Anne Hathaway mean girls Katie Holmes, ‘doesn’t take her seriously as an actress’

Anne Hathaway

Man, I’d hate to have a feud with Anne Hathaway. Mostly because she’s sort of a goody-goody but also because I’ve seen Bride Wars, and it wasn’t pretty. Even though Anne’s currently riding high (and possibly already crafting speeches) in regard to her current Oscar race, Anne’s done some pretty low-quality movies in her time. Still and according to a story in this week’s Enquirer, Anne allegedly feels that she is above other actresses, and in particular, she’s taking aim at Katie Holmes. Actually, she’s sort of been doing so for a few years now with two “SNL” performances (one in 2010 and one just a few months ago). It does seem a little bit personal, doesn’t it? Apparently, Anne and Katie were up for a lot of the same jobs at one point, and that was probably the point when Katie was getting a lot of movie roles during “Dawson’s Creek” hiatuses, and Anne was struggling to break away from Disney’s Princess Diaries franchise. Now Anne is allegedly keeping the feud alive by continuing to badmouth what she views as inferior acting skills on the part of Katie. Here are the details:

Katie Holmes

The claws are out between the Batman babes after Anne Hathaway poked fun at Katie Holmes during a November appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

During hilarious skits on the long-running late-night comedy show, Les Miserables star Anne skewered both Katie AND “Homeland” actress Claire Danes. And although she’s offiically offered a mea culpa to Claire — along with a bouquet of flowers — she’s conspicuously neglected to apologize to Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie.

“Anne and Katie are longtime rivals,” disclosed an insider. “Anne puts forth a very genial, friendly image, but she has a wicked competitive streak. She doesn’t like Katie because they used to go up for similar roles. Anne always felt lke Katie used her Hollywood connections through Tom to advance her career. And she constantly makes fun of Katie behind her back, mocking her former marriage and even her appearance.”

Anne also believes she outclassed Katie in their Batman movies. While she was lauded for her performance as Catwoman in The Dark Knight [Rises],” critics panned Katie, 34, for her role as the Caped Crusader’s love interest in Batman Begins.

“Simply put,” said the insider, “There is no love lost between Anne and Katie.” Anne, 30, hosted “SNL” for the third time on Nov. 10, and while she also spoofed Claire’s erratic character on the Showtime series “Homeland,” her mean-spirited mockery of Katie’s smile and mannerisms both infuriated and humiliated the actress.

And that was even Anne’s first roast of Katie — she also mimicked her during a 2010 “SNL” appearance! While Katie was good-natured the first time around, she’s apparently not laughing anymore. “It all comes down to the fact that Anne doesn’t take Katie seriously as an actress,” noted the insider. “And Katie’s gotten Anne’s message loud and clear.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, February 4, 2013]

I believe this story because Anne is very competitive about roles, and her mockery of Katie (twice) on “SNL” seemed intensely personal while Anne’s take on Claire Danes was really only based upon Claire’s “Homeland” character. Now I’m not saying that Katie is a good actress (because she isn’t) or that she doesn’t talk out of the corner of her mouth (because she does, all the time), but it does seem like Anne has a problem with Katie. The easy comparison of their respective takes on Batman roles only adds to the bad blood between the two.

The Enquirer also has a throwaway story based upon a tiny grain of truth; that is, Katie is likely devastated that her Broadway play, Dead Accounts closed two months early. Star says that, in the aftermath, Katie has decided to make a career change and go to law school, after which she’ll go into practice with her father, Martin (who was the mastermind behind Katie’s excellent prenup with Tom Cruise). This story is so silly. Katie has a ton of money rolling in with her fashion line, Bobbi Brown spokesperson duties, and a new co-owner/spokesperson gig with Alterna healthcare. She’s also producing a few movies right now. At this point, law school would be silly and unprofitable for Katie. Fake story.

Anne Hathaway

Katie Holmes

Anne Hathaway

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  1. Daz says:

    With the stress of the oscar campaign, is the real Anne Hathaway emerging ?

  2. Amelia says:

    The fact that she went crawling to Claire Danes after the Homeland spoof makes me a little nauseated. If you’re going to roast someone, at least have the balls to follow through with it rather than sending flowers and a snivelling apology.
    God, she just can’t stand not being liked, can she? She’s like one of those kids in school/Uni who mentions they don’t like XYZ, then immediately flip-flops when someone else says that they do – “Oh me too, me too, me too!!!”
    Gah. I want to see her lose epically at the BAFTAs to Judi Dench.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yeah, in her mind she is one of those “kids”. Problem being, she’s well in her 30s.
      I guess for young people it is normal to want to be liked extremely bad (I know I’m snapping out of it only about now).
      But a young woman she is not; guess she wants people to think of her as a cutesy young actress.

    • T.C. says:

      Seriously who apologizes for an SNL skirt? It’s nothing personal just a script someone wrote for you. Of Course Ann has got to be loved by everybody. Nauseating.

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t understand why the hosts get blamed for the scripts that SNL writers give them. Just like the Jennifer Lawrence monologue the other day…They have to trust the writers and jump in with both feet. Most of the skits are about making fun of people, whether it is a generic type, a politician, or a star. If the hosts backed out of everything that might be considered “mean”, they would be called an uncooperative diva.

      I am not a fan of Anne, but blaming her for what sketches she was given on SNL is a little silly, IMO.

  3. brin says:

    Between this and her obnoxious Oscar campaigning I am really starting to dislike Anne (don’t forget the “e”) Hathaway.

  4. ????? says:

    What the f*ck happened to Anne Hathaway? I used to like her but recently she makes me sick. I can`t stand her and I doubt I will ever be able to watch her movies again.

    • flor says:

      She is playing the “underdog” card so people keep feeling sorry for her and she wins. I think this begun when they realised Les Mis wasn’t going to swept all the awards like it was expected.
      I don’t know why people hate her THAT much but I do agree that she is now a 30 year old and instead of behaving like one and showing the industry that saw her transition from her teenage awkward days to where she is now, in her head, she still is Mia Thermopolis. I much rather see a woman who has come on her own but well, she wants to play it that way.

  5. Laura says:

    Anne needs to watch it…she can “mean girl” as much as she wants, but she needs to remember that she is riding high right now. There is always a big slump after an Oscar win that very few ever get out of again. Me thinks “Princess Diaries 3″ is in her near future.., >;)

  6. Liz says:

    So Anne doesn’t take Katie seriously as an actress?? Really, who does??

  7. Hubbahun says:

    She’s a cow. End of. Anyone who’s good ‘friends’ with Rachel Zoe…

  8. serena says:

    ‘Anne always felt lke Katie used her Hollywood connections through Tom to advance her career.’ <- THIS. when Katie was with Tom she almost got no jobs, except for maybe 2 movies.
    'And she constantly makes fun of Katie behind her back, mocking her former marriage and even her appearance.” -Ok this is being a total bi+ch. How can she mock her appearance? It's cruel, Katie is even a beautiful woman. And her marriage.. she suffered and couldn't escape that abusive church-Tom, how can Anne made fun of that? She wasn't in her shoes she can't possibly understand.
    If she is so lean to make fun of others someone should remember her when she flashed her vadge.

    With this, I'm totally over Anne. She was already pissing me off with her annoying Oscar campaing.. but this, just stfu.

    • mln76 says:

      Tom basically ruined her career she was invited back to the second Batman only if he would agree not to come on set which he of course wouldn’t agree to. After that the parts dried up. She worked a lot more prior to marrying him and she was getting some buzz . Whatever her intentions may have been in raising her profile they backfired.
      I don’t think she was some great talent at all but she had a nice normal girl quality that could have carried her through a modest career somewhere above a Biel and below a Hathaway.
      If this is true it makes Hathaway seem like a meany I don’t get the point Holmes couldn’t hurt a fly she’s a threat to no one and she’s been through enough.

  9. alons-y alonso says:

    Familiarity breeds contempt AnnE – kindly STFU. I used to really like her. I still think she’s a good actress, but her earnestness is just so damn grating and to me, she comes across as 2 faced and insincere.

  10. neelyo says:

    I can never get enough of that header photo of Hathaway. It just screams, ‘Give me that Oscar!!!’. I think whenever there is a story about Anne Hathaway this photo needs to be used.

  11. Ms Kay says:

    Well I guess I must be the only one who never ever liked any of the love interests of the Batman Trilogy. If anything C. Nolan had quite a weak hand on developing female characters, thus both Rachel were meh and same goes for Selina Kyle, she was cringe worthy into dual personalities. As for Talia, well… Worst death ever!

    Also if anything, being with Tom Cruise never advanced Katie Holmes career, to the contrary, because well when you are with Tom Cruise, you have zero chance to overshadow him personal and career wise, it’s all about his ego, and Katie Holmes career didn’t go much anywhere. Same for Nicole Kidman at the time, her fame and career skyrocketed only after their divorce.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      For all of Nolan’s good points his women are always under developed in comparison to the men. The Thalia death was frustrating on so many levels but as a fan of the comic books is always clear who Thalia was even when they tried to cover it up but that made how under developed she was even more frustrating. Knowing what a rich and tangled history the character has with Batman/Bruce the whole thing made you feel cheated. He spent 2 films developing all of the male characters yet he devoted so little time to Catwoman and Thalia, tbh I think he should have focused on one or neither./ Rant over.

      FYI AnnE Hathaway is still annoying me. I’ll rate Katie Holomes for her masterful escape from Tommy Girl but she has annoyed the sh*t out me of forever.

    • Mira says:

      No, you’re not alone. I didn’t like any of Batman’s love interests. Anne ruined TDKR for me. Nolan is to blame for the weak female characters in the Batman trilogy. He should have ditched Catwoman and focused on Thalia’s character in TDRK. Praying for Anne’s meltdown at the Oscars. Hope Amy Adams or Helen Hunt wins over Anne.

  12. bea says:

    That blue velvet peek-a-boo dress KH is wearing is beyond hideous. She really, really needs a stylist.

  13. aang says:

    I liked Anne in the Princess movies. Now she annoys me. Hated Dawson’s Creek. Stupid show with the most unrealistic dialog ever.

  14. Viv says:

    I think Anne has always been a “user”. She loved the high life with Follieri and flew on his planes, lived in his penthouse, went to see the pope with him. Then she realized he had over-exerted himself and was skating on thin ice and she ratted him out. I don’t encourage any of his criminal activities but I found the fact that she lured him back to the US to have him arrested for things that had little to do with her quite unsettling. She profited and then distanced herself from him completely. Never did I hear that she used her own good money to pay back some of that money he embezzled to make her life fabulous. That is what I would have done had I found out that my honey was misusing or stealing money while buying me diamonds, pearls, yacht holidays and private jet rides.

    • Hautie says:

      I agree!

      I have always thought Anne was completely aware what was up. With the financially shenanigans of that ex-boyfriend, Follieri.

      But what I really see in her. Is that she is sneaky b*tch.

      The one that trash talks everyone behind their back. But kisses ass in their presence’s.

      She is Gwyneth, without the Goop newsletter.

      A female who has no issue’s mocking other women. For no reason at all, except to amuse herself.

      I pray that the Oscar voters… give that Oscar to Helen Hunt! Just to make it fun, since she has had so little PR for it.

      Or Sally Field, just to hear what she would say on live TV!

      Seriously, anyone but Anne.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I totally agree with your assessment of Ann with an E. There was a post the other day about Cheryl Crow and whether or not she knew about LA doping and the opinion seemed quite divided. I always wonder the same about AnnE, did she really not know about all the sketchy stuff her fiancee was getting up to?

      • normades says:

        Hautie said: “She is Gwyneth, without the Goop newsletter”.

        At least Goopie is able to have close female relationships with powerful women (Winona, Madonna, Beyonce, Traci Anderson, Cammie) and dated hot men. Anne, not so much.

        Just wait till Anne has a kid and we’ll never hear the end of it.

    • Asiyah says:

      Absolutely agree with you, Viv.

    • normades says:

      THIS *claps*. I have been on the Anne hate train since her last Oscar campaign where she played the victim card. She enjoyed all the perks of the highlife and then threw him under a bus. She was with him for 4 years!!

  15. La Calabaza says:

    Katie is not the next Meryl Strep but so isn’t Anne. If Anne gets her beloved Oscar (God forbids!!), it’s because of her super obvious campaign. They will give it to her just to shut her up ala Natalie Portman. Anne has a great manager and advisor. Katie doesn’t. Acting wise they are both the same: mediocre.
    Being said that I team Katie all the way. I hate mean girls and Anne seems to be that type of woman. Shame on you Anne! Women must support each other not the other way round.

    • Mook123 says:

      Sorry, I may not like Anne very much anymore. But to say that she and Katie Holmes are on the same level acting wise is a bit ridiculous. Mean girl or not, you can’t deny that Anne is the better actress.

      • La Calabaza says:

        For me, they are exchangeable.Put Katie or Anne in the same role and I just don’t care. They seem lifeless, alike in appearance. They don’t stand out for me. Sorry but I’m not a native speaker and sometimes it ‘s difficult to express you my ideas clearly.

        An actress I respect and admire is for example, Rachel Weisz. Anne is PR product.

    • Ms Kay says:

      @ Mook123 technically they are the same acting range it is just Katie Holmes bad choice into marrying Tom Cruise that killed her career.

      • Annie says:

        Got to disagree there. I’m not saying I love Anne’s Oscar campaigning and staaaarving for an Oscar stuff, but Katie is flat and wooden, whereas Anne is capable of projecting realistic emotions that can draw you in. I think Anne has the potential to keep improving and get to Meryl’s level, Katie does not, acting is not her “calling” and I really think she should find something else to do with her life. I think Anne will still have a career in acting in middle age and beyond, and by then people’s opinions of her will probably be very different.

    • Nina W says:

      I have to disagree on the acting assessment. AnnE is the better actress between the two.

  16. Mia 4S says:

    Interesting that when people dislike an actor/actress the Enquirer suddenly becomes credible. Very interesting indeed.

    I don’t think she’s campaigned well but honestly this story is just dumb.

  17. potatopatch says:

    May the “curse” of the Oscar visit Anne if she wins. So many of the females that win seem to have a huge career slump after winning – not all, but a large majority of them do. She is not even close to being in the same category (or class)as Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren, whose careers did not suffer. But, they’re “quality” actresses and Anne never will be. Such snobbery – sad.

  18. lexy says:

    Dawson’s Creek is still one of my favourite shows so Katie Holmes will always be > Anne Hathaway for me!!

  19. Anna00 says:

    I can’t stand her, I hope Sally Field wins the Oscar.

  20. Faye says:

    That’s sad if it’s true. Why kick someone when they’re down? Hopefullly Katie will laugh it off. She’s got enough on her plate with raising a daughter, trying to build a career, and dodging Scientology (I imagine).

    I actually thought Anne should have apologized to the *viewers* for that awful Homeland spoof. Even though I love Homeland and the character of Carrie Mathison, I wouldn’t have minded a spoof if it had actually been funny. Instead, Anne just came off as a jealous first-year drama student. It wasn’t amusing, it was cringeworthy.

  21. Talie says:

    Ok, now I really think SNL needs to have Katie on just to do a skit about Anne when she wins her Oscar because you know she’ll be giving plenty of material.

  22. Ashling says:

    Well it was mean of Anne, but Katie is a bad actress who seems robotic in interviews and dresses horrendously. Others have mocked her as well. Additionally, I don’t think Katie was a totally innocent victim of Tom/COS. She did wait until the 5 years were up so she could get paid.

  23. juju says:

    Sorry Ann but your still ugly, now it seems that ugly is inside & out !! have never liked her at all, there is just something about her that gets on my nerves, always trying to make herself better then any other actress, at one time she was talking smack about Julia Roberts ??? really I’ll see Julia and Katie in a move before I’ll go see ugly ass Ann !

    • Nina W says:

      Julia is completely over-rated as an actress and I don’t waste my money on her movies. I also have no interest in Katie Holmes but I did pay to see Les Mis, obviously not just for Anne, and I would pay to see it again because it was that good. People can dis Anne all they want but she has talent and there is no way Julia or Katie could have done the role of Fantine as well as Anne did.

      • Jenny says:

        Didn’t see Les Mis; haven’t seen many of her movies, but IMHO she thinks far too highly of herself. Saw her in Rachel getting married, heard she was great, and was SEVERELY underwhelmed by her performance. I don’t always notice bad acting, but she seemed so wooden and unrealistic. Also her weird droopy eyes really bother me.

  24. Annie says:

    Leave Katie alone!! She finally got rid of Tom and is free again. She looks so happy.

    Anne, I feel like she’s on character all the time. Like Beyonce. They are constantly faking and we don’t know the real them.

  25. jojo says:

    Hollywoods changing so much in terms of these oscars. To win an oscar lately, you have to either dramatically change yourself physically, go nude or play a prostitute. Acting doesnt have anything to do with winning anymore. Its all about what the actress ‘sacrifices’.

    Maybe i have a different view of what good acting is, but none of these young actresses comes close to actual acting like streep does. Helen hunt perhaps, though even she sold out in her last movie and did the ‘nude’ thing to get sympathy and an oscar nod…

    The oscars lost all credibility when Berry won. That was one of the worst acting performances to win the award i ever had seen. Show the breasts, shed a tear, get a statue.

  26. Adrien says:

    Katie Holmes was good in “Thank You for Smoking”.

  27. Elise says:

    Star is off their rocker. You can’t be admitted to any law school without an undergraduate degree, which Katie doesn’t have…so…yeah. You think she’s going to college or any type of professional program or classes? Yeah right. She seems to want the accolades for acting and designing without putting any effort into it, just wants to be famous. She’s likely freaking out about what’s next for her. Marrying Tom was dumb. Anne can be a bit irritating but she does a great job, hard work is clear and her career and personal life are good. Any ‘feud’ here sounds a bit farfetched however.

    • Meredith says:

      I went to law school and yes you can get in without a college degree if you are a mature student (over age 25) and accomplished. I think it’s a BS story about law school but Katie could still get in. We could debate a long time about her accomplishments but I think her smack down of Scientology would be enough, IMO!.

    • giddy says:

      …ummmm…Katie was admitted to ivy league school but chose not to attend… she’s no dummy… as evidenced by her skillful handling of the divorce… marrying Tom may have been foolish… but making foolish mistakes is the hallmark of being young… annE chose to swan around with a criminal… then married a gay guy…so her dissing Katie is pretty rich… annE is a nasty piece…

  28. Huh says:

    I loathe Anne Hathaway, and I think most of the people that stan her ridiculously overrated ass have some sad, drama-queen element of “I’m so special too! I relate! I’ve been done wrong by a boyfriend too! [....even if they presumably didn't enjoy the spoils of their criminal boyfriend's multi-million dollars frauds.]” in their personalities. She has been a fake-assed trying-too-hard biznatchity bitch for a long, long time now. And the Katie shit is just pure meanness at this point.

    I know she’s gonna win. I hope she loses. Dammit.

    • Nina W says:

      I judge Anne for her acting not for crazy Enquirer stories that make no sense. I don’t hold it against her career that she was involved with some flaky, shady dude. I realize her persona annoys people but there are better dirtbags to hate on then some egocentric actress.

      • Huh says:

        Oh, sorry, Nina! I totally the missed the Rafael Follieri thread and Issues with the National Enquirer thread, and I thought I could post germane thoughts in the Anne Hathaway [ shady as fuck, a complete bitch and annoying] thread. Thanks so much, though!

  29. dcypher1 says:

    Im team katie on this one. I dont really like eithet of them but if I had to choose it would be katie because I cant stand anne and her obnoxious campaigning. The only thing I dont like about katie is that she did the scientology thing with t.c. . If I were her I would speak public about how the church mistreated her.

  30. lucy2 says:

    I can see Anne being competitive and them going up for the same roles. The mean girling stuff beyond that, eh, who knows.

    Celebs get impersonated on SNL by other actors all the time. This is no different, it sounds more like tabloids trying to start a catfight.

    • Chatcat says:

      Hope it is just the tabloids, but somewhere in my skin I think Anne is this petty…and that is most generous thing I am going to say about Anne because I personally don’t see her talent…no matter her role I see the Princess Diaries chick and no other depth.

  31. Stuart Horseley says:

    I like Katie’s acting; she’s very good, and underrated! Team Katie. And I SO hope someone else besides Anne wins this Oscar. If she was so goddamned worried about it then why didn’t she wear panties that time. Bitch. “Oh! Anne’s worried her vadge flash will hurt her Oscar chances. Give me an effin break.

  32. Axis2ClusterB says:

    I absolutely believe this, and it’s why I can’t stand Hathaway’s face anymore. Smug and obnoxious.

  33. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Team Katie – I love Wonder Boys :) and found Anne Hathaway to be completely unwatchable in The Devil wears Prada – the book was waaay better.

  34. Potato_Chip says:

    Yo annE. imma not let you finish. go back to suffering for your craft.

  35. NYC_girl says:

    The only thing I’m thinking about is the Bobbi Brown deal and all the free stuff she must get. I’m very “J.”

  36. Nicolette says:

    She needs to get off her high horse already. If she wins she can take that statue and shove it.

  37. Whatever says:

    No one likes ugly. I’m talking ugly on the inside. It sounds to me like Ann needs to get over herself.

  38. Shira says:

    ‘Tis a good time to be hating Anne.

  39. Lizzie K says:

    Well, what a b*tch. Sending flowers and an apology to Claire Danes only put an exclamation point on the nasty treatment of Katie — I guess Annie wanted to be sure the message she was sending was received.

    Prior to her divorce, I never had much for Katie Holmes. Still don’t think she can act OR design OR style, but she’s my hero for b*tch-slapping Tom Cruise in such grand, public and expeditious fashion. She’s like a Mom-Hero to me, which Claire Danes definitely is NOT — see Mary-Louise Parker.

    I didn’t really have a dog in this year’s Female Oscar hunt, but I sure do now … ABA (Anyone But AnnE) all the way!

    • giddy says:

      ….ummmmm…say what you will about Clair…totally agree her relationship with Billy was a big mistake… and it definitely took its toll… but she’s one hell of an actor… annE is AFRAID of making enemies of Clair… because Clair… dispite Billy C… is incredibly respected in the biz… and annE is looking to take her on in the future… Clair isn’t playing… she’s above the fray… and could give a ratz azz what annE says or does…

      • Lizzie K says:

        Claire Danes is a talented actress, no question about it, but the treatment of Mary-Louise Parker by Danes and Billy Crudup will always rate high on my personal Low-Rent-Sh*tty-Behavior scale. She’d wait a long time for an apology from me for anything.

      • La Calabaza says:

        MLP stated many times Claire had nothing to do with her breakup. It wasn’t nice what Claire did though, but how am I to judge! At least Claire’s talent (probably one of the few actresses who can reach Meryl Strep level nowadays) doesn’t make me think anything but what she’s performing. Anne is always Anne dressed up as Catwoman, Jane Austen or a starving prostitute

      • Lizzie K says:

        The day I can’t judge a woman who took up with a man who dumped his seven-months-pregnant partner for her is the day I stop commenting on anything.

  40. hoya_chick says:

    AnnE should have several seats because she is not that good of an actress either! If Katie is medicore then AnnE is one step above lukewarm. I can’t believe what a biotch she has turned out to be! If there is any justice in the world she’ll lose the Oscar to Sally because she seriously needs to eat some humble pie.

    Even if she and Katie *were* up for the same parts what does it matter now?! It’s been years. She is definitely a mean girl. Katie had a nice little career going post Dawson before Tom. I really like her in Pieces of April and Thanks For Smoking. I actually think marrying Tom was a career killer so I don’t know why AnnE is holding a grudge about Katie’s perceived connections through Tom. She is so fake and I am glad she is finally being exposed with the campaigning and what not. She and her beady eyed K-Fed husband (seriously does he work?! oh he is an ‘actor/jewelry designer’ lol) need to go somewhere far, far away.

  41. Memphis says:

    Way to be a mean girl Anne.

    Your career was mostly teenage TV and rom-coms until Les Misérables, now you think you’re on par with Meryl! Keep dreaming. And mocking someone for something they can’t control (bells palsy) is low class.

    At least she didn’t feel the need to flash her biscuit to the world to try and win an Oscar.

    I hope Jennifer Lawrence or Sally Fields win and then mean girl Anne by talking about how horrible Anne was for desperately flashing her biscuit to try and win. :)

  42. garvel says:

    Anne is definitely a better actress than Katie, but I do not care for the way she attacks her fellow thespian……this is just bad form. The only thing Kate did to Anne was compete for parts………is that not allowed Anne???…or are all actresses suppose to give up their parts to the great Anne Hathaway. I really am hoping she loses out to Jessica Chastain for the Oscar.

  43. JPC says:

    Oh, awesome. So not only is AnnE phony and completely disingenuous, she’s also a hateful bitch.

    Never again with one of her movies. Never. Again.

  44. Starlight says:

    Don’t understimate Katie. You know that the wheels do turn. Anne might find out someday that she is in the bottom and Katie on the top.

  45. Kaboom says:

    Since they both appeared in the recent Batman trilogy (Katie in the first, Anne in the third movie) we can pretty easily see that all things being equal (co-star and director), Anne walks all over Katie in the acting department.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      That still doesn’t mean that she should lower herself to dishing out petty comments about another actor in public. That’s entirely unprofessional, IMO, and certainly not how an “Oscar winner” should treat someone else in the industry.

      I agree with the other commenters that anyone else should win. I’m pulling for either Sally or Amy, but it would be just as sweet if Helen or Jacki won, the shock of Anne losing would be priceless!

    • debbie says:

      really? cause I thought AnnE was a joke as cat woman, I mean like I laughed she was so bad. Seriously they haven’t casted a good one since Michelle Phfier but to say that the Bat Man triology is how we are judging these two women’s acting ok then THEY BOTH ROYALLY SUCK ASS!

      Sorry but Katie Holmes while not Streep was great in Thank you for Smoking, I loved that movie and her in it, which I have yet to be able to say about a single AnnE Hathaway performance or movie. I will also admit Katie has turned out some crap and done some crap but she has done some great work too.

  46. mystified says:

    Anne Hathaway would be completely insufferable if she wasn’t so dull.

  47. valleymiss says:

    I said it in the Anne thread yesterday and I’ll say it again – SHE IS RACHEL BERRY.

  48. Lulu says:

    IF this story is true, AnnE made a blunder IMO. There is a great deal of public sympathy for Katie Holmes after her courageous break from Tom and the way she managed to take Suri with her. So what if she isn’t a good actress? AnnE may be better, but she still isn’t any Meryl Streep.

  49. dvz says:

    If she doesn’t win that Oscar, my heart will sing with schadenfreude drenched joy.

  50. good_as_gold says:

    Anne Hathaway is a total b*tch. Have always thought that.

    As neutral as I feel about Katie, I like her a MILLION times more than I could ever like that fake, boring, two-faced, conniving, ruthlessly ambitious, over-rated egomaniac who has zero sex appeal.

    I think Anne is beyond dull. She’s dull WITH a nasty streak.

  51. good_as_gold says:

    And My God, Anne has some nerve to think she made a good catwoman! Talk about delusion. Why they ever cast that sickly looking creature in a feminine, sexy role like catwoman I will NEVER KNOW!

  52. Asiyah says:

    I never liked Anne. There was just something about her that gave me a bad vibe, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know why.

  53. d says:

    AnnE lost me with that silly GG speech and back room antics. But, I think she’s a decent actress. Kate too though. I think both have limited range, though AnnE might go farther. I dislike Kate and I have a far harder time taking her seriously as a fashion whatever (b/c, seriously? her style is for s***), but in her early days, she was good (Pieces of April, Wonder Boys, Thank You for Smoking). She needs to stick with small interesting roles for now and rebuild from the ground up. Taking on star vehicles makes her look like an idiot, imo. AnnE…I dunno. Her next role better be all-consuming, because all I see is AnnE now, and not the character.

  54. Jess says:

    Ah ha! I knew it! I knew that she had a nasty side about her and here’s proof. She looks like she’s trying too hard and looks pathetic. Her “nicey nice” part is all an act (go figure). Sort of didn’t like her at first, but knowing she did this, I can’t stand AnnE Hathaway. Team Katie for sure.

  55. Bella says:


  56. Sam x says:

    I think her Oscar campaign has been rather nauseatingly desperate. If anyone can do the whole underdog thing better it’s Jennifer Lawrence who comes across genuine, smart and likeable.

    IF this is true, then it’s rather sad! Katie has come out of a rather bad marriage involving the poisonous cult. Instead of slamming the poor girl she should be reaching out to her or being more supportive. Katie might not have the best style, not much going on for her in terms of acting however it’s good to see she has endorsement deals on the table, she’s a lot happier, Suri is interacting with other kids, she’s happier too and de programming after leaving the cult will take some time.

    Katie still has the public support in light of her breaking away from Tom and the cult unlike Anne.

  57. erika says:

    mam,oh man ive had it with this bitch – mama’s mad now and you DON’t wanna make mama mad!

    don’t you diss on our katie, MY katie! this woman has more heart and strength in her tom cruise to the curb pinky than you have in your hair shaving, granola bar a day eating, self pleasuring haven…

    seriously though? katie in person appears to be very gracious and humble and i’d take that any day over anne hathaway’s smugness.

    she’s starting to get to me on a tom cruise kind of level and you don’t want that girl…

  58. La Calabaza says:

    Just wondering if Anne reads gossip sites. I bet she does.

  59. B says:

    Katie isn’t a great actress overall, but she made a lovely Joey Potter. I loved watching her in that show. I can’t say the same about Anne Hathaway in really anything I’ve seen her in, and her public persona is painfully obnoxious.

  60. normades says:

    I understand why she’s with that Adam guy. She’s a diva and high maitenance and it has to be about HER all the time. He will never outshine her and probably tells her how amazing she is all time. Gag.

  61. Helfer says:

    I am not happy with all this Oscar Campaigning. If your good then your time to shine will happen. Why force it on people and basically ask for the award?
    She and Natalie Portman used to be my favorite two actresses but their nastiness came through with their desperate Oscar campiaging.
    Natalie married a loser and so did Anne.
    Katei Holmes was married Tom Cruise( As much as some you don’t like him) He is atleast succesful. I mean I saw Portmans husband in a YSL ad and I burst out laughing. How the heck did he get a contract with a fashion brand like that? He is so ugly too. Terible choice of YSL. He must be getting work through Natalie.
    I have never seens Annes husband in anything either. It says he an acctor/jewlwer(weird job combo) but still, he must be getting some work through Anne.

    • Janice says:

      I mean I kinda agree.
      I don’t think Katie Holmes is a good actress and her marriage didn’t end well but hey she married Tom Cruise. He is a talented actor I will admit that.
      Also ,I never saw Katie Homles mooching off of her husband like people say. I mean really? I hardly saw her in anything after she got with Tom Cruise. He didn’t really help her with her career.
      Unlike Milipied who recently was chosen as a head choregrapher at a fancy Paris Ballet program. And yes, seeing him in that Yvs Saint Laurent ad was weird. He is a nobody in reality. Why did they choose him?

  62. tabasco says:

    i don’t think it would be silly or unprofitable for katie to get any kind of formal/higher education. she’s got the money so she wouldn’t have to worry about debt, she could get some business savvy out of it, it would be a great example for suri, and i think education for the sake of education, even if you’re not necessarily going to use it in a traditional way, is always a good thing. i doubt very much she’s really going to do that, but i’m just saying, i think it would be really cool if more of these famous types got an education. as long as they didn’t turn into james franco monsters!

  63. Bridget says:

    Does anyone remember a few years ago when Anne was supposed to do a big broadway thing about Judy Garland, which would then be turned into a movie? And Katie continued to try to campaign for it after Anne was already announced, including trying to work her Tom Cruise connections? I wouldn’t be shocked AT ALL if there was a lot of tension between the two, especially considering that Katie kept trying to style herself as a song and dance girl for a quite a while, around the time that Anne was busting out her musical chops. Because lets get real: Katie Holmes is clearly less talented than Anne Hathaway, whether or not you actually care for Anne’s personality… but Katie had a lot of Hollywood connections through Tom and I would guess that she wasn’t shy about trying to use them.

  64. snappyfish says:

    “rachel getting married” was terrible, and anne was terrible in it.

  65. Louise says:

    Don’t give two sh!ts for Katie, but whoa, Annie, what goes around comes around. Karma will have teefs even bigger than yours.

  66. exxo1111 says:

    She’s making fun of Tom Cruise? at least he’s not a mutliple felon for securities fraud etc.

    She should be the one hanging her head in shame about her love life choices – if I was Katie I’d go on SNL and do a skit about Anne pretening not to know about her ex’s shennagins. PLEAAAAASE!!!!!

  67. Chelsea's handler says:

    Yep. I want Sally Field to win the Oscar too.

  68. skuddles says:

    Well at least Katie doesn’t flash her biscuit at the paps. I’m so sick of Hathaway – if she wins the Oscar she will be completely unbearable.

  69. Angie says:

    Used Tom for connections? Being with Tom completely annihilated the legitimate career she had (whether she could act or not). Anne pls (never could stand that one).

  70. Lisa says:

    I have seen far worse actresses in my time than Katie Holmes. She’s not amazing, but she’s fine/decent. STFU Anne.

  71. Luxe says:

    I will watch a Katie Holmes flick before I will watch Anne. Seriously! If I didn’t want to see The Dark Knight Rises to finish up the trilogy, I would have passed until it was on cable. Her Catwoman was the worst ever (don’t count Halle). Way too aware, put on, and completely not on Christian Bale’s total immersion of Batman/Bruce.

    That said, Go SALLY or GO someone else in the field! The look on Anne’s face when she loses will be epic.

  72. Boxy Lady says:

    If it’s true that Katie has started being a producer, then Anne truly should STFU. Imagine if Katie were to establish herself as a producer, Anne would probably start kissing her ass since producers are the boss of a film. That would be an interesting piece of karma to witness!

  73. cruiz2 says:

    Anne is a b*tchy primadona!
    Never liked her – fake- fake -fake!!! Katie is more real, regardless of lame acting and style. I think she’s jealous!

  74. Genevieve says:

    I started rooting for Katie Holmes once she left Cruise.

  75. A says:

    Please, National Enquirer people. Why on earth would Anne spend time hating on Katie anyway? No fan of Anne, but she’s got a ton of shit on her plate that I’m sure takes priority. As far as Katie goes, girl is trying to get her life together after Xenu and her play failing…I think she doesn’t have the time to worry about something Anne may have said.

  76. Embee says:

    This situation recalls he scene from “Emma” where Mr. Knightly admonishes Emma, something like, “Badly done, Emma. Her position being in every way inferior to yours, she should attract your compassion, and not your contempt.”

    Badly done, Anne. I didn’t think it possible.

  77. annie says:

    Loved her in all before Tom Cruise movies, no matter how many times I see Pieces of April, I enjoy it.
    She was good in Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, and it suited her being Batmans love intrest.
    Don’t underestimate Katie, as somebody said, she’s on her way up, she’s getting some big endoresments, and making big business deals
    If she starts producing, and even starts writing, and staring, if she gets backing, from independent companies, like the ones she’s involved in now, I think she’ll go far. Opportunities seem to be snowballing quickly her way, with one thing leading to another.
    Hathaway is a good actress,actually a very good actress but give Katie a role that suits her, she can be really good too.

    • Meredith says:

      +1. Holmes shocked me in The Gift where she excelled in playing a spoilt, slutty rich girl who gets killed off for screwing around on her dull as dishwater fiance (Greg Kinnear)with some down market dude (Keanu Reeves looking like he hadn’t bathed in weeks). No Dawson’s Creek there! Maybe she should do more roles like that ’cause she kicked ass.

  78. Str8Shooter says:

    Good God! She is starting to look more and more like a mental patient in those photos!

    I saw Lincoln and LOVED Sally Field’s UNDERSTATED performance. I have not seen and have no desire to see Les Miserables especially since this preening harpy is getting showered with all these accolades.

    I can’t WAIT to watch the Oscars now

  79. Jayna says:

    Anne deserves this Oscar. She was fantastic in the movie. I was impressed. Sally Field was ovverated and miscast in her role. She did a servicable job.

  80. Tulip says:

    I don’t like Anne, BUT i really do appreciate a good cat fight between two people in the work place. When you’re stuck with someone who *seemed* to have used connections (rather than talent or even hard work) to get better jobs and/or more money than you, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Anne needs to strategize a bit more in her fights with Katie, if she insists on wasting her time on Katie. I will say though that the flowers to Claire and none to Katie was classic. Anne wasn’t apologizing to Claire at all-she was just another way to send a stab to Katie (obviously ). Beautiful. I would’ve loved to have done that to a gold bricking coworker I know at my own work place.

  81. kerry says:

    The only role I see Ann playing well would be as the Eve character in “All About Eve”

  82. tricklady says:

    So here the thing, Katie Holmes got rid of Tom Cruise without a scratch, I consider this to be one of the smartest moves EVER made in Hollywood.And if your husband is a famous actor in Hollywood you are going to get different treament towards your movie rolls. ITS HOLLYWOOD! Anne H. married a crook who stole money from people and what she didnt know about that, so is she that stupid she doesnt know what her husband is doing.STFU Anne! Her face will be priceless when she loses

  83. janie says:

    Katie Holmes couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. The only reason she is relevant at all, is because of Tom Cruise. She made sure to lock her name down by having his kid. She is not on the same planet as Ann.

  84. A Fan says:

    Well, I don’t take Katie Holmes seriously as an actress either (not that I particularly like AnnE Hathaway).

  85. Snowpea says:

    I saw Anne in The Devil Wears Prada and she just annoyed the crap outta me. What is it about her? She just looks like one helluva biotch and smug as buggery.

    Ms Holmes on the other hand seems sweet and unaffected.

    A little humility goes a long way Anne. You might find yourself in made for tv movies in five years time.

  86. Gemini08 says:

    I want to like Anne but mean girl-ing someone you barely know and who hasn’t done anything to you just show a lack of self-esteem on her part. I always say that when you feel the need to bad mouth a competitor instead of focusing what you are doing that it shows that you don’t truly believe in yourself. Do you Anne and stop worrying about what Katie is and isn’t doing!

  87. therese says:

    Team Katie! at least she is not offensive and bitchy. Katie does not act as if she is riding on a very high horse as the flasher.

  88. farah says:

    anne seems like a nice person. i rhink thid article id fake anne doesn’t care about katie holmes.

  89. Danziger says:

    As much as AnnE is grating on me and how much I want her to shut her trap and lose that Oscar… I’ma be a conspiracy theorist here and say “smearing campaign”. Really? AnnE must be a little too busy locking on that statuette to a) bother with Katie and b) do something as stupid as badmouthing someone who has the public’s sympathy while trying to play the good girl card.
    Someone else must want that Oscar bad, and such games happen in politics, and what the hell is H-wood but politics in Louboutins?

  90. K-FLOP says:

    Sounds like K-Flop and her team are going the smear route way with Anne, since K-FLOP definitely can’t compete on the same playing field – SNL, stage, or movies.

    Well, maybe another chance on the small screen will put K-FLOP into familiar territory and remind everyone why stage and movies was a long shot anyway.

    Hmmm, well then, on that note, is K-FLOP hitting up her old boss (Kevin Williamson – Dawson’s Creek, among other shows) for a mid-season spot on his new Fox show “The Following” – for a return to the small screen?


    Just a theory…:-)

  91. Kim says:

    I don’t usually have much actual vicious dislike for celebrities. I might poke fun at them or defend a few in particular but for the most part, I care not. But man, I f-ing hate the crap out of Anne Hathaway. Everything about her, from her ugly face and her ugly smile and her ugly nose to her crappy acting and her goody-two-shoes persona and her hilariously insincere Me!Me!Me! speeches. I seriously want to punch her face off. And I feel a tiny bit better for having gotten that off my chest. Thanks, internet!