Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa tied the knot (for real) in a low-key ceremony

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa

I don’t know if you could tell, but one of my very favorite celebrity couples just happens to be Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. He obviously worships her, and she looks a million times happier than she ever did with Kanye West. Well, Wiz and Amber have actually been engaged for over a year (he gave her a ginormous ring), but they put wedding plans on ice when Amber became pregnant. Then we had a false wedding-bell alarm in late January when Amber referred to called Wiz her “hubby, but apparently, they’ve always talked about each other in such terms.

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa

Now the two have finally tied the knot. Both Amber and Wiz have tweeted news that they married in a low-key ceremony on Monday:

So I guess they’ll be throwing a big “wedding” party sometime this fall, but they just couldn’t wait any longer to officially tie the knot. The couple welcomed their son, Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz, in late February, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them for making things official with Monday’s ceremony. They just seem so real and so happy together. Congratulations to Amber and Wiz!

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa

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  1. Elle says:

    Love them! They really do look so in love. She deserves it after being with Kanye.

  2. e.non says:

    damn, i hope that the full body tat cover is coming to an end. that’s such a nasty, skanky look; and so many people are going to so regret their body art in the not too distant future..

  3. KungfuBrian says:

    I’m sure these two crazy kids are going to last forever. I’ve never been more certain.

  4. Amanduh says:

    Gosh, she really is a beautiful girl…

  5. DanaG says:

    That is so cool. They really are a couple in love. She does look happier now nice to be with a guy who actually smiles and looks like they are in love with you. Congrats to them both!

  6. Enn says:

    I’m happy for them, but hate this trend of getting married and having a “wedding” later. Your wedding is the day you get married. Have a party later, but it’s not a wedding.

    • baby says:

      hey, don’t judge. sometimes you get engaged, start planning a wedding, and everyone’s coming from around the country, and then life happens and you need health insurance, which your fiancé has and you don’t, and he can’t put you on his health insurance unless you are a spouse, legally, and you can’t afford to have it any other way…yes i am describing my situation..about 5 months before our scheduled wedding we decided to get legally’s a secret though, our guests will be none the wiser..and the way we look at it, it’s just on paper. we won’t be officially married until we go through our religious traditions and say our vows in front of all of our friends and family…life is complicated, they obviously had a reason for doing it, obviously getting married at the wedding is ideal but it doesn’t always work out that way.. anyway, i’m really happy for them! they are really adorable together!

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      Perhaps they had a civil ceremony, with intent to have a religious, spiritual, or social ceremony at a later date to coincide with their reception. Even if they only intend to have the party piece later, a wedding is both the vow and the acknowledgement of the joy in the vow: wedding ceremony (formal-may be legally binding, have religious implications, or both) and wedding reception (social acknowledgement-may take many forms, from cake and punch in the fellowship hall to a 3 week bash). If someone want to hold the other half of their wedding-the reception-at a later date it is really not impacting your life in any way. Why get your proverbial panties/undies in a wad?

      • Evelyn says:

        My sister and her fiancé are doing a wedding between the two of them, a three day wedding party, then a huge reception, about six months in between each. I think it’s a bit much, but then again, I’m a firm believer that your wedding is just that, *your* wedding.
        But they are very cute and have always seemed like best friends who love each other so congratulations to them, I wish them all the happiness in the world

      • PrettyTarheelFan says:

        Evelyn-I personally had my ceremony, reception, and a party that night, and that was plenty, but I am with you-it’s absolutely up to the bride and groom if they want to throw several parties. I don’t think they should expect everyone to attend everything, show up with crazy gifts, or their parents to mortage their house to fund it all, but if they can afford it, more power to them. Pretty much everyone loves cake and happiness, right?

    • Bridget says:

      I agree. Outside of a life-threatening illness or deployment, there’s not a lot of justification to having a big ceremony well after the fact. When you hurry up and get married that’s just part of the choice.

      • Lee says:

        as baby pointed out just up-thread, there are plenty of other reasons some of us have to separate the two. My wife and I got married at the court house because I wasn’t listed on our lease and the student loans agency refused to accept any other proof of residence. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to finish my degree without being legally married to prove I lived in our province.

        My entire family lives elsewhere in Canada and the US and are mostly teachers who couldn’t just ditch work to be with us in April, so we had a service/reception the following July to include everyone else. That is the date that they consider to be our anniversary and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • geekychick says:

      I had a legal wedding two months before the religious ceremony-I wasn’t marrying at home and those were the rules in the county I was marrying in. But I didn’t consider myself married until the ceremony, as that was the purpose of getting married to me.

    • Leen says:

      In some religions, like Islam, your engagement (‘writing the book’) is when you are legally married. It’s suppose to be low key with your families and the sheikh. You have your wedding party later. So there’s that.

  7. tory says:

    I LOVE Amber Rose and Wiz stories. I want more, more, MORE!!!

  8. some bitch says:

    Congrats to Amber and Wiz! They’re such a cute couple.

  9. Suzy from Ontario says:

    They may also be planning to have a wedding in a another country or tropical location where the marriage isn’t legally binding, in which case many couples have a small civil ceremony beforehand.

    She really is gorgeous. I wish I looked that good with my hair shaved. Would be so easy to take care of!

    Congrats to them.

  10. nofkksgiven says:

    yay!!!! one of my fav couples too – they really seem in love

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    They seem really immature to me, not to mention permanently stoned.

  12. Emma says:

    I really like these two, while i couldn’t stand her with Kanye. Must have been him.

  13. Mayday says:

    Off topic, but I saw her once in real life (she was hosting a party where I live and she was shopping downtown, just hanging out) and she is 1000X more pretty and cute in person. She’s actually SUPER short and almost tiny looking and basically just adorable. It completely made me love her!

  14. Gia says:

    I love them too! Congrats! I’d say put them on a reality show…but that would just break them up.

  15. marie says:

    they’re cute together, congrats to them

  16. Chloeeee says:

    while we all like a good laugh at a bad tattoo….I am excited for a bunch of decorated old people. besides everyone who judges based off of tattoos are those who can’t see past the physical.

  17. The Original Mia says:

    Yay! So happy for them.

  18. boo says:

    Love these two, how cute are they?

  19. isadora says:

    These two are my faves. I don’t know why but they always make me smile.