Octomom: “I’m not on welfare, I’m getting $2,000 a month in food stamps”

Before Octomom Nadya Suleman got pregnant for the sixth time, having 12 embryos implanted at once (she claimed it was 6 that split, but it came out in hearings with the medical board that her fertility doctor, who lost his license, implanted 12), she was on disability and living with her parents. She was also collecting social security disability for two of her children as well as food stamps, but repeatedly claimed she was not on “welfare,” which may have been technically accurate but still sounded ridiculous. Suleman declared bankruptcy in 2008, around the time of her pregnancy, and her parents declared bankruptcy and saw their home go into foreclosure as well. Now the home that Suleman bought two years ago for $594,000 is predictably in foreclosure as she can’t be bothered to pay her rent. All the nude and bikini photoshoots, celebrity boxing, dating show appearances, staged photo ops and interviews just aren’t helping her make ends meet. She’s now on food stamps of $2,000 a month for her children. TMZ has an explanation of how she qualified for food stamps, it’s because she has 14 kids and makes under $119,000 a year, or $8,000 per person. She surely knew this before she got pregnant this last time, having used government resources for her six children for years.

TMZ also has an interview with Octo, which you can see here, in which she defends herself. I want to hear Suze Ormon sayI told you so, you stupid cow.” Here’s some of what she said, and of course it’s our fault for calling her on it after she made a spectacle of herself:

“I’m so so sick and tired of people making our business their business, and if someone has a problem with me trying to feed my kids temporarily with some help until we get on our feet.

“I think people… should be focusing on those who take advantage of the system, not those who desperately want to use it temporarily until we get on our feet.

“Hopefully we won’t be on it for more than a month or two…

“For three years I’ve been trying zero help, no food stamps nothing, I’ve been working my butt off and if [someone has] a problem with us doing anything to get some help temporarily, it’s exactly that, their problem not ours.”

Here’s a link to a story with examples of some of the stuff Suleman spends her money on, including acrylic nails and mani-pedis, multiple plastic surgery procedures and Botox, private schooling for her children, MAC cosmetics and video games. Of course people who need food stamps should get on it for their families, many people could not afford to eat without it, but this woman is a textbook example of someone gaming the system.

Update: As many of you have pointed out, her kids should not have to suffer any more than they already have. At least with food stamps she’ll be forced to spend the money on food alone.

Some photos credit: Fame and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Tapioca says:

    Where can I get $2000 of food stamps per month?!! Jee-sus.

    I would almost admire her if she had the balls to say, “I wanted 14 kids and I have no problem with the state paying for them. Taxpayers are suckers!!”

  2. cupidityrox says:

    She’s disgusting. Textbook narcissist & overall cu*t!

    • polk8dot says:

      CA Child Protective Services MUST KNOW what she is and what she’s doing. She has no job, no stable source of income, no sustainable home-situation for the kids, and completely no responsibility for what the hell will happen with and to them.
      How the hell has CPS not taken the kids away from her yet? How come they are forced to live with this monster, who does not feed them, does not teach them, does not buy them toys, does not care about anything but herself? They are already being disadvantaged, by sorely lacking access to the simplest things, facilities, equipment, and to love and normal warm human emotions that other kids consider pretty standard nowadays.
      WHY is she STILL ALLOWED to KEEP THEM???
      They should have been TAKEN AWAY loooong ago, and put for ADOPTION to some loving, caring, wanting parents!

      Can someone finally take the responsibility and say ‘I’ll fix this shit! She will not be allowed to RUIN the lives and futures of 14 HUMAN BEINGS by her shameful, boundless narcissism!’
      Where are the CPS workers? Instead, harassing some hard working parents who are truly busting their butts to provide good, safe, loving homes for their kids, no doubt. No doubt!
      California CPS are despicable by turning their blind eye to this travesty. Are they waiting for the kids to start acting out – it will be too late then! They’d be much harder to bring back from the precipice. Lets catch them before that psycho heartless moron bitch pushes them over!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Cali CPS is SUPREMELY f’d up. Here’s a link:


        (Feel free to Google more, if you’ve got the stomach for it.)

        Kids have been murdered in foster care; kids who’ve been left in abusive homes have been killed too; or suffered unspeakable abuse.

        There’s a pronounced lack of funding; an overload of cases; a prevailing exhaustion amongst the over-worked, under-paid social workers; and a profound sense of indifference until a child ends up dead at the hands of the one who’s supposed to love and care for them.

        It’s disgusting on every single level, and not likely to change anytime soon.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Probably budget cuts but the foster system is so horrid that I am not sure they would be better off.

        The worst thing is some of them are special needs which is common with these multiple child pregnancies.

  3. momoftwo says:

    At this point I think that the media needs to realize that she has some pretty big issues, mental issues, and rather than reporting on her, they need to let her be so she can go get help. But I guess that’s not the way things work these days.

    I know she keeps putting herself out there, but she’s sick. And as if having 14 kids and tons of plastic surgery wasn’t proof enough, all the crazy stuff she does should be!

    We just need to pray that those kids have some chance of a life and a future. Poor kids…..

    • Ycnan says:

      Oh I agree with you so much. I think it’s pretty obvious myself that she has mental issues.

      When she first had those 8 kids and all the companies refused to give her free diapers and stuff (because of bad publicity is the ONLY reason) I thought, oh those poor kids, they are the ones who are going to suffer the most. Everyone hoped she didn’t get anything for free but I thought , oh please give her diapers and formula and clothes for those kids!!!

      • Laurie M. says:

        Maybe the public and companies would have been more supportive if Nadya had done ANYTHING to get ready for the babies herself. She was pregnant with at least 7 babies and did not buy one crib, not one pack of diapers…. Nothing! She expected the world to raise her kids for her. She found tens of thousands if dollars for multiple rounds of IVF treatments, but didn’t spend a dime to prepare for the babies. The state will make sure those kids have food, and most people want cash kept out of her hands. Even Suze Orman said last year that she earned enough $$ after the babies were born to outright buy a house and afford the kids until they were 18, not having to work!! Where did all that money go?? Tummy tuck, cheek/chin implants, puffy lips, new boobs.

      • JD says:

        I watched Nadya not long ago on some t.v. show, and she was the most nasty, ungrateful person I have seen in quite a while.

        She just doesn’t get WHY people loathe her. Does she think people are stupid and don’t see how she works?

        People don’t want to give her food, formula, and diapers?
        Well honey, you should have bought diapers instead of MAC and A&F clothing.

    • lflips says:

      This. A thousand times this.

    • Lithe says:

      I was scrolling down to make a similar comment about her mental state. I wish the entire family well.

    • crazycatlady says:

      Ditto that.

      It’s not the kids’ fault they were brought into this world by a mentally unstable woman. They’re here, and we as a society can’t let them starve or go homeless (if we can help it – and since our gov’t. has programs, we can).

      • the original bellaluna says:

        We, as Cali taxpayers, would have liked to have her sterilised after the FIRST 6 kids she couldn’t afford.

        Our system is over-burdened and under-funded; meanwhile, us “normal” people who would LOVE to have 6 kids (but don’t have the funds and thus possess the good sense not to have them) exercise restraint and birth control and DON’T HAVE 6 KIDS that we would actually LOVE AND CARE FOR.

        THAT’S what pisses people off!

        (Please read my comment below: those kids have been receiving some form of aid or another since either prior to birth or shortly thereafter for ALL of their little lives.)

  4. Zelda says:


    Yes, this woman is an idiot. And yes, the doctor is an unethical bag of moron. This entire situation should never have happened.

    But no amount of outrage changes the fact that there are 14 innocent humans involved now, and they shouldn’t have to suffer for the sins of everyone around them.

    The less help THEY get, the worse they will end up. And for all those worried about a drain on the system–Believe me, children raised in a hungry neglected brood of 14 will cost the system WAY more in incarceration and welfare of their own, in the future…

    • bea says:

      Well stated! Terrible situation from the get-go, but what’s done is done, those kids don’t deserve to be punished (more) for her problems. I wish people would take having children more seriously.

    • Po says:

      Zelda I absolutely agree that the children need to eat whether we like this woman or not but I think we need to remember that the $2000 in food stamps are not necessarily being spent on food for her children. From the looks of this women she will probably take the assistance she’s recieving and spend it on herself. People sell foodstamps for cash to meet their own needs all of the time.

    • Ycnan says:

      YES YES, that is what I think as well. Yes she is a major mess, but the kids still need HELP! They are innocent in all of this. Say what you want about this women, you are all right but the point is the kids are the ones suffering.

    • pkj says:

      I’ve been following her story, especially recently. The more you see and learn about her, the more you can see she does not care one bit for her children.

      She’s been doing a web show on Sunday nights. She increasingly derides her oldest boy, most of the time mentioning him by name and often when he’s right in the room with her. He’s been showing clear signs of distress, but she won’t stop. He’s just another prop for her to tell “her story,” just like all the rest of the kids.

      It’s not just that she can’t afford them and spend her “resources” beyond foolishly. She is mentally abusive and antagonistic toward them.

      She isn’t evil just by her not being able to functioning as a healthy human being. She is actively harming those children and smiles the whole time.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    This is why I say the kids should be taken away from her. She clearly isn’t looking after THEIR needs – emotional or physical. Does anyone really know how they are treated inside that home? Emotional abuse or neglect is grounds to remove the children and the state of CAL should be looking at this if they’re not already.

    • helvetica says:

      I agree with you.
      Maybe it’ll be better if those kids adopted by another couple.

      She seems unstable.
      What kind of clear minded woman want 8 babies at once ?

      Oh, and that doctor who did this should be jailed.

      • gg says:

        Oh, Octo, please stop the lying, please, please … we all see through every piece of crap you invent as an excuse. Please stop indulging yourself with the manicures and beauty BS. You are cheating these precious children out of food and a better life.

    • cbear says:

      Ugh. I hope they’re treated well, and if not, that, yeah, someone at CPS is watching. This woman never should have been allowed to have the IVF treatments – it was clear she did not have the means to take care of that many kids.

    • pkj says:

      Dr. Drew, a public figure who has been sympathetic toward her, visited her home and found the octuplets in their bare bedroom which Drew remarked smelled overwhelmingly of urine. He even asked her to leave the door open so they didn’t have to be shut up in that smelly room.

      This was during a scheduled visited being taped for television. What happens when there are no cameras there?

      • ZenB!tch says:

        The sad thing is that I would expect that (the smell not the ugly room) because I can’t see how one person could take care of 8 babies, let alone 8 babies and 6 toddlers. A NORMAL PERSON WOULD REALIZE THIS! A NORMAL PERSON WOULD HAVE STOPPED THE FIRST TIME!

  6. Agnes says:

    it’s sad that some people actually need such help, and she gives them a bad name. but i do feel bad for her kids – they need to eat, and it’s not their fault that their mother is an insufferable douche.

  7. Jennika says:

    I’m so sick of this chick! She’s always on every single website daily!! She f-ing needs to go away AHHHHHHHH

  8. lucy2 says:

    I honestly can’t see how this woman is providing a safe home for 1 child, let alone 14.

  9. Laurie M. says:

    Nadya does not believe food stamps (and the WIC) she gets is welfare? Does she think SHE gets “food stamps” but other people get a check from a magical person called “welfare”?! Government providing economic assistance to people in need IS welfare.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      What exactly *is* WIC? With the economy being what it is, I’ve started to see those vouchers in my neighborhood and the cashier has to look at every single item and see what it can be used for and what it can’t be used for. I don’t see Octo going for that. It looks very specific.

    • jwoolman says:

      Food stamps, WIC, and welfare are entirely separate programs. You don’t get checks for food stamps or WIC. You get a card that let’s you buy food for your family. WIC is aimed at improving nutrition for pregnant and nursing mothers and their children for the critical first five years. No one should be ashamed of needing and using. WIC and food stamps are excellent and effective programs.

  10. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Nadya and Jimbob duggar got the same cray cray look in their eyes.

    • jc126 says:

      I can’t stand the Duggars OR Octomom, whom I think is obviously suffering from some mental illness. But I do think that if Octomom had a husband, people would be far more charitable about her and she might even have some lunatic fans.

      They’re all unhinged, as far as I’m concerned, but I do think there is bias against a single mom, and for an intact, religious family. Just saying.

      • Melissa says:

        I’m no fan of the Duggars, but I see a big difference b/t the 2 families. The Duggar children seem well-behaved and well taken care of, and I don’t see their parents getting mani/pedis or plastic surgery. Yeah, I think they’re crazy to have that many kids, and they put alot on the older children (particularly the daughters), but they do sacrifice things to have a large family. Octomom seems to want a big family but not have to sacrifice for it.

      • JD says:

        I hate to say it, but I think in ten years or so, we will be reading stories about a crime one of the Octuplets or other 6 children has committed.
        I hope I’m wrong, but I think those poor kids are going to have a VERY hard time.

        I doubt you will be hearing stories of the Duggar children committing any crimes.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        If Octo had a man her life people might be more charitable towards her because making sure your poverty stricken children have access to their father is the decent, responsible and NORMAL thing to do. Plus, he might be able to go out in the world and make some sort of money to support the litter.

        And OF COURSE there is a bias toward single moms that can’t afford to raise the children they create. It’s a selfish and immoral life choice and there should be a LOT more shame associated with it.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        The difference between Octo and the Duggar mom (even if she were single) is that the Duggar mom has them one or two at a time. She doesn’t have to feed and change 8 babies (and maybe the 6 as well) at a time. She doesn’t have to toilet train 8 babies at a time.

        The Duggar woman is like our great-great-great mothers back on the prairie. She puts them all to work and the older ones help out, etc. I think it sucks for the oldest ones in the 21st century – especially since they are blatantly keeping the oldest girls at home to help (Stockholm Syndrome at its finest).

        However, 200 years ago this was normal and less sexist than the Duggars are because they let the girls and the boys leave and get married.

    • jc126 says:

      Without that TLC kid-exploitation money, the Duggars wouldn’t be able to support their offspring, either. But I think they get a pass because they’re a traditional family, and they’re religious.

      Witness the initial love the Gosselins got – they had gotten government assistance after the kids were born, but no one was complaining about that.

      I can’t stand Octomom or any of them, But there is a lot of bias there.

  11. teri says:

    I’m surprised people are surprised at all. There are all sorts of women with many baby daddy who live 100 percent on welfare. It’s a cycle and it’s been happening forever. Welfare long term is disgusting, they have more kids to stay on it. Some say Mexicans who come here get everything for free well our own take advantage of it as well.

  12. JessSaysNo says:

    I actually dont think she needs to lose her kids. I think she needs this assistance and unfortunately she will be on in indefinitely. From what I’ve seen in interviews, she seems entirely unable to keep a steady and well-paying job that could come close to feeding and sheltering that many kids. She may get by with stupid tabloid appearances or bikini pictures but NOTHING long-term…

    She definitely has mental issues and the doctor that allowed her to have that many kids is partially to blame for enabling her addiction to being a mom. But now she has these kids– they exist and they are innocent and need to eat. Make that horrible doctor pay for their food since he decided it was OK to implant that many embryo’s into a single mom who is OBVIOUSLY not fit to raise that many kids, has no husband/boyfriend for financial support, and clearly has mental issues. The doctor is an idiot but I feel so bad for these kids and really for Nadya too because I don’t think she could ever make 100% rational decisions regarding her fertility, based on how she comes off in interviews. She is messed up and is in WAY over her head.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘and the doctor (…) for enabling her addiction to being a mom.’
      I do not agree that she has an addiction to motherhood. I think her only addiction is to fame, and she’d do anything to prolong her exposure.
      I’ll never buy into her BS that she WANTED to have this many kids because she loves kids! Bullshit, sister!
      She knew full well what she was doing. I bet the first time around she was shooting for some obnoxious number of kids too, but the embryos just did not gestate successfully. So the next time she upped the ante and got 12 embryos implanted. This way she had a much better chance of delivering a number that would ‘shock and awe America’ into instant fame and fortune for her, and total and complete outside support for her kids.
      She miscalculated, and only the kids are paying for it. She obviously still enjoys the limelight, and knows how to scam social services and government financial support. I bet she’s using the older kids to care for the younger ones, while she’s out galivanting from a photoshoot to a plastic surgeon to the wellfare offices.
      These kids were supposed to be her ticket to EASY life. She fully expected to have them supported and provided for by multiple businesses, as used to be done for families with such numerous broods before. She just did not expect that people will see right thru her, read her intentions like and open book, and say ‘no fricking way, you C-nt’.
      Since the kids were only a potential, planned source of income for her, they need to be taken away from her, and given a chance for a normal life.

      • jwoolman says:

        She grew up as an only child of a cold fish of a mother who continues to make it clear that she never wanted any children. Her dad was more normal and had always wanted a large family. Nadya wanted a big family herself but was having trouble successfully implanting and was miscarrying. Her solution may be unusual, but does show determination. She went back to school (college and grad school) and was clearly preparing to be able to financially support her family. I just don’t believe she planned on the octuplets. She had twins after the previous procedure, making me suspect that her womb had begun to normalize. The doctor should have realized this – his approach was very much against current protocols. 

        But nobody can be expected to be able to deal with octuplets without a lot of help. Other parents of multiples have reported hateful snailmail (at least 10% of the total mail), but thanks to the wonders of the Internet- the hateful comments get posted for free and fly around the world in seconds. Much of what you think you know about this woman has been false speculation with no real basis. I’ve been watching this story for a while and have seen the origins of it. One person on a blog claims she might have done X and before you know it – X is being repeated everywhere as gospel truth. 

  13. Jennifer12 says:

    It has nothing to do with being a single parent. She doesn’t want to work, has no source of income, and insisted on having 14 children as opposed to, say, 2. She has scammed the system for years; all you have to do is see her nails, clothing with labels on them, going to the gym (which she can afford how, exactly?), etc. The Duggars are ludicrous, but at least they’re supporting their family. I teach in an inner city neighborhood and see it all the time- all kinds of government assistance, but nails and hair done perfectly, kids in Uggs and designer clothing, and so on. I see the guys playing cards and smoking dope outside instead of working. Octomom has thrown a light on what many people do; the only thing she hasn’t done is birth kids by many different fathers. People like her and Kate Gosselin want lots of kids for the worst possible reasons. Octomom ran a lot of people broke, is a joke, and embarrasses her poor kids. She needs mood stabilizers and her uterus removed.

    • JessSaysNo says:

      Whoever this idiot doctor is should have realized Nadya is nuts and without a super rich significant other– the kids are going to need welfare money. Even if she did want to work– what job could support all those kids?

      Trust me, I know people work the system. I see those kids living in disgusting apartments on food stamps with Uggs and Coach bags. It’s totally wrong but otherwise how will these kids eat?

      I grew up with a single mom but she only had ME to take care of and it was difficult to get by sometimes. Nadya is totally nuts but I do see fault in the people who allowed this nutso to have so many kids and then expect her to be able to properly pay for them. A doctor with a medical license and HIPPA oath needed to realize this was coming and be responsible.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s just depressing because the kids can’t help and don’t know any better and then many of them repeat the cycle. I loathe Gosselin, but at least she wants to keep her “career” going because she wouldn’t be caught dead on public assistance. Why hasn’t anyone pulled her money yet? Where does she live, how does she go to the gym, how does she get her nails done….. these are all matters of public record and they keep GIVING her money? And that “fertility doctor” should be paying for these kids. How did she get the money for all this without a job? I despise this excuse for a woman.

      • Tiffany says:

        You said, ” I see those kids living in disgusting apartments on food stamps with Uggs and Coach bags…”

        I completely agree that there are a lot of people who take advantage of the system. However, I don’t think that having Uggs or a Coach bag tells the whole story. 1st, there are TONS of knock offs of bags and shoes out there, especially Uggs. 2nd, for all you know, they could be hand-me-downs or from Goodwill or a garage sale.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      She was on Workmen’s Comp & got a nice-sized settlement, which she spent not on education or investments, but on fertility treatments. LOTS of them.

      She’s a maniacal idiot of the highest order and should have been sterilised after her first two or three that she couldn’t support.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Please don’t misunderstand, I hate Gosselin, too. I didn’t realize she was on workman’s comp for whatever (wasn’t Octomom, too?) and insisting on getting pregnant again. You can see neither of these morons actually enjoy being parents. Why have kids, much less 3000 of them? And not being able to afford them?? I am home with 2 sick kiddos today, one of whom is in day care (4 y.o.) that we can barely afford and the other (7 y.o.) is in before and after care so DH and I can each work 2 jobs. And I’m lucky to get paid today, since it’s before spring break. When do you ever see photos of her with the kids?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jennifer12 – No, it was Octonut who was on WC, not KG (as far as I know).

        I’m sorry you’re home with sick kids today. It sucks when they’re sick, and it sucks when you have to miss work and still pay for childcare. (I was blessed to be in property management when I was a single mom, which paid the rent + a little more.) But that childcare is freaking EXPENSIVE!

        I don’t know why people who don’t want the responsibility of kids have them. They’re messy *side-eyeKate*, they’re expensive *side-eyeOctoloon*, and they require a TON of work to turn into decent human beings *side-eyetobothyoubitches*.

        I feel bad for these kids, most of whom (Octotoon’s) are developmentally disabled or special needs in some way, shape, or form. Because their mother’s a selfish idiot who let’s them beat up each other and eat drywall while she goes to the gym & salon.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Didn’t KG also have some weird way to pay for fertility treatments? The thing is, they don’t like or want to be with their kids and they are horrible parents. I find Octobitch neglectful and KG abusive. Neither of them seem to like or want the kids they insisted on. I don’t mind being home with sick kids- though the endless cleaning up of puke is kind of tiring- but having to pay for childcare when they’re not even GOING is frustrating. I get it, though. Day care has to make a living and they can’t let people take days off wherever and whenever. You can always tell when my kids are sick because I can post during the day. :)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jen12, they BOTH strike me as neglectful and abusive, in their own ways. And Octo had already conceived via fertility treatments prior to the 8 that took – I think Kate did too, and KG was advised NOT to pursue further fertility treatments due to her age.

        As for the puke, yeah, our carpet cleaner (borrowed) was in overdrive when Toddlelots had the “tummy sicks.” And the amount of laundry becomes obscene after a certain point. ;) I feel ya, girl.

      • jc126 says:

        Jennifer – Kate Gosselin did indeed get government help after her kids were born. There’s probably some old articles you could Google about her, before they were famous. She was complaining that the state-funded nurse services provided her weren’t enough.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s just upsetting, depressing, and disgusting. KG is an abusive maniac and I’m not surprised that after insisting on as many children as she did, she complained about the amount of help she received. With these people- KG and Octo- it isn’t about the kids, it’s about THEM. I think KG thinks people are impressed by her pyscho cleanliness. I have never seen someone dislike kids as much as she does, and I don’t even watch the show. You never see either “mother” with the kids. The Duggars are nuts, but they seem to be relatively stable. Though I’ve never watched the show. To me, huge families tend to put a lot of responsibility on the older kids as though they’d had the kids. I see it where I work; the older ones are constantly responsible for homework for the little ones, picking up little ones from school (I knew a girl who picked up all 5 of her siblings from Head Start and elementary school after middle school while her mom kept birthing), etc. Kids should have responsibilities, but they are essentially raising their siblings while the parents continually give birth. People want to have babies, not to be parents, and it really shows.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Weird, my posts are going off and on. I wonder how to get the state to check on these kids? Both KG and Octo. Admittedly, I don’t watch any shows with them, but I’ve seen snippets of KG and she is vicious. It sounds like Octo is too. I’m telling you, they wanted babies, or the idea of them, not to be parents. I see it all the time. Most of the time, they are pushing all (not some, ALL) the responsibilities of the younger siblings on the bigger kids. I’ve watched a parent scream, “WHAT, YOU STUPID M—F—R!?” right in a kid’s face in front of people while the kid stared off into space, trying to numb out. These horrid women aren’t any different. I don’t know enough about the Duggars, though I’ve never heard of them being abusive. The producers of KG’s shows should’ve reported her years ago.

  14. Jen says:

    Ugh – I have 3 kids and a good job as does my hubby . . . yet can’t remember the last time I got a manicure . . .let alone the rest!

  15. Shelly says:

    I’m so glad my money is going to pay for her food stamps. I am sick to death of paying out the ass in taxes because we do not have kids. Why should I be forced to pay for other people’s kids?! It’s a choice to have a kid, so pay for it yourself.

    • Zelda says:

      I don’t use libraries–I look stuff up on the internet, or buy books used. S maybe public libraries should be run like Blockbuster. Pay per book?

      I never use the ferry, so I should should get a discount on my metro pass because I don’t use EVERYTHING?

      I don’t drive–I walk and take the metro everywhere. Road tax can kiss my ass. Ditto for soup kitchens, government-sponsored bursaries for university students who aren’t me, after school programs for at-risk-youth, and police patrol in any neighborhood I don’t live in. For that metter, I don’t stay in prison–I’m not paying for that sh-t either.

      You can’t argue that society doesn’t benefit when it takes care of its weakest (in this case, 14 kids). And you can’t argue that even if you don’t “use” something that the government pys for, you still benefit in the long run. Society is not a bank, it’s an ecosystem that requires balance. Without it, over the long term, you end up with a massive economic and social divide. Ask Africa how that’s working out for them.

      I’ll just leave this here for you:
      Note the countries coming out on top (hint: Not the “let’s have low taxes because I’m only paying for my sh-t” countries)

      • NerdMomma says:

        Thank you, Zelda!!!! Excellent, excellent post.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        What a ridiculous argument. How does having children you can in no way support or afford equate to beneficial programs like public transport and education?

        Creating children who will grow up in poverty is BAD FOR SOCIETY. Taking the subway to work, or educating yourself at the library is GOOD FOR SOCIETY. There’s a big difference.

      • Zelda says:

        No one is saying that her having the kids is good for society. I am saying that using tax money to support the poor is good for society. Would it be better if she didn’t do it? Obviously. But she did. And they’re here now. And the argument “I don’t get to use it do I don’t wanna pay” is not practical in terms of creating a stable society.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Zelda I know exactly what you are saying and I’m telling you, you’re wrong. Using tax money to support the poor ISN’T good for society. (That’s what churches and charities are for.)

        The cycle of poverty will only be broken if the able bodied poor learn to be self sufficient. Supporting them indefinitely is accomplishing nothing, and actually creates more problems than it solves.

        Welfare was created to be a temporary safety net, not a lifestyle choice.

      • lisa says:

        Supporting to poor is a task that is far too big for churches and charities. You may not have noticed, but we recently had a global recession and donations to charity took a HUGE hit as people tried to save money.

        Bottom line is: we all live in a society; we all contribute to that society; some of your money will be spent on things you do not personally support. That’s life. Get used to it.

        The poor are not going to magically bootstraps themselves out of poverty. A basic analysis of economics would show how hard this is for less privileged people.

        Honestly, this “screw you, got mine” attitude is pretty much what’s wrong with the world today.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Lisa how do you know that supporting the poor is too big a task for churches and charities? Have we tried it recently?

        Your argument assumes that regular people won’t step up to help their fellow man (who is truly in need) unless the government forces them to. I find that attitude to be sadly cynical.

    • Newtsgal says:

      I don’t have kids, (by choice) yet my left brain and I pay out the ass taxes for stupid breeders like her….
      I just wish we could have a tax break for our 8 aussies!

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I agree with you Shelly. And I am so sick of the holier than thou attitude of people who want everyone else to pay for their brats.
      Here’s the thing–you want me to pay for all the kids you poop out and can’t afford? Fine, but don’t go crying about it when I pass judgement on your selfish stupidity.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Hell to the f-ing yeah!! I listen to people lecture me and I’m like, listen. You don’t work where I work and you don’t see what I see. So zip it. If we go on class trips, the kids buy lunch at the bodega instead of bring from home or bring snacks from there. These kids on free lunch are lined up at the ice cream truck ten deep every day after school (2.50 cones, 4.00 shakes). They all have PlayStations, xBoxes, DSi, etc. So give it a rest. I don’t want to pay for the children you insist on bringing into this world for the wrong reasons, and for whom you have little interest. No one watches what happens and the worst people get money.

      • mc says:

        I was sent to human services by electric company because I needed help with a bill. I was told I made too much money for “emergency assistance “. While I was there I heard the benefits something of the people were getting. I work 2 jobs to make ends meet. I totally agree about not wanting to pay for people to squeeze out a kid every 9 months so they don’t haven’t to work. Also I work in healthcare so I see on a daily basis the people who “work ” the system.

      • Zelda says:

        Some people will abuse the system. It’s inevitable. But we can’t just throw out the baby with the bathwater. Her kids need help. Bottom line.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Yes Zelda her kids need our financial help, she doesn’t. Her kids should be placed elsewhere until and if Octo can get her act together.
        Allowing crazy ass Octo to raise those children is just as damaging to them as poor nutrition or homelessness would be. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Octo is a deplorable parent, and our government is actually PAYING her to mess these 14 children up even further. It’s a sad and potentially dangerous situation.

        Octo may not be the only mother abusing the system, but she is the poster child for it. She may be by far the most extreme case. But she is proof, I think, that many times children ARE better off without their ill/incompetent parents.

        In other words, if you expect me to pay for your kids Octo, I get to have a say in how they are raised.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s been on some sort of “welfare” for quite some time.

    * The majority of her children have special needs; Medi-Cal pays for their healthcare (welfare);

    * Her special needs kids qualify for tuition assistance, either from the state or the school or both (welfare);

    * SS/Disability (that you have NOT paid into) for each special needs child is – GUESS WHAT? – welfare;

    * Food stamps IS welfare;

    * If she and/or her parents didn’t qualify for HUD before, she certainly does now which is…WELFARE!

    Suck it, Octonut. Don’t piss in our faces and tell us it’s rain.

  17. MizzVJJ says:

    My last paycheck had $700+ in deductions. Glad I could help her

  18. JD says:

    Didn’t Oprah go over her finances and discover she had wasted most of her money on things for herself?
    That she could have paid for her home and college for the kids outright? Or was that someone else?

    I just see red when her face shows up.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      She also got reamed by Susan whats-her-face, who told her she could have bought a house outright.

      • JD says:

        Suze Orman.
        Thank you, I couldn’t remember the woman’s name.

        And I still think Octo has some money stashed away that the state doesn’t know about.
        She pops up now and then, crying poverty, and her bills get covered magically. Just like her gym membership.

        She won’t spend her money on bills or taking care of her children, that’s HER money. She expects US to feed, clothe, and shelter her children.

      • Laurie M. says:

        AND had enough to raise those kids well into their teenage years. But Octomom spent the money on who knows what!?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      WHY WHY WHY doesn’t the state step in and start taking away her money? People on food stamps are generally in public housing. Where does she live?

      • Laurie M. says:

        She lives in a house she has not made a mortgage OR rent payment for since LAST JUNE. But her kids have still been in private school, until last Friday according to TMZ. Nadya sure cannot prioritize!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Basically, because Cali sucks. And has no $$. I posted a few links to stories about CPS & foster care kids here a few Octotoon links back. They are terrifying!!!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Laurie, I had residents actually tell me they couldn’t pay their rent because they had to keep their electricity on. I said “What difference doesn’t make if you don’t have a roof over your head?” Because I truly couldn’t understand that logic.

        But then, I also saw people who strung extension cords across the courtyard from friends’ apartments to theirs’ and a little girl (no more than 5) huddled outside the laundry room at o’dark 30 with a toaster, making breakfast for her 4 younger siblings. Not to mention the meth-head who physically threw her FAS 4 year-old against the wall (I witnessed it), had NO power, but borrowed food to fill her fridge and conned her disabled mom into getting her power turned on prior to the CPS inspection.

        (Yeah, I’ve seen a lot. And it NEVER stops me hurting for the kids. EVER.)

  19. Laura says:

    All I see when I look at her is Kim Kardashian lols

  20. wonderwoman21 says:

    She looks absolutely POSSESSED in the fourth picture when she’s on Dr. Drew’s show. It looks scary

  21. Luise says:

    She’s one f**king ugly bitch.

  22. dorothy says:

    Food Stamps is a form of welfare. Either way, we’re paying to raise children that you should be supporting yourself. What an total loser.

  23. Love says:

    Um … Ive paid taxes and worked since I was fifteen , paid for my own college and had to go on food stamps when my ex decided to leave us without anything …
    Food stamps saved my a$$ and let me spend the little money I was making on rent and clothes for my daughter .
    It’s funny because her grandmother (on her dads side) bought her uggs and other wastes of money while we could barely afford to make it .
    You never know the situation . My ex bought me juicy coutuadiantum uggs Yes I still wore those when I had to get food ..

  24. Laura says:

    I do not have, and never want to have, children. I like children and can see the appeal of parenthood, but at the end of the day I do not possess the patience, dedication, or intense desire to become a parent. I enjoy my ability to sleep in on weekends, to travel on a whim, and the absence of responsibility for another human being. I am fully aware this might make me a self absorbed cow, but I would rather be that and honest, versus brining kids into the world and then neglecting them like this stunned whore (Octo-Mom) does. I will never understand why these women (Octo-Mom, Michelle Duggar, Kate Gosselin, etc) have children, then pawn them off to nannies, and expect others to finance everything. I KNOW I cannot afford to be a mother – not without serious sacrifices, which I am not willing to make – so I make 110% sure I will not get pregnant. These women are attention whores.
    And why so many kids??? 14 or 19 kids sounds like some sort of fresh hell to me. Also, it’s a VAGINA not a CLOWN CAR!!! LMFAO.

  25. GeekLuva says:

    For those of you stating grandparents or ex’s bought the pricey stuff, her parents are broke (because of her), she has no ex’s, & those are not second hand name brand clothes on her back. (But maybe on her kids)

    • JD says:

      My DIL has some A&F and Hollister clothing, but she gets hers at yard sales and thrift stores. She tells me that is the only way she can buy it, as it is too expensive in the department stores.

      Octo wears it all the time, and I don’t think I have ever seen her in the same outfit twice.

      I just wonder if the state will do some kind of forensic financial search on her, because she is up to SOMETHING sneaky with the money she has.

  26. Original Lucy says:

    I know many, many, people who are on assistance who have the best iphones, ipad, 3 tv’s (brand new) in state subsided housing…and one girl told me that her mother was waiting for her disability to kick in, her step=dad already got his…using it like it was their retirement (the mother and step=dad are both in their 40′s, nothing wrong with either or them…people have no pride anymore…if they worked as hard at school or work as they did in learning how to scam the system, the country would be in a great place…

    • mc says:

      What I don’t get is disability is 60% of a persons income. I am single live in a duplex no kids have a decent primary job as a nurse but I still have to work another job to make ends meet. I have RA so I actually qualify for disability but I couldn’t survive. I do have 3 cats who will eat before I will…… they are my children but I can’t get any assistance off them… lol!

      • pkj says:

        Aw, God bless you and your furry babies! :)

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I’m on unemployment at the moment because my temp contract with the company I was with ended this month after reaching the 18 month limit. I’m living off my 401k because I get less than Octo gets in Food Stamps. I could probably get on disability too, due to anxiety disorder and early onset OA on my back but 1. I couldn’t live on it and 2. I don’t want to because as long as I have my self-created back rest for my chair, I can work.

        She needs an attitude check.

  27. imabrat says:

    Well that’s strange. I’ve never been able to afford a pedicure and I work. I had no idea this is how one goes about obtaining such luxuries; at the sake of hardworking taxpayers.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Creative accounting. I have gel mani’s done at $35 a pop now that I am unemployed because my nails are too thin and rip and look bitten otherwise and I have to look presentable at interviews. The irony is when I was working I didn’t bother. It was too expensive.

      My trick is to get clear or baby pink sheer gel and do it once a month/6 weeks and using creative polishing. As long as the tips are covered they look OK.

      You should save up and go once a year right when summer begins. That is what my friends and I used to do and it is fun to go with a bunch of girls. I meant a regular mani-pedi not acrylics.

  28. ZenB!tch says:

    Are the Duggars on welfare or do they live in some self segregated community of people like them?

  29. Elizabeth Rose says:

    I’m not from America, so I don’t know how things work there, however if she’s constantly having so much trouble caring for her children shouldn’t child protective services intervene?

  30. HappyJoyJoy says:

    She’s just raising 14 more people who will live off the system when she is no longer requesting (help) it. Do you think they have a shot at a decent life? absolutely not. I don’t feel sorry for her. She needs to take care of her own brood of hellions. Do whatever you have to do, bitch. 87% of your new face is still under guarantee. GET A FU#%N JOB!

  31. jwoolman says:

    She’s right, food stamps are not welfare. Different programs, different eligibility. Many people go on food stamps during periods of unemployment or underemployment. It’s a good program, intended to let people hang on to their limited cash reserves while still feeding everybody well. She was on food stamps once before , while in grad school working on a master’s degree (as many grad students with families are). By the way, if not thrown the curve ball of 8 kids at once instead if just one more- she would have been able to support them all just fine with that degree. She obviously was a planner, not a moocher. Eccentric to build a family the way she did, but that’s what she wanted to do.

    So she’s doing whatever she can to keep her kids together – this is bad?!? You folks who think breaking up families is smart should talk to a few people lingering in the foster care system or losing all contact with siblings after adoption. There’s a reason why child protective services will try to keep families together unless there is abuse or neglect (which there is not in this case). Parents don’t have to be perfect.

  32. Emme says:

    Huh… For a woman on food stamps, she’s living life more luxuriously than I ever have.

  33. FFS says:

    Ol’ vulva lips just ain’t ever gonna go away, is she?

  34. Noi says:

    This breeding piece of filth is a textbook example of why there should be mandatory birth control implants.

  35. Meanchick says:

    Actually, everthing she’s receiving falls under the umbrella of welfare. Any type of govt. assistance, whether it’s SSI, Disability, Widow’s Benefits, etc is ALL considered welfare. She talks about people who game the system, isn’t that what she’s doing? She had no way to support all of those kids, yet she purposely had them anyway. Now, she want’s us to feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for the kids.

  36. sher says:

    I used to feel sorry for this woman, but now, like the Kardashians, I just want her to GO AWAY!!