Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long are hooking up now: weird couple?

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried and her excellent trench coat are currently in London promoting Lovelace. Of course, Amanda’s been touring for this movie for weeks, but we haven’t covered a lot of it becasue she’s largely talking about pr0n, which makes sense given the movie’s subject matter. At the moment though, let’s talk about Amanda’s new love/lust interest, Justin Long. Last week, Page Six revealed that these two were almost inseparable” and “cozy in a corner” on Aug 1 at a Cinema Society afterparty. Now Us Weekly says they’re heating up and “seeing where it goes.”

You might wonder what a woman like Amanda would see in an average guy like Justin. What do we know about Justin Long other than his status as recovering “Mac guy” who has managed to carve out a semi-hipsterish movie career in the aftermath? I only say “hipster” because Justin tends to look a little bit scruffy and often appears in very “twee” movies (although he was great in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell too). He also dated Drew Barrymore off-and-on for a few years and, at the time, was notorious for his love of going downtown, which may have been why Drew kept him around for so long. Now he might be offering his services to Ms. Amanda:

Justin Long

Amanda Seyfried’s new beau is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. According to several sources, the Lovelace actress’ latest hookup is none other than iSteve actor Justin Long.

“Justin is super private about his relationships, [so] I’m not positive how they exactly met, but they’ve known each other for awhile, when they were seeing other people,” a source tells Us. “They recently started hanging out more, going on date-like activities. They’re both busy … but they’re seeing where it goes.”

Adds another source, the new couple have a “similar sense of humor.”

Though the pair has remained low-key about their relationship, an eyewitness at a July 30 event for the Lovelace premiere tells Us that they were “inseparable.”

“Justin came alone and stayed close to Amanda all night,” the source says. “They weren’t making out or anything like that, but they were just inseparable during the event. He hung out when she talked with others.”

[From Us Weekly]

Who knows, this could just be a quick hookup thing because Amanda goes through men at warp speed, but I don’t think she’s sleeping with all of them by any stretch. She’s already stated that she’s terrified of being promiscuous as well as her belief that you can’t talk your vagina into attraction; so I would like to think she keeps these dudes around long enough to see if she wants to get physical and, if not, buh bye.

Then again, Amanda is famous for dating douches too. As in Dominic Cooper, Ryan Phillipe, and Josh Hartnett. So maybe Justin is a bit of a douche, and she might just be attracted to that too.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Justin Long

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  1. Spooks says:

    My God, she is so beautiful. I haven’t seen such beauty in Hollywood since young Angelina.

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I hate the phrase “why is he a thing?” but I have to admit that it comes to mind here.

  3. Little Darling says:

    For some reason I like this coupling. He has always seemed pretty cool and like a loyal decent boyfriend.

    I endorse this. He’s a definite step up, albeit not someone I would ever match with her.

  4. blue marie says:

    well, he’s gotta be offering something good cause I don’t get it BUT I did like him on The New Girl. seems kinda dorky, but apparently it works for him.

  5. sirsnarksalot says:

    I find her looks weirdly fascinating…her eyes are spaced so far apart. I get the impression from interviews that she is practically as dumb as her Mean Girls character and that she only goes for douchebags. So yeah, rumours about Justin being a tool are probably true.

  6. Val says:

    I always liked Justin Long. Who knows, maybe they’ll be together for the long run.

  7. mimi says:

    She’s had so many Hollywood boyfriends/hook ups that I’ve lost count a long time ago. Wonder how long this one will last.

  8. Relli says:

    or maybe, maybe she is dating against type this time hoping that the end result is different this time.

    What can I say he won me over in Accepted, every time that movie is on TV I have to watch.

  9. Mrs Jones says:

    Justin Long is great. No douchiness here at all though I admit it’s a strange pairing. If tons of Celebitchy girls can lust after Cumberbatch, which I don’t understand personally (quirky, weird in a not attractive way- am I the only one here?), then there may be many of us lusting after Justin. Again, am I the only one here?

  10. lucy2 says:

    I don’t find him super attractive, but he’s cute and seems like a nice guy. That’s better than a hotter but douchier guy.
    She is SO beautiful.

  11. GUEST says:

    Loved him in “He’s just not that into you”…I don’t think Drew would have dated him so long if he was a douche. This is a cute couple I think…we will have to see what Amanda’s vagina thinks apparently.

  12. Keats says:

    Weird. I went on a long and detailed rant a few days ago on why the supposed ‘hotness’ of Justin Long annoys me to my friend, who responded ‘eh, he’s cute enough.’

  13. Wrachul says:

    Well this seems random. I’ve never been into him myself.. Just don’t find him attractive. But from what I’ve read he seems like a pretty decent, intelligent guy. Sometimes I think she is so pretty, she definitely has a different look. Agree with her having gorgeous hair. Not sure about her personality, haven’t seen or read too many interviews. I remember reading something in the past about her having an obsession with getting stuffed animals from a taxidermist. Anyone else remember this? Random but it just popped in my head.

  14. bettyrose says:

    She’s stunningly beautiful and very successful. He’s Justin Long. I could see him maybe being an awesone devoted BF but if it’s just a fling she’s going to ruin him for all other women. Like flying first class just once.

  15. AllyUK says:

    Awww..I like this pairing, both dorks, both adore their dogs. I don’t get the douche vibe from Justin, he’ll always be Warren Cheswick to me. Considering her beauty and talent she’s seems pretty low key.

  16. RPG says:

    I just hope she’s not a PC girl.

  17. Claudia says:

    Justin actually has great comedic timing and improvisational skills. Youtube the blooper/outtakes reel of Zack and Miri Make a Porno; him and Seth Rogen improvised the whole scene and kept going, so there’s a lot of material there that wasn’t used.

  18. mayamae says:

    I didn’t know that Josh Hartnet was a douche. What has he done, I wonder?

    I’ve seen very little of his acting, but I just love him in 30 Days of Night.

  19. Bex says:

    I’m into Justin’s dorky goofiness. He seems less “unattainable hot guy” and more “real guy”. Something about his chin has always bugged me but I like his overall vibe.

    I like Amanda. She can look weird sometimes but I find her way more appealing than the cookie cutter, spray tanned, overprocessed blondes that are out there. Good luck to them!

  20. Carolyn says:

    Amanda isn’t a great actress (Les Mis?) yet she was cute in Mama Mia. The camera loves her.

    So not interested in seeing her in Lovelace. An unusual choice. Suppose no-one else wanted it after Lohan tainted it.

    • Shelly says:

      I saw Lovelace yesterday, and Amanda is wonderful in it. She nailed it. It’s a decent movie. Oh, and Lovelace is not the film that Lohan was going to do. That one was/is called Inferno, and Malin Akerman replaced Lindsay in that movie. Amanda’s film has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan and never did.

  21. Apple says:

    How long have they been together? I’ve never heard of them being a couple until today.

  22. Lindy says:

    I actually have met him once or twice (looooong ago). And he’s really delightful and not at all douchey.