Rihanna trashes a club, yells “Don’t you know who I am?” when nearly ejected


This story is a few days old, but I’ll just use Labor Day weekend as an excuse. Rihanna’s been in Europe lately working on her fashion line, which of course will sell like hotcakes but will be oh-so-trashy. But Rihanna is definitely not the all-work-and-no-play type of girl, so she has been enjoying some nights on the London scene. These photos show her outside outside the Rose Club and fooling around on some stranger’s moped after she nearly got kicked out of the club for making a royal mess after she drunkenly hopped onto a table, which promptly broke and sent shattered glass in all directions.

Obviously, Rihanna has a bit of an issue with alcohol. She’s forever posting photos of herself with a drink in hand to various social media sites, and she recently partied herself into the hospital after the Met Gala. She’s also been accused of having narcissistic personality disorder, which could explain why she revels in showing off her drunkenness in public. Basically, she’s a mess, and here’s what happened at that London club:


Boozy Rihanna sparked fresh fears over her party lifestyle yesterday after clashing with bouncers in a nightclub. The hard-drinking pop queen was hauled away by doormen after jumping on a table and wrecking it – sending glass flying.

Rihanna, 24, was allowed to stay at the trendy London nightspot only after pals spoke out on her behalf – but left at 4am, pictured above, for ANOTHER party. Earlier the raging Bajan had screamed: “Don’t you know who I am?” as doormen grabbed her following her drunken fall.

Bouncers moved in after the beauty, wearing thigh-high snakeskin boots, jumped on the private table, which broke apart and sent her crashing to the floor. Bottles of champagne and glasses shattered as she fell, drawing gasps from onlookers.

Security hauled the singer away from the table in front of 300 revellers and a scuffle kicked off. Rihanna – seen downing champagne and cocktails – yelled at the bouncers while friends shouted at them to leave her alone. One pal said: “They were trying to eject her when her girlfriends starting screaming, ‘That’s Rihanna, you idiots!’

“Ri was telling the bouncers to get off and there was a scuffle. I don’t think they recognised her. Finally, before they got to the exit doors, they realised their mistake and the club manager ordered free drinks for the table. And a new table, of course.”

The early-hours incident at central London’s Rose Club sparked fresh fears that the Umbrella star’s partying is spiralling out of control. One music industry insider said: “Her boozy behaviour’s raising eyebrows. Everyone likes a drink, but her more than most.”

[From The Sun]

Oddly enough, I take issue with the idea of the bar’s making a “mistake” in dragging Rihanna away from the broken-glass-and-table mess she’d made simply because she’s a famous pop star, i.e., “kind of a big deal.” Anyone who engages in such drunken shenanigans is a danger to the public and to herself, and I think that, no matter who someone is, they should be ejected from a club when they pull that kind of nonsense. But no. Rihanna was allowed to continue boozing it up regardless of what she’d done, and that’s exactly how it’s going to go down until someone (probably her management — which still includes Jay-Z) makes her get her ass into rehab.


Here’s RiRi hopping on a Eurostar train bound to Paris. Her fashion line is going to be one hot mess.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN

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  1. LeslieM says:

    Crazed new “Illuminati” freak child.

  2. Zimmer says:

    Sad, really. Hope she’s not the next Amy Winehouse.

  3. Joanna says:

    yeah, they should have kicked her out. so what, she’s rhianna? she can act like an idiot, is that what that means? teach the dummy how to act and kick her butt out. time to grow up riri

  4. Mauibound says:

    Time to grow up a bit Ri-Ri, with great drunkeness comes great responsibility!

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    And of course, here is the WHOLE problem with these self-absorbed celebrities. They can do anything, ANYTHING, and have no consequences because of who they are. So why are we all amazed when they turn into these entitled monsters. Who cares if it was Rhianna, they should have booted her ass out the door!

  6. Tifygodess24 says:

    This is EXACTLY why Celebs act the way they do….. When did becoming famous mean you are better than everyONE and above the law? This is getting ridiculous

  7. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, this is not good. I agree, she should’ve been booted out….but…because staff “realized” she is Rihanna, they got her a new table & comped drinks? I call BS. This is what entitles those celebs. It really encourages them to act the fool even more, I think.

  8. Riana says:

    I doubt anyone will force her into rehab, if you’ve been watching the push behind Rita Ora you can see Jay Z is taking his efforts elsewhere.

    As for Rihanna she’s a mess, but I really take offense to arm-chair psychiatry. There are quite a few aspects to diagnosing someone with a condition that don’t involve watching them on TV or reading about them on the Internet. It just seems insulting to people who actually have serious disorders who get lumped in with the 30 seconds or less diagnosis on celebrities.

    • Jax says:

      It’s a gossip website. We’re going to talk about what these people do and why we think they are doing it. You don’t have to like what we say, that’s fine, but realize everywhere you go on the Internet people are not going to play by the rules you think they should. It’ is how it is.

    • Erinn says:

      I agree with Riana… it’s become such a trend to diagnose every ounce of bad behavior as some sort of disorder. A lot of the time it’s so they don’t have to take real responsibility.

      I personally have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders… but I have never used it as an excuse for why I do what I do.

      I get that this is a gossip website- gossip all you want about their actions, clothes, relationships, jobs etc. But don’t feel like you’re capable of labeling them with some form of disorder just from seeing a certain kind of action. Whether you want to believe it or not, seeing complete idiots with no respect be diagnosed as bi-polar, or depressed, or whathaveyou makes those who are suffering and trying to manage their own, real disorders angry.

      • dee says:

        +1000 I’m so tired of hearing “bi-polar” used as the new shorthand for all sorts of bad behaviors. For me, it means it can be really difficult to get out of bed and get to work some days and sometimes I spend too much on Ebay. There is nothing about my behavior that would indicate to anyone who doesn’t know me that I’m dealing with a mental illness. The fact that a celeb acts like an a$$hole in public all the time probably means they are an a$$hole, not mentally ill. And, yes, anyone on a gossip site may speculate on the cause of of a celeb’s bad behavior and if you do, others may freely tell you that you appear to be misinformed in what you say.

  9. diana says:

    Unrequited love does strange things to people.
    They act out, wreck themselves thinking that the ones they love have the vestiges of reciprocity and notice them. More so in the abusive relationships.
    Riri, sadly he doesn’t give a crap.

    • normades says:

      Yes this. I think so much of what she’s doing is in some kind of desperate attempt to stay on Chris’ radar. He has moved on girl, and you’re better off without him!! Alas, she’s probably addicted to his memory as much as she is the other stuff.

  10. Queen Victoria says:

    I don’t wanna her here. Take her back to the US and destroy her passport. She is pure trash.

  11. Lady_Luck says:

    This girl is seriously trashy. One big trashy multiple car crash after another.

  12. Lizzie says:

    I actually don’t mind her behaviour too much. She’s not really hurting anyone. And to be fair….everyone goes out and parties too hard at some point in their lives. I don’t really see it as a huge deal.

    • lw says:

      I agree. And I was a late bloomer, so I was still doing it up super-drunkie style at 24. At some point it naturally grows old and she will probably tone it down a bit.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Lizzie, that’s either enabler talk or denial. Yes people do stupid things when drunk. But Rihanna is on a regular pattern of getting drunk. She’s becoming known for being f’ed up all the time. What with broken liquor bottles and champagne glasses, it’s dumb luck that she didn’t hurt anyone. At least (apparently) she was coherent enough not to drive.

      • Lizzie says:

        But we’re only seeing photographs of one night events…..it might not be EVERY single night. We don’t know what she does when the cameras aren’t on her.
        I just think its unfair to judge her for having a good time when there are cameras in her face every time she has a drink.

  13. NM6804 says:

    Yes, I know who you are Rihanna. A girl who’s a popstar but who can’t sing. A dime in a dozen.

    A girl who has deep emotional problems with herself, men and alchohol but who pretends to be this confident, strong crude unconventional female all the while parking her butt on twitter and FB to catch every droplet of attention she can get. Whether it’s with her new haircolour/cut or soft porno-ish generic popvideoclip since she knows it’s not her voice or lyrics that sells records. Your garden variety celebrity famewhore.

    A girl who is part of the 1% and therefore acts like an entitled spoiled brat, disrespecting others who she feels are beneath her and wants to exert her questionable power by not following standard rules. Corrupted by the system she was so eager to be succesful in but pretends to be the opposite in every interview. She is just misunderstood and very much “in control”.
    Where have I heard that before? Oh right, every actor/singer who forgets that in this digital era, we know every move they take, not only the ones they want us to see.

    We know that what she puts out formally is all image and damage control and PR-magic and what she does informally is who she is. A great disconnect there Benihana.

    But I guess her millions of followers and succesful career makes her believe she’s doing alright and gives her permission to act out without facing consequences. Until one day, she gets replaced by the next hot thing and her attention seeking will be called out for what it is: desperate and troubling. No more real fame and her fans will run away in droves. Enjoy it while you can Boozehanna.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Tell us how you really feel ;)
      I concur; well written.

    • Macey says:

      you are spot on about everything but the 1% status and having millions of followers. Riri is rumored to be all but broke b/c of mismanaging of her funds and exorbitant accounting fees (think she was paying 22% of her income which is insane!) plus her tour has been losing money.
      Its also been proven that over 70-80% of her followers are fake bots. in other words, paid followers probably by her label to make her seem more influential than she is. I also think her label is the only reason her songs are on the radio all day long. it cost big bucks to do that. after all that, doesnt leave much left over for her.

  14. mia girl says:

    ‘That’s Rihanna, you idiots!’

    Let me fix the typos…

    ‘That’s Rihanna, the idiot!”

    Now it makes more sense, right?

    • Really? says:

      Good one, mia girl…i live in France and the media here isn’t too pleased with her these days after her arrival at the Lyon train station…she was absolutely MOBBED by screaming fans and had only ONE body guard so they were all up in her face, it was actually disturbing to watch, borderline aggressive, like they wanted a piece of her or something. However, she had to go on Tweeter immediately after, bashing her fans, saying “the French are f’n crazy,” etc. Not cool, IMO, because, number one Miss Ri, you hired only one damn body guard, and number two, YOU POSTED YOUR TRAIN AND ARRIVAL ONLINE, what the f did you expect?

      Anyway, i think she’s a great performer, albeit a little too raunchy, but she is burning the candle at both ends and i hope she cools it before the light goes out in her eyes.

  15. Jaded says:

    And of course how does bad behaviour get rewarded if you’re Rihanna? With free drinks… *shakes head in disgust*

  16. LeslieM says:

    It’s much worse than this. Search her name with the word Illuminate. Skip the Christian sites. Also see what Ashton Kutcher has to say about her. Remember when Barbara Walters did the story about Chris beating her. She should look at what happened with Ashton.

  17. Izzy4ya says:

    Look at all the hate,…but prince Harry is a victim.

    • ORLY says:


      He’s a dude, so it’s cute, don’t you know?

      • Andy says:

        Where in the Prince Harry story did he demand to be treated a certain way because of who he was? He didn’t. I don’t recall Prince Harry breaking things and endangering the safety of others either.

      • ORLY says:

        …and we know the complete and true story is always written on the interwebs.
        Andy- most of the vitriol is about her drinking and how much she needs rehab, how she has a disorder, etc, not so much about her wanting special treatment.
        Make sense?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Prince Harry was in his own hotel suite; had generously extended invitations to some other folks (rather than showering them with broken glass and booze); and kept his foolery limited to his own suite.

        Also, I don’t recall reading anything about him pulling the “Don’t you know WHO I AM?!?” card.

      • ORLY says:

        Bellaluna – These are 2 separate issues.
        The issue with reference to Prince Harry is that, no matter what we say as a society, we are more accepting of men behaving badly than women. If it had been Princess Beatrice prancing around naked with a man wrapped around her, the moral outrage would have reverberated all the way to deep space.
        Having said that, I was one of those defending Harry. I happen to believe you can party your ass off all through your 20s if you want to. Case in point, Rihanna.

        I’m not defending jumping on a table and breaking it, she destroyed someone’s else’s property. My issue is with all the people diagnosing her with various mental illnesses.

        I don’t care about judging her, go for it. She is spoiled. She is entitled. She acts like a prat. She lacks talent or whatever else.

        Regardless of all that, she has a massive amount of fans, and, short of her killing herself, I think she’ll be around for a while. Over 25 million people follow and read her incessant rambling on twitter as is.

    • Trashaddict says:

      But Bellaluna, Prince Harry IS a victim – of inbred Royal Stupidity. And who said we were giving him a pass on it? Tweren’t me…

  18. anya says:

    Oh come on, just because she likes her drink doesn’t mean she needs to go to rehab.

  19. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    We know who you are – an illiterate entitled brat talentless autotuned and label created – what is most despicable about trash like riri is that, unlike previous generations of musicians, too many of today’s pop “stars” have no real interest in music, it’s just manufacuted noise to live the life. I wonder how extensive riri’s musical knowledge is?
    Agree with you NM6804, garden variety famewhore and 1 per center she’s utterly delusional is she thinks she’s some sort of rebellious anti-establishmentarian.

  20. Kat says:

    “I take issue with the idea of the bar’s making a “mistake” in dragging Rihanna away from the broken-glass-and-table mess”
    ^This. WTF? At first I thought “good for that club; they didn’t take her crap just because she’s a celebrity” and then I finished the article.

    As for Rihanna…It seems like she has a drinking problem for sure. I had a drinking problem in my early thru mid twenties before I stoppped totally (can’t have just one so I don’t have any at all). She’s acting just like I did, celebrity style. I hope she gets help if she needs it.

  21. Dana M says:

    RiRi and WeWe would make the perfect BFFs.

  22. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I like people who party; people who say “Don’t you know who I am?” not so much.

    • Really? says:

      Same goes for me…Anthony Keidis went to a supermarket in the south of france where i live to rent a video; one of my friends was working the counter, and she refused to rent him a movie without a membership, and out popped the same famous question…I still think RHCP are great, but Anthony, like Riri, def has some issues as well. Hell, i guess we all do, but ugh, saying BS like that, it’s so arrogant but yet kinda sad at the same time, like, you expect better, you know?

  23. Natalina says:

    Rihanna is a barbarian. I’ve said it before, i’ll say it now, and I’ll say it again…..BAR-BAR-IAN

  24. Bobbie says:

    I know she’s very immature and a mess, but I do love her music. Also, I think she is so pretty. Her style is trashy but it works for her (usually, although she takes it too far).

  25. Jacquelantern says:

    bahahahahahha. so true.

  26. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    Don’t you know? Ho I am!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    I HATE self-absorbed, entitled assholes who say “Don’t you know WHO I AM?!?” It’s used to either GET THEIR WAY or to GET AWAY WITH whatever stupid shit they’re pulling at the time.

    • skuddles says:

      I hear you bella…. how I wished those doorman would have said yeah, we know who you are and guess what, you’re still getting your drunk ass kicked out the door. But no, they wussed right out and then a simpering manager comes along and buys her even MORE booze.

  28. erika says:

    OK, all is forgiven, if you decide to Tarzan swing through the bar dropping champagne bottles like handgranads, BOOM killing people…well, all is forgiven, because you’re freaking Rihanna, RiRi.

    She’s going to end up plastered, literally…her drinking sounds hardcore enough to seriously cause her damage, especially for a Monday/Tues am club venture…

    say hello to your new wheelchair RiRi, full body cast RiRi, coffin RiRi…

  29. skuddles says:

    This brings to a mind a very wise saying I came across recently on Pinterest:

    Make sure that drunk you doesn’t do sh*t that sober you has to deal with later.

    Truer words….

  30. Atxlife says:

    One time I was waitressing at a strip club when Patrick swayze’s brother wanted me to get him free drinks– so I’m suppose to serve him free drinks, make zero tips because he wasn’t tipping anyone that had served him previously , I refused .
    He pulled the , ” don’t you know who I am ?” card on me . I laughed in his face and waited for the next paying customer .
    Shows that everyone thinks they are entitled to free sh$t. Same happened with Lule Wilson , demanded free food and left nothing for a tip with a party of ten .