Katie Holmes is ‘dead set on custody of Suri,’ Tom is in ‘major crisis mode’

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Here are some new photos of Katie and Suri during their Sunday morning outing to Whole Foods in their Chelsea neighborhood. As we’ve already seen, Katie reeeally likes her Whole Foods, and it makes a lot of sense (as Kaiser has already pointed out) for her to stay visible on daily outings so that we know she’s still okay and that we should be alarmed if we don’t regularly see her (i.e., if the CO$ tries to nab her). In yesterday’s update, Kaiser also expressed her hope that Katie doesn’t give up any ground to Tom during their supposed calm” negotiations. Now here’s some good news from Us Weekly, who says that Katie is not giving up on anything when it comes to her demand for full legal custody of Suri. Once again — go Katie:

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

For the past few days, legal teams for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been working steadily in an attempt to reach a settlement for the divorcing stars, but make no mistake: Holmes, 33, is not about to cave when it comes to their little girl.

“She is dead set on keeping custody of Suri,” a Holmes source tells Us Weekly. The Romantics actress — whose future projects include the new film Molly (which she wrote) and a Holmes and Yang runway debut at New York Fashion Week this fall — filed for divorce from Cruise, 50, June 28, and asked for sole legal custody of daughter Suri, 6.

“Katie is not going to compromise on certain issues, all regarding Suri,” the source says. During their nearly six-year marriage, Holmes became increasingly uncomfortable with the bizarre rules and restrictions of Scientology — particularly with respect with how to raise and educate her only child with Cruise. “This is about protecting her daughter,” another source explained to Us.

While Holmes has been highly visible since the news broke, stepping out with Suri near their new NYC apartment nearly every day, Cruise has been M.I.A., reportedly holed up at his L.A.-area home.

[From Us Weekly]

Katie’s professional life also appears to be mirroring her personal one. She’s set to begin production next week on Molly, which Katie co-wrote and is co-producing and is about life as a single mother. Ahem.

Meanwhile and as Katie has enjoyed much of her first week of freedom in the public eye, Tom has stayed largely hidden. He has reportedly taken refuge in his Los Angeles home and is (allegedly) freaking out over not being in total command of the situation:

Cruise has lost control.

On Saturday, Katie Holmes spent her second consecutive marathon session at the midtown Manhattan offices of her attorney. And though estranged husband Tom Cruise has not been photographed in over a week, the superstar and his team “are in major crisis mode,” a source close to the Rock of Ages actor, 50, tells Us Weekly.

“Tom’s whole life . . . is being torn apart,” the source says of Cruise, who was blindsided when Holmes filed for divorce and full legal custody of six-year-old daughter Suri on June 28.

“He is on the phone with his lawyers 24/7,” the source explains, confirming that the Oscar nominee “is trying to hash this out” — custody, child support and property division — without going to court.

Cruise, whose loyalty to the Church of Scientology and its teachings became a sticking point in his nearly six year marriage to Holmes, “doesn’t want his entire life laid out for everyone to dissect anymore.”

[From Us Weekly]

Over the weekend, there was a story in the Mirror, which claimed that Katie and Tom briefly spoke on the phone (for the first time since the divorce filing) during one of the inevitable phone shufflings as Tom wished Suri a goodnight. A source insisted that the conversation was both “brief and civil.” This is certainly a better option for Katie than CO$ marriage counseling (as revealed in a recent recent account from the Running Scared blog) would have been, right?

Finally, here’s a nice gross-out sentiment with which to end this roundup — in a new article from the Mail, a former personal manager (and one time surrogate mother of sorts) of Tom’s, Eileen Berlin, says that she’s surprised that Tom’s marriage to Katie lasted five years because she knew from the very start that it was “doomed.” This conclusion was not based upon any up-close observations since she and Tom went their separate ways in 1983, but she recalls that Tom was very moody and that, at times, his anger would “boil up and explode … in a snap of your fingers.” She also describes how Tom, who lived with her for three months, would often parade around her apartment in a G-string, “flexing his biceps and admiring himself.” She also expresses no disbelief in Tom’s unwavering adherence to the CO$: “He didn’t believe in therapy but he obviously needed help. He just couldn’t have a relationship and I think that was because you have to open yourself up. The world sees this good-looking guy, worth millions. I still just see this little boy.” And now that little boy bides his time by (presumably) throwing his lifts at ceilings during epic temper tantrums.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Liberated says:

    This is really appalling. This child should be sent to a foster home, getting rid of two parents who use her as a tool. Of the two, frankly, Tom looks sane. It’s disgusting how the media is all over this. Katie Holmes is vapid, and as an actress she is no Nicole Kidman.

    -Note from Celebitchy- Please stop reporting this comment, it has so many replies that we cannot delete it, or the replies will not make any sense. Also, this person may be a troll, but this is not the first time they’ve commented, they’ve made two other comments starting in March.

    • MarcyParcy says:

      Is she supposed to be a Nicole Kidman? No. She is Katie Holmes. Tom is just lucky he had dirt on Nicole to make her go away. Katie has always come across in interviews since the begininng as a very grounded person. For a woman like Katie who is extremely close to her own father to go for 100% custody means there is something about Tom that scares the heck out of her in regards to Suri. If the man was normal she would be more accepting of a joint custody environment.

      • julie says:

        I don’t think it had anything to do with having dirt on Nicole. I just don’t think she had the support system and the right lawyers. She probably wasn’t all that savvy either because all these years later and she still seems terrified to even say his name out loud.

      • gg says:

        No dirt on Nicole was ever needed. They use scare tactics and threats to try and keep potential ballbusters away. Since back when they were divorced there was not the awareness that there is today, Nicole felt completely outnumbered and bullied into submission.

        This worked THEN, only because Nicole full well knows they will carry out their illegal threats and stalking and try to ruin her career and her entire life, with false BS that the $cienogoons concoct. Her hands were tied.

        But the tide has changed and it’s an Angry Red against the Cult now. Cheers!

    • Anait says:

      The problem is not if she is or not a good actress. She wants her child to stay away from what she feels is a potential danger. And she’s right IMO of course.

    • commentingbunny says:

      Welcome to the party, CO$ rep!

    • J O'C says:

      A Scientologist!!! Aren’t you afraid that the SPs here might contaminate you?!

    • Tmbg says:

      Oh yeah, a foster home would really be preferable than living with a mother who clearly loves her and has realized she had to get out of there for the benefit of her daughter. A foster home. Unbelievable. Let’s just traumatize the child some more.

      Also, Suri has a set of grandparents who are grounded and sane and have helped Katie enormously. I think Suri has a good family, at least on the Holmes side.

    • Leigh says:

      You obviously have very little knowledge of the foster care system. This is a careless, ignorant comment. Get a clue.

      • Kat says:

        +1. I worked with foster parents for years as a social worker and never met one who was anything less than wonderful.

      • Lucinda says:

        That’s pretty interesting because my dad was a cop in a major urban city for 25 years and my step-mom worked as a social worker for child services for 20. They both have a very different story to tell. They admitted that many of the foster parents were there for the money they got to watch the kids. However, there was such a shortage of foster homes and the kids were being removed from extremely dangerous situations that a foster home was truly the lesser of two evils. But why let facts about child abuse within the foster care system (which can be researched pretty quickly) interfere with a great defense of Tom and The CO$? Thanks for stopping by.

    • AnnieN says:

      @Liberated – yes, Suri should only be papped when Xenu Warrior Tom is promoting a film! How dare her mother use her as a normal child prop, going to Whole Foods and playdates with other children, the horror! Let’s all clutch our e-meters now.

      • TG says:

        is that tiny tom behind Katie in that second pic taking a photo? I could swear it is him. LOL And Co$ minions go to some other site where gullible people go since most of us are women who are too smart for your b$.

      • fairy godmother says:

        @ liberated-
        Since when can a person tell another is sane? Care to share?

        As far as sanity goes- isn’t that what Jeffrey Dahlmer’s (?spell?) neighbors said about him!

        Who is to suggest it is only about PR & photo ops?

        Ever think that a mother is making every effort to keep her child engaged in the real world by helping the child to experience life & just be a kid?

        Is sharing time outside at a park, going to museums, grocery shop- you know for necessities i.e. food to nourish your child?

        Kids learn a lot at the store by learning to pick & count such as 4 apples to buy, learn names of vegetables, etc.

        Katie appears to try to just be a single mom who wants her daughter to enjoy herself. She cannot make the photographers stop until they tire of her or has to sue for invasion of privacy of a child.

        At least she is consistently present in her child’s life as opposed to running around the world to make movies while missing important milestones & time with a beloved daughter.

        Yes. it may be someone’s choice of profession, but it certainly not something necessary or honorable like military members & family choose to do.

    • Maria says:

      @ Liberated: are you kidding us? Surely you are part of CO$ and trying to plant some nonsense… Give me a freaking break…

    • Jaded says:

      @Liberated (or Co$ troll), how is Suri being used as a tool? By being taken shopping for food like any normal mother and child? Katie is refusing to be used by Tom and by Co$ to save her child from brainwashing, plain and simple. Being snatched into Co$ “foster care” is exactly what needs to be avoided. Jeebuz you people are utterly batsh*t crazy.

      • tmbg says:

        Liberated obviously has no clue what foster kids go through. I’m not saying everyone is like this, but a friend of mine has neighbors who take in foster kids and it’s just a revolving door of them going in and out and none of them are treated well. This is not an isolated incident either. Many of these foster “parents” are in it for the money. And I can guarantee you they aren’t eating nutritious, organic foods from Whole Foods and having occasional trips to little places for ice cream or a cupcake. They’re probably lucky to get Swanson’s TV dinners and Twinkies.

    • Rin says:

      Considering the late hours and lack of schedule I’m not sure either of them are good parents…but I still think a child that age should be with the mom unless that mom’s abusive.

    • Elizabeth says:

      If you think TC looks “sane”, I can’t imagine what you’re basing it on. I think that both parents love Suri but Tom is in a CULT and wants Suri to be a part of that. I would still give him some kind of access but custody? No way. Katie seems like a solid mother. I don’t see what her acting has to do with that.

      And I was going to call her a CO$ plant but I didn’t what to get nasty – just point out how weak his/her argument is. Play nice children! :)

      • gg says:

        With due respect, no, they want you to engage them. It’s part of their cult instructions. There is no point to “playing nice” with Evil since their programming is designed to deflect only. They will not take in or consider any reasoning, as that part of their thinking process has been abducted already.

        Take it from experience from many, many others, and read up, if you have not done so.

        Forewarned is forearmed.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Liberated sorry..but I don’t see how ANYONE but someone from your Cult would view Katie as a bad parent. If jumping up and down sofas on a National talk show (and let’s not forget rambling on & laughing insanely on leaked Co$ tapes) sane… Then I guess I’ll take the opposite of your definition of sanity any day!

    • gg says:

      I thought you freaks hated Nicole Kidman. Now you’re defending her? Make up your blank, empty, mind!

    • AnnieN says:

      On second thought @Liberated, now I realize that with all the child labor and abuse going on a little neglect in foster care probably does sound like a good deal to you. I’m sorry you think you are not good enough to go out into the world by yourself that you need the Co$ to think for you.

      A wise man once said “100% of a Guru’s marketing plan depends on you holding the belief that you are not enough; that you were created less equipped than necessary to fulfill your purpose. What if you let go of that belief and connected with the truth of your innate power to change and shape your life? You ARE enough. You CAN change and shape your own life. Anyone who tells you different is simply lying. Your life has immeasurable potentiality for greatness; act accordingly.”

    • mercy says:

      Were you saying the same when the child was being papped before mom filed for divorce? I’ve never been ok with children being exposed to it, but foster care is a better alternative? Erm, no. A better alternative than a CoS parent, sure, but fortunately this child has other options. CoS needs to be cut out of her life completely. The courts need to make that clear. Lets see who the “sane” one chooses: time with his daughter, or adherence to his cult.

      Kidman’s acting ability is neither here nor there. She was royally screwed over by Tom and CoS. Katie hopefully won’t let that happen to her. That said, I do hope she ackowledges what happened to Nicole at some point and apologises for giving TC cover.

    • Riana says:

      No offense…nah, major offense. You sound like a scientologist trolling the forum.

    • julie says:

      Liberated… I’m assuming you’re a Scientologist .. umm what does Katie’s acting proficiency have to do with anything. Want to go watch that youtube video of Tom the whacko discuss Scientology and then tell me which one is the sane one?

    • G says:

      LOL!! What’s “appalling” is that you actually think we all would fall for CO$ bashing of Katie Holmes.

      POOF BE GONE before a thetan drops a mountain on you. LOL!!

    • hmmmm..... says:

      LOL Tom is that you Or another CO$ nutjob?

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I love how you basically illustrate perfectly the Celebitchy story right next to this one, about Co$ people being called to troll the internet. Well played. If anybody wasn’t convinced yet, they are now.

      Hope your stats are okay. Though I suppose with this deluge of entheta they won’t be so quick to send downstat people to the RPF? Got to have all those people posting stuff on the internet and reporting comments.

    • MJ says:

      $ciento troll obviously.
      She is only doing this to remain visible. And to give her daughter the BEST possible life – sans the brainwashing cult her father is devoted to.

    • Darlene says:

      Nice hatting there, CO$. We’re on to you.

    • olcranky says:


      her skills as an actress have nothing to do with her skills and abilities as a mother or her sanity. In what was has she given any appearance of not being sane? Please dear member of the $cientology Parishioners League, give us the sordid details

    • LastDaze says:

      Tell you what, you have a young one from your clan test out a foster home first, since that’s your solution to the issue.

  2. The O.V. says:

    This is why you don’t go into a marriage unequally yolked! They had these differences from the beginning. Tom was clear about his position. Why bring a child into that to begin with? Sometimes differences like that need to be thought of thoroughly before saying I do.

    In any case I am glad that Katie got away! I think so far her pjblic strategies are brilliant and she has her dad to help her out.

  3. brin says:

    Love it! Looks like Katie pulled the rug out from under Tommy! He must be raging. Hope she gets custody of Suri.

  4. Stig says:

    I wish these pictures been done old school papping where there is a good distance between photographer and object. Suri seems to be suffering from it. I don’t know how this will play out at the end but I do hope the child is going to be ok.

    • Esmom says:

      Even if the paps were far away, you can see the bystanders are getting close and snapping photos, too. Poor girl…I think Katie needs to dial back the photo ops.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      When Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died, in 1994, her son John F. Kennedy Jr. was seen outside her apartment several days later. Just sitting on a park bench, head in hands when a photographer jumped in his face and started taking all kinds of pictures of him. His friend was outraged, and asked the pap, “Don’t you have a heart? Can’t you cut him a break? His mom just died”
      The photographer just shrugged and said, “If he doesn’t want his picture taken, he needs to stay inside”.
      That was the paparazzi attitude in NYC, in 1994. I doubt that much has changed in ensuing years.
      I get why Katie has used them in the past, she has a residency to establish. And I used to be concerned about Suris’ inability to walk by herself. But in the wake of this story, I caught a video of Katie carrying Suri through a swarm of photographers, who are very menacing, and don’t always move when needed to.
      I would be so intimidated to have to go through that everyday. And Suri is plainly terrified and fed up with it too. So I give Katie a pass on carrying her for now. It’s the only way to keep her close, and secure.
      One can only hope, once things get settled, that Katie will do the right thing, and quit putting her daughter out there, get her somewhere more secure, where she won’t be such a spectacle, and just be a normal little girl. maybe she will get the chance JFK Jr. did not.

      • tmbg says:

        Another good example is how they hounded JFK Jr’s wife Carolyn. She would stay holed up in their loft for days on end and was terrified of them. They drove her into a depression and she just wasn’t prepared to live that life. She loved John for John and not for his last name, and while she was initially amused by the paps before she married him, after their marriage, they stepped it up so much that she couldn’t handle it. There’s a clip of her politely asking a pap to not get so close to her and he snidely replies, “Then don’t walk toward me.” That’s what it can do to an adult. Imagine what it does to a young kid who has no idea why they do this. I would have a heart attack if I was subjected to that for even a week.

      • KaitX says:

        I think Katie’s using the paparazzi for her own safety- a sort of “hiding in plain sight” tactic. How awful must Co$ be if she’s willing to be photographed on a daily basis? It lets everyone know she’s safe- if she didn’t appear in pap photos every day now I’d be concerned!

    • Rin says:

      This can be avoided by moving in with her parents in Ohio.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        I totally agree with this, when this whole thing is said and done, Suri really needs to be taken somewhere private and quiet with a normal, loving family surrounding her.
        And it sucks to be in high stakes situation, with a small child, who didn’t ask to be famous, and yet still needing to put yourself out there cause your so scared of kidnapping attempts.
        What kind of world is this?
        And wouldn’t it be nice, if the photos reached a gentlemans agreement, to leave Suri alone, if Katie does decide to remain in NY long term? How can these people look at that childs’ stricken expression in their lenses, and continue to submit her to this?

      • julie says:

        Last I heard they have photographers in Ohio. Guys, in the world of celebrity news this is BIG. For now, she will be photographed all the time. I’m sure in time it will die down. But celebrities use the paparazzi like a tool… using them when they need them, then crying foul when they don’t. You can’t have it both ways.

    • G(really) says:

      A lot of celebs live in NYC and the paps are relatively low key or non-existant a the super market. That’s what will happen here when things settle down. I have to say I find this attempt at normalcy laudable.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with you. Suri is clearly afraid of the crowd of photographers that swarm them.

      I wonder if Katie could make an agreement to do a photo op every couple of days in return for being left alone the rest of the time. Sandra Bullock hid a baby for two months with the eyes of the world on her, so it can be done.

      • gg says:

        It makes me very angry seeing that picture with the laughing touristy looking jerks photographing them. Papps are notorious for doing this but the people on the street need to back the eff off. I’d have been yelling at them to stop if I were there. X(

    • skuddles says:

      I agree Stig, they should not be getting that close to Suri. I am cutting Katie slack for always carrying her daughter, as I realize now how freaked out Suri is by the paps. And carrying her allows Katie to navigate more quickly through the maze of photogs. I also think she keeps Suri very close, taking her along on most of her outings, as she may afraid Suri could be snatched away by CO$….

  5. beyonce's bump says:

    Must not feel bad for Tom, Must not feel bad for Tom, Must not feel bad for Tom. Damnit!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah I know…me too.

      He’s obviously a very messed-up person with a lot of problems. I just can’t help but feel sorry for people like that (even if I shouldn’t)….

      • Beyonce's Bump says:

        I know Kitten! It is just really sad either way. Sometimes, I feel like he is a willing participant, but even then, you kind of have to be seriously “touched” mentally, to be a willing participant in all this COS f–kery. Like bat sh*t crazy touched.

    • Mia 4S says:

      I get what you are saying…but let’s not forget he is now FIFTY years old. There is absolutely no excuse for such controlling, angry behavior at this point. He could afford the best help in the world, but he likes being the king in his own mind.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh I know, Mia. I’m not excusing any of his behavior. True, he is fifty years old NOW, but when he got sucked into the cult he was only in his twenties (like Katie actually). I still stand by my original statement that even though Tom is a monster, he’s a monster that was created by CO$, with CO$ being the one to blame (in my eyes).

      • Katy says:

        I agree! He is a grown man and he is the one that created this world of his where he is the ruler and king. Why would anyone in their right mind put up with that kind of behavior? The way I see it, now he is reaping what he has sown.

      • Veruca says:

        Sorry. I don’t agree. Tom isn’t living in the Hole, and never had to go through what non-celebrities have gone through.

        I don’t think he’s brainwashed. If the DM article showed anything, it showed the man’s obsession with himself.

        Scientology simply played on an already inflated ego, and saw a means to promote their religion. They handed him the power (which is what he wants more than anything), and he happily accepted.

        He doesn’t live under a rock. He knows what’s going on. He knows where Dave’s wife is. He’s used the slave labor presented to him and does nothing to prevent it.

        He gets no sympathy.

        I’m not a Catholic, but I truly hope there is a hell. I’d love to see that f**ker burn.

      • Viv says:

        Totally. And Veruca has it down to a tee. His ego was inflated before. Before we start feeling sorry for Tom: since he is “the only one actually in a position to help people” as he famously stated in his Co$ videos maybe he should use his newfound single status and all that extra time to go to places like Somalia or Ruanda to help out. They need Xenu help, too, the kind without auditing, though, please.

    • G(really) says:

      I can feel bad for Tom. He’s a victim of this cult as well. And the high profile nature of this has to be humiliating on a scale we don’t understand. I still think that Katie is doing the right thing for herself and Suri.

      Maybe this is the sort of crisis that’s needed to snap someone out of the control of COS. This marriage may be over but they both still have a lot of life to live.

    • Mira says:

      @bump – Add me to the group. I feel sorry for him too. I’m definitely not excusing his behavior. We all seem to understand how Katie got into this situation, yet we are not extending some of that to understand how Tom got into this. He was what, 20 years old? Come to think of it, CO$ has been the biggest black spot in his life. Nothing else – no drugs, DUI, violence. Damn the cult! It’s more of a mafia actually.

      • gg says:

        I do not feel sorry for a man who has used this cult to abuse two of his wives and three children, and conveniently use their slave labor for his luxuries. It’s been going on for DECADES now. He’s had plenty of time to reflect and change and see the light. And he’s only gotten deeper and deeper in, fueled by his tremendous EGO and letting David Misgavige inflate his giant, ever-ballooning narcissistic head.

        Nope, not sorry.

      • Mira says:

        I know I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for him. I definitely do pity him for where he is now and yes, he could have made a different choice. He did not, he has not, and I don’t think he will in future.

  6. Esmom says:

    It doesn’t seem like good timing for her to go to work next week. On one hand, it might be a good distraction and it will hopefully help her post-divorce career, but on the other hand that will mean being away from Suri for long stretches of time.

    • FinallyFr33 says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! He could say her home is not stable or something like that. She should wait until all the hoopla dies down.

    • AnnieN says:

      At least Katie has a family to fall back on. I’m sure she worked out the logistics to keep her daughter close by and hopefully watched by relatives. At this point I would be weary of any hired help, everyone has a price. Stay safe Katie!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      If memory serves correct, Suri will likely be on-set with Katie. That’s the only way I’D return to work if MY child’s safety was threatened.

      • TG says:

        Agree with you BellaLuna and others. I wish she would stay home for a few months before taking on any new projects, but still doesn’t make her a bad mom. Did anyone else find it odd that she went to China without her daughter? I remember thinking it odd when they asked tommygirl at his premier where Katie was and he said she was working in China and that he has suri. Of course I had no clue she was about to hand him his a$$, but I was surprised that she left her daughter with him since I had never heard of her doing that before.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        TG, I think that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. There was a mention of it last week, something along the lines of to whom and what Suri was exposed while in Tom’s “care” when Katie was in China.

  7. supalolly says:

    Katie must have arms of steel to be constantly lugging around shopping, a daughter, a blanket, stuffed toys and other assorted bags.

    Although I guess she’s painting a picture of a single mum + kid going about their lives, I have to wonder if it would be easier to leave Suri at home (especially when every man and his dog are taking photos of them at the moment).

    Poor Suri looks terrified everytime she sees the papps / circus that follows them around.

  8. Eleonor says:

    I am not sure if he throws his lifts or jump furiously all over the couches.

  9. Toot says:

    I don’t understand why Katie needs to drag Suri out as much as she does in front of the paps. The COS is not about to kidnap either one of them and there are ways to avoid the paps and still go out if Katie choses to.

    Suri hates them, as we all can see, so I am giving Katie major side eye.

    • aang says:

      So Suri should never leave the house, or do any normal thing like go to the store with her mom? How about the paps should back off?

      • Toot says:

        No, Suri should be able to leave the house, but the paps can be avoided if Katie used all the resources at hand for her, if she chose to.

      • Mich says:

        @ Toot

        You have posted a lot so I don’t want to doubt your authenticity. That said, the grocery store they go to is on the same block and/or on the ground floor of their building. What you are suggesting is that they literally be held hostage.

        Katie took her child for ice cream, to a movie and to a museum. All things I do with my children without a thought. We have no pics of them walking out their front door which, in my mind, seems to imply that Katie is trying to avoid the press. The job of the press, however, is to ferret out her location and hound her.

        I think you are being unfair in your judgements.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Have to agree w/ @ Mich here. What would you have her do? I see it as making sure they are seen for their own safety OR a mother and her only child trying to adapt to their new life AWAY from the CO$ Goon guards and start a regular NORMAL routine. At least as normal as possible.. considering being followed by black SUV’s..think the PAP’s are the least of the concerns. Suri has had PAPs around all her lil life, sure she is dealing w/ that much better than you think.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        @ toot

        I’ve never been to NY, so perhaps you could explain how she could avoid the paps? As far as I can tell they are camped out on the doorstep of her building. And NY doesn’t seem like the sort of place where you take a car to go grocery shopping down the block. I’m genuinely curious to how you think she could avoid the paps.

      • skuddles says:

        I agree that Katie is trying to give Suri a sense of a normal childhood – at least in that she is participating in normal family-type activities with her daughter. The paps of course are not part of a normal childhood but I am inclined to agree with posters who feel Katie is “hiding in plain sight”. Right now she needs to be highly visible – not only to assure her safety as those paps do create an added layer of security as someone above pointed out, but also to apply pressure to CO$ so they know she’s willing to play this out publicly if need be. Hiding would not be to her advantage whatsoever right now.

    • Mich says:

      And I’m giving you some side eye.

      Katie clearly looks horrified in one of these pics.

      • Toot says:

        Katie may look “horrified”, but I don’t care about her.

        Katie knows that the Whole Foods she’s going to is swamped with paps so I don’t see why she doesn’t go somewhere else where there won’t be any paps. It may be a longer drive, but you do what you have to do. Also, if the paps are camped out on the steps of her new apartment I’m sure she could make arrangements to go out a back way or in a garage if possible, so like I said Katie deserves a side eye. As for the one you’re giving me, oh well. :)

      • Mich says:

        @ Toot

        What a strange comment. You don’t care about her yet feel free to judge her harshly for something a simple as dashing downstairs for some groceries. The horrified look seems to indicate that she wasn’t expecting paps. What if she was running out and her daughter cried that she wanted to go with her? At six, that is what my children did.

        As for the rest, see my comment above re your original post.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Mich – I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree with Toot.

        There have been extreme changes recently for both Katie and Suri. Why should Katie have to be driven somewhere when she can easily just walk to a local store? Why should Suri be stuck indoors because her dad’s a nutter with ties to a creepy cult?

        It’s a beautiful summer day. No reason to stay indoors, 3000 miles away but still hostage to the CO$. No.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would be the paparazzi are camped outside her apartment, and there’s no way to avoid them short of staying in 24/7.

    • mercy says:

      Maybe the kid wants to go shopping with her mother? Spend time with her and pick out her own things? I was leery at first, but after thinking about it more: papps are going to be part of their lives no matter where they go. They will follow to Ohio or anywhere else. That’s how they make their living. And presumably she’s in NY to establish residency for the custody battle and for her work. Whole Foods markets have a no cameras policy, btw.

  10. The O.V. says:

    Sne probably does’t wamt to let that poor little girl out of her sight. And photographic evidence God forbid something happens will help Katie’s case. Tom is batshit cray cray. Even Halle Haters gotta see he takes the cake.

  11. Aussie girl says:

    I just don’t see how anyone could feel sorry for Tom. It’s called karma. Tom needs to learn that he can’t control everything.

  12. Thea says:

    Just curious to the COS rep up top..is Isabella and Connor COS members children? Is that how Tom got those kids that quick? Waiting………..is that what happens to some of the Sea org members who refuse abortions? Do celebrities get first dibs on adopting members kids? And if Tom had really cared about Suri why when she was born did he take off before the week was out to finish his movie? When has he bonded with this child? Waiting for your verbal diarrhea?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Isabella and Connor were raised in CO$. They had the *ahem* benefit of all the CO$-ucation TC wants to provide Suri.

      NK was in the relationship for 10 years, not 5, and had doubtless signed some sort of agreement. Also, imagine how much more CO$ had against her after 10 years. Yes, that is how he got the kids so fast. And NK was named a SP. Since CO$ teaches that kids are just mini-adults, once they decided for themselves whether or not to maintain a relationship with her, I imagine she tried to respect their wishes.

      From what I’ve seen and read, SeaOrg members who refuse to have abortions are moved somewhere else (because babies don’t fit into the SeaOrg’s agenda), likely hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their spouses. (One instance I’ve seen: a woman in SeaOrg [with her husband] got pregnant and was convinced to have an abortion. Shortly thereafter, they were separated, but not before she got pregnant again. She requested permission to contact him, to tell him what was going on and discuss what to do. Denied. Told she wouldn’t be able to speak to him for at least 8 months. Her choice? Abort, or we’ll send you to Timbuktu and you’ll never see him again.)

      As for Tom bonding with Suri, I think he see’s her as more a prized possession than a little girl to cherish. And that’s just sad.

    • mayamae says:

      My personal belief is that Connor and Isabella were children of Sea Org members. I think Kirstie Alley’s two kids were too. They were adopted too easily. Sea Org members are already so abused. It would be pretty pathetic if their uterus’ are farmed out for celebrities.

  13. Grasshopper says:

    There should be a law that states paps should remain a certain distance away from children. All those flashes and yelling would be disorienting for an adult let alone a child.

  14. Talie says:

    It’s interesting, I wonder when she started writing that script about the single mother. This was a long time coming…

    I’d be surprised if this was settled quietly. I just don’t think Tom will agree to let Suri off the hook with Scientology. His ego and crazy advisers won’t allow it.

    • insomniac says:

      Yeah, I just don’t see Wee Man giving up on Suri this easily, now or especially in the future after the fuss has died down a bit. The only good thing I see happening is that Miscavige is driving the Co$ bus right off a cliff and nobody seems able or willing to stop him, so maybe in a few years there won’t *be* enough Co$ goons to turn Suri against Katie, the way they did with Nicole and her children.

  15. daz says:

    i think i might have pissed myself laughing near the end of this article.

  16. cupidityrox! says:

    Am I the only One stuck with the visual of TC in a g-string?!!

  17. Laura says:

    It’s been in the 90s all week in NYC. Why is that poor child wearing a sweater and carrying a blanket around?

  18. Soxfan says:

    My best to Katie and Suri!

    OT-Chobani pineapple yogurt is my crack.

  19. Lem says:

    Really looking forward to the leaked TommyGirl version of Mel Gibson’s rage tapes. You know they exist!
    If they are not released soon, I am going to have to start working my own fan fiction version

  20. DT says:

    Let everyone be aware of this dangerous cult. I’m not talking about Scientology, that’s bad enough. I’m talking about the “movie star” lifestyle. There is plenty of evidence out there that this life style is a misery. Don’t get lured into this creepy fairytale nightmare. Go to the movies – enjoy their talent – and then stay far, far away from these damaged people.

  21. francesca1 says:

    I understand Katie’s reasoning for being out and about so much, but seriously. That little girl needs a break from the mayhem. She looks so utterly miserable.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Agreed. I agree with others that Katie shouldn’t feel like she is trapped in her own home but…poor Suri. I can’t imagine the toll this is taking on her, between the impending divorce, media scrutiny and paparazzi explosion. I hope someday this little girl’s life will be as close to normal as possible.

      • Chatcat says:

        Hi Kitten…back to the grind for me after 10 days at the shore :(

        Anyhow, I too feel bad for Suri, but kids are really resilient and Katie seems to be showing her lots of love. As long as Katie is not bad mouthing “Daddy” to Suri directly, she will be OK. Unfortunately for Suri, she is used to the attention of photogs and the general public so that is not strange to her either. She is probably just sick of being hot and schlepped around shopping like any other 5 year old I am thinking.

        I am snickering though because the little narcissist POS is probably pulling out his hair over this whole thing. Now that is the only thing of Tommygirl I want to see on film! Hehehehehe.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Chat! Welcome back to work-hope it’s not too painful :)

        Yeah I wonder if that was part of the motivation for Katie too-do this now while Suri is still young enough to bounce back.

        Maybe Kaiser felt bad for us after the stock market destruction on Friday so rewarded us with some Monday morning Fassy? ;)

      • gg says:

        Also Katie may be acting under the advice of her lawyers, and also probably needs to stay in town and close at hand for meetings.

  22. Dimebox says:

    I hope that other mothers who have been sucked in to this cult start paying attention to how hard Katie is fighting to protect her daughter from Scientology. Maybe it will help wake them from their Xenu-induced lethargy and they will get their own children away from the crazies.

  23. Jayna says:

    What are they talking about? He hasn’t taken refuge in his LA home. He flew in for a day and is back on set. He is in crisis mode, though. He has a lot to lose if he doesn’t get this settled quietly and stop the leaks about their marriage and Scientology.

  24. fabgrrl says:

    Lordy! How often does she go to Whole Foods? EVERY day, Katie and Suri, Whole Foods. But I suppose it makes sense. Katie can only carry two bags of groceries, since she has to carry Suri and toys around with her.

    {Yeah, I know it’s for visibility. Look, I’m giving my daughter healthy foods and spend lots of time with her. She has got game, and I admire that. But, change it up, girl! The park? the movies? the zoo?}

  25. Tiffin says:

    Stay strong Katie. Don’t back down or be forced into a compromise. Stick to your guns!!

  26. dorothy says:

    Hang tough Katie! No one wants Suri involved in that wacko cult. Your doing the right thing.

  27. tmbg says:

    For the people wondering why Katie takes Suri out all of the time, you have to remember she’s a kid who probably doesn’t want to be cooped up on a nice day. My own husband gets so antsy if he doesn’t get out and do something every day, so I can only imagine what it would be like with a child. Sure, Suri hates the paps, but once she’s safe in the store, museum or restaurant, it’s an outing for her. You don’t want the kid to live like a hermit!

  28. Green_Eyes says:

    I hope Katie doesn’t back down..I don’t think she will having seen what happened to Nicole. I think the stories floating around that they are working the divorce amicably are Co$ plants myself meant to intimidate. I just cannot fathom how this Cult has gotten away w/ things like this for so long & no one questions the disappearance of people. Most of all I cannot understand how any sane person can see their Cult as logical. Wish enough ex members would ban together and blow them out of the water. I mean I would think by destroying the blackmailers wouldn’t they be freeing themselves? I never understood how they were deemed a religion to begin with. Especially seeing what few writings I have discovered on the net by Hubbard. The man was certifiably insane!

  29. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I don’t see how in these “calm” negotiations Tom can abide by the rules of Cos and share custody with Katie. Aren’t they supposed to cut off anyone who is no longer in the cult and not speak to them? Can’t do that and share custody. Yet it’s hard to imagine that he’ll give up Suri…he’s way too much of a control freak used to having his own way about everything. They must’ve had some real dirt on Nicole that they threatened to relase in order to get her to just basically walk away from her kids, and honestly, that IS what she did.

    Katie seems smarter, or was least advised by her father not to give away anything that could be used against her later and without dirt to blackmail her with, and with her too high profile to just “disappear” as so many Cos members and ex-members do, it seems like it’s turning into a desperate situation for them.

    Anyone can see that Katie is doing normal parent-child stuff…grocery shopping together, going for ice cream, playdates. She is always with Suri. Tom is not seen as a normal Dad doing normal things with his kids. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Suri out alone with just Tom without Katie.

    If I was Katie I wouldn’t trust much that any Cos lawyers say in those behind closed doors meetings. From what I’ve heard about the Tom-Nicole divorce. What’s to stop Cos members from badmouthing Katie to Suri if Tom has her for visits? They did it to Nicole and Katie has people who are willing to testify to that. I wouldn’t want my child anywhere near these people!

    • Kate says:

      With regard to the Tom/Nicole divorce, according to the guy who was in charge of auditing TC post-divorce (and who now is running the anti-Sci blog), TC and NK split everything 50-50, kids included. I don’t think NK had any idea at all that things would become the way they did. I remember reading interviews where she seemed to have the kids quite a bit right after the divorce. It seems as if the poisoning of the kids happened more gradually, until they were old enough to say, “I want to be with Dad full time,” and too big for her to fight them on it. I really do think NK had every reason to believe she’d get the kids half the time as they were going through the divorce. Remember, NK had kind of kept TC out of the deep end of Scientology, and according to a lot of higher ups who have “blown,” the surveillance on NK was nowhere near as bad as KH. I don’t think she had any reason to suspect it would get as bad as it did.

      I guess my meandering point is that it’s hard to compare the two situations. KH is lucky in as much as she has NK’s experience to learn from. I really don’t think NK saw what was coming.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        That’s my point though…TC and his lawyers can promise all kinds of things behind closed doors during settlement meetings …he promised Nicole 50/50 custody but then Cos told the kids NK was a sociopath and told them that everyday until they declared they didn’t want to see her. Katie should take note…no matter what he promises regarding Suri, Cos will find ways to turn her against Katie and will try to shove their wacky beliefs down her throat. I wouldn’t trust TC at all. I’m sure he’ll make sure HIS hands are clean by not doing anything wrong himself but he’ll find others to do it I’m sure.

  30. Ycnan says:

    Oh I have always really liked Tom Cruise and his movies, and he seems so nice and all his co-stars say he’s super nice. Oh my, I hate reading all of this stuff about him. Like I kinda really think he is totally brainwashed by COS, right? Like he cannot really think for himself outside of this religion. I wish so much that somehow he could see the light and break free. Sigh…I know, it’s never gonna happen.

  31. RHONYC says:

    i’d like to point out that those tools taking Katie’s photo w/o her consent can’t be real New Yorkers.

    New Yorkers are so meh about seeing celebs in the flesh, they are unfazed.

    blatantly snapping her like that is crude & downright tacky.

    that is all. :-(

    • AnnieN says:

      True! I was walking on Madison next to Anderson Cooper once and all I could think was “I’m taller than him!”. Also had breakfast next to Angela Basset, Courtney Vance and their fam a few weeks ago and we ignored them even though we were the only people at the cafe. Just because they are stars doesn’t mean they are on the clock 24/7.

  32. Jen says:

    It’s only been a week and I’m already sick of Katie going to the grocery! Why bring Suri – aside from publicity – when it obviously traumatizes her?

    Does this little girl have friends who can come over to play?

  33. Chatcat says:

    I saw a TMZ headline (I hate that show/site personally) is reporting that there is no settlement for him without Suri.

    Stand your ground Katie…don’t let the little creeper do to her what he did to the other two!

    • TG says:

      Yes and demand that psychiatric evaluation we have all been waiting for. Once the diagnosis is in he won’t be allowed near his child unsupervised.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        If a psych eval is ordered, he’ll be found in contempt for refusal. (Being that his beliefs don’t subscribe to the psych point of view.) Or he’ll find some reason to weasel out of it.

        Hopefully, a judge will see through it and “compel” him to take it.

      • Chatcat says:

        He’ll never submit to a psychiatric eval…and to be honest he doesn’t need one … he is a classic Narcissist and anybody with a computer and can use Google can diagnose him by searching NPD.

        He wasn’t born a CO$ member but he was born with NPD. Unfortunately, unless Katie shares the goods with the courts, he may get joint custody…that is where both the narcissism and the CO$ can be seriously detrimental to Suri.

      • Izzy says:

        I know the courts try to give some deference to religious beliefs, so I wonder if they COULD compel TC to have an eval, given his religion’s objection to it. (And mind you, I use the word “religion” loosely.)

  34. kay says:

    If Katie kept Suri away from the paps, hence no recent pics of Suri being available, Tom would never see Suri.

  35. kct says:

    I think Katie’s frequent outings are her way of expressing a freedom she hasn’t felt in a long time. Tom’s control had her laying low. She now can do what she wants.

  36. Trebuchette says:

    I just can’t get over what a short little man TC is. He’s like a little football. KH is soooo lucky TC wouldn’t let her into his room at night; she might have accidentally kicked him through the bedposts and made a field goal. (Assuming he doesn’t wear his elevator lifts to bed.)

    Fey Oil-Tushed — the last blind about Tom was that KH would catch wind of his child slavery ring and cut out. I think that BI was when they decided Angelina Jolie pwned TC for the Salt lead, and old girl was PESS, but got MI:4. So I think the blind still stands, just came later rather than sooner.

  37. G says:

    Well I’m sure Tom will come out on top since he’s an “Operating Thetan” level VII…LOL!!!

    Seriously who in their right mind falls for such BS?! (don’t answer that) Researching CO$ is like reading a sci-fi comic book.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go get fit for my tin foil hat…

  38. LeeLoo says:

    The way things are going, I seriously believe Katie has some serious dirt on Tom. Now I truly doubt it is Tom sleeping with David Beckham but only because I refuse to believe David has that horrible of taste in men. But I do think Katie has something on Tom that he never wants to see the light of day.

    By the way, I think it’s adorable how Suri has made her contempt for the paps known in the photos. I am sure the constant barrage of cameras are a source of anxiety for this poor little girl but I am sort of glad to see her starting to mess with the cameras by making faces at them. I don’t agree with paps taking pictures of children without parental permission but I saw the pics of Suri and thought they were funny and cute.

  39. Sweettart says:

    I’ll be honest, I like Tom Cruise. I think he’s a good actor and a hard worker. I think at his core, he’s a good person.

    I think it’s unfortunate that he’s let his let his life be taken over by that soul sucking travesty of a “religion.”

    The scary thing is, that even though L. Ron Hubbard was a megalomaniac, whose whole construct of his “religion” of control stemmed from his time with the satanist, Aleister Crowley, putting a tech spin on occult practices . . . I think Miscavige is actually scarier.

    I truly believe that Scientology was behind his unfortunate divorce with Kidman. When he was married to her, she kept him away and *did not* like Miscavige. She made it known that she wasn’t a Scientology fan.

    I’m sure he is freaking out. Scientologists are sold on the idea that if they are upper level, they *can* control situations.

    This is far beyond a husband being blindsided by a divorce filing. His entire paradigm is being blown to bits.

    I say good for Katie and good for her family and friends that are supporting her.

    They need to do whatever it takes to keep Suri out of the clutches of Scientology.

    Give no ground on that. If that means going on Youtube and exposing everything she knows hidden under the Scientology rug, then do it if that is what it takes.

    Scientology has to know she will not back down and will take it as far as she needs to.

    I do think that Tom should have visitation, because I think he is a good Dad. But it needs to be a Scientology free zone.

    • Boo says:

      Therein lies the problem, though–I don’t think Tom is in possession of a Scientology Free Zone. Even if he is all alone with the kid (and I get the sense he is never alone), I suspect he spouts CO$ crap endlessly, so there is no real way for him to be with her without it being all about CO$. I would say that the only thing I’d agree to would be absolute supervised visitation.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        Exactly! That’s what would scare me. Now that it is supposedly settled Tom has “meaningful visitation” with Suri. Not sure what that means, but I’m surprised Katie didn’t push harder. I feel like she had all the leverage and didn’t have to compromise on what she wanted, and if she was smart she’d be worried about how completely brainwashed TC is by Scientology. I don’t see how he will be able to see Suri and be true to his Scientology beliefs because per Cos he shouldn’t have any dealings with Katie and as for Suri…she won’t be following the rules of a regular Scientology kid. In fact, it looks like Katie plans to raise her Catholic, so how is Tom going to deal with that? What kinds of things is he going to say to Suri when he’s alone with her? After seeing how he alienated his older kids from their mother (and sees nothing wrong with that), it would make me very worried.

        I’m disappointed she didn’t blow the whole thing up by laying out how Cos ruins childrens’ lives and keeps them from parents and others relatives who are not in the Cos.

        I’ve love to know if she’s put in clauses to protect herself and Suri in the event that TC and Cos start up the same tricks they tried with Nicole.

      • Jaxx says:

        Sounds to me like she did get supervised visitation. Suri will always be accompanied by her nanny and a group of body guards. Since they work for Kate you can bet they’ll report every word uttered around Suri. It’s unlikely that Tom will be able to discuss the cult around her. And if he tries to by telling Suri not to tell, that it’s their little secret, well that’s doomed to fail. Kids don’t keep secrets well.

        You can sure that Katie will be watching her daughter very carefully from now on to make sure she is not being indoctrinated.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This is one of the more reasonable/fair posts I’ve seen around here. I completely agree with all you said except I’m not so sure about TC’s acting ability-he was great in Magnolia though. Still, I wonder if Katie knows something about Tom’s parental style that we don’t know or if her quest for sole custody is based on her desire to remove Suri from Scientology entirely. I just think sole custody is really extreme and I’m curious as to why she’s taking that route.

      • Sweettart says:

        Yes, it is extreme, but she saw first hand what happened with 50/50 custody in the case of Connor and Isabella.

        Scientology is nice to your face and soothes your fears up front while they are ripping the rug out from underneath you behind your back.

        She had to go for the jugular right up front because if the church ever got the upper hand, it was over for her.

        Read the Rathburn blog. He was there during the alienation of Kidman’s kids. Cruise never tried to screw her, it was the church that kept working them over.

    • Mira says:

      @Sweettart – I agree with all you said except about Cruise’s acting. I definitely enjoy his movies because of the energy he brings to the roles and you can see that he’s sincere with his job. I think Magnolia was his best. But yeah, I’ve seen and enjoyed more of his movies than say Brad or Clooney among the mainstream/box-office stars.

      About the cult, I doubt he’ll ever get out of it. If you go by the Daily Mail article and Eileen Berlin’s assessment of Tom’s inability to open up to his partners, he will never leave the cult if he has managed to open up when he was audited. It may have been cathartic for him to open up and perhaps that strengthened his belief in the cult. Adding on to the speculation :D

      @Kitten – I think the problem is that Tom is surrounded by CO$ people. One of Rathburn’s article points out how Nic and his home were filled with CO$ members and that he was unaware that they were actually spying. Katie maybe against leaving Suri alone with Tom because of all the CO$ people around him. Add to that, Tom does not suspect these people.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        I don’t believe that Tom doesn’t know every single thing does. I think he’s calling the shots most of the time, and what Cos does in his home or to his wives or kids is with his permission. It may not be out in the open, but I doubt anything happens in his home or to his family without his approval. He can say otherwise so he looks innocent when stuff comes up, but I guarantee …he knew what Cos was saying about Nicole to their kids, he knew. The fact that he would be okay with what that would do to the kids emotionally… you know, I would’ve liked to believe he really cares about his kids and their wellbeing and is a good Dad, but clearly he cares more about what HE wants otherwise he would realize that turning a child against their parent, especially in such a horrible way (telling them everyday that their mother is a sociopath and horrible person), is abusive and damaging. Those kids have very little education or exposure to real life …everything is so controlled by Tom and Scientology.

      • Mira says:

        @Suzy – About Tom being unaware or not suspecting the CO$ staff – those weren’t my words. That’s what Rathburn says in his article.

  40. melissa says:

    Remember when he was promoting Mission Impossible in London and someone squirted a tiny bit of water on him with a gag flower? He FREAKED OUT.

    CoS and narcissism are a combustible combination.

    • Ash says:

      I believe you’re referring to him being squirted with a fake microphone at a War of the Worlds premiere.

      First, he didn’t freak out, you can find his reaction on youtube. He was stunned, and then became angry. He’d been giving an interview when he was sprayed.

      What that pranker did was incredibly rude and dangerous. So much so that the media folk actually chased the pranker and his crew down and held him until security came.

      I cannot imagine ANY actor laughing off something like that.

    • Mira says:

      @melissa – What that freak did was rude and outrageous. There’s no excuse for such rowdy behavior. No actor deserves that kind of prank.

  41. Luckie says:

    I was so relieved to see that Katie is continuing to fight for sole custody. Our whole family is Team Katie!!! It is great to see so much information being shared and highlighted about COS everywhere in the news. Turn up the scrutiny and keep it up! Here’s to all the brave people who speak up!!

  42. Izzy says:

    “And now that little boy bides his time by (presumably) throwing his lifts at ceilings during epic temper tantrums.” LMFAO. Thank you for that epic laughing fit. I needed it! :)

  43. skuddles says:

    Well after years of Cruise controlling Katie’s every move, it’s rather nice to see she has him by the knackers now. My respect level for her has shot way up this past while!

  44. Linda says:

    They’re saying they’ve settled it already. Wow.

  45. Mira says:

    TMZ says the divorce is settled!

  46. Kim says:

    Why is she taking Suri out in public right now when she knows paparrazzi will be hounding her worse than ever. Obviously Suri doesnt like the attention.

  47. Dinah says:

    I seriously have to wonder, based on this poor child’s propensity to hide her face from the public in her mother’s neck, just exactly what the Cult of Scientolotwits have been whispering in her ear- you know, about how bad,evil & dangerous all the non-scientolotwit human beings are. Tragic.

    Hope to hell Katie left some type of revocation in her divorce agreement if there is ANY evidence of Tommy girl trying to negatively influence this little girl against her mom, or the world in general. Shame on him.

  48. Lisa Marconi says:

    I used to work with TC’s cousin. She was/is a Catholic and I believe there was quite a bit of it in the Mapother family, and a lot of Mary’s and Eizabeth’s…Btw, she was a nice woman, very smart, now with a couple patents on cord blood collection to her name. She said she only saw him a couple of times at the big family get-togethers. Just some random info…