Amber Heard ‘had photos of Johnny Depp all over her room’ as a teen: really?

Amber Heard

These are some candid photos from the set of Amber Heard’s new movie, When I Live My Life Over Again. She’s playing a pink-haired grunge princess, and a little girl (a fan?) rushed to give her some cupcakes. I don’t know what this movie is about from the IMDb listing. The character names are the same as this FSU student film, and the synopsis sounds about right for these photos. Is Amber starring in a student film, for real? She plays the daughter of Christopher Walken, who is a living legend but doesn’t exactly search for quality roles anymore.

This is the movie that Amber’s been shooting while Johnny’s been wearing that gross hat all over NYC. I’ve been comparing Johnny’s behavior in the relationship to Tom Cruise’s overeager enthusiasm. There’s definitely some inner couch jumping on display. A new story in this week’s Enquirer draws another parallel to the TomKat coupling. They say Johnny was Amber’s first schoolgirl crush. You know, just like Katie Holmes had a major crush on Tom when she was a teenager. The tabloid also implies that Amber executed a massive plan to get Johnny’s attention:

Hollywood hottie Amber Heard flipped for fiance Johnny Depp long before they ever crossed paths!

“Johnny was Amber’s first love, even though she’d never met him,” a pal of the 28-year-old beauty told The Enquirer. “When she was a teenager, Amber had already decided to become an actress and she had pictures of Johnny all over her room. So it’s no surprise they fell in love while working together. Amber can usually get whatever she sets her mind to.”

Like her husband-to-be, Amber dropped out of high school, leaving St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, a private school in Austin, Texas, at age 17. But while she was there, the 3 Days to Kill star made a big impression on her classmates.

“Amber was very quiet, so some people used to call her ‘Amber seen and not Heard,’” recalled classmate Meghan Brindley. “She always seemed almost like her mind was just off somewhere else. She always said, ‘I’m going to go and be an actress and that is what I want to do.’”

The leggy beauty fell in love with Depp, 50, while the two filmed The Rum Diary in 2009. They didn’t go public with their romance until after Depp ended his 14-year relationship with French model/singer Vanessa Paradis, mother of his children, Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 12.

By then, bisexual Amber had dumped her lesbian lover, 37-year-old photographer Tasya van Ree, for the Pirates of the Carribean star.

[From Enquirer, print edition, May 12, 2014]

Let’s play the game … will Amber regret what she wished for? I don’t know how true the story is — whether or not Amber (like many of us) had Crybaby and Edward Scissorhands posters decorating her bedroom. I do know that Amber has a ton of ambition and kicked around in Hollywood for a decade before becoming the future Mrs. Depp. She played her cards well on the set of The Rum Diary. Instead of acting like a giggly starlet, she didn’t hang out with the cast after hours. Johnny reportedly asked around for her after she would disappear. She intrigued him from the very beginning, and it’s still working. For him, anyway.

Kaiser already talked about these photos from the Cabaret premiere. Amber seems over it. She couldn’t even muster up enthusiasm to see Alan Cumming! I’d be peeing my pants to see this production, but Amber looks depressed.

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News & WENN

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    ….aaaaand shit just got MAD CREEPY.

  2. I was gonna say–I hope this is a stupid tabloid story, not an actual interview. Katie Holmes came to mind, first thing.

    And eh–I think the criticism that she looks bored at the play is unwarranted and a little nitpicky. We can’t be visibly excited for everything. They look like they were going to their seats, and were photographed on their way to their seats (or wherever).

  3. BratB says:

    Based solely on headlines, EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! <—– drops mic and walks away!!!

  4. Loopy says:

    Well Katie Holmes also had the same thing with Tom Cruise,how did that turn out?

  5. bokchoi says:

    i dont know if she photographs poorly or if her eyes are really that dead looking

  6. FingerBinger says:

    I’m kind of bored by these Amber Heard/Johnny Depp stories. So what he’s older than her. Everybody thought it was so cute when 70 something Patrick Stewart married some woman in her 30′s. Amber had a crush on Johnny. A lot of people did/do.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Patrick Stewart is better at publicity than Johnny is. Patrick posted his wedding picture and maybe one other thing about his wife. A lot of people’s initial reaction was, “Uh, he’s way too old for her,” and then they forgot about it because he wasn’t always bringing it up. People will accept most relationships if they go on long enough and there’s no accompanying couch jumping tour. Patrick was even promoting things during that period – it’s just that he wisely focused on making witty remarks, speaking about domestic violence, and highlighting his bromance with Ian McKellan.

      Johnny has it a bit harder than Patrick because he’s with a woman who’s also famous, but I think Charlize and Sean might be a model of an objectionable relationship between two famous people that’s been getting less flack lately. They haven’t been talking about it, so there’s nothing for us to talk about, either. If they stay together long enough, people will eventually start to assume they’re happy and that the relationship works.

    • Ann says:

      I never think it’s “cute” when a woman marries a man DECADES older than her. Creeps me out and makes me feel sorry for her since the women always seem to be so depressed in those marriages. *Shudder*

    • Isadora says:

      Depressed? Really? I don’t know… All the couples I know where the man is decades older than the woman (and normaly filthy rich), the women look very smug. Until they get older and sugar daddy starts a fling with his younger secretary.

  7. Tatjana says:

    She looks incredibly beautiful in the first picture. The pink hair really suits her.
    I’m warming up to her. Girl’s got game.

  8. platospopcorn says:

    I’ve been keeping up with Amber for a while now (mostly because her and Tasya van Ree were soooooo hot together…ahem…have honestly never seen her in a movie). Anyway, back when she first got the part in Rum Diary, or right after it came out…i don’t remember, a really dedicated Johnny Depp fan went through all her interviews and sound bites from all her years in Hollywood and made a very compelling case that she had been orchestrating all her efforts toward getting with him…right down to the Pablo Neruda quote tattooed on her side. Wow. That wake up call is going to be painful, if it hasn’t already happened.

  9. Kiddo says:

    Uh-oh, didn’t Katie Holmes have the crush when she was kid?

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I wonder if she draped scarves all around the room to complete the picture?

  11. Ginger says:

    I think the wig and the outfit makes her look a little bit like Avril Lavigne.

  12. Talie says:

    The pros outweigh the cons for her — I’m sure she’s thinking of her future and she doesn’t want to continue to be a b/c-list actress with no pull. Especially as she approaches 30 and that’s usually do or die time if you haven’t found that breakout role.

  13. Chinoiserie says:

    I think Amber would be in the age group to put Pirates of the Caribbean posters on her wall not Cry Baby.

    • Prettylights says:

      Not necessarily…I’m 29, so pretty much her age, and have had a thing for Johnny Depp for years too. I think the first movie I saw him in was Benny and Joon, he was so adorable in that (see here: ) I was only 9 when that came out…so yeah… in a creepy way my 9-10 year old self had a crush on a 30 year old. Pirates came out in 2006 and is a Disney movie. I was 22 when that came out, so a little out of my age range at the time. I was way more into Fear and Loathing, Blow, Secret Window, and From Hell at that time.

      My Mom and sister and I would watch movies in the summer like Dirty Dancing (so I had a thing for the Swayze, too), Pretty Woman (I never realized how weird it was until recently to watch that movie at 10 with my mom, lol), Mermaids, Titanic, ect. I still love those movies, they are nostalgic for me.

    • A.Key says:

      Yes, she’s my age, and I was 17 when Pirates came out. I still have the Jack Sparrow poster in my room, lol, I’ll always love that character. However, I had been crushing on Depp way before Pirates, since Chocolat and From Hell to be exact.

    • Me says:

      At 17 Amber was already living as a model in New York! she wasn’t collecting Johnny’s pictures on her wall, please! she wasn’t even living in Austin. She grew up pretty fast.
      And it’s said here in the report “her first love” means like 12 years old or less, because it’s said Amber already had a serious boyfriend, the guy who introduced her to the Ayn Rand, when she was around 15 years.
      I’m a little younger than her and I was in love with him for Edward Scissorhands. But in any other case it could have been for any other character on the 90′
      IF it were true. As far I remember she said time ago she had posters of some legends of blues or the Che Guevara that kind of stuff. She never mentioned Johnny

  14. Sayrah says:

    Awww, I planned to marry Joe McIntyre myself.

  15. Helvetica says:

    So did a million other girls.

    This reminds of Katie Holmes. She said the same thing about Tom Cruise. Then she left him.

    I wonder when the age is going to become an issue. (when/if).

  16. behappy says:

    National Enuirer wrote last week that Johnny was cheating on Amber with Vanessa and some months ago that he was going to hook up with Lady Gaga,plus so many other stupid stories.It’s pure trash.Of course it’s likely for her to have been a big fan but still it remains a completely unfouned rumour.I also think that tabloids and haters should give them a break.It’s been exactly a year since their first outing as a couple and for all this time thay have been criticized incredibly harshly compared to other celebrities.It’s like they committed a crime or something.People talk about them like she is a teen and he is a creepy 80 year old which clearly is not the case here.Well,I too wanted him and Vanessa to last forever but it was very obvious the last years that they weren’t living the fairytale many people-me included-believed.Why would anyone remain in a relationship with no love?Break up is the best solution for everyone including the kids and in that case it seems like Johnny and Vanessa are in good terms and it looks like their kids are doing pretty fine with their new life.Also the hate that Johnny is recieving lately is very unfair.He seems like such a nice and sweet person and people who have met him confirm it.He doesn’t deserve all that circus.People love to hate so much these days which is really annoying to see especially when it happens towards the wrong person.

  17. Lady says:

    The National Enquirer contradicts their own stories about these two every week. Some weeks ago she was with him only to take advantage and now she has been in love with him since a teenager

    You know, even if it could be true because duuuuuh! who wasn’t in love with Edward or Cry Baby or the Johnny from “Chocolat”? and I do remember that she said in the press tour that she admired his career since long before but the same could be said of 90% of the human population and that’s doesn’t mean she hatched a plot to be with him.

    Now about her new movie. She just pulled out of another bigger movie “Autobahn” to be in this little movie. And she’ll be working in another indie film very soon (from James Franco’s production company). But I’m not sure that she chose these movies because the quality of the projects itself and not only because both movies are shooting in NYC and that means that she could be near Johnny who will be working in Boston since this month, instead of Germany where “Autobahn” (a project she was attached for over a year) start shooting this week.
    She already did the same with London Fields instead another movie she had. Because Johnny would be working in London too…

    Or maybe, she pulled out of the action packed movie autobahn, because she’s in fact pregnant? what could explain her tired face (because look at the pictures, she looks super sleepy and even were pictures of her yawning over and over on set) the recent weeks

  18. priss says:

    Amber is so obviously on drugs in recent pics that I’m surprised no one’s really mentioned it. Droopy eyelids, vacant stare, constricted pupils…opiates, anyone?

  19. coconut says:

    i wasn’t into celeb boys in high school, but in college i had a mel gibson wall…back when he was good looking and not harassing/threatening people. of late, i’ve downloaded 25+ photos of lenny kravitz. definitely like *him* better in his middle age.

  20. Hissyfit says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the poster story if it’s true.

  21. Spicy says:

    Rick Springfield, baby. Duran Duran (John Taylor, nom), oh, and Rob Lowe. I did have a Johnny Depp poster my sophomore year. A fold-out one from Tiger Beat (or something similar) that a friend gave me. She wrote me a “note” across his face. I hung it up. I’m pretty sure I thought he was a dick back then though.

  22. Me says:

    OMG Is she an alien? I’m sure no other teenager had a poster of him on their bedrooms

    And it’s not what has been said about every one of these women marrying older hollywood stars? that they have a crush for them since teenagers. I do remember the same said since Anette Bening, Catherine Zeta-Jones obsessed with her fatal attraction star to Katie Holmes.

    And Amber has a pass. Johnny has been like every teenager’s dream for decades. And his fan base are teenagers. That’s why his movies are bombing now, because he has been trying to do (bad) movies for adults since 2011 (or things that only adults could be interested on like Dark Shadows and Lone Ranger)

  23. SilkyP says:

    An anonymous journalist detailed every step in Amber’s masterplan to land Johnny Depp on a website called Jambernews. I stumbled upon it a few months ago. I found the website a bit hysterical in its negative views of Amber, but the article was fascinating and if it is true it would be spectacular:

    And yes, I know, the myth of women ‘trapping men’ is annoying and sexist, but I personally think some men can be very willing ‘victims’ when the right woman comes along to snag them. So both have equal responsibility .

    • Karen says:

      Journalist? Haha! The writer of that site is an absolute nutjob, he’s obsessed. That’s right, HE. You’d think his posts were the ramblings of a 13 year old fan-girl.

    • Sallywintour says:

      A journalist? Ahahah! That’s a crazy obsessed with Depp and over his relationship with Paradis, with too much free time to even run a forum to hate on this relationship, and even if it’s said it’s a man i think it’s just another bitter woman or a gay man very jealous
      Journalist? My ass! They couldn’t recognize a fact not even if it hit their heads

  24. EliaJane says:

    That blue bike is MINE!

  25. A.Key says:

    So does this mean that all I gotta do to land Hiddleston is put up posters of him on my wall?? And in around 10-15 years time, BAM.

  26. Andy says:

    Oh I love it when others call me a nutjob. No really I do. Sorry to disappoint, I’m not an ex band member, would love to hear his diatribes though. Now, back to a grown man date a anime character.


  27. Andy says:

    Sorry I meant dating,, not date, I wasn’t watching my typing while laughing.

  28. Bread and Circuses says:

    Gonna say it.

    Isn’t Amber a little too YOUNG to have crushed on Johnny Depp?

    Granted, Johnny’s been perma-hot for most of his life, but when Amber was 13, he was 35 and had an arguably-fading career. Would she have fixated on him — or on someone younger and cooler?

    Pirates of the Caribbean revived Johnny’s career when Amber was 17, but at 17, Amber dropped out of school and moved to New York to begin modeling. She had a career; she wasn’t exactly a lovesick kid mooning around in her parents’ basement, y’know?

    So again, would she have *really* been crushing on Johnny Depp?

  29. manta says:

    “She plays the daughter of Christopher Walken, who is a living legend but doesn’t exactly search for quality roles anymore.”
    Well, in the last couple of years I happened to watch him in Dark Horse, Seven Psychopaths and the particularly well-crafted A Late Quartet, in which he was heartbreaking.
    I haven’t seen it in his TV part Turks and Caicos but heard it was very good.
    In terms of quality roles,it’s still more than Depp showcased lately.

  30. Godwina says:

    I feel like such an oddball. I didn’t have any “boy” (or “girl” for that matter) posters up when I was a teen, never read Tiger Beat etc. I had crushes on the sub rosa weirdos, I guess. :)

  31. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    With the pink hair she looks like Avril Lavigne.

  32. mary simon says:

    “inner couch jumping” brilliant.

  33. Hmmm says:

    How much longer until she realizes she is the arm piece of Hollywood’s creepiest joke?

  34. Francis says:

    I saw her in a film with Johnny Depp and she was good in it.

    Posters no biggie.

    She’s beautiful.

  35. Lizzy1013 says:

    If that little story about Amber’s plotting is true, her and mama middleton need to get together and start a business! They could be Hitch for Women! ” We can guarantee you your millionaire in this easy step by step plan that will only take 10 years to get ring!”

  36. may says:

    The story is fake. She was not born yet when Johnny became famous. LOL

  37. LAK says:

    For someone who allegedly had posters on her walls as a teen, she took her time about executing her ‘plan’ AND left it to chance by waiting ten years to be hopefully cast in a production that also starred JD

    Enquirer fail!