Oscars 2014: Lupita Nyong’o wins Best Supporting Actress for ’12 Years a Slave’


LUPITA!!! I’m so happy, I barely have the words.

Lupita Nyong’o became one of the very, very few actors to win an Academy Award for her first feature film. Her trajectory – from complete unknown to Oscar-winning actress and style It Girl – reminds me very much of another actress who won the Oscar on her very first film: Audrey Hepburn. Lupita, a Yale Drama School grad who just turned 31 years old yesterday, looked so happy and emotional when she won. Liza Minnelli kind of ruined the thanks, but whatever. It helped that Lupita looked like a princess, and that’s what she was: our new Hollywood princess. She even got a standing ovation, which was extraordinary, and just goes to show how popular she is and how she’s run a really effective Oscar campaign -it’s not just that people loved her performance, they love HER.

Lupita thanked director Steve McQueen profusely, saying that “It has been the joy of my life” to go on this journey with the film. She thanked Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender (she described him as “my rock,” which is kind of hot). She was emotional, but not a mess, which was great, and she ended her speech by saying that this award was a validation that “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Incidentally, the seating arrangement around the 12 Years area is fascinating! Benedict Cumberbatch is sitting next to Angelina Jolie. This is amazing to me.



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  1. Alexis says:

    OMG! Yes! I am so happy for her.

    And I’m a fan of your Audrey Hepburn comparison.

  2. Angel May says:

    Good for Lupita.

    Is it just me, or is Ellen the worst host ever?

  3. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Sidenote: WTF is Ellen doing?

  4. Kiki says:

    Another fantastic speech! Congrats!

  5. Camille (The Original) says:

    YAY! That is so awesome, congrats Lupita!

  6. SunnySide says:

    Congrats to her. It was well deserved and she gave a very genuine and heartfelt acceptance speech. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cut of her dress but the color was gorgeous.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      Seriously?? This is the most overrated, “this minute” type of actress. Others who’ve been turning in Oscar caliber performances for years were completely overlooked bc of her.

      Sorry, just don’t get the Lupita hype, and feel awful for the actresses (Jennifer Lawrence) who should’ve won and were robbed. :( Lupita won’t be around in 2 years, mark my words. She is simply this award’s seasons’ “PC” actress of the moment. Sad.

      • jammypants says:

        Jennifer Lawrence is the most overrated, “this minute” type of actress. Others who’ve been turning in Oscar caliber performances for years were completely overlooked bc of her.

        Sorry, just don’t get the Jennifer hype, and feel awful for the actresses (Quvenzhané Wallis, Emmanuelle Riva, Sally Hawkins) who should’ve won and were robbed. :( Jennifer won’t be around in 2 years, mark my words. She is simply this award’s seasons’ “PC” actress of the moment. Sad.

        There I fixed it. (btw I like Jen, but gf is overhyped like hell)

      • Annabelle says:

        You are disgusting.
        “PC” actress of the moment?

        Lawrence played a throphy wife with over the top scenes, what’s difficult about that.
        You obviously can’t handle that a black women won and is well liked.

      • June says:

        Sucking on lemons this morning????

      • Amahle says:

        PC actress of the moment? Boy, the things people will write from the behind safety of a computer screen. The Hollywood machine is anything but PC and Lupita deserved this win more than any of the other nominated actresses. On Oscar night it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your career, you are nominated for a specific role in a specific film and hers was the best performance. By the way it’s 2014 and black folks ain’t going nowhere so you may need to adjust that smacks of racism attitude you have.

      • CC says:

        Sorry, I love JLaw but Lupita deservedly won. JLaw seems to agree.

      • Addison says:

        Anyone who says they don’t get why Lupita won obviously did not see the movie. She was amazing. All the actors were wonderful but she stole the soap scene.

  7. phoenix says:

    She looked so pretty and she brought tears to my eyes. So moving.

  8. mia girl says:

    Beautiful speech. Such class.

  9. argirl says:

    Yay, Lupita! Well deserved. Didn’t know she is two days older than me! No wonder I like her. 😜

  10. ray says:

    absolutely phenomenal. there are just no other words, i got so emotional at her speech and there was no other as deserving as her. all hail queen lupita!

  11. Sachi says:

    I was so nervous because I was thinking the Academy wouldn’t come through and J Law would win.

    So happy for Lupita. Her dress looked so princessy and chic when she was coming up the stairs. The E! red carpet reporters aren’t good for much but they were right when they said Lupita’s dress was a proper one for her first Oscars.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Trend of the night, extremely attractive family members. Happy for her and I hope it leads to a fantastic career.

  13. Alyce says:

    And no one (besides Lupita) was happier than Jennifer Lawrence. She’s probably throwing a party!

    • Alexis says:

      Yeah, I highly doubt that JLaw wanted to be a symbol of the Academy being out of touch, which is what it would have turned into had she won. I like JLaw, but it would help if she started behaving with a little more decorum. I think Lupita’s popularity has indicated a sort of public longing for old school movie-star poise…

      • Alyce says:

        I like Jennifer and I like Lupita. However, the fact that people like Lupita doesn’t really mean anything. Soon (I guarantee you) people will be complaining about her. It’s how the media works – build them up until people are sick of them, “predict” a backlash, backlash ensues. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      • Seán says:

        I think Jennifer Lawrence should just keep being herself. Lupita really does seem like a very demure and classy lady and Jennifer seems like a goofy, unfiltered klutz! The main thing is that both ladies continue to express their talent and remain grateful for all they have!

      • CC says:

        Besides, JLaw is still young. And she’s not doing these things on purpose, she’s genuinely klutzy. Lupita…well, has a few years on Jennifer and also acts her age, and is incredibly elegant and classy.

        Personally I’d hate to see HWood kill JLaw’s spirit like it has for so many for the sake of a career.

    • kibbles says:

      It was a good thing for JLaw that she did not win this year. I have read that JLaw genuinely wants to take some time off after she finishes the Hunger Games. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes away for 6 months to a year. She realizes that she has been overexposed and would have faced a lot of backlash had she won over Lupita this time. JLaw could come back stronger after a short break from Hollywood. JLaw got her Oscar, critical acclaim, and millions in the bank. I doubt she has any bitterness for not winning the Oscar this year.

    • lunchcoma says:

      She was visibly relieved and happy, so I agree. I think she’s a fairly smart cookie behind the clumsy everywoman act and knows that it’s better for her long term not to pull out ahead in races like these.

  14. Ronnie says:

    31??? How! Amazing. So glad jlaw missed out.

  15. lady mary. says:

    hurrah!!!!! so there is justice in this world,good for her ,she deserved it

  16. Melissa says:

    Deserving winner but Audrey won for her first lead role in a film she had supporting roles in the Lavender Hill Mob and several other films previously, not to mention various cameos.

  17. pru says:

    So happy for her. An absolutely touching and heartfelt speech!

  18. LadySlippers says:

    My kids are making fun of me because I teared up when I heard she won.

    I’m so so so happy for her!!!

  19. Sandra says:

    I think the comparison to Audrey Hepburn is a little heavy.

    I like Lupita but come on.

  20. WendyNerd says:


  21. truthSF says:

    I’m happy that Lupita won and I really think she deserves it. However, and I hope I’m wrong, but I’m worried that her win was the trade off for Gravity to win over TYAS for Best Picture. I would rather TYAS win in the Best Picture than Supporting Actress category, because that win will recognize the film as a whole and everyone that’s a part of the film, rather than just one phenomenal character.

  22. ashley says:

    I’m jumping on my bed!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m so happy for her!

  23. lower-case deb says:

    whoever that took that long angle shot of Lupita approaching the mike, her measured walk, her impeccable posture, the sea of standing clapping people before her….
    she or he should get a mini-oscar.

    with that music. it’s like that scene in LotR where the whole of Gondor salutes the hobbits, you bow to no one.

  24. Jayna says:

    Jennifer Garner looks so pretty. l love her hair and her dress looks really good on her and is different than she usually wears. It’s great for being a presenter.

  25. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU. If JLaw won, I would’ve lost it. When I read this post, I was doing fist pumps and mouthing YES! silently–I share a room with my little sister and she’s already asleep.

  26. Joleenmean says:

    Did you guys spot a red-eyed Cummerbatch behind Chiwetel Eijofor? Great speech by Lupita Nyongo! Not a dry eye in the house.

  27. FingerBinger says:

    I have to agree about Liza Minnelli. WTF and she came out of nowhere too.

  28. Teri says:

    It was a nice win for her and she hands down has my vote for best-dressed. I will confess a part of me was routing for June Squibb to pull off the upset. She steals the show in Nebraska.

    Ellen is okay as host. I think she does better at the Emmys.

  29. Liberty says:

    Yay Lupita!!! and a lovely speech too,

  30. Mojoman says:

    She is 31?!!! I thought she was in her early 20s..wow just gorgeous! And totally deserves it. She was very poised, articulate and classy (no offense to JLaw, but she was a bumbling dimwit last year when she was on stage).

    • Kay says:

      Don’t know what speech you were watching was she rattled and nervous yes times a thousand but she spoke fine. Will never understand why to support one woman ppl have to bash another

    • Lou says:

      you don’t need to run JLaw down to build Lupita up. Both women are awesome. Jennifer wasn’t a dimwit, she was nervous. I can’t blame her.

    • Zadie says:

      Just like they couldn’t praise Jen without bashing Anne last year. But then it was okay, no?

    • lunchcoma says:

      Lupita’s speech was lovely. Jennifer’s was fine too. They’re very different women, at very different points in their lives, and won awards for very different films. All three of those things justify different speeches.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I simply cannot understand why some can only hold one woman up by tearing down another. Yes, Lupita, the daughter of a politician and a professor, was eloquent and gracious in her speech. She is also in her 30s and a graduate of Yale University, where eloquence and poise are expected. The school churns out presidents and Supreme Court justices and she did study drama, which would include public speaking. When she won her Oscar last year, Jennifer Lawrence, the daughter of a construction worker, was barely in her 20s and has had no formal education since finishing high school early. And she had just fallen up a flight of stairs! Being able to deliver a line to a camera is not the same as public speaking or stage work. Besides, this was not just a competition between these two women – June Squibb, Sally Hawkins, and Julia Roberts were in this too. Or don’t they matter? Didn’t their work matter? It is possible to celebrate Lupita’s accomplishment without belittling others. She turned in a heart-breaking, powerful performance. She received well-deserved recognition for doing so. I am happy for her. And it seemed Jennifer Lawrence was genuinely happy for her too. If not, she’s a far greater actress than you’re giving her credit for being.

  31. ctkat1 says:

    I loved it. Her reaction was so great- she totally had a moment after she stood where she looked at Brad Pitt and was clearly overcome and not entirely sure what to do. I loved that she allowed herself an honest reaction to winning.

    I also wonder if she took the time to fully gather her skirt after what happened to J.Law last year.

    Her speech was lovely. I really hope that she has a long career- it’s going to be difficult, being a dark-skinned African woman with an accent, but I take such hope with every teeny tiny step Hollywood takes towards color blind casting (Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four made me very happy) that maybe we’ll get there. Lupita doesn’t have any pending projects on imdb, but hopefully that will change now.

  32. aquarius64 says:


  33. Zigggy says:

    I don’t know why but she reminds me of the Disney Cinderella- she looks sooo pretty :)

  34. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    I’m beyond thrilled for Lupita!!!!

  35. zut alors! says:

    To Lupita from a fellow Kenyan: hongera sana dada!

  36. Kim1 says:

    Well TYAS wasn’t shut out I was wrong but it seems like its going to be a sweep for Gravity.

  37. Autumn says:

    So very happy for Lupita! Her speech was fantastic, and heartfelt. I really look forward to her future work.

  38. Isabelle says:

    Best Dressed as well. Hollywood needs more women like her, classy and talented.

  39. Tara says:

    Yea Lupita! And that dress is perfectly gorgeous on her. Very graceful presentation overall.

  40. ViktoryGin says:

    One thing that I’ve always liked about this site is that it has always supported critical thinking. My intention was not to detract, but I suppose the truth is inconvenient. Tsk tsk.

  41. betsy says:

    Loved when Lupita got up and danced with Pharrell Williams when he was singing Happy. So joyous!

  42. Nclark6 says:

    Lupita’s speech was so moving and she looked gorgeous. I’m not sure what her career trajectory will be and while I hope it’s long and prosperous, regardless of what happens in the future this moment and accomplishment can’t be taken from her. I wasn’t sure she’d win but I’ so glad she did!

  43. Sabrina says:

    Congratulations to Lupita. I’m so glad that she won as I was a bit worried that Jennifer would win again.

  44. Green Eggs & Ham says:

    Grace personified. Lovely speech. Congrats to Lupita for being EVERTHING.

  45. gmm says:

    I saw all the movies and made sure I caught 12 years a Slave before the ceremony – I actually bought it. I thought Lupita was really good but Jennifer Lawrence was great and the elderly woman in Nebraska was great as well. I’m not surprised she got the award with all the hype but I don’t get it. She wasn’t introduced into the movie until at least half way or more through the movie. Obviously the Academy saw something I missed.

  46. Bailie says:

    Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved lupitas skin and her amazing dress.

    I have never seen a picture of her were her skin is not gorgeous.

    It’s nice to see a woman that is not applying her make up with a snow showel.

    Seems like she takes good care of insides and outsides, no junk food or preservatives for this lovely lady.

    I didn’t like her hairstyle this time and I also didn’t care for the headband and earrings.

    I think that stud pearl earrings and pearl bracelets would have looked great with her beautiful skin.

    Jared Leto had the best speech by far, so classy, humble and eloquent.