Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood ‘hate each other’, Carrie ‘is always rude to her’

I don’t know how or when the Carrie Underwood-Taylor Swift feud began. I feel pretty strongly that the feud isn’t some trumped-up tabloid hate, though. There’s enough evidence to show that Carrie and Taylor really don’t care for each other. Maybe it began when Carrie kept losing out to Taylor at awards show after awards show? Maybe it began because Carrie isn’t a very pleasant person in real life (maybe)? Or maybe it began because everybody kind of has a laugh at Swifty’s expense these days and Swifty has started taking names. At last year’s CMAs, Carrie was co-host with Brad Paisley, and they made some jokes about Swifty’s breakup with Conor Kennedy. When asked why the camera didn’t catch her reaction to the joke, Swifty said: “They don’t pan to you if you’re not laughing.”

Then, shortly after that, Carrie appeared on the cover of Allure and she was asked if she’s friends with Taylor. Carrie said, “I’m not close to her. We run into each other at events. We’re never in the same place at the same time.” Which is country-girl-code for “I hate her.” Now Us Weekly says the feud is SO REAL:

Taylor Swift never, ever wants to hang out with Carrie Underwood. A source tells Us Weekly that the country stars are planning to avoid each other at Sunday’s 2013 Grammy Awards.

According to the insider, Grammy execs were ordered to keep Swift, 23, and Underwood, 29, “from crossing paths” at the Feb. 10 show “since they hate each other!”

Says a Swift pal, “Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steer clear of her.” (A Grammy rep counters, “No requests were received from either artist.”)

At last year’s Country Music Association Awards in Nashville Nov. 1, co-hosts Underwood and Brad Paisley mocked Swift’s recent split with Conor Kennedy.

“The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family. They somehow traded Arnold Schwarzenegger for Taylor Swift,” Paisley joked about Swift dating the 65-year-old bodybuilder’s nephew through marriage. “I mean, what they got for that . . .”

But Underwood (married to NHL hunk Mike Fisher since 2010) interrupted her co-host to inform him of Swift’s breakup. “What? Why don’t I ever hear about these things?” Paisley asked. “I’m the last one to know. Are they ever gonna get back together?”

“Never, never, never,” Underwood replied, referencing Swift’s No. 1 hit single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. “Never ever.”

Swift is set to open the Grammys show at L.A.’s Staples Center Sunday. “What’s interesting is we presented this performance to the Grammy committee . . . and they said, ‘Okay, cool, you have a performance spot.’ And then like a week ago they call us and are like, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re opening the show,’” Swift told Ryan Seacrest Thursday, Feb. 7. “It’s not like they approach you . . . It just surprised me I was going to go first.”

[From Us Weekly]

Carrie always rude to someone? NEVER! Ha. Well, I know Carrie has a lot of fan-girls who defend her and claim she’s truly, secretly a nice person and maybe it’s true, but I’ve also heard a lot of stories about how rude and unpleasant she is. Maybe she’s nice to fans and bitchy to her competition? That could be it. But here’s the thing – I have no doubt that Taylor could do some damage if she put her mind to it.

Taylor is nominated for Record of the Year at tonight’s Grammys. And she’s performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – that’s the open! So… yay?

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  1. flor says:

    Will this girl ever be news for his talent and not for who is she dating or fighting with? She’s young, she’s a talented song writer, she doesn’t need this.

  2. Elceibeno says:

    Carrie is jealous of Taylor because she is not getting as much attention. Hey, Taylor crossed over to pop and she is dating celebrities.

    • Babalon says:

      I don’t know about that. Carrie once confessed, early on, that Nashville wasn’t really accepting of her after Idol. In fact, Naoimi Judd said she hadn’t earned her success in Country and snubbed her. Her reputation, I probably comes from all of that stuff. :(

      • Lindsay says:

        That is not even close to true.

        Carrie has never said Nashville was accepting after Idol because they welcomed her with open arms. If you look at the people with the most success post Idol most have acceptance in Nashville/careers in country music (ie Kelly Clarkson toured with Reba, Kellie Pickler, Scottie McCreary) or have established themselves primarily as actresses.

        Naomi Judd didn’t say that Wynonna Judd did. It was also directed at Taylor Swift.
        http://www.celebitchy.com/80145/wynonna_judd_criticizes_taylor_swifts_cma_entertainer_of_the_year_award/ (Which she apologized for/explained)
        As far as Naomi Judd and Carrie on recent televised concert, “Girls Night Out,” Carrie’s rendition of “How Great Thou Art” was so powerful it brought Naomi to tears. Given that, I’m sure she respects Carrie’s talent.

        Elceibeno – I think Carrie likes being a respected country music artist while Taylor always wanted to be a crossover pop star. She used to go to Nashville Predator games with Carrie and Kellie Pickler and traded them in for Hollywood “It” Girls like Selina Gomez and Jennifer Lawerence and red carpet events. I also don’t think Carrie would trade her marriage to a good and handsome man to be a bed hopping punch line even with Hollywood guys. She is pretty and talented and could have made moves similar to Taylor if she wanted a tabloid, celebrity pop star life.

  3. Toot says:

    I prefer Carrie. I just like her voice better and Taylor annoys me.

  4. Lolly says:

    I like both of them & hope this isn’t true.. Why can’t we all just get along?.(sticks tongue out). Kaiser are we gonna have a Grammy’s open post? Pretty please?

  5. judyjudy says:

    This is the country version of Britney vs. Christina.

    • mac says:

      But who is Christina in this comparison? She actually has a wonderful, amazing voice. In my opinion Carrie is better than Swift but in NO WAY on Christina’s level. I get the Swift-Britney comparison, both average singers with legions of crazy fans. Only Swift seems to love doing what she does and gives good performances while Britney seems kind of over it these days.

  6. flutters says:

    Let’s see, this is US Weekly so it’s Team Swifty’s usual go-to mag for leaks.

    But I actually think this is complete BS. Neither gal’s going to be bothered about where they sit relative to each other. Swift’s got to be way more worried about where she’s seated relative to John Mayer who is scheduled to attend with Katy Perry. And I don’t think Carrie & Taylor interact with each other at all at awards shows lately. Oh, and the leaked Grammy seating chart actually *does* have them sitting pretty close to each other, plus the Grammys already denied this story.

    There was a recent interview with Brad Paisley by the way where you could tell he was not impressed by Taylor’s inability to take a joke about herself at the CMAs. Check the Country Countdown USA site. Her reaction did not go unnoticed or uncommented upon among Nashville brass either.

    Can I say that before this went down I was already expecting a post-Grammy tabloid story about Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert (who are friends) country mean-girling Swifty at the Grammys. Not because I think it’s going to happen but because Taylor’s always got to be the victim and it’s always got to be a diva off.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Didn’t mean to reply to flutters. Just my thoughts on the article.

      Both these young women are talented, popular, and very busy with their careers. I would not expect them to be friends. They probably hardly know each other. Carrie is six years older than Taylor and a married woman. Taylor is dating younger guys and trying to find herself a steady boyfriend if you believe what you read. When I first read this story a few weeks back I thought it was BS, and I still do.

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        I thought the same thing, BeachBelle. Just because these two perform the same genre of music doesn’t mean they have anything in common. My best friend and I are the same age, but I was married for 6 years and had two children before she tied the knot. Finding common ground and empathizing with each other was tough during those years — and we’re like sisters! I can’t imagine making that kind of effort with an acquaintance. The music industry isn’t a knitting club. Sure, it’s not a good idea to burn bridges, but there’s no reason everybody has to be friends.

    • Izzy says:

      I was also unimpressed with Taylor Swift’s lack of grace at the Golden Globes. Duh! OF COURSE you lost to Adele. Adele was the favorite from the start.

      But Swifty’s bitch-face was epic, and made me laugh nearly as much as the two hosts for the evening’s show.

      • Lauren says:

        Taylor`s epic GG bitchface actually confirmed that she is human, perhaps not a programmed fembot designed to dominate the radio with her revenge songs. That ~Trouble~ song gives me a bloody migraine. Sadly, Carrie Underwood seems worse–with her horrible flaring nostrils & anthem styled songs.

  7. Shaz says:

    When Taylor wins, she can say, “This never never never gets old. Never ever.

  8. lisa2 says:

    Goodness Carrie’s makeup is so heavy.

    Friends or not.. don’t really care. But we only see these stories about women. Where are the men that are feuding.. yeah

  9. Nev says:

    The fact that she is opening and that her song is nominated at the Grammys is absurd. Nah.

  10. jaime says:

    Are u kidding me. carrie is not jealous of the perfect taylor. carrie has nothin to be jealous of,, she beautiful married sweet n her songs are actually gd better then taylors lil childless same o same o shit… U have to not like taylor carrie

  11. Nicola says:

    Taylor’s people are shifting focus from her love life to how she’s being mean-girled. I think it’s the only way the public will see her as some sort of victim again, but it’s just not as interesting of a story as her running through men.

  12. Riana says:

    Hmmm, kind of hard to believe this story.

    Despite being in the same genre more or less Carrie and Taylor don’t run in the same circles at all. Carrie’s friends all tend to be women her own age whereas Swift is friends with people her own age.

    Eh…the evidence as it stands so far that Carrie hates her is a little weak too. Saying we never hang out isn’t code for ‘I hate her’ give country gals some credit Kaiser. They can serve up a saucy subliminal insult a lot better than that.

    Still, I could see why Carrie would be mad she keeps losing to Taylor.

  13. MrsBPitt says:

    I don’t know what it is about Taylor Swift…but she creeps me out…

  14. Hubbahun says:

    The fact that song is nominated for Song of the Year makes me want to barf up a lung. And they’re both little mean girls. Grow the eff up.

  15. Relli says:

    They dont call her Country Bitch for nothing!

  16. poppy says:

    as if carrie underwood and brad paisley thought of what they said as opposed to the hack writers that write all of the CMA (any/every award show) intros.
    they’re told exactly what to say, that’s why what they said was at best a weak compliment.
    they both suck.
    that said, i would pay 50¢ to see these 2 terds duke it out. that’s a lot of hair to pull and face-paint to smudge. let the sequins fly!

  17. Zoid says:

    Honestly though, if I had just broken up with a guy, and my own song was being used as a joke against me about it, I wouldn’t have been laughing either. Maybe a while down the road but so soon after a break up? Best I could have done is a forced smile.

    • erika says:

      BuT wait a minute. Taylor puts her stuff out there in the public just by writing songs that detail ALL the nitty gritty about her love life. If TS doesn’t want to be bullied about mean girled like that, then Taylor, STOP WRITING songs about every one who did you wrong!!!

      do i smell a rihanna here??? YOU put it OUT there in song taylor, so you’re going to hae to deal with the publicity and gossip about it.

      PLUS….if you weren’t all mysterious and cryptic in your lyrics than you gotta DEAL with it.

    • Ramona Q. says:

      The entire joke was not mean-spirited at all. The Arnold for Taylor switch joke was a compliment for Taylor. The break-up joke was pretty lame (as most of this awards show jokes are) but not malicious at all. Taylor should have just laughed and said “that’s right!” and forgotten about it like everyone else. What an overly-sensitive cry baby. Get over yourself.

  18. Prettytarheelfan says:

    I really enjoyed Lainey’s take on Carrie’s relationship with both Taylor and Miranda Lambert. She can’t out sweet Taylor and won’t out bitch Miranda, so she’s stuck behind those two professionally. Could play in…

  19. Garvels says:

    USweekly says it all. This is Taylor’s PR team creating another Taylor is a victim story. Carrie’s voice is far superior to Taylor’s voice and these two were never close because they run in different circles. Taylor is into high school boys whereas Carrie prefers fully grown men! I would probably believe that Carrie along with everyone else gives Taylor the big eye roll when it comes to Taylor’s manufactured PR dramas.

  20. Alecia says:

    I get irritated by these stories of songstress vs. songstress. I don’t care whether or not it’s true- we should focus on the music and not whatever people think is going on.
    They have their own talents and fan bases- let’s leave it at that.

  21. erika says:

    TS friend “Like…OMG Taytay, she (Carrie) is such a meany. She totally looks fug today too.”

    TS: “Like, I know OMG! Did you see that gown she was wearing at the CMAs? OMG. It’s like ‘Hi, I’m Carrie, I’m a ho I totally banged all the judges at AI’!!!

    ha ha ha ha tee….TAY to the T What the Hell? She has the mentality and emotional-ity of a 7th grader! Didn’t you all bitch/moan to your BFF for the hour back in Jr. High???

    If we can believe all we read on gossip sites (because you know the celebrity media won’t even touch her cray cray–it’s up to CB to go there…)doesn’t she come across as a pre-teen?

  22. Jayna says:

    Why would she be friends wth her? They both tour all the time and Carrie is more mature, married, and Taylor is the teen type singer fanbase. I doubt they are ever around each other much over the years.

    Brad and Carrie made fun of a lot of people as co-hosts and were funny. It’s not like they wrote those lines. Comedy writers did for them.

    I still remember this performance with Keith Underwood and Carrie. Carrie any day of the week over Taylor. The girl can flat-out rock when she wants to. We already know Keith is a monster on guitar. I love him. When I see him on stage like this, I know why Nicole is crazy about him. And Carrie was gave a sexy performance. They did Steve Nicks and Tom Petty proud.

    Live – Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around cover in concert:


  23. Keats says:

    I really prefer the Adele v. Swift feud, since obviously she HAS to be feuding with SOMEONE.

  24. kim says:

    I love to hate them both, but I’ve hated Carrie since her white trash, make woman seem like crazy stalkers, song before he cheats…god that song and the “ladies” who karaoke it just suck!

  25. boo says:

    I don’t care for either one of these ladies, but Underwood rubs me the wrong way, that “little Miss Perfect” thing cannot be true, too cutesy!

  26. Jaana says:

    Carrie isn’t a very pleasant person in real life

  27. Christin says:

    Don’t know how Carrie acts or if there is competitive jealousy, but it seems like Taylor is forever the victim. Plus Taylor is younger, both in actual age and the mentality she seems to project.

  28. Suzanne says:

    Frankly…I think Carrie screams every song she sings…and the way she stands with her legs apart…they all seem to do that..why? I like both gals but Carrie definitely looks the part of bitchy girl. She’s no doubt jealous of Taylor..who wouldn’t be? She’s a lot prettier than Carrie..without all the pancake makeup!

  29. Kitkerenina says:

    Yet more bedazzled spider web dresses on the Country Gals. Least Carrie’s is a color

  30. MW says:

    Who are you going to believe? A Swift pal, or a Grammy Rep? Carrie can sing circles around Taylor. Why would you think Taylor could seriously damage Carrie’s career?

  31. yolo says:

    If I were a singer, such as Carrie, I would be pissed to constantly loose to Taylor’s immature songs, high school fan based and fairy tale music videos too. It must really REALLY suck to always go up against someone like Taylor, a victimized (lol)23 year old that acts like a 16 year old, when you are already struggling to be recognized in your genre as a serious performer.

  32. Amy says:

    I enjoy the few songs I know by Carrie Underwood. If she is secretly a bitchy mean girl, that’s too bad. However she is very talented and she hardly makes the news.

    If Taylor Swift wants other people to stop using her love life as a punch line to jokes, she needs to stop putting her whole life out there. She’s done this to herself and I have no sympathy for her. She uses her relationships as inspiration for songs and talks about them in interviews, pretends to be “coy” when asked who they are about. She regularly gets papped with her boy toy which lasts 2-3 months tops. She’s either doing it for attention or she is clueless.

    Regardless, she is doing it in such a way that her relationships have become such a joke. She must know the tabloids are having a field day and that jokes will be made at her expense when she goes to events. If she can’t take the heat, 1) stop using (or talking about) using your break ups as song material. 2) Don’t go to events where you know you will be made fun of.

  33. Lily says:

    Seriously, people should stop covering stuff about this girl hating on that girl. It’s pathetic and low.

  34. bettyrose says:

    Don’t know much about either of them except what I’ve read on this site, but geeezus, Carrie’s makeup is pancaked on good. She’s not nearly old enough to be wearing layers of foundation.

  35. Susie (1 of 3) says:

    The first year when Taylor Swift scooped up all those awards, they both were nominated in the same catagories. Not sure if it was the Grammys or whatever but Carrie was just offstage when Taylor won and the camera caught Carrie not even able to fake a pleasant face let alone a smile. It was the worst bitch face on an awards show I’d ever seen. She looked like a contestant at a beauty pageant who didn’t win and didn’t care who saw how angry it made her and about ready to throw down her tiara. Maybe it was just one too many awards for Taylor that night for Carrie to handle but whenever I see one of her videos, that face haunts me.

  36. Nikki Girl says:

    I don’t like Carrie- she seems snotty and arrogant, I don’t think she’s pretty at all, and I don’t think her marriage will last. Nor do I like the Predators, her husband’s team- rude fans, obnoxious game atmosphere, it’s a joke to me as a die-hard NHL fan. I don’t like her music either, but I don’t like any pop country. I don’t get the Taylor hate, she seems sweet and honest, and she dates tons of guys, but isn’t that what people that age are supposed to do

  37. Kat says:

    Taylor needs to grow up she is not a little high school girl anymore so she needs to stop acting like one and writing like one. Her songs are directed to teenagers and it is hurting her with adults so all I can say if you want to be treated like adult act like one.

  38. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree with nev and yolo – Shifty mcveneer is beyond annoying as one poster said she’s a record industry manufactured hack – mediocre at best, her songwriting is a joke (John and Paul were/are talented not this child), her guitar skills any junior high school band could beat, her showmances are all fake, she’s an example of a generation raised on pr,gimmicks and marketing don’t know what real talent is – Nev’s right its absurd that we are never ever blather is nominated for anything – You wonder how much payola went on to get that piece of crap played every 15 min on top 40 stations.

  39. Luxe says:

    I could believe it only in the sense that if Carrie is standoffish and throws shade, Taylor is the type to try to be all in your face and won’t take the hint. Then cries victim when you make her take the hint. Plus, Taylor is so not country, so she’s sort of hijacked the genre. Seriously, why don’t they just call her music pop? I love Carrie’s music and Taylor is not on the same musical level.

    And good GAWD, there is no way that song should be Record of the Year quality. Come on.

    Y’all have fun with the Grammys. I’ve been waiting many weeks for The Walking Dead. That’s where I’ll be :-D

  40. eb says:

    Actually, in a 60 Minute profile, Taylor Swift admitted to being quite thin-skinned.

    Also, not laughing at jokes made at your expense is not your fault. If your hurt, your hurt.

    If Brad Paisley doesn’t like the backlash he received, then he shouldn’t have dabbled in personal attack humor. Blaming the subject for not ‘having a sense of humor’ is immature. If one is callous enough to dish it out, then one should be callous enough to not whine at the corresponding backlash. They deserved it.

    The only reason he wanted her to laugh, is to excuse the crassness of his comments. She doesn’t have to protect people who are attacking her. And her laughing at it among other things would have provided cover for Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

    And furthermore, would Carrie like to sit in an audience of her peers and listen to jokes made about her failed relationship with Tony Romo or comparisons between her and Jessica Simpson broadcast for millions of home viewers. Holding her up as an object of derision? I think not.

    I don’t blame Taylor if she doesn’t choose to spend time with her. Why not spend it with people who make you happy?

  41. mimi says:

    TS looks amazing minus the bangs (too much!).

    They really distract from her gorgeous appearance.

    It’s not the first time I noticed that Carrie Underwood acts jealous and less than nice/ good.
    She was mean and jealous of Jessica Simpson who never did anything (negative) to her to deserve it, just because she dated a guy who dumpted Carrie.

    Carrie also had an awful response about Rihannah after she was almost killed by her boyfriend and made it sound as if perhaps there was a justification in some cases for violence against women.

    She said “we don’t know what happened before he beat her” as if that could serve as an excuse.

    Too bad she isn’t the sweet and nice person I thought she was long ago.

  42. amilu says:

    Any time I see Carrie Underwood, I just want to take a belt sander to her face. That woman wears more makeup than most drag queens. She’s a pretty girl, but that heavy makeup is NOT attractive.

  43. silver says:

    love Swifty’s dress! both ladies are gorgeous & talented, there’s enough room for both of them to be mega rich & successful in the country/pop sphere.

  44. Maggie May says:

    I met Carrie at a hockey game in Ottawa a few years ago. I am noone. I actually did not realize who she was at first, just lucked out on box seat tickets through work. Carrie had a genuine interest in learning about me, asking about my kids and just chatting. I take all these stories with a grain of salt … and I totally agree … where are the dudes fighting?

  45. Meg says:

    i think carrie is pissed taylor had so much success so early and was her competition after carrie initally won every award she was up for in the country music industry.
    she openly said, ‘I’d never write a song badmouthing an ex-i’d never give him that much power’
    that was a direct insult to taylor. not that i disagree with carrie on that subject, but carrie is never above publicity stunts to sell an album so she shouldn’t act all high and mighty. she’s seen with that guy from gossip girl the week her album comes out, same with tony romo.
    i think carrie is very sensitive about maintaining her #1 female artist status and is threatened by taylor because she’s always written her own songs-carrie hasn’t until recently

  46. NEENAZEE says:

    Why do all of Taylor’s songs sound exactly the same?

  47. lynne says:

    Carrie won “American Idol” and came up that way. Don’t know whether she write her own songs.
    Taylor came up the hard way, on her own. She writes songs and plays her guitar.
    carrie has the better voice but Taylor has more talent and seems to be genuine.

  48. birdy says:

    Oh another “swifty is the victim” story. Her PR must not know how to plant any other type of story about her. Swifty doesn’t like that Carrie sells out her tours, is critically acclaimed by the country music industry, she writes her own songs and is a hot blonde country singer. Does she know that’s Swifty’s angle?? Carrie may be difficult but Swifty is 10 times worse.

  49. andrea says:

    I am so over these made up (or at least blown out of proportion) stories that pit one woman against another. What, did the tabs get bored with JLaw vs Kristen/Jessica?

    As much as I’m sure there’s always some back talk between these people (and yes, I’ve read that Carrie can be unpleasant), the tabs just love to portray female celebrities as vengeful, territorial bitches who just can’t deal with their peers/rivals. How come the male celebrities rarely get this kind of treatment?

  50. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    You came from Idol and I came from a rainbow and a star
    and you’re gonna tell me that you think I can’t go far
    We’ll I got news for you carrie underwood girl
    yeah and I got bangs and I got curls
    and this is what gets my my awards

    you, you’re so damn virgin prissy
    you have no right to even be dissin me
    and if I don’t get enough attention I’m gonna throw a hissy
    fit and then we’ll really see who is on top yeah missy

    So don’t go throwin me that shade
    Don’t you see you’ve had your day

    and now I’m gonna go out there and play
    hockey with the boys on the playground yeah
    and don’t you even think of turning this around you betch
    cause the boys all know that I got a bigger heart and even bigger breasts
    and it bugs you so much that ya just can’t give it a rest
    and don’t even ask me ever to be your guest
    just shut your mouth and give it a rest

    and I’m gonna sing about a hockey player too
    I’m just waiting for the right one to give me a good screw
    and then Star magazine will like me better than you

    cause I’m made of sparkles and candy canes
    Oh and your music is so mundane
    I”m gonna sleep to the top and reach my fame
    and you’re gonna just be watching a stupid old hockey game

    You can’t compete with me so don’t even try
    and if you say anything mean I’m gonna sing I mean whine
    nashville says you didn’t put in enough time
    and me I’m so great I don’t even have to try

    Cause I’m made of sparkles rainbows and candy canes plus a little pot of sprinkles too
    and I’d bet you’d be surprised
    to know that I go poo
    and I have been doing so much more than you

    And that is all I have to say for now
    so don’t be callin me a freakin cow
    cause you know that I’m so much more than that
    and the bugs on the windshield of my truck go splat

    so why don’t you just take that
    Carrie Underwood
    and me I’m gonna keep on being little miss misunderstood