The Sun: Meghan Markle will ‘have to zip her lip a bit,’ royal experts claim

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There are three kinds of “leaks” when it comes to royalty and the royal-adjacent. The first kind of leak is from the royals themselves, or people working on behalf of the royals. Those kinds of leaks are of the “Prince William saved a life because he is a manly chopper pilot” variety. The second kind of leak is from pissy, prissy people who work for the royals in some capacity, and those people usually want to let some damaging information out for various reasons. A good example of that: the Queen’s “courtiers” will often throw Prince Charles or William under the bus just as a way to further the Queen’s interest, even if she didn’t specifically ask for them to do that. The third kind of leak is trickier to explain… there’s a vibrant cottage industry of “royal experts,” people who work full-time on various royal hagiographies, ghost-write memoirs and that sort of thing. Consider this kind of “leaker” to be close enough to royalty to pick up some actual interesting gossip, but those leakers often hold on to the salacious stuff out of a sense of loyalty. It’s weird, I know.

Anyway, I’m still convinced that Meghan Markle’s Vanity Fair cover interview was done with palace approval at every level, meaning that Kensington Palace – Prince Harry’s office – signed off on it, and that Buckingham Palace and Clarence House are working with KP to give Meghan and Harry’s engagement a proper rollout. That is what the royal reporters have assumed, likely because they’ve been given the nod from the second kind of source, the people who work for the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry. Meghan is in the fold of royalty, and they are “managing” her, so to speak. But that hasn’t stopped the third kind of “leaker” – those royal hagiographers – to assume that Meghan is just another grasping American famewhore who just ruined her chances of ever marrying a prince. The Sun ran a story on Thursday claiming in their headline: “Meghan Markle faces furious backlash from royal experts after she gushed about her love for Prince Harry in Vanity Fair interview.”

Meghan Markle faced a furious backlash after gushing to a glossy mag about her love for Prince Harry. The US actress was advised to “zip her lip a bit” by experts who said she had made Harry’s appeal for privacy look “ridiculous”. Meghan, 36, invited Vanity Fair into her Toronto home and told them in a candid chat: “We’re a couple. We’re in love.”

But Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward said: “For her this probably seemed a perfectly normal thing to do. But it will not have gone down well at the palace. Maybe someone like Meghan would be good for the monarchy but I think she’s going to have to zip her lip a bit.”

Suits star Meghan told the magazine she doesn’t “read any press” despite Harry, 32, last year claiming stories about her had been damaging and appealing for her privacy. Ms Seward went on: “It makes a nonsense out of Harry’s plea.”

Biographer Penny Junor said royals in the most successful relationships stay silent. She warned: “The less said publicly the ­better. It may bite her in the backside.”

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Penny Junor is the same “biographer” who recently did a book about how the Duchess of Cornwall is perfect and Camilla never sought to destroy Princess Diana’s marriage whatsoever. Ingrid Seward is more established, I grant you. I feel like both women are being a bit prissy about Meghan, perhaps because *sniff* that’s not the way it was done in their day. But isn’t that the whole point of “modernizing” the royal family? To actually bring in some new, different people who have different ideas about how to do things? I actually know exactly what Meghan was thinking, because it’s such an American way of handling things: she thought, “It’s better to just address this head on, without playing games, and answer these questions about my relationship directly.” Poppycock, the royal sycophants clucked. Pushy, they said. Too American, they whispered.

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  1. Goats on the Roof says:

    I really do not think Meghan would play by the rules for a year, only to sabotage herself and her relationship by giving an unauthorized interview. These people sound very petty.

  2. SoulSPA says:

    Interesting. Something I don’t understand. Who had to ask permission from whom?
    1. Meghan from Harry. Harry from TQ/men in grey suites?
    2. VF magazine from Harry or the BRF PR machine?
    Looking forward to more interviews. And bring on the engagement and wedding, please! Honk honk!!!

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I don’t think it’s about permission. But when you date a royal of Harry’s status, you’ll be made aware of the rules and I think we’ve seen that she knows the rules. Closed down her website etc. So she’ll know not to go rogue like that. If VF approached her, she’ll have consulted with Harry/KP/BP by extension. I have no idea how this interview came about though. And I don’t think she “has to” ask permission but I imagine she wouldn’t want to put her bf in a difficult position.

      As for these experts … my god. “Zip her lip” is just about the most condescending sh*t they could’ve come up with. It implies she’s loud, classless, and doesn’t know “how things work”. Get used to it ladies, this is 2017.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I still find it hard to imagine a liberal California girl being able to tolerate that backwards, stuffy, anachronism of a family.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think behind-the-scenes is as stuffy as one might think. There is job protocol, and family protocol that HM has put in place so nobody gets their nose out of joint (I see you Anne, Alexandra). Otherwise? Philip and Charles are both pro-sustainable agriculture, organic farming, “going local” – things she probably agrees with. The younger generation of royals – Zara and Mike are “stuffy”?

        In the day-to-day, she wouldn’t be living with them, she’d be living with her husband. You follow the family rules when you’re at big events, but this royal family has always been a “set your own schedule, do work that interests you” kind of family. As long as she shows up to the local engagements and charms people one-on-one, she’d have an enormous platform to do charity work if she wanted to.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Nota, admittedly I don’t know much about Mike and Zara, but the extreme measures the Middletons have taken to obtain titles, and the many times it’s been pointed out here that nouveau riche are not considered real aristocracy, well yeah it feels outrageously anachronistic. I truly hope that Harry & Meghan are planning to change the world together, not just vacation a lot, but it’s still a shockingly d8different world than the one we liberal California-raised kids are accustomed to, where the rich can just barely be distinguished by their higher priced jeans & flip flops. Where weirdos and nonconformity are the mainstream.

      • morrigan says:

        @Bettyrose Yeah, I agree. As a liberal California-raised kid too, I bet Meghan is still going to have to get used to culture-shocks like this. I mean, the Middletons have faced backlash for wanting and caring about titles, being “nouveau riche” and people harp on Kate for trying to speak more “posh” etc.

        Meanwhile, as you say, Meghan is totally California, where – as you rightly say – if you’re walking around you can only really tell if some has a lot of money if they are in higher priced jeans, which they’ll still wear with flip-flops. In October. I remember a few months ago, before Pippa’s wedding, people here talking about Meghan wearing Yoga pants and a hoodie as she existed a spa/salon in London and talking about how that just isn’t done in London. And all I could think was “Really? You see this type of thing every day in LA. From people are famous and nonfamous alike. Hell, I’ve done it.”

        She’s likely just going to have to get used to these royal-ajunt people saying this like this. However, I think she’s old enough and secure enough in who she is to take it in some kind of stride.

    • Sabrine says:

      I think Harry needs to resume his search. I don’t think this is the girl for him at all.

  3. Torontoe says:

    I kinda think these royal adjacent “third group” have, in their own minds, elevated themselves above regular common folk through their closeness to the royals. To have a commoner come in, someone who has never been inside the circles they have lurked on the margins for years probably feels threatening to their (perceived) special status.

  4. Dixiebells says:

    I agree there’s a weird section of royal reporters who get kinda hung up on how it used to be. I mean does the BRF seriously have the power to dictate the life of someone marrying in? I can see sort of streamlining the “brand” but I’ve just never bought this idea that the Queen hands down some decree of how you must be now that you marry in. People are still adults with rights I guess? Meghan’s already non-traditional so it seems stupid to me to suggest the family will force her to be the traditional duchess. Isn’t it kind of becoming not quite so scandalous when a royal marries a non- royal who keeps doing their own non-royal thing? Isn’t one of the Swedish sisters married to a banker? I realize an actress is different and maybe her career will change if they get married, but I guess I just don’t quite buy this “she will have to change every single thing about herself in order to this per orders from above”. I dunno I could be wrong about all this! Ingrid Seward sound a little stuck in the past to me.

    • whatever says:

      She may not have to change everything about her but she will have to change quite a few things. She (and other people) are deluded if they think she can carry on as she was when marrying in to an historic insinuation like the British Royal Family. There will be non-negotiable rules, etiquette, customs and traditions that she will have to follow because this isn’t just any family.

    • milla says:

      BRF is one of the most powerful families in the world. They do whatever they want and take no prisoners.

      I think KP approved this piece but didnt VF editor quit now?

      And doubt there will be big royal wedding since she is divorced. Cos they have their rules.

    • Nicole says:

      I sorta agree with your statement. She won’t be fully traditional. However this is what happens in a marriage…sometimes you take on customs or ways of your partner. Not to change but to merge your two ways of life into one. Add to this situation is the fact that this family is different and has customs that date back hundreds of years. If Meghan thinks she’s not going to have to learn the ways of the monarchy she’s naive. However I don’t think she believes this at all. She will bring some needed fresh air to the royals

    • Bellagio DuPont says:

      @ Dixie Belles: Yes, Ingrid Seward is most definitely stuck in the past. I remember hearing her say that Meghan will most likely have to be taught absolutely everything…..even how to hold a knife and fork.

      These Royal adjacent types tend to be the most dangerous. I can absolutely imagine that Ingrid will be asking herself why the Prince has to stoop to Meghan’s level when Daughter Seward is still single, white and at least upper middle class…..

      Her criticisms will always be the most biting. Plus, isn’t she friends with Carole Middleton?

      • Ama says:

        I have seen Americans hold and use fork and knife in a very peculiar way (like a pitchfork-I am not kidding!!). Would not want to visit a nice restaurant with them, certainly not sit with them on the same table as the queen ;-)

      • CN says:

        Really @Ama! You could actually say that about an entire citizenry?

        As for sitting at the same table as the queen, you’re obviously talking about Meghan in particular. Well guess what from the looks of it, she’s going to do that very soon and she going to eat just fine. Luckily for you, you’ll be absent.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ AMA:

        Lol…..I seriously doubt that Meghan is unable to use crockery properly. Having said that, I guess Americans have their own style of cutting and placing the knife across the top of the plate and all that……but I wouldn’t call that unrefined…..just different.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ AMA : LOL that reminds me of my mother! My parents were from London, moved to Canada after my oldest sister was born. Growing up near Toronto, i was scolded at the dinner table and told to stop holding my fork “like a weapon” and to stop eating “like a Canadian”! Too funny to hear you talk about it now. And every Sunday was a dinner of roast beef, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding! Ah, the sixties and seventies!

        But I get your point about the way people here hold their cutlery ….

      • graymatters says:

        Americans use utensils in the old European style — the way it was when we were just a colony. You modernized to be more efficient, we didn’t. Many of the spelling and grammar differences between American and British versions of English are similarly historical. We held on to the traditional — the way it was before independence — and you modernized.

        It’s not a moral issue. If people can chew with their mouths closed and refrain from licking the plate, they’ll do well enough.

      • Ama says:

        @CN, Bellagio. LOL! I did not say that about the entire citizenry, did I?! Read again!
        BTW, this site is called CeleBITCHY. Note my Emoji at the end! ;-) Just rocking the boat!
        Whatever! Eating at the same table as the queen, I am sure we all need a course or two in dinner etiquette, if you have ever seen any of those state dinners.
        BTW, I have been at Troooping the colours in London before MM! There! :-P

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Ama don’t you get me started on British peculiarities. Lol

        I have seen plenty of boorish Brits at a dinner table. Talking loudly too. So there.
        I am just teasing, but I have.

        I do think most people would need to learn royal etiquette though. I don’t dine at the palace on the daily, and I don’t think 99.9 percent of the population does either.

      • Lorelai says:

        @Graymatters: I never knew that and find it absolutely fascinating! Any ideas as to where I should start if I want to read up on it more? The language differences are interesting, too. I’ve always wondered why we spell certain things differently.

        And anyone who has seen the table settings at BP would need some guidance — it goes way beyond knowing which is the salad fork/soup spoon/etc. It is a whole production and anyone who shames her for needing help is ridiculous because any of us would 🙄

      • OMG, how to use cutlery? Americans do not know the proper way? I laugh and laugh. We use forks, spoons and knives – but do not lick knives like the English. Americans do not hold forks and knives at the same time – this is a pretentious English manner; when the middle class wanted to be better than the working class, then the forks turned around to keep the plebeians from copying! How difficult to eat from a fork backwards! Americans laugh, especially when the snobs cut their tongues and lips, and sucking up a knife has left many “aristocrats” with funny and gross accents.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’d have to learn royal etiquette and dress protocol, and learn all the internal family politics. But as for the traditional mold of royal spouse from 30 years ago? The other royal houses do more progressive work than the BRF, many attached to the UN. Maxima with microfinance, Mette-Marit with HIV/AIDS, Letizia with Nutrition, Mary with FGM. She fits that mold fine and could become a real asset to them.

      As LAK wrote in another thread, they are encouraged to work in areas of personal interest. As wife of soon-to-be 6th in line, she’d have more leeway eventually but maybe not at first. For example Sophie was able to participate in a cross-country bicycle fund-raising event, which would have been seen as impossible even 10 years ago. With Harry and Sentebale, I’d expect these two to become the members of the BRF who take on HIV/AIDS related causes in the UK too. Harry has started doing that already.

    • perplexed says:

      I think when the Queen Mum was around, people seemed to follow what she wanted. Even the Queen seemed to bow to her influence.

      Maybe now that the Queen is 90 something, she’s content to let the younger generation do things the way they want and let the chips fall where they may. I have no proof though. I’m only speculating.

  5. Abs says:

    But Seward and Junor haven’t really been fans of Meghan from the beginning, so of course they would be the ones going out of their way to slam her. Interesting though that Dickie Arbiter who called the relationship a fling in November, is now supportive of Meghan. He seems to understand that this interview was given with palace approval.

  6. whatever says:

    The other explanation for doing this interview could be that she has KP’s approval to do this to force the Queen’s hand in to giving permission to Marry. It seems plausible. Maybe they don’t have permission for the Queen yet? Maybe H +M think that they have a better chance of getting permission by showing the world how in love they are and getting the public on their side?

    We all know that the members of the BRF don’t talk to each other directly, they need press officer’s to relay messages to each other. We also know that press offices at KP, BP,CH, SJP never sing from the same hymn sheet hence the current mess in trying to bring all the different press offices under one roof. So it does seem plausible that they would go down this route.

    • Merritt says:

      The Queen doesn’t need her hand forced. Outside of people projecting their personal feelings on the Queen, there is nothing to suggest that she will not give permission.

    • notasugarhere says:

      We already had the Palace leak, back in November, that whatever concerns there might be, HM and Charles will not stand in the way of Harry’s happiness. “Harry’s happiness is paramount” was the quote iirc.

      No need to force anybody’s hands – if these two want to marry they will. This wasn’t done without multi-palace approval; it was done with everybody on-board.

    • Alexandria says:

      May be wrong but I feel that Harry seems to respect his grandparents more than William and would not go to this extent to force an acceptance. But I’m just judging from pictures of their interactions. I just don’t think these two would screw up and agree to a photoshoot without HM approvals. Too risky. I also feel that aside from all the speculation about Meghan being ‘unsuitable’, ultimately HM doesn’t see any problem so it’s all much ado over nothing. Harry is already gonna be sixth in line. The fervent royalists or traditionalists who imagine there is a problem can suck it.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think the same. He is closer to the family overall and regardless of what people think I am sure Charles of all people knows you should marry who you want to marry or else it ends in a disaster. All of that hurt and sadness could have been avoided but here we are.

    • Sarah says:

      Do you think this article in an American magazine will get the British public on her side when they don’t seem to be at this point?
      I don’t know about that.

      • Alexandria says:

        I don’t think at the end of the day, the pragmatic public cares so much about who Harry would marry. Would it seriously rock the UK? No. Brexit does. I would say this shoot slights local journalists more because they did not get the scoop. He and his kids are going to be further in the background, I do not get the furore over Megan. The superficial royalist may be focused on her ‘unsuitability’ but the BRF has not been the epitome of morally perfect behaviour anyway. See what happened when a virginal, perfectly suitable white aristocrat joined the BRF.

      • Tina says:

        The only people who care about this are Americans. Mostly white. Mostly non-urban. No one in the UK cares.

      • Tina, are you a racist? Whites? And Americans care? Well, who are the tourists who give a damn? Non-urban? How does a non-urban differ from an urban? Suburban? No one in the U.K. cares? Really? Where is your proof? You care.

      • Tina says:

        Perhaps I should be more nuanced. Most people in the UK are indifferent to the royal family (I, and the other British posters here, are exceptions). The super-fans, who care about this and dislike Meghan, are by and large American, at least judging by those who post online. I am making assumptions about their race and location because of how they describe themselves. And also because it would be strange (but not, of course, impossible) for people who are not white to dislike Meghan for being biracial. Many Americans who post online insist that the British public is not “on her side” when in reality, most of the British public is completely indifferent.

  7. boredblond says:

    I know nothing about ‘royal etiquette’, but was curious..did any of his previous girlfriends give interviews about him? I would guess they would be approached for a story..just wondering…

    • bluhare says:

      Cressida has done quite a few, but they were after because she’s trying to promote herself as an actress now. I don’t think Chelsy ever did.

    • MousyB says:

      I think the only reason she’s given this interview/cover is that theyre already engaged – at this point shes not just some girlfriend.

      • Sarah says:

        So why didn’t the BRF encourage Kate to do an interview and photospread on her own before her engagement was announced? Seeing as how the Queen thinks it’s such a grand idea, and all. And don’t just say that Kate is incapable – if the Queen wanted Kate to do an interview, it would have been done.

      • Sylvia says:

        @Sarah Kate didn’t need to do interviews before the engagement, they didn’t have to “sell” her to the public in quite the same way because there was nothing unexpected about her. She’s not American, not an actress, not biracial, not middle class, their relationship didn’t come out of nowhere. She’s an affluent white British girl who went to school with William and they dated for years, exactly the sort he was expected to marry.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Sylvia I agree mostly.
        The Queen and Charles weren’t happy with his choice. They don’t interact with her if you notice even at family events she sits alone unless William is there, but then he goes off somewhere else. They didn’t think she was suitable and they were right. Kate was middle class, her original home is purely middle class, and her parents weren’t wealthy even though they floated that out there.

        Reportedly the Queen told him it wouldn’t end well, and Charles threw suitable aristocratic young women at him, but they rejected him. So he settled. He is a charmless pain in the arse and neurotic.

        Harry is closer to his family and has more of a social circle and friends. She is sophisticated enough to learn fast, and she won’t need polish and forced to work.

  8. Merritt says:

    Ingrid Seward is a snob. I think people like Seward are stuck in the past. They project their own issues onto the Queen. I think the Queen is quite traditional but I also think she has better things to do. And I’m not sure that after all the shenanigans from her kids over the years, that she has any f*cks to give at this point in her life.

    • Nic919 says:

      If the Queen interfered then Kate would have been forced to get a job or do charity work during the dating years. Outside of her saying “but what does she do?” about Kate’s laziness, she didn’t interfere and she isn’t going to stop Harry from marrying Meghan if that is what he wants.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She mostly doesn’t interfere. After HM said that, Carole immediately ran out and got her daughter a less than part-time job as an accessories buyer. Granted it only lasted 9 months until William dumped her again, but the royal courtiers letting that comment of HM’s slip did have an impact.

  9. Jenna says:

    I get an off vibe from these two. I feel like (for no particular reason) she is way more invested in the relationship that he is. Likely because the wedding photos over the summer where she was touching him and smiling and he was looking away. And her gushing now – that always signals the end. Wish them all the best, but not holding my breathe.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Any number of photos can be taken in a matter of seconds. I’d hate for someone to diagnose my relationship as unhealthy or one-sided because I dared look over my shoulder at some point and it was captured on film.

      People who fixate on the wedding photos as proof that Harry’s just not that into her seem to forget that many pictures also exist in which he looks engaged and happy to be with her so…*shrugs*

    • CCB says:

      Yeah I wasn’t and still am not fully sold that PH is so into her that he would want to take the next big step! Something about her just seems off!

    • minx says:

      I really don’t know what to think about MM and PH…I sort of have a wait and see attitude. There was something about her VF “we’re so in love” interview that seemed…premature? Or maybe she should have allowed others to say “they are so in love.”

    • still_sarah says:

      @ Jenna. I agree those pics from the Caribbean wedding were not good optics. He looked like he wanted to run. But I wonder if Harry was just p***ed off that someone was taking pictures of them obvious for tabloid fodder.

      • nic919 says:

        Harry placed complaints with the press regulatory body for some of the photos taken during that trip, so he definitely was not happy about the presence of the photographers.

        As for him not being “into” her… well that “love shield” as Lainey likes to call it is unprecedented for any royal and certainly isn’t something a man reticent about a relationship would do. He didn’t bother with Cressida or Chelsy.

    • MissMarierose says:

      The problem with diagnosing a relationship based on a couple of photographs published by the media is that the photographer chose when to press the button, an editor decided which images to print and still others decided which ones to pick up on and publicize further. In other words, you would need to know what, if any, agenda any and all of those people had to determine whether those images you saw were carefully curated for you to draw a certain conclusion based on a couple of seconds of their lives.

    • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

      I don’t have a strong opinion either way on her – I think she is basic/harmless like any other C-list actress/lifestyle blogger….. but what I don’t get is how this site treats her like the second coming of Christ! I don’t know how many times I have seen that it is Harry that would be lucky to be with her.

      • Ayra. says:

        My exact sentiments @WHAT. I catch myself rolling my eyes at so many of the comments..

      • melone says:

        Yeah, if you say anything less complimentary about her, you get criticized here.

        One thing is certain though: she would not have gotten a VF cover if she wasn’t dating Prince Harry. She’s milking this for all it’s worth.

      • PrincessK says:

        @melone….you seem to forget that Meghan supports herself and she probably gets paid for interviews. Unlike Kate who had wealthy parents supporting her financially for years, if the wedding goes ahead, Meghan will probably have to stump up her sides share of the wedding expenses, which could run to millions. Meghan needs to make as much money as she can before the engagement.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She wouldn’t have to pay any of the wedding expenses if she didn’t want to, or if between the two of them they decided she didn’t have/need to. Felipe’s wedding gift to Letizia was paying for her wedding gown, because he knew that her needing a crown princess-level wedding dress was his “fault” not hers.

      • PrincessK says:

        Well, I think it would be nice for Meghan’s parents to be seen to be making some contribution. We do know the Windsors will run the show and ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’ but the her much maligned parents would feel a bit more involved and take pride in the matter if the could pay for something. I remember the Middleton’s took over the Goring and had a bash there, of course it doesn’t have to be that lavish. I think Meghan may pay for her dress herself.

    • magnoliarose says:

      You just explained why he does love her so much. I don’t know any person who doesn’t like to have a partner who notices how they feel and tries to help. Harry is into her, and he is over the moon for her. This is the only relationship he has ever protected. They were connected by bracelets for goodness sake.
      He is lucky, and he knows it.

  10. Sixer says:

    Good god. They all just make it up as they go along. And they’re all so bloody humourless about it. We have MUCH better making-it-ups in the comment sections here. At least we are entertaining about it.

    I’m sticking with my flying Elvi. And I also think they should be married by York, not Canterbury. John Sentamu has done skydiving with the Red Devils and everything. He’d be flying Elvi-friendly.

  11. RBC says:

    Three of the Queen’s four children are divorced. Charles and Andrew both had high profile marriages/divorces that made headlines. Any one remember the media storm regarding Andrew dating Koo Stark? Or go back further there was the scandal of Princess Margret and her relationship with Peter Townsend? Then there is also her own uncle and Wallis Simpson.
    At this point in her life I would think the Queen has realized that sometimes the “royal way” of doing things is not always the right way. The family may ask for her approval because they love and respect her. The Queen may listen to her advisors but that does mean she has to take their advice. At the end of the day she is like any parent that just wants their family to be happy

    • frisbee says:

      This – and not to make the same mistakes again, the families higher than average divorce rate alone should persuade her it’s a good idea not to stand in Harry’s way and I don’t think she will. Also Harry is a long way down the line of succession so they probably think it’s worth the risk of letting him marry who he likes at this point

  12. Jessica says:

    Agree with your take, Kaiser. Many of the comments on these rags have been from people bemoaning that he’s not with Chelsy or Cressida anymore. What could possibly make Meghan so objectionable? Gee, I wonder.

    I have read Penny Junor’s Camilla hagiography. I don’t especially dislike Camilla, but it’s written in such a unabashedly propagandist style from the first page that it’s hard to take. No subtlety. I read Sally Bedell Smith’s biography of Charles at the same time and its tone is much more serious and even-handed.

  13. Talie says:

    She’s not British and she’s not Prince Harry’s 7th cousin removed, so they are unimpressed. A lot of these royal reporters were hoping for someone like Cressida Bonas because they’re snobs. Kate caught a lot of this too simply for being “middle class” but she was still an English rose, in the end.

  14. Bellagio DuPont says:

    It would be very interesting to know how Harry presented Neghan to the royal family. Either:

    1) I’ve met this girl who might just be perfect for me/us……what does everyone think? Or
    2) I’ve met my wife and how we get married is entirely up to you (BRF): I’ll either marry her with your blessing and backing OR as a private citizen. Please let me know your choice asap.

    Which is more likely?

  15. Rochelle says:

    The main reason for a lot of the backlash is that Meghan gave this interview to an American publication. Emily Andrews from The Sun basically ended up admitting it after going on & on about how it was due to Meghan & Harry’s “hypocrisy”. She finally said that the royal reporters “work hard” to cover the RF, so her giving the interview to American Vanity Fair was a “slap in the face”.

    Emily wouldn’t own up to the fact that the reason the British media haven’t gotten scoops regarding Meghan/Harry is because of the racist, sexist way they reacted when news of the relationship broke. And Emily’s publication is one of the main pubs printing such crap.

    • Jessica says:

      The Sun is a horrid publication best used as toilet paper. Why would Meghan and/or Harry talk to them when a Vanity Fair cover is possible? These tabloids are in a tawdry business and they should accept that this is their lane. Sun, Mail and other tab comments sections on stories about her are full of racism and bile. Wouldn’t touch these rags with a ten foot pole if I were Meghan.

    • whatever says:

      Don’t get wrong, its understandable why they gave VF the exclusive but honestly they are playing with fire by excluding the British Press. Its not the American public or press that is keeping the BRF in power it’s the British. Annoy the British press and they will get their pitch folks out, it will be easy for them to sway the public in to demanding a Republic. You only have to look at how furious the British public was to the Royal family in the immediate aftermath of Diana’s death. It was the press’s doing. They almost brought the Monarchy to its knee’s. H + M will need to throw the British press a bone no matter how much they hate them.

    • magnoliarose says:

      They were awful. I was shocked because it was worse than I have ever heard from Americans outside of the alt right. They implied she grew up in the ghetto and had to avoid gunshots every day. Racist in the extreme.
      Playing nice is fine, but it will take a long time before either of them forget it.

    • morrigan says:

      As I said above, I remember Seward implying Meghan was just a booty-call when the news of her and Harry dating first came out. And now they’re bitter because they didn’t pick one of them to get this interview?

      Some of them really need to self-reflect and hard, and think about WHY Harry called them all out last November. Because if they do get married (and I’m 99% sure they will), they’ll likely just keep not giving them access like this and continue looking for more even-handed reporters/publications, even if they’re not British.

  16. SBK says:

    I LOATHE Penny Junor -she’s a manipulative sycophant who radiates spite. Ugh. Nothing MM said in the interview would give the Royals pause, it was pretty benign.

  17. SBK says:

    Also, a cousin of mine was rescued and her life saved by the East Anglian Air Ambulance service, so enough with the snark. He did a great job.

  18. HappyXamp says:

    I think they ALL knew about the interview, just maybe not how much was said. Like PC and HM heard she was doing an interview on Suits and her humanitarian work but not the relationship questions.

    • perplexed says:

      I tend to agree. I think the openness was a little “weird,” not really the idea of doing an interview itself. Royals are pretty reserved with their feelings. Although I guess the full profile did kind of read like a promotional piece for Prince Harry as well, not just her.

    • melone says:

      She would never have been featured on the VF cover solely on the basis of starring as a supporting character in a basic cable show or her humanitarian work. She got the cover because of the Harry relationship, so if indeed this was with the blessings of the Queen, then they knew she would be asked about Harry.

  19. island_girl says:

    Eye roll…Meghan hasn’t said a word since she and Henry started dating. Even the Vanity Fair article she barely says anything but that they are in love and “my boyfriend.” Penny and Ingrid need to chill.

  20. Katherine says:

    I honestly cannot for the love of me take the side of someone who uses a phrase ‘zip her lip a bit’

  21. Micki says:

    …” But isn’t that the whole point of “modernizing” the royal family?”…
    Modernizing a monarchy can be one pretty tricky thing. There’s such a difference between the belief that a royal touch can cure scrofula and the modern times with stem sells research and DNA cures…and so on.
    To find a proper footing while “keeping the magic”…eh, ood luck with that.
    The young generation seems to be a bit self-centered on their private issues.

    I don’t think that Meghan as she is, is “unpalatable “for RF. They have seen a lot. However her conduct during their relationship will be a lot more under fire than let’s say Kate’s.
    Kate is boring but she doesn’t rock the boat.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A woman who continues to do her job while in a relationship with a prominent man vs. woman who lived off her parents (or shady Uncle Gary) for a decade to marry a prince.

      The Middletons traded off their royal connection for 10 years, and continue to do so now. Hired a PR consultant, had a pap on speed dial. Even paid Issa back for all the freebie dresses by having KM wear an Issa dress for the engagement interview.

      I don’t see anything Meghan Markle has done that makes her conduct questionable. Lots of people ascribe things to her, none of which are proven. One interview in one year of dating, in which she says basically nothing and has the full-approval of her boyfriend and his family firm in doing the interview.

      • Micki says:

        I think you’re putting words in my mouth, which I haven’t said.
        I’ve never been Kate’s apologist. She was critisized for not working, correctly so, however she adopted Princess Diana’s stance (before the marriage) not to talk. So much that she rarely talks now when it’s really expected from her. The last epic spat were the interviews and books penned with Charles and Diana’s approval doing the dirty laundry in public. It was so unprecedented that the Queen ordered, ahm, “advised” them to divorce.
        My point is that European Royalty in general don’t comment on the state of personal relationships till it’s nessesary. Gossip rags do so, the Palaces not. Tha’s what I meant as “conduct”. You may call it old-fashioned or whatever, my personal opinion is that nothing much has changed there.
        As for the full approval- from Harry’s side it’s a deafening silence so far. Even the sources that confirm how much in love they are, are from Meghan’s side.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Middleton did plenty of talking and manipulating, via her personal pap and their DailyMail PR hack. A great deal of manipulation and public campaigning by the Middletons eventually brought about the marriage.

        The “sources” are never confirmed, so assuming she has anything to do with them is *assuming*. This interview was done with Palace approval, that has been made clear. This was Harry and Meghan working together to present this to the public, not her off on a solo jaunt. It isn’t the way the royal reporters are used to things, but this is the way they choose as a couple to do this.

      • Micki says:

        Middletons did, Kate “herself” didn’t.
        As for the rest-time will tell. I must admit I was hopeful at the beginnit. Now I see it as 50-50 at best. It’s just a gut feeling. I might be wrong of course.

      • notasugarhere says:

        You mean her public comments about how William’s daddy was to blame for their breakups, etc.? That was her. Landing The Prince was a family campaign, with Kate front and center.

      • Micki says:

        Was that in an interview or just a “comment”? If it’s an interview I must have missed it. Could you post a link?

        I think we’re in danger of splitting hairs.

      • Micki says:

        @nota: I got that you are doing a lot more Kate vs. Meghan comparison than me.
        I have to add that both princes have not impressed me so far. I think I have posted it a couple of times (about Harry too.) so in this line of thought I do side-eye every woman, who’d willingly have a relationship with them and would be ready to enter RF. If that’s true for Kate I’d apply the same measure for Meghan.
        Sorry that my opinion does seem to irritate you.

      • Sarah says:

        No one has any idea if this interview had the full approval of the family firm. None. And you know enough about royalty to know how out of character it is to do an interview about a Prince boyfriend and gush about how in love and happy and “our time” this is. It was kind of bizarre. Maybe they knew about the interview, but there is zero evidence the BRF would ever approve an interview in which the gf gushes over their love like this. It is just not in character!

      • notasugarhere says:

        When the royal correspondents have been given the impression it was approved, it has been approved.

        We’re in a new era here, where the BRF has already shown itself to have feet of clay. The Prince Philip retirement announcement – and how that went haywire online – gave them a taste of it. Imagine what would have occurred around Diana’s death, had it taken place now.

        This is the first big relationship they’ve dealt with fully in the glare of social media almost from day one. I see this interview as untraditional, but so was his statement in November. Both are signs of them trying to be pro-active, something the BRF isn’t used to doing.

      • PrincessK says:

        The way the Middleton’s have traded off their royal connections is pretty much unprecedented, and rather jaw dropping the way these in laws are constantly in the headlines. One has to go back a long way in royal history to see similar behaviour.

  22. Starryfish says:

    It’s ridiculous to expect the same roll out that Kate had, for better or worse Meghan isn’t the typical royal girlfriend because she has had an established public profile prior to her relationship. People have heard her speak/ express opinions prior to her engagement interview. She was always going to require a more active narrative rewrite, they couldn’t just state things as fact and count on people taking their word for it when her own words are already out there. She took time off of her regularly scheduled career related PR and shut down a lot of what was associated with her “old public self” (social media etc) and now has re emerged to introduce her “new” public self. It pretty much had to come from her, because that’s where it’s always come from before. Doing it in a publication like VF makes sense because it’s both royal approved ( the queen herself has been on the cover), but also still a pretty well respected publication for people in artistic careers. Celebs go to vanity fair when they want a “serious” profile, it’s fashiony but not frivolous. So she gets to reintroduce herself, while the palace gets some level of plausible deniability that it’s all part of the promotional responsibility of a capital A “Actor.” ( even though no one on early believes that she has the type of career that would normally merit this type of cover feature) But of course the headline makes sure that people know there’s relationship “scoop”in there ( though she revealed literally nothing we didn’t know) gotta make sure people pick it up after all, the medsage is water if it doesn’t reach the intended audience. But let’s face it the BRF’s fingerprints are all over this, it was shot in London, her makeup was done by the person who was well known for doing Diana’s makeup etc. most importantly, there is simply no way that VF risks it’s relationship with the BRF over a profile w/ a little known actress. I’d honestly argue that the roll out began with the list of women who inspire her that was published recently in Glamour I think, that list was tailor made to be inoffensive but still meet likeable levels of female empowerment.
    the British press & certain royal adjacent folks are just grumbling about the VF cover because they didn’t get the scoop, but honestly, what comparable British outlet could they have used?

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:

      @ Starryfish, This!

      I have seen VF refered to as the BRF’s ‘house’ magazine, so I cannot imagine that they would not seek BP’s approval before doing Meghan’s cover.
      To your point – the author of the piece, the photog, the make up artist etc are amongst VF’s most senior collaborators, so her cover is not a casual decision. Looks to me like a good investment,

      I think they got the inside scoop.

  23. Alexandria says:

    Anyone who marries into that family has to zip their lip, not only Meghan. Whether it’s practised or not, is another matter.

    Anyway all the best and while I think Meghan is giving up more than Harry will, I wish them a happy marriage. I hope Meghan gets close to Sophie as part of her learning to be a royal journey, and carries out her obligations with Harry. Doing it with style is a bonus.

  24. Skylark says:

    Another reason to like Meghan, that she’s putting those old po-faced biddies’ noses out of joint.

  25. ArchieGoodwin says:

    “someone” like Meghan? what does that even mean?

  26. Meg says:

    Harry complained of press following her around not what they were writing about her. So how does her saying she doesn’t read her own press belittle his request for privacy?

    • notasugarhere says:

      It doesn’t. He didn’t say stop covering us in his press statement, he admitted the interest would be there and that was accepted. He called them out for their illegal activities (trying to break into houses), harassing her family, the racist headlines they published, and how major news outlets allowed unchecked racist comments about her to run riot.

    • PrincessK says:

      @Meg…you like so many other people are misinterpreting Harry’s statement to suit your own argument. The main thrust of the complaint was about racist and sexist slurs.

  27. Tyrant Destroyed says:

    I don’t have any idea who is this “third group” but now things are getting interesting for the royal gossip watchers. *grabs popcorn

  28. Jag says:

    Am I the only one who truly doesn’t care about Meghan, Harry, William, or Kate? I like seeing pictures of the children, but that’s about it.

  29. Joannie says:

    She says she’s not defined by who she is dating but that’s the only reason she’s on the cover of this magazine. And it’s come out when TIFF is on. Score! I dont see her saying anything inflammatory. I dont think it means theyre engaged either. An engagement after only a year of dating Prince Harry seems unlikely to me. It’s media hype imo.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    It’s day 3 and this article is still the topic of conversation? Meghan has blown Baby Cambridge No. 3 off the gossip pages.

    • Seesittellsit says:

      Oh come on, Cambridge Baby #3 isn’t even visible yet. They’ve got a boy and girl so this third baby is bound to be the least interesting. You can’t compare a third Cambridge baby to a possible engagement of Prince Harry to an American actress.

      • PrincessK says:

        You forgot to add a biracial divorced American actress, this is why popular Harry’s wedding to Meghan is going to garner more interest than his boring wedding to Kate, the highlights of which were her sister’s bottom (quite unremarkable in my opinion) and Beatrice’s pantomime wedding hat.

  31. bxhal says:

    SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I never tire of looking at that mag cover. Cant wait to see their royal babies!

  32. A says:

    This is the Sun. Of course they printed this. Of course they called on “royal experts” for this piece. I’m willing to bet that someone at the Sun has their nose out of joint because the VF article was a very visible, very obvious snub of the British press. I do think that if MM had given an interview to either Majesty or the Sun, they would not have been able to control the message in the way they could with Vanity Fair. I don’t think this is a class issue (although it’s likely got a huge part in the matter) as much as it is just the fact that the Sun is annoyed about having been called out for their coverage and then punished for it. Which just proves Harry’s point even more.

  33. sally says:

    The queen never commented on the Morton book either inaction is her middle name, the public only found out about her and Charles opinion of the statement a couple of months ago. Their opinion was they weren’t happy partly because it over shadowed his tour and partly because of the never explain never complain motto. The debunk states Kensington palace knew not that Clarence or Buckingham did. That’s why I think it was her and Harry, say what you will about Charles but the mans not tone deaf, blind freddy could see it wouldn’t go over well. The queen only last month let it be known she wanted Harry and William to stop the soul baring and start working, Harry needs to stop thinking he’s being a genius and start being seen with the woman, no leaks just going about doing normal things and gradually people will come around. I’ve lived in Britain long enough to know that they still detest Wallis for Christ sake. Meghan deserves better and it’s time Harry manned up he’s not a child. You can’t force people to like you it has to happen naturally.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, the sooner Harry and Meghan are seen out and about together the better. I think Harry is just afraid of all the attention on them once they go public and the fact that as a couple they will definitely push William and Kate into second place, probably permanently in terms of popularity. He is afraid of all the comparisons that will be made with Kate and likely divisions. Just look at all the fuss over hiding Meghan away because she would upstage Pippa, that gives an indication of what is ahead. The VF fashion shoot has also indicated Meghan’s potential as the favourite royal to get on a newspaper cover.

  34. Kath says:

    The grey men + bitchy palace courtiers + tabloid British press never learn, do they? You would think the 20th anniversity of Diana’s death might prompt some self-reflection, but no.

    For the record, I don’t particularly like William, in particular, but I can totally understand his hatred of the press and his uneasy relationship with his father.

    If the dog-whistling about Megan starts in earnest once her engagement to Harry is announced, I can see them moving overseas to escape the worst of the British tabloid hacks and snobbish sycophants (‘Majesty’ magazine? Seriously?)

  35. Kaz says:

    if the Royals and their partners want privacy doesn’t it seem foolish to have Megan doing an interview for a major magazine and talking about personal matters. It makes me cringe. I would rather they be totally discreet. it’s no-ones business at the moment. Once an official announcement is made then the public can have a little piece of them. How can you respect their privacy pleas when they play the media game? By all means do public appearances for the charities and groups, but don’t comment on your personal life. Make a clear definition between the two.

    • whatever says:

      The thing I don’t understand with the privacy thing is why were those staged paparazzi shot of Meghan outside of the spa a few days before Pippa’s wedding were taken and released if Harry has some kind of court order preventing people taking pap shots of her while in London? Before those shots were released there was no confirmation that she was in London for Pippa’s wedding.Those pics served as confirmation that she was. Her presence in the UK created an even bigger media circus for the wedding. All the media talked about in the days leading up to Pippa’s wedding was Meghan – was she really going to attend? was she going to attend the church service or just the reception? what was she going to wear? etc… so much for keeping things on the down low eh?

      Seems like H +M don’t mind breaching their own privacy for certain occasions but that seems hypocritical to me.

    • PrincessK says:

      Meghan is not a royal just yet, she is a private citizen and maybe the VF fashion shoot was her last opportunity to take some slightly risqué photos and make a bit of money for herself, she will need cash for her sides share of any wedding expenses.

  36. GR says:

    Meghan has never done nude photos.

    You have no way of knowing what her ex feels about her.

    If Kate survived “Maison Bang Bang” and her assorted dodgy relatives the fact Meghan has family who are *gasp* not white should not be a factor at all.

  37. Seesittellsit says:

    Well, it is true that the Vogue piece does make the plea for privacy look ridiculous and it does make her look like a grasping American famewhore, which is what I’ve always thought she was and why I think she wouldn’t have looked at Harry if he weren’t HRH Harry Windsor. As I said when the piece came out, I wouldn’t have played it this way in her position. Not talking to the press or giving interviews and keeping a low profile is nearly a religious tenet for girls looking to snag a high-end royal groom, especially from the BRF. The photos are of an actress looking to bump herself up, not a future royal bride – certainly not before a public official announcement.

    That said, in the end no one is going to stop Harry from marrying her if he wants to, which I suspect he does, so it’s a moot point. If he’s already proposed and gotten permission, maybe they just don’t care. This could be seen either way: they’re already engaged and this is part of the rollout, or we’re all wrong and they aren’t engaged yet and MM is making the most of her opportunities here.

    My $10 is still on an announcement at New Year’s and a May wedding. If I’ve done my math right, Kate got pregnant in early June, thus due around March, and George and Charlotte part of the May wedding at St. George’s Chapel.

    • Sam says:

      Harry wouldn’t have met her if he wasn’t a prince

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        @ Sam and Seesittellsit:

        She has met, dated (and MARRIED!!!) other men in the past who are not royal, so that rubbishes your argument slightly, doesn’t it?

        She’s also never taken a penny in support from her ex husband, again rubbishing the claims that she is “grasping” or a gold digger and whatever else.

        She has dated Harry for a year and not said a word…..yet, there’s a torrent of lies and false narratives out there about her, (far too many to recount here) disseminated by the likes of the Sun and the poisonous DM and it’s vicious commenters.

        I think it makes perfect sense as part of a rollout to formally “introduce” herself to the public and set the record straight on a few things.