Duchess Kate repeats a Stella McCartney dress, Smythe blazer: cute or basic?


Here are some photos of Duchess Kate at the Commonwealth Games yesterday in Scotland. Sigh. Does anyone else worry about her fascination with this shade of blue? She has so many dresses in this shade. I was looking up blue-shade names, and I guess we’ll call this “royal blue” or some variation of cornflower/cerulean. While blue is my favorite color, I guess I tend to avoid this particular shade most of the time because… I don’t know. It just seems like a cheap blue to me. I associate it with corporate logos and air hostesses. Am I all alone with this? The thing is, she looks beautiful in lilacs and blue-purples. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear more of them.

This blue dress is actually Stella McCartney, a British designer Kate rarely wears (thank God). This dress is actually a repeat – Kate wore this first in 2012 during the London Olympics – if you remember correctly, Kate originally paired the dress with a gaudy necklace with a giant circle, like she had won an Olympic medal for waitying. As for the dress… y’all know my feelings about Stella and what a terrible designer she is, so I’m perfectly willing to give Stella the blame for this ensemble. I will say that I liked this dress more in 2012, although the fit was still off back then (that standard for Stella’s designs). Kate paired the dress with another navy blazer. That’s not the same navy blazer she wore on Monday – Kate brought TWO navy blazers (at least) to Scotland. This one is Smythe.

As for “her trusty Stuart Weitzman ‘Corkswoon’ wedges”…. I want to burn them in a cleansing fire. I remember saying, when Kate and William first got engaged, that she was lacking major shoe game. I thought that was fine at the time, but at this point if I ever see her wearing a pair of nude LK Bennetts or Weitzman wedges again, it will be too soon. Oh, and she wore the wedges while participating in some kind of “jumping” game – go here to see the photos. I’m absolutely shocked her dress didn’t blow up! How did it not? Did someone (Stella!!!) sew in fabric weights?!

So, good news: no jeggings and no one saw the royal beav or bum. Bad news: the wedges have not burned in a cleansing fire. YET.



Photos courtesy of PCN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. LadyMTL says:

    I can’t say anything bad about the blazer because it’s Smythe and I love their stuff, lol. I don’t like the dress very much, the color is definitely not all that great on her.

    And yes, her shoe game sucks. If I had access to the same designers / clothes / shops, I’d be wearing such awesome shoes but alas…I don’t.

  2. danielle says:

    Shrug. Its better than yesterday. At least the wedges make more sense with a dress than the jeggings

  3. PHD Gossip says:

    Attention Queen: Kate’s hemlines have been creeping north again. Only a matter of time before another international incident/Marilyn moment.

    • Vava says:

      That dress is best worn where she doesn’t need to bend over, sit down, or get out of a vehicle. So basically, it should be worn during her personal time, not representing the Queen.

      • d gardin says:

        VaVa, Historiah, PhD;

        Workless doormat Waity need to get pass her trashy, doormat to P Willnot.

        If she put in some time to learn from P Anne, Sophia and the young Princess B* E she could get pass her drunken doormat state to Willnot, and realize she represent HM monarch, RF, GB UK Commonwealth!

        If she dare leave ma Carole fam social climber and buckleberry..

      • pippa middle says:

        Professionals who marry royals Q Leticia, Maxima, Princess Mary are too. WAAYYYY out of ma Carole and workless doormat Waity ‘strategy’ to ever comprehend!

        Waity and her social climibg hangers on family is all about golddigging, titles “what’s for them”; nothing about representing HM, PC, P Di, P Harry, the BRF the Firm work, class, noble history.

    • d gardin says:

      VaVa, A Historian, PhD;

      Workless doormat Waity need to get pass her trashy, doormat to P Willnot. Need mandatory dress rehersal for trip.

      If she put in some time to learn from P Anne, Sophia and the young Princess B* E she could get pass her drunken doormat state to Willnot; realize she represent HM monarch, RF, GB UK Commonwealth! (Something she can’t comprehend, hence, workless shopping hiding out).

      If she dare leave ma Carole the fam social climber hangers on buckleberry- instead such low expectation of both. These two will surely cause strong push from HM children, the establishment, when she no longer around (P Charles) . God SAVE the Queen.

  4. PunkyMomma says:

    The color of her dress is indeed a very popular choice in uniforms – hospital scrubs comes to minds.

  5. hutter says:

    Who jumps in (really high) wedges? Why didn’t she just take off her shoes? Am I being unreasonable here?

  6. Kali says:

    The only thing to survive the inevitable apocalyptic event will be Pamela Anderson’s breasts, Cher, cockroaches and those wedges. Best you get used to them as they will be our only option of footwear in the wastelands.

  7. GiGi says:

    She’s so literal all the time. I get dressing with a suggestion of the event you’re attending. But, seriously. She’s dressed in the same blue used in the Commonwealth Games logo this year. FFS. It’s too much. Like when she wears her little nautical outfit to go on a sailboat. It’s OTT.

    • Dany says:

      yes, she´s a theme dresser.

      i remember that kimono-style dress and other dresses with flowers for the asian tour and a short tennis dress for Wimbledon. And when she goes to a military event she wears blue with buttons… i find it funny but it was strange when she wore a very short black dress with white collar a la nun/saint for a foundation for dying children and their families or when she wore a shining white dress with visible silver cross necklace for a hospital visit. That came across as so fake St.Kate. It was tactless to “play” with a fashion theme at such an engagement.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, the theme dressing. The $88,000 Olympic-ish theme necklace when she wore this McCartney before. Should we be impressed that this charm necklace she’s wearing here is only about $12,000? And wearing a black minidress to visit families of dying children to remind everyone of funeral garb? So inappropriate.

      • Deedee says:

        Don’t forget the hats. In Canada, one must wear a felt maple leaf on a red hat. In NZ, one must wear a hat with a felt fern. What will she wear on her hat in Malta? A felt dolphin? A stuffed blue rock thrush? Or a tiny Maltese puppy?

      • notasugarhere says:

        @Deedee. One of her 4 (or more) red dress coats, to go with the red in the flag. Perhaps a white dress underneath, for the other flag color. Hopefully a sheath dress to prevent upskirts at the airport. Red pillbox hat or another custom squashed lace hat this time in white (she already has them in beige and pink). Little maritime dolphin pin she received as a public gift. I don’t think HM has a George Cross pin (symbol from the Malta flag), otherwise I’d say that would be pinned to the hat.

        I think the theme dressing has the potential to be effective. Diana’s white dress with big red polka dots for the Japan visit being a good example.

    • L says:

      Aw, I liked that she was dressed in the same colors as the SportsAid kids. Seriously I thought it was cute

      • DarkSparkle says:

        Agreed, I thought that was adorable also. She leans toward matchy-match or theme dressing for events like this, maybe it’s what she considers appropriate.

        (Love her, but she doesn’t seem to have much imagination when pulling together outfits. She goes for the low hanging fruit.)

    • joy says:

      Now that you’ve pointed it out I’ll never unsee it. She’s a total theme dresser!

    • Bucky says:

      So much this. She’s so literal with themes, she’s veers toward the costume-y. You’re not a soldier, there is no need to wear a military jacket to a war memorial.

      • pippa middle says:

        Someone as trashy jumping and what not in a dress, go take dress lessons from HRH Sophie, oh wait – ma carole won’t approve! .

        Theme dressing is so insincere for a undedicated Workless Waity doolittle Cannot. She need to represent HM and RF by dressing appropriately, Instead of attention flasher middlekardashion.

        Prince George please splash those trashy cork hooves.

    • Suzanne says:

      Just . . . does she not have a stylist? Someone please hire me. I will burn all the shoes!

    • HH says:

      I never picked up on that. Now, I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. My biggest issue with this outfit is the color choices. I don’t think the shade of blazer and dress work that well together. It’s very surprising for someone that seems to have an interest in art. You’d think they would be attuned to such things.

    • GiGi says:

      You know what it reminds me of? When I was still acting and going out on auditions and the sides called for a “young woman, 1940s” and I’d wear a very subtle 40s look, or “team mom” and I’d wear khakis… you know… for subconscious reinforcement to the casting agent that I really fit the part. Not a full costume, mind – but a little something. This is exactly how she dresses. Like she’s going out for a part in a national commercial, not like a royal woman. It IS theme dressing! It makes me think she has no personal style. Or stylist, for that matter.

  8. Lee says:

    Typical bad fit in a Stella “design”. Really, can no one see when they put on one of her sacks that there is a fundamental deficiency in the pattern making? And the tailoring?

  9. escondista says:

    I have so-so shoe game because one foot is shaped a little funny so I can’t just wear anything I find. Most heels over 4 inches hurt the minute I try to jam that poor quasimoto foot in.
    So I cut Kate a break until I remembered she has enough scratch for custom shoes then I wanted her to represent the fashionably deformed by wearing shoes that don’t look like they were made for a 16 year old going to church.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I laughed at “quasimoto foot”, I’m so sorry.

    • Dara says:

      @escondista – I was thinking the exact same thing. I yearn for amazing shoes but it’s a rare day when I find a gorgeous pair that I can get my crazy-ass feet into, let alone walk in, let alone wear for more than an hour or two.

      For that reason, I was cutting the girl some slack on her shoe choices but you are right – go custom. But can’t you just hear the royal spokesperson trying to justify that expense? And yet I don’t think there’s a woman alive that would begrudge her spending big $$ on shoes that she could wear all day without shredding her feet. It’s certainly an easier sell than a ‘second’ kitchen.

    • wolfpup says:

      I think that her choice of footwear is unfortunate because they look so silly. Pictures of her wearing these will be “in history”. I am sure that down the line, viewers will wonder about those huge things on her feet, that significantly change the proportions of her outfits. In time, they will look as silly as powdered wigs, and just as confusing.

      Kate’s skirt is short enough, in the DM photos, that when she is bending to talk to children, there is something showing behind her. No photographer dares to shoot that photo, at this point.

      • AM says:

        I’ve thought this about her several times over the years. Some of these dresses are just too short for her to not be flashing those behind her – but photos don’t take the snaps because the press would just be crucified for it.

      • Vava says:

        Yeah, she’ll be remembered for these Wedges of Doom, that’s for sure. No doubt when she leaned over, she showed more thigh muscles than would be appropriate for a classy “senior royal lady”. Kate loves to sexualize herself. As an observer, I find it demeaning to her even though she brings it on herself. Maybe someday she’ll get a clue. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.

  10. MonicaQ says:

    Ok, you spend millions for house renovations but you can’t hop in Traffic or Rainbow and get you some $29.99 strappy heels or SOMETHING? Kate. For real. I’m going to see Mighty Ducks 4 and Micheal Bay make a good movie before she stops wearing those gd shoes.

  11. Jules says:

    If Stella’s last name wasn’t McCartney, she would be working at Joann Fabrics. Her clothes are simply awful.

    • jenna says:

      Very true!! There’s nothing distinctive about them either – you don’t look at them and say, that’s a “Stella McCartney” like with other more notable and deserving designers.

    • HappyMom says:

      Yes-and she’s so flipping smug all the time. She is one of the few celebrities that immediately make me feel like smacking her.

      • wolfpup says:

        I know. If she is to be so smug, why doesn’t she dress like she is filthy rich. There’s a bit of arrogance in choosing to wear and re-wear. Who is she giving the shout-out to? The poor among us? Does she think that we believe that she is on a budget, seriously?

        The royals want us to believe that they are immune to the public, as their “air” is so rarified. Many of the stories that are ignored, show not necessarily a contempt for the public, but a definite non answer that they are simply royal, and get to do whatever they royally please. They’ve already begun the stories of how “special” George is – where he gets to swim… I’m just eye-rolling here. It’s media hypnotism, and there will be people who believe it (eye-rolling still).

      • d gardin says:

        Smugness comes from workless decade WAITY Cannot doolittle and her social climber family. Insincerity of recycling trashy clothes, where the RF wears the best appropriate representing HM is ridiculous. PG swim at BP is social climbing middlekardashions!

        Waity workless. Doolittle need to have higher standards as a royal member. P Willnot and Cannot blow millions on renovations and that does not include AH. Luxury vacations at taxpayers then wear. trashy cheap clothes as a RF member…. Send them off to buckleberry!

      • HappyMom says:

        No-it’s Stella McCartney that I find so horribly smug-not Kate.

  12. kyzmet says:

    Enough with the shoes…..they are so fugly.As time goes on her clothes are getting worse and worse. She needs to understand that it takes more than thiness to be a fashion icon.

  13. jessica6 says:

    Oh, dear. Oh my. Kate’s sense of dressing is really rather bland, and far too limited. Boring is the word that comes to mind whenever I see her out and about. And the hair. Oh, the hair. Kate, darling, you would look simply ravishing and fetching if ONLY you would cut those boring long locks to shoulder length to provide your hair with a look of more volume. And for God’s sake please stop playing with your hair in public….hold your head high, love, and be BRITISH! (cue “Rule Britannia”).

    Well, at least Kate doesn’t mirror the fashion style *cough cough* of H.S.H. Princess Stephanie of Monaco…now THAT indeed would have the tongues wagging! LOL!

  14. Eleonor says:

    She looks like a flight attendant.

  15. maum says:

    “if you remember correctly, Kate originally paired the dress with a gaudy necklace with a giant circle, like she had won an Olympic medal for waitying.”


    Those two blues so don’t go together. I think her style is a fashion hommage to her former stewardess mother. All this navy… and the gold buttons. Ouch.

    However I think she wears a lot of blue and neutrals so that it doesn’t clash with her engagement ring.

  16. jenna says:

    There’s actually been some coverage of Sophie Wessex at the games (quelle surprise, she’s actually getting some exposure for a change!) and Kate should take a page from her book re: dressing appropriately. No dresses, no spray on jeans with wedge shoes. Just simple, casual, attractive clothing and accessories.

    • Megan says:

      I disagree. I think Sophie has looked uncharacteristically sloppy throughout the games. Jeans, sneaker, sweats, t-shirts. She was photographed wearing an ill fitting skirt and blazer.

    • Francis says:

      Yes Sophie looks good ,casually dressed at the games, quite nice. Much better than Kate. IMO
      Sophie’s outfits make more sense and she looks better than Kate, who has packed on makeup. Sophie has an ease Kate doesn’t.

      Kate’s seems to make outfits look cheap. I wouldn’t have known that dress was a name designer. Kate wears her clothes so haphazardly that it makes them look cheap many times.
      The suede corker shoes don’t go with everything, she needs to put them on a shelf for awhile and why is she wearing super high heels again to do a sporting event …and YES she knew beforehand. These things are planned w military precision by her handlers.

  17. Forthelasttime says:

    Ugh… She really has no taste. She plays with her hair like an insecure little girl but then she has man legs. What in the world did William see in her…

  18. mallory says:

    All those veneers do is emphasize her thin upper lip. She is so superficial and so fixated on every aspect of her appearance, making changes to achieve her ideal (weight, clothes, hair, teeth, the list goes on.)

  19. The 3 components of her outfit are all fine on their own, but they do NOT GO TOGETHER! She so obv does not have a stylist!

  20. mkyarwood says:

    Not great, not bad. I can’t wear heels anymore — not comfortably. I can empathize with wanting to wear something like a cork wedge all the time for height and support. However, there are plenty of sneaky support brands now that look attractive. Why doesn’t she hire a stylist!?

  21. L says:

    I liked the look actually, other than the shoes it looked professional and tied together. I hate those wedges though.

    The pics of Kate playing kickball and the other sporty things with the kids were great in my opinion (other than the shoes again) She does her best when doing sportier active things.

  22. GeeMoney says:

    I personally like the way she dresses, AND I actually like her shoe choices. Every once in awhile she wears something that’s a little too matronly (or green) for my taste, but for the most part, I think she dresses really well.

    And it’s soooo easy for a lot of you to say what you would and wouldn’t wear if YOU were the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s so easy to judge others when it’s not you on display.

    PS – Not to mention… the woman isn’t a damn movie star. She’s f—ing royalty, and her job for the most part is to stand next to William and smile for the cameras (oh, and to produce heirs… forgot about that). So yeah, she’s not going to dress flashy or wear a bunch of fancy-schmancy crazy wonderful dresses and outfits. Cut the girl a break.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Or it is easy for those of us who have followed royals long before the lazy duo wed to recognize the basics of dressing professionally, appropriately for your role and activities, and to royal protocol.

      • GeeMoney says:

        When has she EVER dressed unprofessionally?!?!? You need to back your comment up with a picture.

      • Olenna says:

        IMO, the jeggings are never professional. The short flirty, light weight dresses that expose her bare bottom are never professional. Plus, her refusal to wear appropriate undergarments is never professional. And, that black baby doll mini-dress (mentioned up-thread) is certainly not professional and totally reflects her lack of dress sense, taste, and maturity. http://wantherstyle.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-she-wore-kate-middleton-in-black.html

      • MinnFinn says:

        GeeMoney – Kate is OFTEN dressed unprofessionally. For starters, see yesterday’s Celebitchy post about her. Her jeggings were ratty, faded with bagging knees and spray-on too tight.

      • Kali says:

        @GeeMoney – If you do a google search for kate middleton, one of the first things that comes up in google autocomplete is “kate middleton bum”. There’s definitely a few pics from before she was in the firm but the great majority of them are after she married into the Royal Family. One or two “moments”? Fair enough. She’s had a LOT though. She only appears to have gotten the message since coming back from Oz/NZ.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Underwear doesn’t have to be professional. Come on. Perhaps none of us should wear thongs underneath our clothes to work, b/c someone in the office might try and have us fired!

        Sidebar – I will say though… if you are going to stand under airplane propellers in a flowy dress you SHOULD have your butt covered. She deserves the criticism there.

        And a black baby doll dress may not be something I would wear (not my favorite), but it’s not like she has her a** hanging out of her dress. And where did she wear this dress? To a board meeting? To close a multi-million dollar deal? To a college campus to give out a lecture on best business practices? If she didn’t wear this outfit to one of the above places, I don’t see how that counts as unprofessional.

        Not to mention, we are talking about a 32 year old modern day woman. Should she be covered head to toe in fabric? Should she wear loose fitting clothes so that no one sees her figure? And should she be ridiculed and picked apart for her fashion choices endlessly?

        No. I understand she lives her life in the public eye and will be subject to criticism on some level, but the amount of silly and nasty comments that are thrown at this woman dissecting everything she does and wears are just over the top.

        Seriously. Cut. The. Girl. A. Break.

      • FLORC says:

        It sounds like your mind is made up. We say underwear is needed when wearing short flowy dresses in breezy locations with countless cameras.
        You say underwear isn’t a staple for professionals to wear.

        I don’t think you’re even listening to the other side. It boils down to respect and common sense/decency.
        Bottom line. The position she holds demands a level of respect from the occupant.

        If you’d like to see nasty comments go to a KK thread. Some people offer no constructive criticism and justt need an outlet to hate. This is not that location.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Um, that’s not what I said. I said that underwear doesn’t have to be professional, especially when it’s worn under something.

        Now, if your outfit is see-through and you are at a major event with like, the Queen, and your thong is showing through, then yeah. You need to rethink your wardrobe choices. Or if you are under an airplane propeller and your thong flashes to the world. Be professional and cover that mess up.

        Sidebar – And if she’s not wearing any underwear… that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms…

        My main point is that she doesn’t deserve the amount of criticism she gets about her life and fashion choices. I just think it’s over the top and unfair. And DEFINITELY un-news worthy.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “My main point is that she doesn’t deserve the amount of criticism she gets about her life and fashion choices. ”

        What are W & K doing to deserve the 1% existence they live now? Millions wasted on a mansion they’ve abandoned. Refusing to step up and take over work at the Family Firm from the 8 or so pensioners currently doing the majority of the work. Repeated attempts to try to shut down freedom of the press in the UK.

        The deal is, royal work in exchange for royal perks. No work, no perks. These two are the prime example of useless taxpayer-funded royal freeloaders. Why is criticizing them considered “unfair”?

        The amount of criticism is tied to the amount/type/quality of the work they do. If they did more/substantial/better work, the criticism would decrease in exchange.

      • GeeMoney says:

        I don’t think we need to turn this into a debate about rich people blowing through money and receiving insane amounts of media coverage that they don’t deserve. I think we are all in agreeance on the fact that it’s ridiculous and that the money and attention deserve to go elsewhere.

        Everything she does and wears is mercilessly picked apart on blogs like this and in the media around the world. And the reason why it keeps happening is because people like us are continually sitting here, blogging, debating and talking about it endlessly. I just think the talk and comments just get to the point where it’s like, “Enough already! Isn’t there something else in the world worth talking about more than this???”

        Of course there is. But no one seems to care as much. Apparently what Kate and William do in their private life matters more. And the public has no one to blame for the amount of coverage it receives other than themselves.

      • Megan says:

        Of course there are a lot of better things to talk about, and I am sure most of us talk about them, think about them, and focus on them in our work and family lives. Gossiping is fun. It provides an escape from the big stuff and since Kate and William come across as such blank canvasses they leave themselves wide open to tons of speculation and nit picking.

        Since Kate is still wearing those wedges, it’s pretty clear she doesn’t read the gossip about herself so where’s the harm?

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Very well said and you have hit on the point that I have tried to make: some people refuse to admit that they will never like anything about Kate or approve of anything she does/says/wears etc. there are areas of legitimate disapproval here and sometimes there is no excuse for Kate’s dimwitted ways. But to some here she is everything vile about humanity and womanhood. Enough already.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “Apparently what Kate and William do in their private life matters more.” This isn’t about the private lives of people who earned their own money. This about how two taxpayer-funded government representatives do or do not do a good job. When they spend more time not working than working, and are funded by the taxpayers regardless, then the private life gets dragged in. HM and Prince Charles vacation plenty, we just don’t hear about it because they 1) they work 4-5X more than W&K and 2) they spend their break time on a royal property rather than in Mustique or the Maldives.

        Dressing appropriately is part of that job (and yesterday please note I dinged William for his unprofessional clothing too). When the schedule states you’re going to be meeting children and “doing sport” with them, you’re not supposed to wear a short dress and high heels. Nor are you supposed to sit in a meeting with young athletes and show through your body language that you’d rather not be there. This is basically a public relations job, but neither W&K appears to put in even a basic level of effort most days.

        Their job is to try to address some of the bad things happening in this world. Raising money for charity. Showing up at hospices for more than 15 minutes at a time. They have been handed a global platform to do good, and they choose to do very little indeed. If they showed up, worked, payed attention, and threw themselves into trying to make the world a better place, then they’d be doing their jobs. It would result in a raising of the level of discourse, if there was more to talk about than their general uselessness in these positions.

      • FLORC says:

        What happened to your gravitar? Are you normal Dame Snarkweek?

        And you know well Kate isn’t not only hated. That people can criticize and approve. It’s not a 1 way street.

        And gossip doesn’t always bring out the best in humanity. This site has “bitchy” in the name. If it’s enough maybe a break is in order?

        I enjoy your posts, but lately … it’s like you’re a vegan in a butcher shop.

      • Megan says:

        I don’t think her body language at Sportsaid said she wasn’t interested, I think it said she was trying really hard not to flash the photographer because the camera was at the perfect angle for an up skirt.

      • GeeMoney says:

        First of all… in my opinion, NOTHING that Prince William and Kate (and the rest of the royals, for that matter) does for a living constitutes as “work”. The only thing I see her do is show up to/host events, hand-hold children and look pretty. Same with William (with the exception of his military service). I work a 9 to 5 job everyday where I have to crunch numbers for a living and deal with idiotic people every day. Now, that’s a damn job. Not looking cute and holding babies in my high heels (I’m not hating on her though… if I could make a living doing just that, I would).

        Not to mention… The Queen is still alive, so is Prince Philip, Camilla, Harry, Eugenie, Beatrice, Princess Anne… seriously… how many “duties” can you split between like, 50 family members??? I’d like to think that there would be some down time b/c of this.

        Second of all… no one talks about what Prince Charles and Camilla do because damn near everyone in England HATES them. I remember talking to my friend’s husband (who’s British) and I asked him why everyone doesn’t like Prince Charles, and he said it’s because he’s like a wanker or something like that. And apparently this is the sentiment U.K. wide.

        Thirdly… I think that the charity work they do is nice, and who am I to say how much they should and shouldn’t do. They do a hell of a lot more than me and a lot of others in this world, so… no judgement there.

        And lastly… until the b—- walks around in public stark naked, I will not concede that anything she wears is truly unprofessional (remember to wear underwear, though, Kate).

        And PS – Gossiping about the royals is fun and all… but sometimes gossip can get to the point of crazy. I think that this is where it is with Kate at this point in time. It’s overkill.

      • d gardin says:

        Sugar 9:16


        A decade Waity workless doolittle was too drunkenly flashing and falling in and out of cars- made Cannot unaware of how to a RF member, use resources to become a royal member other than expensive vacations for her, and hangers on family flashing.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        ‘Vegan in a butcher shop’
        This made me lol – I need to remember that and use it in conversation. I think you make a fair point and a good argument but keep in mind that my comments are based on an overall analysis and not just a few negative comments. My frustration is based on the fact that for some here, it is not just fun gossip and snark but rather a mission to dump on absolutely everything about Kate.

        One reason why I rarely comment on your Kate comments is because you are pretty balanced and I often agree with what you say. But too many times I feel that the lens through which people evaluate Kate is permanently cloudy. Why bother? Just my opinion but if you get your royal news from a gossip blog that never changes its tone then I suppose there’s no reason to expect the comments to ever change their tone either. Too bad because we could be having some great, spirited debates/conversations otherwise. And there is absolutely an impression that nothing is good enough, unless you’re the hot ginger scamp or HM or Chuck. All of these people are cartoon characters in a pageant. And they are laughing all the way to the bank. Too bad Will and Kate are too dimwitted to properly pull the wool over peoples’ eyes and dazzle them into liking it.

      • profdanglais says:

        @gee money
        Sorry, but part of your last statement was so misinformed I couldn’t let it pass. I am British and live in England, and I can assure you that not everyone here hates Charles and Camilla. Quite the contrary, in fact. They have made several appearances in the town where I live (one of Charles’s projects is here) where they are always well received, and I’ve never heard anyone say anything very negative about them. Personally, I think Charles has done well to overcome his dour personality, controlling father, and the popularity and tragic death of his ex-wife, and a lot of what he does here is of real value, particularly his promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture. Charles and Camilla do a lot, and with considerably less fanfare than William and Kate get for their rare appearances.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Ok. Perhaps I’m being a little over the top with the word “hate”.

        But I’m pretty sure no one is looking forward to Prince Charles becoming King Charles over there (I’ve heard rumblings as such). And I remember distinctly after he and Diana split, that everyone was on her side and no one cared for/liked him (and they REALLY didn’t like Camilla at the time). So, I’m not completely off base with saying that he’s disliked.

        Perhaps he’s rehabbed his image over the last decade or so… but I don’t need to live in England to know that he’s not a popular royal compared to others.

      • FLORC says:

        Dame Snarkweek
        I do often forget some people seak out chances to dump on others. I gloss over those comments as just people with their own issues. And as others might not know i’m in no way looking for reasons to hate and actively avoid those threads and sites without reason.

        I agree with you often too. Also the cloudy lense of Kate. We see a calculated image. There’s rarely an honest perspective of here anymore. It’s spin and not always easy to sift through it. I know many here and myself become frustrated when we see press manipulation while others refuse its existence. And tempers get heated on occasion. And the other side may only see a wife and mother in Kate that can’t walk out her front door with people looking for reasons to tear her apart.
        That people can’t change their opinions and find the truth in the middleground gets me.

        And agree with your last line. How little it would take for them to create a cover image. They wouldn’t have to go on working sprees if they consistently worked and dressed how they should for public events.

        He won’t be King Charles most likely. And he is much more liked. Time can change so much. It’s a rare few holding the grudge post Diana divorce. Especially when Diana was even over it and getting along fine with him and Camilla.

      • profdanglais says:

        @gee money
        I like Prince Charles, as do a lot of people I know. If we’re not “looking forward” to him being king, it’s just because we like the Queen better. Of course there are a lot of people who don’t like him, just as there are people who don’t like any of the Royal Family and would like to see the monarchy ended. Just don’t make the mistake of a) thinking that everyone feels the same as your friend’s husband, and b) thinking that nothing has changed since Diana’s death. Fifteen years ago, Charles was extremely unpopular, but people’s memories are short and he has come a long way in the intervening years, as has Camilla. Of course they are not universally beloved, but you’ve made some very sweeping generalisations based on quite a shaky foundation about a country that (it seems like) you’ve never visited, and even on the Internet I don’t think that should be allowed to slide.

      • GeeMoney says:

        I don’t need to have travelled to England to remember how much Charles was hated back when that whole cheating scandal came out back in the 90′s. I remember that like it was yesterday. And I haven’t forgotten how the British press DOGGED out Camilla and called her horse face and made fun of her. And that occurred within the last decade.

        Perhaps feelings towards Charles have changed, now that the man finally gets to be happy and be married to a woman he truly loved for many years prior to him marrying Diana. Maybe that’s why he’s so well liked now. He actually has something to smile about.

        Now, my friend’s husband hasn’t lived in England in 7 years (and he doesn’t keep up too much with what goes on there – I’m the one who had to get him and my friend to watch Sherlock), and the question I asked him was why everyone disliked Prince Charles, and he gave me an answer that was probably relevant prior to the time he married Camilla.

        But the fact of the matter is that England/the U.K. at one point in time did not like him/was mad at him/whatever, and I wasn’t wrong about that. So my knowledge is not completely off base.

        And, maybe if y’all had been a bit nicer to him over the years, no one would think that he’s so disliked.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        One personal anecdote doesn’t stand in for a whole country, that is simply a common rhetorical error when it comes to debating. I lived in England for a while and practically all the locals I knew didn’t give a toss about the BRF.

        It is fun to gossip – however, I find that Kate is one of the MOST boring subjects. She doesn’t do much and she doesn’t say much so there isn’t really much to discuss. She has modelled her public image as nothing more than a decorative ornament, which I actually find incredibly sad. What I actually find most offensive is the nauseating press coverage – she has been hailed as the second coming in the press without having done anything to deserve such praise other than marrying a prince and giving birth to another. She may have married for love but with that marriage came a position and a job with responsabilities. Other royal brides (and bride-grooms) have taken that aspect seriously and have risen to the occasion, which is why it is a shame that the site rarely covers other European royals (it has been better lately).

        She’s a privileged young woman who seems to have been handed everything on a platter for her whole life. I have always felt that she would be more likeable if she actually showed something of herself other than this carefully manufactured image. However, I think that is not wholly her fault, but something inherent in the British royal machine. The BRF appears (to an outsider) to hold themselves very much aloof, which I think is a mistake on their part. For royals today public perception is everything and people are smart enough to recognize PR spin when they see it. I can only compare it to how the monarchy operates PR wise in my country. They are much more open, allowing the public to get a glimpse into their lives and their personalities and it works well – they have about an 85-88 percent approval rating.

      • Megan says:

        FLORC – Weren’t you the one hoping Tanna would crank out a bitchy screed about the Middletons? Where is the middle ground in that?

  23. Ciria says:

    I think she looks great. I love her style. It’s tailored, fit and always classy.

  24. Eugenia says:

    “This blue dress is actually Stella McCartney, a British designer Kate rarely wears (thank God). ”

    I usually don’t chime in on Kate posts because she just bores me to tears but I finally have to get something off my chest. I am always surprised when I find out a dress she is wearing is by a high end designer. I am sorry but she makes clothes look cheap to me. With the exception of a few items, it all looks like it could have come from JC Penny, Sears or if she is lucky Macys.

    • Olenna says:

      “makes clothes look cheap”…ITA. The few times that she’s looked truly elegant are when she’s worn conservative, tailored garments like the dove grey McQueen coat in Australia. And, I agree on the line of clothes she chooses. Some of her dresses (despite the designer tags) appear to have the same fabric quality and styling of mass market ones (Dress Barn comes to mind). I’ve never been able to put my finger on it exactly, whether it’s her physical features (hair, etc), demeanor or just poor styling, but she really cannot “wear” high end.

      • nance says:

        “makes clothes look cheap” — In the case of Stella McCartney, the clothes do a good job of looking cheap all by themselves!!!! I don’t necessarily think it is Kate’s lack of taste or style that makes her look less than “high end”, I think if she returned to her normal weight she would look much better – no matter what she was wearing.

        As it is, the jeggings and certain dresses make her skeletal frame more apparent — without a heavily padded braziere her bust is non-existant and the dresses hang off her like a scare crow.

      • Olenna says:

        Nance, you’re may be right about the weight. In her more youthful (healthier) days, her clothes seem hang better and she wasn’t trying to impress anyone with over-styled hair and excess makeup.

      • MinnFinn says:

        That hair and her shoes drastically downgrade almost every outfit.

        That big hair (someone yesterday aptly described it as pageant curl hair) is visually overwhelming. Lots of celebs have equally long hair but they still look pulled together because they have less volume styled into their hair plus it doesn’t cover half their face

        To me no matter what clothes she’s wearing, she immediately appears more polished when the hair is in a ponytail or chignon.

        As I said yesterday, add a leopard print to Kate’s jeggings and she becomes Peg Bundy.

    • Francis says:

      Eugenia I agree10000% Kate makes everything she wears look cheap. She throws things on haphazardly or doesn’t wear the right shoes, or her hair is always a mess and ruins the look.
      All I see is a girl with no style who makes designer clothes look cheap.

  25. wow says:

    She’s a young, hot, royal mom, she can do no wrong…wedges and all. I have no issue with her repeating clothes. I do so as well. My only issue with Kate as of late is that we are sees till at a point where the only thing that is heavily focused on is what Kate wears. I mean in the main media and news outlets, not blogs where it’s normal for us to discuss such things.

    That bugs me about her because she is on an international stage, media wise, but still there isn’t anything of substance to discuss about her. Usually the newspapers will devote a line or two to name the event and charity the event benefits, a line or two on what other royals attended. Another line or two from “the commoners” giving quotes on what the royal joked about…then the remaining will be focused on what Kate wore, how much it cost and who designed it. It’s a shame that there is nothing of more substance to discuss about Kate. I guess its not her fault being that that is exactly what they want for her role. But still…it would be nice if she had an interesting background than just being a pampered rich girl all of her life.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “It’s a shame that there is nothing of more substance to discuss about Kate. I guess its not her fault being that that is exactly what they want for her role. ”

      It is her fault, and her husband’s. HM is not holding her back due to fears about another Diana. Charles is not holding her back out of jealousy (see the examples of Harry being allowed to shine). They set their own schedule, they select their own work, they choose their own path. They are choosing to be lazy, flit off on vacation, waste millions of taxpayer money on a mansion they won’t live in, hide in the country, and do shockingly little royal work.

      There is nothing to discuss of substance about Will and Kate, because there is nothing of substance about them.

      • wolfpup says:

        +1 Bottom line, she is responsible for her public image. That she seems to not care, it is still on her. It’s patriarchal mumbo-jumbo that she has no opinion outside of her husband’s. It will be fun to see how this all plays out.

  26. nadia says:

    it’s like a style lobotomy.

    is there anyone else this boring who gets this much press?

  27. nadia says:


    someone please hire her a stylist. a real one. please?

  28. FLORC says:

    Meh. Still on damamge control avoiding anymore fallout from the lavish spending and avoiding William’s duty with helicopter related procrastination.

    What a waste.

  29. Laura says:

    Although I don’t find her to be particularly useful or hard working, I do enjoy looking at Kate’s fashions and find her to be an attractive woman. Yes, she has had quite a few wardrobe issues (skirts flying up, too tight jeans) but generally I think she dresses appropriately for her role.

  30. Caroline says:

    Keep forgetting until I come on here that it’s all about appearance and nothing else matters. How silly of me.

  31. SoCal says:

    Kate listens to no one, she got the ring and doesn’t feel the need to improve on anything. And its ironic that she won’t improve her appearance when its the one thing she cares about presenting, it certainly isn’t charity work.

  32. Vava says:

    I watch Kate’s fashion because in my opinion at least, there really isn’t much more substantive about her. That said, I do like the jacket. The Stella McCartney dress is poorly tailored. Although I like some wedge shoes/sandals, I despise those. I’m surprised Stuart Weizmann would even make such an ugly hoof-like shoe. It amazes me.

    Kate has the potential to do great things, if she and William would just get motivated. Can’t see that happening any time soon, though.

    As far as her professionalism with regard to wardrobe, more often than not she’s off-base. This outfit is a case in point – it wasn’t appropriate for jumping around over cans. The dress hiked up too high for representing the Royal Family and the shoes are a safety hazard, the result made her look idiotic and unprofessional. The outfit the day before was also inappropriate, skin tight jeans should not be worn when representing the crown on official business. That’s where Kate gets it all wrong.

    As noted above, she truly is a theme dresser. I wonder if she has any Christmas sweaters! LOL

    • FLORC says:

      Stella designs are pretty awful. Rarely are they any good imo, but that mostly falls to tailoring.

      And Kate has shown she can dress well. Hair, makeup, clothes. She can look stellar and has (see a compliment), but her repeats aren’t always good. We know she shops an insane amount. Is she really just purchasing repeats like her shirts, pants and shoes? They aren’t the same, but they are similar.

      And they can do great things. It’s easier for them than most. Still, they don’t. They appear to have never done selfless work without a motive of pr or goodwill. This is leading to my question. Why do her fans really like her? Is it to play devil’s advocate here? Seems likely. Especially when the only argument in her favor is a variation of “because she can”.

      Seems more like people supporting her choice for apathy with praise. Their choice I guess. I’m not lowing my standards.

    • MinnFinn says:

      ‘Christmas sweaters’ made me howl! Thanks Vava!!!!

      If international mail weren’t so expensive I would mail her a Christmas sweater with a big sequin-covered Rudolph on it and some matching dangly Rudolph earrings.

      Speaking of mailing gifts to Kate, when her Aussie tour was officially announced, I was going to mail her a 6 pack of women’s Hanes cotton high waist undies. The style worn by all the German grannies I see on the beach in Mexico when they change into their swimwear in plain view.

  33. nadia says:

    how about just a nice short bob and and off center part? anything ANYTHING would be less boring than this. it’s making me CRAZY. I want to hit myself in the face with those shoes.

  34. Mrs. Wellen-Mellon says:

    Sinewy with horse-hoof shoes. The hair drags her down.

    I would love to see her with Carmen Diaz’s haircut.

  35. nadia says:

    I’m actually serious here because I went and looked for actual Kate quotes and couldn’t find any. I know she made one speech a while back (in her mom’s dress I recall), and then there was a presser with Will that a recall, but other than that, I found nothing! Is that true? Do these people really not field press questions at the public events they attend and are photographed at? They are not expected to stoop as low as releasing one freaking sentence (even approved in advance) to the press at these events? That is absolutely appalling. What is the point of them then? The pictures? If so, that is exactly why we are sitting here talking about her clothes.

  36. Homegirl needs to take notes from the fashion game of QUEEN Letizia. She is flawless.

    • charlie says:

      +1,000,000. Letizia is a perfect, shining example of everything that Kate isn’t. Letizia dresses almost perfectly on almost every occasion — her style, posture, and demeanor are impeccable. Yet do you hear people or the press go on and on about her wardrobe choices? Maybe a little, but mostly the focus is on her work. WORK! Real work! Giving impromptu speeches, not memorized, being prepared for and attending in-depth meetings with heads of state from around the world, taking part in global issues of many different kinds. Waity needs a year of full-time princess lessons from Letizia, but then Waity doesn’t seem to have the ability to learn anything, so it would probably be just another waste of UK taxpayers’ money.