Jude Law’s baby mama Samantha Burke shopping baby photos

Samantha Burke pregnant with Jude Laws baby.
The last we heard of Samantha Burke, the pregnant model/cocktail waitress who is due to have Jude Law’s baby in less than a month, she was blogging that she wasn’t a gold digger. This was on Burke’s new website that included booking information and modeling photos. Burke also protested on her website that she “didn’t choose to publish the story of my pregnancy. I didn’t choose to publish pictures of myself.” She did take sexy cellphone pics documenting her pregnancy, though.

It looks like Burke is inevitably trying to sell the baby photos of little Sophia, due October 6, the same day that Jude Law’s play Hamlet opens on Broadway. You can bet that Law won’t be posing with the happy mother and baby. He supposedly didn’t even remember his brief hookup with Burke until she showed up knocked up. Burke’s people are said to be trying to get the best deal possible for an exclusive interview and picture spread – all to coincide with Law’s run on Broadway. It doesn’t sound like Law or the producers of Hamlet appreciate the publicity:

JUDE Law’s baby mama, Samantha Burke, is out to land a big-money deal for exclusive photos of their love child — just as Law’s play debuts on Broadway next month. The 24-year-old model’s lawyers are shopping an exclusive interview with Burke and pictures of their daughter to coincide with his run as “Hamlet” at the Broadhurst.

Burke is offering to dish on her short-lived fling with the star, which occurred when he was filming “Sherlock Holmes” here in January. Law’s “Hamlet” officially opens on Oct. 6 — the very day baby Sophia is due.

A source close to Burke said: “Samantha is getting offers ranging up to $200,000″ for the interview and baby photos.

“The irony of the timing for the interview is not lost on her,” the source said. “She will talk openly about her relationship with Jude — and he’s not getting rave reviews” for his behavior. “While Jude has promised to provide for Sophia, Samantha doesn’t feel like his behavior towards her was entirely chivalrous,” our source said.

“Hamlet” will mark Law’s first time on the Broadway stage since his Tony-nominated debut in 1995 in “Indiscretions.”

The timing of Burke’s planned interview is a blow to “Hamlet” producers who are trying to keep a lid on Law’s love life, so as not to distract attention from the show. They’ve even banned reporters from asking questions about his relationships — which seem to involve more drama than Shakespeare’s tragedies.

So Burke will hit back with an American weekly magazine and a UK newspaper deal dishing on how Law supposedly disappeared and switched off his phone after a romance that lasted just a week.

LA-based publicist Eileen Koch confirmed her firm has been hired to do Burke’s public relations but refused to comment further. Law’s publicist, Simon Halls, did not respond to an e-mail for comment.

[From NY Post]

Getting knocked up with Jude Law’s baby is the best thing that ever happened to 24 year-old Samantha Burke. If it’s true that Law changed his number and stopped returning her calls that’s cold, but it also seems like this woman is more than a little clingy. Now she’s tied to Law for life, and you can bet she’ll try and capitalize on it. It doesn’t look like she’ll ever get the happy family with Law that she’s probably dreaming of. The money will surely be some consolation, though.

Samantha Burke, who is pregnant with Jude Laws baby, in Florida

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  1. BluePlanet says:

    I love Jude Law, but no wonder he makes 3 movies a year – how many kids does this guy have to support?

  2. londoner says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Mischa Barton?

  3. mojoman says:

    @Mairhead: that’s exactly what I was thinking..

  4. lilred says:

    Money grubbing ho. Hope he insists on paternity testing.

  5. bittercup says:

    She should do a spread for Playboy with Levi Johnston. Rielle Hunter can hold the camera.

  6. Nikki says:

    Samantha wants to become rich and famous via baby, that’s for sure. She reminds me of gay paparazzo Larry Birkhead. He was failed actor/paparazzo who impregnated drug addict on opiates, Anna Nicole. He knew very well Anna Nicole was on drugs, but his greed prevailed. Birkhead started to exploit the child from the moment he got the custody. Selling pictures of children to tabloids could be profitable business.

  7. hatsumomo says:

    lilred: ha haha ha!!!! I will bust a gut from laughter if it turns out not to be his! haha! Take that famewhoreing lyin shameful excuse for a female twat!

  8. AlaskaJoey says:

    She doesn’t think his behavior was chivalrous? I’m sorry, what century are we in? Was she expecting him to marry her?

  9. AC says:

    she does NOT look 24… and does not look 9 months pregnant.

  10. Tia C says:

    This is just such a strange story, this whole accidental baby-mama thing. I hope that Jude Law will consider wrapping it up in the future. What a dumbass. It’s really not that difficult to use birth control.

    I don’t blame her one bit for milking this. She has a child to support. I would make as much money as I could for my child if I were her. I agree with the posters who say she doesn’t look 24. She looks to me like she’s pushing 40 – I’d say she’s somewhere around 38 if I didn’t know otherwise.

    • Abbs says:

      It’s her spawn—it’s her problem. Let her find a way to support this little bastard–she did this on purpose and it’s even in an article where she bragged to people about getting knocked up by a celebrity so she wouldn’t have to work at Hooters any more. Let her make money for this brat the same way she got herself in this situation—on her back. It’s the world’s oldest profession and she seems to be good at it. Or maybe sell her spawn to the highest bidder in the black marked adoption ring. Either way, TOUGH POOP, HO-BAG.

  11. Green Is Good says:

    “Chivalrous”? This tw@t is delusional. She was a one-night stand. Jude used her like a latrine.

    She can protest all she wants, she IS a gold-digger. And Jude is a jackass for not wearing a condom.

  12. Firestarter says:

    Frankly, I could give a damn less what any celebrity spawn look like. least of all hers and Law’s.

  13. Film2TV says:

    Please she was a one night stand. She got him drunk enough to stumble home than slept with her. Too drunk to remember to wrap up of course. She’s manipulative and conniving. Now she expects millions every year when even his other kids don’t get that.

  14. Pole says:

    She’s incredibly tacky and she IS a golddigger. If she wasn’t she would stay out of the media.

    Poor child.

  15. gg says:

    iccch, she’s an idiot. Her face even looks whiney and irritating. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, and I even actually have a shred of pity for him, which is shocking. If she had any sense, she would’ve just used this experience as a life lesson and left him alone, chalking it up to her own poor judgment.

    Who amongst us females has ever been used by a guy and been hurt by it? I’d say probably everybody. You just learn to not get drunk and hop in the sack with strangers, because bad things happen when you do that. You don’t get all desperate and expect him to suddenly care about you and your situation.

    Shit happens, sweetheart, use the experience in a helpful way, not like this.

    I hope she gets even fatter after the pregnancy and has to wear a muumuu and flipflops.

  16. sheryl says:

    gg, I’ll take that a step further. Would you even EXPECT someone to have deep feelings about you strictly on the basis of a one-night hookup, and vice-versa? He didn’t use her any more than she used him. They both wanted sex, and they found it. It happens all the time, and most healthy-minded people can rationalize that it is what it is. If you don’t want it to be that, then don’t participate…don’t agree to the sex…what, was she helpless to refuse, even though it lacked so-called “chivalry” (um, okay)…Jude didn’t exactly force himself on her. She’s not a victim, but she’ll portray herself as such.
    And I call bullshit on the comments about the producers…I mean, whether they are worried or not, Jude wouldn’t patronize questions about it anyway. He values his privacy and has never sold out his kids. Sad that this famewhore needs so much attention.
    But really, what the hell is she going to say, anyway? What information can she possibly have that’s so shocking? They had sex…check! She’s pregnant….check! He left and went back to London, where he LIVES, having never made any promises to her and therefore was in no way obligated to her…check! Let’s see, what else is there…well, he snores? SHOCKING! He farts in his sleep? SCANDALOUS! He didn’t put the lid on the toothpaste? THE CAD!
    Give me a break…she needs to be boycotted.

    • Abbs says:

      She purposely engineered this. I read an article where she bragged to friends that she was going to purposely get knocked up by a rich celebrity so she wouldn’t have to work at the titty bar, i.e. Hooters, anymore. Wish I could find the article so I could post the link…

  17. Bodhi says:

    Puh-fucking-lease. Baby Momma knew the risks/ money making opps when she fucked the guy.

    I feel way worse for Jude…

  18. karsan says:

    This must be her dream come true… and his nightmare. Me, personally, I’d be more than a little embarrassed having the world know that I sleep around without the benefit of protection. Not that I do. Honest.