby says:

    And we believe this why? Snort. For all we know she has friends over at her house all the time. It is not in the Tabs’ self interest to show her being in the least normal.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    sbuttrflyy: Has anyone noticed that Suri is five years old..shouldn’t she be in some sort of school?

    Not if she is being home-schooled. But she should have the opportunity to play regularly with other children her age. I’ve never seen a photo of her playing or interacting with another child.

  23. Lady D says:

    “so a non smiling child becomes an unhappy child. ”
    Speaking of…has anyone ever seen a picture of Denise and Charlie’s girls smiling? Ever? They look like the unhappiest children I have ever seen.

  24. Eve says:

    Lonely, yes. Unhappy, I don’t think so (even with the father she has — and the fact he uses Scientology’s techniques/advices to raise her).

  25. mymy says:

    Katie doesn’t seem to have any friends either. But at least before Tom she had some and I bet in childhood she had some. It is beyond damaging to not have childhood friends. To learn to be social. Mothers are not a substitute for friends your age. Cloths and material things are NOT A SUBSTITUTE. I see this trend today. And it is very troubling.Family and friends are so important.

  26. jc126 says:

    Well, I’ve seen lots of pics of celeb kids interacting with each other in US, just ftr. I assume they don’t print pics of those kids with regular non-famous kids because it would really be an indefensible invasion of the regular kids’ privacy.
    However, I hate to say it, but I could sort of see this being true with poor Suri. Katie Holmes is a moron, Tom C. is a moron, and they’re in a cult. They let the kid run wild, from all accounts, so it’s no wonder she’s lonely. I hate it when children are lonely. It really breaks my heart.

  27. Riana says:

    I’ve also seen pics of celeb children playing with other kids so I’m not sure where that logic came from. I do agree with the sentiment though.

  28. Mary K says:

    I was wondering the firsts time these pictures ran of them @ the beach…why woulnt you let your child be a kid and wear a swimsuit or at least shorts. Hmmm my have found my answer. Has anyone ever seen Suri in shorts? I wonder if the lil one has a skin condition of sorts, going by the first photo and the left side of the photo. The top of her foot and going up her looks like there is something wrong. If so, I feel bad for Suri, if not I still do. Money can’t buy happiness..I hope she grows up and develops a mind of her own and not what become another cult follower.

  29. Truthful says:

    I’ll just keep watching, the whole weird parent COS thing…she never had a chance.

  30. UKHels says:

    seriously? I think she’s a kid and she should be left alone – this attempt to analyse the emotions of a four year old really bothers me

  31. Tiffany says:

    Anyone intimate with the workings of CO$ knows what the deal is here. They aren’t ALLOWED to interact with other normal kids. We were allowed an hour visit once a year from my COS relatives. Now they are desperate to leave, and can’t. It is not a pretty life to lead and when Kate leaves Tom, she won’t be seeing her kid, either because she will be an undesirable person.

  32. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Guys, I think we have some Scientologists on board today….COS members are well known for lurking.

    Also, former children of COS have written horrendous stories of abuse because the religion teaches kids are adults and should be treated as such. Koresh has nothing on this cult when it comes to the sheer numbers of children suffering in the name of religion. Google it for a major downer.

    Thankfully, Little Suri is likely protected by her status and by her mom, Katie – who obviously loves and takes good care of her. Suri is spoiled though, and that never helps a child in the long run. Couple that with not having children to play with except those in COS, I really worry for her.

  33. Jaye E says:

    @28…That is sand on her foot.

  34. Ilovemee says:

    Awe, this is really sad. Religion ruins everything.

  35. Tiffany says:

    CO$ isn’t a religion, it was designed as a way to evade taxes and was concocted from a fiction book. The author and his son freely admit this.
    Operation clambake, anyone?

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    *commenting prior to reading comments*

    I feel so bad for this little girl. She’s a beautiful little thing, and she may very well be an “old soul” – my daughter is too – but I was an only child, and it is a lonely existence.

    Adult company is not the same as being able to play with friends. How many times can you beat yourself at Monopoly or playing War?

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, back after reading comments.

    I really think Suri is isolated, both by her parents’ “church” and by the nature of being a Cruise.

    Wealth can isolate. Combine that with the CO$, and it seems like a no-win situation.

    I am sorry for her, but I don’t see things changing any time soon.

    As far as other celebs kids: I’ve read articles about play-dates for kids that have included (in part) Maguires’ kids; Stefani’s kids; Damons’ kids; Garner’s kids; even Richard’s and Spelling’s kids; and the like.

    I’ve yet to see one about Suri attending a birthday party or play-date with other kids.

  38. Ramona Q says:

    My guess is that Suri plays with her friends in private, away from areas where paparazzi are lurking – I imagine her friends’ parents don’t want pictures of their own kids all over magazines and the internet.

  39. Jacq says:

    I’m still not totally convinced that Suri isn’t William Mapother’s biological child. Which could make sense, given that Nicole had a baby and that maybe Tom is shooting blanks.
    And, I know that Isabella is “working” at Holmes and Yang, but where is Connor? What happens with those kids when their parents are living in Miami?

  40. fg-Kate says:

    She looks happier than the 6 (!) of Brangelina.

  41. mags says:

    why do these pictures look like they’re super high quality. check out the resolution on some of them. it looks more like a fashion shoot that grainy pap photos. i don’t get it. it has to have been a set up thing,but why would you ok a story about your kid being such a lonely “princess” in her gilt tower? whatever. who cares. i should get back to work.

  42. Very Telling says:

    Leah Remini is a A Scientologist and she often talks about her kid and her playdates with non COS incuding Holy Robinson Peete and Sara Gilbert’s kids. As for celebs and their kids we see them less than 1% of their lives. We don’t who they interact with away from the cameras.BTW JP kids look happy and healthy to me especially when the paps aren’t in their faces.

  43. Amanda G says:

    I agree with the majority. Kids should be left alone. I don’t even feel right looking at pictures of them most of the time. Their parents maybe have chosen this life, but the kids did not.

  44. Nikki Girl says:

    I just don’t buy that Suri Cruise is hanging out with other little kids in private. I just don’t, sorry, I’ve never seen a single picture or article about it, and I’ve seen every other celebrity kid hanging out with other kids.

    And I apologize if any of you were home-schooled, but I don’t agree with home-schooling, and I believe that is also a belief of Scientology. I don’t think Suri is socializing or interacting with humans her own age, and I suspect this is really going to mess her up in the long run. All children need to be around other children to learn how to properly communicate, share, learn, etc. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are morons with their heads up their own @sses.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    @bellaluna: I was an only child also, but it wasn’t a lonely existence. There were a lot of other kids in my immediate neighborhood and we were in and out of each other’s houses all day long when we weren’t in school. Katie needs to see to it that Suri has peers to play with.

  46. sandy#1 says:

    we never see tom with his family,what about the jumping on the couch to be with her,too sad, poor suri.

  47. Kim says:

    Im sure when home in LA she has friends she plays with. Celebrity friends kids. I really hope for her sake.

  48. Shiloh says:

    Does Katie Holmes work? If so, what does she do for a living?

  49. Maritza says:

    It’s so weird that now that it is summer she is covered up in a dress instead of wearing a bathing suit. Comes fall and the kid doesn’t wear a coat.

  50. Jen34 says:

    We don’t really know what Suri does every hour of the day, so we shouldn’t judge. I have a son her age. Basically, he does what I want him to do. He’s only 5.

  51. Lucy says:

    and why say suri will be a mess in a few years…haven’t seen connor or bella stumbling out of bars like a lohan!

  52. Chris says:

    If she went to a normal school I’m sure there’d be plenty of social climbing parents who’d be pushing their kids to be friends with Suri so they could get in with Tom and Katie.

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Cheyenne – Yes, I grew up on a military base, and 2 of my mother’s closest friends were mothers of 4 girls each. We spent a lot of time playing, usually outdoors, and didn’t have to be home until the street lights came on. It was great.

    But I also spent a lot of time wishing I wasn’t an only child.

  54. Belle Epoch says:

    Leave the kid alone? You don’t think the photographers were notified exactly when and where this intimate little swim was going to take place? How many times do they drag this kid out in front of the paparazzi? She used to cry and hide, but now she is even learning how to play to the cameras.

    Personally I think Katie is trying to train Suri to be a superstar, not trying to keep her away from the press.

  55. mk says:

    I highly doubt she is lonely and sad. she seems to be the center of her parents world. I’m sure they provide a healthy and loving home for her.

  56. Chris says:

    “But I also spent a lot of time wishing I wasn’t an only child.”

    Me too. That’s why I was determined to have more than one child of my own.

  57. Annie_Grey says:

    Jacq-Same. I’m not saying she belongs to Josh Hartnett for sure(, cause I don’t have any DNA proof), but she looks more like him all the time. Especially through the nose.

  58. Ja says:

    All of you who think Scientology is not instrumental, you are wrong. Read something on the subject before you post! Suri can’t go to a school or have any friends, she is home tutored by Scientologists and she only spends time with Scientologists. We don’t see any photos, therefore we don’t know how much of a contact she has with other Scientology kids, that’s all there is to comment about. Ignorance is bad, Scientology is evil. It only exist due to ignorance, otherwise the cult would be illegal.