Lady Gaga response to ‘fat’ body-shaming: “bulimia and anorexia since I was 15″

Ugh. This is going to get so convuluted and this argument is going to go way off-track, I know that already. Instead of trying to pre-empt some of the debates/arguments/insults you will have for Lady Gaga, for me, and for each other, I’m just going to tell you what I think about all of this and I’ll let the chips fall where they may. First of all, Lady Gaga gained some weight. It was noticeable, mostly because she was scantily-clad on stage and there were photos of her thighs. Still, she was far from “fat”. She looked like a woman who had put on some weight and it had mostly gone to her thighs. A few days later, Gaga confirmed the weight gain – she said she gained “25 pounds” which still seems like too high of a number – and handled the situation very well, I thought. She was matter-of-fact, she didn’t apologize or anything, and she didn’t address some tabloid attempts to “body shame”. I thought that was completely appropriate, and I even defended her against some of the nastier stories of how she was “ordered” to lose weight.

But soon enough, Gaga began to feel like this was a “teachable moment” ripe for exploitation, Gaga-style. She posted these photos on her Little Monsters site and tweeted to the site with the message BODY REVOLUTION 2013 and “to inspire bravery”. For goodness sake. She included messages “bulimia and anorexia since I was 15” and “But today I join the Body Revolution” and “and BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION”.

She’s talked about having eating disorders when she was a teenager in many, many, many interviews. We understand. Some a—holes were bullying her, but most of us didn’t care or we actually defended her and her weight gain. And now it feels like our sympathy for her body-shaming is being exploited because this was just another one of Gaga’s stunts. Not only that, WHAT F-CKING WEIGHT GAIN? Like, she looks maybe 10 pounds heavier. If that. And what kind of “revolutionary” message, what kind of “brave” message are you sending to those girls who are still struggling with body image issues when you pose for beauty shots in your underwear, sucking in your stomach, taken from a flattering high angle? It seems inauthentic. It just seems like more Gaga BS, like it’s more about the image of the message rather than the substance of the message.

Besides all of that, maybe I would take Gaga more seriously on issues of body image and bullying if she had really had a discussion with her OWN FANS when they were body-shaming Adele.

Photos courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Twitter/Little Monsters site.

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  1. Jackie O says:

    unauthentic and gaga go hand in hand.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I can´t take someone serious, who on the one hand preaches about respect, love, anti-bullying, self-acceptance, and then goes to do cocaine with her bff Terry Richardson, who is the opposite of everything Gaga claims to stand for. By working with him, she´s an enabler of his misogynic behaviour and sexual harassment, like the rest of the fashion industry unfortunately.
      A disgusting reminder:

    • Lm says:

      This. I just can’t take anything she says seriously. It’s all shameless fame whoring and PR.

      • STOPGOOP says:

        Really?! This woman admits to having a mental illness and then poses in her underwear looking nothing like the thin ideal demanded of all women, particularly celebrities? She is a real person. She is a persona, as well, as that is how she makes her money. But I think she deserves respect for this authentic moment and being willing the bare so many “flaws” to the public.

    • mars says:

      i think lady gaga is dumb i think she has no talant thats why shes wears weird shit to get peoples attention.I also think she was once a man which is cool just be honest about it.I also think that people made her rich for no reason theres other important things going on then wearing a meat outfit like those who r not as blessed as us i wanted to throw sum lighter fulid and matches to cook the meat then run up quikly and snatch all the meat to feed hungry people see u know its soo dumb when people start having there own therioes about it,and why do u have alot of money o yeah cuz of all the dumbass people that give her attention shes not artistic never will she compare to Madonna. love everyone except lady gaga and the olsen twins o and kim fake ass kardashian….

  2. Saphana says:

    im always speechless how Gaga turns so important topics into self-promotion.

  3. Mayday says:


    So funny that was amidst all the anti bullying shit she was spewing out she didnt encourage her fans to to STFU during all that.

    I hated her before that but that sealed the deal. There’s NO WAY she wasnt aware all of that was going on and she didnt say anything and now that people are calling HER fat were supposed to all have this sympathy for her? Bitch please.

    PS she’s NOT fat and needs to STFU about “celebrating her body”. If I hear one more avarage sized celebrity going on about “celebrating their curves” I swear to god…

  4. Birdie says:

    Finally someone mentions how these pics were shot from an high angle! I would look skinny like that then, too! Why do you talk about bravery and manipulate the pics at the same time.

    • Brown says:

      Eeexxxactly. These aren’t exactly “confession” type pictures. I mean jesus, she’s sucking in so hard in that profile pic that her ribs are sticking out.

      I like the idea of this, but unfortunately I really dislike GaGa, so she ruins it for me.

      And ITA on the Adele body-shaming. If you’re going to be an advocate of loving yourself and everyone regardless of body shape and size, you can’t ONLY do that when people start calling YOU fat. She should have spoken out then.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah, I would look thin if someone took a photo of me from above and especially if I held my arms above my head. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think “ugh” then I lift my arms above my head and everything is magically lifted and I look a lot slimmer.

      Gaga doesn’t even need to pull these tricks because she’s probably still pretty slim and well.. it contradicts the message she’s trying to send.

    • zenb!tch says:

      And she’s totally sucking her stomach in, in the side view one.

      Also she was this size or bigger when she first became famous, then she coked herself down to size Hollywood.

      If she quit cocaine, then I’m proud of her but shut it with the body messaging. We wouldn’t notice it if she wasn’t always naked.

  5. marie says:

    this woman is so annyoing, she does whatever will get her attention, and dangit here I am giving her attention.. I’m gonna scribble SUCKER across my forehead and be on my way..

  6. Nibbi says:

    actually i kind of love her for posting that last, in-your-face one. she’s hilarious

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    I hate it when celebrities take photos of themselves in their underwear but this is taking it too far. Exposing your body like that (doesn’t matter why) to encourage a positive body image in young girls is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing but humble bragging. Oh look at me, I gained some weight and I still LOVE myself! Nevermind that you wouldn’t be doing this if you had gained, say, 40 lbs. What exactly are women supposed to take away from this? That we can all look good with a professional photographer and great lighting? That is such a “revolutionary” message.
    I didn’t even know about the Adele thing. Gaga needs to go stand in a corner (fully clothed) and think about what she’s doing. Idiot.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Ita with your entire statement. Had she just come out and said she struggles with anorexia and bulimia, I would have thought her brave. THIS photoset appears to be an attempt to rebuke the unflattering fishnet photos and the pictures are contrary to the message.

      • Jayna says:

        Bingo, LittleMissNaughty and MorticiansdoitDeader. Both of your comments are so spot on.

        And, Lana del Rey wants her hair color back, Gaga.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        THIS THIS THIS EXACTLY! Littlemissnaughty and Mort-spot on.

      • The Original Genevieve says:

        Completely agree!!

        The fact is, she has a body most girls would aspire to in these photos. So now, every female fan who saw these tweets and is roughly the same weight, will start body-shaming herself because “Gaga say she’s too fat”.

        Crikey. This one is never at a loss for a publicity stunt. WHATEV.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        “Oh look at me, I gained some weight and I still LOVE myself! Nevermind that you wouldn’t be doing this if you had gained, say, 40 lbs. What exactly are women supposed to take away from this? That we can all look good with a professional photographer and great lighting? That is such a “revolutionary” message.”

        “THIS photoset appears to be an attempt to rebuke the unflattering fishnet photos and the pictures are contrary to the message.”

        Yes, THIS!

    • Snookie Wookie says:

      THANK YOU. As someone who was in treatment for 10 years with an ED this was INFURIATING to me. I HATE when celebs use their struggles with eating disorders as a way to get PR. It totally cheapens the struggle for those that are really struggling with it. I can’t tell you how many people told me I was being overdramatic for saying I had an ED.

      I have a small blog about my struggle and posted a rant about this yesterday. (i swear I’m not a troll posting to promote my blog, but since it was so relevant thought I’d share)

  8. lucy2 says:

    Ew, put your ass away!

    No way she gained 25 lbs, but I too would be more on board with this if the Adele stuff hadn’t happened. Gaga only sees the harm in shaming when it happens to her, apparently.

  9. Katyusha says:

    I don’t think that she’s fat, it’s just that she was SO FIT before! Remember her Telephone video?

  10. serena says:

    Gaga need to STFU right now! If she thinks she’s fat she’s an idiot, also that is insulting.
    She’s just not skinny anymore and that doesn’t mean your fat.

    Who cares she gained few pounds??

    Also I really didn’t want to see her ass like that..ugh

  11. Charlotte says:

    So, she’s claiming she gained 25lbs (and she’s a petite girl, which would make it look more like 40lbs) and yet she still looks like that? Great. Way to make your teenage fans with body issues feel awesome.

  12. tabby says:

    I just vomited in my mouth looking at these pictures of her. I swear every women in Hollywood say they had some form of eating disorder. Please

  13. dcypher1 says:

    Caca is such a hypocrite. Shes so preachy its so annoying. Shes so full of caca. Thats why we call her that.

  14. Nina says:

    I can believe that she put on 25 pounds OF MUSCLE, which looks much different than 25 pounds of fat.

    • Annie says:

      Lol of muscle? Her body would be rock hard. Not all wiggly like it normally is.

      She’s such a sloppy performer. All these tours and concerts, how does she do it when she doesn’t excercise.

      And it’s not about weight gain. It’s about wearing inflattering outfits for her imaginary 100 lbs ass. But I guess that’s a huge issue when all you have to offer to the public is your body.

  15. lizzi says:

    I’d kill to be as “fat” as she looks in these photos. She’s fishing for compliments.

  16. Jayna says:

    I am officially over Gaga. This is the nail in the coffin. Even lots of her fans were over the preachy Born This Way era. She promised fun Gaga this new era, but even fun Gaga has lost the essence of herself, the early Gaga that was refreshing, and she still seems so pretentious. Now this. She is exploiting it, as usual. She needed a new angle because people were so tired of the bullying/Born This Way era that has gone on and on (Which is funny because so many of her Little Monsters bully other popstars. I remember her fansite and other sites had some fans calling Adele fat and bullying her because she sold more records, calling Adele generic music). I don’t think Gaga will ever reach the heights she did the Fame Monster era.

    And, yes, all these shots are at flattering angles in a bikini, just begging for compliments. Look at that side pose, sucking in her stomach. LOL And what is she complaining about? Tell girls to like their bodies, but don’t encourage girls to look like a flabby mess in thongs on stage in denial. Dress appropriately, Gaga, for your body type now, and no one would have said a thing and wouldn’t have even thought you gained weight.

  17. Eleonor says:

    I liked Gaga at the beginning, because I thought she was funny and The Fame Monster was a good pop/dance album.
    But now I’m over: she has acted for months like she was the new Michael Jackson (see the mess of Judas video), and then came Born this way, a dance album from the 80′s. and now this.
    Bitch please.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    YES, Kaiser! You said everything I was thinking.

    “Body revolution”?? BITCH, PLEASE.

  19. lower-case deb says:

    really doesn’t look like she has put on 25 pounds of either fat or muscle, whichever way you see it.

    more like 25 pounds of ego.

  20. Annie says:

    People like her making a big deal out of someone calling her fat probably makes actual fat girls feel like crap. I can’t stand it. Does she not think before she victimizes herself? It’s like, calm down. You’re not fat and by your reaction you might be making girls with your similar body think they’re fat.

    However, as a performer who loves being half-naked onstage, and whose entire look is all about raunchiness and sex, who wears skimpy clothes, her weight gain is not necessarily awful. It’s just lazy and sloppy. You love showing your ass, stay fit. It’s really not a big deal the number of pounds you gain. Just stay fit. Fit is not thin. Then you can spare us the self-victimization, while at the same time offending other women who have actual weight struggles.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      “You love showing your ass, stay fit.”

      Actually exactly this is bodyshaming: Telling people which body type they need to have in order to show off their naked asses. If you don´t like huge asses, it´s fine, but you don´t get to decide who is allowed to be naked on stage (or elesewhere) and who is not.

      Beth Ditto, for example, is a huge, fat girl who sweats her almost bare ass on stage each time and who just don´t give a damn about it.

      • Sam says:

        The problem is not that Gaga is not allowed to see on stage heavier.

        The problem is that when she was thinner and more closely aligned with the body ideal, Gaga was perfectly fine to adhere to it and promote it (remember “Pop Stars don’t eat?”). Now that she’s fallen on the wrong side of that ideal, she’s suddenly against it.

        Beth Ditto isn’t a role model because she is fat. She is a role model because she’s always been vocally against beauty bullshit in the industry. Ditto wouldn’t be half as awesome if she were fat and ina state of constant apology for it (like Oprah seems to be).

        Gaga is an example of “live by the body, die by the body.” When her body was totally tight and right, she was perfectly happy to promote it and benefit off it. Now that it’s not so fabulous, she’s just now becoming a figurehead for body acceptance? Excuse me if I think she’s less than genuine.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Oh I never for a second believed that Gaga´s new body acceptance preach was genuene. I know, she is full of BS and herself. My comment was really just about that tiny little statement that one must be “fit” in order to show off nude bodyparts, which is in fact bodyshaming.

  21. Sam says:

    I have an irrational hatred of celebrities who gain a small amount of weight (but still fit well within the skinny standard) and then make it about “body acceptance.”

    I am skinny. I used to not be skinny. Trust me, sweetie, thr “body shaming” that you supposedly got from the magazines is NOTHING compared to what fat girls all over deal with – from everybody. Some unkind comments on blogs are tiny compared to what overweight or heavy girls deal with on a daily basis. You still have designers falling all over themselves to design for yout slightly larger ass, when your average fat girl can’t get nice clothes in her size. You don’t deal with constant harassment for your size, your family doesn’t berate you. So please, shut up.

  22. Riana says:

    Was anyone honestly not expecting it to go down this way?

    A woman wears a corset and thong on stage with her new ’25′ LB gain and when people comment “BODY SHAMING, BODY SHAMING, BODY SHAMING”. No honey….we just don’t want to watch you make a campfire from the tiny bit of material you forced between your cheeks while you flail about on stage.

    Then it’s all about the anorexia and bullimia (which oddly enough I don’t recall her mentioning prior to this) but not about the cocaine use and not eating regularly like she said before. She loved her teeny frame before and no one but her was focusing on it, saying things like “Pop stars don’t eat” as if its wrong to be heavier and be a singer. Not to mention the dozen half naked outfits. And of course the TOTAL SILENCE when her fans were actively body shaming Adele and Christina Aguilera.

    Finally now she’s been given a slogan to tout to sell a few million copies of her new CD. Eye roll, bet all the freaking weight gain is from alcohol more than food which would only make this whole thing more lovely.

  23. BX says:

    This offends me. This “cause” of hers does not seem genuine at all. Eating disorders and body image is not something to fool around with. She is clearly playing the game. I understand she is a glutton for attention, but she has to come up with a better stunt than this.

    If she’s so proud of her body why didn’t she smile in the photos? She looks shamed and damaged.

    A message to the Little Monsters: if you want a role model who is body positive, look up Beth Ditto.

  24. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Ugh. I hope she loses a lot of fans over this…prob not though, as they tend to be just as disillusioned as her. If they still want her for a role model after all this crap, they deserve each other!

  25. BX says:

    Another thing about this heffa. In one of her earlier interviews, she said she wanted to have the best body in pop. Then she said….


    Not pop stars don’t eat because they have to keep their weight down or whatever, but they SHOULD NOT do it. I was on the fence about her before she made that comment, but then I couldn’t stand her after that.

  26. Nan209 says:

    She needs to stop wearing those crazy shoes…girls got some bunions (ouch – so painful).

    I agree it feels exploitive but since I’m not a fan/follower it doesn’t effect me. I guess the question is: is the exploitation for a good cause even if her reasons are disingenuous? I don’t mind the exploitation if the end result is people stop body shaming.

  27. Oi says:

    She’s the pop star idiot that cried wolf. I just don’t think she really has an eating disorder then or now. There are so many things about her and her image that have proven to be made up that I just can’t believe it. She’s been inauthentic about so much, why should we believe her now? Especially after seeing those idiotic pictures? I don’t think anything she does is a genuine attempt to raise awareness or have solidarity for people with real problems. Its all about her and how hard SHE (claims she) has it. This weight thing reeks of a stunt, and this “revolution” BS is the payoff to make herself look like the hero when its really perfectly self serving and attention grabbing, while escaping the criticism and guilting other people. She’s doing way more harm than good and is to self absorbed to see it. Or worse, just doesn’t care.

    If that sounds harsh and mean, fine. Hate me. She hisses me off the worst these days.

  28. Jayna says:

    What pissed me off more than anything about Gaga, is she is so in love with pot right now and mentions it all the time. Fine. I don’t have an issue with pot. But when she was on stage taking a few hits and went into a monologue on stage about how pot has changed her life and she has a religous experience with pot, blah, blah, I was disgusted only because the main bulk of her audience is 14 to 16-year-olds. She has a lot of tweens too in the audience, even younger. But she knows how many 13 14, 15, 16 year olds are in that audience and to actually be preaching and proselytizing about the wonders of pot and how it has changed her life to kids I think is ludicrous. One day she tweeted to her fans she had been smoking pot all day.

    She doesn’t have to hide she smokes pot, but what’s the point of being on stage carrying on about how it’s changed her life to kids.

  29. Diva says:

    She is full of shit. That’s all I got.

  30. Skipper says:

    She didn’t respond with the comment about gaining 25 lbs. she mentioned that in an interview on August 5 without any prompting

  31. Keri says:

    She intentionally gained weight as a new desperate way to get more attention

  32. Mava says:

    I used to be a fan of her fun dance music. Now it’s all bad 80s crap, pretentious wanna-be art and stunt Queen preaching like this. I’m sorry that she was bullied and had an eating disorder, but I feel as if a lot of what she says is exaggerated for attention. If you suffered so much, wouldn’t you stop your fans from doing the EXACT same thing to Adele and Christina on Twitter? I know I would be vicious about cutting that crap out, especially if it scarred me so much growing up.

    She shouldn’t have even responded to any of this crap instead of latching onto it for publicity. THAT would have spoke volumes about her maturity and acceptance of her body.

  33. Jennika says:

    I’m guessing eating disorders are the new bullying…..UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  34. Nev says:


    She shoulda asked Anna Wintour to not airbrush her and put it on the September issue of Vogue then call it Body Revolution on the cover.

    That would’ve been groundbreaking and fashionable. This is budget.

  35. some bitch says:

    Oh, for christssake, not this bitch again. I was really content with the lack of news on her over the past few months… you know she’s just EATING UP all the attention.

    Gag’s minor weight gain is being blown out of proportion by the press AND by her, and I can’t help but feel like she’s lying about having eating disorders in order to stretch out this current prefab “controversy” of hers. My sincere apologies in advance if anybody finds that disrespectful- and in any other case I’d never presume somebody would lie about such a serious illness… but everything this girl has been doing for the past 18 months reeks of BS. The funny thing is that her dumb fans were constantly insulting Adele over her size not all that long ago, so maybe this is well deserved karma?

  36. Ruth says:

    Its the “sexSEXsex” angles and sucking her stomach in and a white background to make her seem thinner.. You are making your appearance about being skinny and making guys want to screw you. This is really fucked up combined with a “this is how bodies should be fuck other peoples opinions” message.

    Its wrong. she wants the guys attention cuz she has her ass stuck out and the girls attention because shes saying that weight gain doesnt matter and saying she is being “revolutionary..” The body revolution will not start with a skinny white chick playing up her cis, thin-but-busty, traditionally attractive sex appeal with naked shots.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      I disagree that it could not be people with cis or white priviliges to start a body type “revolution”, but I do agree that a woman who is still thin by the beauty standarts of the media and who presents herself in traditional sexy poses can not be the one screaming oppression about weight issues.

      As for the bodyimages in general: Yes, there need to be more trans* and POC representation in the media. As well as some elderly woman and people with disabilities!

  37. Ella says:

    I really didn’t need to see pictures of Lady Gaga in her underwear. I feel sort of like they’re burned on my retinas.

  38. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree with everyone; Saphana she makes everything about herself because she, like too many going into pop entertainment, is a juvenile narcissist; when you’re “music” is recylced drivel and your “persona” was created by the corporate machine, what else can you do?

  39. Happy21 says:

    I usually like Gaga but I can’t stand behind her in this. If she truly gained the weight, she should have embraced it, admitted it and if she wanted to, lost it again. But she shouldn’t on one hand say she gained 25 lbs and then post these photos of herself looking maybe a little bit thicker in the thighs but otherwise the same! That pisses me off and insults my intelligence!

    LOL, oh and her ass looks like it has red dots all over it!

  40. lettylynton says:

    This reminds me of when my mother lost a ton of weight around her 40th birthday, and then went around saying all this stuff like ‘us fat girls have to stick together; we are beautiful’ when she never said anything remotely like that before she lost the weight. I think Gaga should act like Elizabeth Taylor did during her weight ups and downs: tell everyone to bugg off who has an opinion. And a lot of the people commenting are right; her body looks phenomenal in those pictures.

  41. G says:

    WTF! Get some Desitin and put that nasty rashed ass away please!

  42. Christian says:

    Didn’t Amanda Palmer already pull this sh*t when her Roadrunner Records said she looked fat in her video and she was asked to re-shoot it? Remember the “reBELLYon” or whatever, where her fans sent in pics of their stomaches? At least that was more genuine than Gaga’s attention seeking BS over this non-story.

  43. Amanda G says:

    THAT’S a weight gain? She still has a slamming body! Let me put on a bikini and take pictures to show a REAL weight gain LOL

  44. Julianthe says:

    I used to love Gaga and respected her humanitarian message to the world, but now I think she’s just full of crap. She’s turned into some self-righteous, indignant, narcissistic piece-o’shite that thinks wearing fur is fine because she didn’t kill the animal. You are now just some regular celebrity ATTENTION WHORE. Get a grip, woman and come back down to earth.

  45. JoGirl310 says:

    I guess I’m the only one who’s kind of impressed that she took this step. If you’ve never personally suffered from an eating disorder or known someone who did, it might not be obvious how brave Gaga is really being by exposing herself in such a public way. It doesn’t matter how she looks to us, it’s about how she perceives herself. Also, based on what I’m seeing on the Little Monsters site, her statement is having a very positive impact on hundreds of people of all ages and genders who are coming clean about their own body shame. If it helps some people, who am I to question it?

    • Lizi says:

      You have a point, however I know many people including me who suffered from those issues and I feel absolutely insulted by her actions. You can be inspirational and helpful without acting like a propaganda slut machine. These are serious issues, I feel like she’s trivialising the whole thing. And by the way she acts it makes me think that at least her body image and perhaps bulimia troubles aren’t over yet.

      • JoGirl310 says:

        Good point! Then again, based on what I’ve seen these issues never really go away. It’s such a shame. A dear friend of mine has been gradually wasting away for the 15 years I’ve known her, and every time she gains a few pounds back I (silently) rejoice and hope it’s the start of a new leaf. Then I see her a month later, and she’s back to 85 pounds (at 5’4″) and vocally wishing she were “as skinny” as our healthy-thin friend who is the same height and weighs 120. We’re all in our 40′s. I’m just glad not to have caught that bug; to this outside observer, it feels like a disease.

      • lola says:

        lizi, who are you to judge her? she’s dealing with her ed this way, you may choose your way. people are different, you know.

      • Lizi says:

        @JoGirl310 Your friend has been through that for 15 years? That’s a lot! =( One has to be really understanding when dealing with people who have these behaviours or psychological diseases. In some cases such behaviours are not even that related to body image or pressure to be thin, it’s just a way a person finds to regain some feeling of control over her/his life. Is your friend open about this? Does she admit that she has a problem? Admitting is the a great step towards getting better!

        @Lola Hi, I am Lizi and I judge because I was blessed with braincells and synapses that work really well.Maybe you don’t realize that the “fat body” that she is showing off is in fact a skinny body. Having a celebrity taking pictures of herself because she claims to have gained something something pounds and saying that people are calling her fat when in reality she is skinny can be helpful for some of her fans, but also disastrous to others! Can’t you really come out of the box and put yourself in other peoples’ shoes? Just imagine a poor bullied obese kid looking at pictures of a skinny woman flaunting her skinny body because somebody called her fat… I said before. Her attitude CAN be helpful for some, but I DO judge, BECAUSE I KNOW not everyone thinks like me.

  46. Lis says:

    This isn’t the first time she’s shown her body, but I have a hard time believing that someone with legit body image issues and eating disorders would willingly flaunt themselves the way she does. If anything, you want to hide, especially at a higher weight. There might be a period of flaunting when you’re at your thinnest — which we’ve seen — but usually not done with any declaration the way she is now.

    If this is her idea of raising eating disorder awareness, it’s poorly done. I don’t want to shame anyone for speaking out about them, but do it the right way so no one looks stupid, please?

  47. Darth says:

    Ewww, bitch, I do NOT want to see your ass stuck way out in a thong like that! Your rich ass better buy me a new lunch after the one you just made me lose! This girl is sick in the head. Completely self-absorbed.

  48. Christina says:

    Sucking in her stomach and sticking out her ass all while looking like a complete drug addict. Wow, she’s so brave.

  49. Krissie says:

    Another completely stolen idea from the brilliant mind of GaGs…Amanda Palmer and her rebellyon project were first. I am so tired of CaCa claiming originality when she rips people off. I guess now we all know the reason she gained weight…for publicity.

  50. Ellie66 says:

    What’s on her ass is that acne, a rash? Gross!

  51. Anne says:

    Oh Gaga, you try to teach us that we should be proud of our bodies, yet in the pictures you are stretching as if you are a rubber band. I can look model thin too that way. Silly Gaga. Your hypocrisy makes me laugh so hard.

  52. LouLou says:

    I’ve wondered if the entire thing is a publicity stunt. Would she gain weight just to have some other way to get attention? I think so. Her body looks really good to me though. So, if this is her way of embracing her “fat” self, this is stupid.

  53. Lizi says:

    oh my god (janice style) why does she “prostitucise” every single thing about her and her life? Hey I also gained weight! Look at me!!! LOOOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!=) hehehe

  54. zenb!tch says:

    Beth Ditto is a lesbian. She doesn’t have some of the same pressures we do. She doesn’t have to make herself falsely attractive to men. I say falsely because no one in Hollywood or the Fashion Industry has ever asked straight men what they think.

  55. lola says:

    yes, she uses this for publicity but i still think she’s doing the right thing. she’s been called fat. FAT. she isn’t fat. she’s average now… but lots of people called her fat.
    what do you think must her fans feel when they see their idol gets called fat? some of them might think: i’m bigger than gaga and i’m fat? i must starve myself now. other people think i’m fat and ugly.

    gaga’s body revolution accept your body show me photos of yourself thingy on her website is a great way to show those people: no, you’re lovely.

    • Julianthe says:

      Who is calling her fat? I’m guessing it’s the social media who pride themselves on keeping narcissism and vanity in the spotlight to remind “regular” people what they cannot have. The media calls the shots and perpetuates this entire ideal “body image” that all women must glorify. If you are a person with good self-esteem and a positive self-image, then you don’t give two shits about what “people say.” Adele is a gorgeous woman with fans who adore her for who she is, not what size she wears. Hell, real people were the ones who trashed Karl Lagerfeld for saying bad things about her. Gaga is different; she just adores attention. She will do ANYTHING for attention.

  56. Shy says:

    It’s like all that fat went in her ass. She probably didn’t eat for few days and lost some. She is not fat in those pictures. It’s not problem for her. She will lose everything quickly.

    Yes. It was embarrassing that it was in the press all over the world. But all of that happened only because she got too fat for her concerts bras and pants
    and it looked ridiculous. If she wouldn’t wear those then no one would notice.

    But oh my God at those pictures here. Look at that face. She poses like she is some victim of rape or beating and she poses for police photo. I used to love Gaga. For her songs. But I just can’t with her anymore. She is so full of herself that it’s disgusting. Even Madonna is not that full of herself. Madonna knows that she is A-list queen. And act like one. But she doesn’t act like she is God and Jesus and whole world should be grateful that this Gods given genius is walking the earth and gives her bless to all us – simply and ordinary people.

  57. Nico says:

    I’m in treatment right now for anorexia, and OMG WTF IS THIS, RIGHT???? It isn’t helpful, it’s TRIGGERING. These are the sort of pictures I used to take of myself to analyse every tiny bit of my body. As a response to fat criticism, I understand them, but when they’re put with “anorexia and bulimia since I was 15″ as a caption it just looks disordered.

  58. Trashaddict says:

    Well, if she’s telling the truth about having an eating disorder since 15, then it’s difficult to make those feelings about your body go away and it may take a certain amount of courage for her to display herself that way, since maybe inside herself, the photos you all are seeing as so thin, she may be seeing as “fat” regardless of what she says. Maybe it’s her way of putting her current body out there and asking for acceptance. On the other hand, if she didn’t try to chill her fans out about Adele, that’s not cool-

    • lola says:

      this is so true but let’s not forget that she didn’t start this first. these photos are just a reaction on how she got treated.
      i’ve read some really nasty things people wrote about her and it’s horrible how anyone could think she’s fat just because she’s not size zero anymore. average is not fat.

  59. Kitten says:

    Does anyone else seem to feel like Gaga has a “i lived it first and harder” life lesson for everything? like, someone takes about drugs and it’s “I HAD A DRUG PROBLEM”, then its bullying “ME TOO GUYS”, and not the whole weight gain/loss and suddenly is like “GUYS, I HAD ANOREXIA AND BULIMIA SINCE I WAS 15″… like she’s the hipster of “who was shamed more first”. We get it… you have issues. It’s not a contest of who has the bigger issues, Gaga. Get over yourself.

  60. AMC says:

    I, for one, applaud “Mother Monster” for being brave enough to show us her GIANT body which is surely tipping the scales at 115 pounds. Good for you, Gaga! Let us all accept ourselves, should we ever balloon to a size 4.

    • lola says:

      you all are mising the point. gaga didn’t call herself fat- the media called her fat, people on the internet called her fat. she’s been called ”porker face”, pig and many other things. she’s showing the world: look, is this fat? what’s wrong with you? i suffered from an ed and this is how you treat me?


  61. Really? says:

    Did Terry take these pics? Ick.