Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen honored as fashion innovators: ridiculous?

Here are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 26, (Mary-Kate is the one with her hair in a bun) at The Wall St. Journal “Innovator Of The Year Awards” at the MOMA last night, where they were one of the honorees. The two were honored in the fashion category, namely for having “an eye for nearly monastic classicism that’s redefining American luxury.” Is that what you call their overpriced hobo chic look, “monastic classicism”? I shouldn’t snark, the Olsen sisters have been highly successful with their line The Row, and some of their looks are quite flattering and pretty, albeit out of my wildest dreams price range. They were also named the CFDA womenswear designers of the year earlier this year, so they’re winning accolades in their industry. It’s really quite an accomplishment, especially if you consider other former child actors their same age.

As for their outfits here – they’re typical Olsen looks. Baggy, monochrome clothing that does nothing for their figures. Ashley is in a black deep v-neck silky sack dress and is carrying a clutch from The Row. I can’t get an exact price on it, but judging from their other clutches it probably retails for around $5,000. I would expect Mary-Kate’s bag, also The Row, goes for at least double that, although that’s just a guess. I think we would make fun of Mary-Kate’s blue suit, black shirt, and blue tasseled scarf even if say Glenn Close wore it. It looks like something Glenn would wear lately on an off night. I can’t confirm that both of their looks are head to toe The Row, but I’m assuming they are apart from the shoes and jewelry.

Anna Wintour was there – The Daily Mail has a photo of her posing with The Olsens in which they all look a bit stony-faced. Anna is in Christian Dior, which I actually kind of like in a 60s throwback-way.

Julianne Moore was in this terrible loose-fitting Alexander Wang dress with sheer panels on the arms and skirt. Look at the collar, it has a high-neck sweater type collar. It’s so bad! She paired this with Christian Dior gold-zipper booties that may have looked hot with a much better dress. This look is just awful. She fits right in with the Olsens, although they wouldn’t dare show so much skin.

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  1. Kimlee says:

    Did they have more work done to their faces because in that top photo they look off.

    Why do they always look drug up Britney Spears looks like she has more life in her eye then they do.

  2. Bluedog says:

    I can’t afford their clothing, either but from what I’ve read, the clothes are impeccably made using techniques no one uses anymore, like french seams. So their accolades are probably deserved.

  3. virginia5 says:

    why do the twins always look so miserable?

  4. cmc says:

    As much as their look is TOTALLY not my taste, and their line is too pricy for me, they’re pretty much right on when it comes to all-caps jazz-hands FASHION. Good for them- it’s very seldom that a child star will be excellent/find incredible success in another field.

  5. marie says:

    innovators of old lady wear? why are they always gressed like little old ladies?

    I love everything about Julianne Moore, but the dress-I don’t like the sheer.

  6. smartyparty says:

    Not one bit ridiculous. They are absolutely fashion originals and I wish them nothing but the best.

    Anna Wintour, on the other hand, disgusts me. Absolutely disgusts me. Get over yourself woman!

  7. I'm going to Guam! says:

    The twins have always creeped me out and Anna Wintour looks like a lizard…She looks like those aliens pretending to be humans. She just looks “off”. Freaky eaky.

  8. nettie says:

    Don’t they have any other poses?

  9. D. says:

    Well, I have to admit that I really like The Row and think that the award is well deserved.
    I also like the Alexander Wang dress Julianne is wearing (but it may be the wrong occasion for such a dress…).
    And really….. why should the Olsen twins wear clothes that do something for their figures??
    Of course, they are both very petite but I don’t think that they need to wear skintight clothes….
    Monochrome + loose fitting …. I like it.
    But those strange duckface expressions have to go!

  10. Reece says:

    Innovators? For celeb kids line. Back in the day. Arguably. That’s mostly the business side of it. But now, what? Their line is nice but no.

  11. Jocelyn says:

    I say absolutely ridiculous. Ninety-five percent of the time they look horrible.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      ..”classic fashion icons”…..yeah, ok. Everyone in the industry sucks up to them because they have more money than God. They bought their way in and they pay lots of talented people to design for them and then take the credit. It doesnt take a lot of talent to order someone to sew a french seam.
      As well, all of this makes me laugh and snort because wasnt it only a few short years ago that Mary Kate went through her druggie bag lady phase and was constantly lampooned for her comically awful and huge baggie outfits??? I certainly will never forget!

  12. JankyWhiteGirl says:

    Anna Wintour has been sporting that same stupid pageboy hair-cut for the past 20 odd years. She is stuffy & bland. And that dress is very ’80′s.

  13. Amanda says:

    The twins don’t look much alike to me, but maybe it’s because we’re the same age and I kind of grew up watching them. Ashley’s eyes are much rounder. You can really tell now that they’re older that they’re fraternal twins and not identical.

    • mytbean says:

      I think that’s because one of them had a nose job… and maybe more. I think it’s Mary but I’m not sure. Which of them had the eating disorder? They used to be pretty identical but yeah – now, with surgery and hair color/styling and such, they’ve sort of etched out separate identities. But I still don’t know which is which. HAH!

  14. Lindsey says:

    Is monastic classicism code for dressing like a rich nun?

  15. Eleonor says:

    Coco Chanel was an innovator.

  16. WaywardGirl says:

    If you compare them to their former kid star counterparts like Lohan and Amanda Bynes they actually have jobs and are working on something that they are passionate about. They’re doing their thing so kudos to them.

  17. Bronwyn says:

    I don’t know why but I have always had an affinity for these girls. I am glad they are successful and healthy, although I am not a fan of most of the things they wear.
    Ashley looks like she normally does- but Mary-kate’s face looks different because she gained much-needed weight from her super skinny past and is now a more normal size. I think they are both beautiful girls- such pretty eyes~

  18. hateonit. says:

    can someone please help me figure out what the hell mary kate did to her face that makes her look so awful? she looks haggard and old and i dont understand it because she never used to look like that. her eyes look extra low and creepy. i mean i know shes gotten a nose job but why does her face look so long and drawn? she used to be pretty like ashley….

  19. Olly says:

    killing or skinning alive innocent animals for making ugly fur coats and even more uglier alligator rucksacks…. yeah, VERY innovative!! we are so proud of you mk&a

  20. wendy says:

    I’m a wardrobe stylist and I personally love them.
    They deserve all those awards.
    As for their own style I love it as well.
    MK is amazing.

  21. taxi says:

    Julianne is beautiful but her clothes are rarely flattering or attractive, imo.

    @Anna Wintour: Cover those arms! They need longer sleeves. Patent leather sandals in October in NY isn’t the fashion statement one expects from a Vogue editor.

  22. MSMLNP says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of them (after the Full House years) of them genuinely smiling.

  23. GreenTurtle says:

    Ashley looks oddly like Fiona Apple to me in the first couple pics. I think it’s the strikingly blue eyes. Also, I think that’s her version of a smile in the first pic. Bwahaha.

  24. Micki says:

    CB, I have to disagree with you.
    If you’ve ever worn tight clothes with some SPANX under that nearly screeches when you walk and you feel like a puppet on a string and you suck in your stomach further on while doing a presentation, if you’re afraid to have business lunch because your outfit will betray the fact then you WILL enjoy the luxury to have something soft and floating, wide enough not to obstruct you that lets you concentrate on more important things.

    I have to say I like lots of their clothes although I’m not going to buy them for the price.

  25. Nev says:

    total stylers.
    they are complete fashion innovators.

  26. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Eleonor you know that Coca Chanel, despite her somewhat muddled past, was FASHION, all AW has become is an enabler and suckup to d-list celebutards; as for the Olsen’s, innovator’s probably not, but from what i’ve read they are about the only celebs that actually put the time in, as opposed to just slapping their names on garments and doing photo ops.

  27. cruiz2 says:

    I visually see “something” tasteful & enticing in their design. Can’t pinpoint it, or afford it but I don’t hate it. Sorry Katie H.

  28. Amy says:

    So do they actually do 100% of the designing themselves, or is this a collaboration with another established designer? The award isn’t shared (from what I’ve read here), so I was just curious. I always wonder about the amount of work that celebrities actually put into their projects — cookbooks, perfumes, fashion lines, etc…