‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ Podcast #7: Good & bad plastic surgery; Oscar movie reviews

This is a special episode of Gossip With Celebitchy to give us time to cover the Oscars. It’s still fun! Chandra and I talk about Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery and the fact that she claims not to have had a nose job. We reminisce about the time she got her butt x-rayed and we talk about her wonky implants. We mention shows like Botched and all the crazy plastic surgery procedures and injections people are getting. We also talk about celebrities who have had good work, like Sharon Stone and bad work, like Gisele. Then we get cracked up remembering Gisele in the burqa in Paris.

I include more of my talk with Kristy Puchko from Pajiba in which we bond over Christmas romance movies. (You may remember that she stanned for Serenity in episode 4.)The movies we both like include The Princess Switch (Kristy reviewed it here!) and A Christmas Prince. We both disliked the sequel to A Christmas Prince, The Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding, and didn’t finish it. Kristy recommended that I watch The Spirit of Christmas, a crazy romcom in which a ghost becomes a real (hot hipster-looking) dude who falls in love with a career woman. I watched it and agree that it was fun.

I talk to my boyfriend Dave about A Star is Born. We recorded this right after we watched it and were perplexed that it was nominated for best picture. We made fun of Bradley Cooper mumbling through his lines and the fact that he seemed like a typical drunk redneck at a bar.

Chandra and I talk about The Favourite, which she loved and found so funny. We agree that all the acting nominations are deserved. I found it enjoyable, but a little too out there. Chandra liked how weird it was and thinks that’s what makes it a great movie. We also discussed Can You Ever Forgive Me, which we found delightful. I don’t think we had major spoilers in our talk, but we did discuss plot points that are clear from the trailers.

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We’ll be back next week with the news and our regular format! Here’s a 30 second preview!


I think I know why Kristy liked that ghost holiday romance movie.

Gisele in 2005:


Sharon Stone in 1999:


Kim Kardashian’s butt in 2006. (That’s really Kim with the rope belt.)


Photos credit: WENN and Pacific Coast News. Music credit: A.A. Alto and via PremiumBeat. 

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  1. Ash says:

    I’m pretty sure that when Rachel Weisz’s character says “we are not playing the same game” I think she is referring to the fact that she is fighting for real power whereas Emma’s character is looking for security and safety. That is all Emma’s character wanted she was never doing what she did for power because she didn’t care for that.Everybody was really great in that movie super bummed about Green Book winning ANYTHING including Mahershala. I wish he could’ve won a second Oscar for something worth being proud about.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ooh that’s a great take I thought she meant that she was so ruthless. At that stage in the film she was looking for different things though, you could be right.

    • Veronica S. says:

      That’s an interesting take because I would argue safety and security often requires a certain level of power to achieve it. Rachel’s character already has an established background, so she starts off with experienced leverage against a younger usurper who doesn’t have the full understanding of the stakes at play. In the end, Anne wins by merit of her position – the monarch will always have the power. In their society, women who are not queen fight for the scraps.

      • Ash says:

        That is very true about women always having to fight for scraps! Also in some ways Rachel’s character won in the long game because after Queen Anne died she was welcomed back to court and her ancestors are Winston Churchill and Princess Diane!! She built the legacy and power that she strived for. I also feel bad for Emma’s character in a way too because even though she got out of the bad situation she still in a different kind of hell at the end having to be at the mercy of Queen Anne. This movie makes an interesting double feature with Mary Queen of Scots when examining women in power!

  2. Avamae says:

    When people that are paid to act and use their mimic don’t have one anymore, that is to much.

    People that are paid to present clothes don’t even change their expression, so it matters less if they ruin their facial structure and freeze them in one particular form.

  3. HAD says:

    Quick technical question. I listen via the Apple podcast app and every time I pause the podcast it starts back at the beginning. It doesn’t seem to do this for other podcasts. Should I be using a different app?

  4. Helen says:

    it would be so fun to hear about the work that went into the oscars coverage! did you guys stay up all night, – to watch the show and then write all the articles to be ready by the morning, how did you guys divide who writes about what, etc.

    maybe a collab “show your work” podcast with lainey discussing how oscars coverage gets done, the kinks and stresses, etc.!

  5. Herta says:

    Gisele give me Rene Zellweger vibes: both had their droopy upper eyelids lifted and it changed their look so much.

  6. BlueSky says:

    I’m dying laughing at you and your BF clowning ASIB. 😂

  7. tuille says:

    I think Giselle had a brow lift which changed her forehead & upper eyelids.