Is Katy Perry dating Baptiste Giabiconi, the highest paid male model in the world?

Last week, Katy Perry was all about showing off her alternatingly hardcore, wacky, and butt-baring outfits at Paris Fashion Week. Now an odd little story has filtered out of the post-celebratory residue, and Katy is being “linked” to a French male model named Baptiste Giabiconi. Of course, he’s not just any model — he’s the most highly paid male model in the world. This story sounds a bit off to me and partially based upon the front row seating arrangement at the Chanel show, where Katy was stationed right next to Baptiste. Based upon catwalk photos from the show, they don’t seem terribly interested in each other, but the Mail thinks otherwise:

The ink is only just dry on her divorce papers but Katy Perry is clearly a girl who believes in moving forward as soon as possible. And if today’s reports are anything to go by, the pop star is doing just that with a sexy male model from France.

The Teenage Dream singer has been linked with Baptiste Giabiconi, who is the highest paid male model in the world. According to, the pair met during Paris Fashion Week at the Chanel runaway show.

A source said: “He was sitting next to her at the show. Then we all had dinner the other night, they were holding hands and looking cozy, and now they are inseparable.”

Princess Kasia Al-Thani, a close friend of Baptiste, added that the 22-year-old hunk is “smitten” with Katy. She said: “Baptiste is an incredible model, musician, and humanitarian. He is a great guy and he’s totally smitten, and Katy is the perfect girl for him.”

The Sun also reported that the pair were spotted out last night outside a five-star hotel in the city and looked very cosy together.

And a source told the paper: “They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love. He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty. They made a very good-looking couple.” also reported that the pair were supposed to have a romantic dinner date just the two of them this week but there was a fire near her hotel.

The source added: “Baptiste ordered her the biggest bouquet of flowers and they could not deliver them, the florist Lachaume is also near the fires. He’s crushed.”

Baptiste has modelled for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani.

[From Daily Mail]

Outside the venue after the Chanel presentation, Katy had a little photo op with Baptiste and Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, Baptiste is very pretty, but I honestly don’t see anything resembling electrical sparks between the two of them. I mean, Katy seems much more interested in schmoozing with Karl than anything else in these photos.

Meanwhile, Katy’s father, Keith Hudson, would like the world to know that he doesn’t know a damn thing about Baptiste. However, he’d like to inform everyone that he’s still text-based BFFs with Russell Brand:

“There are no hard feelings towards Russell — I just received a text from him the other day in fact. He is a wonderful and smart guy,” Hudson said of British comic Brand, 36, who filed for divorce in late December after 14 months of marriage; the split will be finalized this June.

“Katy is doing well just now, ” her dad said. What went wrong with the oddball marriage? According to Keith, “Her career got really busy and she did not get to see that much of Russell — it was just one of those things.”

While in Paris, Perry was romantically linked to sexy male model Baptiste Giabiconi. So far, her dad’s in the dark about that rumor. “I don’t know anything about this male model guy,” he said. “She is healthy and happy now!”

[From Us Weekly]

I kind of doubt that Katy shares her father’s goodwill towards Russell in the aftermath of the divorce. In the past, she’s said that no one speaks for her, not even her family, so this is probably a case of Keith speaking out on his own again just because there’s a microphone in his face. It’s also mildly telling that Keith has never heard any mention of Baptiste. I also doubt that there’s anything going on between Katy and this dude besides the possibility of a quick fling. Baptiste just looks so vacant, but then again, maybe that’s exactly what Katy needs right now — a fling with a pretty, vacant male model.

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  1. Cherry says:

    Please! That guy’s obviously gay.

  2. HotPockets says:

    How is it that the highest paid male model in the world can be so cross eyed?

  3. Cel says:

    Not buying this – the Fail is just making this up.

    For the best paid male model, he doesn’t photograph well. He has a weird half smile, like Katie Holmes.

  4. Ainsley says:

    He’s weird-looking and they’re ignoring each other in most pictures. They’re not together. He’s not famous enough for a fame-hoe like her to hump on.

  5. Agnes says:

    K-nty Karl ((c) dlisted) cannot be happy about this.

  6. Minnie says:

    Come on this model is gay for pay or gay for free. He is Kunty Karl’s boy toy. Everybody knows that.

  7. Hautie says:

    Oh please… Katy if you are going to have a fling with a beautiful male model. At least pick David Gandy! Make it worth your while.

    Or maybe a little fling with Gabriel Aubry!

    Pick one that likes women!

  8. Happy21 says:

    He looks like Casper Smart to me and I don’t find him even remotely attractive. Give me David Gandy any day ;)

  9. lucy2 says:

    That is a trio of bad hair. She seriously needs to give up the Smurf color or touch up her roots.

  10. k taylor says:

    He’s no David Gandy, that’s for sure.

  11. heyhey says:

    the mail didnt do their research well before having this story, most people know he is Karl Lagerfeld twink, i doubt he is interested in katy like that lol

    • Minty says:

      Yes, Baptiste is Lagerfeld’s boy toy/trophy twink. He is only a model because Lagerfeld says so. His looks are nothing special. I see better-looking guys at my local college.

      Anyone powerful enough in the fashion industry (like Karl, Anna Wintour, or photographer Patrick Demarchelier) can declare someone as “hot” or a muse, then all the fashion sheep fall in line and hire that person.

      The Daily Mail rarely does any research when it comes to celebrity reporting. And if you dare point out their errors and present facts in your comment, then they won’t post your comment. Or, at best, they will edit your comment. SMDH.

  12. normades says:

    Baptiste is not gay and has done many interviews claiming his hetero-ness. He was basically a country bumpkin when Karl plucked him out of obscurity and made him his new muse. Karl now vacations with his whole family.

    Baptiste is really nice in interviews and very grateful to Karl. But he is a simpleton, not too much going on upstairs. Personally I think he and Katy are perfect for each other.

  13. Julie says:

    from being karl lagerfelds pleasure slave to katy perry. thats an upgrade.

  14. Relli says:

    Last week when we were being inundated with the stories on Sparkles a commenter pointed out that all these stories about Katie and new men were to make her still seem desirable. I am starting to agree with that statement.

  15. a nony mouse says:

    in that first photo it looks like he’s caught sight of his reflection in something shiny.

  16. Alexis says:

    That cross-eyed wonk-faced guy is the highest paid male model?!


    Is that a joke?! There are a million hotter guys. Plus isn’t he Karl’s boy-toy? *shudder*

  17. dena says:

    LOL! He looks borderline r….

  18. Thea says:

    Isnt he “K-nty Karls lover?” Who would want him seriously.

  19. fabgrrl says:

    That guy is the world’s top male model? Huh. He seems kind of short and small-ish. For a model, that is.

  20. WVtrish says:

    The woman in blue sitting behind Katie (1st photo) seems to be saying…”Ugh…Remorque américaine Corbeille”

  21. Ravensdaughter says:

    Wow, what a contest between her and Russell-who bounced back faster?
    I wonder if Katy will go all international fashion on us? I also see some punk undertones.
    But dammit, Katy-lose the blue hair. That is so 1980′s punk!

  22. Naye in VA says:

    i think Russell would laugh if this were true. if manliness is a competition lol

  23. Lola says:

    The only way he’s highest paid is if he’s dating one of the designers. Cause he is not all that and a bag of chips

  24. Franny says:

    That guy looks super douchy. Hate his smirk and too tamed eyebrows.

    I also dislike her hair in these pictures. Very limp and not cute.

    Moving on…

  25. Reece says:

    Yeah right! hahaha!
    I thought he was KL’s guy? *confused*
    He has model bone structure but dude looks a little vacant with that half smile/smirk.

  26. Jayna says:


    But Katy is young with a great body. Date hot guys and have fun if that’s what she wants.

  27. Victoria says:

    What about that insanely sexy guy Katy did that Teenage Dream video with? Now that guy was amazing and looked straight…or at least had chemistry with Katy!

  28. Holden says:

    “He’s an incredible model” has to be one of the most hilarious phrases I’ve read in a while.

  29. BlackMamba says:

    Kunty Karl is coming for Katie! Doesn’t she know that he is OBSESSED with Baptiste?? Baptiste is Kunty Karl’s muse and he’s not about to let Kartoon Katie mess with that. *Eyeroll at the daily mail*.

  30. sup says:

    not a sparkle of intelligence in this baboon’s eyes. and no i’m not talking about katy :P wanted to clarify before that joke is made

  31. the other mel says:

    Not at all attractive.

  32. elvyn says:

    Girls you know that they are other pictures of them during the night walking together?
    They are in a people magazine here in France.
    Also he is not Gay, just Karl’s muse. Karl had one great love who died few years ago and since that, he doesn’t have sex, He is just obsessed with fashion.
    Also, they have been guy at Baptiste’s place. The last had a boy who walks for Chanel with his father. And we later learn that this man who everybody thought was gay was in fact married to a woman, a model if I remember it correctly.. A funny story.
    Karl is a nice, close and fierce friend if he like you, someone who will protect you at any cost except if you betray and works enough. And even there he is also a sacarstic mind who have seen more things than many of us. Many who forget that he is a more than 70 years old man who leave throught one of the most horrific war in Human’s history: the 2nd war world. He is german. So…

  33. skuddles says:

    Katy’s love life is beginning to read like a bad comic book. This just sounds like a desperate PR move. I’m so sure Lagerfield’s boytoy is romancing sulky sugartits, please!

  34. skuddles says:

    Just looked at that first pic again – he looks like a pithed frog. Hellooooooo??? Nobody home.

  35. katie says:

    he’s said in interviews before that katy perry is his dream girl, i dont believe for a second them sitting next to each other wasnt intentional. if she wanted to be at that show, he was gonna know and sit next to her. and id guess hes bisexual.. or willing to be a boyfriend for the success and money and title of being number one male model in the world/zoolander.

  36. katie says:

    oh, read the above comment and i guess they werent dating. i can relate to not having sex after losing someone you love.

    even more now i think he set this up bc he’s had a thing for her for years. its in old interviews he’s done. personally i liked him better with long hair

  37. June says:

    I thought the highest paid male model was Tyson Beckford.. he is certainly more attractive.

  38. carrie says:

    he’s Karl K ‘s fav model