Justin Bieber: “I really don’t have a lot of friends… I get lonely sometimes”

Justin Bieber Oprah

Poor Oprah. I mean, she did this to herself. After ending her long-running syndicated talk show, she could have retired young and enjoyed a very long life counting her millions and enjoying fruity, umbrella-topped drinks on some random private beach. Instead, O’s massive ego forged ahead with an ill-advised network that has been flailing for over a year now and has been fraught with bitchfights with Rosie O’Donnell and has culminated in Oprah’s loss of executive control. Never mind that, at some point in the interim, Oprah had actually begged John Travolta and Tom Cruise to do reality shows for the network. How awful.

Now Oprah is still floundering with her “Next Chapter” show which has turned into a desperate grab for ratings. Remember when Oprah used to actually interview interesting people who were perfectly happy to travel to Chicago to be on her show? Well now Oprah is the one doing most of the legwork to various celebrities including the time she flew to Barbados to chat with Rihanna, and now she’s pulling out the big guns by sitting down with love monkey Justin Bieber for an interview. Like, she really needs those Beliebers to tune in, right? Oprah even told Biebs that she was her “biggest interview since 1993.” Man, Lady Gaga is going to be pissed about that one. Here are some excerpts from the Bieber interview, which was conducted in October before the big Selena Gomez breakup:

Justin Bieber Oprah

It’s not easy being at the top: “I really don’t have a lot of friends. I have three close friends. I get lonely sometimes, yeah. You just feel sometimes like you need someone to be there with you —that can be lonely. I get days where I’m just down and gloomy, just because I’m human. Some days you just feel what you’ve gone through…”

On transitioning to adult musician: “I think this is the time where people are going to be like, ‘OK, he has it,’ or ‘OK, he doesn’t.’ I just want people to see me and not just hate on me because other people hate on me.”

He gets compared to Michael Jackson: “I see myself looking up to his [Michael Jackson’s] career, how hard he worked as an entertainer, but also I want to be remembered for being myself. Someone seeing a dance move and saying oh yeah, that’s Justin Bieber. With his videos, with his performances, you felt his emotion.”

The trade-offs of fame: “It’s definitely not normal and there’s so many sacrifices that I’ve had to do, but at the end of the day, I’ve been able to do so much.”

Why he loves Selena Gomez: “I am all about genuine people, and I feel like she’s just one of the most genuine people. She just has a good heart. And I can talk to her about anything. I never make her separate from me because I don’t ever want her to feel like I’m ashamed with her. If we getaway, we’re getting away together, at least.”

On those Selena death threats: “People are mean and people say mean things. But at the end of the day, I still have to be happy. I can’t be single my whole life.”

His real celebrity crush: “Beyonce. She’s amazing to me.”

Justin’s been on a bit of a tirade against his “haters lately, and I can see why he might be frustrated that everyone either loves or intensely dislikes him. There’s really no middle ground when it comes to the Biebs. He sort of doesn’t get why people don’t like him though. It’s not because he makes really insufferable music (which he does), but I think most people who can’t stand Bieber really aren’t fans of his attitude. They don’t like that he claims to be a total badass when he’s really a big brat who regularly endangers lives by speeding through traffic in excess of 100 mph. They don’t like his obnoxious gold sneaker line or his weird claims that he’s just so manly and “a swaggy adult.” If he didn’t walk around acting so entitled, Bieber would only be as annoying as the average pop star, which is to say that he’d stil be irritating but not worth freaking out over.

Justin has also responded publicly to the near unanimous disgust at him wearing a pair of overalls and a backwards baseball cap to meet Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper. According to Us Weekly, Justin maintains that he was very busy during a meet and greet at a performing venue, and he just didn’t have time to change clothes: “[I]f you . . .expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan [sic] a suit at that specific time that’s crazy, It wasn’t like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena. Wow am i ever white trash.” Whatever, dude.

Oh, and did you want to watch the full, four-part interview? You’re welcome!

Justin Bieber Oprah

Photos courtesy of OWN

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  1. Riana says:

    Good interview actually.

    I think the issue with Bieber is the issue with a lot of teenagers his age. People expect as a celebrity he’s supposed to have perfect suave attitude,canned studio answers, impeccable taste decided by a stylist and the like and in the end he’s sti just a teenager. I can fault him for things but I can’t go overboard with it when there’s thousands of examples of teenagers doing the exact same thing everyday.

    Add to that the praise he’s gotten, having that consistent loyalty of his fans, and being under the media eye and you get Bieber.

    He’s messed up a few times but past wearing ugly clothes he’s not out getting into bar fights, falling down drunk, or insulting women in interviews.

    • Andrew says:

      I agree to an extent. The difference is the he does have millions of people watching him, so he’s gunna have to deal with the hate and his consequences…I mean nobody is forcing him to do this, and I can’t stand when celebs become a ‘victim’ when they’re getting paid God knows how much. But I must say he’s not horrible and going out doing drugs or stripping nude everywhere (even though he likes to be shirtless, yuck), just very annoying and his attitude makes it 100 times worse. If his attitude was better, then maybe more people would take him seriously.

      • Jay says:

        It’s true that nobody is forcing him or any other star to work in the entertainment industry. However, stars are humans just like us. Choosing to be an entertainer shouldn’t mean signing over your rights to be treated with respect. I think critics should spend one month having to push their way through photographers and having their cars blocked in by them…be stalked constantly before passing judgment on any celebrity. No amount of money makes that kind of harassment acceptable. The money they make is their payment for entertaining us, not a warrant to stalk them or chastise them online at every opportunity. I don’t like a lot of things celebrities have said or have done but, like with any other human being, I don’t pretend to know them or have the right to nastily judge them. No matter how rich you are, everybody has problems…and I think I might create a ‘hard’ exterior if I lived that life.

      • Moore says:

        It bothers me when people absolve themselves from moral responsibility by just saying they put themselves in the public eye they make tons of money. I believe people need to take responsibility for what they say and see that it is fair and not overly bullying. And if they don’t it just means that they are an immoral person and it has nothing to do with the person they are talking about.

  2. haha says:

    i just dont like him.the persona he tries to out, is not who he really is in person, from the things i’ve heard(cursing etc.)

  3. Sisi says:

    so how do you ladies feel about the word swag?

    that word has the opposite meaning to me, because people use it to seem cool, but it just makes them so lame imo

    really tired of hearing that word everywhere

    • Mica says:

      True dat. I’ve seen a picture of a young couple (about 13-14 years old)on Tumblr captioned: “SHE DOESN’T WANT YOUR LOVE, SHE JUST WANT YOUR SWAG”
      *instant facepalm*

    • Amelia says:

      +1 on everything Sisi.
      I really wish that word would be abolished from the English language.
      And YOLO.

      • Sisi says:

        my 30 y.o. sister started using it , so I was like ‘Guuuuuurl! You sound like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown!’ *SIDEEYE*

        Same with the word Amazeballs… Why would a person want to sound like Perez Hilton… *barf*

        And we don’t even talk English. If these words become accepted in our daily vocabulary, I will cut a Dutch Dictionary

  4. LadyMTL says:

    The reason I don’t like Bieber is not because of his music (I’m so not his target audience, lol) but because he comes off as a brat. I mean, Lainey at Lainey Gossip pointed out yesterday that if Bieber was going to meet the PM he would have known WAY in advance…so why not at least put on a pair of black trousers and a shirt? It was disrespectful and tacky and he can’t even admit that he made a mistake?

    He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, and it gets on my nerves. As a fellow Canadian, I’d like to think we have a bit more class than that!

    • Sisi says:

      The pictures were the funniest part of that article of Lainey. He was meeting a bunch of cheerleaders… dressed up in a fancy jacket.

      If he can look decent meeting cheerleaders, he can look decent meeting the president.

      • Belladonna says:

        The Prime Minister met with JB at a hockey rink where he was having a meet and greet event and they took a quick photo backstage, the award he received is given to thousands each year. This wasn’t a big ceremonial occasion awarding The Order of Canada for crying out loud. As a proud Canadian with an ounce of class, I choose not to berate any of our homegrown talent, even those I despise.

      • Sisi says:

        heh, I wasn’t even being that snarky, I just thought it was funny. And I certainly wasn’t berating

  5. Belladonna says:

    Good interview, I unabashedly adore this kid. Took my kids to their first concert, which was his hometown stop on his first world tour in 2010. Having seen Michael Jackson live in 1984 at the height of Thriller mania, I have a high benchmark for live acts and JB is the real deal. My son is the same age as Justin, so, it always puzzles me when people expect this kids talent to absolve him from being a normal moody teenager. I don’t know many adults who could handle the hard work and pressures of the fame game with as much grace. He is the biggest musical superstar of this millennium and the industry is following HIS lead in the use of social media as a marketing tool. He literally could not be taken more serious professionally…..

  6. valleymiss says:

    Was Justin’s swagger coach there? Lol

  7. judyjudy says:

    He says he has three close friends. That sounds perfect to me, actually.

  8. lizzi says:

    Does anyone else thing the Biebs is going to age really badly?

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      Yes, the delicious thing is he lives in such a celebrity bubble world, that he won’t realize until it happens, and then he’ll appear on the obligatory VH 1 where are they now as a bloated, wasted, effete drugged up mess.
      As to Jay and Curious’s comment, if he had real talent, his douchebaggery entitlement could be excused, but please don’t say he has real talent, except by the very low standard of today’s silly ephemeral pop music.
      Hendrix at Woodstock is for the ages; this kid’s music is disposable like today’s garbage.

  9. Lari says:

    Yeah, as a Canadian, I’m just ashamed of this kid. As are the majority of other Canadians (albeit these aren’t in his target audience):

  10. Lisa says:

    He’s annoying. I’m not going to support him just because he’s Canadian.

  11. phlyfiremama says:

    Waiting for the day that this auto tuned mess of arrogance drops off the face of the map and into long overdue obscurity. Jeez, thanks a lot, Canada. Can you PLEASE take him back now??? I’m horribly afraid he will inadverdantly contaminate the American gene pool. Seriously, we don’t need any more of THAT…

  12. Jay says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the cruel things some of you are saying. I truly hope nobody ever says things like this about you or the people you love so you don’t have to feel the pain of the words you’re directing at this person.

    • curious says:

      True.. I am not even a fan of him, but seeing even grown up women bullying him is astonishing to me! He is a teenager who just hit 18 making his own money n doing tons of charity but what about you people? Just sitting on the internet fingering looking at muscular dudes.. What else?
      Some people just love sadistic pleasure.
      It seems like you are ‘not cool’ if you like bieber and bulling him will make you ‘cool’. Jeez. Crowd mentality is contagious indeed

  13. Moore says:

    “I can see why he might be frustrated that everyone either loves or intensely dislikes him.”

    I don’t care about him either way. Maybe the people who don’t care just tend to be silent on the matter.

  14. DetRiotGirl says:

    Eh, I have mixed feelings about this kid. I did promotions for his fragrance (yes, he has a GIRL’s perfume) for awhile, and he really does give a lot to charity. He’s very active with pencils of promise and he does hospital visits for other charities on a fairly regular basis. I do think this kid has SOME idea how lucky he is, although that idea seems to be occupying less and less space in his brain as the years of fame drag on.

    His voice is not anything special to me, but he is a pretty good dancer and I do believe the kid works hard to put on his stage shows. His schedule would drive most adult people crazy. So, I do have to give him some credit for what he does. I don’t think he’s a talent for the ages or anything, but he’s no slouch either.

    But, I totally see why people hate him too. He’s annoying. Please don’t jump on me for saying this, but the majority of teenagers are. I know I was! The teens are an awkward time for most people, and all the life changes we go through often result in obnoxious moods and undeserved attitudes. Being a famous teenager is like being a regular teenager on steroids. Every annoying thing a normal teenager does is twenty times more annoying when Bieber does it, because the Biebs is so much more in our faces than a regular person.

    Plus, all that swag crap… Just let it die already! “Swaggy” is the worst adjective to come out of anyone’s mouth ever. That word justifies a lot of the hate he gets all by itself.

    So, eh… Let the kid grow up a little more, and then I’ll decide how I really feel about him.

  15. A Fan says:

    Whatever. A child should never have as much money, fame, exposure, power, and glorification as he does – they are not equipped for it.