Rihanna on love: “I’m waiting for the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me”


Yesterday, Kaiser covered Rihanna’s “unapologetic,” angry/fierce cover face preview for the November cover of Vogue to promote RiRi’s upcoming album, Unapologetic. You do know what this means, right? More Rihanna music that I’ll buy for the gym while hating myself. Great. In all honesty though, this will be Rihanna’s sixth album in seven years. If it were anyone else, I’d probably claim that the girl needs a break, but she does manage to squeeze in her boozy Hawaiian vacations from time to time. I guess she’ll just keep going until she runs out of steam and ends up in rehab. Her choice, right?

This American Vogue photoshoot is very unlike Riri’s fashion-focused Vogue UK shoot from last year. This time around, Annie Leibovitz is behind the camera, and this spread quickly falls into the CGI-laden trap that Leibovitz has been employing for the past handful of years with her photos. Remember when Annie used to merely take great photos that stood on their own and didn’t require computer-enhanced embellishments? I miss those days. Here, one barely even notices the clothes, but Rihanna does manage to grab a quick roll in the hay per her trademark posing.



Rihanna’s interview was conducted on the evening of the MTV Video Music Awards where she debuted her newly cropped ‘do in white Adam Selman. Of course, I liked the new hair because Rihanna really has the face to pull it off; and like most famous starlets, she can always go back to hair extensions in a few months when she tires of it. Naturally, Rihanna talks about Chris Brown a great deal, and she claims to have been single even though that was the night where she locked lips with Chris in the auditorium for all to see. I think she’s obviously been hooking up with him again for years, and they’ve only now just become “an official couple” again. Rihanna also addresses those rumors that she and Sparkles were sexting each other in the immediate aftermath of the Twihard cheating scandal. Here are some excerpts:

On her new hair: “Spur of the moment. My hair was supposed to be down to my ass tonight.”

On those Sparkles texting rumors: “The most bullsh-t ever.”

On time and space: Rihanna says she found herself one morning in a hotel room in Tokyo and had no idea where she was. “Jen, my assistant, was waking me up, and I was like, ‘Whose room am I in? Why am I in this room?’ I never know what day it is. Never, ever, ever.” What day is today? Rihanna pauses. Her lips curl, and she begins to make an “S” sound. “Ooh, I went to say Saturday.” She laughs and corrects herself. “It’s Wednesday. Wednesday.”

She [was] single: “I have not been on a date in forever. Like two years. Haven’t gone to the movies, to dinner. Zero. I would love to go on a date,” she says. “You don’t think that? I’m a woman. A young woman, vibrant, and I love to have fun. And I have too many vaginas around me at this point. Seriously, all I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my ass back home. He doesn’t even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour. No one asks. Trust me on that. I’m waiting for the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me. I’m going to wait, though. You always find the wrong sh-t when you go looking.”

She never wanted to tweet: “I just thought, Who cares? Do I say, ‘Getting in the car. Getting on the plane’? I was so distraught by the whole idea.”

Jay-Z on Rihanna’s tweeting: “It’s the rawest form of freedom of expression, right? She has the right to express herself, and I know she’s being playful. I know when she’s being serious and when she’s just having fun. What were you doing when you were 24? I mean, you’ve got to have fun. She’s having fun. She’s having so much fun.”

Will she talk about Chris Brown forever? “To the world, I feel like there’s no closure. There’s some obsession that’s continued even throughout when we weren’t friends or couldn’t be friends at all. Hated each other. The world hasn’t let go. They haven’t seen any progress in our friendship, because they don’t see anything, really, besides the song.”

The “Birthday Cake remix was her idea: “I didn’t think it could be anything detrimental to my career. I was on a tour bus ride between two cities, listening to my album, thinking, Oooh, maybe I should make this into a duet. And I started coming up with a bunch of people, and his name crossed my mind. I thought, We haven’t made a song in so long together . . . it could be a little shocking. So now it’s a bit of a fascination, I guess. I don’t know if people will stop soon, but I feel like as soon as they have closure to it, they will. But they’re not on the inside. They can’t see what I see, unless they’re sitting in my point of view. I guess I’ll learn to accept that.”

Riding on her private jet: “Every time we come on one of these things, it’s unreal. I’m in a positive space, but I do have my days. Everybody has their days.”

[From Vogue]

Good god, I’m so tired of Rihanna claiming that her obsession with Chris Brown is our obsession. She has always been obsessed over him (and he with her); and ever since he beat her up, she’s wanted him back. Now she’s got him back, and she actually thinks that it’s the general public’s obsession, and not hers? Rihanna is so romantically deluded, but I guess she has truly found “the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me.” Gross.

Here’s the rest of the shoot, which is gorgeous, but it would be great to have it centered in more reality. Kind of like I’d prefer Rihanna herself.




Photos courtesy of Vogue/Annie Leibovitz

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    • littlestar says:

      Same here, Eve. Rihanna has become such a sad joke, that it’s not even funny anymore. She’s messed up and needs help and unforunately she and the people around her don’t realize that. I’m beginning to wonder if she ever received proper care and help the first time Chris Brown beat her (sad to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again. Chris Brown hasn’t grown up at all).

  1. Anonny says:

    I thought she found someone ballsy enough to hit her. That doesn’t count?

  2. Amelia says:

    So ballsy = someone who can throw a punch?
    …. I’m not even going to attempt to figure that one out.
    I do like the styling of the third photo, with the trees and leaves. It reminds me of an oil painting I have.

  3. Amanda says:

    I love the lace red dress. Nice photo shoot. But God, she is the WORST. Just go away forever please.

  4. Veruca says:

    Oh Bitch, please.

    She needs to take herself and her issues and go away.

    And take that loser she loves so much with her.

    And to think, a loser like that has a jet and I have a Yaris.

  5. ladybert62 says:

    In those pictures her face looks weird- not symmetrical or something – it looks off – maybe it is the bright red lipstick and the short hair – her face just looks odd.

    Well yes indeed Ms. Rhianna – CB is ballsy enough to deal with you – he will probably end up killing you – hope you enjoy the abuse since you want him so much.

    • thyphoid mary says:

      I never thought i’d say this about Riri but she looks like a broke hooker sitting on skid row staring at passersby with her druggy bitch face…like how dare people walk by and not give her a dollar for her fix? LOL…gee…obnoxious! And Brown recluse Chris is the ballsome male she has always wanted.
      I’d put a piece of cardboard on her hands with the message: “will work for a punch”….lol
      Brown’s next singles: “Punch ya” and “the real boom boom pow!”

  6. Cam S says:

    Rihanna on love: “I’m waiting for the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me”….

    OR any man that can slap me into submission… Rolling my eyes at her attempt to sound confident.

  7. Saphana says:

    with her behaviour all good men will stay far far away from her.

  8. Liv says:

    Her short hair is the only good thing about her. Really suits her. Doesn’t she have friends who put her straight from time to time??

  9. Ballsy enough to f’up her face again. Well clap for yourself riri, you got what u wish for: ballsy smug face Chris Brown (match made in ballsy land)

  10. Lee says:

    You know what Rihanna it’s fine. He is love of your life in your opinion great. I get it. But if there something will go wrong again DON’T YOU EVEN DARE TO USE IT FOR SYMPATHY AND ATTENTION.

  11. dooliloo says:

    *fighting back an ignorant comment*


  12. kingkayski says:

    Face wise ,Rihana is not aging well.

  13. lucy2 says:

    You know what I’m waiting for? Her and her rage-aholic boyfriend to go away.
    She sure is an idiot, huh?

  14. bowers says:

    She’s what? 24? Educated? Hardly. This is a tough girl who hasn’t had much in the way of culture or social skills, and so far, she’s still alive.

    Chris B. would be hideous without being a woman-beater.

  15. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Short hair ‘does’ suit her best.

  16. storyteller says:

    She’s going to look back in ten or so years and think, ‘God what a pretentious little fool I was’. Hopefully.

  17. Justin says:

    Riri’s attitude reminds me of Whitney Houston’s. Ofcourse she doesn’t have the same talent as Whitney but their stupidity when it came to men was astounding.

  18. LeslieM says:

    I look at that face and all I can see is evil. Evil music, evil friends, Illuminati.

  19. Lindsey says:

    Why did they put the sh-ttiest photo on the cover??

  20. gg says:

    She probably means ballsy enough to withstand a beatdown from Chris Brown when he finds out they took his woman out on a date.

  21. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oh my God. Girl, bad choice of words. Ballsy is not what you need. Respectful, I would say. She really needs a new perspective on sh*t or she’ll end up looking for someone who’s even “ballsier” than Brown. Good gawd.

  22. linlin says:

    Somebody should tell her, that you don’t have to be “ballsy” to hit a woman, but that it takes real “ballsyness” to admit that you have a problem and seek help, something that obviously neither she nor Chris Brown did.

  23. Vic Kelley says:

    The photos managed to minimize her tattoos. She actually looks less trashy than usual.

  24. Jaded says:

    She is SUCH a bad influence on young women today who feel they have to project this overly sexualized, tough, dangerous “I don’t give a f*ck” image to be thought of as popular and acceptible to men.

    The image of drinking, drugging, half-nude sexual posturing, the lurid messages that she sends with her music and persona, is just wrong on so many levels.

    You’d think with her money and influence she’d be actively involved with a group like “Because I Am A Girl” http://becauseiamagirl.ca/ but no, she’s just taking the easy route through sexual titillation and a dangerous liaison with Chris Brown.

    Makes me sad for the young girls who get sucked into this nonsense. *SIGH*

  25. Str8Shooter says:

    And by ‘ballsy’ apparently she means puts her in freakin’ traction!

    This girl needs serious help…

  26. HotPockets says:

    This generation’s Bobbi Brown and Whitney Houston.

  27. Hakura says:

    I hate the *tone* she uses when talking about how the world ‘doesn’t understand’ them… Pretty much saying that the world still holding the beating incident against Chris is just ‘their problem’. She comes across like no matter what anyone ever says to her, she’ll cover her ears & say “LALALA-ICANTHEARYOU-LALALA”. Has convinced herself she’s making the right choices.

    Now, I’m not saying celebrities have any obligation to be a good example for others… But the example she’s setting is horrific (in so many ways, but none more so than for those in abusive relationships). How many young women look up to her, or are influenced by the choices she’s making?

  28. lady_luck says:

    She is one of the most arrogant, aggressive and deluded “celebrities” ever. I wish she would just go away. She is an insult to dignified women and young, impressionable women everywhere.