Tori Spelling apologizes for posting racist photo of her daughter


Boy, idiocy really shines during a crisis, doesn’t it? So far Vanessa Hudgens and Evangeline Lilly got their stupid on (and don’t get me started on the what’s going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave). The latest person to join the Pandidiot Coalition is Tori Spelling. Tori thought she would buoy everyone’s spirits by posting a photo of her daughter, Hattie, in a cute little outfit she’d created whiling away the hours of home-isolation. Tori posted it to her stories so it was only up for a moment, but, as folks will do, someone captured it for us:

This is so wrong. Like, on a wrong scale, this just jumped off the page and started walking towards the garbage disposal. So why, why did Tori think this was appropriate to post? Please see above for her Pandidiots membership. Tori’s official response, though, was because Hattie loves the show Martin so much, she thought she would do an homage. And Tori thought it was so creative, she’d share it with the world. Only she didn’t consider how it might be “perceived.” That’s her talking point in her apology she posted, also in her stories:


I have thoughts – and none of them are charitable. ‘Shananay’ is a character invented by Shane Dawson on YouTube. ‘Sheneneh’ is the character portrayed on Martin. The character that Tori and Hattie adore so much is already a parody; parodies do not need to be parodied. Plus, Sheneneh was portrayed by Martin, drawn from his experiences, which in no way reflect any experience Tori or her family has had. If Tori looked at that photo of her kid, with, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Cheetos held on by rubber bands to her fingers to simulate acrylic nails, and didn’t think, ‘huh, wonder if that could be perceived as offensive,’ she’s as empty as her bank account.

The thing is, I think this goes beyond Tori’s racism and bad judgment. I wouldn’t put it past her to pull a stunt like this for the publicity. It’s very hard to shill whatever she can get her hands on when her fans are worried about where their next meal is coming from, so Tori had to find some way to keep her name in the news. Nobody cares about her and husband Dean’s staged fights as married couples across the globe are living every minute of For Better or For Worse. No, Tori knew what she was doing and that is further evidenced by her offering up that Hattie named her ‘character’ McQuisha. And remember, Tori has two children that were bullied so much in school, she had to post about their mistreatment. So I guess it’s Hattie’s turn for Tori to offer up as the sacrificial lamb? As far as calling Hattie ‘innocent’, I will acknowledge that her involvement in this nonsense is a reflection of all the discussions her parents are not having with her. I hope someone close to her cares enough about her to pick up that slack.

The only thing Tori got right is that Martin is a great show and you should add it to your Quarantine Binge List.




Photo credit: Twitter, Instagram and Wenn/Avalon

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23 Responses to “Tori Spelling apologizes for posting racist photo of her daughter”

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  1. Lisa says:

    Why are these people still famous? I dont get it.

    • naomipaige99 says:

      I’m wondering the same thing!

    • josephine says:

      So many, many people are famous for the bad things that they do. Reality tv brought us a whole grouping of people who are famous for repeatedly humiliating themselves for entertainment (ahem, Kardashians). They are not famous because they are talented, or interesting, or inspiring, or because they are doing something positive or creative.

      They are famous because they are willing to do anything to get people to watch them. As a society we can’t seem to look away from trash.

      • Jules says:

        so much this ^. our consciousness as humans is plummeting, we need to stop giving attention to this crappy behavior.

    • MC2 says:

      Her Dad was one of the most powerful & influential people in television & her mom is uber rich. She is now famous for driving that sweet ride off a short pier in spectacular fashion.

  2. Ali says:

    I was wondering about Tori. She had been quiet for awhile.

    Glad she is in the news for this racist picture and not for having another kid.

  3. SJR says:

    Ugh! Isn’t she ever going to stop being a jackass?
    Anything for attention.
    Ignore her.

    Those kids are gonna be so messed up.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Sure, a child does not understand all that implies. But Tori is an adult, who made the decision to photograph it and make it public to the world, and definitely should’ve understood how it would come off.

  5. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    She really put her foot in it this time. Sure, her child may not understand the implications of what she’s done, but Tori is a gd adult and definitely knows better.

  6. DS9 says:

    She lies

  7. Potato says:

    This reminded me of the story about her shilling prepackaged muffins for kids. So much healthy snack content, so little time.

    • Ellie says:

      It’s not so usual that you see overweight celebrity children… not the kids’ fault obviously… maybe mum and dad should pay more attention to raising their kids and less time trying to scam the world out of a living when they’re too lazy to work.

  8. Joan Callamezzo says:

    Her children are watching Martin, which isn’t even a kid’s show, from 20 years ago? Sure Jan. Try again.

  9. Paula says:

    I remember she called Hattie her black kid before (she is named after Tori’s back Nannie and therefore in Tori’s mind is connected to the black community or something like this). There are definitely issues there (and I feel embarrassed that I know all of this!)

  10. Chimney says:

    Why is it that white kids are always “too young” to understand or talk about race? Are white children exceptionally fragile or it the fragility conditioned by their dumb racist parents? Black children don’t get that luxury. For white people it’s they “don’t know any better” as children, “didnt mean anything by it, cant you take a joke” as teens, then for adulthood it’s “I’m not racist, you don’t know my heart” until death. It’s tiresome and weak.

    • Joanna says:

      It’s never too early imo. Kids pick up on racism from others even if they’re not old enough to be able to speak it. It’s so sad

  11. incognito08 says:

    Really Tori?! Girl, BYE! Tori is a heaping pile of trash and I can see why Aaron Spelling willed her lint balls from his estate.

  12. Valerie says:

    Uh, holy fuck. Let’s not even get anywhere near the idea of explaining ‘intentions.’ The kids’ might have been, but it’s up to her to correct her.

  13. Ari says:

    I am on the end of season 4 so im glad others are binging it also LOL

  14. teddybr says:

    Ya interesting slant that brit’s teen kid can rant about his grandpa can go die now and calling something gay because he’s acting out but that her kid/parenting is any more stupid, and I don’t even like tori but the journalism is so irritatingly hypocritical

  15. Deehunny says:

    Wow… You cannot compare Vanessa Hudgens to THIS! VH said something aloud that a lot of people already thought… Albeit not well…

    TS here comes off like a seriously racist pile of trash. It’s shocking.