Is Jennifer Lawrence worried that trampire Kristen Stewart will steal Nick Hoult?

Kristen Stewart

One thing I’ve noticed is how many Jennifer Lawrence posts inevitably result in an offshoot discussion of Kristen Stewart in the comment threads. I don’t enjoy pitting JLaw against KStew because it’s really an unfair fight, and I see them as being completely different from each other. I concede that a certain lace Zuhair Murad dress and an avant garde attempt by Dior could have provoked comparisons in the fashion department. Other than that, KStew and Jlaw are the same age (23) and are both franchise leads. That’s where the similarities end.

Nonetheless, the tabloids and the internet in general have perpetuated a rivalry between these two starlets. The rumors were inevitable with the fade of Twilight and the rise of The Hunger Games. One couldn’t blame Kristen if she felt a bit slighted when Jennifer charmed the press in a way that KStew could never manage. Now they’re both competing for the same indie roles. Of course directors will want to go with Jennifer if given the chance because she’s the big Oscar winner. Kristen claimed to be happy for JLaw’s win, but she’s probably a little bit envious too.

Kristen knows that we’re all comparing her and Jennifer, and that can’t be fun. Have you read Vulture’s highly detailed comparison of their career trajectories? It’s so worth a read. I imagine that even if Kristen and Jennifer don’t actively hate each other and have no desire to prepetuate a feud, there’s a real rivalry at work. This week’s issue of Star says there’s a real chance that Kristen might be cast opposite Jen’s on-again boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. I’d be a little bit nervous if I were Jennifer, wouldn’t you? That’s only natural:

Now that Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are back on, the actress is doing everything she can to keep her man — including forbidding him to work with notoroious homewrecker Kristen Stewart! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star, 23, went into panic mode after learning that Nichoals, 24, is in the running to costar as Kristen’s lover in the upcoming sci-flick Equals. “Jen doesn’t trust her,” spills a pal. Indeed, the former Twilight Saga star, also 23, is famously known for her summer 2012 affair with ther married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Filming for Equals is set to begin in early 2014, so we’ll soon find out if Kristen’s on the prowl.

[From Star, print edition, December 16, 2013]

I can actually see potential for this love triangle. KStew digs British guys and might have an unconscious bone to pick with JLaw. Not only has JLaw taken over the franchise queen role, she’s also a critical darling. Now would Kristen be dumb enough to try and bang Nick Hoult? Then she’d be the trampire who stole Katniss’ boyfriend. It would kill her career with even more certainty than the Rupert-Liberty scandal, which by the way wasn’t fair to KStew. What she did was wrong, but her career shouldn’t suffer for it. Hollywood guys screw around all the time without consequence, but it’s always the women who get punished.

Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence

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    • B says:

      I’m so annoyed by the notion that Jennifer’s such a “phenomenal” actress. I mean, she’s good but girl ain’t no Lupita. Silver Linings wasn’t Oscar-worthy and judging by the trailer American H won’t be either. Some if the scenes in CF with her in them were really bad and then some were great, so don’t know what to do with that. Josh Hutcherson actually stole the movie for me. But being charismatic and having people LOVE your personality goes so far in Hollywood and “the business”. If you’re not likeable, well, exhibit A is mentioned in this post…

  1. LadySlippers says:

    I think you’re feeding the fire that’s prob made up by the press.

    And why did Jen & Nick break up before? If it’s cheating then I’ll give this story a teensy bit more credibility but Jen & Nick seem WAY more stable than Kristen & Rob ever was. And Kristen seems to be a hot mess emotionally. That’s SO not attractive especially if the alternative is more grounded and healthy all around.

    • *unf* Joan Jett says:

      yup, a real emotional mess … being back to work and generally happy and smiley:

      [want that bowie shirt!!!]

      • Nina W says:

        Maybe not an emotional mess but she always seems mopey and emotional whereas Jennifer Lawrence seems sunny and upbeat. I’m sure neither is what they seem but Jennifer does a much better job projecting an attractive personality and even if that is not the “job” of an actor it can make a huge difference in their career. Being difficult or being perceived as difficult or problematic is a career killer when starlets are a dime a dozen.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        “being perceived as difficult” is something that happens to kristen in the yellow press, within the industry she does not have a rep as being “difficult”.

    • Sam says:

      Jen and Nick did not have the obsessive fanbase that Kristen and Rob had, or the studios banking on the relationship. I think Kristen and Rob did the best they could to please everyone and still keep something of their own plus they were so young. Kristen probably fought not to be seen just as Rob’s girl since she had a nice budding career before him and Twilight. She could had milked her relationship with him but she didn’t. She went onto to make other movies. He probably was the one who required more care but it may have been too tasking on her she being so young, busy with Twilight, her other movies, and it seems isolated from friends.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        i think being isolated from friends is not true at all for kristen. i’ve been paying some attention to her in the past months and she is always surrounded by the same group of women. even when she was shooting “sils maria” in europe her friends flew all the way from LA to visit her on set.

      • Sam says:

        She was isolated from friends during the Twilight time and dating Rob. It was always his friends. Since the break up she has been spending more time with her friends, taking trips and going out with them. It usually happens when dating that we don’t focus on our friends. Although he always made time for Katy, attended her events but rarely attended none of Kristen’s.

  2. bettyrose says:

    One is a 23 year old little girl whose star is fading…the other is a 23 year old young women who has always played mature roles and is transitioning nicely to adult stardom.

    As an aside, any man who needs to be closely watched ain’t worth it.

    • NerdMomma says:

      This, exactly. This isn’t about Kristen, it’s about Nick. Either he’s a trustworthy fellow and she need not worry, or else she needs to move on. Good advice that I myself have never once followed, lol

    • T.C. says:

      @Betty Rose,

      Well said. If you think your bf is going to fall for another woman just because they are working together then you need a new bf. I don’t think Nick is like that.

      • Sarah says:

        true but its not “just working”. no actor can tell me that are completly untouched by love scenes and pretending to be a couple. funny enough lots of actresses talk in interviews about how something that character has to do makes them cry and that they are sitting sad on the couch at home after shooting the scene but when it comes to being asked about sex and love scenes everyone denies that they have any impact. yeah sure *cough*

        its obviously still her boyfriends “duty” to not stray but i can totally see why someone would be worried, no matter how tight your relationship is.

        think about it, you love your guy but you are given the choice with whom he works with: woman A who is professional or woman B who bones the boss. who would you choose?

      • mimi says:

        @Sarah said:
        “true but its not “just working”. no actor can tell me that are completly untouched by love scenes and pretending to be a couple. funny enough lots of actresses talk in interviews about how something that character has to do makes them cry and that they are sitting sad on the couch at home after shooting the scene but when it comes to being asked about sex and love scenes everyone denies that they have any impact. yeah sure *cough*”

        I’ve heard so many actors talk about how uncomfortable and awkward love/sex/kissing scenes are to film… even more so if nudity is involved. Cameras are inches away from them as the director is giving the actors technical cues. It’s not a spontaneous endeavor. The actors are being told where to place their hands/arms/legs, what angle to tilt their heads, etc. There’s crew and others involved in production hanging around in the background giving it an almost circus-like atmosphere. The actors wear funny looking modesty patches to cover up their private parts. Most actors say sex scenes are the farthest thing from being sexy for them when all those elements are combined. I’ve heard some admit they joke around with their co-stars beforehand to lighten the mood/take some of the pressure off and to make the experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

    • mark says:

      Or maybe the woman needs to get over her jealousy issues? Just maybe

  3. Sarah says:

    Makes me think of the Honest Movie Trailer for Twilight: “Twilight, for girls who are too stupid for the Hunger Games.”

    • lvk1978 says:

      What? Are “guilty pleasures” no longer allowed in our world?

    • IzzyB says:

      I had to look up the trailer after you wrote it.

      Hilarious!! Thank you, that was what I needed!

      • bettyrose says:

        Me too. Oh, gawd, that trailer was just truth and more truth. There is absolutely no value, social or literary, to anything with the Twilight label. Uh, KStew, please turn in your “anti-establishment rebel” card. You, my dear, are the epitome of mainstream, commercial crap.

    • Sam says:

      You should not bully girls or anyone who likes Twilight. They are fans just like everyone else. Think of the many men including very old ones who love Star Wars and Star Trek franchises but nobody call them stupid. Stop berating women. The success of Twilight allowed for the Hunger Games to be made, and Lionsgate even used Twilight to promote Hunger Games. You would have noticed it if you read and comprehended what you read. Why do you think that the Vulture article, and other articles creating a feuding that does not exist between Kristen and Jennifer, came out just before Hunger Games came out? Twilight made a lot of people happy and they should enjoy it. In fact, the Twilight fans did not allow themselves to be bullied because they supported their franchise until the very end. I guess they don’t call them Twihards for nothing. Kristen’s pr team never resorted to using or knocking down anyone for her benefit. I am not sure about teams who seem to be ok with knocking others down. Sure it gets results but it is only a matter a time before it comes back to bite them in the ass.

      • bettyrose says:

        I appreciate the sentiment of your post, but as a woman who loves Star Wars and likes Star Trek, I must disagree with your analogy. People do mock those obsessed with either franchise but they don ‘ t call them stupid because both franchises were unique in their time, somewhat intelligently written, and -while they may have contained gender stereotypes their sole purpose as films was not to reinforce and glorify outdated gender roles. Twilight is an unfortunate influence on girls. The same cannot be said of Star Wars and Star Trek.

      • Lady D says:

        Your phrase about glorifying outdated gender roles made me think of Capt. Kirk who always got the female (of whatever species). Even as a kid I pegged him as sleazy.

  4. marie says:

    Her career is over because she was already at the early stages of a backlash. She made it SO easy for everyone to hate her.

    Also, No. Nick likes JLaw otherwise they wouldn’t have come back. They’re fine.

    • Jay says:

      Over? But she is still working.

      • Nina W says:

        Is she? What movies? Snow White & the Huntsman part 2? She needs to get some work out there.

      • Lark says:

        @Nina W. Sulky has a film that was just accepted into the In Competition section of Sundance, a supporting role in an Olivier Assayas film with Juliette Binoche that already wrapped and has distribution, wrapped an ensemble role in a film with Glenn Close and Sam Waterson, has a role lined up to star opposite Jesse Eisenberg in a film that already has financing and some distribution that’s supposed to shoot this spring, and then this “apparent” role. I highly doubt that dumb Snow White film is happening, but she’s obviously working and doing fairly solid art-house projects that are going to the “big” festivals and landed projects with financing. So no, I don’t get how you think that’s “not working.”

        The girl is never, ever going to have the kind of fame that she had during Twilight or land the golden goose prestige projects (although the Assayas film is up there), but she clearly has steady, solid indie work like she did long before Twilight .

  5. Talie says:

    Even if nothing happens, tabloids will have a field day with “triangle” stories. The one thing Jennifer has managed to avoid is all the tabloid BS surrounding her love life — it’s kept her much more respected. If he does get cast, she should just move on. It would be bad PR.

  6. Han says:

    I doubt this is true. Nicholas Hoult is a very down to earth. He doesn’t even live in Hollywood or run around with Katy Perry and that crowd like Rob Pattison. He has always lived in London which was apparently one of the reasons him and Jen had difficulties and broke up that time.

    • Another Ann says:

      Not so sure about that. He showed up at KStews birthday party in LA on the arm of Riley Keough, back while he and Jen were split.

      • Lark says:

        Riley and he were just friends though apparently….this whole thing is so stupid, anyway.

      • Lala says:

        Why do people keep mentioning Riley in all these instances. Riley is very much with Alex Pettyfer. Alex instagram account is even called “RileysAlex”. Women and men can be friends or do you people not have male friends?

      • mimi says:

        I forgot, Nicholas was at Kristen’s birthday party this year. I think there are even pap pics of Kristen and Rob getting into a car driven by Riley with Nicholas sitting in the passengers seat in the restaurant parking lot where her birthday dinner took place. Regarding Kristen and Nicholas possibly working together in a film, the trashier tabloids like Star magazine will try to make something out of nothing…as usual.

        As a fan of both Jennifer and Kristen, I resent how the tabloids and blogs always try to pit these two actresses against eachother. In reality, they seem to get along great. After TIFF last year, Jennifer, Kristen and Emma Watson were seen hanging out together at an afterparty. In an interview, Emma spoke highly of both actresses and said they all had a fun girl time together that night. Jennifer was very sweet to Kristen on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars. She rushed over to an injured Kristen in mid-interview, hugged her warmly and even helped Kristen with her crutches. I saw no animosity between the two that night.

        With that said, I’m sure all three actresses (Jennifer, Kristen and Emma) have been up for the same role at some point in their careers. Like any other profession where two or more colleagues are vying for the same promotion, I’m sure there has been some healthy competition, disappointment and a tiny bit of jealousy/envy between them. But seeing as all three young actresses are currently busy working and living/enjoying their lives, I doubt they’re obsessing over lost roles or who is getting better press, etc.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      It’s the modern day Betty & Veronica!

      JLaw is the sunny ‘Betty’ and Kristin is the vixen Veronica.

    • leftyrighty123 says:

      to mimi – excellent post!

  7. Happy21 says:

    I don’t think that Jennifer Lawrence would worry about such things – at all! Even if there is potential for such a triangle, I just can’t see it.

  8. Patricia says:

    I think Nick Hault is sooooo unattractive, it seriously looks like something is wrong with his face. Maybe he’s a great guy but I don’t think he comes off as some prize to be won.

  9. Christina says:

    Another difference between them is, Jennifer is a solid good actress and only getting better….KStew is a one trick pony, overrated hot mess. She is such a shitty actress and seemingly also a shitty person. I cannot see hiw Nick Hoult would even be remotely interested. Can we also mention, that when not glammed up forcibly..KStew is bordering on look looking & smelling ( I would guess) like a hobo. Gross.

    • LOL says:

      Liberty is that you? Grow the hell up. I am laughing my head off at all this ‘star is fading’ crap. Someone better tell her since she has yet to stop working since this summer. Does she prefer indies, sure, she always has prior to Twilight. Different careers, different styles. The one time I even heard of them going after the same role was As I lay Dying…which Kristen was chosen for. Keep shipping though, I’m sure ROb has been trying to call you, he just lost your number.

      • Lark says:

        I say this as a kind of fan of Kristen’s…. girl you need to chill. A) That film was before Jen even got her Oscar nom and never even came around (and likely never will)) and B) Yes, Sulky’s latest film is at Sundance and she has some good indies on her plate (Binoche, and the upcoming film with Jesse Eisenberg)….but her career DID suffer because all women who get caught screwing around have their career damaged. The whole hypocritical post is pitting women against women, even though it says it is wrong, and is based off a tiny blip in Star…that is something to get annoyed with, not a random comment.

      • Christina says:

        @LOL , Are you replying to me?? If so, nope not Liberty. I am just an average person who realizes KStew is overrated. That is my opinion. The end.

      • pamela says:

        Are you referring to Lie down in Darkness? If that’s the case, the director cleared that rumor up. Scott Cooper said in an interview that, the rumor of KStew playing Peyton Loftis, was simply not true. She would not be playing Peyton Loftis. So, the real question is, who started that rumor? By the way, just because you have a film showing at Sundance, doesn’t make it any good, I have seen a lot of crap at Sundance.

  10. blue marie says:

    Yeah, women do get punished while men don’t, but you’re not really helping the cause by putting “trampire” in the header either.

    As for whether or not Kristen would do it, it doesn’t really matter anymore because this type of story will follow her around forever. (even when she’s dating someone else) I have no idea when I started defending Kristen, kind of annoying myself.

    • mj says:

      I really really wish the terms “trampire” and “mini-coopering” would go away for good. Ugh.

    • mimi says:

      @blue marie

      I doubt Kristen’s cheating is going to “follow her around forever”. Look at Sienna Miller and Clare Danes. Sienna cheated with a married guy with kids with another baby on the way and Clare cheated with a co-star who was in a serious relationship with an 8 month pregnant girlfriend. Once they became engaged/married and mothers themselves, the attention shifted to their current state of bliss. All the attention now is on their adorable babies and seemingly happy relationships with their SO. When the time comes for Kristen to settle down and start a family, the attention will also shift directions as it did with Sienna and Clare. Since Kristen is only 23, it might be years before she’s ready to settle down. But for now, some of the trashier tabloids and blogs will continue to shame her by constantly bringing up the cheating and using childish monikers like “trampire” or “notorious homewrecker” in their headlines and stories.

      • blue marie says:

        I will admit that the stories shifted to focus on other things but it is still mentioned every time they are mentioned unfortunately. (maybe not by the mags but definitely in the comments section) I dunno when it happened but I just feel sorry for the girl now, I mean obviously she brought some of it on herself but come on, some folks are just ridiculous.

      • Nina W says:

        And the moral of the story is still don’t screw around with your married director in public when you know you’re a target for paparazzi. I feel bad for her because this will dog her forever and that is not fair but she dug this hole herself.

    • sputnik says:

      right? i hate having to defend kristen stewart but can we be done basically calling her a whore all the time? girl did something stupid, selfish and ill advised and suffered for it. the joy people take in repeatedly kicking her and calling her names is kind of nauseating.

      anyway, i don’t buy this. jennifer lawrence doesn’t seem the insecure, paranoid type. why would you be with a man you were worried was going to run off with a work colleague. if there’s no trust, there’s no point.

      • Sarah says:

        +1. I hate to be the one to defend KStew (she’s a shitty actress with one facial expression) but she should not be called a whore when men in Hollywood get away with far worse and are lauded.

      • Liv says:

        Yep. I think it’s super selfish of her to start an affair with a married director (also it speaks volumes about her character), but she’s hardly a whore. Plus Sanderson was to blame too.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        For me, what sticks out is not only did they have the affair–they did it in public. REALLY? You can’t spend a few dollars and get a motel room? The last thing I would want my kids to see is me humping some woman that wasn’t my wife/SO on the internet.

        I think THAT’S why people are going so hard after KStew–beyond sexism. I can’t think of any other celeb couple who cheated, where there was such blatant photographic evidence.

        But I always figured that her career was going to go on the downswing after Twilight (because she can’t act)–meaning she would always be doing indies, because of her affiliation w/Twilight. I figured THAT and the fact that she was always talking shit about something sort of made producers look at her and go ‘seh’s not worth it’–she ruined the fantasy of her fanbase. That equates to no BO success…..I’ve never seen her in anything that I would actually watch.

        When it comes to films, unless you’re Roman Polanski, then there’s not much you can do to not make me watch your movie. Like Kristen Stewart could get it on with a married dude every year and talk shit in all her interviews–if she could act then I could say that her attitude is at least warranted a little bit. But she can’t, in my opinion. So it makes her even more annoying.

      • Liv says:

        Virgilia, agree with everything, except the “get it on with a married dude every year”. I don’t want to watch ruthless people act and earn money with it. But then again we couldn’t probably watch one single movie anymore, because most of the people in Hollywood are really f***ed up ;-)

        I still wonder if Kristen wanted to get caught. I mean she’s not that stupid and she grew up in L.A. – only explanation is that their affair went on for a while and they got more and more careless…

  11. Insomniac says:

    I really hate both those dresses. Other than that, I got nothin’.

  12. Eleonor says:

    I think the comparison between the two actresses makes sense: they are the same age, and they have competed for the same roles, at a certain point Jennifer career started to rise, maybe because she is better even in the pr departement too, KStew instead started falling down, years of eyerolling and lip biting aren’t helping her cause.

    • miriam says:

      I don’t think that Jennifer needs to worry about Kristen in any way either. There is really no competition.

      Hoult is disgusting, so I don’t see the appeal, but he’d be a fool to mess around behind Jennifer’s back. She’s become quite beloved and it would hurt his career too if he was seen to be cheating on her.

      It would also be a gigantic misstep for Kristen to be seen to break up another relationship. She would be crucified in the press and probably the industry if that was to happen. She still has a long way to go to get people to forget her previous transgressions.

      • CC says:

        I have to say, it is unfair, as with that Sanders situation, Hoult should be the one to blame if it happens, he’s the one in the relationship Vs a single, unattached person (much like a married person trumps one solely in an informal relationship, as far as guilt).

        As for Jen, IF it happens, big IF as I mostly see the work commitments separating them as they did before. That, and the fact that Jen is just so much more established than Hoult, and a lot of guys aren’t comfortable with that. Sad but true. So if he goes for Kristen it will be so he can feel more in comparison to Kristen’s less. That being said, I really hope he doesn’t. I like him and Jen together. If they learn how to not expect to be joined at the hip constantly, and all that crap that comes from working in Hollyweird, they’ll be fine.

  13. mark says:

    The reason kirsten career suffered wasn’t just the affair it was how she was perceived on these blogs and now she was caught banging a guy in a car it was even worst.

  14. Janet says:

    I don’t think Lawrence needs to worry about any competition from KStew on any level.

    That said, both those dresses are hideous.

  15. Luca26 says:

    I am just ignoring the obviously fabricated Star stuff but the Vulture article was interesting. I think Kristen’s problem is that she thinks sullen equals deep- it doesn’t. Her petulant acting is grating on-screen . She is a Hollywood kid and so self indulgent and she just hasn’t developed any acting chops to pull off indie roles.

    I do find the whole ‘Jennifer Lawrence is everyone’s best friend’ thing over the top but she can act, she has range, and she isn’t taking herself seriously at all. Of course her career will cool off eventually since Hollywood treats women awfully but she is pretty much permanent A-list whereas Kristen is going to keep fading.

  16. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I’ve just partly watched the last Twilight movie ( it was absolutely awful) and Kristen was supposed to be the hot vampire in that part but all I could think of was how awkward and uncomfortable she looked. It’s not her fault, but she has less sex-appeal than a bowl of cold mashed potatoes. Judging by her interviews, her personality and intellect are not that wonderful as well. There are guys who would find that attractive (like Pattinson or Sanders) but I don’t see how a guy who is attracted to a warm, funny, sexy and quirky girl like Jennifer would want to have anything to do with grumpy, eyerolling, lip-biting KStew. Men can be quiet unpredictable but that would be a stretch.

  17. Jules says:

    No (LOL!)…I don’t believe Jennifer Lawrence has anything to worry about. Besides, to my knowledge, there has been no confirmation that Stewart (or Hoult for that matter) has even been cast…the director, Drake Doremus floated both names hoping it would gather investors but there has not been any official word on casting.

    I also agree that Stewart trying anything with the boyfriend of one of the most powerful and well liked young actresses in Hollywood would put the final nail in her professional coffin. That goes for Hoult as well, btw, but the original question asked was about Stewart (due of course to her affair with Sanders. Lawrence and Hoult do seem very much in love with each other). It would indeed be career suicide for Stewart.

    • Lark says:

      I highly doubt either one would try anything because of what you said (not to mention you know, despite what most people on here think Sulky probably more than learned her lesson by the public tabloid stoning and Nic probably is a decent guy)…..That said, I agree that both might not even do the project. The film does have funding, but Sulky’s latest film is going to Sundance and she has a way more solid project lined up with Jesse Eisenberg that has funding and partial distribution already for the Spring…and Nicholas also has a film lined up for the Spring. Meanwhile, Doremus is known for his micro-budgets and his last film had a hard time finding a distributor and it did come across like he “floated” their names because with their other projects it was announced that they were already signed and everything. So my guess is neither one is even going to sign on to this project.

  18. Lark says:

    RME. You say it is an unfair comparison and that “What she did was wrong, but her career shouldn’t suffer for it. Hollywood guys screw around all the time without consequence, but it’s always the women who get punished”….but then you publish what was essentially a paragraph blip in Star because even those writers must have realized how ridiculous this story was and put Trampire in the headline. How come Russell Crowe doesn’t garner the Russell Ho-Crowe headline, or Jude Law is Jude Bang a Nanny a Law headline? I really dislike these kind of articles that pit women against one another, especially when it is about a film that hasn’t even started and was essentially a tiny blip in Star or all magazines.

    Anyway, btw but as a former stan and a kind of fan Nicholas has known Sulky for a while and was even at her birthday party (Jennifer was filming) and Jennifer and Sulky are supposedly friendly. She did go up and give her a giant hug on the Oscar’s red carpet, which indicates they know each other somewhat imo. I know you despise Sulky on here and think she deserves a giant A branded on her chest for life, but her latest film was (which is a miracle, and I say this as a kind of fan) accepted at Sundance so she isn’t stupid enough to try something with Hoult when her career is back on an indie track….and I HIGHLY doubt Jennifer is worried, anyway.

  19. Another Ann says:

    Why does everybody insist on pitting actresses against each other? Can’t they both have their own careers without having to compare them, or insist that since one is highly successful at the moment, then therefore the other must be all done and will never work again? They’re only 23, anything could happen going forward! There is room for more than one actress in Hollywood.

    You don’t see people do this with actors. They don’t get called out in headlines as homewreckers and manwhores, even if they are notorious for sleeping around. They don’t speculate on how two actors must be jealous of each other because one is in a big hit movie. They don’t speculate that an actor is going to be all worried about his girlfriend being in a movie with a different actor.

    Enough. Time will tell if Kristen can pull together a post Twilight career. Let her and JLaw do their thing without constantly comparing them.

  20. Meggin says:

    Jennifer seems a lot more likeable but I think Kristen is just less outgoing and people give her a hard time for that. I probably wouldn’t come across as the most outgoing and likeable person either if the public scrutinized my every move. I don’t think Jennifer has anything to worry about though.

  21. Paige says:

    These stories are pathetic. Anything to sell magazines and people actually believe them

  22. skye says:

    Oh for CRISSAKES ALREADY. Trampire? Notorious homewrecker? Not giving her a pass, but last time I checked, Kristen Stewart didn’t tie that married guy to a tree and dry-hump him through his screams. What are you, Liberty’s new PR rep? Move on. One indiscretion does not a notorious homewrecker make.

    I expect better from this site than some manufactured bitch-you-don’t-even-bettah-try-and-steal-mah-man BS worthy of Maury or TMZ.

    • coil says:

      And last time I checked, he didn’t rape her, either. “Not giving her a pass” that is exactly what you aim to do. When you wrote “One indiscretion” you betray yourself by saying this, you are a diehard fan and will defend her no matter what she does. An affair is not an indiscretion, it is a choice. Tell me it’s a “momentary indiscretion” if YOU ever suffer one.

      • skye says:

        The key word in “one indiscretion” was ONE – I was making the point that there’s only been ONE instance of Kristen Stewart having an affair with someone else’s husband, which hardly supports characterizing her as some sort of serial “other woman.” And yes, I DO enjoy Kristen Stewart’s performances – outside of Twilight, anyway, and even in that I think she did as well as could be done with semi-literate ‘tween dreck. However, pretty sure the only thing I’ve “betrayed” about myself is that I don’t enjoy seeing talented women reduced to catfight avatars.

      • Jane says:

        Well, skye, you´re fair angel KStew was hooking up with Robert while she was still with that Oregano guy, soooo….I see a pattern, sry if you don´t

      • skye says:

        LOL… wow, watch the fur fly. Apparently I’m some sort of Kristen Stewart apologist because I don’t enjoy yelling “stone the whore” like a jealous 7th-grade girl? Jane, she’s not my fair angel – she’s just an actress I don’t know whose work I enjoy. If this story had been about anyone else, I still would have thought it was petty and low-rent.

  23. lilian says:

    I don’t personally know either of them so noone knows what’s true and what’s not.

    The thing is (and I could be wrong, I often am) Jennifer feels fake to me. The personality that she gives off in public, I’m sure some of it is real but I get the feeling she puts a lot of it on. Like the time she went up to Jeff Bridges while he was being interviewed n then ran away and had to be called back. You telling me she never realised there were cameras capturing everything. Also hasn’t she said she’s extremely shy or something. Extremly shy people don’t talk about poop.
    Its the nature of the game in Hollywood and she seems fake.
    As for Kristen, having whatever she had with her director was not on. They’re both sceezy for doing that and its not on. Not at all. Age is never an excuse. As for her personality, she seems more realy then Jennifer. The Married Director not withstanding, she doesn’t play the hollywood darling game. Maybe she doesn’t want to?

    • angie says:

      lol what a load of bullshit
      Also, Jennifer Lawrence has never said she was shy, she even said in an interview she could understand why people would get annoyed with her real fast because of her overexposure. she has always been upfront about everything regarding her rather loud personality
      And Kristen Stewart not playing the Hollywood games lol
      wasn’t she the one who sees herself as just an ‘actress’ and being edgy and anti-hollywood and basically bashing other actresses for being fake but then, suddenly becoming a perfume spokesperson overnight and a fashion icon. her the ‘artist’ as she like to calls herself lol
      she also campaigned relentlessly for OTR during the oscar season when she had no chance at all, she wanted to be seen and attended tons and tons of events to promote herself as an ‘actress’, it was calculated as this was just after cheating scandal and she wanted people to forget about it, she was a supporting character in OTR but still she managed to show herself up at the opening of an envelope for this movie, even the 2 leads in OTR Garett Hedlund and Sam Riley did not do as much as her.
      And it is so Hollywood of her IMO to cheat with her director, she has become a cliche.JMO.

      • mimi says:

        I believe Kristen’s enthusiastic OTR promotion was largely due to the piss poor job IFC did distributing the film in North America. The only way the film was garnering any type of publicity in the states was through the appearances of its stars at special screenings or on the talk show circuit. Kristen, Garrett and Walter Salles did the most promotion, appearance-wise. All three were very passionate about their film and must have been hugely disappointed to see the little effort put forth to get word out about the film in the states. It had a nice bump in interest when it premiered at Cannes. In fact, the film was received very warmly at its screening. It also had a nice reception at TIFF. But there was little to no push for it in the USA.

      • Ely says:

        OTR flopped critically big time.

  24. Sarah says:

    I can understand it even if its not rational and your boyfriend obviously shouldnt stray. its still not a good feeling.
    also in her position you know about rumours, they always leave hurt feelings even if you know they are not true. if Nic works with Kristen the gossip mags wouldnt stop coming up with stories, one look at each other would be sparks flying and the proof of an affair. i can understand why JLaw wouldnt want to have that crap.

    still its no basis in this story. how would Star know that? it would be between Jennifer and Nic and i hardly doubt they would tell Star.

  25. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    With sadness I must opine that KStew looks better in high fashion wear than JLaw. Lawrence has the better career trajectory, but KStew can wear anything when she’s inclined to good posture.

  26. Tig says:

    Oh please- put the KS suffered bec women aren’t allowed to fool around to rest-her career, and Sanders’, took a hit bec of their colossal stupidity in getting caught out like they did. That put two high budget projects in jeopardy- that’s what unforgiveable to the folks who fund these movies, not the sex- or making out to those who can’t make the the obvious leap.

    That out of the way- both of those dresses were absolute horror show. And J Law will be replaced soon enough in the media swoon-fest. And to her credit she appears to understand that and be fine with it. As for KS- if the Gitmo Bay movie is going to Sundance, I hope she has taken some time to work on her interview skills.

    • Jen says:

      Kristen grew up in Hollywood but she neglected to take acting classes. She has the chance to do that now in between her movies and also take some speech classes to be ale to give better interviews, but she seems to not to want to make herself better in those areas. She seems to like goofing off with her friends daily, waiting until time for the next Indie movie. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of ambition and I think because she started acting at age 9, she feels she has paid her dues. She could really shine if she would put out the effort.

  27. Lala says:

    I dont think JLaw has to worry about Kstew. Career wise or boyfriend stealing wise.

  28. msw says:

    she doesn’t have to trust Kristen. She needs to trust Nick. I will never understand the reason why women always end up getting blamed when someone’s partner cheats. its not a nice thing to do, and when I was cheated on I hated that bitch, but to be fair, she was a pretty awful person all around. You can’t make someone cheat. The onus of responsibility is on the person in the relationship.

  29. debs says:

    I really hope the tabs don’t run with this because the last thing I want is more forced “they’re totes friends!” articles like we got last year in order to combat all the “KStew jealous of Jen’s career” stories. Cause no, I don’t believe they’re anything more than casual acquaintances, and I’d rather their teams don’t feel the need to put a happy face on this to kill any gossip.

  30. jojo says:

    hmm, RobPat and Jlaw would make a cool couple. That would crank the up the drama…

  31. ray says:

    i thought it was k stew’s complete lack of charisma and talent that ruined her career, not the affair.

    • Kerrboom says:

      Ray, you’re correct, IMO. But you gotta be careful telling truths like that. Twihards are everywhere and they tend to be biters.

    • mimi says:


      Kristen filmed three movies this year, one of which is heading to Sundance next month. The Olivier Assayas film she co-starred in with Juliette Binoche is said to be headed to Cannes. She also has a sci-fi film with Jesse Eisenberg which starts filming in early 2014 and also has her name attached to a film with Nicholas Hoult. I’d hardly call her career “ruined” at the moment. Quite the contrary, actually.

      • Jen says:

        Her movies usually can’t find financing and end up going straight to dvd and her fans don’t support her movies in the theater other than Twilight. Her movies of her own don’t bring in any money.

      • debs says:

        Gurl, don’t even. I don’t believe even you think those projects are above C-list. She’s fallen behind her peers and is basically competing with the likes of Emily Browning and Alicia Vikander, when based on her fame level, she should be competing with JLaw and Emma Stone. Her career isn’t over, but it’s not where she or her fans expected it to be post-Twi. Essentially she’s in a WORSE place than she was pre-Twi. Back then she was working with FIncher and Penn. Now she’s doing indies that will struggle to even get US distribution.

      • Jane says:

        Where is that Oscar for On the Road again? Her stans were telling everyone last year that it was a no-brainer, lol. Oh right, she and the movie got panned, surprise, surprise. I´m waiting anxiously for that guaranteed masterpiece camp x-ray, she´ll get all the awards…

      • Jay says:

        No sweety. If you were talking about Robert Pattinson’s Bel Ami you would actually have a point because that is an example of utter flop you could refer to back up your comment. Kristen is surprisingly doing better and is working back to back. Have you skipped the articles of her project getting sold in Asian markets.

        All of Kristen’s most recent projects have not gone straight to dvd. Don’t say stuff like that when it isn’t the truth at all. You come out looking like a pathetic thirsty liar.

      • Anname says:

        Even though the first Snow White movie only made a modest profit, I think Universal probably would have made the sequel if the affair hadn’t happened,. Like someone else said, your career is affected when your personal life loses the studio money. I think Kristen will be fine long term though, she has an acting niche and a loud fanbase.

      • Nina W says:

        She needs to complete a good movie and get good reviews, movies that no one sees don’t count.

  32. Kerrboom says:

    Ugh, that dress looks HIDEOUS on Stewart. I’m sorry, she just looks extremely awkward in it.

  33. Aysla says:

    Kristen will be fine. She will need to regain her footing to get out from under the shadow of the affair, but she’ll get there. I think what she’s doing is exactly what she should be doing– supporting parts in strong indie movies. Nicholas seems like a good, trustworthy guy. While I believe the Star story is complete BS, I just have to say that if I were Nicholas and my gf was telling me not to do a movie– that would not fly with me. His career is in his own hands; therefore his movie choices and his co-stars are too. That kind of thing smacks of insecurity, and I think Jennifer is very secure.

    TL;DR version: Kristen’s star will rise again. Jennifer is not insecure, Nicholas seems trustworthy, they’ll be okay.

  34. KevinA says:

    Yep, b/c the Star totally nailed the whole end of the Hutcherson friendship story. :rolleyes: The Enquirer, OTOH, DID nail the whole she’s exhausted/lonely/misses her family thing. She’s practically confirmed it, no? Has Star come close on her?

  35. The Original Mia says:

    No. Nicholas seems quite happy with Jennifer. Why would he want to mess that up to hook up with the queen of sullen expressions? Nah.

  36. St says:

    Kristen’s career did not suffer only because of that scandal. That Rupert guy can’t find work too and will not direct sequel to Snow White (if they will ever start to shoot). So he did suffer too.

    But if Kristen would be talented actress then she would not have problems with finding work. But she is literally the worst actress in the world + she has awful person who has no respect for her Twilight fans, to other people and paparazzi + that annoying awkwardness + being brat = people hate her. They hated her before that scandal. And they would not see her in other solid budget movies. And producers know it. They would not cast her in lead role in some 60 millions budget movie. Because they know she won’t sell it to public.

    And no one will invite her to GOOD indie movies now. Simply because she can’t act. And that’s where she suffered most. They were still inviting her to indie movies that had potential and producers hoped that they will get awards recognition (like On The Road). But now they don’t invite her to those anymore because they know that people will laugh at their movie and it will get in tabloids. So now she gets only those lowest small budget movies that will never get anywhere. Only direct to DVD.

  37. Gail says:

    Nick have to be very stupid to prefer Kristen than Jen. If thats is the case Jen will be much better off with someone else. Jen deserves the world so if Nick isn’t and idiot he wont even look at that direction.

  38. Anna says:

    I know Nick isn’t A list but seriously the plot of this movie is horrible and the fact the director has a choice between so many young an talent actress and still wants Kristen says a ,ot about the quality of the movie. Nick can do better. Even if the movie is interesting Just for the tabloid drama isn’t worth. Run while you can, Nick!

    • Jay says:

      A plot synopsis has not been even been released so you are obviously talking out of your arse. All the director said about the project in interviews is that it takes place in the future. Hoult is following the director on twitter so I assume he is in a better position to know what he is getting himself into because he isn’t a random person who doesn’t know jack shit about the film.

  39. Danny says:

    Nick started following the director on twitter recently so i guess they are really trying to work out but i hope Nick finds something better. He has talent and do better than this movie with Kristen. Nothing good will come out of this Just those stupid rumours and for someone who already said vows his privacy and much more the relationship with one of the most famous young actress doing this movie with stew and all the bad publicity is quite hypocritical. Drake is one ofn this super overrated indie director. His movies are not good.

  40. Gih93 says:

    If Nick and Kristen are stupid enough to go that route and dig their careers on a deep mud role they will deserve each other. Good that way Jen and Rob will be able to find the path to each other as well. They would make an ultimate hollywood couple. Talent, funny, loved, grounded.. The internet would implode and Nick and Kristen would be hated forever.

  41. SpaceDonkey says:

    My friend worked on the set of Snow White
    and the Huntsman. KStew was rude and surly to everyone, except the director. Her talents won’t overcome the bad reputation she has developed in Hollywood and Twilight fans Will grow up.

    • Jay says:

      My friend also worked with Kristen on set. He’s a set technician (grip) in Canada.
      She was also very loyal and good to the folks of the crew. She for example put in a good word for her stunt double to keep her job which Kiralee Hayashi is very thankful for. She is lovely and unlike Pattinson doesn’t make the crew stand longer on set because he wasn’t responsible enough to memorize his lines like a hardworking professional.

      Kristen was on time, was cooperative, collaborative and knew her lines so good that she never gave a tantrum anytime a fellow actor wanted to tweak a sentence of the script.

    • Anna Moon 85 says:

      BS. I’m no fan, but the girl’s parents are crew & that’s the one thing she’s always had a good rep for…for being good to the behind the scenes folks, probably because her parents work in that field. She’s surly doing press, but not when working.

  42. Anna Moon 85 says:

    What a stupid, non-story that Star is reaching with about a possible film. I agree that it’s hypocritical to call this out as wrong, but then use this headline and write it up in this matter. Also, I’m no fan of any of the Twi bunch but career wise they are fine. Obviously not at the Hiddleston or Emma Stone level, but they are doing solid. KStew has a film with my goddess Binoche and Assayas that has distribution, a film at Sundance in competition, and a lead role opposite Eisenberg. That’s B level to anyone who looks at this objectively, which I don’t think happens often on a Twi thread. Anyway, this is some weak attempt at an Angelina/Jen type feud that will never happen with these bland people.

  43. Anna Moon 85 says:

    Also, why is it always women! Why aren’t there articles about Paul Bettany being worried about Jennifer Connelly working with, to use Star magazine language, notorious home wrecker Russell Crowe.

    I’m not saying that KStew didn’t bring a lot if this on herself, but this is so far fetched and this sort of thing is getting old. Call me when she and Hoult are photographed having dinner off the set if this movie even happens. Reminds me of when Angelina would be accused of screwing any man she stood near. I will say Celebitchy is the only blog I read that consistently guns for KStew in this manner, I think most are getting tired of it or are over the Twi bunch.

    The dumbest part about this is I doubt KStew is Hoult’s type and I doubt Hoult and JenLaw will be together that much longer. They already broke up once because if distance. What would be fun and random is if Leo DiCaprio tried to go after Jen…I remember the rumors about Leo being interested last winter and Bradley too….

  44. Camelia says:

    I’m not a fan of Kristen by any means and I really like J-Law …. but it really bothers me how everyone dissed Kristen’s Zuhair Murad as too ” trampirique ” while J-Law’s dress, which is essentially the same, is said to be ” avant-garde “. I mean, the two cuts are really alike, and I would even say that Kristen wore that kind of dress better, since we don’t care about how revealing it is (because no one raised this issue with J-Law and it was the main problem about Stewart’s outfit), at least she wasn’t more awful than Jen’.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I would say people said that because it wasn’t so long ago that she had been caught humping her married director–not just because she wore the (ugly) dress w/granny panties. How Kristin acted after people found out about the affair, really turned me off of her. First off, in her apology, she didn’t even admit what she did–momentary indiscretion?? NO. A person does not turn their car around and meet their side piece because of a momentary indiscretion. She makes it sound like they only had sex one time. I’m also wondering if Universal bought any of the pics–because I highly doubt that the paps just got pics of them humping and then in the car. I bet Universal had to pay out of the whazoo to keep the most graphic ones out of circulation.

      Second, when she was doing the Breaking Dawn promo, a reporter at some film festival (I’m thinking a festival in Canada) asked her if Rob and she were still together–and Kristen said ‘I like to keep ‘em guessing’—No girlfriend, NO. You DO NOT get to make jokes about whether or not you’re w/your ex boyfriend, after you got caught getting humped by your side piece. NO. Not a good move at all.

      Plus, that dress is just downright UGLY. I wish it had been in a diff. color–and lined, because nude does nothing for her. I actually like Jennifer’s better–but I wish it had been lined. Then it would’ve been amazing. I hate sheer.

      And Kristen got what she wanted–she said just before the affair broke out, that her life was boring and she wanted something to ‘f*ck her over’–well something did.

  45. Dorothy says:

    I adore Jennifer, and yes Kristen made a horrible mistake. But I think people are really picking on Kristen way too hard. She’s young…and everyone does things they regret in their youth. Think the slamming should be on the much older married man with kids that probably just played her and Kristen should be left alone and not ostracized by the press and public so much! Like I say she’s young. It’s when the celebs in their 30′s and up act like idiots it really annoys me – they have enough life experience to know better, plus some of them ( a couple in particular!) have children who are deeply affected by their parents (especially these shallow superficial trying SO hard to be sexy TMI ladies of late – again really just a few – but they are pretty bad!) who seem to give absolutely no thought to how their actions and word are harming their kids. Kristen, give her a break is what I think.

  46. raffy says:

    This smells more like a set up by Stewart to talk about her than JLaw being jealous. And the reason Stewart hasn’t done anything after the scandal is not because of it but because of her lack of talent.

    • Jay says:

      This comes from Star magazine, where fiction get sold to people who sadly put stock into believing this to the point that they actually state not so smart things like saying that the actors used in this fiction set this up. Kristen has finished filming three projects, is attached to three and is being courted for a sci-fi project…..uhm you clearly have not been keeping up. At least look things up before stating things.

  47. Lark says:

    Since I find the annoying fake feuds they try to perpetuate among women who are known to be friendly and the, as someone pointed out above, attempt to Angelina/Jen-ize this situation (which they never or rarely do to men) beyond stupid…..

    I think it would be far more entertaining if they were going to make ridiculous stories (this is a blip about a film that might not even happen) to have it spun as Nicholas Hoult being afraid that Kristen will try and woo Jennifer away from him. After all, wasn’t there a couple of ridiculous blind items that were obviously supposed to be about Kristen and Jennifer hooking up at TIFF one year? Now that would be far more fun and a fresh tabloid take than this tired old attempt at pitting women against women.

  48. Karen81 says:

    If JL has to worry about KS stealing Nick, then he wasn’t good enough for Jennifer in the first place.

  49. Blackbetty says:

    I’ve liked Nick since Skins. If I was Kristen I’d be more worried about my career at the moment.

  50. Kelly says:

    LOL at this whole chauvinist story, it’s like Nick Hoult is a dumb toy unworthy of opinions and choices of his own, he only does what he’s told by the women who happen to be around him….

  51. phlyfiremama says:

    My Husband~not a chick flick kind of guy~turned to me as soon as the credits started rolling after we saw “Catching Fire” this weekend and asked me if we had the 3rd book, Mockingjay. My jaw was already hanging open from HOW GREAT Catching Fire was, and for him to ask me this showed me irrevocably WHY the HG franchise will always be greater than the Twilight movies: because MEN and boys love the series just as much, whereas most males didn’t enjoy the Twilight series due to the vapid portrayals of~well, everyone. I will admit that the incredible chemistry of RobSten made me endure the series to see that alone, but the Hunger Games is all about JLaw. While everyone was well cast, SHE makes that franchise, not the love story, not the special effects. She really is an incredible actress~very believeable, and able to show her vulnerability at the same time. While Peeta didn’t really impress me in the 1st movie, holy moly did he come through on this one! So now I have to deal with my Josh Hutcherson crush now (did NOT see that one coming!!) KStew is very talented, and she got a bad rap after the Rupert BS, but even if you are the biggest fan in the world the non stop grouchy sullen behavior with the press gets REALLY really tired, very quickly. Hopefully she can find her way around both of those issues. I would LOVE to see KStew & JLaw in a movie together!!!

    • Karen81 says:

      While JL was very good in the movie, she did not “make it” the movie. Heck Katiness isn’t the true hero of the movie, Peta is. Katiness only really cares about the people close to her while Peta cares about everyone.

      • Melanie Smith says:

        You know I’m really sick and tired of everybody (not just on here but also on IMDB) saying how of Kristen’s Movies are for sure going to go straight to DVD.

        Because so far, as far as I know all of Her Movies have always shown in Theaters, I mean sure they haven’t always made it to a lot of Screens, but at the end of the day so far all of Her , ( again as far as I know) have all made their way into Theaters.

        And look there’s no doubt that Jennifer is doing well- and probably well for a long time. But the thing that pisses me off is how some People on here ( even my sister) seem to think that because Jennifer has an Oscar now.

        That’s it Kristen shouldn’t even bother with an Career anymore. Which I think is a bunch of Bullshit.

        I mean look I don’t know how Kristen Career is going to go in the Next Few Years. But I do know that She herself has said in interviews that She is not against doing Big Studio Films. If they are interesting to Her. So I wouldn’t say that She’s completely an Indie Girl.

        And despite some people trying to make it sound like Kristen couldn’t get an Studio Meeting – if Her Life depended on it. Even though Kristen of sure is still trying to prove Herself post Scandal.
        At the same time I don’t things are as grim as some people are trying to make it out to be on here and IMDB.

        And who’s to say that Kristen can’s surprise us or even herself in the next 5 Years or maybe less by landing quite a few projects that could to some big buzz.

        I mean look I’m not saying this will for sure happen, but you never know ?.

  52. Vilodemeanus says:

    The personality issue is a real one, and Jlaw is naturally more likable. Also, Kstew’s fling broke up a family, kids got hurt and in a real twist even young fans understood how bad that was. You can say a fling is a fling and the older man was more aware of what was at stake and that would be true, but real people were damaged permanently and even young fans realized that and it was badly handled by both cheaters. It hurt Kstew, making her more unlikable. But all it takes is one good part, and not screwing another boyfriend/husband. If Kstew does that, not only will it start a war that will hurt her career badly, but I think she’ll tamp out the most productive and lucrative years of her career. She won’t be a nobody but she’ll be doing Paranormal 18 movies and 2nd leads on cop dramas for TV. The game in Hollywood is for keeps, you can see it happen to young actresses all the time, knowing how to play the game is as important as being talented and having good casting luck too, Jlaw’s really the front runner on many levels right now. She’s a model for how to do this right.