Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa eloped, she flashed her panties while preggers

Amber Rose

Here are some photos of a very pregnant Amber Rose on Monday while she was travelling to and from a salon in Los Angeles. I am assuming she may have had her nails done because girlfriend isn’t exactly one for elaborate hairstyles. Amber looks quite pleased with the paps’ presence, and she also looks very ready to have that baby. She should be due pretty soon, so a birth announcement is likely imminent in the coming weeks. Oddly enough, Amber may very well be in the advanced stages of pregnancy, but that didn’t stop her from wearing see-thru leggings with bright-pink panties underneath. Obviously, this is less gross than Kim Kardashian going commando under leggings while pregnant (or anytime), but I think it’s safe to conclude from the mutual legging issue that Kanye West does indeed have a “type.” Enough said on that note.

Amber and the paps do love each other, and just yesterday, she revealed to a TMZ crew that she and Wiz Khalifa are in fact married now. Who knows when they did the deed, but now she’ll have natural-birth bragging rights over not just a baby daddy but a husband. Here are the scant details:

Amber Rose

Seems the wedding rumors are true … because Amber Rose says Wiz Khalifa ain’t just her baby daddy anymore …. he’s also her HUSBAND!!

It’s unclear when and where the two tied the knot … but Amber definitely let it slip when we shot her in L.A. yesterday.

We had just given Amber a Ninja Turtles ice cream bar — because she loves ice cream — when she said, “My husband loves Ninja Turtles.”

Fact: Wiz Khalifa has a NINJA TURTLES TATTOO on his leg!

[From TMZ]

Can you believe that Amber fully consented to a press-free wedding? I’m proud of her, and Wiz was probably thrilled with a low-key event too. I’m sure it was quite the lovely, marijuana-themed wedding. Congrats to Amber and Wiz!

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Launicaangelina says:

    One time, I was working an event at the local mall. Another nonprofit booth was next to mine. One of the women working the event had similar tights on. As I was speaking to a visitor at my booth, the lady working next to me bent over and suddenly, her opaque tights were extremely sheer. Thong panties and cheeks were on full display. The visitor at my booth told me to tell her something. I told myself that if she bent over again, I would. Thankfully, she didn’t do so again. That was a few years ago and a lesson I learned and remember vividly.

  2. ms.steel says:

    shes been preggers forever! congrats to them! while kim cant even finalize her divorce. isnt it great shes actually wearing undies? maybe shes having a girl btw. shes been wearing pink a lot.

  3. Riana says:

    She’s so cute while pregnant.

    I know every woman does but something about Amber, she just really loves her pregnancy and her husband.

    Amber just seems like she’ll answer any question asked on the spot happily and doesn’t care what angle you photograph her pregnant body. Too adorable.

    It’s funny, Kanye really lost a gem with her. Now he’s with Fame Whore Tabloidian.

  4. Kim says:

    Congrats if they got married.Where I’m from calling your “man” your husband doesn’t always mean you are married.Kimora called Djimon her husband for years. Amber had a miscarriage so iy

  5. carrie says:

    1/who is she? all i know is she’s pregnant
    2/she’s really pretty

  6. Annabelle says:

    Best post headline ever.

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

  7. Aussie girl says:

    Look points for wearing the nickers unlike Kim. But minus points for wearing something that we can see your nickers. But she does look like she is glowing but maybe I have baby brain because my sister just had the most beauitful baby boy today!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo in love !!!!!!

  8. bopit says:

    Maybe it’s just where I’m from, but it’s not uncommon here for women who are in a committed relationship to call their men their “hubby” when they aren’t married yet. She seems like that type…

  9. Joanna says:

    so hate the leggings trend. women wear them without pants like this chick. looks so trashy. i dont want to see their underwear.

    • Ellie says:

      Gossip girl’s Blair Waldorf said it best: Tights are NOT pants. So many would do well to remember this!

      Just to clarify though, I don’t see the problem with wearing leggings to work out in, as long as your ass can’t be seen through them, when you are working out. Isn’t working out what they were made for? I remember my mom putting them on for step class in the 80s. Now it seems they’re more popular for lookin like a slob, like how Christina Aguilera rocks them.

      Amber’s pregnant as hell though, I give her a pass.

  10. shewolf says:

    She is super pregnant, holy cow.

  11. Dawn says:

    she is a very pretty girl and I would say ready to pop that kid out. I hope they are married and I hope all goes fine in their lives. And I hope they get lots of good press while the karTrashian family gets really bad press.

  12. ISupposeSo says:

    I don’t see where people think she’s so hot. Other than being a hip-hop concubine, what is she famous for? Then again, she did wait for the one fool to actually knock her up, so kudos to her for being bright enough to do that…

  13. Skeptical At Best says:

    I usually don’t get involved with celebrities on a “deeper level”. It’s hard to do that when it seems like putting up a front is a requirement. With that being said she truly looks happy. IDK I get the feeling that she would be able to live a fulfilled life with her husband and child away from the cameras. I think she likes the attention but she doesn’t seem desperate for the attention.

  14. bea says:

    Whatinthehell does she have on her feet?

  15. DeltaJuliet says:

    That jacket she’s wearing is the epitome of tackiness. It should say “Noveaux” over the “rich”.

  16. Lucija says:

    I don’t now why, but I really like her, even though she is qiute famewhorish, and I really like them as a couple. Hope the baby gets her looks.

  17. Beatriz says:

    Yay! Congratulations on the marriage, I really like Amber :D

  18. celebgossipgirl says:

    I love Amber & Wiz! They seem like such a chill, down to earth couple. I totally believe that she would want a press-free wedding, although i’m sure the paparrazzi doesnt bother her – sure, she likes the attention, and she’s not a whiny complainer because unlike some celebrities *COUGHkimCOUGH* she KNOWS she isnt famous for anything other than dating musicians and therefore has no right to complain. Their kid is going to be adorable and I’m super happy for them.

  19. hoya_chick says:

    She looks so pretty pregnant. I don’t know if I believed they elopes. If they did, Congrats! They seem very happy together.

  20. AnnieN says:

    I’m pretty preggo too so I will give her pass on leggings. The type she is wearing goes up over your belly and they are super comfy. I do wear mine with long shirts though, and black undies.

  21. Jaana says:

    She is so happy… I love Amber & wiz… Km is going crazy right now. Reggie Bush needs to get married now then we will see Kim going insane.