James Marsden’s random model hookup Rose Costa just gave birth to their baby

Just after James Marsden split from his wife Lisa Linde, he knocked up a Brazilian model named Rose Costa. Now… I’m against slut-shaming (for real), but I’m definitely “for” shaming someone for not using contraceptives when they both know it’s just a casual hookup. Which this was. James Marsden and Rose Costa aren’t even together anymore, but now they have a newborn baby to show for their hot Miami hookup nine months ago.

James Marsden is a father for the third time.

Brazilian model Rose Costa delivered a son, William Luca Costa-Marsden, on Friday, Dec. 14 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has learned.

The 30 Rock star, who briefly dated Costa after his split from wife Lisa Linde in 2011, picked the name and is being very supportive, a source tells PEOPLE.

Marsden, 39, is already dad to daughter Mary James, 7, and son Jack Holden, 11, with Linde.

A rep for the actor could not be reached for comment.

[From People]

Us Weekly uses this wording to explain the relationship: “Marsden — already dad to son Jack, 11, and daughter Mary, 6, with ex-wife Lisa Linde — dated Costa for a short time after his split with Linde.” DO YOU UNDERSTAND? James Marsden is the new Inseminator!! He will get you pregnant just by looking at you and then he will abandon you.

And just FYI – Rose Costa’s manager called the media outlets and told them she gave birth and Marsden’s rep was like, “Er, I’m not going to confirm anything.” Which makes me wonder if Marsden really did “pick the name” and whether he’s “being very supportive.” I feel like this situation is probably identical to the Jude Law situation, where he had a one night stand with that poor, somewhat crazy fan-girl that led to the birth of Jude’s fourth child. Anyway… I like the name William Luca. The name “Luca” is everywhere these days.

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  1. Gracie says:

    Eh, story of my life. I’m a love child, it doesn’t matter how you came into this world,so long as you have loving parents and a loving family.

  2. marie says:

    I’m sorry but with that short hair all I can see is ears..

    oh, and congrats..

  3. GoodCapon says:

    Luca is a fine name. I was actually planning on giving it to my future dog someday ;)

    Congrats to them I guess…?

  4. Wren says:

    My son’s name is Luca, but he is 6 so it wasn’t quite so common when he was born.

  5. Miss Kiki says:

    Seriously, are condoms that expensive now that rather than wrap up people are willing to take risks with people they don’t know?. For shame.

  6. Sharon says:

    Supportive? Baby after a steamy hookup… Hmm my guess is that he tried to pay her off when I found out to “take care of it” and he refused whether she didn’t beleive in that or she believed she would make more money off him my bearing his child and making him pay child support – or both. And he was probably furious she decided to keep it but has to act supportive so he doesn’t look like a d*ck. that’s a pretty jaded assessment but that’s the kind of stuff that goes down … Horny men and gold-digging hot women.

  7. lisa2 says:

    Just wondering if he will make sure his children know each other. Not sure if Jude has introduced his kids to his youngest child.

    I don’t understand how successful men do this. Pregnancy is the safest thing that can come out of these relationships. And people wonder why AIDs is on the rise in the USA.

    I can’t stand when people are so careless about their lives and the lives of others. If I was dating any of these men they would have to show medical report.

  8. Hoya_chick says:

    I want to give these guys (can we add Ryan Phillipe, Hugh Grant ect to the list?) the benefit of the doubt. I mean that is just so weird that these men wouldn’t use a condom with random women they were having casual, one night stands with. Wow. Maybe the condom broke?!

  9. Aubra says:

    Still giving dude the *point laugh*…you’ve been divorced not long and let the dick just go rogue!! BWAAAHAHAHA

    bless that little baby!

  10. Annie says:

    That’s nasty. A friend of mine got cheated on just when her relationship was getting serious. Dude went off and had a one night stand. A complete and total stranger who also happened to be insane. He gets engaged and hears about the girl one day and guess what? I’m pregnant, I’m keeping it and you’re the father. Just as things were getting serious with my friend he knocks someone else up. My friend is terrified of cancelling the wedding after bragging to everybody that her handsome “rich” boyfriend finally proposed, so she sticks by him and tells everybody that thus was before they met but the times don’t add up. He tells her they can help raise the baby together. She says “Only if I get to have my own baby asap” “Sure”. They get married (baby was born a few days before the wedding!) and he’s all “LOL no, I don’t have the money for two babies right now.” So she’s building a nursery for the child of the woman he cheated with and is not allowed to get pregnant in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the mother is absolutely insane and creates lots pf unnecessary drama. She’s angry that she disdn’t know he was in a relationship and pissed off that he got married and she’s stuck with his baby while single.

    It’s a bad bad story. I personally would have called the whole thing off. No way would I get married to raise the child of the woman he cheated on me with. No way! You’re telling me you want to be my boyfriend but you’re sleeping around too? You’re telling me the only diapers I’m changing for the next few years are the diapers of the product of your infidelity? You’re forbidding me to get pregnant?! Gaaaaaaah!!!!

    • JC126 says:

      No offense, but your friend has made a bunch of foolish decisions. Number one was choosing to stay with a cheater and eat crap (metaphorically), and number two was worrying more about what others think (WRT the rich boyfriend finally proposing). I’m sure nobody would think poorly of her for breaking it off, even if they don’t know the reason. Most people respect that they don’t know the details of others’ relationships and thus don’t judge people for splitting up.

      • Annie says:

        The worst part, as a friend, is that there was never room for me to talk some sense into her or help her because she would never admit she was dating him before he knocked this woman up. She lies to our faces and the times don’t add up. So I would be all “He WAS dating you when he messed around with her” no, we were just friends, casually seeing each other. Like, please, when you got engaged she was like three months along, I think? Who gets engaged at three or two months? You had been dating for like seven, eight months when you got engaged. Also, hello, you immediately told us you were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, remember? I get you’re embarrassed but you didn’t do anything wrong and you should let people give you sane advice and not lie to your friends who know the timeline.
        By the way, it turned out this guy didn’t even have any money. His business is crap.

        All of us would talk about it in total shock because she never even told us until two months before the wedding. “He’s having a baby.” Um, what? She tells her relatives that she was an ex-girlfriend, but we know it was a one night stand. It’s just awful mostly because he’s the typical bad dad that makes the mom change diapers and never helps out, so my friend is changing his kid’s diapers while he’s watching tv with a cold beer. Why do we let men treat us like this?

        At a Christmas party he was drinking a lot and then he said “I need to stop drinking though, I’ve made the biggest mistakes when drunk.” And we’re all o_o. And then he says “I adore my son. But I made a big mistake, I know that.”

    • Lovereaction says:

      Your friend choosed her life herself, I do not feel sorry for her.

      • JC126 says:

        I think women will put up with a lot of crap from a well-off guy that they wouldn’t consider putting up with from a guy who didn’t have money. I had a friend who was dating a finance guy with a lot of money and he treated her like garbage. I normally mind my own business, but I sat her down and pointed out the facts of what was going on; she did eventually dump him and married a nice guy later.

    • Violet says:

      Your friend has made some idiot decisions that are only going to be harder to live with as time goes on.

      Moreover, she’s let him know in no uncertain terms that she will put up with anything he dishes out. The scary thing is that his guy is not only a cheater, but doesn’t wrap it up and I doubt your friend is using protection. That’s very risky in this day and age.

      My prediction is that this marriage is this guy is going to continue to cheat on her as well as break the rest of his promises. He’ll probably dump her at some point, paying her little to no alimony.

  11. midnightmoon says:

    He looks like an aging Howdy Doody in that plaid shirt. His questionable hotness is goin’ bye bye. Random babymaking does NOT help. Birdbrain!