Katie Holmes scores role in a Meryl Streep & Jeff Bridges movie: whoa?

Katie Holmes

Consider this your periodic Katie Holmes news dump since we don’t write about her that much anymore. She’s been keeping to herself lately by enjoying girls nights out in NYC and holding it together professionally in her own way. Katie is currently designing her own Bobbi Brown make-up line, which is weird because she rarely ever bothers with make-up unless she’s at an event. These are photos of Katie at the opening of the new TAO nightclub in NYC. She went casual in jeans, a striped jacket, and a belly shirt. She’s having fun, and her hair looks great.

Katie Holmes

Current “it girl” Emily Ratajkowski was also in attendance too. I have such a girl crush on her.

Emily Ratajkowski

In a strange clash of worlds, Michael Shannon showed up. Mr. Supervillain wore a bright blue polo shirt and looks very orange.

Michael Shannon

Katie’s movie career is also on a bit of an upswing too. I am not convinced that her two most recently filmed projects, Mania Days (the wet t-shirt movie) and Miss Meadows (the cute outfits movie), will go anywhere at all. There’s some good news though — Katie just signed onto a Meryl Streep movie called The Giver:

Katie Holmes has closed a deal to join Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges in The Giver, a drama from The Weinstein Co. and Walden Media that’s being directed by Phillip Noyce.

Brenton Thwaites is the young star of the sci-fi project, which tells of a society in which there is no conflict, racism or sickness.

Thwaites plays a young boy who is selected for his life service as the Receiver of Memories and works with The Giver (Bridges), an old man who teaches the boy to use his unique gifts of the senses. Streep is the society’s Chief Elder, an authoritative and antagonistic woman who assigns the young their tasks.

Holmes will play Thwaites’ mother, a strict obeyer of the laws that govern what is described as an antiseptic society.

The movie, which is eyeing a budget of around $25 million, is being produced by Nikki Silver of Tonik Productions along with Neil Koenigsberg and Bridges.

Michael Mitnick wrote the most recent script adapting the Lois Lowry YA novel.

A shoot in South Africa is being planned, although it is likely that Steep will shoot her scenes in England, where she is filming Disney’s Into the Woods.

[From Hollywood Reporter]

This sounds like an excellent career decision on Katie’s part. Her role isn’t too big and doesn’t sound demanding, but with Meryl and Jeff Bridges on board, people will actually watch this movie.

Here’s a few more photos of Katie’s street style over the past few weeks. Note: The fug booties are back. How do they still exist? She’s worn them so many times.

Katie Holmes

More boot madness follows. Girl needs a boot makeover. She looks so happy though!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Birdie says:

    She looks really happy! She’s the kind of of woman I only wish the best! A few years ago she was a joke, Katie was called robotic and Stepford Wife, but now she just seems content.

  2. T.fanty says:

    Congratulations to her, I guess. She sold her soul, her freedom and her baby for fame and she’s finally back to the level of respectability she was before she made her Faustian bargain with her midget Mephistopheles. Nice work, Katie.

  3. Amy says:

    Sounds as if she’s doing what she wants to do without any oversight. Good for her!

  4. Annie says:

    Gosh, for a while there she seemed so miserable. I love seeing her so happy.

  5. Kiddo says:

    Emily Ratajkowski sort of resembles a younger Katie Holmes in that photo. Good for Katie, but those skinny jeans look awful. In the last photo, she is channeling Dianne Keaton’s quirky-girl style, which actually suits her better.

  6. Buckwild says:

    That role is perfect for her. I remember the parents being like robots in the book.

  7. neelyo says:

    I wonder if she’s back the manager she had before Cruise. I can’t remember the guy’s name but he had her on a great career track which was derailed by that whole debacle.

  8. Jess says:

    I am more curious that they’re making The Giver into a movie. Loved that book as a kid.

  9. janie says:

    This woman can’t act her way out of a paper sack. The only reason she has any work at all is because of her X. She’s cute, perky & nice like tons of other gals her age in NY.

  10. Tessaa says:

    I’ve always kinda liked her, and I’m glad she’s finally back to “normal”.

    Also, I think it should be mentioned that she will play Alex Skarsgard’s wife in The Giver. I mean, that’s another win for her right?

  11. rianic says:


    Holmes will play Thwaites’ mother, a strict obeyer of the laws that govern what is described as an antiseptic society

    That should be easy for her

  12. cr says:

    She’ll be playing the Mother to Alexander’s Skarsgard’s Father. Neither roles are that big, unless expanded from the book. Same with Streep’s role.
    No mention of Taylor Swift also getting a role?

  13. andrea says:

    That emily girl is the chick ftom the blurred lines video, right?

  14. Sparkly says:

    Wow, she looks like her old self again! I’m happy for her.

  15. L says:

    I loved the Giver when I was a kid. I’m leary of it as a movie, it’s not this big blockbuster book-it has a lot of very well thought out themes. I wonder if they’ll end up making it a series since there were 4 books in the end.

    Who are they getting to play Jonas?

  16. Nicolette says:

    Who cares about what boots she’s wearing or whether she needs a make over? Her best ‘accessory’ is her natural, genuine smile! Love seeing her happy and relaxed. Gone are the days of zombie like, blank stares. Good for her!

  17. Ashling says:

    But do Katie and Alex seem like they would be married? Hmmm.

  18. Sisi says:

    I love that shirt in the pic with the fug booties

  19. Jayna says:

    She actually was a good actress when younger in her little movies. She lost something for me when she got her nose job. I loved her face before. It was less generic.

    Before and after.

  20. mslewis says:

    . . . but with Meryl and Jeff Bridges on board, people will actually watch this movie.

    Not necassarily. Meryl is a great actress but not exactly box office gold. Her movies are almost always praised and she does a dynamite job but they are hardly big box office (Mama Mia, anyone?) Plus, Katie most likely won’t actually be working alongside Meryl since both roles are rather small.

    What I think is really good about Katie doing this movie is that the director is Philip Noyce. Having his name on your resume is a good thing. He might be able to bring out some good acting from her, even though her part isn’t that big.

  21. Shelly says:

    I want her slouchy bag from the last pic. Like now!

  22. C says:

    Sounds like this new role is a good one for her; in The Giver, the main character’s mother is a nice, compliant, rather vanilla sort of person, and will be well-suited to her acting style.

  23. ZAK says:

    Mama Mia was a huge smash, it made 609mil worldwide. Last year Hope Springs made 114mil worldwide. It’s Complicated made 219mil worldwide and Julie and Julia made 130mil worldwide. Even Streep’s smaller prestige films like Doubt and Iron Lady made over 30mil. She’s actually been doing very well box office wise these past 5 or so years.

    The Giver doesn’t interest me but it’s going to make that 25 mil budget back.

  24. apsutter says:

    Those booties are fug but she looks really pretty in all these pics

  25. nilber says:

    Apparently Taylor Swift has also been cast in this movie although I don’t know what role.

  26. Claire says:

    My daughter came home with this book from the library recently and I had never heard of it before. It was brilliant. Not sure about the movie, without spoiling things there’s this whole strange colour thing and I am not sure how they will deal with it. Plus the boy is so innocent to start with, no questioning – using a 20 year old man won’t be the same.