Lupita Nyong’o in Michael Kors at the ‘Women In Film’ event: stunning or tragic?


Here are photos from last night’s Women In Film pre-Oscar party. I should also say this: there were so many pre-Oscar events in LA last night, there were several women who just wore the same dress to like two or three or maybe even four events last night. I sort of like that! I like the fact that they didn’t do different looks for each party, they were like “Screw it, this is my Friday night networking dress and it will work for every event.”

Lupita Nyong’o only did one event from what I can see, and it was this Women In Film event. This is – without a doubt – the worst thing she has worn all the way through her Oscar campaign. It’s Michael Kors. I HATE IT. I could deal with the Stella McCartney, I could deal with the Giambattista Valli, even though both of those looks were questionable (to say the least), but I cannot with this Kors. WHY? I hope – seriously – she’s just getting all of the bad fashion out of her system before she kills it at the Oscars. Please. Also: I agree with all of you about how she needs to up her shoe game. I’m not even a shoe person and I’ve noticed that her shoe game is lacking.


I swear, Helen Mirren might just be one of the most perfect people ever. Look how gorgeous she is in a simple suit, gray tights and a corsage. PERFECT BITCH.



I don’t usually notice Mandy Moore, but she looked really cute here.


Jamie King in Dior – she wore this Dior outfit to at least one other event last night. And why wouldn’t she? It’s a great “pre-Oscar cocktail party” outfit. The shoes are some ‘80s BS though.


Here’s Lake Bell, coming to terms with the fact that those bangs were the worst decision she’s ever made in her life.


And finally, here’s Julie Delpy in Basler. She wore this old-fashion party dress to other events too. It’s cute, but it’s a little “young” for her. She should be taking tips from Helen Mirren.


Photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. LadySlippers says:

    WOW! What an eclectic bunch.

    Lupita again gets close to knocking it out of the ballpart and then doesn’t. Again the main culprit is her shoes which aren’t matchy-matchy but just don’t work here AT ALL. Second culprit is the length of dress — hits her wrong. Girl, we know you can do better!

    Helen can do no wrong and looks fantastic! I also like Julie’s dress. The rest are nice but not outstanding.

    • MCraw says:

      I agree about the shoes. Satin shoes? In blue?? Can that fabric just die already? As for the dress, I really really like it along with everything else. Except the shoes.

    • SnarkGirl says:


      I think she could have rocked the satin shoes, but in another colour. Silver satin with that fabric would have been pretty, and not so bridesmaid-y.

      The dress is cute, but you nailed it LadySlippers – that length is awful. Honestly, can ANYONE look good in that length? It seems specifically designed to make a woman look as dumpy and frumpy as possible. Lop that dress off to knee length or just above and it would look awesome.

    • andypandy says:

      I love Lupita but she has made quite a few missteps lately …Sigh no body’s perfect
      hope she gets her hair dress and LORD shoes back to original form for the Oscars tomorrow night

  2. Suze says:

    Helen looks good.

    Lupita missed but not by much.

    The rest of them do nothing for me.

    • Crank says:

      I love Helen’s, and I actually really like Lupita’s dress…granted I’m a guy, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I’d wanna wear that dress, but I think it suits her well.

      But what is up with the midriff-showing style going on the last year? I honestly don’t get it…you either look bloated, like ribs, or the cut makes it look uncomfortable. I think chicks should just show their whole damn stomach if they want to show part of their midriff. What I really can’t stand is when there a little space for the belly button and that’s it…I can’t explain why, but it kinda grosses me out when all I see is a belly button and a little skin. Just show off your abs! Not your belly button. Ugh. Rant over lol

  3. freebunny says:

    Julie Delpy looks tired

  4. HHazel says:

    Lupita keeps ruining her looks with bad shoes
    LOVE HELEN MIRREN ALWAYS and the others are meh

  5. bettyrose says:

    You mean Lake Bell’s worst decision until that shapeless frock she’s calling a dress.

  6. Kiddo says:

    Lake Bell looks angry. Really angry. Mostly terrible clothes, except for Mirren, but I’m not loving the grey hose. Mandy Moore looks cute, but something is missing.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Bell does look angry. I’m not overly familiar with her but doesn’t she always look kinda angry? I have that impression for some reason.

      Mandy Moore is really beautiful, imo. I know she hasn’t had the most successful career but I loved her voicework in “Tangled” :)

  7. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I thought Lupita’s dress was a miss (so rare for her!) until I saw Lake’s. Nothing is bad compared to that.

  8. LAK says:

    Lake Bell is forgiven in my world for having turned out one of the funniest films in a long time, IN A WORLD. She wrote it, directed it and that in itself is achievement enough. The fact it is good is icing on the cake.

    Ps: please show Lupita’s mother. She was her date for the evening and is in some red carpet shots.

  9. Jaderu says:

    Helen Mirren is just lovely. I know she’s had so many amazing roles but “Calendar Girls” is still and always will be my favorite! I just loved that movie.

  10. smee says:

    What’s so bad about Lupita’s dress? She has such impeccable posture and a beautiful figure – she can truly pull the midriff look off. I like the material and I LOVE her hair – it looks like a little hat. I do agree about the shoes – they could def be better. But there’s nothing to hate here, really.

  11. Kim1 says:

    I hope Lupita doesn’t wear hair extensions for the Oscars.Besides her look at the SAGs I dont like those extensions.I realize there is only so much you can do with her short cropped hair .Also for the love of God no eyeshadow matching the dress.Lastly I hope she wins the Oscar but after reading about the Oscar voters who didn’t feel comfortable watching TYAS Im feeling anxious.

  12. MynameisPeaches! says:

    I love her hair. She’s added pieces to it. The outfit is a bit off, but I love the colour. As for the shoes they’re just awful. I ‘ve noticed her shoe game is lacking. I’ve never liked any of the shoes that she paired with the outfits. I would call them mumsy kinda shoes.

  13. pru says:

    Did Lupita change stylists or something? She started this campaign looking great, but lately everything has been really bad. I’m fine with the peekaboo midriff, but the cut and material of the dress are just bad. Her hair and makeup are good.
    Helen and Jaime look really good.
    All the others are blah – is there a shortage of hair and makeup people in Hollywood these days? The hair and makeup on MM, JD and LB are all particularly awful.

  14. Karen says:

    Please stop with the crop tops and midriff cutouts. Not a good look on anyone. That dress on Lupita looks like upholstery. And yes, those blue satin bridesmaid shoes have also got to go. Besides Helen Mirren and her, what’s with all the C-listers?

  15. ashley says:

    She looks good to me,but the shoes uggh!!

  16. Renee28 says:

    I never thought a dress with a cutout could be so dowdy. I really think Lupita’s good outfits were were just a fluke. I haven’t liked much of what she’s worn.

  17. kibbles says:

    I’m going to say something nice first: Lupita’s make-up looks nice here. I’ve been mentioning her horrible matchy eye shadow in several posts, but her eye make-up looks great right here. I like the minimal eyeliner and lack of eye shadow.

    Now the bad: I thought Lupita’s outfit itself was alright, but it wasn’t really appropriate for this event. She probably should have covered up a bit more. I’m not terribly conservative, but there is a time and place for every outfit. She should try not to show her midriff or too much of her chest at most of these events. She looks best when she wears classy outfits and dresses. Also, her shoes are terrible. The outfit would have looked a lot better with good shoes.

    Also, I just watched 12 Years a Slave and Lupita gave a solid performance. I was curious because I’ve been hearing so much about her and she’s kind of overexposed at the moment, so I wanted to know if her performance is really worthy of an Oscar. I haven’t seen the performances of everyone up for an Oscar, but I will say that Lupita’s role in 12YAS is more worthy of an Oscar than JLaw in American Hustle. However, I can’t say whether Lupita is the best of all the nominees. I’m going to have to spend this weekend watching more Oscar nominated films.

    Helen Mirren always looks great and classy. She should be every woman’s role model on what to look like at any age.

    I haven’t seen Mandy Moore in ages and have no idea what she is up to, so it surprises me that she still shows up to pre-Oscar parties. She looks nice.

    Jamie King looks great too and I like her outfit. She had a baby 4 months ago and already looks like she could walk a runway.

  18. TheCountess says:

    Lupita must love those heels, she’s been wearing them with *everything* lately.

    I love Julie Delpy’s dress, probably because I have one just like it in solid black. No matter how old I get, I will love the way it makes me feel when I put it on.

    Lake Bell looks incredibly angry. That dress is a tragedy.

  19. Ice Queen says:

    I hate Lupita’s dress. It’s terrible. And that length- only few women can pull it off. But she’s soo beautiful and has such a beautiful body!

  20. Tig says:

    I noted how tired Julie D looked as well- I like her dress, tho appears a little too much fabric for her frame.

    Agree with Lopita’s shoes- bad! I like the fabric, but cut outs need to go!

    The others are so-so.

    • TheCountess says:

      I’m wondering with Julie Delpy if it is that she’s aging naturally and not shooting her face up with Botox. She looked wiped out in “Before Midnight,” which I thought was just part of the character (achieved via makeup) but now I’m thinking we’re just so unused to seeing a woman in her forties who isn’t having her face pulled back behind her ears every couple of years.

      I just wish she’d taken that fifth slot for Best Actress instead of Meryl. Delpy gave one of the most heartbreaking female performances I’ve seen in years.

  21. bns says:

    Again with the shoes. WHYYYY?!

    Otherwise, she looks perfect.

  22. lisa2 says:

    Helen is my favorite. Chic and gorgeous.. I don’t like this outfit on Lupita; it seems they saved the worst dresses to wear at the end of promotion. I was not crazy about the white mid drift either. The shoes are NO for me as well. And i don’t like the hair piece either.

    the others are just sort of random; like they all met by chance and were not at the same event

  23. MrsBPitt says:

    Helen looks fab for me, until the dark stockings…Don’t like Lupita’s outfit at all…too long, hate the cut outs, shoes are bad…actually, none of them look very good…

  24. Eleonor says:

    Lupita style is failing since the Stella McCartney dress, she is going from worst to even worst.

  25. Maria says:

    Love the whole look minus the shoes.I’m so excited about seeing what she’s going to wear tomorrow.Also love the hair,I want her hairstylist too :(

  26. Other Renee says:

    It’s not awful but not great. Lake Bell is angry because she was coerced into wearing that outfit. Kind of like Jerry Seinfeld in the puffy shirt.
    And BTW I thought JLaw totally overacted in AH.

  27. peetalimbs says:

    Well, the moment is almost here. After tomorrow night, I doubt we will be hearing much more from Lupita, professionally and otherwise. If she couldn’t land a role during this obnoxious media blitz, I doubt her chances will be any better once everyone forgets about her.

    This outfit was almost there but the mid-torso cut out ruins the entire look. She needs to lay off the weight-training. A masculine body on a woman is never attractive.

    • Lea says:

      Could you please stop?? I can’t with you,I tried to shut up but I can’t take it anymore!
      It’s ok to bitch about her style,or saying you’re tired of her, but going out your way trying to state that she hasn’t talent just because she hasn’t already 5 roles booked is mean.
      I bet she’s going to have longevity in the movie industry and if she’s not ,the reason will be Hollywood institutional discrimination when it comes to roles of black women especially the ones with her appearance.
      SO STOP because she’s talented and she’s here to stay.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      “I doubt her chances will be any better once everyone forgets about her.”

      Thank goodness we know that YOU are someone who won’t forget about her. You make great effort to belittle her every chance you get.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Oh and looking like someone who doesn’t eat and is walking skeleton is a good look for a woman? Get over it.

    • TheCountess says:

      She will hardly “be forgotten.” Clearly, her focus for the last several months has been PR and red carpet work for “12 Years a Slave” – as it should have been. Oh, and she’s also in the #1 movie this weekend. It may not be “her” movie, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be associated with a mainstream, box office hit.

    • kibbles says:

      I don’t hate Lupita (nor do I love her) but everyone is entitled to their opinion. People say horrible things about other major actresses (Julia Roberts, JLaw, Hathaway). People are entitled to come to Celebitchy to criticize an actor or actress even if he or she has a large fan base. I understand some folks being protective of her, but she is an actress and she will have people who are major fans and others who wish she will go away. It comes with the territory of becoming famous.

  28. AlmondJoy says:

    LOVE her outfit and hair! Looks like she added a little bit of Marley Hair in for this style. Very chic. The shoes are a NO.

    Helen Mirren is everything ♥ She always looks amazing. I love the pic of her and Lupita.

    I hadn’t realized Mandy Moore was a “woman in film,” but she looks great. The last movie I remember her being in was A Walk To Remember (im a sucker for a sappy movie!) and some other movie where Diane Keaton played her overbearing mother. I’ve always loved her though!

    Jamie King’s outfit is pretty weird and Lake Bell has such a creepy look on her face! Gorgeous ladies though.

  29. floretta50 says:

    Lupita’s stylist who ever that person is have been great up to now, her shoes not so much why not black shoes. Lupita in my books can do no wrong. For the first time we see a black woman who seem comfortable in her own skin color and hair. what a testament to young African American girls who these days have come to believe that they are nothing without fake straight hair on their heads, which the world know is not a trait of African people. Whenever you see African american women on the street or on TV, you see everybody adorned with this fake hair so glad they can finally look like the image they envied on the TV screen for years, most of them get the longest hair they can possibly get swinging it constantly looking so silly, what a shame! What most of them don’t realize is that when looking at them you don’t really look at their facial features but at the fake hair, missing out on what is really a person with beautiful facial features, and this is exactly what we are seeing with Lupita her beautiful face you aren’t forced to focus on long fake hair. You go Girl!

    • AlmondJoy says:

      I love your comment and I agree with alot of what you said. I too LOVE the fact that she is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t feel the need to wear a long, straight weave. Even so, I would like to point out that African American hair comes in all different textures. When you said that straight hair is not a trait of African/African American people, you reminded me of my aunts on my father’s side. They both have long straight hair. My dad even complained that back in the 70s , he would have to braid his hair super tight and then let it out and tease it in order to get an afro, lol. Because their hair is just straight. My mom’s side has thick, kinky hair, and mine is somewhere in between. Our hair comes in many different curl patterns, so not everyone has the same texture as Lupita.

      Also, there are many famous African American women that wear their own natural texture, they just dont get reported on as often. Ledisi, Jill Scott, Solange Knowles, Chrisette Michele, and Erykah Badu come to mind. I would also like to see more black women embrace their natural texture. It’s so beautiful!

    • M.A.F. says:

      I have always loved the look of African/African American women who have curly hair when they just let it go natural and be free.

  30. Violet says:

    This is so awful in so many levels. First that dress is dull and does not suit her well. Those horrible shoes (seriously, girl burn them. They are fug) look tacky. The only good thing is her hair which I love the fact that she styles it differently every time. Everything else is a mess.

  31. Musi says:

    Damn I hate her shoes and her hair. I wish her stylist will give her strappy heels. Anyway rooting for her and June squib together. I’m good with any of these two. They were breathtaking.

    And to those bitching it’s sad because without Hollywood she’s still going to be a success in any endeavor she decides. With that said she’s reading scripts and already had a chemistry test. Will wait till that to predict how her future goes in terms of film.

  32. Shantal says:

    Lupita’s once again serving up some always-the-bridesmaid realness with her seemingly never-ending supply of dyeable satin pumps. Girl really needs some better shoes.

  33. M.A.F. says:

    Damn it. Some mentioned in a post from yesterday about how Lupita’s eye-shadow/eye-liner always match her clothes (I said I thought it was her shoes she kept pairing) and now that is all I see. And here she has blue eye-shadow or eye-liner that matches she clothes. I’m not a fan of this look. I wonder what she will wear tomorrow.

  34. taxi says:

    I’m so tired of seeing Lupita’s midriff. Boring! Be classy & cover up!

    Lake Bell has no style, ever. Bad hair, always a grouch-face & wears sack nightgowns everywhere with bad shoes.

    Delpy? Is that you? Have you been deprived of sleep for a week or just had your molars extracted?

  35. Santolina says:

    It’s easier for Helen to look perfect at her age, because she never had kids. There, I said it. And no, I’m not shaming people who choose not to have kids. And yes, some people are amazing at getting their figures back. I’m just remembering how she looked in a bikini at 63. Dayum.

  36. yennefer says:

    My first impression about Lupita’s look was: DAT FACE. DAT BODY. But then I looked twice, and ugh, that dress length isn’t flattering for anyone, is it? But her makeup is great.

    Julie’s dress is my personal favorite. I’m suddenly in need to watch one of her movies.

  37. Maritza says:

    Maybe with black strap shoes Lupita’s outfit would’ve looked better. Lately she style has been off.

  38. Ann says:

    Delpy actually looks fab – prob just needed a little concealer is all.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Let’s see. The Kors outfit is weird and looks scratchy. HM could wear a friggin sack and look amazing. Mandy Moore, meh. Jamie King, those shoes. WTF. Lake Bell, no. Just no, to everything. Julie Delpy, totally not a look for you. That is all.

  40. Naddie says:

    Only Hellen looks perfect. Lupita’s make up is flawless (just like her muscles and bone structure), and Mandy… Well, she’s really beautiul, more than I thought she was.

  41. John says:

    It’s nice to see her in something besides orange, but I’m going with tragic.

  42. girlnbayou says:

    That hair tho. Yikes! Looks like someone took a hairy dump on top of her head.

  43. Mark Wilson says:

    WOW, these people have spent the last three or four months attending award ceremonies and luncheons! Oh to be a celebrity, it must be exhausting.

  44. eliza says:

    Was it wear the ugliest dress day at these awards?

    Those satin shoes are the stuff of NIGHTMARES!

  45. LaurieH says:

    Lupita’s look is a rare miss for me. There is so much wrong with it. The dress has a distinct 80′s vibe, but not in a good way. The top was promising, but the bottom looks like something from the Ann Taylor dowdy office wear line circa 1988. The fabric is terrible and boring and is made worse by the off-putting shiny bridesmaid shoes. Even the gorgeous Lupita can’t save this look.

  46. Jess says:

    They all look bad except for Helen…and Lake’s shoes. I want those shoes so badly!