Tori Spelling hasn’t divorced Dean McDermott because she ‘can’t afford to’

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still married but from the sound of it, it’s only a technicality at this point. The reason as to why they can’t is up for much debate, however. Rumors of their relationship turning south have been in full swing since June. Although I wonder if Tori wasn’t trying to lay the foundation for her exit when she brought up Dean’s affair back in August 2020? Since they’ve started leaking divorces stories to the press, the reasons have been all over the map. First it’s Tori who wants out, then Dean. One day they are staying together for the kids and the next it’s because Dean’s can’t afford to divorce Tori. Now we’re supposed to believe that Tori is the one who can’t afford to divorce Dean. And this is on the tail of rumors that Tori’s mom Candy Spelling had broken down to pay for the divorce.

For months Tori Spelling and her husband of 15 years, Dean Mc-Dermott, have been plagued by split rumors. And while sources confirm to Us that the spark is gone between the pair, there’s one very big reason why they’ve yet to officially end it. “Tori hasn’t divorced Dean because she can’t afford to,” an insider says of the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 48, who shares five kids with the Canadian actor, 55. “Between the costs of childcare and being the higher income earner, Tori is stuck financially. A divorce would push her into bankruptcy.” While they do have a prenup in place, there are loopholes: A source told Us in early November that Spelling recently learned that McDermott could still sue her, likely for alimony and child support. “Tori wants to move on,” another insider said at the time, but she wants to do it “as inexpensively as possible.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition, December 6, 2021]

I can believe the divorce is being caught up by a loophole in the prenup. If Candy caught wind of Dean’s intention to sue Tori, I imagine she withdrew any financial support so he wouldn’t get the cash. It is very expensive to pay for childcare and Tori will take a hit in alimony, etc. But we know that she is incapable of downsizing her lifestyle and that’s a big reason why they can’t afford this. If either of them would just live with their means, they might have a better time figuring this out. I’m almost positive that’s why Tori keeps bringing up this old affair. She probably need infidelity to get her out of whatever loophole she’s fighting. I’m sure her lawyers told her an eight-year old affair that she already forgave doesn’t count so she’s trying to present it as reoccurring pain and suffering now.

Not only does the reason they can’t divorce go back and forth, whether they can stand to be in the same room or not does too. We keep hearing that Dean stormed out or they sleep in separate rooms or have different homes. Tori chummed the waters by sending out, once again, a Dean-less Christmas card and posting photos of her Thanksgiving with just her daughters. Add to that the random photos of Tori outside her attorneys office with divorce notes or of her carrying moving boxes. But then we get pics of the family at a carnival or at Disneyland or the latest, all seven of them went for dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse last weekend. Ruth Chris – with entrees averaging about $60 a plate. No wonder they can’t afford to divorce.



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  1. Alexandria says:

    I mean even for average couples it can be more expensive to divorce than stay together, so it’s even worse for rich couples or in this case poor couple backed by rich parent.

    These two are gonna leave generational trauma on their kids mentally and financially they way they keep going. My theory is they have so many kids to keep her mum invested. Horrible.

    • josephine says:

      Isn’t the rumor that each kid gets a trust fund from Candy and that’s why she keeps having kids? But I think it’s more likely that Tori is constantly looking for something to make her happy and kids are a temporary attention-getter and temporary high. Having a baby is magical for many and I can see her chasing that time and time again.

      As for the divorce, I can see the two of them stringing this out for the attention. Maybe they’re pitching another show.

  2. Tom says:

    I know a couple and a single mom who paid off their kids’ divorces. The couple is wealthy, the single mom is a retired social worker.

    The wealthy couple paid their son’s ex-wife a lump sum to free him from alimony. The middle-class retired single mom paid for the lawyer.

    Candy Spelling has deep pockets. She’s already paying child support to Tori for private schools. She can pay off Dean so he never bothers Tori for money. She can also pay for the lawyers. She won’t miss the money.

    • AppleCart says:

      Dean smacks me as a blackmailer that you can’t just pay off with a lump sum. He would drain Candy for years and years. She knows his grift and isn’t going to pay for him to live the life of luxury on the back of all of Aaron’s hard work and money. She is going to play the long game and wait until all the kids are 18 and he has no leverage left.

      • @Applecart

        I think he’s holding custody of the kids hostage (For more $$$) ’cause he’s got ALLL kinds of receipts on Miss Messy that would definitely sway a custody judge if he showed them. ( I’m guessing drugs, mental illness, overspending, and literally no parenting skills AT ALL on Tori’s part) I think it’s ALLLL about custody. Candy will pay for a house for the kids, their schooling and upkeep, and in CA, I know that they expect the wealthier parent to keep the kids in a “similar situation” so Dean gets a nice house too. Those poor kids. Can you imagine the books they will write?

  3. Aephra says:

    Hasn’t this been Tori’s go to press ‘leak’ for years now? It seems like years at least.

  4. Mina_Esq says:

    I think that anyone trying to get out of paying alimony or child support after 15 years of marriage and multiple kids is an a-hole. I said what I said.

  5. Selene says:

    I’ve always felt sorry for Tori because she was raised getting everything her heart desired. She was actively raised that way by her parents. Then, she no longer has the access to money, but she still has the same habits and mindset as before. And I’m sure she has always had the intention to be successful, it just hasn’t taken off. She hustles but she’s not as marketable or interesting. I always wonder what Candy would’ve done if Aaron had left everything to his children. I’m sure they would’ve supported her without question.

    • Jules says:

      At some point, kids need to grow up into adults. It’s called adulting!

    • josephine says:

      And yet somehow her brother is a productive human being living within his means. That story only goes so far, She’s an adult with every opportunity and substantial means. “I was raised too rich” is a horrific excuse in a world where people don’t have access to food, education, or a roof over their heads and kids are abused both mentally and physically. And the notion that a husband would bypass his own wife and give everything to the kids instead is disturbing. He did leave them money but many couple leave the bulk of their estates to each other.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yeah, with the (alleged) $300,000 – $500,000 each kid got (reported amounts vary) she had enough money to parlay that into a comfortable lifestyle.

        even if it was something as simple as buying a couple-few Domino’s franchises…she’d be living comfortably, just not in the lap of luxury, which is what she was used to.

        I agree her parents (her daddy, really) did her no favors by spoiling her but, as noted, her brother has managed to do just fine. but he lives out of the spotlight. she CRAVES the spotlight as she had it for so long, but in an ensemble cast. by herself, she’s just not that interesting, and not a very good actress. what she needs is hardcore therapy to come to terms with the fact that she’s NEVER going to have daddy’s money, and will likely never earn as much as daddy did.

    • Indywom says:

      Aaron knew what he was doing. Tori would have gone through that money in no time. Someone once told me if you can’t manage 2 dollars, you can’t manage millions. Truer words have never been spoken.

    • AppleCart says:

      I would agree but her brother was given the same advantages given the same inheritance. And instead of renting mansions and running up millions in Amex charges. He lives a simple life with his wife and family and lives within his means. This is a Tori problem.

    • Emma says:

      Tori has had multiple TV shows, including one of the most popular and iconic shows of the 90s (probably still gets residual checks), her dad did leave her hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as well, she has nonstop product sponsorships, and she even has published books. She has multiple streams of income. Additionally, her husband should be earning money as well to help support the family. I genuinely don’t see how she possibly could be at a loss for money unless she is just literally wasting it. Which it kinda seems like she is.

      • Magick Wanda says:

        She has storage units filled with designer shoes and bags. If she is at a loss for money, it’s bc she has spent it on things like that. She really needs to get into therapy and stay there. She has a deep emptiness inside and tries to fill it by hoarding things and having children.

  6. HeatherC says:

    These people. I remember when they said they kept having kids because they couldn’t afford a vasectomy. (Make that make sense, please). now they can’t afford to divorce. Either they’re waiting for Candy to do something or they’re angling for a reality show of some sorts. Or both.

  7. olliesmom says:

    Maybe they could get a company to sponsor their divorce.

    And taking your million kids to Ruth Chris for a normal family dinner out? Candy must be paying for their food or at least the kid’s food. I’m middle class, so the only time I’ve eaten at Ruth Chris was for my 40th birthday celebration dinner.

  8. molly says:

    I would watch 10 episodes on the Candy/Aaron/Tori Spelling financial situation. The history, the decisions, the communication, the fights, the lawyers, the trusts, etc.
    I find it all fascinating.

  9. Rice says:

    I think this is another stunt for a reality show or something. Tori and Dean are graduates of the University of Grifters. I mean, is Emily Hand even a real person?