Tom Cruise redeems his Scientology devotion at $3200 per head gala with a new lady

Tom Cruise

Just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in. Just kidding! Tom Cruise was never in danger of leaving Scientology, but he has been skipping CO$ fundraisers to go icky-nightclubbing with his son Connor, who is probably mortified that his dad has been flirting with Playboy models under the guise of watching his son’s DJ gigs. Oh, and while Tom’s been in London, a neighbor was just tasered for entering Tom’s Beverly Hills property. The dude was so drunk he allegedly didn’t even know it was Tom’s house, not his.

Now David Miscavige has pulled his best man back towards the light, which must have been an urgent cause indeed, what with all the silly crisis of faith rumors that have been swirling ever since Katie Holmes filed for divorce in late June. So Tom has made things right with the CO$ by serving as the guest of honor at a huge shindig where guests had the honor of meeting him if they paid the asking price of approximiately $3200 per head. For the event, Tom wore his special Medal of Valor, which had probably been freshly spit-shined by the tears of Sea Org members. If you’ve never seen the video where Tom received this medal from Miscavage (and it is hilarious), go here to watch it. Here are the details on the event, which included a new lady for Tom:

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was guest of honour at a lavish Scientology event in West Sussex — quashing rumours that he had left the controversial sect.

About 2,500 guests paid up to £s;2,000 each to be in the company of the Hollywood star who had reportedly been distancing himself from Scientology since his shock divorce in June from actress wife Katie Holmes, 33.

Cruise, 50, broke off from shooting his new movie, All You Need Is Kill, to attend the 28th Anniversary Patrons Ball for the International Association of Scientologists on October 20 at the church’s UK headquarters at Saint Hill Manor near Gatwick.

A guest said: “Tom was with a girl with cropped black hair who was wearing a red velvet dress. He was seated at a table of 12 in a special VIP area. Many guests approached him to shake his hand at the end of the meal.

“He looked at home and stood up to sing along to the Scientology anthem at the end before leaving a little earlier than everyone else.”

At the event Tom was proudly wearing his hefty Freedom Medal of Valor — a sizeable Scientology gong, about 4in across, created for him.

The medal was given to him by Church leader David Miscavige, who has called the actor “the most dedicated Scientologist I know.” There have been reports that Cruise was suffering from a “crisis of faith” since his divorce.

Holmes has left the faith and won custody of their six-year-old daughter, Suri.

Followers are encouraged to “cut off” family members who are no longer involved, although Cruise has fiercely denied reports that he has chosen Scientology over seeing Suri since the divorce.

But the actor has now publicly reaffirmed his commitment to the church by appearing at the secretive convention, chaired by Mr Miscavige.

The insider added: “Tom seemed delighted that there were so many well-wishers. It was his first major public appearance at a church event since his divorce and it seemed pretty clear that he hasn’t left the religion.”

[From Daily Mail]

Hmm, I wonder if we’ll ever find out who Tom’s female escort to this event happened to be. Undoubtedly, she’s a Scientologist who was carefully chosen through a rigorous audition process and who may very well have an incisor-filing session in her future. She was probably just chosen for the evening as a stand-in robot because, honestly, I think even Tom’s team has realized that they can’t just order in a Katie-bot replacement this soon in the game. So Tom showed up and made good on his “religion” for an evening. Now what’s the over-under on him showing up for a visit with Suri before 2014? In closing, here’s a creepy tidbit from Page Six — some newly posted CO$ posters have appeared at the subway station that Katie Holmes takes from her Chelsea apartment to Broadway rehearsals. They’re so taunting her.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. AlexandraJane says:

    His sizeable 4 inch gong? lol

  2. Amelia says:

    Grrr, get OUT of the UK you stupid, crazy midget.
    Go back to looneyland, or alternatively, drop Xenu a line and tell him you pick you up pronto.

  3. Eleonor says:

    The video!! Oh MY GOD! I didn’t make til the end it is too much, it is beyond ridicoulous!

  4. atorontogal says:

    He has become such a freak. I cannot understand his box office draw anymore.

  5. Paige says:

    New woman already. Tommy Girl doesn’t waste any time.

  6. Izzy says:

    My absolute favorite parts of this story:

    “a sizeable Scientology gong, about 4in across”

    and the sign behind him in the first photo: “Do not dump your rubbish here”

  7. Post-Its says:

    I love when he accepts that award and acts so serious…like it actually means something, lol.

  8. Jay says:

    So he can’t see Suri because he’s filming, but he can duck out and stop production for a Co$ dinner?

  9. Anon33 says:

    What the hell is the theme song?!?!???

  10. hoya_chick says:

    I read somewhere, I forgot where that he and Katie have agreed that Suri would fly to England for Christmas. Don’t know how true that is.

    Sidebar, they have an anthem? Religions have anthems? Interesting? No, creepy.

    • gg says:

      Oh, this one has all the accessories! Phony military-looking uniforms, official oceanliners (that nobody in the free world will allow to port because it’s filled with asbestos), songs, servants, luxury headquarters, phony “rehab” facilities, fake charities, jails out in the desert, torture chambers, spas, “vitamins”, medals, girlfriend finder …

      Everything to make the people that hand over all their earned income and future unearned income for the rest of their lives extry SPESHUL. Of course, THOSE people don’t get all the stuff listed in the first paragraph. They supply the money to let Tiny Tempeh and his ilk have all those things.

  11. Shitler says:

    This whole religion feels like old men playing @ Star Wars

  12. skuddles says:

    Wonder if Cruise’s date got to polish his hefty 4 inch gong at the end of the night? Or was she ordered back to her cage… er quarters immediately?

  13. Dorothy says:

    So he’s at a fundraiser wearing his little Scientology costume. Cut him a break, it’s almost Hallowwen.

  14. Jaded says:

    Katie will unfortunately be targeted by this mob of lunatics for the rest of her life or until the whole lot of them are sent to an isolated island with no access to the outside world. How dare she leave Co$ to divorce Number Two?!

    I can’t imagine the stress this must be causing her and the amount of care she has to take to never say or do anything the least bit incriminating so that Tom could possible sue for custody.

    Even though things are quiet for the time being, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this situation by any means.

  15. stinkyman says:

    I love Tom. He is a great actor and sure keeps on looking sexy after so many years. He is lasting.

  16. Grace says:

    Poor Katie. I am embarrassed for her. I’m sure everything below her waist is happy though.

    I just can’t. Four inches? EVERYTHING is small on him? I bet even if it’s larger he can’t do anything with it unless the girl is facing away from him.

    Oh dear.

  17. normades says:

    I gotta say he looks really young in those last 2 pics. Like the shiny puffer jacket. SciOrg still sucks.

  18. losercruise says:

    Scientologist or not, I’d run from any guy who was divorced 3 times in 22 years. Tom Cruise is rapidly becoming the punchline to the joke most people think he is now. His ego must be gargantuan and he probably thinks is always right in every situation. What a freak.

  19. dooliloo says:

    He should create his own perfume brand :

    Ego No. 5. Inevitable.

  20. Vesper says:

    A bit off topic, but now that we know the full situation, is it really fair to keep refering to Katie as a Katie-bot?

    It is obvious she was abused and dominated thru most of their relationship. Her way to deal with it, was to distance herself psychologically. That would explain why she looked more and more robatic, the longer the relationship progressed. Now that she is free, she seems to be vibrant and focussed. She is far from being a fembot.

  21. itsa says:

    Thanks for all the laughs! This whole thread was soooooooo FUNNY! LMAO

  22. Kellie says:

    Team Tom! I love him,he is who he is. At this point in his life I certainly don’t feel sorry for the female that gets involved with him, and that includes our precious, beloved, former Katie Bot. She knew what the deal was.

  23. Jenn Bee says:

    Tom is becoming a sadder and sadder little man as time goes on. He couldn’t get Nicole pregnant. he did or didn’t get Katie pregnant. Suri is the cutest little thing but he doesn’t seem to spend much time with her anymore. Yay Katie!

    Now at 50, he is looking for another bride. She will be 30 at the most, an actress and dumb as a stump. He tends to pick naive, young women.

  24. vvy says:

    Katie and Suri are now SPs, so Tom cannot see them anymore, according to the laws of Scientology. So, if he is, then he’s not being a good Scientologist. Bad Scientologist!! Since he hasn’t visited his daughter in weeks and weeks and weeks, yet can find time to go to a dinner and do social events, I think he is following the CO$ creed and avoiding his SP daughter and SP ex.

  25. tracys says:

    actually losercruise, it’s 3 wives in a grant total of 18 years, not 22..

    so average of a wive for 6 years…

    hmm, 3 different women, with different looks and personality? and what is the 1 common denominator? oh right, HIM!

    granted, he divorced the first 2, but still something is not right in perfect, i can control everything and everyone if i just have my “religion’ control every aspect of my 24/7 for the rest of my life, cruise!

    how in the heck does he expect a audience who is internet savvy and read the magazines, see the documentaries and expose on tv (worldwide) NOT to think he’s a joke?!

    how is anyone supposed to separate the actor on the screen from his private life? with him, it’s nearly impossible! it’s like michael jackson!…

    something is very wrong when a man is handsome, filthy rich and successful, the worlds’ biggest movie star and he can’t keep a woman, his actions are ridiculous, his religion is seen by a cult and nuts from the majority of the public ( who by the way are the ones that make his career!)..

    and he refuses to change his outlook and think “hmm, something is not right here! my religion was supposed to make everything perfect and it’s not, i’m not happy, etcetera”.. but his ego is such, he will FOREVER think it’s everyone else and the world that is wrong, not him!? i wouldn’t be surprised if after his recent divorce, he thinks to himself “i’m not working hard enough to cleanse my mind and truly worship my religion,instead of spending a few hours a day auditing myself, i need to start doing it even more! yes, that is the answer, then everything will be fine!!

    i get it, scientology helped him with his learning disability! BIG FRICKING DEAL! they showed him how to understand and use a dictionary and what other techniques, so does that mean you become a religious zealot to a cult? that you risk your career, your integrity, your image, everything for it? does that mean you either are so stupid you don’t believe what EVERYONE IS SAYING about your cult and your best buddy! or you that darn self absorbed selfish you don’t care, because hey, “it’s all good for me!”

    so he had a tough childhood? big whoop! others have had waaaaaaay worse than him, without the fame and the filthy rich money he now has, and they survived..they didnt’ join a cult that is so whacky in it’s origins and beliefs or a religion that they entire lives, EVERYTHING including EVERYONE HAS TO BE INVOLVED IN AND RULES YOUR/THEIR LIFE 24/7!!!!!!!!

    cruise actually had it pretty good, i mean he becomes a star after only 3 years in the business! a superstar after 6 years! I can’t think of one actor/actress/singer, etcetera who shot to fame and super success that fast!

    what if it took him 10 years to become just a working actor? what if he never made a career out of acting? how would he “cope” with life then, because he sure as heck couldn’t afford scientology classes!

    cruise WILL NEVER LEAVE SCIENTOLOGY! WHY SHOULD HE! he doesn’t have to obey all the rules everyone else does, his best friend is the leader, (which right there is wrong, whose best friend is a priest, a minister, etcetera? wouldn’t the leader actually frown on that and now allow it?) he can make movies that are totally the opposite of what scientology supposedly is against, he gets expensive gifts, birthday parties, medals, butt kissed at these events, gets to see suri, another breaking of the rules of scientology, plus his whole family are scientologists too, so why should he leave?….

    too bad journalists and the movie leaders are either too weak (journalists) and too scared and all about the money( movie executives) to sit cruise down and say “listen the entire world is turning against you! they created your career!let us read you and show you the literally thousands of ex-scientologist from around the world what has been done to them, the books written by some, the tv expose/documentaries on your “religion”.. and so on, and if you STILL DON”T BELIEVE this information, if YOU STILL THINK EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS LYING! then, we’re going to print or go on record as saying “your in cahoots with this cult and your career deserves to be over forever”!

    either your a stupid idiot or your a pathological insane person, which one is it!

    it is sickening because i was a HUGE TOM CRUISE FAN! the man had the world by the cajones and still it wasn’t enough!? he’s 50 years old, time to grown up, you cannot control people and your world, no matter what! that is what is called being an adult!

  26. ealadha says:

    I would be willing to meet Tom Cruise if he pays me 3200 dollars .