Russell Brand has completely, gleefully fallen off the shagging wagon

A few days ago, we heard about Russell Brand bagging a mystery brunette and sending her off to do the walk of shame from his new bachelor pad. And we already know all about how Katy Perry’s camp wants us to believe that Russell is a fiend with a closet full of toys and wheelchair pr0n. While I tend to believe that the wheelchair detail might be a mere embellishment (because it’s just too weird even for Russell), I can believe that he’s terribly kinky and demanding in the bedroom. In light of Kaiser’s astute observation that Russell may have married Katy in part because “he simply wanted to see what a committed, monogamous relationship was like for a change,” I would also have no problem believing that Russell has every intention of shagging his way though lower-tier Hollywood at this point.

This week’s issue of In Touch runs with that theory and takes advantage of Russell’s prior quotes about his “former” life as a sex addict including “I had a team of experts who took care of finding women for me,” “I used to have sex 20 times a week,” and “My list of sexual escapades is mind-boggling.” Of course, In Touch drags up the unavoidable topic of sex addiction itself and asks whether Russell had ever truly gotten over his affliction. I’ve always wondered how it’s possible to be cured of that kind of addiction in the first place. After all, recovered alcoholics must completely abstain from booze to be considered sober, yet sex addicts obviously don’t bring their shagging to a full stop, right? Tricky. Anyway, Russell is supposedly on a shag bender as we speak:

The ink is barely dry on Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s divorce papers, but Russell, a self-described former sex addict, has already been spotted prowling London clubs in search of sexy ladies! “Anything who thinks he’s just been dating one or two girls is mistaken,” reveals a close friend. “He loves the company of women. He can’t help himself.”

Indeed. While most newly divorced men might take their time getting back tnto the game, 36-year-old Russell is headed toward the behavior that landed him in rehab for sex addiction. And while his friend claims he’s having the time of his life, Russell’s antics prove beyond a doubt that Katy’s better off without him. “He has a constant supply of women who want jump into bed with him,” the friend marvels. “He can have a different woman every day.”

And sadly, that could be just what Russell is doing — despite his claims that when he met Katy, he put his sex adiction behind him once and for all. “Because Katy loves me, I’m being a good boy,” Russell insisted during their 14-month-long marriage. But judging from the way he’s acting now, it’s easy to be skeptical. As much as he praised the 27-year-old singer, he’s bounced back with troubling pace. And it makes some wonder if he was ever truly capable of love. “During their marriage, Russell struggled with his sex addiciton,” confides another pal, adding that while he adored Katy, he became frustrated throughout their frequent time apart — leaving some concerned that he may have strayed.

Though Russell has overcome addictions to alcohol and drugs, behing single and out more leaves him open to temptation and sliding into the abyss of his sex addiction. But numbing the pain of his split with mindless sex will make him even less likely to pine over Katy. As the friend admits, “He doesn’t even care about her at all anymore.”

[From In Touch, print edition, February 27, 2012]

The story also goes on to put forth a strange claim that Katy has decided to change after the divorce and stop being such a partying mess all the time, which makes no sense since her juvenile attitude is obviously still intact. At any rate, In Touch maintains that Katy wants to stop boozing and start exercising more so that she can “drop 10 pounds — and let Russell eat his heart out.” Something tells me that if that happens, Russell probably wouldn’t even notice.

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22 Responses to “Russell Brand has completely, gleefully fallen off the shagging wagon”

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  1. KWM says:

    It baffles me that anyone would want to sleep with him. I wouldn’t go near that with a ten foot pole!

    I kind of doubt either of them cares what the other is doing at this point.

  2. Isadora says:

    I’d hit it.

    Just sayin’. You know it’d be good.

  3. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    HE looks dirty and not in a Travis Birkenstock I-wore-the-same-jeans-three-times-before-I-washed-them-dirty which I totally can roll with.

    I just feel like he has used condoms stuck on his legs or something and he doesn’t wash his hair regularly. Michael Fassy’s thin lips and butter teeth are a welcome compared to Russell’s appearance.

  4. heidiho says:

    EWWWWwwwwww, He needed staff to line up his shags, the ladies ain’t lining up to get tapped by that. Whats with the skinny jeans and katies ole grey boots in pic two, the harem pants are making my skin crawl……..HELLLLLLLLLLLLp

  5. Christine says:

    As if he was faithful during the marriage. Come on….

  6. lol says:

    Who wrote this article full of BS? The proof that is all lies is that Russell was never in London. What London clubs? He’s ALWAYS in LA. Is there anyone who believe this article? LOL You must be very idiot. AND Russell’s friends would NEVER tell those horrible things to the media about him

  7. No Sensei says:

    He did a show a long time ago where he invited a homeless man to stay in his flat. Before the guy showed up it featured Russell going through his ocd cleaning routine. The dirt is all affectation and hair gel.

  8. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t think Russell would notice if Katy lost/gained 50 pounds. I also don’t seem him pining away about their lost marriage. I firmly believe that he made the mature decision to end it in order to protect his sobriety. I believe if anyone is left feeling insecure and wanting in their relationship, it will be Katy Perry. That’s probably why she’s being such a beyotch about it. Smiley faced divorce papers and “statement” performances like at the Grammy’s? Yeah, something tells me the divorce is affecting Katy’s sense of self far more then Russell’s, IMO

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    Go ahead, Russell, get your freak on. Just be careful about it and don’t get in over your head.

    Totally agree about him not noticing Katy, period. After being married to someone like that, his tolerance for extremes (and the extremely juvenile) must be tapped out.

  10. Bette says:

    He’s been spotted in London clubs on the prowl? No he hasn’t … he hasn’t even been in London lately. He was only there during Christmas/New Year’s and then he came back to LA. There is no basis for this story, other than that he used to sleep with a lot of women so a tabloid can easily suggest he’s gone back to that. It’s just lazy “journalism” at work yet again.

    The only shred of evidence for any of this is that a brunette was photographed SUPPOSEDLY outside his house, but there were no pics of them together & you can’t tell from the pic whether that’s his house or not. The Sun claimed that she left Largo with him on Monday night, but he was photographed getting into his car alone that night. All the rest of the “details” could be totally made up too.

    I’m not suggesting it’s unlikely that Russell would be sleeping with women, but I just don’t think that the Sun or In Touch know any inside information whatsoever on what he’s doing or not doing.

  11. LL says:

    He can have a different woman every day…and collect a different disease to match. Like STD bingo, or something.

  12. original sandy says:

    i like him, he’s funny and witty, i hope he is having fun, he seems nice enough. sensitive.

  13. Kate says:

    I dunno. “Single guy may be getting some.” It’s not scandal of the century, is it?

  14. Laura says:

    Pre-marriage women were selling stories left, right, and centre about sleeping with him. Something tells me that if he HAD cheated during marriage the same would’ve happened and it would’ve been in all the papers. I don’t believe this story one bit. But at the end of the day, even if he IS back off the shag wagon, at least he’s being more mature about it and not dedicating songs to random people that his parents want him to get with….